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Priscilla Shirer is a Bible teacher, speaker, and author. Priscilla is married to Jerry, with whom she founded Going Beyond Ministries and has three sons.

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  1. I admire my husband for resolving to be the Godly leader God called him to be. He stands up for Christ and his Biblically based beliefs no matter what and is a wonderful father, husband and friend.

    bamagv at aol dot com

  2. The man I admire is my father. He has always been there to discuss with me things of God, and is now living out his faith as the pastor of his church. We have some amazing conversations. He is so kind and gentle and truly loves spending time with people and listening to them, he loves making people feel welcome and important. A great example of our heavenly father to my brother and me, and now to our children. A true blessing.

  3. The man I most admire is my father. He has always been a great example of what a loving, Godly man should be so I knew exactly what to look for in a spouse. I’m a Daddy’s girl through and through and feel so blessed that he is my Dad!

  4. My husband. He works full-time at night, goes to school full-time during the day, and still makes time for the kids and me. I see the man he wants to be and know he’s trying to get there.

  5. My husband. He is a Godly man, wonderful husband, and awesome dad. He is constantly working on becoming the man God has called him to be.

  6. A man that I admire in my life (I really hope this isn’t inappropriate) is a man that I work with. I don’t admire him in a inappropriate way but I admire him for his faithfulness in GOD during a HORRIBLE time in his life. Every time I ask how his “situation” is going, it seems to get worse and worse but his attitude never changes, he still jokes and laughs and still praises GOD and returns to GOD through it all. It’s pretty amazing to watch and it encourages me DAILY to run after my ABBA!

  7. My husband has been ill for over a year now with a chronic bowel condition that he will have to live with and try to manage for the rest of his life. He remains positive and has tried to keep going with normal life at work and church being on sound or even crΓ¨che rotas on Sundays even though we don’t even have any children! What a man!
    He’s currently in hospital and I continue to pray for healing and trust God that this is a season of our lives, not a pause button stopping us from living life. HeΒ remains positive when I’m sure he feels down, brave when in pain and being prodded with needles, humble relying on God to teach us and strengthen us, and I admire him so much!

  8. I admire my dad. He definitely demonstrated a life of love, compassion and character to me during my childhood. My biological mother was very ill with Lupus and actually became ill only 6 months after my parents married. When I came along my dad had already weathered quite a few years of literally being a servant to her. One thing I remember from my childhood is the way he treated my mom. Mo matter how sick she got, how tired he was from a days work in the office plus hours of care taking when he got home, or how frustrated he was that his wife was dying, he ALWAYS modeled for me a “husband/dad of noble character.” I remember thinking as a little kid that someday I wanted to find a dream guy like my dad… someone who will love me no matter what and someone who would stick out the hard roads of life with me when it would be much easier to just walk away.

  9. I admire my dad, which has no blood relation to me but has been my dad since I was six. He is still working on becoming a man of God but a man that has taught me more about dedication, faithfulness and passion than anyone else that I know. I pray for the day that he turns his faithfulness and eagerness to serve… to HIM will be a day that God and I both have been waiting for.

  10. my uncle. He is so patient and kind, just love my aunt no matter what. He is so consistent.

  11. my uncle. He is so patient and kind, just loves my aunt no matter what. He is so consistent.

  12. I admire my husband, after being in the military for over 22 years and then to continue working with to improve training for Soldiers in this generation. It can sometimes be a difficult envirnonment to work in andhe always has a positive attitude about it. Even at times when I think he should not let people treat him wrong. He rises above it and even drives on without analyzing it to pieces. He is also a wonderful father to our children and demonstrates the way a husband and father should be. He is truly amazing and I am blessed to be his wife.

  13. The man I admire most is my boyfriend of 4 years. He is the most Godly African American man I’ve ever met, and you dont find too many of those. He has made my child feel like his, and he has strived to always make sure he is setting a good, wholesome, moral example for her. He has been the father she has never had. He is an awesome man and I can’t wait to marry him and have him in my household every day.

  14. I’m so blessed to have a great husband. He’s completely devoted to our family. He works hard, has a strong faith and truly loves his family. My kids adore him so much and even know he means well when he goofs up.
    He’s a great example.

  15. The man I admire the most is my husband. He is a strong willed, strong hearted man who has great pride and love. He is a hard worker who loves his wife and kids and would move mountains for them no matter the circumstances. His journey with God is a growing one, as it is for all of us, and I know through my prayers, God will show him how to be a strong spiritual head for his family. I am not saying that my husband is not a Godly man, no, not at all. I am saying, like some men, he has his struggles in life. Exhaustion from his hours spent on the job, chronic back and rib pain…these are just a few things that hold him back in allowing his family to see his faith, to see his love and his trust in God. I am sure that God is using these struggles as a time of molding for my husband. One who already is great man in his family’s eyes will be even greater in the end for his family and for God!!

  16. I admire my Pastor. He’s been teaching me what it looks like to be a godly man in all areas of his life from seeing him with his wife and his children and people at church. I am so very thankful that I’m starting to see a healthy version of a godly man who protects and provides and leads.

  17. My Husband! He loves me and our three children unconditionally. Most importantly he loves the Lord and is never afraid to stand up for what is right! He is the hardest worker I know and never complains about working from sun up to sun down just trying to make an honest living to provide for his family and to make sure his employees always have a job in an economy that is hanging on by a thread.

  18. I admire my boyfrind, Jeff. With a colorful past, he has accepted the Lord and diligently followed him since. I’ve not pushed or prodded, just prayed ND to see him blossom for the Lord right before my eyes has been a true blessing. He is so kind and absolutely the most giving person ever. He always put me first and thinks about my needs, sacrificial like the Lord. Even if I don’t win the resolutions, I’m thankful I got to tell the world about a man who loves God and me in a healthy way! Praise God, its been through Him.

  19. I resolve to be all that I am meant to be, at every season, at each crossroads, ever looking up to the author and finisher of my faith. Thank you for this posting!

  20. My husband. He does what needs to be done to provide for his family, and he is a wonderful father. He takes joy in his children, and it makes me smile to watch.

  21. My husband is the man in my life. He has had times in his life, but I love that he is honest with our kids, and he will apologize. He went through a time that was hard, but I have see him the last year really press God towards the direction. I have seen him do a lot of sacrifice to help me. We have had a hard couple of years. But I see my praying for him, has changed him,

  22. The man in my life surpasses my expectations each and everyday. He knows that writing is a second job and therefore encourages me to stick to it while he picks up the slack with the cleaning of the house. He’s my best friend and one in which I do not have to be strong in front of and who understands what I’ve been through. Someday I hope to help his dreams come true, but meanwhile I will love him through and through.

  23. I admire my grandfather…He is a man of great faith, integrity, service to others, and he is full of joynand laughter no matter what his circumstance may be.

  24. The man I admire most is my husband. We are a newly blended family and I brought the kids. He is pushing past deeply established boundries to grow and become part of our gang and it isn’t easy but he refuses to give up, he keeps coming back for more. We are trying to do an old thing (marriage) in a new way for us and do it right before God and family. I admire this man for being committed to change and growth for love.

  25. The man I admire is my son Drew. This week he reported for Basic Combat Training at Fort Jackson. At 19, and as my youngest of 4, it is hard to let go. I admire his willingness to serve his country in the face of adversity and knowing how hard that is going to be, and the sacrifices he will have to make. This week I am trying to rest secure in the knowledge that no matter how far from me he is, he is never out of God’s sight and always in His care. I pray that this will be a time that strengthens Drew physically, emotionally, mentally, and most importantly teaches him that through God’s strength all things are possible. Crying again as I write this, so any prayers for emotional strength for me as well as Drew would be greatly appreciated πŸ™‚ Blessings to you all, I love my (in)courage family!

  26. My husband is not a Believer. Yet he is faithful in attending worship with me and listening to the teaching of a solid, gospel-centered preacher. He can sense God’s calling. And even though he hasn’t come to that place of brokenness yet, he is solidly planted in God’s love, and is responding slowly to that love, and the inevitable call to believe.
    I admire my husband for trusting me and God enough, just enough for this moment in his life.

  27. I admire my husband for the work ethic that he has. He was raised in public schools, but is willing to work extra hours because I believe that Christian schools are right for our kids.

  28. I’ve seen Courageous with my husband and we LOVED it – what a powerful movie! What a blessing it would be do to do the study πŸ™‚ The man I admire most in my life just happens to be my wonderful husband. We’re high school sweethearts (together 11 years, married for 5, with our first baby due in November) and he has been my rock through the good, the bad, the ugly, and so much more. He loves God, teaches 3rd grade, cooks, works around the house, plays in a worship band, treats me like a queen, supports my love of all things Beth Moore/blogging/random crafts and the look in his eye when he talks about our daughter makes me so proud to be married to him. Anything I might have missed out on in a male role model growing up, God has blessed me with 10 times over in my husband.

  29. The man in my life worthy of admiration is my husband. He provides for our family is a self sacrificing manner. I pray daily for him and his walk with the Lord while he’s at work. The entire message surrounding Courageous/The Resolution in captivating. It brings me to tears to think what He could do through this. God IS at work. This giveaway is uncanny. God definitely has His hand on the timing. Currently our small town (population 3000) is in the process of bringing the movie Courageous to our local theater. As I have been trying to discern what my role in this process is; two men in our church have stepped up and started the course of bringing Courageous here. I would be honored to share, with other women, the message Priscilla has to empower our men in the name of Jesus.

  30. There are two men in my life that I admire, my dad and my brother. They live in the same house, so sharing wouldn’t be probelm. πŸ˜‰ My dad is a wonderful example of a life dedicated to serving the Lord. He’s not only my dad, but also my pastor. I gained my love of books from Him. My brother is a twenty year old with a heart for the Lord. I would love to see him read this book!

  31. I admire my husband Steve. Even in the midst of our preparing to welcome twin girls into the world next week, he is cool and calm. He completely trusts in the Lord and keeps me grounded and calm. He’s wonderful.

  32. My husband is worthy of my admiration. When I married him, I truly did not understand how very much I needed him. While he does not fill the “manly man” definition I assumed I would one day marry, he is the Godly man I needed to complete me. The man I married keeps God first, puts our marriage above our children and still finds the time to show the kids that they are more important than every other commitment in his life. I believe other men in this world should follow his example for he is striving to live the way God has called him to.

  33. My Grandfather, Antonio DiFalco left his homeland of Italy many moons ago not to seek financial gain here in America but religious freedom. Because of his courageous journey, I was born with a Spiritual richness spoon in my mouth. His children (my father) was brought up to put God first and seek him in all things. This beautiful life truth was imbredded in my young life. I didn’t realize how valuable these tools were until I got older and found out that not everybody has the luxury of knowing the Bible and that the ways to cope are by leaning on Jesus Christ. Especially now, in these difficult days…I feel so blessed to have been raised on such a treasure. I admire my Grandfather for stepping out in a new land to express his beliefs and yes, my father who was a God-fearing and loving man!

  34. I admire my husband. He is a man who loves God and strives to bring Him honor in all he does. Recently, he was offered a promotion at work. He has prayerfully considered it but has decided that at this time in our life, it’s not the best decision for our family. We are welcoming our second child next week and this new position would require a lot more time from him both at the office and at home. He decided to put his family and time with his children before advancing his career at this time. Although we absolutely could and would make this new position work, after much prayer my husband never had a peace about taking it. I can’t explain how much that meant that he put us, his family, before himself yet again.

  35. My husband and I just celebrated our 20th. We married in college so we have been through a lot of life together. I know I wouldn’t be who I am without him.

  36. I admire my dad who happens to be a pastor and has faced some very discouraging valleys recently. My husband has stopped going to our church and dropped out of everything he was involved in at church so it has been an uphill battle for the past year. My dad has been there to encourage me to keep on going and to keep trusting in God. I admire him so much! I’ve watched him go through hard things all throughout my life and he has continued to stay faithful.

  37. I deeply admire my husband for the man of God he is and for the woman of God his influence is helping me to become. He came to Christ at the age of 31 coming out of a lifetime of addictions. We met the day he gave his heart to the Lord; we were married three years later. When he reflects on what we refer to as ‘his previous life’ it is like we are talking about someone else…there are no words to describe the transformation that God has done in his life. His walk has been consistent; his desire and energy to serve the Lord is constant. He is a devoted husband and father. He is a precious gift and a constant reminder to me of God’s love for me. I have often said that if he wasn’t my husband, I would blessed to know him as a friend, but he is both and I am doubly blessed!

  38. I admire my husband because he is a humble, gentle, leader. He’s a West Point graduate and an officer in the Army, but you would never know it. He does not tout his accomplishments but instead lives his life in such a way that inspires others. He has a never-ending optimism that encourages me to always see the good that God provides and thank Him for it!

  39. I admire my Dad for his courage, integrity, faith, and quiet strength. Also his kindness and work ethic.

  40. The man I admire most is my husband, David. His integrity coupled with his compassion and kindness humble and grace my life every day. He is the kind of leader that draws people around him and makes them feel safe. And the kind of friend you find only once in a lifetime. And I’m blessed enough to call him my lover too . . . .

  41. I admire my husband, Mickey. He goes over and above everyday AFTER a long day at work to be present IN THE MOMENT for us all…he is the spiritual head of our family and see God in him all the time.

  42. As much as I admire my husband for so many reasons, I would like to say I really admire my brother. He is three years younger than me. We grew up in a Christian home, but I have seen such growth in him over the past several years. He has two wonderful children that he/wife teach the importance of God to. It is so amazing see the love of God in them. There have been some trials in his life as well and seeing how he completely turned to God and trusted him through those situations just makes me smile. He is always thinking of others and helping those in need. He is a wonderful example of a Godly man. One who I am very proud to call my brother.

  43. I was away from home this weekend, having a very stressful Saturday. I called my husband about 7:30 that morning (he likes to sleep late on Saturdays’ so I knew I would be waking him up). Sure enough he was groggy when he answered the phone, but the second he heard my voice, he perked up and started talking about this and that. He updated me on Friday night footbll and for 20 minutes he talked. When we hung up I felt so much better. I admire my husband, because I know he can talk me down from being too stressed.

  44. Like many others I admire my husband, but also the other soldiers he serves with. I admire this willingness to put themselves in harm’s way, to protect people they love, but also ones who will never understand the sacrifices they make. I also admire my husband because as a Christian, he works in a job with many men from many backgrounds and beliefs. But through it all, and through this deployment, he is sticking to what he believes and Who he believes in.

  45. One of the most influential men in my life is my grandfather, Emmett Wampler. He is a very godly man who has always looked at the positive side of life. He is 86 years old and still walks every morning. He still holds my grandmother’s hand and tells her how beautiful she is. He is a man who has always put family second to God and I love that about him.

  46. I actually have 2 men I admire. The first is my dad. He lovingly took care of mom for 2+ years while she battled various illnesses, including sundowners and dementia and was basically bed ridden. He did everything for her with the help of Hospice nurses.

    The other man I admire is my God given husband Doug. He has worked as a CT tech since 1988 some 32 miles from where we live. He has done varying shifts (name one he’s worked it.) Also had to work in ER, not his favorite place. All the while he’s had a good, Godly attitude with a thankfulness to still be employed.

  47. I admire my father. He has been a wonderful example to me of God’s faithfulness, love and forgiveness in the course of my life. He has continued faithful to the Lord through many trial over many years. So thankful to be blessed with godly parents

  48. I actually have two men in my life I admire! The first is my husband. He has come a long way in his walk with the Lord. He is an amazing father and shows our kids and me nothing but unconditional love and forgiveness. My second is my son. He has an amazing love for helping others. He will go out of his way to help anyone, even people he doesn’t know. He has a passion for missions work and also for the homeless in our area. His eagerness to feed the homeless has encouraged me to do the same. I am truly blessed to have both men in not only my life but also that of my daughters. What great examples of men she has!

  49. The man I admire is my 19 year old son, Shannon. He has taught me so much about love and forgiveness. Growing up in a single parent home wasn’t the best for him, but he never complained about not having, he just loved me unconditionally. There were times when I wanted to literally fight for him when I saw family members trying to break his spirit, but he always said let’s just forgive them because they’re hurting more than they could ever hurt him. I love him so much for his courage and strength and I don’t know why God saw fit to bless me with him…but I’m thankful every day that he did!

  50. What a wonderful opportunity! My Bible study girls love Priscilla. We would really enjoy diving deep into The Resolution. Love every single one.

  51. A man in my life I truly admire is my husband. He dared to pursue his calling as a minister (even with a young family) and even though he is not perfect and our relationship is not perfect, he is so open to improving himself and “us” that I can’t help but admire him! He makes me a better person!

  52. I admire my husband. He works 9 hours a day, 6 days a week at work and then comes home and does barn chores, works on vehicles, and whatever else needs to be done in addition to spending quality time with the girls each night. He is also available to help someone if they are in need. He is the hardest working man I know!

  53. I admire my best friend and husband, Steve. He has faithfully served our family by working a job that was less than his passion because it made provision for us. Now, when he’s been laid off, he is working hard to find new employment, and making a huge difference at home by finishing projects and keeping our house in excellent condition while I’m working during the day. Couldn’t be more blessed to love and serve a Godly man who is striving to be a man after God’s own heart.

  54. My husband because Christ lives in him. He makes me want to be more for the sake of the Kingdom, and for our family, for him. He asks if I need help with the Farmer’s Market veggies covering the counter in preparation for dinner. He changes the stinkiest diapers in the history of stinky diapers. He offers to wash the dishes. When I have a nasty attitude, he waits for me. No matter how trying his day is, he is here. Loving. Serving. Paying attention. Helping. Providing. Encouraging. Who else could love me like he does? Love me through what he loves me through? Only Christ. And because Christ lives in him, he can love me like he does.

  55. My poppa (grandfather). He passed away this summer, but left a wonderful christian legacy. 5 children who love and serve the lord; 13 grandchildren who know the meaning of family and God’s love. He was always encouraging and patient. I now look at my Dad for the great man he is and the terrific support system that he has become to his children. He has followed in his father’s footsteps and shows those around him God’s love and kindness to others.

  56. My husband of 42 years is a Godly, kind, courageous man. In spite of chronic illness he has displayed a spirit of contentment and determination to live a normal life. He leads by example and is loved by his family which now extends to seven precious grandchildren who love their Pop.

  57. My husband is the father of four, wife to one, feeder of the world. He’s a farmer and a rancher and takes his responsibility very seriously. He feels a burden to take care of us, his immediate family, but also a burden to be a good steward of the land God has given us and a duty to the people in our country and the world who will eventually consume the food products we raise. He is a Godly man, on his way to being a more Godly man, and he loves his family so much. I’m a blessed woman to be his wife!

  58. at this time i admire my youngest son. In saying that i also admire my DIL. A few years ago they were having marriage difficulties. Having been married only 1 year they decided to split up. Then after prayers they found out that their insurance would pay for counseling. They went – they prayed – and God gave them to ability and desire to stay together. They were only 22 at the time. Counselor was impressed that they would seek counseling at such a young age and not just throw their marriage away. They have both worked hard and have built a strong marriage. How proud of them i am – and i know that God is the one who did this. Thank you for a chance to win a book.

  59. I admire my generous husband for his dedication and hard work to provide for not only our family but others who are in need.

  60. Another reason I really really admire and love my husband…His willingness to help out.

    He has taken days off work, at a hospital, to get up early (4am). We drove to my parents and got my dad and took him to the hospital for surgery. He stayed overnight. On another occasion he took a day off and went to visit my mom in the ER and ran a few errands with me. He is consistently willing to go above the call to assist me with my parents during their illnesses.

    He’s been my rock & fortress during those times!

  61. I am so blessed to have a fabulous husband. He is the hardest worker I know and can conquer anything that comes his way. He loves me and our children with devotion and tenderness. He has a strong faith that often grounds me and for him I am so grateful!

  62. My husband. He is walking through the most challenging time in his career right now with integrity and obedience. And at the same time he’s caring for a wife (me!) with a chronic illness and loving on his two teen girls. I am so proud of him. I am blessed!

  63. My husband, Greg, exemplifies a man after God’s own heart. He pours into his family, friends, and community with wisdom, grace, and discernment ~ loving God and others well.

  64. my husband who has become an amazing man of God ! he works so hard for us & for his country which allows me to stay home & homeschool our 2 kids. he takes so much responsibility for mentoring his young airmen, treats them like family & takes every opportunity that he can to introduce them to our Father & what He has done in our life.

  65. A man I admire is my father. He worked hard to give our family a home, food to eat, and fun experiences. He never complained, even though he worked long hours with little pay. As a child, I didn’t understand why he wasn’t always at my piano recitals or involved with my schooling, but as an adult, I see that he worked hard so we could do those things, such as piano lessons. He was a strong leader of our home and we all respected him.

  66. A man I admire, is a friend. He is not yet a husband or father, but he is preparing!! It is so encouraging to watch him learn and grow in anticipation of becoming a courageous and Godly husband and father!! I pray that God will send a man like him into my life who is fully following hard after Him.
    Thank you for this giveaway!! So hoping to win a copy!!

  67. I admire my husband who without a strong man in his early life, has become a champion for the right, and justice and a father figure for more than our own kids. I so admire him and what he has done to follow God.

  68. I admire my husband, Norse. He led me to the Lord when were college sweethearts and since we have been together I have seen him grow and grow. He loves the Lord and is the greatest servant I know. He has overcome obstacles, learned real grace, and become a powerful mentor in the lives of other men, not because of his strength or charisma (he is quite shy), but by the power of God in him. He never ceases to amaze me and he is only 31. People have often said he is an old soul in a young man’s body and I am thankful for the wisdom he has shared with me, even when we were “babies”. πŸ™‚

  69. My husband of 27 years is the man I admire. He provides for a family of seven and over the years, I’ve come to see the pressure men have to provide for their families. He apologizes when necessary. He has a secure relationship with each of our children. He takes a stand when needed. And he’s supportive of me and my dreams. I am beyond blessed.

  70. I feel moved when I hear youths talk about our maker, it is hard to hear or see things like these especially in my continent of Africa. I am so blessed as a young man knowing christ at an early age. I am 32 now and do not know much about the things youths are over taken with and that stop them from worshipping God.
    For sure I am blessed for I have christ.

  71. My husband consistently shows a Christ-like spirit in his love for others, his diligence in work, and his testimony before his co-workers. He reads discipleship books with our sons to train them in the “nurture and admonition of the Lord” and treasures our little girl.

  72. I so admire my husband, Jamey. He truly has a heart for God and has an evangelistic spirit. He made the decision two years ago to start a church in an area begging for Jesus…and we’re seeing the fruit from that! He coaches football to be in the community and is helping frame freshman boys to be men. He involves us as a family in God’s mission and works so hard to provide for us. He’s a people magnet but wants others to see Jesus not him. I’d love to win this for our church people who continue to plead for further direction.

  73. I would like to nominate my husband Greg. We’ve been married 36 years, with 2 adult children and 3 grandchildren. He loves God, his family, has been faithful to me and provided for us.

    We are currently separated.

    The undercurrent of anger that has hurt us has been masked, but never truly dealt with. He was devestated by the separation, but honored my request. He has owned his anger, sought Godly counsel and prayer ministry.

    I am nominating this man, because in his brokenness, he is seeking God and finding his true Father as well as his identity as His beloved son. His humility and courage to do whatever it takes to win his family back has been stunning.

    I am away helping a daughter, but know he will see the movie when it comes out. I feel he will want to take the challenge. It would be so special to present him with a copy of the Resolutions for Men and tell him: “The author of Resolutions for Women” and others thought you were worthy of this…and so do I. I love and respect you.”

    Thank you for considering my husband.

    at His feet,

  74. My husband is the man i most admire, followed closely by my son. My husband loves the Lord with all of his heart and strives to be the best he can be for Him. I also admire my son because he is responsible, loves his work, and devotes himself to his new wife and soon to be born first child. I’m fortunate to have great men in my life !

  75. I admire my older brother. My father growing up was not the perfect example but bless his heart he tried and now tries even harder to make up for it. My brother has tried to be the best example and leader for his family. I admire how he is working on breaking the cycle of men “rule” the house hold to men should lead the house hold. Keep up the good work Abel!!! You have a beautiful wife and family. Love You!!

    Priscilla – on a side note – You should check out or crockpot girls on facebook for more chicken recipes. They have fabulous recipe ideas. She Cooks is not a bad place to look either.

    I have enjoyed the bible studies you have written. I can’t wait to read your book.

  76. My Dad is the epitome of a Godly father. He has had struggles with impatience and anger, but he works through them and showed me growing up how to live out faith. He still gets teary eyed when he talks about “mistakes” he made in raising me… but those mistakes aren’t anything compared to what he has given me. I am so blessed =)

  77. The man I admire most is my husband. He does a great job at “demonstrating” for our two children. He is caring and kindhearted. The best man in the world!

  78. OK, this one is so easy. And unfortunately, it’s probably also very cliche. It’s my dad. This man grew up in a very poor family. They lived in a mill village house in rural North Carolina that had one bedroom (for two parents and three kids). He was a great athlete, but was unable to play organized sports in school because he had to work as much as possible to help his family pay the bills. He was the first person in his family to go to college (and other than his own kids, he’s still the only one from his family that went to college). He got into law school, but had to quit two years in two go to work to once again help out his family. Both of his parents died at a relatively young age, so he basically was/is a father figure to his sister who is 15 years younger than him. He came from poverty into a career where he saved and invested smartly and at one point in his life, he owned 5 restaurants. He put all three of his kids through school (and still gives us money even now when we are 40, 38, and 34). He came from a racist society growing up to now having a black son-in-law (this son-in-law considers my dad his best friend and had my dad as his best man when he married my sister). My dad has struggled with clinical depression. I call him every day (as do my brother and sister and their families). None of us will move farther than an hour away from the man because we just love being near him. I’m tearing up now just thinking about him. Think I’ll call him after I hit submit on this post . . . .

  79. Have I ever mentioned here how awesome my husband is? How he works full time and is on the platform at church leading worship with me every Sunday? Or how he is also studying for his Psych degree and still plays with our 6 kids? How he is so gloriously blind and thinks I’m stunning? Or how he makes me feel so very safe?

    I admire my husband. He is everything and more to our family.

  80. I admire my Dad. He is always such an example of God’s love. It doesn’t matter how badly he has been treated he still shows such kindness and goes out of his way to help those who have hurt him. He grew up without love yet there has never been a moment where I didn’t know he loved me. He grew up taking care of himself yet there has never been a time that no matter what I had done I knew he would come as my knight in shining armor to rescue me. I am so very blessed to have such a wonderful Godly man as my father.

  81. It would have to be my dad. Since I was little i have seen him sacrifice his time and desires to spend time with my siblings and me. Read us one more story, play one more game, take off work to coach one more sporting event. He has lived love to me. He has championed me and cared for me. He’s come in the night to rescue me from unsafe places and he’s made me laugh. He reads The Word in front of me and by example causes me to love and trust Jesus.

  82. As we come upon our 15th wedding anniversary this weekend, I pause to think back on our journey. I could not have asked for a better man with whom to share my life. After I met Don, I was working at our family cafe and I heard God speak into me: “This is the man I have chosen for you”… we had not known each other for very long, but we both knew that this relationship was being blessed. In the years following our wedding, we have walked a path through many valleys that led us back up to joyeous peaks. We have taken every step together and now share this walk with our three amazing children. God chose us to parent three children with special needs, and each time there was a diagnoses, we momentarily felt the wind knocked out of us before we continued on our journey. We fully believe that God has this all in His mighty hands and that what ever unique challenges one may have, that God still has a plan for you. I love the post I read the other day: God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called.
    In the past 5 years I have watched Hospice journeys pass through our home and held onto Don as he let go of both his dad and his mom. Gogo went to Heaven on the 4th of July… her Independence Day! We are now back on the path discovering with each new day how God is using us to impact the lives of others. I love how together with our children we are growing and serving God with all that we are. I could not have this life if God did bring us together. Thank you for the opportunity to share a piece of my heart.

  83. I admire my husband because he is a godly man of integrity. He is leading me and my children in our pursuit of God. He consistently loves God and loves us unconditionally. After 16 years of marriage he is still a gift to me.

  84. My husband, of course. He had a less than ideal childhood, to say the least. He had no idea how a family even functioned when we first got together. But he is commited to serving the Lord and letting Him lead him in how to lead this family.

  85. My husband…I have known him since 14…he was God’s gift to me. Jesus with skin…showing me unconditional love with humility and grace. He has helped to make me who I am in Christ today.

  86. I admire my friend’s husband who has been like a father to my son as his father has never been in his life. He is very patient and thorughful with my son and his kids. He explains whatever he is doing and what they ask about. He lets them do things at their own pace and he is super patient and even tempered.

  87. My husband and I have been going through some really difficult times these past three years. One of the problems is financial. Well, I married the most remarkable man 20 years ago. Here’s a little story that keeps me going. Last week my coffee pot broke and I am a big time coffee drinker. I won’t have any money to replace the coffee pot for another 2 wks. He went to work a couple of mornings ago and called because he forgot his glasses. So I brought his glasses to him and he came walking out of the plant with a cup of coffee in his hand. I handed him his glasses and he handed me coffee. Is that just so sweet???? I love this guy!! God is good!! My admiration is definitely for my husband.

  88. I admire my husband for being a godly man who will stand for the right even in the face of serious opposition. Not one to be embroiled in controversy, he merely outlines the reason for his position on the basis of God’s word and takes his stand… not argument, no ‘back-and-forth-ing’. (Martin Luther’s ‘Here I stand’ declaration comes to mind) His calm demeanour in the face of difficulty and conflict is a constant source of inspiration to me.

  89. I admire my husband so much. Not only is he the leader of our household but he is a true leader at his job as well. He has been, and is still serving in the Army. He is currently deployed for the 3rd time, which is actually a small number compared to most. When he is home, he is the best father I could have ever dreamed for. He is an amazing husband and always puts our needs before whatever his job may ask him to do. We move about every 2 years and every time, he looks at it in a postitive, new adventure that makes me and the kids so excited to life. He is the most amazing man in the entire world.

  90. I most admire my best friend and husband. He provides for our family and others so unselfishly. HE stands for His Godly values no matter what and does a great job teaching our children about taking a stand for Christ in all things. I am so blessed to have this Godly man walk with me through life.

  91. Like many of the other women, the man I admire most is my father….although, my reasons are unique. My parents divorced when I was only 3 and I was raised by my maternal grandparents. Years down the road, at exactly the right time, my father came back into my life. He admitted his wrongs in leaving me and has been present in my life ever since. He taught me that it’s never too late and there is no shame to admit you’ve been wrong. He’s genuine & real. He loves the Lord and has shown me that God will work in your life in miraculous ways if you let Him. He’s not conventional and is often misunderstood – but he’s generous and accepting of every person right where they are.

  92. I admire my husband. As someone who had never planned on getting married, or having kids, he is an amazing daddy, and wonderful provider for our family. He works hard and often comes home completely exhausted because of working hard 16 hour days, and still has smiles and hugs to go around. Not to mention, he often only gets 4 or 5 hours of sleep, because work days start early and end late for him.

  93. My husband is under relentless pressure. He and his Dad own and manage a successful defense contracting company in our city, which is an agonizing business steeped in competition and bureaucracy. Their business is thriving because they walk in integrity and generosity, intentionally glorifying our Lord in a field known for greed and backbiting. I am so proud of them. Right now their business is more successful than it has ever been, which has led to intense personal and professional attack from competitors. We are in the midst of an undeserved lawsuit and ugly attack. One competitor even said he would not rest until my husband and his family are living under a bridge somewhere. Even under that level of internal and external pressure, my husband has conducted the affairs of his business, home and relationships with faithful integrity and surrendered trust in his God. I watch with awe as he loves our children, pursues me and balances his work with honor and virtue. I am in the position of knowing whether his outward and inward life are consistent and they truly are. What a strong leader and faithful steward of God’s calling. I love, trust and admire him.

  94. I already left a comment for the giveaway, but I just had to add this….the line ” We get to create their childhood.” brought tears to my eyes. What a scary and awesome duty that is! But it is so true, and I wonder how many things I would do differently with my kids if I kept that in mind?

  95. It seems like this may be much needed in a failing marriage, four young children, and guilt beyond belief. Thank you for the offer. In God’s Love, sheila

  96. The man I most admire is my husband Rick. We have been married 43 years. He has always set goals for himself and has reached them. He has worked so hard and yet has always had time to be a great husband and father. I thank God for him every day. And I am proud to be his wife.

  97. Wow, that really hit home. Thank you for sharing it! I want so much to create the best childhood possible for my son, and it is so hard sometimes…. This question is really hard, too. Honestly, the man I admire the most is my dad, but he isn’t a Christian. (Oh, how I want him to be!) None of the men in my life have been, and those that professed to be at one time hurt me much more than I have ever been hurt by anyone else. So, how do I raise my son to be a man who loves God when I’m not even sure what that looks like? I be the best mom that I can be and I pray and trust that God will bring strong male role models with his heart into my son’s life.

  98. I admire and cherish my husband. He is the most “Christian” non-Christian I’ve ever met: patient, compassionate, strong, sacrificing for me and our kids, loving, gentle. Not perfect, but wonderful. And he does it all without accepting the strength of God’s grace in his life. My hope and prayer is that by living in accord with the Lord, as exemplified in the beautiful Resolutions for Women, I will be Jesus’ light for my husband, and that he will accept Jesus’ gift for himself.

  99. i am so lucky to be surrounded by wonderful, godly men. My husband is such a hard worker, an encourager and motivator, and my biggest supporter. I knew I would marry him because he had so many characters {some small and silly that made me laugh!} that reminded me of my dad!

  100. I have been abundantly blessed with many “A Few Good Men” in my life. My dad is my hero. He has been imprisoned the past two years for standing up for what is right. He is my hero and I thank God for the perpetual example of integrity and courage of conviction that he displays on a daily basis for the sake of his grandkids. The ripple effects of his choices will resound in generations to come and I’m so, so thankful for him!

  101. The man I most admire is my dad. He is loving, strong, patient even in times of trouble and heavy stress. He’s a great model of what I wanted in a husband and father and so thankful to have been blessed to have him as my dad.

  102. The man that I admire is my dad. He was a coach and athlete growing up, and then had two daughters with little to no athletic ability. He never seemed to care that we didn’t play a sport, but was so supportive for everything we did. I can’t tell you how many band concerts he attended, how many times he helped me move my percussion equipment, and how important it was to him to be there. He now will drive over 2 hours to see my daughters in whatever they are participating in. He taught me how important it is to support your family in whatever they do.

  103. I admire my husband for so many reasons. He is quick to forgive. He is patient. He is faithful and loving. He is a great cook. He takes our daughters on “dates”. He is open to learning. He staggered out of bed the other day at 6am to get a huge spider out of the bathtub for me. He puts others first. He is the first one to apologize. He is thankful for the daily things I do for our family. He sings showtunes. He’s funny. He’s a great storyteller. He is so much better at playing Barbies than I am and he makes up funny names for the boy Barbies, like Bullet or Luc (with a French accent). And when he reads Good Dog, Carl books, he invents voices and dialogue for the characters and situations. He tells me I’m pretty even when I don’t feel like it. He prays for our family. He takes care of his dad in the hospital. He is good with money and thinks and plans for our future. He makes me feel safe. He is an excellent driver. He is respected teacher and coach. Thanks. This was a good way to reflect on how blessed I am this morning. My parents were divorced when I was 5 and I did not grow up with him in my life or really any other great male influences. God has blessed me (and our 2 daughters) with a man to admire.

  104. I really admire my husband. In a world where a father figure is so missed I have seen my husband be a father to men that come across his path who either had no father growing up or had a father that wounded them in some way. In addition we have fostered children and are going to adopt and my husband has invested so much of himself into the children that have come into our home. I admire him for having the heart of a father.

  105. When I first heard the song Courageous, I knew that’s what I was wanting for my husband. Then I found out it was a movie and now a bible study, I was so happy. I began to pray that he would raise up and be COURAGEOUS! I talked to him about it and slowly I can see that he is beginning to raise to his feet and be a leader of our family. I’ve asked him if we could do a bible study together, he agreed, but we havn’t bought one yet. Just last week at the store I found the Resolution for Men and Women books. I was excited, I’ve mentioned the movie at my ladies bible study a couple of times and can’t wait to tell them that the books are already out. Thank you for the great artical. I can’t wait to read the book!

  106. We recently celebrated 15 years of marraige. My husband has been a rock to me. He has stood steadfast and true through some pretty discouraging times. We are Church Planters and have 4 beautiful babies. In all of our responsibilities, he never fails to keep his priorities right and be the best Father and Husband he can be.

  107. My father – He taught me and continually teaches me about the Lord’s faithfulness and prayer. I always remember growing up how he would pray about anything and everything and still does. If a problem, testing occurred, his first reaction was : “lets pray about it.” He always had faith to back that up also. Never wavering from his faith and a life of prayer. A true legacy he has left for me and continues to do so.

  108. The man I adore most is my handsome man! We have been together for 9 years and we have two beautiful boys. He challenges me through his actions to strive to be more patience and understanding with our boys. I have a tendency to lose my patience quicker that he does….and I know that this is not what my boys need. He is truly the perfect fit for me. God knew exactly what he was doing when he brought him into my life. I have learned so much from him and I know that I have so much more to learn.

  109. There are two men in my life who i admire greatly. My two brothers. They grew up with a very bad example for a father… and it didnt break them. Instead, they are stronger and more compassionate because of it. They daily inspire me to overcome the obstacles in front of me, and not blame my past but be the best that I can be. I am so blessed to have them in my life.

  110. I admire my husband. He is a man of God, he has a heart to serve, not only at church, but at home, and work, and in life. He wears the armour of God and daily seeks God to lead his family in the right ways, he is a wonderfull husband and dad. I call him my Knight in God’s Shining armour. I am so blessed that God has put us together to share our life.

  111. truly look forward to reading this soon !! I have an aversion to resolutions myself so….come on and change my perspective Priscilla !

  112. I admire my husband, this hasn’t always been easy, not because he didn’t deserve it (because he always has) but because it has taken me a while to understand that I need to focus my admiration and praise on him. He is an amazing, involved father, a loving husband who is quick to forgive, and showers me with love and a willing and helpful volunteer in our community and church. God was so good to me when he gave me to him to be his helpmate.

  113. My husband is the man I most admire. We will celebrate our 39th anniversary in a couple of months and he absolutely adores our girls and our grandchildren. He isn’t perfect and he isn’t afraid to admit when he is wrong. He is a Godly man and puts God first in his life. His mother, 91 years young, lives with us and recently suffered a stroke. He helps me with her care daily and does her physical therapy and occupational therapy with her. Is it easy? Absolutely not! Does she get angry at him? Yes! He has to practice tough love with her on a daily basis yet he maintains his cool and patience with her.

  114. I admire my husband. He has overcome issues, changed his health and is striving to find the “balance” in life so he can be the man God has called him to be. I see the wordly struggles in him and I see him battle out the choices. I have learned that I am not going to be able to change him, only Christ can change him. So, I have gotten out of the way and I am seeing a courageous transformation take place!

  115. I admire my husband. He married me knowing that he would be a step-father to two daughters, and has shown character and patience in providing them an example of what a Christian father should be.

  116. My husband Nick truly amazes me. I love to tell people that my husband washes our feet everyday–and he does. He gives, gives, gives not just to us but to others. He works long hours for a Christian counseling center here in our town where he “proclaims the good news to the poor, binds the broken hearted, and proclaims freedom for the captives.” He empties himself over and over again in–giving to others what the Lord has given him. Then he comes home, and gives to us–like the fountain that never runs dry. I am so blessed to not only know him, but to be married to such an awesome man after God’s own heart. He is a great husband, father, counselor and pastor. πŸ™‚

  117. I really admire my hubby but I’d say my dad. He purposefully raised me with a love of Jesus and always cared for and protected me. When he gave me away to my husband at the tender age of 18, he trusted that God had a plan for his little girl and trusted us completely in the decision we were making.

  118. Well I have two men I admire and they both go to my church one is an elder in the church he is so selfless is always giving of himself. He has 3 kids and they just lost an infant son about 1 yr. Ago but he always has a smile on his face and always goes the extra mile. The other is my Pastor he is am awesome men of God and he loves with everything and he and his wife have 3 kids all grown and married but when there family gets together there smiles light up the room. So this would be good for them they or my pastors wife led me to the Lord in 2001 .

  119. There is no man I admire more than my grandfather. My grandfather has faithfully and humbly served the Lord all of his life. He is a devoted husband (for 65 yrs!), father, grandfather, and great-grandfather and he truly practices what he preaches. Even at 87, I learn from his wisdom and his example. He truly is a treasure and a gift from God.

  120. I admire my grandfather. Every year during Christmas break, I visited him and my grandmother in Wyoming. They were my truest picture of love and a servant-heart in marriage. My grandfather took care of my grandmother when she was ill, and it was easy for me as a bystander to see the love shine in his eyes. He had time for anyone and would always listen. My grandmother has since passed away, but my grandfather continues to be an incredible, loving man to those fortunate enough to know him.

  121. My goodness, my heart and spirit are lifted so high after reading your post and the comments of readers that overflow with love for the men in their lives, especially their husbands. What a tremendous gift we give our children when we deeply love their dads!

    I, too, admire my husband. Both of us came to Christ just a few short years ago, and he walks the talk, and is a wonderful dad to our daughters, a great role model for our first son-in-law, and a great reminder to our daughters of what a loving relationship looks like.

  122. The man I admire most is my husband. He continues to grow closer to God everyday…and although things are not perfect I know he loves me and our children. Hi is a fantastic dad! He has grown so much in his faith and even when he is troubled he perseveres.

  123. my husband is the real man that God created. He is kind, giving, involved with his kids, loves to cook(PTL)! And, we are very Blessed to have him in our lives.

  124. The man I admire the most is my husband. I almost feel guilty writing that down because I so don’t tell him that as much as I should. With kids and work and laundry and dishes, I can so quickly loose sight of encouraging and building others up, especially those closest to me. Instead, I use him to vent my frustrations on or show him my less than chipper self. Right now, I’m going to call him and tell him how much I admire the man/husband/father he is! Thanks for making me think of him….I will vow to do it more often!

  125. Michael Miller. My friend. Soon to be my boss. And the man I admire most in the world. Eleven years ago, at the ripe old age of 27, he started a ministry called The Micah Project in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. He provided a home, education, family, and hope to boys that would have otherwise grown up on the streets or in severely impoverished situations. He has laid down his life, so that these boys – and now young men – can have a life.

  126. It’s my husband, Dan, that I admire…of course he strives to be more like God in his life & is a man of God & prayer…but what I admire is the ability he has to laugh easily & to keep anger & agitation in it’s place & not displace it. I’ve never seen his anger or displeasure fall on me (or the dogs)…he deals with it & then takes the positive turn that he always does….he makes me smile!

  127. “man in my life”.. it will have to be Jesus when He came down as man to save us all, who I know for sure we all admire in our hearts πŸ˜€ and want to be more like!

    I also admire my brother in Christ, not only is he a man of prayer, but he is patient and kind. He is also a great listener towards his brothers/sisters/elders/friends inside and outside of the church, and cares for so many people. What I admire most, is that even though he will be becoming the student fellowship leader this September, he is really not afraid to admit his problems, his weakness, his faults, his mistakes etc, since he knows that Christ’s power is made perfect In weakness. He depends so much on God, and is grounded in the word. He is nowhere near perfect, but that is why I admire this brother because he wants to be better each and every day.

    I am entering this because I know the book will be very useful indeed! I am still a (uni) student, single-not married, but I will be starting to serve as a female leader in the church youth group this September, and I think not only will I learn from the book/be encouraged by the book, that the girls in the youth group will perhaps also find it useful. Hoping to help with God’s power-to build up more young women into mightier women for God!

    I would also like to ask for prayer-please pray my brother in Christ and myself as it will be our first time leading a group soon (well i prefer the word “faciliators” :D) . Thank you so much πŸ™‚

  128. I admire my dad, who always showed us how to serve the Lord. He was incarcerated because he wouldn’t choose to bow down before the Communism regime 40 years ago, yet he never lost his passion for God’s Word and His people. I miss having him around, since he lives back in Europe still.

  129. My husband. I’ve never seen him argue with anybody. Ever. Yes, he gets mad. Yes, he disagrees with people. But he never forces his opinion or emotions (be they right or wrong!) on anyone else.

  130. I admire my husband for holding on to Jesus during a very difficult, unchanging struggle he is having. He is awakened to pray very early each morning and is faithfully seeking God before I’m even awake!

  131. My husband. He is so affirming of my personal walk with the Lord ~ always acknowledges the growth he sees in me and so unconditional in his love for me ~ much more so than I deserve. After two years of substitute teaching, due to being let go during the financial crunch, he has finally found his dream job at a small Christian school and will be able to disciple young men in the Word. His persistence to stick with what God designed him to do has been truly courageous!

  132. I would say the man on this Earth I admire much would be my husband of 16 years – John.
    John introduced me to the Lord and daily lives out his faith – especially with our children. I count it an awesome blessing that the Lord would choose him for me in this big old world He created.
    And I look forward to our future together – growing in love & faith in Him.
    -Colleen G.

  133. There actually several men in our fellowship that I admire, who make it their renewed, daily aim to walk with God each day.

    But I truly, truly admire my husband. His openness about his faith, his resolve to live for God, his patience with me, his love for our son and me, his kindness to ALL he meets (always an example to me), his willingness to stand for what he believes in. All of it. He’s an amazing man, and definitely the “better half” here. He inspires, but gives credit to God.

    This study for women and the resolutions for men sound amazing. I’ve enjoyed some of Priscilla’s studies before. Thanks for this kind opportunity.

  134. I would love to read Priscilla’s book and learn what God’s resolutions and plan is for me. I admire my father who raised me to be a Christian young lady who loves Jesus!

  135. I admire a man in our church whose name is Brad. He is one of the greatest encouragers I know: to his family, his church and everyone he meets. He never fails to call people on their birthdays or anniversaries always adding a word of encouragement, always telling them how they have impacted his life. He is a man who constantly strives to be the person God wants him to be.

  136. I admire my husband so much!! He is so loving, so helpful, and so patient! He inspires me so much everyday to be better!!

  137. My husband. He has grown exponentially since I met him. His heart belongs to the LORD and his life is a daily act of submission. I thank our LORD for the present He has given me in David.

  138. I admire my husband for the man he is, fulfilling so many different roles each day–husband, dad, pastor, friend, brother, son.

  139. As a new follower of Christ (almost 2 years now); I have been richly blessed by the Lord with a Godly man in Kyle. I admire the beauty of our Lord in Kyle’s heart; his passion for Christ and his unconditional willingness to surrender his life daily and live in obedience is inspiring. Kyle has been an inspiration in leading my children and I in a closer, deeper, more intimate walk with Christ. He emits Godliness, his passion is undescribable. His faith is unshakeable. His patience is beyond my comprehension and his vow of purity in body, mind and spirit in our relationship is beyond description. He is amazing. Kyle is my richest blessing from God.

  140. The man I admire most was my father-in-law. Bob went to be with Jesus this past April after a very brave fight with cancer. Bob showed God’s love in so many ways. His first marriage failed but showing God’s redemption he remarried when my husband was 4. His wife had 4 children from a previous marriage and Bob adopted all 4 of them, creating a family truly blessed by God of 6 children. Bob worked very hard to support and lead his family. Encouraging them to do what was right and to love Jesus above all. My husband is the man he is today because his dad showed him and raised him up with God’s love and for that I have two beautiful boys growing in that light. Thank you Jesus for Bob and the legacy he has left of your love on my heart, in my husband and in my boys.

  141. God has greatly blessed me by placing many men in my life, chiefly my husband and sons. My husband is a loving, faithful, hard working, kind, generous man. (And the list of adjectives to describe him could go on and on.) He has been a living role model for our sons, teaching them how to be resourceful men who are responsible and filled with practical, common sense – which is actually pretty uncommon these days!

    My older son Eric is married to a beautiful woman named Racheal. His sense of humor is quirky and his laugh fills up the room wherever he goes. He is a hard worker, responsible, creative, and caring.

    My younger son Andrew is currently serving in the Army National Guard and has completed a tour of duty in Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. He has a huge, tender heart. He freely gives even when the personal cost is great. We’re so proud of him and the sacrifices he’s made to ensure our freedom and protect our peace. We look forward to the time when he will be able to return to civilian life. His future is sure to be filled with service to others, and we’re eager to see how God will work in and through him.

  142. Like many others listed above, I greatly admire my husband. He is truly one of the most patient, kind, generous, genuine and loving men I’ve every met. He loves the Lord, and he loves me (and yes in that order, as He loves God more than me, I’m happy to report). I spent much of my life in unhealthy relationships, and had an absent father, and rather flaky stepfathers. I am so thankful for the Lord’s healing and grace in this area, and His gift of my husband (we’re newlyweds) leaves me breathless and full of gratitude! I hope to win these books so we can work through them together as a new couple madly in love with our Savior! I am always blessed daily by incourage and love Priscilla’s writing! (Just finished her “Discerning the Voice of God” study yesterday – magnificent!) Thanks!

  143. I admired my father. He was an inspiration to me in many ways. He was a hard worker his whole life…after his retirement from IBM he started his own piano tuning business and literally worked until the day he died. He was a gifted musician, and served used that gift in faithful service to the Lord as a church organist, and often also as choir director from the time he was a teenager until his death at age 79. He had a brilliant mind, and despite a lack of formal higher education he never stopped learning, and taught himself many skills through the years; and he made it a point that anything worth doing was worth doing well. I could always depend on him to help me with any problem or any need, and he never expected anything in return. When my mother became ill, he took care of her without complaint for several years until her death. He taught me many valuable life lessons just by consistently being a man of integrity.

  144. My husband is definitely the man I most admire. He is a courageous, passionate leader who loves the Lord and serves Him with whole-hearted abandon both as a discipleship pastor and as head of our home, and previously as a missionary. I am proud to serve beside this man whom God has so blessed me with. His trust and faith in God have been and are wonderful examples for our children and I to follow. It is my privilege to serve beside him as his partner both in life and in ministry.

  145. My husband is truly amazing. He is always willing to help out around the house with rarely a complaint. He works hard for us and wants to make sure we have enough money to live. He takes my feelings and emotions into consideration, and he will bring me flowers or a Double Choc. Chip Frappichino if I’m having a particularly bad day. πŸ™‚

    I love him so much!

  146. I admire my husband. He has always worked hard to provide for our family. I had to have surgery this summer and he took such good care of me in spite of having health problems of his own to deal with. He just went above and beyond anything I could have imagined! He is my hero!

  147. I admire my husband. He is a hard worker, he provides for our family, is very active in our church, and he’s a wonderful father as well as a spiritual leader in our home. He is a wonderful friend and I’m so happy to call him my husband. God gave me a wonderful gift when He brought my husband into my life. What a blessing!

  148. I admire my wonderful husband. He juggles a ridiculous work schedule, travels around the world for his job and still makes time for “us,” for date nights (or lunches) and manages every single day to tell me how much he loves me. He still takes hiking trips with our 18 year-old son, and finds time to do special father-daughter stuff like spend 3 hard-earned weekends to build a large chicken coop. He and I and our son all perform each Sunday with our worship team, and he volunteers countless hours during the high school marching band season out on the field instructing the horn line. His incredible work ethic and his will power are awesome examples of strength and determination, as he endeavored last February to lose weight, and as of today, he has lost 63 pounds! He’s the most amazing man I know, and I’m blessed to be his wife.

  149. My precious husband is the godly man whom I so respect. He and I married at age 45. I became a new Christian at age 45. He has been beside me and walked me through and in the early stages of learning to be the woman I am in Christ. He has been my example of a Christian walking with Jesus, a man to whom I can turn to and totally trust. I am so blessed and know that God has given me an extraordinary marriage after my first ungodly marriage (me included!). My husband had never been married before me so in other ways, he and I grow together and are now at the age of 64. I pray God gives us many more years together to walk and grow in Him. ~ linda

  150. The man I most admire is my husband. He works so hard and is a wonderful provider. He is going to school on the side. He is concentrating his efforts now on prioritizing and protecting our marriage and family. I just can’t say enough.

  151. My father is the man I admire the most as he’s always been the most influential and guiding Godly man in my life. πŸ™‚

  152. The man I most admire is my dad. He is at home with the Lord now.
    He was an outgoing corporate leader who taught me everything I know
    about how to be more outgoing around other people, how to survive in
    the corporate world (from a manager’s viewpoint), and how to catch fish.
    He did an excellent job of turning awkward situations around in public
    and his professional life. He had a sense of humor which was at the same
    time witty and elegant. He was also a whiz at math.

  153. I have to say my husband is the man I most admire. He has helped me through some really bad times and never left my side. He has been out of work for over a year now and has had some really hard knocks but he picks himself up and keeps going. He never gives up and works to give his family everything. He is such a special man, not just to me but to others as well, and I wish he could catch a break he so deserves. He is seeking God at every turn and I believe it makes him stronger.

  154. I admire my husband for his sacrificial lifestyle for our family, working two jobs, parenting four kids (two of them through the traumatic and tumultuous journey of foster care), caring for me when I feel like I can’t go on, coming home every day from work to continue working for our family. All with humility, compassion, and Christ-like behavior…well, most of the time πŸ™‚

  155. I most admire my dad. He had less than ideal beginnings and learned early on that leaving was easier than staying. He had no role models and didn’t allow anyone too close for a very long time. He never had much to say to me as a youngster, but I learned as a middle-aged woman that still waters run deep. He chose not to follow Christ for a long time and lived a life never really trusting anyone. Life truly is a journey. With each passing year, he seemed to wake up a little at a time. God softened his heart and gave him ears to hear and eyes to see. My dad, once aloof and guarded, now knows joy and freedom in Christ. Tears flow easily now, emotions not some distant stranger. He has learned to trust and to feel and to hunger and thirst after the One who died for him. A life truly transformed by a Life so freely given. What a Savior.

  156. The man I admire is my husband of 37 yrs….he is my pastor, my best friend, my lover, the teacher of our children and now grand children….the love of my life….I have watched him thru the good times and hard times…and he always has a smile and always cares about everyone else.

  157. My dad. I am so incredibly blessed by him. I have a tiny inkling of how wonderful my heavenly father is just by how loving…deep, unconditional love…my daddy is.

  158. My husband. He is so long-suffering and patient. He’s the most disciplined person I know and the fact that he loves me so unconditionally amazes me every day. He is truly a gift straight from the hand of God to me and to our children.

  159. My dad who is so patient and kind. He’s not a man of many words but when he does speak people listen. He has a great respect and love for my Mom. And treats my sister and I with that same love and respect. He is not perfect by any means but I am so thankful that the Lord has given me a personal example of a Godly man in my life.
    I am truely blessed.

  160. I was reading these comments and I really wish I could come up with something from my own family but the male figures were less than desirable I now understand. I am divorced so I can’t say my husband. BUT I admire my ex-husbands Dad. He is not his biological dad, he adopted him before his 1st birthday. He raised him as his own and from what I have witnessed the last 12 years of knowing him is that he was a wonderful father to him and his siblings that came along later. He is a Christian man and one that can be trusted. He will listen whole heartedly and be fair. He is still someone I call to talk to about things even now. We talk frequently due to my kids needing to remain in contact with their grandparents! He offers support and advice even though I am no longer married to his son. I am always told how much they respect the way I am trying to raise our kids in church and trying my best to keep things between me and their son amicable. He is an all around great guy!

  161. I admire my Daddy . . . he chose me as his adopted daughter and has loved me as his own for 43 years. I am his own and His own.

  162. A friend of mine – who is so rock steady in his faith, even when the winds are blowing. He encourages me to seek God first and foremost.

  163. I admire my Dad. Reading this blog about what we want our kids to remember brought to mind all the times growing up that he showed me gentleness, love & forgiveness. Most of all, I remember how he always made a point of apologizing to me when he messed up, something that I am still learning to do now as a parent myself. He may be a quiet, unassuming man in a lot of ways, but he is also a very solid, godly leader & a great example of always trusting the Lord’s will for your life.

  164. My grandson Wyatt is the man in my life I admire. Here is why:

    Do you know how exciting it is the moment you realize a prayer was answered? That happened to me on my way home tonight. The biggest smile broke out across my face and my heart melted. I was so full of happiness and gratitude and I think I blushed. God listens. God answers.

    I asked God to strengthen Wyatt. I asked God to send His Holy Spirit to dwell within Wyatt. After all, Wyatt goes to church. He worships, he claps, he listens, he asks questions, he takes communion. He solemnly participates in the Lord’s Supper. Last Sunday he stood in our prayer circle, our circle of worship, holding hands, even making room for his Grandma in that circle while I walked down the aisle. He served the lady next to him the bread, the wine. He held it for her and watched her as she took and remembered Jesus. He is a child of God. I mentioned all of this to God. I mean, I know God already knew all of this, but as I was telling Him, I realized that it was important. All of these details are important to God, and God wanted me to recount them, so that I would realize – Wyatt is a child of God.

    Wyatt needed God’s help. He’s been struggling at school. Just from the descriptions I have been getting from Mary it seems Wyatt takes school for as long as he can and then he has to bolt. Oh boy, do I know that feeling!

    God answered my prayer. He strengthened Wyatt. Wyatt has made it through two rough days in Kindergarten. After weeks of not being able to make it through a day, Wyatt stayed the whole day – both days. God sent his Holy Spirit to Wyatt.

    God answers prayers. God loves his creation. All of us. Thank you God!

  165. I would give it to my daddy and yes , at near 29 : ) , I profess to be a tried and true daddies girl! So, he would be the man that I would bless with this book. He often reminds me, when I all to often let random things ruin my day, that I can start over at any point. Basically, to address it and move on! That statement has helped me a many a day : ) . A fathers wisdom will never go dim even when my younger (thought I knew it all) self turned a deaf hear but his wise words I heed now! I admire him for the courage to not be my friend but my father!

  166. The man in my life whom I admire is my husband. He has made sacrifices in his career so that he can be more present as a husband and as a father. He has taught me how to truly value and treasure relationships.

  167. The man I admire is my husband, Mike. He left a good paying engineering job ( 40+ years old) to become a full time missionary. He wanted to make his life count for the kingdom. During the early days of “M” work our marriage crashed from many outside and inside stresses. How could this happen when we committed our lives to full time work?? But my husband was resolved to look at his life and deal with the issues in his past. Not many men are willing to do this. We became friends again and lovers for life.

  168. Hi Priscilla,
    Sounds like a great book and I can not wait to buy it and read it! Thank you for this giveaway!

    The man I admire is… husband. His name is Mike. He works hard for our family. He accepted Jesus a little over a year ago and he and I are walking the new christian life together. Hallelujah!

  169. My husband chooses to do the hard thing, chooses to walk his life out as an authentic man of God, chooses to make his family his priority, chooses to deny himself and put other’s needs first, chooses to love when loving is tough. This lifestyle was not modeled for him, nor taught to him; he learned it through some tough situations and some not so good choices. When it was hard, he chose to do what was right, and has been living that out every day since. I couldn’t be more blessed.

  170. My husband is the man who earns my admiration. Despite being in the military and having been gone for more than half our marriage and most of our sweet little ones lives he is the rock of our family. His faith and devotion to God amaze and inspire me every day. Watching him instill that faith in our kids brings me such joy. We are so blessed to have a wonderful, Godly man in our lives.

  171. I admire my husband and my two sons (14 & 12). They are all big-hearted “boys” who love their family. They are sweet, kind and passionate about the things they do. It is hard in this world to be a man and remain kind-hearted, but they do it and I am very proud!!

  172. I admire my husband, Sam. He is a man of integrity and he is always willing to stand up for what he believes. He has more motivation than anyone I know and is always planning the next project before the first one is even done! πŸ™‚

  173. How to pick just one of the many godly men in my life? The legacy left by my gentle grandfather who left all he knew behind to minister along with my grandmother to people in a foreign nation. My father who moved us around the world in following God’s leading on his life and yet always was able to make our home feel secure and our life stable – inscribing on our hearts that our sense of security comes in knowing God and His provision for us. My husband who is the most self-less man I know, who is always giving of himself for his family and for others. My own two sons – each so different yet exemplifying kindness, godliness and who fill our home with laughter. My life has been so blessed by the men God has placed in it.

  174. I admire my husband, Colin, in more words than I can fit into this box. Colin’s godly character shows in the way that he is a selfless husband to me, a hard worker and community-oriented police officer, and a hopeful father to a little girl in Ethiopia we are praying God places in our arms in His time.

    While he is the perfect helpmate to me, we are not perfect. We would be honored to recieve these books to learn and apply the Godly truths to our lives so that we can be better Christ-followers, spouses, friends, and future parents, God-willing.

  175. I admire Jesus Christ, the man. For all the obvious reasons. He is simply amazing. Thank you for your article. I look forward to reading the book.

  176. Definitely my husband! I came from an abusive home with a father who was always angry, out of control, easily stirred up, and when I began to pray for a godly husband, I pleaded with God for a man who was none of those things, and God honored me with the calmest, kindest, and most patient man I could have imagined. Having been around an angry man growing up, it made me admire my husband’s easy going temperament so much more. We have been married 28 years! I am so glad our two daughters were blessed to grow up in the peaceful home God provided.

  177. I admire my father. He is the most selfless person I know. He is the type of person who would buy the cheapest pair of shoes so that I would have many opportunities. He worked long, hard hours to provide for us.

  178. My dad. He’s always been a prime example of a godly man. The most humble, wisest man I know. He’s my dad!!!

  179. Definitely my husband. He works so hard, following his dream of starting a construction company. He is leading the way in energy efficient building and loves what he is doing! I admire him and try my best to stand beside him and support him in our journey. I try to see the big picture and not the everyday difficulties that owning a business brings. He is also hilarious and a wonderful father!

  180. I admire men who put their families and kids first before their own needs. My husband works hard everyday, as do many. He sacrifices sleep and other things while also attending school & leading activities that our children are participating in. He rocks!

  181. I admire my husband:). He went back to school to get his masters so I could work less & be home with our 3 kids more. He works an hour away, frequently works late, & often brings work home with him. I know he does this because he feels a great responsibility to provide for his family. I am thankful he is willing to invest so much so that we are able to create the kind of childhood we want our kids to have.

  182. I admire my older son and love him very much. He recently retired from the military after 30 years, and has been married for 27 years and has 4 daughters. Though his career pulled him away from his family many times over those years, he has been a wonderful, loving, patient, supportive dad to them . Having been raised with only a younger brother, I can\’t imagine what kind of culture shock this must have been for him. Best of all, he has been a Christian for some time, and takes that seriously, as he does all the other facets of his life. He is a rock!

  183. I admire my husband. He lost his job a couple months ago and now has taken a job in a new town and the rest of his will be moving soon. He is leaving his hometown, his family, his friends, and his comfort zone to take a job in order to provide for our family. He is amazing and I am so blessed by him!

  184. I admire my husband most because he puts up with my crap and doesn’t run down the street screaming just to get away from me.

  185. I Admire my Husband Cory for being a Loving Husband and Father. My husband is a hard working and strives to improve himself and to better himself in his spiritual life and in his work life to provide for our family. I know God is working on both of us and is allowing us to grow together to ensure we have a family built on the Foundation of God. I am blessed and know that God will continue to work in our lives and to guide us in each season. A reminder I received recently is my Husband is the Head of the Home and I am the Heart of the Home. I have to have faith to allow my husband to lead our home and to trust God’s hand in our lives and the changes that arise in everyday life.

  186. My husband is a wonderful huband and father…I have the utmost respect for him. He is a man of honesty and integrity and has a heart full of kindness and love. I am so blessed to be his wife!

  187. The man I most admire is my loving and supportive husband. The list is long for all of the reasons I admire him — he shows up fully in the world, always willing to give of himself. He hold me accountable to be the best version of who he knows I can be, the woman God created in His image and likeness. He acts in integrity, always choosing to be kind over choosing to be right. His compassion for the suffering of others makes him tender-hearted. And, the way he holds my hand or hold me tight when I am in pain or stops to give me a kiss before he leaves the room makes me aware of how blessed I am. My husband leaves me a note or card every single morning since the day we were married. He always apologizes first and hurts when I hurt. While he may not be perfect, he’s simply perfect for me. When I look at him, I see Jesus in his loving eyes. Yes, the reasons why I admire my husband are many. And, I thank God each and every day,

  188. I most admire my Dad who has made his fair share of mistakes in life just like everyone else, but still continues to encourage others and have an infectiously rosy outlook on life.

  189. The man I most admire is my husband of 30 years. He’s my life and has been there for our three sons, our grandson and myself through many many trials and very hard times. He loves people no matter who they are or what they’re about and has shown me how to love others, but most of all he gives all the glory to God our Father. I thank you Lord for making him the man he is today.

  190. I admire my amazing husband, friend, and soul mate. He truly is a gift from God and I give thanks every day. Husband is on loan to me while we share our earthly life together. He is committed to the truth and does his best every day. From these comments, it is evident that God is good and he walks among us through those we admire and cherish.

  191. I admire my brother. He is one of the best people I know with one of the biggest hearts, despite all that he’s endured in his life.

  192. I admire my husband. He is the first man in my life to show me what a Godly man of God looks like. I grew up with 4 step-dads – none of which truly loved or feared the Lord. I watch my husband in awe as I see him love me as Christ loved the church and I watch in wonder as he raises our son with such a God given love and sweetness that I did not know as a child but I thank God my son has. I know my son will be a God fearing man because of the wonderful example he has in my husband. I also know our future generations will not be bound by the chains of my past generations all because of this amazing leader God has placed in our home and lives. I don’t know another man like him and I feel so fortunate and undeserving to be loved by such a humble amazing man.

  193. Definitely my husband, Richard. My admiration for him cannot be put into words that would do him justice. But, let me just say: he’s my hero.

    I would like to be entered into this draw, as a motivator for me, to never forget the resolutions Richard and I have made with each other.

    Thank you


  194. Most definitely my husband. He has been the stronghold of our family and has helped, along with God, to embrace God and get back to being a Christian. He has given me the strength to pray, read the Bible and do the right thing. He has stood behind me in all my accomplishments and failures. He is a God fearing man and has made a commitment to be a husband, father and family provider.

  195. The man I most admire is my husband of 19 years. I have watched him work in physical labor when he had nothing left to give so that he could support our family of 6 children. I have seen him do without things he needs in order to give to us. I have seen him sit up at 3 a.m. seeking God in His Word when the answers we needed could be found nowhere on earth. He is tender to my daughters and seeks to make a man out of our son. He is a man of conviction, honesty, and integrity, and I am honored to be his wife, serving alongside him in ministry as God has called us.

  196. I admire my husband so much he is such a godly man and he has pushed me forward to be all that I can be in God. He is so in love with Jesus and he is such a great dad and he gives our family such a great desire to strive for more of God. I thank God for him because he really lives his love for Jesus and loves us as Jesus would. He is an amazing man, husband, father and Pastor.

    I would love to be entered into this giveaway, to get this resource, so I can resolve to be the best wife, mother, and leader God has called me to be.

  197. I admire my husband Jody. He bought a copy of the Resolution for Men after we watched the movie Courageous with my parents. He was so moved by the movie that he watched it numerous times and read the book multiple times. He spoke to our pastor and is now teaching the book to a group of men during Saturday Morning Men’s Prayer. None of the men have the book, what a wonderful gift that would be for him to give them. Our pastors wife started a womens bible study and we are going through the Resolution for Women. Most of us bought our own books, but what a wonderful tool to hand out while inviting other women to join our group. Please know that whoever is blessed with this wonderful gift will truely be blessed. It is a life changing experience.

  198. I admire the lord he has been there every time for the kids and me when dad goes throw bad times with him leaving us then he comes back when he wants to. With this up and down the lord has been there all the time not noticing it at first tell I hit rock bottom then I see. I let the lord in ask for guidance throw this hard times so I can be there for my kids and not be wondering went he will be back so for this I do thank the lord god bless.