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  1. AMEN!!! Amen! And, Amen!

    Such truth! Such important, life transforming truth!

    We do have a responsibility once our gifts have been revealed, and He doesn’t give up on us when we give up on ourselves, and He doesn’t limit us. I have heard the words “you are a writer” by people who love and care about me and I didn’t believe it. Then one day I heard those words said…out of my own mouth! I must keep on…as my worship to Him.

    Rich blessings to your obedient heart…

  2. Thank you Bobbie, your words are beautiful and so true. Thank you for sharing your insights and experience with the world. We need truth and inspiration that comes from the heart such as this. Keep writing and sharing so that others can be inspired to do the same.

  3. Thanks for sharing.

    I needed to hear that I am not the only one that wrestles with God. As you said he is very patient and loving and never gives up on us.

    Keep pressing forward on your journey toward your God Destiny : )

  4. I too have been struggling with this same thing. Godhas revealed to me a gift of writing and I’m 47 years old! I don’t know how long its been there undiscovered by me me but I finally heard Him. Thank you for the encouragement to go forth and write. I wrote a children’s book months ago but have done nothing with it. I feel a real push inside to find an illustrator and publish it. Loved the post.