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Robin is the author of For All Who Wander, her relatable memoir about wrestling with doubt that reads much like a conversation with a friend. She's as Southern as sugar-shocked tea, married to her college sweetheart, and has three children. An empty nester with a full life, she's determined to...

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  1. You are SO adorable! I admit, I can’t stand tea parties. My 7yo LOVES them, and I occasionally indulge her. But I get what you’re saying! Take time to really connect with people. Set up regular times to cherish each other and share your lives. I feel like our dinner table is our “tea party.” If one person is missing for some reason, the kids say, “Hey! Where’s ______!?” It’s that one time we can all come together and breathe.

    BTW, what a beautiful presentation in your vlog! I feel like we’re sitting next to each other chatting! Love you!

    • Sarah!!! When you do this for your daughter, especially since you hate tea parties, you’re earning jewels in your crown (so am I for letting my oldest have drums!). You’re exactly right about intentionally connecting; THAT’S what it’s all about :).

      And THANK YOU for your kind words here! YOU saying such nice things means a lot (but I know I can still learn from you!).


  2. Still getting used to putting myself out there in type, now you want me to vlog!
    You look gorgeous as always.
    My youngest is My Princess, and she is all about the tea party.
    With my husband travelling so much, on the weekend, there has to be a night where we all hang out out in the kitchen area, even if I’m playing a game with the kids while he is cooking (love that) Even if the girls are drawing, or Wiki is on her laptop, we are all there together chatting and laughing and then we have dinner together … its my fav time of the week.

    • I love that you’re showing up in this little place! You still remain one of my highlights from Blissdom! Laughing together IS important! I think it’s essential to healthy relationships :). And yes ma’am…YOU are the lucky one with a husband who cooks! I’d love to try his fare!

  3. You have the most beautiful smile! While watching the video I couldn’t help smiling back at you! Please vlog more!

    Last new years my mom hosted a tea party, and my sisters, my baby niece, and my grandma and I were all able to attend. We had so much fun just talking and telling stories! I hope we do it again next year!

    • Emily!!! You need to prompt her to do it again! Let it be your tradition :). Story telling–yes! That’s an important part of the tradition, too. Oral tradition has lost its richness in our culture but it’s beautiful and beneficial.

      I guess it’s why I’m always drawn to story in a person….we all have one (or more) to tell!

  4. Oh my stars, you are stinkin’ adorable!

    I am a HUGE tea fan, and my daughter and I often have tea parties…sometimes with nothing more than PB&J, grapes, and an oreo. But she loves them, especially since our tea party rule states you get to eat the dessert first if you want! I have often held more “formal” tea parties at my house for family and friends, but never a special Valentine’s Day one! What an AWESOME idea!

    • Kristen,

      First, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUPPORTING (IN)COURAGE SO WELL! I see your often visits and that alone encourages ME.

      And your dessert-tea-party rule? Now why haven’t I thought of THAT! **LOVE**

    • Bernice…that’s kinda what I did; there’s so much to learn (mainly about my computer!), but I’m finding it to be fun. Sorta. Three dimensions are better than one sometimes, ya know?

  5. I added my linky twice .. sorry 🙁 my first one didn’t have the product photo or the permalink… Feel free to delete my first entry.

  6. We ❤ Emilie Barnes! I have 2 of her ‘Tea’ Books. One is Fill my Cup Lord. Got them a LONG Time ago. Was so inspired by them. I wanted to go out to one of those pottery/china painting places and make a complete set of every tea cup mentioned. Why didn’t I do that!!!!

    My daughter was so young then and we started having tea parties. We set up a special corner of the room. Today, actually for the past 4 years the books & tea cups are displayed on the wall. My sisters & mom started collecting antique cups & saucers along w/tea pots for us. Now that my daughter is 17, when she moves on to her own place I am sure some of them will follow her.

    Excellent Vlogging, you’re a natural.
    Thank you for sharing and hats off to you for continuing the tradition so faithfully. So many of us quit too soon or have the ~ wish I woulda’s.

  7. Aww great job on the vlog! I don’t if I’ll be doing any of those…I’d have to fix my hair and put on makeup for that. Ha!!

    I love the post. It makes me think of my grandmother…although she was more of a coffee drinker than tea. Looking forward to a tea/coffee party with her someday. She’s already with Jesus putting the kettle on. Anyhow, thanks so much for sharing this. Brought back some good memories!


  8. I entered it again. But I just now noticed that the direct link to that post is still not working. The rest of my site seems to be loading, but something is up with that particular post. I might have to delete it and re-write it. So if you want to just delete mine again I’ll just enter it once I get everything sorted out. Sigh!

  9. hi – my first time to post here. LOVE the idea of a valentines tea party. you asked when was the last time we had tea with special someones. the middle of december i invited to dear friends to my house for lunch. they are both important in my life – but hav never met each other. i thought it was time! i made a chicken salad, one friend brought the rolls and one brought the dessert (why didn’t WE think to have it first!!). :^) i also wanted them to “DO” something besides just have lunch. i make cards. SO i got “card making” stuff together. i neatly put everything on a tray so it would all be together. On top of the items was a Christmas CD. I figured they would know somehow with a birthday so they could at least make a couple of birthday cards. They did a great job. Talked to each other more than me! and got to know each other. after lunch i made a pot of lady grey tea. So we had tea and a few homemade cookies for dessert. They stayed 4 hours! i know that they enjoyed them selves. I was thinking maybe a “spring” tea and we could pot some plants. How about a “summer” tea (iced by then!) and get my grandsons blow up pool out and we could eat by the pool!! An autumn tea would be nice and maybe make some Christmas cards..we’ll see. I loved having my friends over. Now i’m thinking of having a tea with my grandsons! good job with the vlog.