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Susan Lawrence equips and encourages women through speaking and writing, including Pure Purpose and Pure Emotion Bible studies. Susan loves dark chocolate and long walks.

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  1. This is so hilarious!! My sister and I have done similar things…”what? that was MY pink hippo…wasn’t it…???”
    So funny now to see the disparity of memories amongst my own children:
    “remember when we took that 2-week road-trip vacation?”
    “y’mean, that weekend trip to TX?”
    “no, no…dontcha mean that trip to that camping place where we saw the bears & stayed up all night & mommy let us roast six bags of marshmallows…?”
    (hand-over-mouth, suppressing raucous laughter) – “No, sweetie, I’m not laughing, I just, ahem, I just have a cough…”

  2. Thanks for sharing that story. I also have two sisters, so I know how sometimes we remember things a bit differently. When we were cleaning out our Mom and Dad’s house there was a lot of stories, remembering, and some tears. Most of our memories of growing up together are good ones. I still would not take anything for the relationship we still have today. I treasure my brother and sisters. They are truly my best friends after all they are the people I have the most in common with. Thanks again for sharing your story.

  3. I have been going thru a tough time this past year, but I believe when I look back at this year, I will see how God used this time to change my life in so many ways. I believe it will be the stepping stone that took me to the next level.
    I loved reading these stories about your childhood! I see this now with my daughters!
    Are you stuck in a rut?

  4. This reminds me of the Tinker Bell Christmas ornament. For years as a child and even into our teens, my older sister insisted that Tinker Bell was hers and another ornament from a trip to Disney was mine. It made a difference because we always put our own ornaments on the tree first and then worked together to do the ones that had no specific owner. I believed my sister, because I didn’t have any reason not to. Plus, I liked the other one better. It was weird, though, because my sister fought for it every year and I was like, “What’s your problem? I know it’s yours.”

    A few years ago, when my mom cleared out the Christmas things and gave my siblings our childhood ornaments, Tinker Bell appeared in my box. I protested, saying it was my sister’s. My mom looked at me like I was crazy. I still insisted, and then she showed me the bottom of the ornament. Very clearly on the bottom are my initials. I don’t know why I never saw that before, but Tinker Bell now hangs from my tree! And what’s funny is that I can’t even remember which ornament it was that I thought was mine.