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Dawn Camp is an Atlanta-based writer, photographer, and essential oil slinger currently juggling two life stages: mom to three teens and five adult children, mimi to five adorable grands. She enjoys weekly movie date nights with her husband of 30-something years and a steaming cup of Earl Grey. Her new...

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  1. Sounds like fun! I am going to have to figure out where to “tag” these photos. Is it like FB? I will have to upload another pic to figure it out I suppose.

  2. Curious, how did you make your instagram gallery wall?

    Love this idea, and I’m sorta addicted to instagram – it is documenting my life!

  3. How do you do this without a cell phone? Have digital cameras, but no twitter page – not interested in too much technology that keeps me in touch with others.

    • I think that leaves us out. I barely have time to read email so twitter and some of the “extra” technology is lost on me. ;0) Glad I’m not the only one. Have a great day!!

  4. Yes! I am curious as well! how did you make your instagram home gallery wall??? I love this idea!!! and want to make it happen in my home! I am inspired!

  5. Ok, I have not done with thing with instagram yet. I have to get with it, but I still don’t have a smart phone. Just got an ipad so maybe now is the time to figure how to do this and post from it. 🙂 ( I have yet to figure that out either. ;))

  6. […] busy with summer camps and family stuff. You can check out the details at the InCourage website in the Instagram intro post while you wait. The project looks like it will be AMAZING. I can’t wait to see the final […]

  7. Does it have to be with a camera phone? Our phone technically takes pictures, but I have no idea how to get them OFF of the camera to anywhere else. (It’s not a smartphone.)