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Rachel is an ordained Mennonite minister who now tends her congregation of two lively boys. Between diapers, dishes, and dinosaurs, God continually surprises her with ordinary miracles.

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  1. Brought tears to my eyes. I can remember clearly the numerous times that I hid in the dark, hiding from everything –and every one– that was going on around me. Thank you for the reminder that we can be certain that even in our hiding, we will be found by the One who matters most.

  2. So beautifully written, Rachel. Loved the line “…just as I can’t earn God’s love, I can’t stop it either.” Thanks for these words.

  3. I was just reading in a book by Mark Buchanan about how we feel like we need to seek God. And we never do. He never plays hide and seek with us. We are the ones hiding. And yes, He is always seeking us.
    Beautiful post. 🙂

  4. Rachel! It’s too bad you’re going to be out of town on July 17, because I have to give the sermon on my faith journey – and it’s pretty dang similar to yours. I’m focusing on the book of Hosea and how his wife Gomer is unfaithful, much as we are unfaithful to God. I feel like this is my life story! Hiding, seeking, hiding, seeking. Thanks for sharing.

  5. It is such a gift to see how God speaks to us through our children! It is a joy to be on this life journey with you, our boys, and the One who continually seeks us…