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Annie F. Downs is a bestselling author and nationally known speaker based in Nashville, Tennessee. Her most recent books include 100 Days to Brave, Looking for Lovely and Let’s All Be Brave. Read more at anniefdowns.com and follow her at @anniefdowns.

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  1. Omg!!! I’m from Marietta! I live right outside of Marietta! What school are these girls from? I went to Walton high school. What a smalllllllll world. Of course I’m not old like those “mid-twenties” girls, I’m like a corpse almost 40 with 4 kids!

  2. Can’t tell you how thankful I am to you for writing this book. I’ve led girls through more studies than I can count, but let me tell you…this one is INCREDIBLE!! I printed off the leader book a few months ago and have every girl that has gone through the study has not only enjoyed it, but really grown from it. Thanks so much, Annie! Can’t wait to see what other things God leads you to write!