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Holley Gerth is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, counselor, and life coach. Her newest release is The Powerful Purpose of Introverts: Why the World Needs You to Be You. She's also wife to Mark, Mom to Lovelle, and Nana to Eula and Clem.

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  1. I desire for a partner, and waiting for the right one. Please pray that I will grow in patience, and peace, knowing that God will provide in His right time. Thank you InCourage. 🙂

    • praying with ya sister… you re not alone. lets hold hands and trust God on this… that He has provided ALREADY!… IN HIS OWN TIME AND WAY… AMEN to that and to GOD ALONE BE ALL GLORY.

    • I am praying for you. I am dealing with that as well. Remember who you are in Christ! You are a loved saved by grace daughter of God!

      • Thank you Kate! I appreciate your prayers and comment of encouragement! I will pray for you too. 🙂 God bless you!

  2. A close friend has been trying to get pregnant for about 1.5 yrs. Recently she learned she was pregnant but then unfortunately lost the baby at around 8 weeks. Please pray for her, her husband and that they will continue to get their strength and comfort from the Lord. Thanks so much.

  3. Brittnie, I will pray for your friend and husband. I know that pain. Andrea, I pray the same thing right along with you. Alexis, I pray for you also!

    Could you please pray for safe travels as we go on vacation Monday. Also pray for peace and growth in friendship between my ex-husband and myself. We are taking our kids on this vacation together. It was planned prior to him leaving and just in the last 2 months has he asked me to join them since I have been involved in the planning. He states that he feels we can finally be in the same room together and be be civil! This is HUGE! The children need us to be at least friendly with each other. We will always be there parents and they are young so we have a lot of life to share with them throughout the years!

    • Lisa, praying for your safe travels and for the peace and friendship you need in the relationship with your ex-husband. I also pray that your children know how much you both love them. Have a good trip!

    • Lisa, I am divorced and my ex-husband spend all holidays together and do things together almost every week. This didn’t happen immediately and I won’t tell you that it is always easy, but it is good for everyone involved, most especially our son. I will be praying for you all week! I would love to hear how it goes. Blessings to you and your family! 🙂

  4. Dear Lisa, I am praying that the Lord will bless your vacation and that it will be a time of making Memories that Last 4-Ever =]. Remember that there’s one thing that can never be taken back in this life and it’s unkindly spoken words. Once they come out they can’t go back in. Thinking about this has helped me greatly as I have been struggling in my own marriage. Praying that this is the best vacation ever for you & your family =]

    My Prayer Request:
    Our lives have changed drastically this past year. Our business tanked In the economy, we had to do chapter 7, are desperately praying we can get a loan Modification, and my husband has an L5 fracture and slip that requires him to take a great deal of pain medication. Our income is about a third of what we made before. The Lord has taught me soo much about living by FAITH: That means: Fully Rely On God. I have started a new business and am praying for the Lords perfect will in this new venture. Also, please pray that the Lord will restore our marriage and that we will grow together in the Lord and that our family would show Christ in all we do. Thanks soo much for your prayers!

    • Stacey – sounds like a tough year. May you feel the presence and love of the Father in every area of your life. May there be healing, may there be joy, may there be much to be thankful for in your life. I pray especially for your marriage – that together you and your husband will draw close to Jesus and encourage one another with the love and grace He so richly provides.

  5. Please pray for me to get back on my diet and exercise regimen. At first this seems selfish, but I’m not doing it only for vanity reasons. I want to be healthy, but mostly I want to lose the weight so that I’m able to donate a kidney to my father. In order for me to be tested as a match, my BMI must come down. I’ve lost about 20 pounds so far and have at least 25 more to go, but recently all that I’ve lost is motivation.

    • Kelly- I pray that you will know the sustaining power of rest in Jesus.
      “Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.” (Col 3:1-3) I too have spent the past year learning what it means to become healthy for the right reasons. In times when I find myself lest motivated I’ve turned to this verse. My prayer is that you will not let the difficulty of the journey keep you from taking the next right step toward getting there. Seek him and he will give you rest!

    • Kelly, definitely praying that the Lord will give you the will to lose the weight to be able to serve your father and to serve the King ultimately. That He would get all the glory for this weight loss.

  6. Kelly,
    I pray that God gives you the strength and energy you need to lose the weight. Also pray for faith during such an emotional time with the family, that you are a match or that you can participate in a kidney swap. May you find the motivation youneedin both your earthly father and your heavenly Father.

    My prayer request is that I come to truly believe that Jesus loves me. Mentally, I know this, and I know He loves us all, but emotionally, I am struggling with accepting his love into my heart.

    • Vicki- may the strong mighty tender love of Jesus surround you right now, infuse the very air you breathe. His eyes hold nothing but delight when they look your way, nothing less and nothing else… no disappointment ever clouds His countenance when He looks your way. He loves you because he loves you because he loves you because he loves you because he loves you because he loves you because he loves you because he loves you. Period. Love from an unpaved road in Sudan-Michele

  7. Please pray for our son who has left his wife and two children. On this Father’s Day he is not being the responsible father he promised to be to his children. It is heartbreaking.

    Pray for our future as we “go finish” from the field of Papua New Guinea and return to the US and seek a ministry.

    • Betty, I will definitely be praying for your son. I know that your daughter-in-law appreciates your support at this very difficult time.

    • Praying that your son would have wisdom and conviction to do what is right. I pray for the children involved that they would know God as Abba, no matter what path their earthly father chooses.

      • Praying for your son and his family. My son has also left his wife and two children. I pray every day for him to find his way back to them.

  8. In this season that I am in right now, my prayer request is for my heart to reflect the love of Jesus…I need some “heart changing” and have been working on it & praying for it. Thank you ladies!

    Praying for all of you today!!

    • Patricia,

      I will join with you in prayer on this one. Let’s keep working and praying for this- It will only point us in the right direction… who is the one and Only that can completely restore our hearts to one more like His. That desire is our 1st step, I pray we never forget our purpose and continue to head in our Fathers direction.
      Blessings to you.

  9. Vicki, I’ll pray that you can accept Jesus love to you as you would a GIFT from a friend.

    my prayer request is for my husband who needs noninvasive back surgery. workmans comp keeps putting this procedure off. thankyou.

    • Liz,

      I pray that worker’s comp comes through with authorization that your husband requires and that the surgery is successful. I also pray that you and your husband have patience and strength to sustain you until he is able to receive the care he needs.

  10. The youth minister at our church had an affair with a married woman in our church. Both of them had a ministry to youth in our area. So many people are hurting as a result of this mess.

    • Oh Jen….my heart aches for you and each member of your congregation! We have lived through similar situations! Cling to the cross and hide in its shadow! God will redeem His bride!

    • Jen, our congregation suffered when our minister did some terrible things and went to jail. We realized these were the acts of one individual, who needed help, and did not define us as a congregation. We lost some members and money was tight for some time. But we kept loving the Lord and serving Him. We prayed for knowledge, wisdom, strength and joy. Things are turning around. We have had baptisms, new members, and more service and outreach. The point is that your congregation can grow through this time . I pray with you.

  11. I am happily -married to a wonderful man for almost a quarter of a century. He’s a wonderful husband and father. We don’t share the same faiths. He is Moslem.
    I am praying for him to find the God of love.

    I am also praying for my dear brother and his wife to be blessed with a child. We all long for this day.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Moi! I pray that Jesus Christ will speak to your husbands heart and will as you said, guide him to the God of love. I have observed the difficulties that come from interfaith marriages but know that NOTHING is impossible for our Lord! I will also pray that the Lord will bless your brother and his wife with a bundle of joy. Have faith in God and His timing.

  12. That my family and I can finally get news from the bank this week that our house has sold. We’ve been living in temporary situations for the last ten months, my husband has an hour and fifteen minute commute, and we have two very young kids. We desperately wish to move on with our lives and find a new home for ourselves closer to my husband’s job.

  13. My husband is a teacher and just got laid off from his position. Please pray that he will be recalled and that we won’t lose our health insurance. Thank you InCourage!

    • Praying that your husband is rehired or that an even better job comes his way. Praying that God will provide for your health inusurance needs and other needs that you are incurring at this time.

  14. My prayer request is that my fiancé and I will find ourselves hidden in Christ. Protected, nurtured, and at peace in the presence of the Holy Spirit. We’re going through premarital class with our mentors and it’s really been challenging for both of us. We’re learning a lot about ourselves and each other. Things that will help us in our marriage if we can bring them before Jesus and be changed by him!

    • Jesus, wrap your arms around them. May their roots grow deep with your living water. Amen

  15. Father, God, your word tells us to praise you in the good times and in the bad so I praise you for each and every woman, their families and their “heartaches”. Lord, I know you love these dear ones with an ever-lasting love that is deeper than the oceans, thank you, Father, for this love. I pray, Lord, that as rain falls from the heavens and quenches the thirst of a dry and parched land, that your blessings and love does the same for these women, Lord.
    I pray for the one desiring to lose weight in order to help her father, Lord, fill her with Your motivation. I pray for those whose marriages/families are in turmoil because of infidelities, finances, divorce, etc, Lord, I pray for your blanket of love to envelope each and every family, to keep them covered with your peace, your comfort and your promises. Lord remind them of their promises to each other. Father, we are in a spiritual battle for families like we have never been before. Lord, help us to fight the enemy and to remember that our fight is not with flesh and blood but with spiritual forces that want nothing more than to destroy us and our testimonies for You!
    Father, I praise and thank You in advance for what You are about to do in the lives of these wonderful women. In the Name of Your Son, Jesus!!

    • Thank you for Yvonne! Lord, she prays for all of us! Thank you for her obedience and willingness to pray.

  16. Our son, GP, has glossopharyngeal neuralgia. He has had two sessions of pain, 49 days each, and two remissions of 19 days each. The pain started again yesterday. It is excruciating. We know God has directed our paths and continues to do so. Please pray for healing for him and for wisdom for us – and that we would recognize the wisdom as it is given to us. Laurin

    • Lord I pray for Laurin’s son that you would draw him close to Yourself and comfort him. Give him encouragement and strength and Lord if it be Your will please also grant healing and give Laurin wisdom to know how she can help. Strengthen them all in Your joy. Help them to see that You are there with them through everything.

  17. Please pay for my relationship with Bennie…I ask for guidance about where it should go…we have been dating sixteen months. I am a widow..married to the same man for 36 yrs. Bennie has been married 3 times & divorced three times. He married the second wife twice and has been divorced now 3 years. They divorced because she had affairs, which he seems reluctant to admit. He let her get the divorce so she would have to pay for it…I have read the divorce decree. I know I am conflicted ab out Bennie.

    • Judy…I will pray for a healthy relationship for you and for Gods guidance to help you make the right decisions with your life. Take time to stop and listen to what your inner voice is telling you, because I believe that deep down inside you already know the answers and I pray that the Lord will help you hear. Good Luck and may God bestow many blessings upon you.

  18. Our small church will close by the end of the month. This morning, it tore out my heart to watch my husband leave with his heart so heavy. No one really knows yet other than the leadership. I guess my husband (the pastor) and I have known it for some time, but didn’t want to face it. But this week, we knew. And our hearts hurt. Not only are we dealing with feelings of loss and failure, but we will also deal with loss of income. Please pray for all those who will be affected and for God’s peace to cover us as we go through this transition.

  19. Prayer for me lately has not been as strong as I would like it to be. May 21st my father passed away and it has left me feeling empty and alone. He would call me 4 to 5 times a day just to say hello and ask how the little one is and now my phone is silent. I am filled with loneliness and grief for my children and myself. Instead of the family such as my siblings coming closer, there is tension and distance among us and it hurts so. I don’t know where to go from here and where the next phase of my life will take me and what I should do to make my life better for me and my daughter. I just feel so very confused. I am still praying and thanking God for the blessings bestowed upon us and for my father not suffering anymore, but sometimes I find it to be such an effort and don’t feel as committed to it as I used to. I think it is just because of all the mixed emotions and feelings I am dealing with all the while trying to move along with daily chores and activities with some amount of normalcy. So I ask for prayer for balance and direction in my life, for strength to move forward and for wisdom to handle my life and affairs wisely to become successful and independent without my father here to help me anymore. Also, my health is somewhat compromised and I will need surgery to resolve the issue, so please if you can pray hard that I find the right doctors and hospital to care for me and for a very successful outcome. Please pray for my 10 yr old daughter and myself to heal from the hurts and to become stronger in family life together and in our faith to God even when the road is a rough and a lonely one. Thank you all so much for your prayers and thank you In Courage for making this online prayer request available to us and for reaching out to us all everyday. May the Lord continue to bless you all and all that you do.

    Judy…I will pray for a healthy relationship for you and for Gods guidance to help you make the right decisions with your life. Take time to stop and listen to what your inner voice is telling you, because I believe that deep down inside you already know the answers and I pray that the Lord will help you hear. Good Luck and may God bestow many blessings upon you.

    • Praying that His love enfolds, His grace surrounds and His Presence permeates all you are and every situation around you. May He pour His unfailing love out bringing wholeness and deep joy into every break in your heart. You are precious to Him. Infinitely so.

  20. Please pray:: I leave tomorrow for 10 days on the front lines of the current conflicts here in Sudan. We are going to where 100,000 people have lost everything and are totally displaced due to violence associated with the ethnic cleansing of their land. The places we will be are potentially very very unsafe and the need is astronomical. But this I know, Jesus still feeds 5000 with a little lunch wholly surrendered in love. So what indeed can He do with a little life? Only one way to find out! I cherish your prayers for our travels, protection, wisdom of heaven, FAVOR and eyes to see exactly what Papa is doing in every situation. Also for my sweet 118 children I am leaving behind. Can’t wait to share the stories of His faithfulness when I return. Praying for you all! May the love of Jesus surround and overwhelm you with His goodness!

    • Good morning!

      Hi Michele — praying your and your trip. May God’s presence and protection cover you like a blanket – may you be lead to fulfill His will for you in this trip and all those you will see and help! In Jesus name – AMEN!

    • Michele,

      Praying for your trip and a hedge of a protection for you and those who are with you. Praying for wisdom as you all face this great need. And also that God’s love and hope shines through each of you.

      My prayer request is for godly community. I recently moved to NYC and while I’ve been blessed with a job and have been searching for a new church. I lack a community to learn from and live life with.

  21. Shannon,
    When one door closes, another one opens. God has a plan for your and your husband and I pray for the Lord to carry you and your family through. Gods blessings upon you.

  22. Hello and blessings to us all!

    I simply ask for prayers for my marriage – we are in a season of challenges and its so hard! My husband needs a spirit soul and body renewing — as i am sure i do too!

    thank you!

  23. Please pray for my friend Dianne who is having severe complications after pancreatic cancer surgery. Please pray for Dianne ,her family and for the Docs for Wisdom Thank you

  24. I’m 27 years old and was dating the man God had confirmed to me I was to marry. We were planning our future together. Unfortunately he suffers from familial alcoholism and after a time of sobriety he fell victim to it again. Without warming he ended our relationship and hasn’t spoken to me since. After 6 weeks of complete heart break that I thought would take me out (I have lupus so stress takes a toll in a serious way), God told me he was going to restore our relationship. I began prayer journaling and God has revealed so much to me with the consistent idea that I’m t pray until he surrenders. My family is completely on board with this which let’s me know God has changed their hearts because I can’t imagine them wanting me to marry an alcohoic. It not only takes faith to believe God will heal him and help him but faith that he will remain sober. I know this is what God wants. I’ve tried not praying for him and walking away because i told God i didnt think i could handle it and God wouldn’t allow it. Please pray for us.

  25. Angie, I pray that God would complete the mighty work he has completed in your life and your significant other’s life as well. I will likely continue to pray for you as you come to mind in the weeks to come. God bless.

    For me, two part request. First and foremost that my Mom and Sister and I make it through this first Father’s Day without our Dad/Husband well. He’s only been gone just over 2 months so not only is this First hard, it’s still very fresh. We visited the cemetery yesterday and got the headstone ordered too. Prayers for that whole situation are much appreciated. Right alongside that is my health. I have a cold, which doesn’t sound like much except the reason for it and thus larger implication. I am incredibly healthy. I rarely get colds. But every time I cry I overdry my sinuses and they overreact and I get a ‘sinus infection’ and the sniffling gives me bronchitis and I cough for no less than 4-8 weeks. I get this 2 to 3 times a year anyway, but with all my crying over my Dad this could be a LOT more this year, and it’s just so dang miserable. So prayers for my health to be restored right now and for future bouts to be prevented are much appreciated.

    Thank you!

  26. LaughingMouse I pray that God who is the Source of all life’s comfort will strengthen and comfort your hearts as you try to cope with the loss of your Dad/Husband. He knows it is not easy and i want you to remember that He is always there for you and He will NEVER leave and He will give you the grace you need to bear. I come from a family of four and in quick succession I lost my mother , my sister and my father and it was God who kept me and is still keeping me because the loss of loved ones is not something we get over. I also pray that our Great Physician will sort out your sinus situation that you will cry with no adverse effect to you sinuses.

    I need to be made whole…I am living with different medical conditions – diabetes, poor circulation in my feet, glaucoma in both eyes, adult asthma, high blood pressure, obesity to name a few…. God knows them all and I would like these mountains of illnesses to be removed from me in the Name of Jesus.
    I am now feeling the need to be married but I am so afraid of making the wrong choice. Please pray that God will enable me to know without doubt that the man He has chosen for me is the man He has chosen.
    Thanks and God bless you

  27. Unicie- praying that God would give you what you need to overcome these illnesses and that He will heal your body. Until He does, I will pray for the strength to deal with them…you are a strong woman! Also praying that God would bring the right man to you and then give you what you need to know in your heart that he is who God has sent. 🙂

    Please be praying for God to give me wisdom about my job. I work for a church and my boss is a tough guy who has basically stripped me of all my self confidence and feelings of value because he comes down so hard on me “trying to teach me”. I work very hard always remembering that I am working for the Lord and not my boss but I am exhausted, insecure and feeling so blah about myself and life. I’m thinking its time to move on so please pray that God would open doors to leave and also provide a new place for me. If He wants me to stay, please pray that He would be my strength to endure. Thank you!

  28. Father God I pray that you would give Unicie the wisdom and knowledge needed to begin restoring her body to perfect health. Lord, I’m thankful that your Word is our light and in it we find our help, encouragement and guidence. Holy Spirit restore hope and peace within this dear child of the King of Kings. Whisper words of love to her heart and bring her joy unspeakable and full of glory! Above all love the Lord you God with all your heart, with all your strength, and lean not on your own understanding. Lay all of your hurts, your cares, your worries at the feet of Jesus and be renewed in your mind and soul. Know each and every moment that Jesus loves you more than anyone ever could. His love is so deep, so wide, so long we can’t even begin to imagine it. Just dig deep into his Word and let his love fill you to over flowing! Thank you Lord Jesus that Unicie is your beloved, your most precious gift. Let her be a shining beacon to all she comes in contact with. And Lord, if it be in your perfect will for her, let her find that perfect man you have chosen for her. All honor, all praise and all glory belong to you alone! We come before you with thanksgiving in our hearts for the work you have already begun. Praise you Jesus!

    And Father I know the plans you have for us, they are for good, to give us hope and Father today I again submit every part of my life to you. God you know the desire of my heart is to be where you want me, to do what you want me to, to be all that I can be in you. Help me to not grow weary or impatient as I wait for you to bring us forth to the place we are to live. Be still my heart, faint not, and don’t allow a foothold of negative thinking. I received a calling to a particular church as the music director/worship leadership that is on the other side of the state we live in. Currently we are waiting on the Lord to open up a job for my husband in the area so we can move. It’s only been 2 months but there are times it feels like forever!!

  29. For the past month, if you have been following me on twitter (@kristentonne), you will see many updates about mysterious migraines I am having. I have been hospitalized for these migraines and no doctor can tell me why I am having them. My husband and I are preparing to celebrate our 5th anniversary in a week and go to serve in Kenya in September. Along with that, I have a sweet two year old and work full-time and married to a children’s minister. These migraines pretty much put me out of commission daily and I am not able to love on my family or friends. My prayer is that the Lord would just miraculously heal me or that He would give us direction of where to go for help with these migraines. I know there is some women out there who have these all the time, so praying for all of you. Never had them before and just plain don’t know what to do. My times with the Lord have been short because of not really being able to read and I am in pain most of the time. Please pray for healing and restoration.

    • Father may you extend your hand to Kristen, may I ask first – boldly – that you relieve her from these afflictions which sideline her from continuing the work You’ve given her to do. You give us the honored gift of time to speak your truth and live out each day for your glory. I ask that you heal Kristen so that she may accomplish what You have graciously laid at her feet, for the paths you ask her feet (and the feet of her family) to tread.

      I also pray, that in the meantime of Your healing, that you give her the endurance to rely on You above all else, that you give her wisdom to seek the counsel and aide of capable physicians should you beckon her there. Perhaps she is to share your truth in such a way, as having to meet some under these specific circumstances in order to do so. You always accomplish what You set out to, by extending Your Word through your faithful. Thank you for this promise and for the promise of Your yoke being easy and light. May Kristen surrender herself and her plans and expectations into Your large, loving hands.

  30. Oh I am just daily shaken and reverberated off of my footstools. Everything – every thought He is presenting for me to hold captive, for me to incline my ears and heart towards – are ravaging me, welling inside of me emotions and thoughts that powerfully surge.

    I am seeing more truths, and they terrify me because they are upheaving the lies that clutch barbs into deepest fabrics – thus while they are being pulled, they are ripping small pieces with them, for the workers of deceit play rough and wreak destruction 100% of the time – all the more upon threat of being extinguished by truth and daily confirmation of belief in Him, His power, His dominion above all things.

    I need prayer for my fleshly skin and bones, as I prepare to leave a place I had begun to call home in ease (I have lived in a new state for 3 years, and am being called back for a time, to my home state once again). I ache for the longing I already feel at leaving this place and these people – my church, my fellow Body-members. I soak every memory in with tinges of sadness – yet a come with a full understanding that I am going where He is calling. That back to my home state is a place He has long been preparing for me to return to – for an undisclosed amount of time – for His reasons and to bless others while being blessed in return.

    I need prayer for strength to continue to be pulled shore-side by the Lighthouse who beacons me “Come”. For sustainment to be who He is calling me to be. For resolution to identify myself by His description and definition of me – no one else’s, least of all my own. May I sprint into His dwelling place and never fight to leave for any other. May I hold fast as he sweetly pummels me with more and more Truth to untwist the barb-wire of lies infesting my heart. For He anoints with oil, the wounds this life inflicts. He repairs the fractures that sin concusses apart. He renews this branch against the vine of Life, binding me to Him.
    Above all, please pray that I stop living in between His will and finally come to own my purpose for breathing in and out each new day. That I can step into the warming beams of abundant Life and eternal Truth.

  31. Perfect timing!! :o)

    On Friday my nephew, Luke, was in a serious car accident. He was air lifted to Maine Medical and has severe brain trama. The doctors are not hopeful at all. The family (mom and dad) do not want to give up on him.

    Please pray for him and for his family.

    • Father God – We pray for a miracle for Luke. Put your healing touch on his body, specifically his brain, and restore his life. Astound the doctors so that You would receive glory and so that our faith would grow. You are the God of Healing and The God who does impossible things. Do the impossible for Luke. I’ve seen miracles in recent months on another boy named Luke – so I KNOW You can do anything. Thank You Jesus for suffering and conquering the grave so we can be healed.

  32. Praying for provision for medical bills from our NICU babies and open doors for my husband and I – clear direction for our family and obedience to do what God sets before us.

    • I also have medical bills that are a burden to us from an auto accident almost 3 years ago. I hate the phone calls and I pray from the bottom of my heart that you don’t have to deal with these like we have had to. Oh, dear Lord, you have promised to supply all our needs according to your riches in glory. Please provide for this family also. Bless them Lord, let the floodgates of heaven open up with blessings from you. Give them what they need Lord and give them the peace that only you can give. Thank you Jesus for answered prayer.

  33. Please pray for God to bless my husband and me with a baby. We have been trying with no success for almost two years. I am very discouraged.

    • Oh Hallie,
      Feeling your frustration. May you find comfort in Him who knows your every thought, and worry. May He bless you in the timing that is perfect in His plan. May you stand firm in your faith and trust in Him.

  34. Amanda, praying for God’s perfect timing to be shown in your circumstances. Rest in Him knowing that He has a perfect plan for your life.

    Tomorrow I will be taking our youth group to summer camp. Please pray for safe travels and that all of our lives will be forever changed as we grow closer to our Lord. I ask that you also pray for the families we leave behind, especially my husband and son. I have never been away from them for this long and it is really upsetting me, but I know this is the Lord’s will for my life at this time.

    Thanks so much!

    • I will pray for you and your safe return. . . as well as all the other families your group will be leaving behind. Also, remember how good it is for your son and husband to see you off to do good in the world. Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder. They may be reminded of small and large ways that you bless them each and every day. . . and appreciate you that much more. I pray that your group will grow closer to God and the many ways God is present in our lives. Blessings to you!!!

  35. I pray that God will show me the path to finding love in my life. I have two beautiful children, but their father (a minister nonetheless) left us very lonely. I pray that God will continue showing us ways to heal and placing people in our path who are true and loving, not materialistic or obsessed only with youth and beauty.

    • Lord please keep marianne close to you. Let her know that you are with her in the good times and bad, for there is a season for everything. Thank you for the blessings that come and are ever present even in the hard times. May she continue to treasure the two beautiful blessings you have given her. May she find comfort in knowing that sorrow only lasts a short while, joy will come in the morning. Help them all to know the peace that only you can give as they continue their journey. Surround them with fellow believers who know just how special they are and help point them to you in all situations.

      *Thanks for your kind words above marianne, really a comfort to me. 🙂

  36. Please pray for me to find a new direction in my life. I have been RIFFED from my teaching position and I feel such loss. I believed that teaching was my calling… Thank-you for your prayers.

    • Debra you are in my prayers that God will give you direction. He may have closed one door and have a brand new one opened for you just around the corner.
      Bless you

  37. About a month ago I signed a 6 mo subscription with a Christian online dating service. Tried a secular one at one time and ended up with a very broken heart. That was over a year ago. My mother has been encouraging me to do this. So I did, reluctantly. I have been talking, through e-mail with an amazing man the past few days, very accomplished, funny, kind, very attractive and most important a Christian. He seems almost too good to be true, I could easily loose my heart, I am terrified. I have done this before, know how to do my research and I am always very careful. Just pray for me to know whether this is for real or not, to be able to trust my heart and what God is telling me and not what I want. And to know the difference. My biggest problem, I still really don’t believe I am good enough for this.
    Knowing me, I am more likely to run than give it a chance. Just pray, Please

    • Lord, I pray that you would help Caryn to know her value in you. May she recognize how you see and love her before all else. I also ask that she would have wisdom in this online dating situation. Please give her clear understanding and direction. Thank you that she is seeking you first. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6

  38. My 4 year old son is having a minor outpatient surgery tomorrow morning at 7:30 am Eastern time. Please pray for him. Even though it is outpatient and very minor it’s hard to have peace without letting your mind wander sometimes. Thanks for praying for my boy!

    • Becky,
      May you and your son be covered with the peace of God tomorrow. May you both be calm and trust in Him. May He walk with you every step of the way.

      • Thank you Jan! It all went wonderfully. Thanks for praying. It means more than you know.

  39. Please pray for my husband who was just diagnosed with Follicular B Cell Lymphoma… We will see an oncologist on June 23rd. I know that God has a plan and I am trying very hard to remember this and keep a positive for his sake as well.

    • Lord may you show Cheri that you are right beside her and her husband every step of the way. May she see pieces of you in all that she encounters down this frightening road. May she have people surround her with support and love in the process. And Father we ask for a holy work to be done. Please God, heal her husband. When they go see the oncologist on the 23rd may the Doctor be amazed at the work of your hand.

  40. Cheri praying for your husband’s health to be restored and for you to have strength for whatever God plans for you.

    Please pray for me. I have lost my path. My life is a shambles. I have no money. I’m so alone and scared.

    • Kat, I am standing with you in this dark time. I have been there! Truly!! I am sending my love to you and praying the Holy Spirit will comfort you. I know you feel alone, but you are not – Jesus is there with you (as He is with me). I am not alone, but I too am really scared. My husband is out of work (long term) and we are down to our last bit of money. We are not sure what happens next. I will continue to pray for you to find your way.

      Please pray that my husband, Tim, will find work that will sustain us in the next two weeks…Lord we are frightened and unsure what to do and where to turn. Our hearts are heavy with this burden.

    • Kat I was in the same spot as you several months ago – and I am still working to overcome this. I did a scripture search on money and combined them all into a prayer about how to be responsible with my money and diligent with my hands in order to earn more. I also surrounded myself with positive and affirming statements about goals that I had re: money. I was in this spot because my husband of ten years left us penniless. But God has equipped you with everything you need to make it. You will not only survive but succeed. You can do it!!!! Watch every dollar. Think of ways to earn extra money – save it ALL. Or pay debt down. You can do it. I believe in you. Don’t let advertising and the world allow you to think you need more things or stuff. Think about every purchase before you make it. Pray every day for God to send you people who believe in you. Pray for strength and wisdom. I will pray for you too.

    • Kat,

      I have been there, too. The last 8 months have taught me so much about myself and my faith. Don’t lose hope. God is with you. He loves you and he will see you through this time. He will make you stronger because of it. Just be willing to listen to him and take whatever the next step is despite any fears you have. I’ll be praying for you.

  41. Prudence, I pray that God will provide abundantly for your family, that you will know Him as Jireh, your provider. I also pray that He will still your fears and give you peace in the midst of this storm.
    Please pray for my marriage. I long for intimacy and closeness, for deep love, for a marriage that brings God glory.

  42. Desperate for a job. I have gone 3 months with only 1 interview. It is starting a wedge in my marriage. Such a point of tension between my husband and I.

    • Praying for you Melissa.
      May the Lord give you strength at this time while you wait on Him. May you and your husband feel His presence so deeply that you are one with Him. May the Lord open doors for you to find the perfect job.
      Many blessings,

  43. Praying for you Melissa B. Been inyour situation for a long time.

    I pray as well that my career may advance in a way that allows me to be financially independent and closer aligned to what i went to graduate school for. I pray for love. I have been single for three years. It can be lonely.

    • Father God, I lift Kat up to you now and pray that you would move her forward in her career using the education that she has received. I pray for her success. Lord, I pray that you would place on her path the special person that you have chosen for her to share her life with. I pray that she would find love. Bless her Dear Lord is my prayer.

  44. My prayer request is that the Lord would help our financial situation. The recession has ruined my husband’s business. We have lived in our home for 28 years, owe very little, but have been unable to make payments. Please pray that the Lord would help us keep our home and that business would improve. Thank you for your prayers.

    • Faith, I love your name. I can’t imagine what the uncertainty must be like for you right now – I am praying that God will bring you both through this time of uncertainty, and that he will bring you to a place of rest in his unfailing love and provision. He is bigger than any obstacle, any fear. May he allow you to know that in your heart of hearts, my dear sister in Christ.

  45. Please pray that I have a heart for God like David and the love and respect like Jonathan while dealing with the Saul in my life. It is becoming a spiritual war that only God can win. I have no control and my patience can runs thin. I need let God take control of my attitude so that I can love this person.

    • Tiffany, my prayer for you is this:

      That God would help you to be the woman he created you to be. That in all situations, but particularly with the Saul in your life, that you would seek him first, and rely fully on him. That he would help you to love this person even when you don’t ‘feel’ loving.

  46. It’s really a small thing, but please pray that the right home can be found for our puppy. He’s a lovely boy, but far more than I can manage, when I’ve already got three children (and one on the way!), and a home to manage. Like I said, small potatoes, but at the moment, it’s a real distraction from my primary role as wife and mother.

  47. This week my husband and I are attempting to make 2 out of what God has made one. No, we are not getting divorce! My hubby is a youth pastor and is away at summer camp for a little over a week leaving me in my failed attempt at being a single parent. I do have support and help coming but it’s just not the same as having your literal other half there for that steady routine and irreplaceable hugs at the end of the day.
    My 3 babes are all under 3, the oldest will be 3 Wednesday during camp, the next is almost 1.5 year old, and the youngest is 5 month old. At this age they almost all require, desire 1 on 1 time (at least at some point during the day).
    I’m assuming most of you reading this totally understand what kinds of stresses come with this situation and know how to pray for me (probably better than I do myself).
    Thanks for this opportunity to share this request and in advance for lifting me and my family up to The Father on Father’s Day!

    • Julie, I’ll be praying for strength and patience for you this week as you tackle parenting without your hubby there. Praying, too, that the help you have will be good and that you get some time to breathe in the midst of craziness! Hope the week goes fast. 🙂 Blessings to you!

  48. Please pray for me, my husband, and daughter as we are waiting (and have been for several months now) to find out whether we’ll be able to purchase the home we’re renting right now.

    Long story short, we moved back to the States about a year ago after serving as missionaries for several years in Southeast Asia. We relocated to a new state…and to a place where we didn’t know anyone. We were overwhelmed and culture stressed and needed people to love us…and God placed us just in the right neighborhood for that. We love the house we’re in and we love our neighborhood even more. Our friends/neighbors have become family, and we want so badly to stay and raise our daughter here.

    Because we lived in transition overseas for many years, the idea of “home” is burning in our hearts…we want a place to call ours, a place to put down roots and settle down for awhile. It tears my heart in half to even think of leaving, and while I know I need to leave things to God, it’s hard. My heart just wants to be here.

    So will you please pray that we’ll be able to stay? Thanks!

  49. Without major details, my husband is completely unemployed and I only get about a shift a paycheck at my job. We (and our 3 children) are living in my mother’s house for now, thank Jesus for that. I pray for employment for him, as he is feeling really unproductive and hates that he can’t provide for our family.

    • Praying for you and your family Kelly! I pray for God’s will in your life and forward movement for all of you! In Jesus’ name, Amen!

  50. Please pray for my mother who will soon be unemployed and have to move out of her house. I can tell she is stressed but she tries to hide it. I try not to worry about her too much. Also, pray for my husband and I who are newly married. That we will keep God the foundation of our marriage!

    Thanks! ~God bless <3

  51. I love this opportunity to pray for each other. I have prayed for many here by name.

    The request I bring is for my husband – that he be saved and also to find peace. He is a far more complex person than I realized when we married. He is a loving man and often kind hearted. I think he has many talents he could use for the Lord, but is not saved. He went to church with me at first. Now he rarely does. He has a problem with drinking and with cross-dressing that he kept hidden for a long time. But once I knew, he gave himself to these behaviors with gusto. It seems that it is all tied up with self loathing and so he has times of really bad temper. I often don’t know from minute to minute whether he will be sweet or nasty. We have gotten counciling and are committed to each other. But I often have to ask the Lord to love him when I no longer can. Pray that I figure out how to handle difficult situations and that my husband grows to lean on the Lord. I know the Lord can heal his hurts and give an abundant life.

    My husband needs patience and a lot of love. Perhaps I was born for a time as this, but sometimes get so tired and defensive. Thanks just for listening because this is a hurt that I keep private.

    • I prayed for you and your husband . I am glad that you are reaching out to others to pray.

      • Thank you. I am persistent in prayer. Adding your voice in prayer adds strength.

  52. Father God, I lift up all husbands who are unsaved and married to a wife who love you. I pray that through these women that Your light would shine. I pray that you would strengthen this sister, make your presence known. I pray that you would give her wisdom and direction as well as a peace knowing you are in control. I pray that she would be able to endure and wait patiently for the day when her husband accepts Christ.

  53. Finding this post has brought me to tears in the middle of the night … stopping by was truly a God-ordained thing ’cause I’m never online during the night …

    I’ve just started treatment for Lyme Disease and am in a very physically fragile place as I deal with ongoing nausea and other symptoms right now. I am committed to be at a retreat this coming weekend for families where there’s a parent facing a life-threatening illness – I will be leading counseling groups for those parents and their spouses/caregivers.

    Please pray that I will get the right meds this week so I can begin to regain my strength and be able to be fully present for these precious families … I find it very difficult to do this kind of work if I’m not feeling well.

    And do pray for those families …

    Thank you so much for this desperately needed prayer support, dear sisters.

    • Praying that you get the right meds and regain your strength so that you can help those families that need your help.

  54. Right now I feel as if I am losing touch with some of my children. Please pray that we will rediscover the closeness that we once had. My family means everything to me and it hurts when to feel that my children are drifting away.

      • Today at church, the message was about how we often come to God for help. We don’t always want transformation but for things to just get better. God is a God of restoration. I pray that He will swiftly bring compassion, peace and joy back into your home. That your home will be a God-breathed sanctuary and those who enter it will have an encounter with God. I pray that the words you and your family share will build one another up and promote kinship. I pray that each person would appreciate one another and have a strong feeling of gratitude for one another. I pray that distraction and excuses would have no place in your relationships and that there would be a desire to make time for one another. I bind the lies and resentment that have caused this separation and cast them back into the pit they came from, in Jesus’ Name. I claim this victory in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  55. I am praying for you and your children Peggy. This Mom’s heart understands entirely. I am the walk-and-pray-out-loud type and will gladly stand and agree with your prayer request!
    My prayer request… Well, we are a military family preparing for yet another move overseas. So many details to take care of! But, my request is deeper than that. I was previously married and had a child. We separated when my daughter was 10 months old. Her birth father has not seen her since. That was 15 years ago. I have been happily married to a great guy for over 9 years now. He wants to legally adopt my daughter. The two have an awesome relationship. We need this situation to be resolved quickly. One of the biggest issues is we can not track down her birth-father. The other issue is the lawyer. She hasn’t made very much progress. We need a God-size miracle! Amen!
    Thanks for praying for us. =)

  56. Please pray for my ex husband’s salvation.
    Because of his behavior we just got divorce. It is very painful to see him walking away from the Lord.

    i am in still in love with him. I am mourning , I know, asking God x strenght. Not only for me but also x our son.

    • praying for him, that god will call him back with an almighty love that big and strong and writes straight with the crooked lines of his life. praying for you and your son as you walk this journey, praying you know god’s immense goodness and kindness and grace and mercy. amen.

  57. SchatzieM:
    Praying that the Lord will put everything in order. That your daughter’s biological father is found and the lawyer will speed up and do her job. We will give the glory and honor to God for everything He has done and for everything He will do for your family. “Be still and know that I am God”.

  58. That my two teenagers would turn their hearts back to the Lord. My daughter is getting ready to start college and my son will be a high school senior. thanks.

  59. Brie, I will be praying for your fiance’s job search and for finding a new church home that is a perfect fit for your new life together. God bless you!

  60. My husband and I have been married for 8 years and desperately want to have a baby. We need God to do a miracle in my body for that to happen. I don’t want to be discouraged in the waiting. I know God has a plan for us that is better than what we can imagine so I want to be patient and just cling to Him while we wait this out.

    • I just said a prayer for you. I struggled with infertility for several years and then miscarriages. I pray that God will give you the baby you so desperately want, and the patience for the wait.

  61. Please pray for my baby girl. I am nearly 25 weeks pregnant, and at our 19 week ultrasound we found out that there are complications with the baby and she has a cystic hygroma and a heart defect. She likely has either down’s or turner’s syndrome. I just had an ultrasound on Thursday and she is still stable, but we were initially told there was less than a 10% chance she’d be born alive. We are praying to God that we will be allowed to raise her and provide for her whatever her needs may be, and we are praying for healing for her as well.

    Thank you!

    • O Lord
      I lift up this baby girl to You. I ask for healing. We know that all things are possible with You. I ask you to bless her and fill her life with joy and peace and mostly, the wonderfulness of knowing You.
      I pray for Sarah and her husband. You know how hard it is not to fear the worst, You know how they long for this daughter to be born and to live and be healthy, I ask that You would give them peace. That they would know that You are with them every step of this journey.
      Lord I ask for good communication with the medical personel, for supportive friends and family and church and protection from the painful comments that people make without thinking.
      Thank-You God

  62. Sarah, I am praying God will work in your situation to give you and your husband peace. Praying for your baby girl as your requested that you can raise her and she will have healing. May God bless you with encouragin and supporting friends and family too.

    I am praying God will provide me with a friend. My husband and I have gone through several challenging circumstances and continue to do so. During this time, a friend moved, another started taking care of grandchildren and another is 3 hours away now in a new job. . .The house next door is for sale and I am praying God will lead a Christian family there. Especially hope for a boy next door that my son can play with as well. I long to have someone to share with, pray with and do Girl things with again. Although, my husband has been looking for a job too like so many now. He has one to get us by but no benefits to speak of and it is not in his field. Perhaps God wants us to move elsewhere too. We really liked the Phoenix area when visiting my parents there in spring. Thank you for praying.

    • O Lord,
      I pray that you will provide Monica with a friend.
      Also Lord you know about the job situation and the questions about the future. I pray that You give Monica and her husband peace as they make decisions. PLease enable them to trust You to supply the needs of them and their son.
      Thank-You God

  63. I need prayer for a counseling appointment tomorrow.
    I am dealing with some complicated things and I know Satan does not want me to continue to be healed and set free.
    I would appreciate your prayers.

    • Jill,

      You are in my prayers. Good for you for making the appointment with the counselor and for taking care of yourself. I know that taking care of myself can be a very difficult thing. I am praying for your healing.

  64. Please pray for me as I work on being honest with my husband. I have a terrible habit of lying, particularly about other men in my life which has severly damaged our relationship. There has been so much hurt, anger and crying that it must stop or we will both be destroyed. Pray for our restoration and healing. We need our relationship and our children need us as well. We are all hurting so much that we couldn’t even spend the day together on Father’s Day.

    • Carolyn, you are in my thoughts and prayers today. I pray that God casts out your desire to lie and replaces it with the honesty I know you seek. I am praying for restoration and forgiveness within your family. I also pray that you are able to forgive yourself. The most wonderful things can happen and the largest mountains can be moved when you FULLY turn it over to HIM!

  65. 4 years ago, my husband asked me to move away from my family and friends for the opportunity for him to realize his dream of being a business owner. I followed his lead, but in these 4 years, we have battled his severe anxiety, stress, lying, and his hidden addiction to alcohol. We have fought and struggled and finally attended counselling through our church. We have come leaps and bounds in our relationship, but have one major opstical to get past. After much prayer and counsel, we realized that we needed to move back to our original home state. In order to do so, we must sell our home and my husband’s business. There has been a lot of interest in both, but no solid takers yet. We really feel that God is leading us back home and that this move will help restore a lot of what was lost. Please pray for a quick sale of both our home and the business. But also pray for my husband healing, because only the Father can heal the way my sweet husband needs it.

    • Praying right now for you, Brittany! I’m praying for the sale of your home and business – trusting that He is in control!

  66. I am asking the Lord to heal me – I’ve been ill since returning home from years of overseas work – going on a year and a half of being ill. Trusting His purpose in this pain, but believing that He can heal me!

    • I pray that you are surrounded with caring friends and family. I pray the Lord guides the hands of your caretakers. I pray for your healing and that you continue to shine His light even during this trial.

  67. Please say a prayer that God will open the doors for my husband and for my father. My father lost his job years ago and although he has found a more-fulfilling job now finances are still very tight. My husband graduated college in December 2008 during the financial meltdown and has not been able to find a decent-paying job. We are both thankful for our positions but the burden of our college debt is weighing heavily upon us. Please pray that the Lord will open doors for my Husband and Father.

  68. I lost my husband of nearly 17 years on June 4. We’ve been together for 23 years. We have three children, 8, 11 and 14. Please pray for peace and comfort for us all, but also my mother-in-law, my brother-in-law and all of my husband’s extended family.

    • Jamie-
      I am praying for you and your family right now. My father died when I was 12 (am now 30). Witnessing my mother’s strength in Christ during that time lead me to be the person (and Christian) I am today. I am so sorry for your loss. I will continue praying for you.

  69. So many things that need to go unsaid right now. We are broken, exhausted, and needing our brothers and sisters to draw near and hold up our arms as Hur and Aaron did for Moses! Thank you!

  70. I feel led of the Lord to let all of you know and request prayer for a major spiritual battle that will take place this Wednesday, June 22nd. I have been made aware that a very large community of new age leaders will be having a major web event entitled “Birth 2012: Co-creating a Planetary Shift”. I have prayed that the Lord would prevent the enemy from any more influence in the lives of all those souls so desperately misguided and enslaved by all of the lies and darkness related to this. I would dearly covet your prayers to join me in praying the Lord would have victory in this and He alone would be exalted and receive all glory, honour and praise.
    Thank you so very much
    Love in Christ

  71. My family is in need of a financial miracle. I am also needing pray fir a situation that I am being tempted into have an emotional affair.

  72. Father, I uplift Brenda to you. I pray that you speak so softly yet firmly to Brenda’s hear today that she is loved by you beyond words. That you chose her before the creation of this world, you purposed her into being, you justified her through the blood of your son, that you are working in and through her, and that you will take care of it because you have promised not to forsake her. I pray that you bring her confidently under grace. Father, I pray that you bring Brenda to place of repentance from the emotional compromise. You know her need to be romanced, sen, loved, known…you gave those needs to her. And you provide the best type of love and validation and attention she could ever receive. Help Brenda to seek this with all f her heart and to cling to this fact. Father, reassure Brenda that you will provide for her family’s financial need. That the little will somehow be enough. That in your time, you will bring them to a place of abundance. In this time of difficulty, teach them contentment. Teach them to seek to be rich towards the thins of the Spirit.

  73. I’m 47 years old…Mother of a 5 1/2 boy- 2 step daughters.
    I love being a mom, but there are times like today I feel lonly. I know I am loved, but don’t ‘feel’ it.

  74. Linda, I’m praying that you would feel God’s loving arms wrapped around you today and that you would sense the depth of His love for you!

    Please pray for my 43 year old son who is suffering from severe depression. Medication doesn’t seem to be helping and he is in intensive therapy. Also, please pray for his wife who is committed to helping him through this very difficult time.

    • Dear God, I pray that you heal Nancy’s son of his deep depression, that you will fill his mind and his heart instead with your love and acceptance, and that he will soon be able to feel that healing love from You, from his mother Nancy, from his wife, and from all here who pray for him. And for his wife, I pray for the strength to see him through this difficult time, and find respite in your loving arms. Thank you, Lord, for hearing these prayers and for all you do for us.

      I am so deeply touched by the beauty of this post and the stream of comments. The love here is amazing and so precious. I am grateful to have the opportunity to read all, and to participate.

      My prayer request is this: for help in truly and fully trusting God. My lifelong habit of trying to control is such an obstacle. My deeply entrenched habit is to turn to worry and fear and doubt rather than to trust. Please help me break these faithless habits.

  75. please pray that i may receive jesus as my saviour. that i may feel the presence of the holy spirit in my life. and have a relationship with god. thank you

    • Oh, Johanna, He is waiting for you! Just open your heart and let Him in… just ask Jesus to walk right into your life, into your heart, to fill you with His saving grace.

      Lord, I personally pray that Johanna will come to you with open heart and open arms, to receive your love and grace for her life. Surround her with your presence, fill the longing in her soul with your Spirit. Jesus, I ask you to put your arms around Johanna and draw her near to You. Yes, Lord, bring her to You. In Jesus’ precious Name I pray. AMEN!

  76. I’m not sure what to ask for in prayer… we have so many needs. My husband is permanently disabled and needs prayer for his health/medical problems (20 years worth now). My own health/medical problems are starting to run me down (life-long on some things)… I’m so tired. And our financial situation is a whole other concern. (Pray that I figure out how to get the jewelry I’ve started making online so I can bring in some extra!) I’m caregiver for my husband and handle everything in our household. I have to worry over things with my elderly parents, take care of things for them. I worry and pray over our grown children (my two and his six), that they would all come to know Jesus as we do… and for our grandchildren to know Jesus. We and our parents are the only Christians in our families… we so want our children and grandchildren to know and have that grace, also!

    I know Jesus… oh, how I love to talk with Him! He has been my Savior for many, many years. But as a human, it’s hard to just give it all to the Lord, you know?

    Many, many prayers for everyone else here, for their needs. Such a prayer list here!

    • Diana- I lift you and your family up in prayer. It seems we are going through similar struggles.

  77. Pray for my absent, wayward husband that he get back in the place God has destined for him

    • Charlene,
      Praying with you. I’ve been walking in your shoes for 2 years … I know it is not easy. Praise the Lord that our Father in Heaven already sees the outcome, even when we do not yet, and we know it will glorify Him. Praying for your strength and continued patience as you walk with Him and wait for your husband. Know, my sweet sister in Christ, that you are not alone in this journey.

  78. Please pray for my elderly parents. My Dad has been falling more and more frequently over the past few months. When he falls, he is unable to get back up on his own. He is so afraid of falling now, that he hardly leaves his chair and his muscles have gotten even weaker as a result. He requires more and more care for his personal needs. He is a new believer but still feels discouraged and alone through his struggles. Sometimes he wants to “give up”. My Mom is very stressed out because she is worried about my Dad. I am concerned about the effect of the stress on her health. My Dad has his first physical therapy appointment scheduled next week. Please pray that he will go and the appointment will be encouraging for him. Please pray that he will learn to trust God through this struggle.

    • Praying for your parents and that they will recognize the Lord carrying them in his hands!

  79. I am dealing with recovering from my husband having an affair last year. It is a battle to figure out which way is up some days. We have two boys and are still together but have issues that need to be addressed. Fortunately we have some free counsiling available and my husband has said he will go. Please pray for him to follow through with his going, that we find a counselor that is a good match for us, and complete healing for our family.

  80. My family and I (hsband and 3 kids) are stuck in a place we hate with no job and no community to provide loving support for us. Could you please pray for God to provide a steady income so we can move into a better place for our children. And could you also pray for our future together as a family to be one where we honor God with our lives and the way we treat each other. We have also had health problems ( my husband recently had a traumatic time with treatment for osephegus cancer) and would love to see victory in this area. We are a bit lost and not sure what God wants us to do next.

    • Praying for your family Selina, for God’s guidance and wisdom as well as His provision.

  81. hi i have a gf but i stil get feelins in my heart about my ex is that a sign from god? and i still pray for my ex that she is protected by him and that she does the right thing and that nothing bad happens to her and that she may walk with god first bc idk how strong her walk is, is that ok?

    • I can’t say if this is ok or not, but I can tell you to always be honest with yourself. The first step is being honest, and you have done that. You should definitely do some thinking about where you want your new relationship to go, and if you really see yourself with your new g/f. If your heart still belongs to somebody else, don’t bring another along without you knowing exactly who you think would be the best decision for you. Sometimes the answer isn’t through somebody else, but God will give you the wisdom to figure this out on your own. Because ultimitaly you are the one who needs to decide who you want to share your life with. Best to you, and leave it in God’s hands

  82. I pray this 2012 is better than 2011, especially for my Husband to find a job. I am greatful for mine and I hope that I will grow in it.
    Best wishes to you all!

    • I will pray for you and your husband, because I know all too well how hard that can be on a marriage. I am the only one working, and my husband has been out of work as well. I hope everything turns out for the best. It’s all in God’s hands =)

  83. Even if I get one extra prayer I will be thankful. Right now my husband has been out of work for quite some time. He had issues in his past that keep employers from hiring him ( nothing violent or over the top [ over 8 years ago] ). We all make mistakes, and I feel that if you learn from them you should be given a second chance. We have 3 wonderful children, and just want to make life a bit easier for all of us. I am the only one working ( full – time ), and making just enough to get by. Just to make this a bit more personal, I make $10 an hour. When I was 17 years old I was more than happy to make that much, but with 3 growing children, a home, and other expenses, it is just not enough for us. I may be babbling, and saying too much, but I guess this is my way of venting. I talk to God everyday, and assure Him that I am grateful for everything I have, and I take nothing for granted. I just can’t help wanting better for my family. We still have to ask relatives for an extra help here and there when things get too tight. The financial harship has even put a strain to our marriage. We fight and get angry, and say hurtful things when times get really rough, because we are consumed with so much stress. It is not in our nature to be this way towards each other, but unfortunately it has got to that point. We love each other, and never lose our faith in God, but we can only benefit from some extra prayers! Another thing going on is with my 16 month old son. When I was pregnant he was diagnosed with a defect that he was cleared of the day he was born. Even though he is developing on track there are still some concerns. He tends to tense up when he is overstimulated, he has an extremely noticeable heart murmur, and he has not started walking just yet. He has been hospitilized once, and was just told to keep a close eye on him. I don’t think he has anything seriously wrong with him, but others notice that he doesn’t act like most babies. What others say doesn’t bother me, it’s the fact that I’m not just being overly paranoid others are seeing the same things too. I just want to make sure that he is healthy. We have not received any solid answers to why he has these symptoms. I will keep praying and I hope somebody out there will pray for me and my family too.

    Thank you & love you all