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Angela Richter is a wife and a work at home homeschooling mom to three children. She is madly in love with Jesus and enjoys sharing her faith, homeschooling, family and product reviews on her blog at Angela’s Analysis! She is also known as a resource junkie who loves to share...

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  1. This started for us in 2006, and as you said, a job (or contract) is just 1of God’s way of providing… But He’s got more ways than we can count!

  2. I know the story from beginning to end and I still feel the moments of waiting, wondering, praying and than rejoicing that you felt during this time. You are a woman of strength, integrity and graciousness Angela. Even though I know there had to have been days of doubt and worry…you always reflected that “blessed assurance” of God’s love for your family to those around you. So glad to call you a friend “in real life” as well as in the “blogging community”. Thank you for sharing your story.


    • Thanks Heather for such a sweet comment! Wow, you have made my day with such sweet comments about me! Thank you for your words and your friendship! I was so grateful to have my coop friends praying for my family during the rough times of looking for a job, There is nothing like the Body of Christ when you are in need, I’m so grateful everyday to have such women of God and mighty prayer warriors in my life!


  3. Angela,
    When I read your post, the breath caught in my throat. Your story is almost identical to mine! My husband got a job in June of 2010 after 16 months without a job. (lost his job of 22 years in January of 2009.) Much like you, we saw God’s miraculous provision. I learned that my security did not come from a weekly paycheck, or money in the bank, but from my Lord!

  4. What an encouraging story!!! My husband was also laid off in Oct. of 2009. Although God gave us several part time jobs! I already work full time. But after 6 weeks the new company let him go, saying they couldn’t afford him. Talk about being deflated!!!
    Your story really helps me to put things in perspective, God is the provider- not our jobs!!!
    My daughter is graduating from college on May 21 st. 2011. I really feel God wants me there along with my husband ( her stepfather). Would you pray for us? Thanks! And keep on Home schooling. the daughter I have was homeschooled through 10 th grade. & thanks
    me for it a lot!!!
    God bless your family!

  5. This is such beautiful worship to share how *beauty was made from ashes* in the trials you and your family faced. There is no new truth, and yet there are new ways to say it and live it, and your own living has ministered to me in a big way. Knowing the truth doesn’t seem to help my questioning of God and the aching I have (for another child). I wrote about it in a recent post (below), and as hard as it is to trust Him I know in my spirit that I’ll be stronger for this longing being stretched out before my heart cry is answered. Just when I think I’ve given Him every part of me, He tests me again and again until I really do get it – to really trust Him.

    Rich blessings…

    (Here’s the recent post that I wrote that your post made me think about…)

  6. I will be praying for you as you wait! Boy do I know waiting is So hard! It is one of those top things that is the hardest to deal with many times. You have a beautiful way of writing your words down! God has gifted you in writing, may you find it theraputic as you wait for your answer!

  7. Great article. Very encouraging. Your faith during your trial was a real blessing to me 😉 And the way God provided for you never ceased to amaze me. He is so wonderful! And you’re so right, you are closest to God in the valley. What a blessing it is to have that knowledge. He’s all I can cling to when I’m in trouble.

  8. But with prayer and supplication make your requests known unto God.
    I don’t think that always means just the needs, I also think it means the wants if they aren’t anything against the will of God.
    God is good, we just have to wait for his timing, which isn’t always our timing.

  9. Great post! I am currently in the midst of unemployment and waiting on God for an answer. Your words were very encouraging and as I choke back fear and panic I reflect on the fact that there is no need to be afraid as the Creator of the universe knew what would happen to me before I was even formed and has a plan for me….better than what I have in mind for myself!
    The waiting is hard but I am determined to trust HIM.
    Thanks and keep me in your prayers. I know my breakthrough is coming soon!

  10. You know, someone told me during my journey once “enjoy the ride” I thought how crazy is that, how do you enjoy something so hard? But I understood what she was saying, I look back and see the most amazing things happened to us during that time, things I don’t see on the day to day basis-stay on your knees and give all your needs to God and you will see them too. There is something beautiful about learning to trust even more(a real peace comes from it) and HE does have a plan for you. My prayer is that it comes soon, I will be praying for you!