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Lysa TerKeurst is a New York Times bestselling author and speaker who helps everyday women live an adventure of faith through following Jesus Christ. As president of Proverbs 31 Ministries, Lysa has lead thousands over the past 15 years to help make their walk with God an invigorating journey. Not...

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  1. Cokes are my downfall. Im starting a week by week goal of no cokes more water(lots of prayer bricks being put down!)

  2. Due to some digestive issues I have, I’ve decided to cut out dairy, gluten, sugar, and a few foods that can possibly trigger my problems. It’s been a challenge, but I’m already noticing it make a difference. Plus, as a bonus, it’s going to help me lose more weight.

    • Hi Stephanie,
      I saw your comment and wanted to let you know that I recently had to do the same thing. I found a great website at Eleanaspantry.come with gluten free recipes that also cut out white sugar, and pretty much anything processed. I have also given a lot of our diet the anti-inflammatory makeover, sticking with primarily fish and veggies for dinner. It’s a bit of a challenge at first, but it’ worth it. I also cook and bake with almond flour, and have had a lot of success! Good luck!

      • I have been going thru the same thing for several months now. Thank you for sharing the website recommendation and the tip on the almond flour. Will pray for the both of you…

        • Please, please be careful with these diets. I had stomach issues and was put on a gluten, dairy, sugar and fat free diet. It was an unhealthy way to lose weight and led to more complicated health problems. I’m all for health – but please be cautious.

          “They’ll tell you not to eat this or that food—perfectly good food God created to be eaten heartily and with thanksgiving by believers who know better! Everything God created is good, and to be received with thanks.” 1 Tim 4:3-4 [The Message]

    • Hi Stephanie,
      I am dairy and gluten intolerant and last year I finally cut those items 99.99% out of my diet. I believe I lost a bit of weight just because I wasn’t putting these substances that are toxic to me into my body. The side “benefit” is that when cookies and cake, pizzas, lasagnas, breaded fried foods and ice-cream are offered to me, I just have to think of the pain that will follow if I say yes and I almost always say “no” instead. Along with 6 hours of exercise a week and moderated portions, I’ve lost 35 pounds in the past year. If you are allergic to wheat and dairy, you will feel much better for being off of them regardless of whether you follow any other fitness measures. Best of luck!

  3. My summer goal is to walk an hour a day. This is huge for me – I started the Made to Crave lifestyle change in February. Following many of the principles Dr. Chiltin presented in the webcasts. But with over 100 pounds to lose and working two jobs, throwing the exercise piece into the mix has been challenging. For a week I have been on the treadmill at least 10-20 minutes a day…slowing increasing my speed and time. Would be so excited to receive the workbook to go along with the book. Thanks for your heart for God, Lysa!

  4. My goal is to spend more time doing my devotions in the morning. (What kind of motivation will I have if I don’t put Christ first ? )I will cut out fried foods, more fresh fruits and veggies and will be getting outside to run around with our sons.

  5. I’ve committed to a few runs so that I HAVE to exercise. I don’t know why exercise is so difficult for me in this season but signing up for these runs makes me committed.

  6. With the Lord’s help, I plan to continue my work out routine. Eat Fresh! and dig deeper into God’s Word for “nuggets” of wisdom to help me on this new life journey.

  7. My pastor, Stephen Furtick, put that rest one day with a simple but very profound truth, “How can you let God down when you weren’t ever holding Him up?” I love this line! Thank you!
    For me, we are starting a vegetable garden to motivate all of us to eat more veggies!

  8. I completed my first half marrathon. God and I are walking and talking together. Lysa Thank you for writing Made to Crave, it seems such a no brainer, but I get caught up in what the world offers for comfort. Now I’m turning to God for support and comfort. It isn’t always easy to turn down reaching into the bag of chocolate that comes around after a tough day in the ER, but with God’s help I’m taking it step by step.

  9. This summer I have many positive changes I am putting into my life,, but the biggest is going to be my families evening visit to either the track or our gym if the weather is bad. I have four teens, 2 boys who are athletic, but both want to play at the college level and need more exercise outside of their sports, and 2 daughters who will be home from their freshman year at college. They are already struggling with weight, and I don’t want them to be like me my whole life. I lost 60 pounds while my husband was deployed this last fall, and have ‘inspired’ many others, to join me in my weight loss. My problem right now, I am feeling led to ‘help them’ but am so struggling with keeping off the 60 and losing more. They don’t know it, and internally I am cringing. So.. my summer is going to be learning how to let go of all of these demons… and the biggest step I am taking is to work it out by working out and talking with my family and God in the process.

  10. Well I’ve had this great book since it first came out. I know He’s beginning a work in me. I’m working out on a pretty regular basis. Heart rate is greatly improved, blood pressure better….haven’t lost weight…but I’ve toned up. I still haven’t conquered the eating part yet. I’m doing this study alone….does make it hard. But even in that I think God is going to do what He needs to do specifically in my life. This is certainly THE area of my life that I always have felt the most defeated in. Trusting Him to turn that around….I have felt so defeated for so long I no longer cry in the closet over it. I’ve just accepted it. And in NO WAY do I ever believe that about anything else. I KNOW God to be bigger than anything man knows. This is quite a journey. Thank you for keeping this stirred up with encouragement. Planning a week of healthy foods is HARD…that is my next goal. As you said if it’s planned out ahead of time I might stick to it. I hope…in Him.

  11. One thing I really struggle with is finishing strong. I do well in the short-term, but the long-term….I don’t do so well. Starting today, I am going to choose to eat more fruits and vegetables and much less sugar everyday.

  12. I am going to try to exercise at least 6 days a week and cook more healthy meals for my family! Woo hoo!

  13. I am going to break the cycle of enabling in my marriage and learn to celebrate love and happiness without adding overeating to the mix. Help me, Lord!

  14. I plan to exercise at least 4 days/week using the Leslie Sansone 3 and 4 mile videos.

  15. I am going to start walking again. I had lost 60 lbs and my mother passed away so the pounds started packing on. Its been a year now and I miss my mother greatly but I have to get back on track.

  16. I feel like you have followed me around and wrote about me and my life! I need to lose 70 lbs . I am reading your book and it is all making perfect sense. I am going to make the choice now and continue through this summer to crave God and not food….the most important tip that has stuck out so far (which can very well change) is pray when I crave! Thank you for the bible verses….some of them I have memorized before but they seem to have a different meaning now. I am starting to see things in a new light!

  17. Lysa, just this past wknd, I spoke to a leader with Student Venture, because I knew that he interfaced with teens and young adults all the time in a very one-on-one way. I had been to a Cincinnati Reds game and sat behind about 12-15 young men (20 somethings) who were there for an early bachelor party. Needless to say, amongst the beer and cursing, I wanted to share Jesus with them. My 9 yr old commented that he wished we weren’t sitting behind them because of the cursing. I finally spoke with one of the fellas in front of me, and then my 5 and near7 yr old girls began interfacing with them. Some doors were opened for discussion, but I could not figure out how to broach the subject matter I truly wanted to. Like the lady you mentioned above, I was afraid I would “mess up” or let God down. That I would push them away rather than draw them to the light. My dear Student Venture friend said this in answer to my fears, as I followed up with him the following Sunday; The Gospel is pure, and we can’t mess it up. If we deliver the truth, then what ground it falls upon we can not control. How it is received we can not control. But whether or not we choose to speak is up to us. And it is our silence that condemns us, not them. THey are already condemned, and we can’t make them more so. In regard to our food struggles, we are already condemning our bodies to unhealthy choices, so attempts at right choices could never hurt us, but will indeed bring us closer to the One who wants to set us free. I am hoping that this past wknd is a real mile-marker/spiritual marker in my life, one where I can look back and say that was when my mindset really changed and I began to more boldly proclaim the Word of God. And it is one step closer to my acceptance of how my food choices really matter as well. Denial is so much easier…ignorance is bliss, but the bliss is temporary, and I seek eternal rewards. I want to honor my Savior. My prayer is that my actions will speak louder than my words, and that my words will be found acceptable in His sight.

  18. I’m going to run a 5K with my 13-year-old daughter. And, honey, if you know me, you know I am NOT a runner, but I would do anything to encourage my kids. We started the Couch to 5K program about 3 weeks ago in preparation for a 5K in June. I’ll need your prayers. 🙂

  19. I am going to work on building a closer relationship with God; knowing God, not just about God; never letting Him go. This is where I usually start off good, quitting junk foods, but once I do this for a few days, I think I can do it and I let go of God. He is the only one who can get me through this.

  20. I have been feeling much better from walking 3 miles per week. One on Monday, wednesday and Friday. I do it with a DVD. I found knowing what says I am to do it has helped me be consistent and doing it first thing.
    Now that the weather is getting nicer here in Canada I would like to start jumping a bit on our children’s trampoline.
    I would love to read your book as I am really struggling with the craving part.

  21. This book is fantastic!! I pass it around to all my friends. A Bible study book sounds great too. 🙂

  22. “How can you let God down when you weren’t ever holding Him up?”

    This hits a raw spot in my heart. The change I am making this summer is to hive my family my full attention when I am interacting with them. (Rather than multi-tasking.) I want them to know that I love them, that they are more than worth my time, and that they are at the very top of my priority list. When I am distracted from my family, I am distracted from the love that God pours out on them through me, and from the blessings that He pours down on me through them.

  23. I’ve been “overweight” and out of control with food since,… forever! It has always been an issue; if my “friends” were having a cookie then I needed two.

    I’ve been dealing with some perfectionism and compulsive issues through therapy, but recently, the LORD allowed me to “see” within myself a binge cycle from the beginning to end. He showed me what the anxiety felt like, where the “food to calm me” thought came from, what “resist and replace” looked like and finally, to see that urge would pass.

    After that, something clicked….I’ve been binge free for 14 days! I want to claim that the LORD delivered me…but I’m afraid too, wondering if I do fall and binge, does that negate God’s deliverance….. God has shown me how a non-binge cycle works,…but I have to walk in it!

    My summer goal is to continue to “walk” in Freedom!

  24. Hi, I just wanted to comment on the “What if I Let God Down?” question…I was thinking about that one time when I had an “insight” moment…(Thank You, Holy Spirit!) The question was what does it mean to let someone down, to disappoint them? It means that they have expectations of you and you don’t meet them, right? Well, since God knows us…(knows everything about us) and since He created us…with Him there are no surprises…He doesn’t look at us and go, “Oh brother (or sister :), why in the world did she do that?” He is intimately acquainted with all our ways. There is something encouraging about that, even when we fail. He took the “whole deal”…knowing all the good, bad and ugly things about us from the start…We are safe with Him. We are loved…unconditionally. If we let that sink in…when we fall especially we will be more inclined to return to Him quickly… 🙂

  25. Forgot to leave my summer change in my 1st comment. Oops! A change I would make this summer is to implement more fruits and veggies into my diet everyday. I’m doing better than I was, but I can do even better still. 🙂

  26. I am going to walk at least 30 minutes every other day on my treadmill. No excuses, the weather can not be a factor as it is in my sunroom. No matter how busy the schedule, 30 minutes can be carved out. This is a good time also to spend in reflection and talk to God.

  27. I am already 65 pounds into my 100 pound weight loss goal, but I am so excited to read your book! It gives me an additional spiritual resource to pull from when it gets tough. Thank you so much!!

  28. Hi Lysa 🙂 I am on the last chapter “Made to Crave” and I have to tell you…what a wonderful gift, that God has given you the words, from your heart to write such a book! You truly understand! Although I have been eating very healthily for the past month, I struggle with motivation to exercise. I know that it’s good for me and it will make me feel better, and that it will help shed lbs, which is “the icing on the cake.” I also know that I don’t need to go crazy working out a gym or anything like that to reep benefits. My challenge for the coming weeks and into summer is to begin walking, just a few days a week , and do an exercise dvd. I know it “should” be so simple right? So, I ask that you’ll pray for me that God will wipe away my excuses….or at least some of them…that He’ll help lead me out of this rut I have found myself in . I do thank Him for the blessings in my life He has bestowed upon me…..He is very good to me…..and I know He wants me to be able to feel better physically so I can enjoy the rest of my life.
    Thank you Lysa, and God Bless ,
    Constance 🙂

  29. I am going to do 30 minutes on the elliptical at least 4 days a week. I also will be more active with the kids outside instead of sitting in my chair while they play.

  30. The Made to Crave book is actually part of my testimony now as it set me back in motion to living a healthier lifestyle and helped to free my mind from the lies that I was believing about myself and how I felt that I was failing God whenever I would gain weight after losing. My next goal is to be able to walk 3 miles without stopping. Lysa I have been so blessed by your words on this food issue and so thankful for your willingness to share your struggles. It has been such an amazing blessing to me and has helped me to move forward in my own journey. I had lost 51 lbs since January and then I had a horrible 12 days of falling back into old habits and gained 17 lbs. It was awful but instead of beating myself up I finally got back on track after those 12 days and lost 12 of those 17 lbs. This Summer challenge is so timely as I just got back on track and the Lord knows I need to have motivation so thank you and God bless you as you continue to encourage all the Jesus girls.

  31. The change I have already made for the summer is to exercise at least 3 days a week and to drink water throughout the day. My goal for the summer is to eat more fruits and veggies, especially those from the local farmer’s market.

  32. I have four beatuiful gifts from God, A nine year old gymnast and swimmer, an 11 year old soccer, baseball and hockey player, a 14 year old soccer, baseball and hockey player and a 16 year old hockey player…and those are just their summer activities. I use a color coded calendar for each of the childrens schedules so they get to practice on time. I have a color, but it only goes on the calendar when I am substitute teaching :-(. My goal is to write in my daily excercise time so that it is scheduled and improtant, not the last thing to happen, such an overused excuse on my part, “I just don’t have time”. I do have time, I will make time even when it feels like it is impossible. Take a deep breath Melissa, get up earlier if that’s what it takes, love yourself more like God loves you.

  33. This summer my goal is to only allow myself two “treats” each week; treats being those yummy morsels that really don’t have any nutritional value.

  34. trying to walk more, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, one step at a time. And trying to listen more closely to God’s truths and not lies and not beat myself up when I blow it

  35. One change I am going to make is having the courage to actually go through with doing the 40-day Maker’s Diet experience. I have wanted to for over a year and have let fear of failing keep me from it.

  36. I hope to reach my weight loss goal of 100 lbs by this summer. I am at 82 lbs right now. Once I reach my goal, I want to make sure I that I never go back to those eating habits that I had before. I am looking so forward to a summer filled with lots of fresh fruits and veggies! I so wish I had found this book before I started last August.

  37. I too have struggled all my life with my weight lose a few gain alot. Motivation seemed to last only a little while until the rationalization set in and before I knew it I was back to my old habits and lifestyle. This year my brain is in gear and now my body is following suit. In January our 23 year old son left for marine bootcamp. The emotions were tiring and thats when I would always fall into eating. Not this time, he was changing his life and so am I. The week before graduation 3 weeks ago I received a call he had less than 48 hours to go before being a marine when he broke his hip. WOW! Two surgeries later he is on to recovery. Can’t walk on it for 6 weeks. His attitude is fantastic especially not knowing if he will remain in the program or be medically discharged. We visited him two weeks ago and he told me He realized through bootcamp “he could do anything as long as he set his mind to it, he could push his body farther than he ever imagined and he grew up and he needed to.” Those words are powerful coming from your 23yr old son. So I have decided once again if he can do it so can I. I am walking for Laramey and my heart wants to run I want to be running when he returns home so we can run a 5K together. I can do it I just have to set my mind to it and push my body beyond what I think it can do. I have wrote him almost daily since January and always tell him “He can do all things through Christ who strengthen him” So can I.

  38. More good…less bad.
    More prayer, water, veggies, fruit, and exercise. More of Jesus!
    Less fast food and sweets.
    Thank you for your encouragement . Our Bible Study Buddies are going through Made to Crave and we are all excited and craving Jesus more and more! Please know that I’m praying for you and your ministry.

  39. i am “clearing out the junk” in our pantry — and not replacing it with more junk. i have begun bringing (1) veggie and (1) whole grain snack to work daily. and… i have added a minimum of (4) 30-minute cardio sessions to my weekly schedule.

    Lisa: i “stumbled” (by God’s divine intervention) onto your Facebook/website — and i am so thankful for it. even my husband has been checking out your sample works on his new Kindle. this is a journey we are taking together. thank you for being God’s vessel!

  40. I’ve already been working on getting the clutter under control in my house and it has worked wonders for my mental state! My husband and I have made a committment to read the labels on the food we buy and see where we can really make a difference in the food choices we make. Thanks Lysa for being so open and honest in sharing your journey.

  41. I recently purchased your book and found it so easy to read. I would love the workbook so am going to share my one think I plan to implement on this journey. I plan to find time each morning for a time alone with God to start my day with the keys you give in your book.

  42. My goal for the summer is to continue with healthy eating, but cut back on sodas and chocolate. Add exercise that has been missing and to continue with getting together with my accountability partner. She has been such a good help. I hope that I have been as much encouragement for her as she has been for me.

  43. I love your book, let me begin by saying, I subscribed to In-courage and get it at my work e-mail so I have access to it all the time. Which is really nice. As soon as I read about your book, I just knew it would be a good thing to get. So, I ordered it right away, while ordering I spotted another devotional book by Sheri Rose Shepherd called; “Fit for my King.” and it’s a 30 day diet and devotional. And I hate using the word “diet” it scares people and it scares me – however, this book is less like a diet (thank God) and more like a life-style change. So, armed with your book; Made to Crave and that one, I’ve been losing weight. 17 days later, I’ve gone down a size in jeans.

    Now, the health choice I’m making is cutting out; Bleach White Flour, white sugar, artificial sweeteners, potatoes, rice and some other things. And replacing them with healthy fruits, veggies and meat. Trust me, it was hard to realize I had to. But once I made the decision, it’s been really good for me. I take walks every morning, and since I live near a Bay I get to go to the beach and see the sunrise. It’s beautiful. I feel happier, and healthier than I have…well, ever. I must thank you whole heartily for writing this amazing book and for being very amazing yourself. You’ve inspired me to make changes, that I never could have done alone. God truly guided me to your book.

    So, thank you ever so much and I thank God, He inspired you to write such an amazing book to help others!! 🙂

  44. Lysa,
    I read your book a couple of months ago….I was so excited….I lost 7 pounds and gained so much understanding, or so i thought… the book gathers dust and I sit eating a boston creme pie toaster strudle and want to cry…..SO the one thing I am going to do is read your book AGAIN and try to make the changes that will work long term for me….the bible study book sure would be nice…:>)


  45. My goal is to get my waist measurement to 28″. I don’t know exactly how many pounds that will be, I’m guessing another 7 pounds or so. I also am going to work toward being able to run a 5k. This will be huge for me as I’m majorly asthmatic. I don’t have to run it very fast – I just want to be able to do the whole 5k without stopping to gasp for breath. Thank you for your encouraging articles on weight loss.

  46. with God, i will continue to apply the principles taught in your book by craving God more than food! i can’t wait to see what He’s going to do with me over these next few months 🙂 super stoked!!!

  47. I will not use food to hide my feelings. Food is what I turn to in tough times when I am too afraid to face my fears and actually FEEL what I am feeling. Instead, I want to learn to go to God when I need to face my fears!

  48. Hi Lysa,
    My husband and I have just recently started walking every night. We found a route around our town that’s 2.25 miles. It’s been really great having quiet time with him to reconnect and talk about our day while our bodies are getting the exercise they need.

  49. Lysa,
    Thank you for so many avenues to publish your story about this book and what It means. I am now over 300+ lbs. Never thought I would be here. I haven’t made a commitment to a diet. I just know I need to do something. My first step is going to be picking up your book. I love the reviews. I love that you are so real. Please pray that I can begin this journey to become healthier new me, both physically and spiritualy.
    Tracy Fisher

  50. God has really been dealing with me on my weight issue for the past few months. It was easy for me to change up my eating habits, but not so easy to start exercising. Yesterday, I broke down after my workout time. God’s peace came over me, as He gently reminded me that He has already given me the victory, but I have to do my part and allow the power of the Holy Spirit to strengthen me. I am not a slave to this sin and I constantly have to renew my mind to that truth! It’s not easy, but victory is my new mindset. With over 60 lbs to lose I keep close, “Because the Sovereign LORD helps me, I will not be disgraced. Therefore, I have set my face like a stone, determined to do his will. And I know that I will not be put to shame.” Isaiah 50:7. So this summer, I train for my first ever 5k!

  51. One good thing about this summer is my husband will be back for R and R from deployment, so before he gets back, I have made it a goal to exercise at least a few times a week and drink more water.

  52. I just started Made to Crave and already I have been convicted. I am addicted to food. I was recently diagnosed with Insulin Resistance…and I’m only 24 years old. I have two little girls looking up to me….and I don’t want them to put food first in their lives before God like I’ve done for my entire life.
    Something’s gotta change and after trying everything for short periods of time in my life, I desire to put God first instead of losing weight. Yes, losing it is important, but desiring God is the only craving I need to satisfy. I am nervous to fail, but I know that God already has victory over this. He has won this battle already. It’s remembering that on my bad days that will be the hardest part.
    Thank you, Lysa, for writing this book. Thank you for saying the things most people don’t have the courage to say. Thank you for being open about your struggles. I am in the same spot. I read your book think, “That’s me. That’s right where I am.”

    • Katie~
      You are not alone! I am only 45 years old….ok, so, I’m old enough to be your mother, but I only feel like I’m 24! =D

      I have had the same struggle and at 24 I could have written what you just wrote. Be of good courage, sister, and no that you are not alone! I am just reading “Made to Crave” a second time through – the first time I read it and didn’t do the reflections because I just needed to “get through it”, but am now taking my time – letting it soak in and really digesting all the great information and really personally reflecting.

      You don’t know me, and I don’t know you, but your comment really stood out to me this morning and I wanted to just give you a snippet of encouragement. Jesus loves you and you are not alone in this battle! We will win, Sister, with HIM! 🙂

      • Thank you for your encouragement, Jackie. What a sweet person you are to say something 🙂

        I pray that God works in both of our lives for His glory and not our own!

  53. I am already walking 1 1/2 miles a day. I have been doing this for almost two months. I got a new bra yesterday and I am happy to share I had to get a smaller size!! Someone rejoice with me on that!

  54. First of all, I am spending more time with my Lord so that I can have the strength to make the changes that need to be made in my life. I am also commiting to cutting all my portions in half. I know that I put way too much food on my plate and when it is there I eat it.

  55. I am going to do my morning devo right after I walk on my treadmill ~ no reading, no coffee, nothing until I walk and get that metabolism and blood flowing. Of course, I’ll be doing that walk with some Barlow Girl or Britt Nichole to help saturate the experience in praise!

  56. I’m going to turn what used to be laborious exercise all by myself into something I actually “crave” which is spending time with my family. I will make a point to ride bikes to the park instead of drive, take long walks with my husband and be outside as much as possible. Away from the temptations inside 🙂

  57. I am going to focus on incorporating more activity into my daily life. I really can’t use the weather as an excuse because there is a treadmill in my kitchen but I enjoy walking outdoors so much more.

  58. No more sweets! I have impaired glucose tolerance, so there’s no need to tax my body further by eating sugary foods. I would also like to try an anti-inflammatory diet again and only eat whole, all natural foods.

  59. How Perfect that this post would be on my wall today! I had been doing great with making healthy changes, not agonizing over food choices-I had “turned north”…
    Then I got called to come back to my hometown; my mother was very sick. “Home”-where my eating for comfort & escape took root! I started out ok, but as conflicts arose, and it became clear that Mom’s time was short, I started eating sugar again, taking larger portions-slipping back into food sin. I told myself, “It’s ok, God understands that you’re grieving; don’t be so hard on yourself!” Wrong! Of course He understands, but He is not pleased by disobedience! I’m to get my comfort from HIM, not two helpings of cheesecake!
    So as I write my mom’s obituary, I cry out to my Lord & Savior for forgiveness and strength to be strong in a crazy environment, to hold fast to the truth and to cling to him as never before in a time of life-changing loss and pain.
    Thanks, Lysa-
    Cynthia Tucker

  60. We love ice cream in the summer. We’ve been known to eat it for breakfast! So this summer–No opened ice cream containers in the house! We are a large family so one small serving a piece on a special occasion should empty a container. Any leftovers get pitched immediately. 😀

  61. I am going to make sure I get 5 fruits and veggies a day, even if I have to hide them from the kids! LOL I have 7 kids and buy a huge amount of fruits and veggies from the farmer’s market by the box, but they are always gone so quickly. We also are getting more adventurous and eating new things. Yum!

  62. I am going to start a new life style change with eating better & losing weight. This has been a struggle for me, for yrs. Time to nip it in the rear.

  63. Lysa,
    I’ve already ordered the book…and am anxiously waiting for it. I don’t eat a lot of junk food, but I need to eat more raw food. I need to appreciate the food God created and the taste….more than I do. I also need to exercise more. I’ve gone through periods of concentrated exercise, but how can I keep that up forever?
    It is a struggle…..but, I want off the treadmill so to speak.
    I’ve been thinking about all of this for quite some time now, on my own. A couple of days ago I saw something on (in)Courage about your book and I thought to myself, “this is a God thing”.
    Thank you for your openness and for being real.
    My desire is to glorify God through this struggle I am in the midst of…..I know I am not alone.

  64. I’m planting a garden w/our children, and my goal is to use as many of the veggies that grow to make a variety of salads. I want my kids to have a habit of healthy eating too, and see how delicious the foods God has created can be.

  65. I will be eating local fruits and vegetables as well as spendign more time outside with the family: hiking, biking, walking, running. 🙂

  66. Thank you for this book, it has been LIFE CHANGING! There are so many ways to be “healthy” and I know alot about nutrition/fitness. This summer I want to learn more about Him and allow Him to guide me throughout the day as I make food/fitness choices. I want the Lord’s approval, not mens…now that’s freedom!

  67. I found your book and have read it and am now signed up for the study this summer. I have been working on my eating habits for some time and have lost weight, now I plan to add in exercise this summer to help maintain. Looking forward to the study, and I am glad to have found this site with your (in)couragement!

  68. My Changes are to drink more water, walk & dance 4x a week, reread Made to Crave & begin reading the Word with the mindset of obedience regarding food.

  69. WOW!!!! That really sums it up! I never thought of it this way but it is absolutely true I am not holding Him up but He is always holding me up. I have read the book and it is awesome. I think my bible study group is going to do this book as our next bible study. I met you this past weekend at the Extraordinary Women’s Conference in TN. It was an amazing event and I really enjoyed listening to you and since talking with you I have decided the only way I can do this is by doing as you did with the sugar. Just don’t touch it – I will have to rely on God for this and that is what it is really all about! Not the weight but giving Him control and CRAVE HIM!

  70. My hubby and I decided that we would work out more and eat healthier this year. Thank you for giving me some encouragement!

    I try to walk an average of 10,000 steps (5 miles) daily, my job requires a bit of walking. We also lift weights and he goes to a gym 4 days a week. We made a vow to get healthy now & not have to take care of each other in later years, we have nio children.

    I’m praying for everyone as they struggle with eating healthier and getting rid of all the sugar, diet cokes,e tc in their live.

  71. My children and I have set a goal to hike 50 miles over the entire summer! Outdoors where we can view God’s wonderful gifts to us! Thanks again for your uplifting messages!

  72. I love that saying from Pastor Furtick…”how can you let God down when you were never holding Him up?”. I’ve used that many times since I heard him say that on the MTC webcast. As far as changes I am going to make, I am just going to get moving again. Living in a state that is cold more than it is not (WI), once the bad weather sets in, I just hunker down and hibernate as best I can until the warmth is here again. No, I am not a complete hermit, but I don’t go out unless I have to. It’s just too cold. So, now that it is beginning to finally start warming up, I am going to get out and walk my 1 year old dog, Disney, and start just trying to use the principles I learned doing the “Made to Crave” Bible study to focus on my relationship with God and not focus on what “yummy” treat I can consume (and then feel massively guilty about later). Lysa, your book has made a difference in my thinking–now I just need to put it into action and remember every day that “I was made for more”!

  73. This past Sunday, we just began the dvd series in my home….7 of us….we are looking forward expectantly to moving from “deprivation” to “empowerment.”
    I personally would love to give my newly married daughter a copy of the book and workbook……thanks.

  74. I will, by God’s grace, make walking every day as much a habit as sleeping and eating!

  75. My summer goal is to cut out white sugar; I already cook very healthy for my family, but I have never made that leap. And, with at least 75 lbs. to lose to be healthy, I need to take that step. Lysa, I do feel like you speak from MY heart, not just yours. It’s amazing to me to hear what I have been looking for for so long–that God DOES care what my body and health are like, and it DOES matter to my spiritual health to be healthy. Thank you.

  76. For some weeks now i decide to diminish my coffee drinking through the day…Instead lot’s of herb teas ( untill now rooibos,thyme and green tea)…
    I want to stick to it…….Moving more ………..( need to make an plan how long and what activity…already taking once a week zumba fitness lessons with my daughter)

  77. I’m training for a 1/2 marathon this summer, to be run in early October!

  78. I will, with God’s help, move – get my heart rate up – 4 times a week. I’ve put it out there , in print, now I have to!!

  79. One healthy change I am going to make this summer is to start seeing myself as God sees me. I will prayerfully talk with him about how much he loves and adores me no matter what I put in my mouth.
    I feel as if I have been overwhelmed with guilt lately. Only I can lay this down at his feet and surrender full control to him.
    I seek for God to rule my heart and mind not thoughts of food and things I must have.

  80. Its all about portion sizes for me, I’ve started to watch them and plan to continue through the Summer. I plan to look to Him instead of the mirror or people to find my worth!

  81. Whew…what a relief that message was. It’s amazing how we can fool ourselves into thinking such silly thoughts.
    “How can you let God down when you weren’t ever holding Him up?”

    One healthy change I am working on since beginning your book last week is letting this no longer be a weight loss journey. This is a wonderful opportunity to find God like I have never known Him. I’ve been so excited about everything I read in your book that I just lay in wait for someone to share it with.

    At the beginning of the year I heard your daily interviews with KLOVE and that is where I first heard of you and your book. I kept wanting to buy it for myself but I kept telling myself “really do I need another weight loss “tool”, just eat right and keep exercising and you will get to where you want to be”. So that is what I was doing. Well then Mother’s Day has came around and the question of what to get my mother came up. Since the begeinning of the year she has been back on the “wagon” and she has done very well but I keep thinking to myself she needs more that what she has always done or it will end like everytime before. So that is when I dedcided that maybe your book would be something that she could use to change her thinkging. So I bought the book for “her”. Well I just couldn’t resist. I “needed” to look over it and make sure I wasn’t giving my mom a book with some crazy woman telling yet another off the wall way to lose weight. And let’s just say that is where MY journey began. In the week and a half that I have had your book I have already found a friend in my neighborhood that is interested in having a bible study with me on your book and I just can’t wait for my Mother to get her copy of the book on Sunday because I know this will be such a wonderful journey of learning to love ourselves the way God does that we will get to share together. I’m so thankful that God has used you to open our eyes and hearts to his word.


  82. I love what your pastor said… “How can you let God down when you weren’t ever holding Him up?” That is amazing.

    I want to eat more fresh fruits and veggies this summer. And drink more water. And just enjoy the summer with my boys!

  83. My biggest struggle is getting up early enough to exercise. So, my plan is to battle that & no longer struggle in that area. I also need to continue to learn more about eating healthier, but also allowing myself some of my favorite treats.

  84. I need to make many healthy lifestyle changes! “I KNOW what to do … just need help with the want to!”

    My summertime change: Get outside and walk! If it’s raining, walk on the treadmill. My goal: 30 minutes a day!

    Thanks, Lysa, for being obedient to God and telling your story!

  85. I’ve actually cut out meat, gluten and dairy (mostly). What I need to do is EXERCISE and STOP EATING AT NIGHT! I’m okay during the day but suddenly at night I become real hungry. So these are the two main areas I have to work on. My primary reason to cut out meat has more to do with my health than anything else. I will, on occasion, eat fish. I also know I am sensitive to gluten from the reactions I get to it. Luckily, I found gluten free bread in my local farmer’s market, Sprouts. But for those of you who might have this same condition, try Whole Foods or any health food store near you. I used to get severely bloated when I ate bread, especially pizza, pasta, etc. You will be surprised what food allergies can do to you. It can cause a variety of emotional issues, too.

  86. I have already started a 12 week Fitness Challenge goes in to mid-Summer.
    Clean up my diet & QUIT eating foods I KNOW I’m allergic to.
    Focus on all the things that really matter in life, toss the rest.

  87. I the biggest change I’ve made and continue to make daily is admitting that I have a food addiction. That is a scary thing to put in print there. Whew. The next thing I did was join and begin keeping a record of EVERY SINGLE MORSEL of food that goes into my mouth. Also WHEW! I got another tool about the same time (cuz God is good to me this way.. 🙂 ) Which was “F.L.A.B.” Which means before you eat anything and I do mean ANYTHING, you ask yourself .. am I : Frustrated, Lonely, Angry or Bored? (Hence FLAB) AND if the answer to any of those is yes then then you consider that eating will not change those feeelings so you have to figure out what will and do it before you it (and/or if you eat) I’ve had some success. I’ve lost 10 lbs in the 100 days with a couple gain backs and relosses. but … the important thing is that I haven’t given up or stopped. I am praying and looking for my next tool and reading this post was SUCH an answer to prayer! Thank you!

  88. I have lots of things I want to work on…. My biggest is to really focus on not eating because I am bored, upset, or stressed. I would also like to significantly reduce sugar.

  89. I joined a workout program for moms where it isn’t an excuse of having no time with young kids because I bring them with me and they like it, and I’m getting healthy! God is good!

  90. I will be more intentional in my time with my children. Rather than half paying attention to them and half doing something else, I will engage with them. I will also be on the look-out for the “teachable moments” in the lives of my children.

  91. I’m going to stop drinking sodas and drink more water. I also want to replace my “convenient” junk food snacks with more fruits and vegetables.

  92. I’m going to brush my teeth after supper (eat before 7 p..m.) so I won’t be tempted to eat again before bed. Then I will be hungry for some breakfast so I can get my appetite/metabolism jump-started for the day. With the children home from school, I hope to eat on a schedule instead of grazing and keep them from grazing. My list could go on and on.

  93. My goal this spring has been to move a little more each day than I did the day before. I recently left a job where I sat at a desk for 10-12 hours a day. I would be so sore and achy at the end of each day that the last thing I wanted to do was to get up and go walking. It was a vicious cycle, and I had become a total couch potato. Now, I’m wearing my pedometer every day and gradually increasing my daily steps. I’m only to about a mile a day now, but it’s a mile more every day than I was walking a month ago, and it feels great!

  94. I am going to stop focusing on what I can or can not do and start with what God will help me do. I have a weakness for sweets/deserts. So, one healthy change for me will be to not have the sweet desert and have fruit instead to satifsy my crave for sugar.

  95. I am going to keep on exercising on a regular basis and make more wise food choices

  96. Walk….walk….walk…three times a week for 30 minutes …to devote to ME!!!

  97. I started a running program and want to have it in place before starting a new job in June.

  98. I finally gave it all to God a little over 8 months ago and am now down 90 lbs! I could not do it alone, but all things are possible through Christ!

    This summer, I am planning to start a regular exercise routine, even if it’s just nightly walks after dinner. It’s time to get active!

  99. Walk…walk the dogs; walk my neighborhood; walk to the far end of the parking lot instead of parking in the closet spot; walk with friends; walk to spend time alone – no time or mileage goals to fail – just walk

  100. I’m starting out by not buying unnecessary junk food and adding more fruits and veggies to the shopping list. I can’t eat the bad stuff if it’s not in the house, right?

  101. I am joining dance classes at the local community center. I need to do something to get healthy and improve my self-esteem. Wish me luck!

  102. My goal this summer is quite the opposite of the majority of these comments. My goal is actually to GAIN weight. I am below my healthy weight range. After spending three months in a residential treatment center for anorexia, I have relapsed and am struggling with the decision of whether to go back or not. I am trying to focus on God — HE is the only thing is that is worth my whole life, NOT my eating disorder. But more than anything, I hope and pray that I, and all of the women who have posted about wanting to lose weight, can learn to appreciate our bodies for the things they are able to accomplish and the ways He has equipped them to serve Him. Arms aren’t made to be perfectly shaped, but to hug and hold those who are hurting. Legs weren’t designed to flawlessly toned, but to carry our bodies to all the nations to spread His good news.

    They’ll tell you not to eat this or that food—perfectly good food God created to be eaten heartily and with thanksgiving by believers who know better! Everything God created is good, and to be received with thanks. -1 Tim 4:3-4 [The Message]

  103. I’m going to have an accountability partner that I report my weekly food journal to. No more eating in secret…
    whew. That was a tough one to get off my chest.

  104. I am going to try and drink lots of water and exercise and make lots of healthy fruit smoothies. I am excited about this 21 day challenge 🙂

  105. I hope to go back to a daily swimming routine once I get my hernia under control.

  106. I am going to start my morning with this from your book: “We can step on the scale and accept the numbers for what they are, an indication of how much our body weighs, and not an indication of our worth.” I can’t tell you the flood gates that opened when I read that! Thank you so much for your raw truths. Knowing that a woman who is anoited by God as you are has the same thoughts I do, makes me feel less lost in this battle!

  107. I just started Weight Watchers on my own a couple of weeks ago. I’m needing the spiritual aspects to weight loss as I’m struggling with everything. This sounds like a good book…

  108. I have had this book since it came out… half of it and put it down. Now is the RIGHT time for me!!! I started yesterday and with God’s grace and help I am going to complete it this time.
    My Summer goal is to cut out sugars, potatos, breads, pasta, fried foods and focus on protein, veggies and fruits. Also, exercise at least 6 days a week. Walking is a must!!! I so want to CRAVE GOD and not food. I want the eternal satisfication not the moment satisification like I do with food. Thank you Lysa!!!

  109. I am going to be continuing to work on being able to run further and faster. I’ve been working my way up, and now I can run 2.25 miles fairly easily, so I’ve been trying to run for longer and faster. My goal is to increase cardiac health, but I also need to lose a good bit of weight, so my other goal is to keep my portion sizes under control and incorporate healthier, less preservative-laced food options, more fruits and veggies, less simple starches, etc.

  110. Wow, you girls are really going for the gusto! My plan is to read (FINISH) the book and not eat any candy all summer. I am tracking my calories starting today, so I’m sure that will motivate me as well. I just love chocolate so much, but I want to love Jesus more than chocolate! =) Thanks for everything, Lysa!

  111. I would love this workbook and I loved reading the plans of everyone. My one healthy change actually started a few months ago. I accepted His calling for me after ignoring it for over 20 years. Now I am enrolled in Seminary school, well on my way to becoming a Pastor and I am GIDDY to see Him working in my life on a daily basis. If I could change something, it would be getting up a little earlier, to spend some quiet time with Him before I face my day… To know that each morning I am covered in His mercy and grace and love is the single greatest thought I have upon waking. To just say “Thank you” each morning before the rush is what I am aiming to do.

  112. I am going to start to excerise and focus more on my walk with the Lord. We have adopted two boys from foster care that have some special needs and I need to get back into focusing more on the Lord.

  113. More water, more thanksgiving, more fresh air. (well 3 things but under title MORE). 🙂

  114. I am going to stop thinking of this as a diet plan and start making it a lifestyle change! I am also going to start praying through my cravings and when I get frustrated or feel like its more than I can handle I will take the frustration out on a brisk walk up the road – while Im praying!

  115. One healthy change I’m going to make this summer is ride bikes with my daughter. She begs me every day and I always feel bad for telling her I’m tired. I know I will feel better after the ride and enjoy the time with her as well. Thank you for sharing your journey with us!

  116. I’m going to set a healthier example for my kids by making good food choices.

  117. I’m attempting to make a healthier choice for each food decision I make. Even if it’s to leave off the sour cream, that’s a healthier decision. I’m reading Made to Crave right now and it has really impacted the way I think about food and losing weight. I love it! I’d love this workbook to go along with it. 🙂

  118. I want to make healthier food choices, and get more rest so that I can feel good again and be a better wife and mom. And I’d like to go through the Made to Crave Bible Study with a friend at work, and a workbook for her would be extremely helpful!

  119. Hi Lysa, I am struggling with overeating and a fast food addiction. I am going to try to change my eating habits by watching my portions and eating healthy. That means no fast food and eating more fruits and vegetables. I believe I can do it! Your book is motivating me!!

  120. This summer I am continuing the changes I made at the first of the year. Staying on a healthy eating plan, eating less, moving more, logging my food online, I have a very close accountability partner that we share our struggles and our journey together.

    I plan to run a 5K–I had been training for my very first race–a 10 mile race– in honor of my friend’s baby who passed away, but because very ill with the stomach flu and missed it…so I am keeping up my training and going to try a shorter race.

  121. My one change this summer (starting this week) is no more excuses NOT to workout! I have been trying to wake up earlier bc it is hot in the afternoon when I get off work so from this day forward NO MORE EXCUSES…. I will workout!! I will workout!! I would love the participant guide, I would love to do it with my accountability partner!! Thanks!!

  122. My healthy change for this summer is to use more fresh fruits and vegetables in our meals!

  123. I am eating more organics and fresh veggies (which I still don’t crave either!) and have found an accountability partner!

  124. One healthy change I’ll make this summer? To stop weighing myself everyday.

  125. Called a nutritionist/trainer and am two plus weeks into her program. Needing God moremthan ever to walk through the fear. Reading Made to Crave and the Bible. Trusting Him!

  126. My summer change: I wrote all of the go-to scripts out on index cards and will carry them with me. I have the “know how” in place. This is helping me with the “want to”!

  127. This summer I vow to eat fresh as much as possible – cutting out processed fake food.

  128. I’ve read your book twice and plan to start it again! It is my life story!!!!! I have lost 16 lbs. but for the last month I have been stuck and haven’t lost any more. I have started exercising this week and plan to continue to exercise at least 5 days a week. You have encouraged me so much! I have told all my friends about this book. Thank you so much Lysa for making it real!!!!!!!!!!!

  129. I’m determined to move more this summer and to increase the amount of water I drink.

  130. I am going to participate in your 21 day challenge! I have read Made to Crave and am encouraging my co-workers who are also struggling with their weight to join me in a Made to Carve bible Study!

  131. I love to go to the pool, so I won’t allow myself to go unless I’ve worked out first that day.

  132. I picked up your book a month or so ago and have read it. I have felt this same idea of God asking me to give up control of my food issues to him for over a year now. I had some success at Setting Captives Free, but hadn’t completely resolved the idea that eating what I want when I wanted was a sin. God’s been working on my heart, and in part due to your book, I have realized that it is a control issue, and even an issue of idolatry.

    My biggest goal for the summer is to be more intentional about my study and prayer time, my eating, and my exercise. I tend to float through my day throwing up a prayer here or there, reading a snippet of a devotional from a blog, and then mindlessly grabbing a fruit snack from the kids’ stash or a candy bar from my husband’s stash, and then jumping on the treadmill if I feel like it. Instead of being so oblivious, I want to make time for God, make healthy food choices, and make time for exercise.

    Thanks Lysa for communicating these truths in a way that a typical girl can understand. Thanks also for your obedience in writing about an issue that can be immensely personal and immensely challenging.

  133. I am cutting out bread and sugar. Found sugar free Reece cups! Hallelujah!!

  134. I’ve started walking with a friend – she & I discovered we have similar issues with food and have become accountability partners. Our goal over the summer is to progress in our walking to jogging & running, aiming to run in a 5k next year.

  135. oohhh this one’s hard but God’s been dealing with me and I’ve been putting it off…. I’m going to give up diet dr. pepper-totally- not even one-and drink water instead. Seriously, I’m about to cry just thinking about it…. which means it has to go…. thank you Lysa for this challenge and thank you Lord that you will hold me up through this.

  136. I am going to drink more water and eat more fruits and veggies. Also I am going to aim for daily exercise…whether it’s 10 minutes or 90 minutes!! Will include my children and find fun ways to get us all moving.

  137. I have been recently diagnosed with interstitial cystitis, a painful bladder syndrome and need to follow a preservative-free, low-acid diet as a result. I also must drink more water and need to get into the exercise mode, which I find very difficult to be motivated about, especially when in pain. I have signed up for the 21-day challenge, and would like to share your insights with my 3 daughters. Thanks so much.

  138. I am going to turn to water – both the wet kind AND the LIVING kind. When other things tempt me, I will drink water … and drink of Him.

    Also, I am gonna lace my running shoes back up.

  139. I gave up pepsi. I’m trying to limit my sweet tea intake even though I now make it with the sugar/splenda blend stuff. I am aiming to drink more water and I’m really struggling but trying to do the P90X workout each day. My Mom did it and lost 18 1/2 inches and at least 15 lbs. My sister is doing it and she’s got great drive and motivation and she gives it all she’s got and hasn’t missed a day. I struggle with giving it my all, finding the motivation to just get in there and do it….but my goal is to NOT give up and just keep on trying. I’m actually prayin Made to Crave with help me find that motivation. I need a good push for God every morning 🙂

  140. i am not sure what i can do differently… i just need to use the word consistently as my sword and not give in to temptation— i need to learn how to use the power.

  141. I am in a lifestyle change that i just started 2 weeks ago. I am down 11 pounds, and I am still getting into the swing of things. I haven’t read Made to Crave yet, although I plan on it. I have *never been able to lose weight until I started believing that God *could, and that meant that I could through Him. It’s amazing the progress I’ve made and how I feel, and it’s all from the grace of God. I don’t have a goal in mind, I don’t have a place I want to be. I am just going to keep trusting God for his strength and grace, and I am just going to travel this new path. I know i am still getting it right, and there are still slip ups, but I *feel great about it. I feel happy with myself, and i can’t say that i really have been in a long time. I love that you are talking about this so many places! If i hadn’t already begun this journey, I firmly believe that this would have put me over the edge.

  142. Ok. I’ve just lost and regained the same 20 pounds for about the umpteenth time and am so disgusted and ashamed at how out-of-control I can get, especially during the post-holiday/winter doldrums/anniversary of my late husband’s rapid decline and death due to ALS/personal experience with cancer…all things traumatic seem to happen in clumps with me. I was “captured” before I finished the first paragraph of the “Made to Crave” preview, and my heart was pounding by the time I finished today’s blog. I want to embark on the journey with my friends Dee and Tina!

  143. I am planning to drink more water and get back to my regular exercise classes.

  144. Wow, thank-you so much for such a great idea that we can’t possibly let God down. He doesn’t need us, we need Him. He can take care of us and if we fail He can take care of everything (even His own reputation in the process). I needed to hear that! Thanks!

  145. Wow, thank-you so much for such a great idea that we can’t possibly let God down. He doesn’t need us, we need Him. He can take care of us and if we fail He can take care of everything (even His own reputation in the process). I needed to hear that! Thanks!

  146. Hi Lisa,
    I am going to walk two miles every day and bring my “mybible” mp3 player and “read” the bible while I walk.