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Holley Gerth is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, counselor, and life coach. Her newest release is The Powerful Purpose of Introverts: Why the World Needs You to Be You. She's also wife to Mark, Mom to Lovelle, and Nana to Eula and Clem.

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  1. My husband’s business of 20 years is in serious trouble. He is contemplating closing and declaring bankruptcy. We will then have no income to save the house. I am awake at 3am thinking non-stop, praying and asking for wisdom. He is our provider and hasn’t taken us this far to abadoned us.

    • Janette I will pray for you right now.
      I would like prayer for my parents who are awaiting a huge decision which will decide their course for the next 2 yrs. Whatever is god’s will, and that those invovled will be gracious with the decision.

    • Praying for your husband’s business. I ask that God provide you with wisdom, cashflow to continue living where you are!

      He will never leave nor forsake you!

    • My husband lost half his pay, and after hanging on for 2 years trying desparately to sell our home, we expended all of our life savings, we lost his work truck and we lost our home. It felt as if we had lost everything, our whole world, but His showed His face to us, provided a rental home for us, and open doors to minister to others in a way we never knew we could. When the doors were closing we could not imagine the bountiful horizon He was opening through small Windows. I pray for God’s peace and comfort for you, your husband, and your family and that you may see God’s face through your faith and hope. In love for our Lord and Saviour, Portia.

      • Thank you for your testimony, Portia. My husband was let go from a great paying job he had for 24 years. He was unemployed for 15 months. We had to use all our savings to keep the mortgage paid. He then decided to start his own business. It has been very rough going and he is making about 75% less than he used to and it is not enough to live on. He doesn’t want to sell the house, but I don’t see how we can keep paying the mortgage and our other bills too. Our son just graduated from HS and we are not able to send him to college. It is very discouraging. We are trusting in the Lord for the future.

        • I’m praying and trusting that our Lord will provide the means for your son to attend college, and also for you to keep you r house!

          He is always faithful to those who love and trust HiM!


    • Janette,

      You are in my prayers. We went through something similar 8 years ago and we actually lost everything. I tell you that part only to encourage you that even through the very worst – God had a plan that we did not see and it ended up being an amazing place. We would not have left our business, nor the place that we were, but God knew and saw what we did not. We HAD to see God provide – and He did. Every step of the way. One amazing thing for us was that (because we had to move back to the country after being away for 5 years we couldn’t get a credit card) because we didn’t have a credit card that we would have used thinking we “had” to, we really NEEDED God to provide – and He did. EVERYTHING. (Don’t sell God short by going to the credit card – go to HIM. He wants to be your provider.) Housing, food, vehicle, right down to swimming lessons for our boys! Now, eight years later, I am still blown away by the goodness and faithfulness of God. We are in a better place again and know the faithfulness of God first hand. HE IS YOUR PROVIDER, YOUR SUSTAINER. HE IS FAITHFUL. I pray for peace and strength, for guidance and wisdom, for both you and your husband. I pray that the Lord will restore you. Trust in Him, through everything. He is good and has good things for you.

    • I am praying for the amazing grace of God’s will for you and your ability to accept it. Blessings upon you

  2. Lisa, praying for your parents, and that those involved will be gracious.

    I am running a parenting seminar in my town next weekend, as an outreach and I would like prayer that people who need to be at this outreach come.

    Also my husband seems depressed-for his healing and rest and good perspective. (And that he finds his wedding ring that he lost on Friday. )

  3. Rebecca, I pray that you be Jesus’ mouth, hands and feet. May you minister to all who need it through your seminar. And, Lord, let Mr. Rebecca find.his wedding ring.

    Please pray that those involved with our court system are wise and just this week as we go to court for my stepkids. Their mom physically abused them in May. Please pray for their healing as they have been quite traumatized and are each processing it differently. They are 12, 7, & 4.

    • Dear Lisa,

      Oh Father I pray for Lisa and her step children that “your love may abound, more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, so that they may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless until the day of Chirst, filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ-to the glorry and praise of God”! (Philippians 1:9-11). May the children know the truth and that the truth may set them free!

  4. Oh Dear Father,
    I pray that you would clear the schedules of the parents who need to be at the outreach next weekend. Free up their time to attend and free up there spirits to be the parent that you desire them to be through the power of Rebeccas teaching.

    Also I pray, in Jesus’ name, and faith in that name, that Rebecca’s husband is made strong. And it is through Jesus that he is given perfect health. (Acts 3:16). An additional blessing would be for him to find his wedding ring!

    Please pray as I return to the doctor yet one more time on August 15 to seek answers of the root cause of on-going stomach pain, nausea, and loss of appeitie. I will also be prayed over by the elders on August 14 so if the Lord chooses complete and total healing to God be the glory!

    Thanks Holley for the opportunity to pray for one another in faith.

  5. Lisa,
    I pray that the court system will rescue the kids. And that they will be healed of the trauma. May it be a place in their hearts that they are gently ministered to and where one day they will minister from.

    My request is for a church group called unHitched, unmarrieds over 30. We’re working really hard to grow and become a ministry to other unmarrieds. Please pray for God’s Spirit to fill us and use us.

    • Donna,

      Praying for the stepchildren. That God would open the eyes of the court system and do what’s best for the kids, not the adults involved!! They need a strong cohesive, loving & Christian environment with which to grow up in!

  6. Lisa, I will pray for the court hearing and for your sweet step children. I will pray that they will be healed from the trauma they have experienced. I will pray that they will experience peace from Jesus as He wraps his big healing arms around them.

    Please pray that I respond well to the hormones/medications I am taking to prepare my uterine lining for our embryo transfer later this month. Also that I can rest in Him and not worry about the process, results etc as it is obviously out of my control and worry does not honor Him. I know God’s timing is best… I just feel SO ready to be a momma. Thanks!

  7. Brittnie,
    I will also pray for you in this time of preparation for you and yourfamily. I pray for God’s amazing hands to comfort andprotectyou. May you be blessedrichly!

    I would like pray for my familys future financially. That God would continue to provide and that we would continue to trust with a childlike faith:)

  8. Hi everyone, I will go through all of these later this evening when I have more time to pray. My prayer request is for the people of Joplin, Mo. I was part of a mission team that just returned yesterday from there and words cannot describe what I saw. I ask that you remember the people of Joplin and surrounding areas. They have HOPE! They are a resilient group of folks and are starting to rebuild but have so much that needs to be done yet. Pray for their mental and emotional healing from such a traumatic event. Pray that they continue to seek God in all the pain and pray that those who do not know God find someone who can talk to them about him! He hasn’t forgotten them!

    • Lisa, I pray for those in Joplin, MO… that they place their trust and hopes in God, and if they do not know Him, that they will be led to Him. I pray also for their mental and emotional healing as they rebuild, and that they find that the Lord is their strength. Bless you for the mission work you did while out there. May the Lord continue to bless you and use you to do His work.

  9. Sarah I will pray for the finances of your family , for what the future holds for your.
    I ask prayer for this next move in our life…from many years as over seas missionaries to living back in the state full time. with out country in such a mess and people telling us this this the worst time to do a stateside ministry. I remember when we were told it was crazy to move over seas with teen age children and raise support…well we have trust God through serving God in two countries and many trials of our faith. and you know the enemy has no new trick to use on us, he has tried them……and we will just lend on His arms through this change. we knew it would be so hard in Papua New Guinea and i think the states will carry it’s own set of trials….where ever we end up we will give out the gospel. thanks for praying

    • Betty,

      Praying for a smooth transfer back home, prayerfully close to family, but if not I know you two will do well no matter where God places you!!

      Thank you for willingly going out as missionaries into the “Great Unknown of God’s expansive universe”! 🙂

  10. I ask for prayers that I may find a teaching job this year. I believe God called me to the profession, and I graduated 2 years ago with my degree, but I haven’t found work yet. I’m sending out applications now, and would truly love to find a job.

    • Praying for you Kelly. It’s hard when you can’t find a job…I pray God will give you an opportunity to do the work he has called you to.

      I understand how frustrating that can be to not get the job–I was applying for jobs back in June and kept being told I was overqualified and so they were going to “let me get a better job” which of course would have been great if I had wanted and there had been openings in this elusive “better job”…

    • Have you worked as a Teacher’s assistant or anything like that to get your foot in the door?

      It’s sooo very hard in this economy to find good work.. praying for God’s wisdom in helping you decide what the next step is & for a job of some kind.

  11. Oh Lisa, I will definitely be praying for Joplin. I have a friend who lives there, and am very thankful that God protected her family, but I can’t even believe the pain of the families who lost family members in addition to the destruction. There is so much that will need to be cleaned up and rebuilt mentally as well as physically.

    My prayer is more self-centered–sorry about that–I am moving to college in about a week. It is my first major move (Besides when I was 6 weeks old, I have only ever mover a few miles away at a time, and even so I haven’t moved at all since I was 8 years old), and my first time living away from home. I struggle with control, and so the essentially total unknown I will be going to scares me a lot. I also have found freedom from sef-injury, but the temptation still crops up strongly, especially in situations like this. Please pray I would find routine in my living situation (and not have forgotten anything important) and that I would resist the urge to hurt myself. Thank you!!!!!

    • It’s a scary time going off to school and moving away from home for the first time. I graduated last year from college. So, I’m not far removed from that time in my life. You will have a blast. I’m praying that during all the scary times God will remind you that He hasn’t forsaken you. I am also praying that you will not even be tempted to hurt yourself bc you will be so aware of God’s hand in your life.

      • God has a wonderful way of providing strength when we need it, if we choose to accept it. Most of the men in my family are alcoholics (thankfully, my dad quit before i was born) so I was terrified of becoming an alcoholic. Going to parties was tough (I shouldn’t have been there to begin with, but peer pressure was intense), but God provided me a buddy who also did not drink, giving me the strength to resist. Again, thankfully, I joined a church in my second year and was able to avoid all of that temptation.

        Remember that when times are difficult, you are exactly where you are supposed to be. There is something you can learn, you’ll be able to grow in your character. Also, best of all, God ALREADY knows the outcome.

        Praying for you to remember that God is with you and that you will quickly find a friend with whom you can find strength and strengthen in turn. Many blessings to you!

    • i am praying for you right now. i know the power of self-injury from mentoring a young friend. and i know freedom from a deadly stronghold personally. i pray that the holy spirit will direct your focus toward god, your studies and friends. i pray that he will help you use your story to bring others to him.

    • VA what a wonderful adventure God is planning for you. This is a time to place all your trust in our amazing God. I know He has you covered in His mighty armor of protection, strength, love, mercy , and grace. He will hold your hand as you walk this new path together that leads you one step closer to Him. I suggest you allow yourself time to weep leaving behind the known and enjoy flowing into clear waters that has been laid by Christ. I am excited for you and have no DOUBT God is with you.

      My prayer request is for my two boys who are sophmores and juniors. Here in the great state of Texas we begin Two-A-Days for football tomorrow. We live in the part of TX that has not seen rain and have had over 100 degree days for 40 something days. I would ask for a hedge of protection for all players and that no player would experience heat issues, for coaches to make wise decisions, and parents to pray over their children daily for protection. I also ask that you pray specifically over my two boys for God to reveal how wonderfully made they truly are and never stop believing in themselves.

      Thank you ahead of time I needed something before I pound the pavement (running)listening to Lysa T read Good Bible Study Girl.

      In Jesus Names, AMEN

    • Dearest VA,
      I want you to know, that I am praying for you. Transitioning into any new situation, can be a little scary. If you were not scared, I would be worried for you more. Please, take a deep breath and remind yourself, that with God, you can do anything. When you start to feel that urge, you just remember that there is a lady in Kansas, that thinks you are worth not. It matters not what you have done, or not done, you are worth not hurting yourself. Just know that I am sending you a hug with both arms.

    • VA,

      Praying for a safe transition to college. Get to know where the Counseling Center is. They usually have trained personnel who can counsel you for any situation. Also locate the Student Health Center. They can assist in anything medical, but also refer you to the Counseling Center.

      I pray my advice is helpful and you talk with God daily and throughout the day. Try to make friends in your classes — that way you’ll have people to talk with.

      God Bless! 🙂

  12. My family needs a “forgiveness miracle”, as Karen Kingsbury says. We have a lot of hurts and hang ups. Today has been especially difficult for us. Pray that instead of going against each other we would stand together. Also, pray that we would always be willing to offer forgiveness.

  13. VA, I will be praying for you. Control and Anorexia are issues I have struggled with for twenty years. I will pray for your new adventure. May God’s healing, love, and peace surround you each day.

    Please pray for my husband who is having heart and breathing issues. The doctor is concerned he could have a heart attack at anytime. He also suffers from PTSD/TBI and much more post war. We are to move to another assignment in the next month or so. My oldest son is being treated for a mental disorder, my second oldest son his liver and gallbladder are not working due to an unknown condition we have been doctoring for for many years. His body is shutting down. He spends his days in bed. I have been fighting an infection since May which they cannot find the source of, have pneumonia, and many health problems due to stress and taking care of everyone. Thank you so much for your prayers. I really appreciate them.

    • I have lifted you, your husband, and 2 sons up in prayer. My faith is strong.
      Will you please pray for all in my family who do not know Jesus? My mom really concerns me. My Dad passed in April, he was asking questions before he passed. I pray my mom will know Jesus long before her passing.
      Thank you and God Bless

    • Ang,

      Praying for complete healing over your entire family!

      Lord come now and bless Ang and her family with your healing touch. Heal her especially as she is the main caretaker for everyone else in Jesus name I pray!


  14. Ang, I pray the Holy Spirit will be your comfort as you go through much! God knows your heart and won’t forget about you. I pray for His healing to be with all of you, both mentally and physically. I pray that God is not silent but will speak loudly. Blessings Ang. In Jesus Name.

    I am struggling big time. I am actually on vacation but am experiencing dark times. One of the big things is that I so long to be married. Age wise I am there too. I need to look at getting a different job or needing to expand on my business but that is really hard to do when the only thing I desire is to be a home maker. I am so ready. I am not sure how to deal with this season of waiting. Right now it seems life is purposeless. I know God has the best plan, for me as well but it’s hard not to forget that, instead I get depressed. God seems very silent. I want my life to become lighter… a joy really! With or without that husband. But I do continue to pray to God will bring him to me soon.

    • MCH,
      I understand waiting:) I did not get married until I was 35, and had our child at 38. Don’t give up. When I relaxed and waited, my husband came to me, and we have been married going on 8 years! Please wait, it will be worth it. You are on the right track with thinking about JOY even without a husband. Really start working on you. Find the things that make you happy, God will send him to you when the time is right. I have a feeling it will be sooner then you think.

    • MCH —

      I totally get what you are feeling. I got married last year at age 41. The worst part was never really knowing what step to take to move forward. My dream had always been to be a wife and stay at home mom (at least for a bit). Everything else seems like a distant second choice. When the steps to get to where you want to go are so clearly not entirely within your control, it’s often hard to make choices to move towards what you want. Praying for you today.


      • Ladies, thank you so much for your loving words. I often feel so misunderstood by people. I know it’s wrong to get desperate, at the same time it’s just a painful situation at age 38. I am so afraid I will be left out or it will be too late to have children. But thanks for encouraging me. So much!!

  15. My Brother in law was just diagnosed with cancer and he is only 27 and they just had a baby. He will be starting chemo in a week and I know that his family needs to be showered with prayer of peace and healing!! That this would work on this first round! God is so good!!! And we know that with Jesus on our side NO ONE can be against us!! Thank you for the prayers and I will be praying for each of YOU!! Have a fabulous day!!

    • Praying right now for peace and comfort. His grace and mercy are new each and every morning! Our great God will provide all that is needed for this sweet family. I have survived 2 stage 3 cancers and 2 bone marrow transplants. It is no accident that your comment was last on the list when I looked….praise you Father that you will use these circumstances for Your glory. I ask our God of healing – El Rafa – to inhabit the body of this dear man and that his belief would be mighty and he would not doubt!

  16. For all these prayer requests left this morning Lord I lift up each one them to you Lord. You love us so much and I remind myself often that you will never leave us. Ang I will be praying for you and your husband and children and yourself. I know what it is like to have these health issues that go on for years and know that stress can hurt. I will pray that God will give you peace and comfort as you go through these trials. Lord I pray for healing for this family.

    Please pray for my family as my daughter has been dealing with health issues for years. She finally got a diagnosis of non-celiac gluten intolerance that helped in so many ways but now is bleeding internally somewhere and blood levels are not right. She will be leaving in a week to go back to college. Another son is going away to college for the first time. Pray for Godly friends for both of them. And many other family issues that God knows about already. Please pray for my belief that God does hear my prayers and can take care of my family and will heal my children from these health issues. Thank you!


    • Joyce thank you so much for lifting me up. Today is really special in that way. I was in church this morning and people just reached out to me so God was working on me for sure. Thing is, sometimes I feel I have the right for my kind of answer… like life has been hared enough, like I have waited enough. But I know I need to trust, and isn’t that terrible, I have no rights whatsoever.

      In return I do pray for your family. Let everything that needs to be said be said. That love will flow abundantly and beyond understanding. That the Holy Spirit will be with all of you each day in this season. That He shows His presence. God bless you!!

  18. MCH,
    Praying for patience for you in your desire for a husband, I understand that waiting for The Lord to answer prayers is sometimes heart breaking, but God knows his plans for you and they are good plans! I have found that when my heart is breaking I find a new way to serve the Lord and others , it takes my eyes off of my problems , worries and fills my life with joy.
    I am responsible for raising money for 6 youth homes that are desperately in need of funds to care for our teens!

    • I am so blessed today with all those people reaching out to me today. I needed it so much. So thank you Susan for this.

      How awesome to raise money for youth homes. I know humanly it’s a great task, especially in today’s economy but God can do it. I pray God is on your side with this and blessing it beyond your dream, In Jesus Name!

  19. Susan, I have prayed for your request, specifically for more than enough money, the teens God will send your way, and for those involved in the project. May He richly bless you all. My prayer request is for safety, strength, courage, and boldness in Christ on the part of all missionaries serving in the 10/40 window. Thank you.

  20. Diane, I will pray for the missionaries in the 10/40 window today.
    My prayer request is for my husband, our marriage, and our family.

    Thank you!!

  21. Seeing your prayers and sending blessings and requests for you all. I ask for protection around the Edmond OK, area, large grass fire has taken 6 homes and is not out yet. Has been burning off and on for 3 days. We are not as close as some, praying for it to be put out and rain to help those who are fighting it in 110* heat. God is sufficient.

    • Oh goodness, I did not know about that. My BIL, SIL, nephews and niece live in Edmond.

  22. Heavenly Father, we ask that your mighty hand that creates the wind, fire and rain will bring some rain to the Edmonton, OK area to once and for all put the fires out. Almighty God, give the firefighters wisdom and safety as they bring safety for others. Lord, we thank you for your protection and we hide under your wing and believe in it. Please be with those who may have lost homes already, provide for their needs physically and emotionally. In Jesus powerful Name we pray. Amen.
    Our family needs prayers for conflict resolution solutions/skills, esp btwn my 17 yr old and myself. I’d also appreciate prayers as we travel to Joplin to help with relief efforts this week.

  23. Father, please lift up those missionaries working so hard to serve you. Empower them with your spirit that they may be bold and filled with your strength. Keep them safe in your arms.
    My request is for my 5 year old son, Carter. He has cystic fibrosis, and the prayer for a cure is constantly in our hearts.

  24. This time of prayer for others blessed me as I read each one of these comments and held them to the Father and it was if I heard him say “I know… I am” (whatever they need) and then He seemed to say “for them AND for you.” Lord I specifically pray for the funds for these youth homes that Susan is asking for Your help with. give her wisdom and strength and guidance to bring this to pass and make it so evident in her life that it was Your hand that this brings her the added joy and blessings and even testimony of knowing your presence through this process. I could relate to almost everyone’s struggles and issues and THAT is the gift I have in the end His presence through them all. With 50 yrs here on earth I know it is only by His grace I have made it through all of them. Some of my issues still show up from time to time in the shadows of my fears and I turn to my idols more often than I want to admit. But I can trust Him that my Life is in His hands and He is in control. I still struggle with wanting my answers sooner and I want mastery over all these momentary trials here on earth. That is manifested in my issues with food and health, but He is faithful to complete the work he is beginning in my life and heart. Oh I need Him more and more, so I can respond and pour out His goodness and mercy into the lives of my family neighbors friends and those He brings to me. Most recently a major car accident has me in new places of healing opportunities and even influence, as I forgive the drunk man who hit us. Yielding to His spirit and being His hands and feet and mouthpiece even when my physical pain and fatigue leaves me weeping. I too am sending my first off to college (with health issues) and preparing the next one in line for his turn to fly next year and returning to a fresh year of homeschooling my two youngest while my husband completes his last year of his 32 yr employment and new adventures opportunities open up. I realize there is never a dull moment when you place you life in the Lord’s hands!

  25. Praying for you Diane and Kim. Father, I come to you with a humble heart, I come to you on behalf of these two families. I am asking for strength and comfort and healing. Please restore these families and bless these two courageous moms.

    My request today is for my family. There are several unsaved and some who have just turned away. I pray their eyes are opened and that they respond to His calling.

  26. I pray that the needs of those teens would be met, that the homes would be prepared to nurture them and help them to heal and to grow. I pray for you for wisdom and for sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s leading as you seek to help the teens under your care. I pray that every physical need and every emotional need and especially the spiritual needs of the teens would be met in Christ. Thankful for financial generosity and for the necessary funds being released! I am also praying for restoration, and direction in my life.

  27. Father,
    You are our divine healer. I have seen Your power and glory displayed time and time again. You knit together every little fiber of Carter’s being. I ask that You keep Him healthy and strong until You provide the cure for this disease. I ask also that You continue to create in him a heart for You.
    I have seen first hand the heart that suffering creates. Not that You willed this suffering, but because we are in a dying world, You allow it. And then You do what only You can do with what the enemy means for evil. You bring good. And you bring good that far outweighs the weight of the suffering.
    My heart is heavy with several prayer requests. The relationship between my daughter and my husband, my relationship withmy husband, and some hurting friendships. The enemy seeks to divide the body… These are things that only God can heal.

    • Dear Father God,
      I first want to Thank you for the gift of your son Jesus Christ who has given us salvation, mercy, grace & love.
      The needs of so many, Lord please meet them as only you can. I pray for Cheryl and her family/ I pray for all of those who are working to bring healing & hope to this world through your son Jesus Christ
      I asking prayer for my niece’s aunt Fran who had a heart attack & is in Kidney failure,
      we are praying for salvation-we don’t know where here walk is with the Lord, I trust God will send someone to Minister to her and lead tot Jesus
      I ask for prayer for my daughter & her new baby boy -that you would bless them both and that his dad would be a good father
      Lord for my home-you know the need there heal it
      I ask all these things in the Name above all names your son Jesus Christ Amen

  28. Father, I ask for restoration and direction in Melinda’s life. I pray for healing for those who are sick, for finances for those in need, for rain for drought stricken areas, for direction and wisdom for all who are seeking you, and for peaceful hearts – knowing that You are in control.

    My family is in place of seeking change in our habits, hangups, and hurts. My adult son was recently released from jail after 7 1/2 months due to alcohol related issues. Please pray for his walk of recovery, and job needs. Also my husband and I along with son have begun recovery programs – that God gives us each wisdom to the things in our lives He wants to change in our individual lives. That we are receptive to hear and have the courage to change.

    • Kim, Praying for you and your family. Lord, bless Kim as she faces change. Change is always uncertain but you have promised You will do a new thing, and make a way out of the wilderness (Isaiah 43:19). Lead Kim in the path she needs to face. Help her son as he battles his alcohol problem. YOu have said that You will be enough, our sustainer. Sustain him as he recovers. Bless KIm and her husband as they support him and help them be courageous. You are the God of healing. Cover them with your mercies daily. In Jesus’ precious name, Amen.

    • Dear Kim,

      Isaiah 43
      16 This is what the LORD says—
      he who made a way through the sea,
      a path through the mighty waters,
      17 who drew out the chariots and horses,
      the army and reinforcements together,
      and they lay there, never to rise again,
      extinguished, snuffed out like a wick:
      18 “Forget the former things;
      do not dwell on the past.
      19 See, I am doing a new thing!
      Now it springs up.

  29. I am thankful for sites such as this where we can bind together. I’m blessed right now that nothing major is going on in my life, but where I desire your prayers is for my family, my students as we start back to school, and for my weight loss. Thank you!

  30. My family has a new ministry opportunity several states away. It’s so easy to say it’s just too far to move. We’ve ignored it for several months, today we sit in the spot of possibility (we’re visiting). It seems so great here….but we don’t want to be decieved by the good fellowship and beautiful surroundings. We want to be TOTALLY IN GOD’S STEPS!
    We seek His direction & guidance.

    For Lauren–
    God, Prepare the students, parents & teachers as they return to school. Help them to finish out this summer break refreshed and renewed for a big year of growth and knowledge. Let their bodies be rested and their minds be hungry for learning. Give sweet spirits to frazzled moms, teachers and classmates. Let your love shine through each one of them. And Father, reign over Lauren as she works to be healthy and focuses on good meal choices and solid exercise time. Let her see the rewards of choosing what is best.

  31. Lauren’s prayer request is up. I’d like prayer for employment because I’m so close to homelessness I can’t really think straight most days. I thank God for this place to gather where we can lift each other prayer request up to Him. And of course offer each other encouragement. Thank you.

  32. Lord, please help us to remember that you are near. Please pray for my marriage of 26 yrs. Pride has risen up again in my husbands heart.

  33. I’m writing my first eBook on natural childbirth and would sure covet your prayers as I navigate my way through this process. It’s completely new to me! Thank you so much!

    Yolanda, continue to place your trust in Jehovah Jirah! He is walking with you!

    • Jenny —

      That is so exciting! Reading your prayer request encourages me that I can do all kinds of things like you are doing! Praying for you today.


  34. Father, I ask that you would be so close to Yolanda right now. Hold her up in those moments when she is fearful and anxious-be as close as her next breath. Lord we know that you will provide for all our needs so I boldly ask that you will provide her with a job. Open that door Lord, lead her to that place. Give her clarity, fill her with your peace. Take care of her Lord, help her to know you are near.

  35. Please pray for my sister, Janice Scott, as she has breast cancer & has had a masectomy, but hasn’t gotten her Pathology report yet, to know if it has spread to her lymph nodes.

  36. I am on vacation this week from my ministry job and my prayer request is that I would get real rest on this break and that God would rejuvenate me.

  37. kiki…may God bless you with the rest that you need to return fully energized to your ministry job…
    please pray for my 3 children as they enter another school year, may God bless their studies and guide them on thier journey, always keeping them close to HIM.

  38. Please pray for my pastor and his wife and our church they have personal things that are overflowing into their ministry.

  39. I’d appreciate your prayers for financial relief. I am a single mother of two beautiful children. I am blessed to have had a full time job with the same company for 13 years. By the grace of God, I am able to provide for our needs. It is always a struggle. School is starting next week & I find myself in a position to have to choose whether to purchase all of my children’s school supplies or buy groceries with the little money I have left. I am struggling with letting go of the worry and trusting God. Please pray for me. Thank you!

  40. Lord Yolanda’s fears over her financial well being is so overwhelming its affecting body, soul, and mind. Would you bring your peace like a river and invade her with it right now?
    Allow her to know you are in control of all things even her financial situation. Bring a job that would provide enough for her every need.
    Pray for our family going through very difficult time right now.

  41. Colleen, in Jesus name I come asking tk bless and protect your 3children this school year. May they grow in wisdom through the knowledge of Him.
    Please pray for my parents my mom is dyinf and in so much pain. Pray for comfort and His presence thx & God Bless

  42. Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for the ministry of (in)courage. Thank you for the blog authors and readers. I pray for my sister above (8/7/11 9:25am entry)…Karen, her pastor, his wife, and their church. On behalf of Karen, I ask you to intervene into the lives of this couple and help them with their personal things so that it would not detract from You and the ministries that occur at their church. By the blood of Jesus, I claim your promises and your power to shield everyone from the enemy’s presence and impact. I ask that You grant victory in the areas that need it. Thank you for what You will do in their lives. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

    Please pray for my older friend Bud and his wife Virginia. Bud is a believer; we do not think Virginia knows Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior. Please ask the Lord for healing and restoration in their marriage. Bud and I are also praying for Virginia’s salvation; that she would know how much Jesus loves her. Thank you for interceding!

  43. I am pregnant with my 4th…very thankful, but this has not been an easy pregnancy…we are a young couple w/ little ones & are heavily weighed down by unexpected bills, no savings, it’s sometimes more then I can handle. We are very diligent w/ our finances & expenses, no credit cards…but still things are extremely hard right now. Praying for my husband’s business to grow & need a peace that sometimes a mama just needs. Thank you for praying.

    • Hi Jodi. I am praying for the health of you and your baby, your husband’s business, and for peace in your heart.
      “Every tomorrow has two handles. We can take hold of it by the handle of anxiety, or by the handle of faith.” (Source unknown) A day at a time!
      I ask for prayer for my cousin, who has thyroid cancer. She is scheduled for a CAT scan on Tuesday to see if the cancer has spread.

    • God be glorified in Jodis life. Draw her close suround her with your peace. Strengthen her physically emotionally & spiritually. Show her and her husband that you are the source from which every resource comes. Move in such a way that they know without a doubt that they serve a true living and loving God. Amen

  44. Dear Jodi…I hold you in my Love and Prayers…keep going Hon…live day by day and listen for
    I myself am on painkillers for nerve damage and would Love for my family…parents and siblings to accept me and call me…they live at least 2-3 hrs away…I do not have family…my husband died at an early age…I;m only 50…I need support and have none. Thank You

    • Psalm 68:6
      New International Version (NIV)

      6 God sets the lonely in families,[a]
      he leads out the prisoners with singing;

      Diane, I believe that the Lord will provide you with family right where you are in His perfect timing, people in the Body to lift you up and bring you encouragement and strengthening in Him. I pray for reconciliation in your “blood” family, as well. Jehovah Rapha, God our Healer, we humbly plead that you would come and heal Diane from her pain and nerve damage and that you would bring healing most importantly to those places deep within her that are aching for the love and fellowship you intended her to desire. Fill her by your Spirit and please, sweet Savior, be her true companion and closest love. Bind her about yourself and give her your strength to walk forward in your plan for her and your calling on her life. God, you are good, and I thank you for what you are working out in this time in Diane’s life. Blessings on you, sweet sister.

  45. There isn’t an area in my life that doesn’t need saturating in prayer. At a crossroads with my job, teenager, school, relationship etc. Please pray that I will not only hear from God but be bold in my response to his will

  46. Praying for you all to find strength and keep the faith.
    I ask that for a prayer for my family who just said goodbye far too soon to my cousin (age 39) for unknown reasons (perfectly healthy mom of 2, who entered life eternal). Please pray that her family, husband, and daughters continue to have faith and be a strong support system for each other. I know that we are all struggling with this sad time right now and our looking for answers. I hope that we can find the answers and keep the faith. Thank you.

  47. My prayer would be that my husband would get the job a job transfer in a different division in the company he works for. He was layed off from his job 2 1/2 years ago, and accepted another job for 1/3 of the income that he was making. The new job is in a different state and so we lost our home in the process, and we have been having to live with family in that time. We are ready to have our own place, as this is very difficult to merge households!!! We are blessed that he was able to find work, but it has definitely been a huge change.

  48. I’m getting up in church today to bring a children’s story. Please pray for peace, that I won’t be nervous and that I can be a blessing to others.

  49. Lisa I am praying for you, your husband and family that God will intervene, guide and bless you all. I was in a situation where my family had to move in with my parents and it isn’t easy so may God find you your own special place.

    I ask for prayer for my family also. We are in a difficult time financially and my husbands job isn’t all that secure. We are looking to relocate but financially we are struggling. I was laid off 9 months ago and cannot find a job where we live. I just ask for prayer for guidance on where to relocate and the whole buying and selling of homes. Thank you so much.

  50. I am praying for God’s peace and presence while you speak this morning. I know He will use you to make a mighty difference is someone today.. For His glory.

    My prayer is for healing in my relationship with my daughter and for our sweet Lord to draw her to Himself.

  51. My marriage is in serious trouble; my husband has left our home, is living with another woman, and is threatening divorce. Despite all this, God is faithful and I know He can change circumstances. I believe he will save my marriage and my husband. Please pray for my marriage and for my husband’s salvation. Also, please pray that God will give me strength, wisdom, and grace to wait on Him to perfect and restore my relationship with the man I love.

  52. Please pray for my step-father. He is 80 years old and yesterday evening he fell off of a ladder onto his back. At least he did not hit his head. He has broken ribs, a broken shoulder, and some type of fracture in his spine. He is in extreme pain right now and at the hospital. Please pray for Jesus’ healing and pray for peace and comfort for both him and my mom. Thank you.

  53. As the evil one tried to throw everything at me this morning – as I worshipped and prayed and cried and cried. He was with me, He is with me and somehow I have to hold on to the fact that I am being attacked because I am doing something for Him, and that it is He who will get me through all of this – the physical issues, the emotional issues and the spiritual issues – thank you for all of your prayer and inspiration – always

  54. Angela, I put your prayers up to the Lord, and thank him for healing your relationship with your daughter.
    I also ask that he touch each requester thus far, with a hand of peace. Let each of us bask in that touch and know that in the end it will all be OK. It will all work out, it always does.
    I ask that you pray for my husband who was in a accident last year. I ask that he regain the use of his feet Dear Lord and that his pain level would decrease. I want to thank the Lord that he survived. A little rain (Ok a LOT of rain) would sure be swell also.

  55. We have an offer on our home, which we’ve been trying to sell for several years now. Please pray that this will be the offer that works out. My husband, especially, is so anxious to be able to sell this home.
    Thank you so much.

    for Lynne,
    Father, we give you thanks that you have given us the victory in Jesus. I pray that you will fill Lynne with Your peace and Your presence, knowing that nothing is too difficult for you. Please give her grace and strength to do what You have called her to do. I pray that You will give Your angels charge over her, that You will put a hedge of protection around her and cover her under the shelter of Your wings.
    I pray that You will hold Lynne, Your precious daughter, in Your strong loving arms.
    In Jesus’ name

    • Linda — Such good news! Praying that all the inspections and financing comes through flawlessly and quickly. Enjoy your move out of your house!

  56. Hi, need prayer for finances, home, and a daughter who is an young adult mother and a victim of domestic violence. Also the ability for another daughter to return to college and a new fullfilling job for my son. Thanks

  57. Forgot, yes this daughter of domestic violence, left the state she was in and is away from the abuser, now is the custody issues. (return to her walk with God)

  58. Dear Lord I am praying for Linda today that your will be done. That her and her husband are able to sell their home and have new beginnings. Watch over them Lord. Shower them with your mercy and grace. Amen.

    I am one month divorced from my husband and best friend of 11 years. Not divorced because of lack of love. Divorced because of alcoholism, fighting, less than happy environment for our two girls. He is doing better guys. They just left for 5 days to go to the beach with our best friends and their daughter I am so nervous about not being with them and so sad that I just watched my one family drive away for vacation without ne for the first time in 10 years. Please pray that they will be safe and that God will reach my ex husband and still best friend. He needs God in his life so much. Thank you

  59. I don’t have many words Christi, but praying that God reaches out to you and your family. He loves you all very much.

  60. Erika, I’m praying for your home and financial situation and your daughters and son. May God work out all of the details of the domestic abuse and custody issues. I pray for God’s safety and protection for all involved.

  61. Please pray for my son and his wife who are both heroin addicts. They have gotten clean several times in the past but each time seems worse. They have 2 small children. A little girl 3 1/2 and a baby boy 9 months old. I cry so many nights and worry about my grandchildren and afraid my son will die. Both my son & daughter i law have hep c also. I know God can help them if they only give their lives to Him. I believe my son accepted the Lord as His Savior a few summers ago but has still struggled with givin everything to God. Please pray for peace for my husband and myself and that God will intervene in my son’s life and free him from this horrible addiction that Satan has trapped Him in. Pray that the bondage will be broken. Thank You .And I pray for all here who are struggling with their own demons that God will fill you with His love and encircle you with His comfort and peace.

  62. My husband had a stroke last Dec. I would like prayer for his healing on his body and mind and peace for the situation. There are several complications (God knows!), so just please keep him in prayer. Thank you so much.

    • Dear Susan
      I pray for healing and blessing in your husband’s life.
      I pray that your heart and his will be renewed, as he lives with the effects of the stroke.
      I pray for God’s will to be done and his kingdom to come in a deeper way at this difficult time.

  63. Susan, I pray that God would bring healing to your husband for his body, mind and peace. I pray that God will surround Him with His peace that passes all understanding. I also ask that God will give you strength and peace as you care for your husband through this difficult time.

  64. A family member separating from her husband. The whole situation is difficult and emotional for all of us. We all need Jesus’ help! Thanks.

  65. I have Aspergers Syndrome ( a type of Autism) which means I don’t have any close friends, but I had a Golden Retriever Dog called Sassy who had to be put to sleep on the 5th August 2010. I love Jesus alot and find my relationship with him fullfilling, but the connection I felt with Sassy was a very special one. Having just passed the one year mark I am feeling the loss greatly. I should mention that I had a healing of my emotions just prior to Sassy’s which although brilliant and one I am grateful for, it has meant that I have felt the loss more deeply and continue to do so.

    • Karen I am praying for you! I have a 9 year old daughter who has Aspergers. Her friends are our two dogs. My daughter has a huge emotional connection to everything. So I can relate to your loss, I am praying for healing for you. Huge hugs for you! Praying, constantly!

  66. We miscarried our 4th baby a few weeks ago. Despite the fact that I’m not super strong in my faith as it is, I’m trying so hard to stay strong for my family (when I just want to break!) and I’m not doing a real great job of “staying strong” and being the kind of wife and mom that I need to be. It feels like I’ve lost my ‘passion’ for everything and I’m just going through the motions of life.. Not really sure what kind of prayers to ask for, but that is my struggle right now. :/
    Thank you

    • I am praying for you Amber! It’s ok to break, it is ok to just let go. It does not make you a failure. There is healing there, God will meet you there. Let Him hold you. Let Him walk you through this, He can and will bring you through. Huge hugs for you! Know I am praying!

    • Praying for you Amber, that God would flood you and your family with the peace only He can bring!

      Two prayers:

      A dear friend lost her dad a month ago and is celebrating her 23rd birthday today and is having a really tough day.

      I need prayer about a relationship with a guy friend of mine. I have been praying about pursuing a relationship with this man for 3 years now and God has been so faithful. I need prayer to wait on God, and to remember that God’s timing is perfect and that if this man is His will, that it will work out.

  67. Wow! This post could not have at a better time. When I saw let’s pray for each other today, I quickly scrolled to the bottom. I need prayer, and it seems right now my friends are so busy with their lives and I always know that God has a lesson in that for me. Before beginning to type my request, I read the post before mine, Amber. Then something made me scroll up to the one before her, Karen. And wow, I said it again! God knows how to speak to me. After reading these requests i did not want to leave mine, seemed trivial. But I feel linked in a way to your hearts , because my requests are much like yours… My first request, we have a little 4 1/2 month old baby living with us, she was born with cocaine in her little body. She has lived with us for 3 1/2 months of her tiny life. We have what’s called a safety plan which gives us some basic rights for her care. We know God brought her to us. And now we are in the wait. What happens next. I cannot bear the thought of her leaving. At the same time the enemy is trying his hardest to tear apart a very strong family, one of great faith, he is working every angle. And sometimes he wins. Itvis so difficult, I ask for prayer for speedy resolve of this situation, protection and spiritual strength. And the peace of knowing whatever happens God has our backs.

    Second, my daughter has Asperger’s syndrome. A daily battle. She is almost 10 and does not have a friend to speak of. Today she made the decision to go to Sunday school on her own. This is huge. I have prayed for everything to go well, the noise would not bother, the crowds, the games, that should would just enjoy it. But mostly I pray there will be a friend, someone who will just understand, not call her names or ignore her, when she struggles. I pray for that gift.

    Amber and Nancy, you are both heavy on my hearts and praying fervently for you both.

    • Shelly — praying for you and your two daughters today. There are so many wonderful, kind children who I’m sure would be lucky to have your daughter as a friend. Praying God will surround her with those today.

  68. Going to a funeral this afternoon. The deceased took their own life. It feels beyond bearing, yet I know that God is my burden bearer.

    What amazing timing to be this next post. The post above me is asking for prayer for a young girl with Asperger’s. A dear friend of mine has Asperger’s. I am praying for your daughter, Shelly.

  69. Heavenly Father, I lift Janette and her husband to you right now…Lord, you said to pray Your Kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven, and we know there is no lack in heaven. So I ask that you descend upon this couple and their business with the favor and blessing of the Lord. As they relinquish ownership to You, show Yourself stong in wisdom, discernment and the peace that truly does go beyond our understanding (esp. during the night). Your Kingdom is the superior reality, not bound by economic times or human fears guiding the stock market, so Father, I ask they be Spirit-led in their decisions and trust you that the outcome will be exeedingly, abundantly above anything they could even dream could come about! And we will give you all the glory, Lord. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

    Would you please pray for my sweet daughter Allison? She is 34 weeks into a fragile pregnancy with her 3rd child. The second was born at 29 weeks and spent 65 days in NICU. God was so gracious and he is doing well. This was unexpected and the fear is great, esp. at night. She loves God and they are a precious family…would you please pray for peace for all and a healthy and safe C-section on Labor Day?

    thank you and God bless!

    Carol (Nana)

    • carol, we will pray for your daughter’s pregnancy. May the hands of Jesus keep them safe and sound until they are strong enough and ready to be born. Give mom and nana both the reassurances of scripture that you are always with us and we never have to face challenges along. Please bring her to a safe delivery of a strong and health baby.

  70. I’ve been unemployed for over a year now and am facing having to quit school (almost finished with a masters degree) in order to find several minimum wage jobs just to get the bills paid. I feel tied in knots considering stopping when I’m almost finished, but I cannot work out the details of my family surviving without me finding a way to create income.

    Shelly, I will be praying for your daughter as well as for your heart. I have volunteered with two boys who have Asperger’s and Autism respectively and have learned to understand the struggles they face as well as the struggles their families go through.

  71. I ask for your prayers for a friend of mine who is to undergo surgery on her shoulder in a couple of weeks. Last night, she had to go to the hosptial because of a spinal fluid leak that was causing a severe headache. (The fluid leak was due to a procedure she had several years ago.) They did what was called a “blood patch” and she is home. She must lie flat of her back for 24 hours. Pray that this takes care of the problem and that she will be able to undergo the much needed surgery.

    Chey I am lifting you up in prayer for your finances and that God will provide a way for you to continue school.

  72. hello! please pray that i do well in my new job, that God give me wosdom as He opens my mind to learn and understand, i’m very nervous and tomorrow is my first day, we will go through virtual training and i have never experienced that before so it’s kind of scary just being by myself and not in a classroom. i really need this job and want to do well. thank you so much. God bless you All.
    Chey- i am praying this very moment asking God to provide the job you need for your family as well as continue to give you the opportunity to finish your studies. i will pray that he opens doors and brign forth a job that not only will be sufficient to provide for your family but also allow you to continue in school. let’s cry our to Jesus, He has promised He will never leave us, nor forsake us. i pray God grants you peace and fills your heart with joy.

    • Carolyn, I am praying for your first day on the new job. It can be very stressfull and scary but I know you will do just find. All of us have had our first day of something new so we all understand. I pray God gives you a peace and the confidence that you can do this job and do it well!

      • thanks so much Cindy! I will pray for your daughter’s healing and guidance to get to the right doctor. praying that God gives you and your family comfort, patience and growth through this season. Yes God is in control!

  73. My daughter, Stacy, 31 years old, has had pain on her right side now for 9 months. She has had many test, scans, MRI’s, gyn scans, and they still have not found the reason for the pain. She had an unnecessary gall bladder surgery to see if this would help which it didn’t. Please pray for healing or guidence to find the right doctor to find the reason for the pain. I know God is in control and we will get an answer in God’s time so maybe a prayer for paitence too! Thank you.

  74. Praying for your friend and the surgeons that she will be healed through this process and with the power of the Great Physician.

    My husband is up for a job promotion. We desperately need the money, as we are currently unable to make ends meet every month. Please pray God’s will is done in this situation and quickly. The timing is difficult, as I am pregnant with our fourth child and the promotion would mean him leaving home for about six weeks.

  75. Chey – Praying at this very moment for your provision and hearts’ desires. I’m so very proud of you for continuing your call of furthered education and I know, with 100% surity, that He Who began a good work in you, will complete it! That is a promise (Philippians 1:6). Be bold and courageous girl! Try not to wear yourself too thin. God will provide for His purposed life that you are seeking. Be encouraged that you are not alone . . .

    My prayer request is closely related to Chey’s above. I graduated from my 4 year Christian Counseling degree last December and left my full-time position at my college this past May to pursue the Lord’s call on my life to move to central FL. I have been applying for full-time positions ranging from Psycho fields to Admin Assist. since then and have yet to secure anything! I am truly relying everyday on God’s provision because I have definitely worn out my savings. I KNOW He has a plan and I am holding on to His promises in Matt 6 that He sees me and will not leave me wanting in my needs. Thank you 🙂

  76. Shelly,

    I am praying for your family and your precious daughter. I have a friend who’s son has Aspergers and is now 20. He has a job, has made some friends but still likes the comfort of his family and being at home where he is understood. I enjoy his company very much and he feels comfortable with me so we have a wonderful friendship. I will be praying for a friend to be there for her, it only takes one that has a heart for others to brighten the day. God bless you all Shelly.

    My prayer need is also for my daughter. She is almost 20 and has just gone back to college. Her boyfriend of over a year just told her that he no longer wants to date her and she is devastated and very sad. This is her second year at school and last year she didn’t reach out to many new friends because she had him. I know this is God’s plan for her and that she will weather this storm, she is just so unhappy at this point. If anyone can pray for peace for her and for her to seek God daily to help her through this, I would so appreciate it.

  77. Provision

    Jesus wrap your arms around this young woman and bring women into her life that would walk beside her.

  78. My request is for the job that I applied for. God promised to be my provider so if this job is not what or how he wants to provide then please show me what I need to do.

    • Lord, You know all needs and You alone are able to meet them. Please provide the employment Jules needs, someplace well-suited to her gifts and background, someplace that fits with what You have in store for her down the road, and someplace with Christian fellowship for her growth in knowing and loving You. Please guide her in the waiting, Lord, and provide for her needs in any time gap before You bring her together with the job You choose. Use this need and Your provision to strengthen her faith and glorify Your name. In Jesus the Savior I present this prayer. Amen.

  79. My prayer need is for my own spiritual health and physical health. I work long hard hours at a car manufacturer and it’s taken much time and effort for my body to heal from working hard and not taking care of myself. This also means time away from home 🙁 I also pray for my young daughter who is a single mother and a son who is about to graduate. I never thought I would be so worried sick about their future. But I pray mostly for their hearts to be open and meet Jesus once again as well as my husband. I pray for strength spiritual and physical and that I seek and pray to Him that He will show himself to me. It’s been a long hard year and I’m waiting to exhale

  80. Heavenly Father, I pray that your precious Holy Spirit comfort DeeDee and give her mind, body, and soul the rest that she craves. I pray that as she puts her trust in you that she will she your mighty hand working and moving in her life and in the lives of her family. I ask heavenly Father that you show her through your Word how to trust in you and reassure you are taking care of all of her needs and that you will grant her the desires of her heart.

  81. Would you please pray for healing for Kayety and Jody, who are both fighting cancer, and for spiritual strength to grow even while physical challenges increase? Thanks, friends!

    • Father, I lift up Kayety and Jody and pray that you will empower them by your Holy Spirit, giving them courage and strength to face each day. May they know your love and grow in intimacy with You, trusting in your love and grace.

    • Tinuviel,

      My church and I do “Relay for Life” which is a cancer fundraiser. We work all year rasisinf funds – the whole county – and have a night of celebration for those who sirvived, prayer and remembrance of both those who died. It is all night long from 3 PM on Friday to 7 am Saturday.

      This weekend at the grocery store I was approached by a clerk who asked me to donate $1 to Cancer – I said yes immediately!!

      Praying for Kayety and Jody and the many, many others who are battling cancer. I pray one day we can find a cure for this dreaded disease!!

  82. I’m facing some serious temptation and spiritual warfare right now. I NEED your prayers. The need may not be as visible as a physical need, but it is very real. Please pray for me.

  83. please pray for our pregnancy. We are 18 weeks in a first pregnancy with twins and have learned that the placenta of baby A has separated partially from the wall of the uterus causing low amniotic fluid. The doctors say that most likely, we will loose this precious baby. We have been praying and pleading for a miracle. We just don’t feel that God is finished yet with our baby; we know that he has great plans for both on children. We are older and will likely never have another pregnancy. Even so, nothing would ever replace this precious baby boy.
    Jesus, please come to be beside kayety and jody as they fight for their lives. Give them hope, strength, courage and the knowledge that they are not alone. Help them to know that you are the great healer and that healing is indeed always a possibility,no matter how bleak the possible outcome. Touch their hearts with warmth to let the know that you are truely among us and with them always.

    • Dear Father, I come before You and lift up the Taylor family. Lord, grant them strength and guidance in a time of uncertainty and fear. Oh Father, You alone are the maker of all miracles, and we know that Your plan for this precious baby is most certainly so much bigger than we can imagine. Please surround this family with Your love and and fill them with Your peace as they wait on You. In your precious name, Amen.

  84. Dear Alexandra, praying for your specific needs, that OUR Father who loves us more than we can know puts a hedge of protection around you, closes you to the lies of the evil one and of this world, opens your heart and mind to His Truth Phil 4:8
    In Jesus name
    My family needs softening of their hearts and transformation. so they can forgive,feel love and compassion, please pray the Lord opens their hearts to his grace and love so that they can know Him as their Lord and Saviour.Also that I can glorify Him to my family with my words and behaviour.

  85. Precious Father, lifting up Alexandra, and praying Lord, that whatever she may be facing in her life right now, you will fill her with the knowledge that YOU are greater than any temptation. Lord, please grant her the strength, wisdom and discernment she needs in this time, and fill her with Your peace as You guide her in making the right decisions. In your precious name, Amen.

  86. Please pray for me as I feel trapped and very lonley. My husband had a tia stroke January 2005. It resulted in a brain injury. He cannot work anymore or drive and he has never come to terms with his condition. I know God can do miracles and He has indeed done them in our lives over having children. Faith is believing in that which we do not yet see, but sometimes it is hard to keep hanging in there. God is able to do far more abundantly above all we can ever ask, think or imagine.

  87. Sylvia — Praying for you to be surrounded with the support of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and to be surrounded with humans who love you as well. Praying for total healing for your husband.

    For me, we are trying to get pregnant., and we would like God’s help and for patience as we wait for His timing Also, I lost a primary contract on my job recently, and I am unsure whether God wants me to stay in the same career area so i should look for a similar position or whether He is going to allow me to get pregnant and stay home for a few years. Thanks so much!

    • Christen,
      God’s timing is perfect. I pray for His help with patience for you to have a baby. I will also pray for what He wants for your life as far as the job. Staying home with a baby is the best job, I will definitely pray that for you. In His amazing love.

    • Christen, I was on infertility treatment for 6 years and nothing worked. During that time we decided to go through procedure for adoption. We adopted a 4 month old baby in April 1982 Jonathan. God gave us many words and pictures and a definite word through Ian Andrews that we have children. I was about to embark on IVF treatment and the hospital wanted to do a scan. They discoverd an egg but told us to come back a week later and see if they could get the heart beat. Shared this with some Christians to pray, went back a week later and they got the heartbeat. Hannah was born 16th August 1985 when I was 37 years old and Esther was born 3rd January 1990 when I was 41 years old. They were absolute God given miracles no other way to explain it. People have tried to explain it away because we adopted things happened but that is not the way we see it. God did it all in a very special. Hang on in there God never gives up.

      • Christen, sorry the anonymous comment was from me, Sylvia. Please get in touch if you want further communication and to pray for one another. God bless

  88. Dear Sylvia,
    I pray to our Father in heaven for His peace on you, for you not to feel trapped and lonely. May He carry you in His arms when you are feeling overwhelmed. Keep the faith, with Him all things are possible.
    2 Corinthians 9:8
    And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that always having all sufficiency in everything; you may have an abundance for every good deed.

    Prayer Request,
    For my son and his girlfriend to want to put God first in their lives. Without Him they have had a lot of problems, I pray they see they need Him.

  89. Lord, we bring Sylvia’s son and his girlfriend before you. May you work mightily in their lives – do not let them continue down the road of ignoring you. May their troubles and problems bring them to their knees, to the point of surrender to you and your will for their lives. May you be glorified in them and may Sylvia have cause to rejoice in their salvation!

  90. Christen,
    I just prayed for you and I will pray again for you. First of all, Trust in the LORD. Cry out to Him with your request, Isaiah 55:11, Jer.33:3 John 15:7
    Have you tried using progestrone creme daily? I have been told by reliabe folk that it helps a woman get pregnant by straightening out hormone problems.
    And IF you walk with God, then you can pray with confidence that you are Abiding in Him!
    Nahum 1:3 reminds us that when we are in a cloudy times, God is with us! ” the clouds are the dust of His feet”!
    I understand your yearning for a child. My prayer was answered and I want yours answered to. Raise the child according to His Word. Deut. 6

    My request is : for my child, my prodigal daughter to be delivered by The Great Shepherd, Jesus Christ. She loved her LORD, then was deceived and has left God and us. Has been 2 1/2 yrs and we love and miss her. It was beautiful to have her and raise her for His glory. We had a beautiful 214 yrs with her, and now she has gone, does not speak to us, married and unsaved man recently, and we are crushed.
    Please remember her in prayer.

    • Debbie-
      I am praying for your precious daughter and her new husband. We know God hears our prayers and we know God loves your daughter more than we can imagine and wants her in His kingdom. Interestingly I was watching a christian program and it was on this very topic….they emphatically encouraged parents to please do not lose HOPE..PRAY, PRAY, PRAY! There were many testimonies of those lost children serving the Lord passionately. The Lord knows exactly how to reach your daughter and I thank Him right now that He is already moving on her behalf to bring her into relationship with Him.
      Blessings, Lisa

  91. I don’t know if I can make it through one more day. My marriage has been broken by adultery and even though my husband chose to stay in our marriage, I do not feel loved by him. I cannot forget the things he said to her about me and how he wishes he had never married me. We tried counseling but that did little good. We are in a new area so I have no friends or church support. I feel abandoned by God as well and wonder if I am even his child. I want to either run away (I have no place to go) or just end it all. I know both options are sinful and wrong, but I do not know what to do. I cried most of the weekend and tried to talk to my husband – somehow everything always ends up being my fault. Please pray for me.

    • Lord God, I pray for Kim. Please give her strength while she is going through this difficult time. Please give her an overwhelming sense of peace and let her know how valuable she is. Show her how much YOU love her and how that she is your precious daughter. Help Kim and her husband to be able to work through this together and please re-create their marriage to make it stronger than ever. Amen.

    • Father, in the name of Jesus I speak against any powers other than your precious Spirit that are affecting Kim’s mind or preying on her emotions–we are freed through the blood of the One True Sacrifice, our Lamb of God, Jesus. Kim, I pray a covering of strength over you, my sister, that you would let the Lord keep your heart and hands still as you grieve the betrayal you have experienced. You are PURPOSED, You are PRECIOUS unto the Lord and He has a plan for you right where you are. He calls you beloved daughter and He speaks life over you in this moment. I echo Him in saying you are purposed in this very moment. I speak LIFE over you, do not give in to the whispers of the enemy that taking a path apart from God would take away the pain–God wants to use you for His glory, and for your good. Sweet sister, email me if there’s anything I can do for you. ellen.mcneill@delgamo.com

  92. Dear God,
    I give my prayer for the Taylor’s. Please hold their little child under your wing right now. I pray for the miracle of this new little life that you have began to be fulfilled to your glory. Please keep reminding the Taylor’s that all things are possible through you. I pray that they will know your peace and comfort through this difficult moment in their lives.

    I humbly ask for your prayers for my husband, our marriage, our family. My husband is not a believer, I pray that eyes of his heart will be opened and that he could allow Christ into his heart and give his life to God. I am struggling to keep my marriage and my family together right now. I want to be obedient to God’s Word and his plan for my life but I am uncertain what direction to go next. My husband struggles with passive aggressive behavior and periods of depression. He denies having any mental or emotional problems and refuses to seek professional help. Throughout our relationship, he has used me as a target for his anger and pain. I want to extend him grace and be a good wife, keep our family together for our daughter, but I fear that he is now beginning to direct his problems at our little daughter now too. I am confused between protecting myself and my daughter and leaving the marriage and breaking up our family OR staying in the relationship at further risk to keep the covenant that I made to God to stay faithful to our marriage vows. I pray for the courage to stand up to him, the continued grace to extend to him, the strength to protect myself and my daughter and the wisdom to know where and what God wants me to do next.
    Thank you for your prayers.

  93. I have been in a long, painful season of waiting, but one that has been so rich in my walk with the Lord, so I am grateful. My heart’s desire is to be married and be a mother. I will be 43 next month. I know God has a plan for my life because His word says so and I trust Him. I am trying not to let the age issue be an area of doubt, but rather that it will be an area where God will receive the glory. There is a man that I love dearly and God is working in his life by leaps and bounds, but he is in need of deliverance from a unhealthy area of his life in order to be able to move forward and commit. He is serving the Lord and is seeing a christian counselor as well as leading a mens group, so he is taking the necessary steps to conquer this demon. I have also been unemployed for a long time and not having much success finding a job. I know God has purpose in this season and His timing is perfect. Please pray for me and for my friend. Thank you!

  94. Please pray for me to be a better wife. I’m struggling with being kind and respectful. I also feel like I might be struggling with postpartum depression and I’m not sure what to do about that. Thank you!

    • Angela…
      I understand your desire to be a better wife…I seek the same prayer…along with being a more patient momma to my beautiful girls.
      In moments of frustration and sadness, I would suggest putting the baby in their crib making sure they are safe and going outside for a moment to clear your head and your thoughts. (I used to go outside and mow the lawn to clear my head and pray).

      Heavenly Father…
      Please help to guide Angela in her pursuit of being a better wife. Please help her to find kindness in her heart and that respect be present in her marriage. Please guide her and her husband to lead a successful marriage. I also pray for Angela in her postpartum struggles…and that she find support and a listening ear to help her adjust to motherhood. Help her find patience, understanding and fresh air when she needs to clear her mind.

  95. Lisa, I pray that God meets yours prayers/ desires for a loving marriage and blesses you with a new season of your life as a Mother. I pray that if the man you love is the partner God has in mind for you, that the Lord speak to his heart and help him rise above the unhealthy area in his life that needs to be addressed; that he sees you as a partner to cherish, love and raise a family with.

    If God has someone else in mind for you, I ask that He open those doors for you as well . . . for His glory.

    My blessings to you . . .

  96. I am so burdened for my three adult children, ages 23,24,25. They have been raised in the church and we have lived the example for them but they have chosen the “other” path. I would appreciate your prayers for them. They need a heart knowledge of Jesus not just a head knowledge!
    We’re moving our youngest to NY next week for grad school and I covet your prayers for him in this new stage of life.
    Thank you all so much!!
    Becki – a desperate mom!

    • Praying for your children. It is never easy to watch a child go astray, but pray to God – He knows first hand about that! 🙂

      I pray your oldest will do well in grad school in NY. Also praying that some church group on campus will make an outreach to Him!!

  97. If you would be so kind to pray for me . . .

    It has been a decade of betrayal in many areas of life: marriage, friendships and employment. Through it all, the Lord was beside me . . . keeping my feet firmly on the ground and walking in faith. After 3 years of underemployment, I have a job and am grateful . . . but I believe this is a resting place to find my purpose that the Lord wishes me to pursue . . . to support my daughter and I, but to find joy and purpose in the work that I do.

    If you would pray for clarity and for the right doors to open, I would be grateful.
    Over these past 10 years, I have been a single parent . . . one who thinks that I can do everything on my own. Sisters . . . I am here to tell you that we all need one another, to raise each other up in support, prayer and love. God, I ask you to give me clarity to see the pure opportunities in life, for a wonderful male partner if that is your wish, and that my life be used for the greater good.

    Thank you,

  98. ((((MARCIA)))))))

    Thank you for sharing and for encouraging us all to be there for each other!!

    Please be with Marcia as she takes the next step that you have led her to.
    Thank you for providing the job for her. Give her Your peace and strength as she takes this step of faith.

    I could use prayers as my boyfriend (who lives with cerebral palsy) and I will be ministering at a Joni and Friends Family Retreat Aug 17-22. We will be ministering to young adults who as a group are coming a wide difference in their levels of abilities (esp developmentally). I pray that God gives us the wisdom to quickly be able to figure out how best to show each individual in the group God’s love and freedom.


    Kelly D < 🙂

  99. Lord, I pray for Kelly D and her boyfriend. I pray you give them wisdom and guide them as they lead this group of young adults. I pray that your message for each of the youth is conveyed to them through Kelly D and her boyfriend. Blessings to you Kelly D!
    I would love prayers in relation to my health. We’ve had a lot of miscarriages over the years (and blessed with two healthy children too :)) but the last one last year has left me feeling quite physically depleted. I don’t feel quite right and need the motivation and help to take care of myself physically, from eating right to exercising to seeing a professional about my health.
    Thank you Holly! My prayers are with you too.

  100. I am asking for prayer for my husband and my family. My husband needs a dayshift job. He is currently working until after midnight. The children miss him. I miss him and, it is taking a toll on his health. The problem is he does not have his GED. He has been trying to get the GED. However, he has had real difficulty with the math.

    We are trying to pull together.

  101. Amanda I am lifting you up in prayer trusting Jesus to give you complete healing in all the areas of your life. I pray that He will bless you with another child and give you motivation in all the areas that you asked prayer for. May His peace be with you!!

    I ask for prayer for my son, Brian. Many difficulet issues to drug abuse to mental illness. Please pray for complete healing and that God would restore my son to the perfect plan that He had all along for him. Also that Brian would give his heart back to Jesus.
    If I’m not asking too much, I need prayer in for my knees. I have lost 50 lbs so far, by walking and changing my eating habits…but I still have another 50 to go, and my knees are giving me lots of pain. it affects all areas of my life. pain meds and physical therapy have not given me any relief.
    Thank you, Susan

    • Susan, thank you for your prayers for me. I have been praying for you and your son Brian. May God be with you both.

  102. Father, I pray for Susan’s precious son. I ask, loving Savior, that you would bring full healing to Brian, because you alone know his inmost being, everything about him that is either broken or hurting. I pray in Jesus’ name for freedom from addictions and strongholds, whether those of drugs or any other form. Spirit, I humbly ask that you would soften Brian’s heart and renew his mind in the love of Jesus, that he might run to your arms without stopping to look back. I ask that you would continue to restore Susan to health and I praise you for the work you’ve done in her through her weight loss! God, we give you the glory and ask that you would continue to help her lose the weight that is causing her knees pain–unto your name be all praise. Blessings on you, Susan.

    I need prayer for restoration in the way I handle relationships. I want the love of my Father to satisfy me, and often it does, but I find myself quickly getting frustrated with people in my life when they don’t meet my “needs” of companionship or fellowship or affection. I recognize that this is an area of struggle for me and know that I don’t love well when I demand from others what only God can fill, but I don’t seem to be making much progress in relating in healthy ways. I so covet your prayers for the healing of this, my brokenness, so that I might stop grieving God and hurting others.

    • ellen,
      Your prayer for my son and me was so touching. I cried as I read the loving words that just jumped off the page and into my heart. I thought about them all day and now have come back to re-read them once more. I hope you come back and re-read this as well so that you will know how touched I was by your prayer. I also want you to know I have been praying for you today, and will continue to do so. what a great opportunity this was to pray for each other and other on here today…may God be blessed by our desire to be faithful in all the different areas of our lives!!

  103. Please pray for my family as we will soon be opening our home to begin fostering and hopefully adopting… We are excited and nervous and prayerful all at the same time. We are shooting to help with teens because they are hardest to find homes for, and both my husband and I have worked with youth for the past several years…

    Please pray specifically for:

    1) the kids joining our home – that wherever they are TODAY – that God is protecting them and loving them and comforting them

    2) that our own two children will embrace this with compassion and understanding and that the transition will be smooth

    3) that we will be equipped to care and love for these kiddos with whatever specific needs they may have

    Blessings to all of you,


    • May the Lord order your steps and bless you and make you a blessing. I pray for covering over your family and more joy than you can imagine 🙂

  104. For a safe family vacation to Florida. For my husband to be able to do only minimal work while we are away. For quality family time. For peace instead of anxiety as we fly!

  105. Can I just say that I think this was a great thing today, I loved being here today. What a prayer requests, so much is going on in so many lives. I’ve really been encouraged here today, I felt loved. And it was great praying for so many of you.

  106. May the Lord be with your family through this entire family vacation. Thank you Lord for the quality time this family will spent together, thank you for the beautiful weather they will enjoy. Please Lord guide the father of this family into enjoying the blessings of free time, showing your perfect love to him and that way he will show his family your example. Given the necessary rest in this vacation and renew their hearts as they find you Lord in the beauty of your beautiful creations. Bring them closer together through this time, keep them safe through out their entire trip. Bless them Lord today and always. In your name I pray, Amen

    Please pray specifically for:
    My my parents that are dealing with the lost of one of their daughters ( my sister marlene)
    For my sister that is dealing with traumas ( she just got kidnapped for 45 minutes the same day she buried her sister) she being dealing with depression and is wondering her sexuality.
    For my husband that has left for another woman 2 weeks before we were having our first baby.
    For me so that I accept the will of God for my marriage and that I have the strength to deal with it.
    So that I will be a better wife and more importantly a good mother especially if I have to continue to do it alone, I need wisdom and strength.
    Please also pray so that God renew me everyday with His spirit to be the woman, mother, wife He meant for me to be. thank you very much and God bless

    • Oh precious sister, what a season of deep trials you are facing. I am heart-heavy for you, though I know the Healer will show Himself faithful. Praying for you as you carry your precious child not knowing what the future holds. I affirm both that this is a valid time to mourn and that our God understands heart-shattering loss and deep fears and anxiety–you are made in the image of a God with emotions; do not be deceived into thinking that He asks us to neglect our emotions in processing life with Him. Bringing you before His throne tonight, sweet one. May His hands of comfort enclose you gently in this moment and in the days and weeks to come as He works out His perfect plan in your life and the lives of your family members.

  107. I’d love some prayer over my life right now…it’s been a long season of grief. My brother died unexpectedly and dramatically when he fell off of Stone Mountain last March. It has crippled our family completely and we are still stumbling through this awful grief. My mother in law has also been declining rapidly from her Alzheimer’s which has caused my little family a lot of hardship due to us being her caregivers. I ask that God grants me (and my family) a lot of GRACE, Lots of Mercy and above all this Patience. I ask for the strength to just smile through it with love in my heart. I want to love more than i want to fight and cry.
    All of this I ask in my Holy Father’s Name, Amen.

    • I pray for Kim and her family. Comfort them as they deal with the sudden loss of their precious brother. Also give them strength as they lovingly support the mother -in-law who suffers the decline of Alzheimer’s. This family will need extra patience. When this situation is more than they can handle with their human abilities, please let them lean on you and draw on your strength. Surround them with others who can help. Draw them close as a family. Pour your love on them and through them.

  108. Lord, I pray for tibisay and her family. Let them place their sorrow in your arms. Surround them with Godly people who can help them through this time. Send sweet memories of Marlene to comfort them during their sorrow. Send guidance to the sister who has been traumatized and questions her sexuality. Give this couple strength to deal with the infidelity and hurt. Let this new child bring joy into this family. Let the child grow to love You, Lord. And there is so much on this woman’s shoulder now, please send her strength and wisdom as well as peace. Bring this family together to love and support each other.

    Tibisay, I truly wish I could hug you now.

    My request is that my husband learn to know and love the Lord.

    • Thank you Teresa.
      I will be praying for your husband and for you so that just by your beautiful example and without a word, your husband sees God in you. I pray for strength of your faith and your devotion and acceptance of God mighty power and the believe that nothing is impossible for him. I will praying for your family. Thank you again

    • Father God I lift up to you Natalie’s marriage. I thank you Lord for her devotion to you and her understanding of your word regarding marriage. Thank you Lord for her life and her and her commitment to her husband. Father god I just pray that you give her peace and patience and understanding that your ways are not her ways. I pray for this marriage Father that you will restore it and heal it and more importantly God I pray that they listen to you and what you are teaching them through this turmoil. Bless their marriage Lord with your love and your spirit of reconciliation, in your name I pray, amen

  109. Teresa…
    I pray for you that the Lord uses you as an example for your husband to see how the Lord affects the lives of those who love him and hold in present in their hearts. I also pray for your patience and steadfast as your husband hopefully finds his path to the love of the Lord.
    My prayer is that the Lord reminds me that motherhood is a Blessing and uses me as a guide and example for my daughters to be women who love Jesus.
    I also pray for my husband to be truthful to me in our marriage.

  110. lord, I pray for Theresa that you help her to be a light bin her home. Draw her husband to a place of surrender and total dependence upon you.

  111. Father God I lift Natalie to you, to your throne. I know that You know all the circumstances that lead her to ask for help from You. I pray Father God that you would let her know in an unmistakable way that You are with her, and that You will never leave her. I pray her marriage would be a testimony not to perfection but to perseverance.
    I wish I could take your hands and pray with her Lord, so you take her hands and comfort her.
    For me…I pray that I would patiently follow God in all areas of my life. With my husband traveling so much, my boys getting older, friendships, leading Bible study, “writing” , discipling…I find I become a big control freak to keep it all together. When all I need to do is hold my hand out and open my fingers up to Him.

  112. Dear Tonia,
    I prayed that God will grant you inner peace even amidst your busy life. May you know His will in all areas of your life and feel His Hand upon you as you go through your day. May you experience quietness and have trust that will strengthen you.

    I would like to be still in the midst of busy-ness, to be filled and energised not by the approval of people I serve but to be full because of a consciousness of God whom I serve. Pray that I may not be distracted by tackling tasks and doing chores but be focussed on God. May grumbling not pollute but true gratitute flow and bless thoae around me.


  113. Cellina Praying that you will not be distracted in this life; but will find time for our highest priority God. I too have trouble with priorities in my life. Praying too that God will bless others through you.
    Right now my husband and I need prayers for our finances. If we don’t get around $300 by tomorrow we could lose our internet and phone service. Also our landlord wants the rent money no later than Tuesday. We need another $600. Right now my work is down to 9 hours a week. I need other work; but haven’t been able to find any other work. My husband has degenerative osteoarthritis; but has been turned down for disability. He doesn’t have hardly any cartilage in his knee. He cannot do any of the work he has done in the past. Thank you for your prayers!

  114. Praying for the Lord restore my joy. I just got divorce, asking prayers for our son and I feel lonely. Also today is my first day at a new job.

    • Hi Vanessa! I am praying for you and your wonderful son to get through this time in your life. Remember God is always with you, even when you don’t feel his presense, he is still there caring for you and your son. He is your comfort and your joy and he has a good plan for your future!

  115. Glanda, praying for your financial situation. Asking the Lord to provide for your needs. Praying that the Lord give you peace and wisdom. Amen. Stay still and trust in Him!

  116. I need to go back to work in the next month or two, and I’ve been a SAHM for the last 13 years. My job experience and skills are very limited, so I have absolutely no idea what I can do. I also find the whole situation very scary. I desperately need some direction and plenty of courage!

    • Selina, I understand. I need to return to a paying job after being a SAHM mom for 28 years. I don’t know who would hire me at age 51, when I have been home with the kids all these years and only a two year degree. I could get a minimum wage job, but is it worth it? I also still have 3 at home ages 12, 14, and 16 that I homeschool and I would have to work around our homeschooling. Not a good situation.

      So I pray that the Lord leads you to the right place without any hassles. That your job search would be productive and you would know that the Lord’s hand is in it.

    • Selina, I am praying for you today. I am a full time working mother with a strong desier to be a SAHM. I am praying the Lord will provide you with a good job and the courage and wisdom to handle your new responsibilities! Just have faith….He will provide!

  117. Glenda, Robin, Vanessa, Selina, I am praying for you this Monday morning! 3 ‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know. Jeremiah 33:3.
    My request is this…that I will have faith not fear as uncertain days are ahead for my family. My husband has been unhappy in his work situation for the last few years and we have been praying for a new opportunity. It appears the Lord’s answer may be in a way we never expected, with him losing his job. That is so scary because my income doenst cover our bills. Deep breath as I hold onto the promises of our Lord in the upcoming days.
    Thank you

  118. Jo, I’m praying for Wes Evans.

    Please pray for my 2 sons who were raised in a Christian home and are confused now about God and faith. One son believes it doesn’t matter what he does here because God has already decided where he will go when he dies, so he chooses to not go to church. The other son doesn’t believe in the bible and believes God is responsible for all wars. Pray that I will have wisdom of when to talk and when to be silent. I’m praying and fasting for them.

    • Lord, I pray for Maria Theresa and her two sons. Lord, you are our Holy Father and you understand the pain that Maria Theresa feels as her sons have turned away from you. Holy Saviour, you are in the boys’ hearts. Please allow these two boys to renew their relationship with you. Holy Spirit, I pray most earnestly that you may guide Maria Theresa as she prays and guides her sons. May the Lord be with you Maria Theresa.

  119. Please pray for a good report as I sit and wait at MD Anderson to discuss my protocol for breast cancer treatment. Trusting God with every step I take. Have already met angels along the way….
    Thanks everyone.

    • Dear Barbara, I am praying for you and your doctors…that your faith will remain strong in trust of your Father…..that you will trust His goodness and rest in His peace and healing..that your faith will witness in strength to the ones who are caring for you…that your doctors will have wisdom and insight into the best way to treat your illness and that the medicines they prescribe will only heal and not harm your body……I pray your emotions will not rule, but your faith wrap around you like a warm blanket on a very cold day……He will always be with you , He is not surprised or dismayed at what has happened to you, He has the answer and will always respond to you with the best ever for you……why do I know….well, the scripture is clear….and my experience trusting in the LORD is clear….and the testimony of others who trust Him agree……sending hugs and prayers your way…your praying friend, Lila

    • Barbara, I am praying for you. I have been just where you are and I know how difficult it is! I pray God’s peace surrounds you and that you have His peace and confidence with every step. Be strong and courageous. He is with you where ever you go!

    • Dear Barbara,

      praying for faith for you and your doctors…That you and your family remain strong and try to encourage others going through similar struggles.

      Rest in His grace, mercy and love! He will see you through all of this and use you as a witness to others of His perfect love & will!!

  120. Like many others our finances have taken a dramatic loss. My husband and myself are getting very frustrated, upset and disheartened. Honestly it is also affecting our faith. I am humbly asking for prayers for my family to be able to get past these struggles and keep our unity as a family. I am thankful everyday for all the blessing we do have as I know who gave us those. I pray for those of you who are struggling as well. If we all pray and have faith like that of a mustard seed then anything is possible.
    Thank you and God Bless us all!

  121. I am praying for you and your family Traci. God has you in the palm of His hand.

    I struggle with the generational sins in my family and the effect they have imparted on me. I deeply desire to be a better mom. I want to nurture my children, raise them up in God, and provide for them a safe and loving environment. I constantly feel like I don’t measure up and fear that my children will someday realize what a failure I am. It is a struggle that I am fighting to overcome.

  122. I pray, in the name of our Lord Jesus, for the generational sins of your family be broken by the power of the Holy Spirit that is within you! You have the authority to overcome those sin. I am praying for you.

    Please pray that the Holy Spirit would reveal those pockets of pride in my heart, so that I might be humble like Jesus.

    • Prayers for healing, finances, hope, love, forgiveness, and grace are being lifted up to our Father!

      Please pray for wisdom and guidance. My husband and I are at a crossroads and need to make some tough decisions that will alter the course of our lives. May our will be His will!

      • Lord you promise wisdom when we ask; please send wisdom now to Diana and her husband as they face the decisions that are on their hearts. Help them see your will for their lives. Let the path they take be to your glory. Let them submit to your will.

  123. Please would you pray for me as I am organising a women’s conference and am finding little help in pulling it together, also am finding everyone is leaving buying their tickets until the last minute! Here is the info http://www.kingsdaughtersconference.co.uk

    Also, if I may ask one other little thing, God has put it on my heart to write these books but now that I are written I have no idea how to market them, please pray that God sends someone to me who has a gift in this area so I can focus on continuing to write about the amazing things God has done in my life. More info here http://kingsdaughters21.blogspot.com/p/books.html

    Thanks so much for your prayers, they are very much needed and appreciated.


  124. What a blessing to read through these words! A gathering of believers coming together to pray over and for each other. Thank you for facilitating this!

  125. I have and am praying for so many of you, ladies.

    I have some requests myself. Pray for direction as we begin our home school adventure. We need curriculum and basic supplies for my Kindergartener. Pray for direction & opportunity with my writing. I want to make sure I write the words He gives me and when He tells me too. Pray for a financial breakthrough. I’d like my needs met each month and to save a bit too.

    Thank you!

  126. May God Bless all who needs a little help and strength. It’s when your hardest hit when u must not quit. He is with us always PLEASE Help me pray for my Aunt that needs all of our prayers to help her get through she is in the hospital from internal bleeding leading also to liver failure I cant live without her so I ask God you have always answer my prayers and for that I’m forever grateful please heal her I would take her place give me her pain so she can be good again thank you Jesus Thank you for Never leaving me.