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Mary is a writer and speaker who lives for good books, spicy queso, and television marathons – but lives because of God’s grace. She writes about giving up on perfect and finding truth in unexpected places at MaryCarver.com. Mary and her husband live in Kansas City with their two daughters.

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  1. The first thing you see when at my front door is the metal Jesus fish {thats what I call it in public or otherwise!!} hanging in the upper corner of the door…yep, the one meant for a car is hanging on my front door! Then, once you step inside, a wall hanging that says “God bless this house and all who enter.” Then there are the book cases full of books about Jesus and the seemingly never ending Bibles found here there and everywhere { 6 family members = 6 Bibles!} But all of that stuff aside, we try to be shining lights for God!!
    This is a fantastic giveaway! Whoever wins will be so so blessed! Thank you for the chance!

  2. While we do have some reminders of our faith hanging on our walls, it’s our bookshelves that really give it away!

  3. My faith is just beginning to bloom and how exciting it is. I feel closer to God more then I ever have in my entire life, this is truly an amazing relationship. Being a young stay at home mother I express my faith almost all day long through the worship syrius music channels My little boys refere to it as mamas “Jesus music” in fact they ask for it regularly. At first I was nervous someone would unexpectedly stop in and realize what I had playing throughout my home, but now I have embraced it and been proud to explain I am worshiping. I love Jesus and now love telling people about my love for
    Him. One other thing I love that proclaims my faith is a sign on our mantel that says “be still and know that I am God” my own mother has mocked this and myself for having it displayed. I continue to pray for her and that she comes back to the Lord one day while also not being ashamed for turning to God

  4. Above our computer is a large drawing of Jesus and to the side is a large metal cross and a framed copy of my favorite hymn, It Is Well With My Soul.

  5. I have little reminders of God throughout our house – a verse here, a cross there, holy water font by the door. I feel like these are little ways that my son can see what my faith means to me and little reminders that God is always with him.

  6. I pretty much only listen to Christian music when I am in control of what’s playing. I also LOVE when I can get Christian clothing. I keep Christ-themed Christmas ornaments out all year long.

  7. I express my faith “I hope” by example…
    I try and live it out. I’ve spent alot of time in the book of James with the Lord, having Him show me what “living it out” really looks like. So when I’m washing loads and loads of clothing, kissing boos boos, running the affairs of our household, etc.- I envision His feet being washed! And I am thankful!
    When I’m quick to anger, I humble myself (with my husband &/or children) to let them know I am wrong. I try and live by the Truth that the amount of time between sin & recongnition of that sin (i.e. repentance) is indicative of my intimacy with the Lord. I can typically then gauge just how well I’m doing with that!!
    Grace….. I couldn’t live a day without it!!

  8. We live out our faith at home by gathering to pray together throughout the homeschool day, by reading the Bible together, by bringing in flowers from the yard so we can admire God’s creation. We also have a wall where we hang something from every country where we have been on mission so that we are reminded of our friends in distant lands; we also use this wall as a call to prayer for the nations.

  9. I love scripture phrases on the walls, sticky-noted to my bathroom mirror, tucked in the console of my car. Keeping my physical environment filled with reminders of who’s child I am, helps to keep my focus where it always should be: on Christ!

  10. i listen to christian music while cleaning the house, and I also use favorite bible verses in our home!

  11. This post was encouraging and convicting. We try to live out a Christian witness being kingdom minded, but thinking about it I have nothing faith based on my walls anywhere… This is a great place to start. Thank u for the opportunity and the eye opener!!

  12. The pile of Bibles on the table for each family member. Inspired by Ann Voskamp 🙂

  13. I love to write verses on notecards and place them where we will see them. It is amazing how this helps to encourage us in our faith each day. Thank you for this giveaway. Would love to win. I love all things Dayspring.

  14. Hopefully everyone who enters our home already knows about our faith as we live it. Our home is humble, but we share our faith through hospitality and service. I try to make it beautiful, tidy, and restful, too.

  15. We have reminders of our faith hanging throughout our home. I would love to have more. Thank you for the opportunity.

  16. My husband and I have scripture up on almost all the pictures through the house. We also have a cross up and I love to play Christian music in the house, it sets the atmosphere. This giveway would be awesome to add to the decor and give a conversational piece to our teenagers (we’re youth pastors) and anyone who steps across our threshold. : )

  17. I have inspirational verses framed and scattered throughout my house. I also have a palm frond from Palm Sunday above my door. I get questioned about why I have a brown, dried plant over my door. It stays there until the following Ash Wednesday as a reminder through the year of Jesus sacrifice.

  18. I start my morning with Bible reading and a prayer so my Bible is always on the arm of the couch, on the coffee table, or on the stairs. We would love to have inspirational art on the walls though!

  19. Our faith is expressed throughout our home in several ways — vinyl wall scriptures, the presence of God’s word in several rooms, a few resin wall hangings (crosses, tablets). Most of all we try to express our faith in our home by the way we love each other; that’s the best example of dedication to Him we can show.

  20. We have a few Bible verses hanging throughout the house. For the most part, it is the atmosphere in our house which expresses our faith. We pray together has a family, listen to Christian music every chance we get and we enjoy reading and learning from the Bible. One thing is for certain, we do not try to hide our faith in Jesus!!

  21. Well, currently, I have very little on my walls, outside of family photos, but, perhaps that is how I express my faith– through my family! I do my best to model Christ to my family, and I hope we, as a family, are also modeling Christ! I have faith that, when I demonstrate God’s love, He will provide others with the knowledge of where that love originated, in ways no outward adornment could possibly express! Of course, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love the wall art. : )

    • Oh, and yes, I must second Courtney’s thoughts– the Bible is always present!

  22. I have a collection of crosses hanging in my kitchen. And the word “Blessed” hanging in my mud room, reminding me to count my blessings!

  23. Good morning!
    Thank you for this great give away!!

    I guess today is as good a day as any to remind myself that I do express my faith in multiple ways ( because, like anyday, I remember the ways I didn’t:)

    I followed the Lord’s prompting to be a SAHM working & learning as I go.
    I enjoy & crave my quiet time w/ Jesus each morning & I am learning to accept whatever form that may be.
    I am learning to be a giver of grace & blessing to our 4 children as I care for the home & maintain this haven.
    I record daily blessings.
    I breathe more because I am learning to return to our Creator the very breath I breathe.

  24. As a family, one of our family values is hospitality. We strive to make everyone that enters our home feel welcome. Also, as a missionary family, we often do ministry together.

  25. The most powerful think in our home, is on the wall in our 3 year old son’s room. We have Jeremiah 29:11 on a canvas wall hanging (from Dayspring), a prayer for parents on a cross, a hand cross stitched prayer that was a gift to me when I was a baby, and a prayer in Swedish. Every night I read all of these to our son. He has started to learn them and say them with me. He even recited the part of the Bible verse at daycare a few weeks ago! Powerful!

  26. As I walk in my home, my heart is filled with gratitude as everything I have I owe to Jesus….my attitude, my love, my vision for the future, my sense of peace for the world….all comes as I emmulate he who has walked before me…….and, might I add, carried me at many times in my life. My home is surrounded by beautiful greenery….some groomed and some more unkept….just like we humans. There are keepsakes everywhere reminding me of the best of the past as I bring that forward with me to create a new beginning every day with Jesus. As for the crosses, they hang above my exit door as I take the blessings with me and one in my bedroom as I give thanks at the end of each day…..wondering what the next day will bring. Thank you for the opportunity to express this. You all are wonderful! Peace, Connie

  27. As I have lived in my home for 34 years there are various pictures on the walls that express my faith. Although I think what speaks the loudest to people as they enter our living room, is my husbands well worn used Bible sitting right beside his easy chair.

  28. I’ve lived in my current home for 4 years and have yet to hang stuff on my living room wall. I finally got up the courage to paint and now, looking for the perfect things to hang. In my other rooms, I love to display bright, beautiful images of His creation. I am drawn to nature (we live in the desert) so I love pictures that display the glory of His creativity. I also love to have Scripture in each room, something to keep our eyes focused on Him. Anything that helps take the focus off of the world and turn our hearts towards Him is a gift and a treasure. I hope these are the things my kids will remember about our home after they leave the “nest”!

  29. In my home I’ve tried to express my love of worshiping through music, and the abundance of blessings that God has poured out on my husband and I. I have Psalms 37:4 in vinyl letters on my living room wall. One shelf in the same room, spells out the word WORSHIP in black wooden letters. My dining room was designed to fellowship and enjoy people. I have Psalms 34:8 on the wall in that room. I love expressing my faith in my home!

  30. I have scripture and Christian pictures in my home. I also have a window cling with scripture in my car, so I and my family see God’s word when we’re in the car,

  31. We have a decorative cement block outside near our front door that indicaties In this house, we will serve the Lord. What a blessing to be Serving our Lord and Saviour. We also have a weekly Bible Study in our home for our small Mountain Community. Some ..non-believers have started calling us to pray for them . Wow, God is so good and shown such abundant blessings.

  32. I express my faith throughout my day by providing neighborhood children with a home away from home, with childcare. It’s a home filled with the love of God. We encourage each child to love one another, forgive and be kind. These children come from homes where the parents don’t attend a church so I believe I live my out my faith by showing these little ones the unconditional love of God. Hopefully someday, one of these little ones will lead others in the way of the Lord.

  33. How do I express my faith in my home???

    A chalk board with Scripture or faith based inspirational sayings…right now it says
    “Setting my eyes on the Lord!”

    Also, I collect Nativity scenes…two of them are small, unique renditions and I leave them out all year long…one is a lenox music box and from time to time I play it…Silent night of course.

    Plus…I have many different versions of the bible on coffee tables, as bases for family photos..(when the bible isn’t out for research or bible study)…

    Oh and I collect scripture based and God based coffee cups…



  34. We have verses that we as a family work on memorizing posted on a diningroom wall. Whatever current holiday or seasonal project or chart my girls are working on is normally in the entry area or the livingroom. The purpose of these projects or charts are always either help them grow in Christ or learn more about God. We have music playing about half the time in our house and it is almost always God honoring music. We have a few thing in the home that would be considered decorative and specifically Christian – I would love to add this wall hanging.

    But to me, a more import aspect of expressing our faith and serving the Lord in a way that can be seen in our home is in the atmosphere of the home. Is our home neat, orderly, cheerful, and inviting to hopsitality? Are our attitudes warm, friendly, joyful and such to make others feel welcome? Are we acting and speaking in God honoring ways?

  35. Dear fellow lover of the LOVER, it is a most exciting thing to wake up to Jesus thoughts and God love. A handwritten note of holy words paraphrased to suit the reader is home; heart grabbing scripture on kitchen chalkboard and vinyls on the wall breathe reminders of the Spirit’s presence, setting minds right. Let His love be evident in every room; a fresh flower, a bright photo, a hand carved wonder–all tell of His hand on our day. And He said, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” ~ Exodus 33: 14

  36. My prayer is that I live my life in such a way that I reflect Christ’s love for others every day – but I fall so short of this constantly! Thanks to God’s grace (reminded with my “by grace alone” necklace – I continue to strive toward the goal. While I have a small cross in the planter next to our front door – and the white Give Thanks memo board still waiting to be hung near the kitchen, the JESUS FISH would be so perfect for our home. I have three BLANK walls in our family room….there is a rustic stone fire place on one wall…I think the Jesus Fish would fit in wonderfully and be such a blessing to those who visit and to our family daily.

  37. I express my faith in my home through christian art. I also will frame cards I brought or given to me to express my faith, as well as with pillows and a throw.

  38. Right as you enter our front door we have a cross hanging that has this verse in the center “For we walk by faith, not by sight”. For a long time I thought this was a great reminder to see as we walked out of our house reminding us to rely on God and follow his direction in our life. More recently I see it as I walk inside our house and think we should be applying that to more than just following God’s direction in our life when we are in the outside world. It all starts here at home!

  39. We express our faith, and our dedication to serving the Lord through how we live, day to day. How we respond, before others, to challenges and adversity, how we respond to opportunities to share the gospel. In our choice to homeschool our children, we are presented with these opportunities constantly – with each other and with the people we encounter everywhere. Our prayer is that each person we meet sees Jesus in us. And, thanks be to God, we get new opportunities, even when we fail to respond appropriately.

  40. We express our faith at home by reading bible stories, praying and often singing.

  41. The simplest things are best. We post a small brass plaque next to the door, so WE see it on our way in and out with Joshua 24:15 on it: ” . . . as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

  42. The way I express my faith in our home is thru my sons (15 years old) friends. They come and go thru our house and they are all welcome and they all leave feeling that we care about them. I can’t tell you how many kids my husband has taken fishing.

  43. While we have crosses and scripture and Bibles and faith-based books all throughout our apartment, the “loudest” display of our faith is from the Christian music I have playing on the radio pretty much 24/7. I love leaving it on even during the day when we are gone just so the words and truth saturate our apartment 🙂

  44. There are bits of scripture splashed here and there throughout our home, but the best way our home reflects our faith is through our hospitality. We strive to make anyone who comes through our doors feel welcome and loved. 🙂

  45. We have a beautiful metal cross that was a wedding present hanging in our entryway along with a “Rejoice in the Lord always” wall decal that reminds me to check my attitude as I leave the house each morning.

  46. I have painted several paintings of crosses or scripture references and we have literal scriptures out as well! 🙂 I am a believer in living by the Shema, so it’s important that my home reflects truth to my children for sure, but is also a haven for my husband and me as well. 🙂

  47. I listen to Christian music ALL the time (mostly because I think it is the best – such good stuff out there now). I have some “wall words” of verses to put up in my home, but I haven’t had time to put them up yet. I too don’t dare put anything on my vehicle for fear of being judged by others and not being a good enough role model. I am always looking for new and different ways to decorate my house as a reminder about why I get up every morning – to glorify God. This wooden art would fit perfectly in my home and with my style. I love it!

  48. I don’t have a ton of christian “stuff” adorning my home yet, but we do make it almost a point to leave our Bibles sitting out on our tables (coffee table, dining room table, night stands, etc.). I usually pick up everything and stuff it away, but there’s something about seeing a Bible just casually laying around that says, “We worship God.” 🙂 It also helps remind me about my faith and reminds me to study Gods word even more. I’d love the Jesus Fish!

  49. I decorate our home with different styles and colors of crosses. I also have many bible verses and my newest favorite my “Abide in Him” metal wall decor from Dayspring. Love it!

  50. We don’t currently have anything faith-related on display in our home, but I almost bought this last week – actually had it added to my cart and everything – and at the last minute decided I shouldn’t spend that much money right now, so this is the perfect giveaway for me! It’s beautiful!

  51. I have crosses and Bible verses many places on my wall; my bookshelves are filled with Bibles and Christian books – my husband is a theologian – but I hope that even without those things, people would know by our family’s actions that we trust in Jesus.

  52. We have a few prints reflecting our faith, but if you look at the books that line our shelves and sit in baskets here and there throughout the house you will see our desire to walk in faith and live for Christ. We are redoing our kid’s room and I’m so excited to add the Bible verses that the Lord laid on our hearts for them when they were born to their walls as a daily reminder of the Lord’s (and our!) love for them!

  53. I have a focal wall that I’m going to miss when we move… It has “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord” in pretty script in vinyl, with my silver cross collection around it. I registered for several silver crosses for our wedding and have been adding to them over the last few years we’ve been married. I hope our home feels warm and inviting and that people can recognize our faith from coming in–not just from the decor, but from the environment… if that makes sense!

  54. We love to use “wall art” (vinyl) to express our faith. The first thing anyone sees as they walk through our front door are the words “Dominus Providebit” (God Will Provide) on our wall. And it is a constant reminder to our family as well of HIS constant provision. But even more than the outward reminders of our faith, I believe the most important thing in our home is our attitude and how we teach our children about God and about serving and loving HIM and others.

  55. It is my prayer that I share my faith by what I am choosing to place my focus on. I believe it makes all the difference in the world as to how we experience life. 51/2 years ago my only son, Joshua, 24 years old died very suddenly of a cardiac arrythmia. No warning at all; in fact, enjoying and laughing with his roommate at a local restaurant in our city and in an instant he was with our Lord. It was a week I will never forget. On the Sunday before his death, we dropped our baby off at college and my husband and I were trying to embrace the whole idea of being “empty nesters”. On the following Tuesday, Joshua exited this life and went to his eternal home…… and then three days later, our oldest daughter gave birth to our first grandson, Grant Joshua. We certainly learned very quickly that sorrow and joy can live together. It has been almost six years since these events have transpired, and I am rejoicing that Jesus is putting our broken hearts back together. We often hear that time heals all wounds, but in my life, I would say JESUS heals all wounds. My husband and I have gotten involved in a grief recovery support group called “GriefShare” and have been able to share the comfort the Lord has given us with so many others. It is my greatest desire to leave a legacy of faith. God in his incredible gift of love wants to help us find the potential for growth and new life hidden within each teardrop that falls into our lives. May God bless and encourage your hearts today.

  56. Faith is best expressed in our home by living out His call to all of us to glorify Him in all that we do. We discuss scripture and how it applies to our lives on a regular basis and discuss our spiritual struggles as a family. It sounds simple, but my husband and I grew up in families where scripture/prayer/faith wasn’t discussed. Such things were confined to Sunday School and sermons. Taking it from the church to our family table was a real stretch for us, but the richness it adds to our spiritual walk is worth everything!

  57. I go both ways on the “fish” thing on cars too! But I decided that I know that Jesus’ love surpasses my bad driving habits, others may not, so I don’t have one on my car. However, our College Ministry at our church is called “Portico” which isn’t necessarily a “Jesus word” to everyone, so we have a window sticker that says that. Then, if people want to ask questions, they can.

  58. Our home is modest. Our decor simple. But the most powerful display of our faith inside these walls is expressed when our hearts are fixed on Jesus. Surrendering over to The Master decorator alive and at work in us – the words become encouraging, the faces become radiant, the actions become others-focused, the attitude becomes humble. Stunning works of art painted across the lives of those who dwell here. It becomes a moment-by-moment purposing – beautiful and honoring when we choose to be dependent on the grace of God to do this work in us through Christ who gives us strength. And when – not “if,” because we oh so often fall short – but when we fall short, even that is made lovely, as our home becomes full of Godly sorrow and true repentance. Our faith is best expressed in our home, not so much by what adorns the walls, though we love to express our faith that way, but more so by Who our hearts adore.

  59. In our home, we keep a chalkboard visible with a weekly scripture to learn. When I go about my daily household routine, praise and worship music can be heard throughout the house. Although I don’t have many pieces of wall art to show our faith, I think this piece is beautiful, and would love to have it hang here in our home. 🙂

  60. Some of the things that we do in our home to express our faith, I keep different passages of scripture displayed throughout our home. Our dedication to serving the Lord in our home is through having a bible study in our home and throughout the week my husband and I find ways to incorporate our faith with teaching moments with our children.

  61. i love decorating with faith-based items, and i love giving them as gifts. but i am constantly reminded that the most important way to express our faith is by our love–kindness and patience and hopefulness and gracious truth with everyone always.

  62. In our home our expression of faith is a “God Bless this home” picture that greets our guest as they enter. Then we they rest their weary feet in our living room we have another picture that reflects the 23rd Psalm. On our coffee table is the Bible, a daily devotional book and other books like The Purpose Driven Life and One Thousand Gifts. In our vechicles we also have a visor clip of a Angel that states do not drive faster than your Guardian Angel can fly…our Guardian Angel being Jesus himself.

  63. a small nativity picked up in Spain, a cross received as a wedding gift, Bibles and Christian lit around..and a verse or two here and there…

  64. My house is decorated mostly with canvases I have painted and with scripture verses everywhere. I’m with you Mary, I call it a Jesus Fish in my head too 🙂

  65. My faith in Jesus Christ is expressed in my home by readily and freely offering forgiveness, and my continuing to ask forgiveness from my husband and children when I hurt with my words or actions. Also by committing God’s Word to memorization along with my children since they were very young. Thank you for this opportunity!

  66. We express our faith in our home by studying the word and praying with our kids every night and giving them a chance to be prayerful and thankful as well. This has made a big impact on our oldest (4 years old) and he quickly understood what it means to be prayerful and thankful in all things. We do not have any Christian art on our walls but I am excited at the opportunity to hang this beautiful piece in our home to share our faith with all who enter.

  67. I like to pray over our home that only the Holy Spirit would reign here and that all who come through our home’s doors will feel the Peace of the Lord. I have literally had people say those very things…that they feel peaceful here. Also, encouraging Christian music adds to the atmosphere. I like to have our kids’ friends here and to extend the love of Christ to them through laughter, acceptance and joy…as well as having our adult friends and family here for gatherings and celebrations.

  68. I have crosses on the walls, Biblical verse on a wood block in the living room and a framed poster of The Passion of the Christ on my bedroom wall. Along with various other sayings from God on my bedroom wall, like “Good Morning! This is GOD. I will be handling your problems today. I will NOT be needing your help, so have a great day!” And today is my birthday!! So I am celebrating it with Jesus.

  69. While our many bookshelves are overflowing with Christian life and theological books, and we have a wall with some decorative crosses, my husband and I express our faith in Jesus in life, in our courtesy and kindness towards each other, in trying to live generously and cheerfully with each other and with others. My sister is moving in with us tomorrow for a couple months so she can save up money while she goes to school, and she isn’t a believer, so we are going to try to be very intentional with her and with how we live life with her in it. This is a beautiful piece of art and we would love to include it in our home.

  70. When you first walk into our home you see a wall that is covered in a collection of crosses. Then as you wander in to other rooms there are verses on a wall here and there and a cross here and there. In each child’s bedroom is a cross or two. And even on the back on the toilets are books with short messages or scripture. And the neighbor kids know that when they come for a meal we will be stopping to pray and give thanks first.

  71. We currently don’t have any home decor expressing our faith but we would love to start and this would be a great 1st step. God has done so many miracles in our lives and continues to bless us everyday. Thank you for the giveaway!

  72. My faith is shown quietly in my home to my family by the open book on the table when they come down for the day. They know that as I sit reading, writing and praying that they will be blessed in one way or another, so they let me be. Just for a time.

  73. We have some decor around our home with reminders of God’s word. It is encouraging to walk by something…picture frame, wall art, etc…and be reminded of God’s goodness and favor to us. Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  74. My husband I have collected various framed Bible verses and even hymns over the years. I always keep my eyes open for ones that will keep bringing our focus back to our reason for living. In this busy, distracting life, we need a constant reminder.

  75. I love this piece! I have a beautiful piece from a dayspring artist which is one way I like to show my faith in my home . But I hope that the main way it is seen is through my husband and I, our actions and love!

  76. Shadow boxes containing photos, momentos, tangible items that relate to the story written out – the story that tells of God’s provision, rescue, healing etc. Our oldest has one from his hospital stay with a random and unknown infection. The youngest, the story of his premature birth and homecoming. These are such real ways to remind ourselves of God’s presence in our lives that are great conversation pieces too!

  77. I love to leave short bible quotes posted all around our home… you never know when one of them will speak volumes to the reader at just the right moment… it may be a member of our family or perhaps a visitor to our home… but many times someone has said that a certain posted quote has reached out to them =)

  78. I am a fairly new christian, my husband is not. I have added small items around the home. a ceramic cross on the dinner table various small desk signs around, we say grace.

    He is not against my Christianity, is enjoying the changes in me, just not “there” himself. But he LOVES art. This will be right up his alley – I think it’s beauuutiful & I know where I’d put it!

    Thank you for the chance at this gorgeous Christian Art!

    D 🙂

  79. I think the main way we express our faith is in our lives, especially as we pour out to our children and our community.

    Visibly, we have some Bible verses throughout the house. 🙂

  80. We express our faith by posting pretty scripture plaques on the wall, or pretty crosses. And sometimes just a verse written on an index card by the phone to remind us to be careful with our words.

  81. We express our faith in the way we live. I also have many things on the walls that might lead one to say hey they are believers.

  82. I feel I have little things all over my home. A small stone Ten Commandments can be seen as you walk in the door. Artwork with “the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man” is in the entry. Crosses and crowns. Of course, around here, things change seasonally.

    And I would most definitely like to win this! It’s been on my wish list for awhile!

  83. I long to have more inspirational art on my walls. For us, our bookshelves is what gives it away as well as our Bibles sitting on our end table!

  84. We have Christian books, Bibles, and small Christian decorations in our home, and also some prints of verses on the walls.

  85. Mine is a quiet faith. I try to show rather than speak; especially since I’m married to an agnostic. This would be gorgeous in my sewing/crafting/guest room as it speaks not only of my faith, it is also quiet and expressive.

    Thank you for a chance to win.

  86. We have a white board that I write a scripture verse on. Whenever I find another verse that profoundly speaks to me, I erase the previous verse and write another one on it. It serves as a constant reminder that God loves me!

  87. I like toexpress my faith and dedication to serving the Lord in my home by some scripture plaques and such but even more so by opening my home up in a loving way to family, friends and friends of friends. Serving, cooking & loving others.

  88. We have small declarations around the house, but nothing as nice and noticeable as this wall hanging.

  89. my cross around my neck
    a cross my kids made out of nerds candy!!
    peaceful picture with a scripture
    crosses my kids made and put in the gardens

  90. I have painted a scripture on my living room wall (Joshua 24:15), along with numerous crosses scattered throughout our home.

  91. Our bookshelves are probably the biggest way our faith shines: Bibles, Bible study books, Christian fiction, Christian non-fiction…you get the idea!

  92. My husband and I are looking to open our home to missionaries home on furlough now that our sons are grown and on their own. This would be a lovely way to declare our reason! Thanks for the opportunity.

  93. I would hope the first thing that would give it away would be a spirit of hospitality that I pray is over our home. But in the physical realm, I would say it is the books, the decor with scripture on it, and the pictures in general. Beautiful tray!

  94. My husband and I bought our first home and furnished it without any help so that left us with the minimum. Not that I am complaining but decor is/was not in our budget. So to fill our home with the word, and reminders of God’s presence I gather my children, and we get markers, crayons, scissors, paper and write down verses that correspond with that room of the house and we tape them up! It satisfies our creative ache, gets the word in our hearts, teaches us how to apply them practically, and serve as visual reminders of God’s goodness, promises, and instruction wherever we are in our home. =)

  95. In our first apartment, posted at our front and back doors were plaques with Joshua 24:15 on them, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” These help us to remember who we are and Who we serve. We also kept our bibles and devotional studies on our coffee table to help remind us to be in the Word daily. We are now in the process of purchasing our first home together and would love to decorate with Chrisitan-inspired pieces. Thank you for the chance to enter!

  96. I send hundreds of emails per week and in each of my signiture bars I have a verse. I change them frequently so that people can get different messages from the Lord. I have many people respond to the messages that the verses are meaningful to them. It is a little way to show my faith but I know it works.

  97. I express my faith in various ways — sometimes the way I live, @ the grocery store, being kind to the elderly and others, encouraging orders and also with home decor items.

  98. I’ve always wanted to name my house, it just never seemed the right time. Then, six months ago, we moved to Uruguay as church-planting missionaries (with 20 years of marriage behind us and 3 children, 14, 8, and 5). Once here we quickly realized that home addresses are rarely identified with a number and street name, but with the street name, nearest crossroad, and, yes, it’s true, the house’s name!

    We’ve named our home “El Refugio” which means “The Refuge”. It is our prayer that all who enter it will find it a safe haven, a refuge, and more-so, that they will find here direction to the One True Refuge, our Lord.

    Daily I’m reminded of how the Lord has me in the palm of His hand. No safer place is there than in El Refugio.

  99. We express of faith in many different ways. We like to do so with gorgeous art such as this piece. We express our faith through displays of verses, prayer times, opening our home to Bible studies and orphan exchange programs. We hope to love on the orphan and widow when possible.

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  100. We express our faith in our home through just living…
    …praying aloud, worship tunes playing in the background, talking about the Lord to our babes, visitors, each other, my bible either on my desk (which is as soon as you walk into the home) or on my comfy red chair usually with a study book close by, my bub’s bible where ever he leaves it :-), ‘a violent grace’ sitting on the foyer table for all to read, a map of the holy land in the dining room as our ‘art’, my son’s memory verses all over the place, etc…

  101. We try first and foremost to live our faith out loud as best we can in our relationships and in our home. But we have a big wooden artwork piece in our living room that says “Believe”, and other things on our walls that are most def Christian.

  102. Our faith is expressed in our home by our words and actions and the love that we hope to express for all. I do like to have Christian art, books and music used and displayed as a part of who we are. The wall hanging give a way is beautiful and I have just the spot for it! Thanks for the chance to win.

  103. We have a family mission statement displayed in the kitchen, lots of scripture wall hangings and paintings on the wall, and even Scriptures on our teacups, dishtowels, etc..

  104. Between the books on the book shelves and by my bed and in baskets, the scripture on the wall and the Bible Study books and Bibles everywhere and nothing but Christian music alllowed to play…I think people can tell pretty much that we are believers. The Jesus fish would be a welcome addition to our home. Thanks for doing this. I agree….putting a magnet Jesus fish on your car is dangerous….for it testifies whose you are and you don’t want to slip up and disgrace Him… just saying…

  105. We have several chalk drawings framed throughout our house that were drawn by a Christian artist. Thankfully, my husband put those up when we first moved in. Since then, he no longer attends church and has dropped everything “spiritual” he used to do. I have lots of Christian books as well placed on my nightstand and throughout the bookshelves of my home office.

  106. We try to live our faith. In our home, you can usually see the mess left from homeschooling and serving others through our faith. But as we begin the process of preparing to sell our home, and all the messes and extra books, Bibles, and such are cleared away for showings, I have desired to decorate more to share my faith visually with others who may not know how we live. I want something in my home to let others who walk thru that our home is a Christian home.

  107. I collect crosses and Noah’s Ark do dads, I have framed photos of a Jesus Well (we had dug) in India. Pictures of Asian believers and maps of countries to pray for dot our walls.

  108. I have crosses and items with the word “faith” (which I call “my word”) on it all over my house. It helps me to always keep God front and center in my life.

  109. I express my faith and dedication to the Lord in our home by being inviting our friends and family into our home and showering them with love and care. I love to show hospitality in the name of Jesus

  110. I try to use my home to be a Titus 2 woman to the teenage girls at my church, teaching them music and knitting and cooking, etc. I also use my home to host Bible studies and to have social get togethers with friends in the faith and others. I attempt to have everything in our home demonstrate who the true Head of our household is.

  111. I have framed Bible verses throughout the house. Seeing these verses multiple times each day are great reminders to keep our thoughts on what truly matters.

  112. I have one piece of inspirational art and a hundred informal post-it notes and index cards with verses on them throughout the house. We’ve been married less than two years and have a new baby, and I’m still trying to figure out what I want my house to look like! I definitely want it to reflect God’s love though, and be a place where He is obviously present, so we’d LOVE to put this on our walls! One piece at a time… 🙂

  113. We have an iron old-world-looking cross on each of the two walls around our two garage doors and one on the wall inbetween the garage doors (three different crosses). The driveway to our house leads to the garage entrance and visitors would see this side first as they either walk around to the sidewalk or through the garage.
    We also display a small hanging garden-type flag on our mailbox post or mailbox cover and change it out often. Most of these are seasonal or have a Christian theme. I’m hoping that as people drive by or enter our driveway the message is positive and sets the tone for what they would find at our home.
    A Christ loving, simple, plain, non-fussy, often messy, pet lovers, bird feeding, deer feeding, turkey visiting, racoon visiting, squirrel visiting, dog rescuers and dog fosterers’ home in the woods.

  114. There is artwork in our home that points to Jesus. But I hope that more importantly, our home will always be a place where He dwells, where is presence is felt, and where His peace is lived. Still, I’d love to win this. 🙂

  115. We have a few art pieces, but mostly we reflect our faith in how He is a part of our conversation and always asking for His blessing over our meal and giving Hin thanks – for the meal and the friends.

  116. We do have a few special items on the walls — a custom piece of art my husband had commissioned by a friend with encouraging scripture, for example — but we try to not let the reflection of our faith only be on our walls. For us, it’s about glorifying God with everything we do — even in our mistakes — and in humble reliance, praying that he would use us and our home to reach a lost world.

  117. I live my Christian walk in the home, but I also have lots of reminders up around the home. I love to decorate with spiritual expressions! Thanks!

  118. Since I’m a “nester” at heart, I love, love, love to decorate my home….and since my relationship with Christ is the top priority in my life, it’s obvious in some of the decorating, but in some ways not so visible.
    As the concrete slab was freshly poured for the foundation of our home, we etched crosses in the concrete in all 4 corners, while quoting scriptures of blessings and God’s promises. Then while the walls were being built, we wrote scriptures on the sheetrock that spoke of our faith, before everything was painted. Then after moving in, we annointed all of the doorways with oil and surrendered the home to God to be used as He wishes. After all, it all belongs to Him anyway, right?

  119. I have a tattoo. On my foot. I KNOW! Some people don’t like tattoo’s, but mine was put on my foot for the lone reason of being a witness for my Lord, and for the constant reminder that He is with me. It’s a Jesus Fish! No lie 🙂 And underneath it are the initials of my husband and children. I love it when people ask me what it means…..I always say, “it represents the most important things in my life….My God and my Family.” I know this isn’t in my home, but I had to share that.

    As far as in my home….I have a saying in my kitchen, written on my wall that says, “Hands to Work, Hearts to God.” I love it.

    I also have a painting on an old window that a friend painted for me in my living room. It’s a picture of the sea, and in the middle of the sea is a large rock with a cross sitting on top of it. Underneath is my most favorite verse ever. My life verse. Psalm 62:1&2 – “My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him. He is my rock and my salvation; He is my fortress, I will never be shaken.”

    What an awesome God we serve!

  120. I have several small reminder in each room, I think we can never be to covered in things that make us think of Jesus.

  121. Currently we have nothing on our walls (we were trying to sell our house), but I hope to change that this summer with some faith-based art both purchased and homemade. I agree with a commenter who said their bookshelves speak of their faith – same here!

  122. We have several little plaques throughout our home that express our faith. By our front door etc. Thanks for the chance to win! That is one beautiful Jesus fish!!!!

  123. My faith is displayed in several ways in our home. My booksheleves make it very obvious of course. I have a great picture depicting the hands of Jesus in our dining room. Frames of course have several words like faith, blessings etc. I also have little notes on my mirrors and my desk that often include Scripture that has spoken to me recently. my favorite little sticky note has been there a while . it came from in-courage. It says “God what are you doing today? can I join You?”

  124. We share our faith in our home with our family verse from Lamentations 3 on the wall as you come in our home. It is custom done in vinyl. We also have our bibles and devotion books in plain sight for us to be reminded who are leader is and that we should worship him daily. I also have a memory verse posted in my kitchen that I am currently memorizing on the porcelain board sold on this site. I love it! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  125. this is a beautiful piece, i’d love to be entered to win…. thinking of how I display my faith in my home – I don’t really do it intentionally – but I think it’s something I’d like to start doing more of… i’m in the process of buying my first home and hope to be more intentional with that once I move in. this would be a great way to start!

  126. My family (husband, two boys 12 & 1.5 years old) moved into our first home a week ago.. We express our faith & dedication by anointing our home with oil & praying over it before we moved in. The only ‘home decor’ I have out so far is the guest bathroom hand towel and soap dispenser..the towel is embroidered with the reminder “Praise” & the dispenser says “Believe”. May seem small but it’s the little things that count… 🙂 Can’t wait to shop around at our local Christian bookstore for some beautiful wall art like this!

  127. At Christmas last year, my daughter, stepdaughter, and I made a poster of all the titles/names of Jesus mentioned in the Old and New Testaments. We looked up each verse, from “Lamb of God” to “Alpha and Omega” to “Logos” and tried to understand what each name meant to us. There are so many! We decorated the poster and hung it in the kitchen. =)

  128. It used to be when you walked in our home, you could feel the presence of God in the presence of my precious Mother, whose personality filled every room in our home. She passed away in March and we are trying to find a way for this to be a home without her, but it is hard. We are redecorating a little bit, just so the house doesn’t look like we are waiting for her to return. Any type of Christian decorations would be welcome.

  129. I, too express my faith through the decorations in my home. We currently have several crosses and several hangings of scripture verses up on the walls. But that’s not the only way-I express it by the way I greet my guests when they enter my home, or by the way I treat my husband. Those things are so important because decorations are just decorations. They tell people that you are a Christian. But the “decorative actions” show others that you are a Christian. I’ve always admired this fish on the website, and I hope it’s not too late to enter the contest!! 🙂

  130. Sadly, my family does not have a home now, at least not one of our own. By most definitions, we are homeless, even though we are staying at my mother’s house. I often have the local Christian station tuned in, and if neighbors can’t hear that, I’m sure they can here my children or me singing along.

  131. I grew up in church, but honestly my faith and my relationship with Jesus just recently started growing. It started with the natural birth of my daughter in 2008 and then when she was 4 months old God healed my terrible illness that stumped all the doctors in my hospital. I was sick for 40 days. A coincidence? Absolutely not. Since then the Lord has been pursuing me with such intensity that I cannot deny it. This January I joined a group of ladies to study Beth Moore’s Jesus the One and Only. It has been another life changing part of my journey. I finally feel like I’m really starting to get it. I just found this blog via a friend on facebook and I have already been so touched by the few posts I have read. I would absolutely love to hang this beautiful piece of Christian art in my home as a constant reminder of Jesus’s love and your post. Oh how I have had some of these same thoughts. Plus, this carving would be a step up from the various chalkboards I have hung around our breakfast nook that display my daughter’s (and my) current memory verses =)

  132. I’d have to say our faith is purely shown in our actions… with very young children and friends of multiple faiths and ideals, actions are the best way to show our faith.

  133. In my home, I have a few signs scattered throughout. Here are a few: “Love overflows and joy never ends in a home that’s blessed with family and friends,” “Don’t complain about the size of the mountain. Instead, talk to the One who can move it,” “Your life may be the only bible some people read,” “God is closest to the brokenhearted,” “When life gets hard, I imagine God holding my hand,” and my favorite (mostly because it’s the first one you see in the morning when you sit down to do your thing) “Good morning. This is God, I will be handling all your problems today.” Praise God my teens are not embarrassed by these…they are actually good for conversation with their friends! I look at them (the signs) as tiny little mustard seeds that the rest of us get to water!

  134. One of my favorite reminders of keeping my faith is, “Fear not tomorrow …for God is already there.”

  135. How I teach/share faith in our home happens minute to minute….it’s in bringing all that we discuss throughout our homeschool day back into the light of God and his character.