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I appreciate encouragement, genuine friendship, gentleness, kindness, joyfulness, and my family’s deliberately simple life. I enjoy the quiet and stillness at the crack of dawn to run, worship, write and listen. A self-described "introvert" who plays an "extrovert" well, I am learning to appreciate *my* story.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderfully written piece, a needed reminder in my life that always, always God is working and even in the darkness, sometimes even especially in the darkness, we grow.

  2. “And as growth becomes exposed, let it be seen by all.”
    Love this thought.
    I was reading somewhere yesterday, and I wrote it in my prayer journal
    that . . “consuming His blessings without communicating His goodness short changes the very purpose of His gift of grace in our lives.”
    Thanks for this post. Blessings to you as we both “grip tightly to His robe.”

    • I love that…”communicating His goodness short changes the very purpose of His gift of grace…” Thank you for sharing!

  3. Amy, your story seems to be much like the journey/season I am in with God and my relationship with Him as well. Thank you for sharing it!

  4. This was excellent. THank you for sharing this bit of your journey. It is an encouragement to me, on my own path in this way… Bless you!