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In 2005, Jen co-founded Ten Thousand Homes, an organization dedicated to bringing hope and homes to children orphaned in sub-Saharan Africa. Her camera is always in tow capturing beauty around her.

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. Oh, Amen, sister! Amen and Amen! Your heart is so beautiful! I pray the same for us both, and all women visiting this place today.

    Sweet blessings, Jen, as He leads you deeper into reckless abandonment of *You* and deeper into *Him*…

  2. Jen,

    Great post! It is often very hard to lose oneself. I find that some songs just seem to hit me & while in church I will raise my hands or even clap them. I’m there to praise God & let Him know how I feel about His saving me!

    Keep on losing yourself to God!!

  3. So beautifully written . I love your perspective. My need to control things often gets in the way of me being fully submitted to the Lord. Trust is so hard sometimes. But it is an art that takes moment-by-moment practice…. trusting that His plan and His design for me is the perfect one. Anything else is a cheap imitation. I loved this reminder.

  4. Perfect and simple…reckless abandon in losing oneself…myself…takes discipline and action…what a paradox! Thanks for ministering to me with your words today, Jen!

  5. Control… ironic that when we try to hold on the tightest and control everything in our life it is at this point that we actually have the least control. I had to work through this idea with my therapist while in recovery for anorexia. For the longest time I thought I was controlling my life, my food intake, etc etc yet all the while the disease was actually controlling me. I am now 2+ years into recovery and praise God that HE is back in the drivers seat … b/c I am literally a mess without Him!

  6. Thank you much for sharing this. I am not familiar with the song you mentioned but will be looking for it on YouTube.
    I am one of those control people so it has been a struggle for me to “let go” but God is teaching me and my desire for Him is stronger than my need to control so I am learning to “die to self” so that I can pursue Him.

  7. You are so right, Jen; we do take comfort in being in control. But He is the only One truly in control. Once I (finally) loosen my grasp, I feel light. Relieved. Free.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  8. Jen, there a song called, I Lost It All To Gain Everything
    I had won all I could win,
    There was no place I had not been
    But my heart was just so needy and so poor
    Then I heard Him gently say
    Lose it all and find my way
    So I gave it up and found it all and more

    I lost it all to find everything
    I died a pauper to become a child of the King
    When I learned how to lost,
    I found out how to win
    I lost it all to find everything

    I was frantic to survive
    I was racing to arrive
    And I walked on any standing in my way
    Then I watched my schemes all die
    And realized that I could find new life
    Because the old had died that day
    ( the reward is worth the risk to lose it all, to abandon yourself for what He has for you..let go of your control and peace will fill your heart, also excitement will follow the peace for when you are at peace He can will you with hope. I am 65 and still must practice this art and I have never been disappointed when I abandon my own way. Great post, great reminder to us all that God wants us to live every moment mastering this art…