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Jessica Turner is the author of Stretched Too Thin: How Working Moms Can Lose the Guilt, Work Smarter and Thrive, and blogs on The Mom Creative. Every day is a juggling act as she balances working full-time, making memories with her family, photographing the every day and trying to be...

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  1. As someone who faces piles everyday that seem never-ending, I love when you said, “I am more than my piles.” I will try to remember that when I’m facing my piles of laundry today…..with a BROKEN dryer. 🙁 But I can experience echaristeo even there! 🙂
    Be blessed~

  2. An excellent reminder. I was just thinking about my various piles this morning. A well timed reminder for me. Blessings!

  3. Sometimes I’m crushed by the weight things left undone; not necessarily piles, but even dreams, hopes, unfinished business. I’m defeated by my lack of achievement or accomplishment…or yes, piles :). ESPECIALLY when I play that wicked, wicked comparison game :/.

    I forget I’m created in the image of the Creator of the world, the King above all. Thanks for reminding me about whose I am and who I am (in Christ).


  4. OMGoodness, yes this is absolutely true but have to share with you …
    I thought as I read it at first … you were talking about
    wait for it …
    Piles, or haemorrhoids
    ok, now giggle 🙂

  5. I have piles of responsibility, family, friends, work. There is, as you mentioned, the home stuff; laundry, cooking, cleaning trying to balance with playing princess, play doh, reading, cuddling. Then there are friends; making meals, play dates, MOPS responsibilities, and remembering just to listen. I miracle of miracles, find time to work in my jewelry business, learning how in the world to run a business ( I am working to simultaneously make it a succesful business as well as use it as a blessing for foster care kids). In each pile as I survey it at the beginning of the day and the end I remember to look through it at the memories made and what a tool it is to bring blessings into my life and into others. Each pile holds opportunities for adventure, blessings, and above all to glorify God. It is important for me to remember to balancing tasks with the right perspective and when I fail, well there is always a fresh perspective at the foot of the cross. 🙂

  6. I’m glad you had the picture of the piles of papers, because when I saw that title, I immediately thought “hemorrhoids”! LOL!

    Seriously, I really liked this post. So much truth in your words!

  7. Yes! I get downtrodden by the mere thought of dreams & aspirations left undone, especially as I get older (46). I can feel easily defeated by my job choices and where God has me at the time, forgetting that everything is in HIS Hands & TIMING!!

  8. What a great reminder Jessica! If someone as phenomenally talented as Lysa can get buried under her piles, I don’t feel so bad. Perfect for this Monday morning when one child is home on spring break and I forgot to reserve a spot for him at camp so I’m hoping he stays busy while I work, and then the younger child ends up having to stay home from daycare with a fever. So it’s off to the doctor instead of calling in for my weekly staff meeting. I totally needed to be reminded that my identity in Christ is what matters.

  9. What a blessing to see this this morning! I have been stressing about my piles of work to be done before I go off for a training on becoming a International Childbirth Educator. I have to also get ready to teach a new series coming up next Tuesday. I feel so buried under it all.

    I had just prayed this morning for God to get me through this. He will, I know it. Something about being a wife, mother of 4 boys and trying so serve God all at one time.

    Have a blessed day!

  10. How true this is! I tend to focus only on my “piles” … all the things I’m not getting done or able to finish… stacks of laundry and mail and papers to file. Thank you for this reminder to focus on who I am (my identity is found in who Christ says I am) and not on what I am or am not able to do.

  11. Thank you for this message today! It’s a Monday morning (as if that’s not enough, right?), and I was feeling really bummed because I got an assignment returned to me and it turns out I didn’t do very well. The instructor told me I got “sidetracked” and “failed to fulfill all the requirements of this assignment.” (Of course, human nature kicks in and that’s my focus from her comments … rather than “your layout and ability to write are excellent, so do not lose sight of those qualities.” …speaking of sidetracked …)
    I turned to (in)Courage for a pick-me-up and found it just when I needed it! I was reminded that this assignment is not who I am. I also realized that I am not alone – there are many other sisters out there feeling overwhelmed with their piles and to-do lists, too. I am normal! I am a child of God and He loves me despite my mistakes and seeming inadequacies each day. I am so grateful 🙂

  12. My piles can meet your piles. Been here long? Yes, I am growing every day.
    I like to call it the abundant life. Enjoyed your post.

  13. I needed this reminder that I am more than my piles! They seem to be growing around me… and it can be too easy to get lost in them. What a great post Jessica. Thank you!

  14. I AM MORE THAN MY PILES! I’ll post that on my office wall in bold letters–and on my bedroom wall, and my laundry room wall, and my family room wall, and my….

  15. *So today, when you are looking at your piles, remember that they are not you.*

    They are not me.

    I love, love, love this post! Thank you! Spoke right through my heart. <3

  16. So thankful for you, for friendship, for the (in)courage community and how can see past each other’s piles (or carry them if needed)! 🙂

  17. I have piles everywhere. Boy, did I relate to Lysa’s comment–“you see the piles, your friends see the NYT list” (or however that went). I have an amazing friend who sees the NYT in me. But she also sees the piles and loves me anyway. She demonstrates God to me. I heard a song last week that I really dig. It’s called “the stuff” by franchesca batistelli.

    The stuff doesn’t define me. The piles don’t define me. God’s love for me defines me.

  18. Stopped for a few minutes to read today’s post – and it found me amidst my piles – a perfectly timed word for this heart today! Thanks!!

  19. Whats bogging me down?
    Its rearing its ugly head once again. Its the reason I have piles piling up. I dont feel like doing anything to alleviate the piles. They keep getting bigger, the feelings get worse, the depression builds. Its not just physical piles of things that need to be done that aren’t getting done. Its emotional stress of things around me that is piling up along side all the rest.
    Its a heavy weight that just wont leave me alone. Its gone or at least under control for a month or two and then its starts up again. Its the idea that the meds aren’t working. Again. Its the thought of needing to try new meds. Again. Its the thought of all the side effects I go through each and every time I change or alter the dose of medication I am on. Its no longer,’ maybe’ I wont have side effects. Its which ones will be bad this time.
    I hate it. Its what is bogging me down right now. Really its more than that. It sucks every ounce of energy and life out of me. I’m so sick of it!

    • {Heavenly Father… thank you for comforting Lisa tonight. Please encourage her in a special way and cause her to feel the grace of Your Presence. Thank you for her sisterhood with us and thank you for loving her with an abiding love. In Jesus name… Amen…}

      Dear Lisa… I am praying for you tonight…
      All’s grace,

  20. Ah, Jessica… how I needed this reminder today 🙂
    Can I look beyond my piles and see the Person of Jesus — and all His grace?
    Thanks for being used of Him to help us with all our piles today! 🙂

    Grateful for you…

  21. thank you, thank you, thank you! I so needed to have someone point that out to me tonight! I’ve been so stressed by the piles today that I really got nothing done!! I am more than the piles!

  22. Oh, I loved this. Many times I cannot accurately access myself, and this is a great reminder that God sees. In the midst of all the things that define us, He sees us just as He created us.

  23. Thanks for the reminder! Just what I needed to hear. Now I need to go find my W-2 in one of my piles!

  24. I define myself as a Pile-r. If I can’t get to something, I will stack it in a pile so in my eyes and the eyes of others, it appears neater. Someone else commented about piles in the their mind, I had never thought about that before, but I have that issue too! I am forever saying to myslef, “I can’t think about that now, I’ll have to wait til tomorrow” and I put it in a *pile* over in the corner so I don’t think about it. Thing is with physical and mental piles, we see them as we go about our day and they are unfinished business that will weigh on us subconciously.
    Choosing the important stuff