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Arianne is a mom of three boys and a baby girl. She lives in Phoenix, AZ, and sifts through the Legos and fluffy cloth diapers hoping to one day catch up on sleep. Her heart is healing and thriving from living life as a mom of kids with autism and...

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  1. What a great reminder on this Sunday morning… God IS bigger than all the hurt, pain, injustice and sadness in this world. We must do our part on a daily basis but must never forget that He is the one leading our efforts. We are not alone.

  2. Wow! I get so burdened with despair and even guilt when I stop to take in tragedy all over the world. But “It is Finished”, and we are eagerly awaiting Jesus. This is our hope and peace to spread everywhere.

    • I do too. It feels so immense. But if I let that immense feeling take me down, what good am I, you know? It has to be about loving on the least of these…not about how it feels too much for me to handle. Every heart we touch each day is grateful that we took the time.

  3. Thank you for the reminder that God is bigger than all of it. So often I get stuck in saddness for all that is happening around me, that I need to hear and remember that there is hope.

  4. God’s grace is amazing… and life hurts so often when there are things that happen that hurt so much and we can’t do anything about it. Great reminder that God is bigger, even when life hurts beyond description.

  5. This was for me today. I had to admit my daughter to a psych hospital last night. I have seen her go down hill for the past 2 years and I feel so lost. Spent an hour weeping at church today. Lost. Helpless. And as a woman who speaks for groups of hundreds, ashamed. Broken. But grateful for this post and its encouraging wisdom. You bless deep!

    • Oh Laurie. Chills as I read your words. I am praying for you tonight as I slip in here to read everyone’s words today. I go off to time with Jesus asking Him to comfort you and fill every cell of you with surrender and reassurance. You are enough. {{hugs}}

  6. I had a bad day yesterday and didn’t know how to deal with it, so wrote this:

    Dear Father God,

    I am so sorry to cause you pain
    I didn’t mean to let you down again
    I hoped to be more than this and to glorify your name

    No matter how hard I try and do
    No matter how I let go and rest in You
    No matter how I strive, I can’t seem to push through

    You are God, amazing, awesome
    You are truly the strong and mighty one
    You rescued me, saved me through your precious Son

    Please forgive me this day
    Please show me how to live Your way
    Please lead me and help me not to go astray

    God said, “My precious child

    You please me more than you know
    I will never, ever let you go
    In the good times and the bad
    I will always be your loving dad

    Never will I give up on you
    I know you are going to pull through
    Stay strong my little doe
    Hold on tight, don’t let Me go

    I promise we will stay together
    each day, now and forever
    I love you with all my heart
    I always did, right from the start

    Now get up, dust off and try again
    Today was hard but not in vain
    My mercy is new every morning
    I am faithful in everything

    Arise now and shine
    Leave the past behind
    I love you, I feel your pain
    Carry on and try again

    I will show you the way
    Trust me night and day
    My word is a lamp to your feet
    Daily of it you must eat

    I love you my precious one
    You are forgiven, it is done.”

  7. “His Spirit wil show us me what to do.” Yes, Ari…I need to remember this. And given the fact your words here echo many spoken by my pastor this morning, I believe He wants me to remember and believe this, too.


    • The power He gave us to “operate” here on earth is so immense, we need only accept and tap in. I’m so glad for you Kristen! <3

  8. I understand the sentiment; and you write with feeling. But as someone struggling with belief, and faith, I have to ask- what use is that? How does religion help the needy; those living in poverty and struggling with abortion. What use is religion if it is not coupled with concrete action?
    This is with respect- I’m genuinely looking for peoples perspective here 🙂

    • Eva, I so appreciate your words. And you know what? You are exactly right in your implication. Religion doesn’t help. I’m sick of religion, frankly. Religion isn’t Jesus to me. Institutions aren’t Jesus to me. Being the hands and feet of Jesus is to me, what it’s all about. The love. This is why I wrote in my piece “where was the church?”…the church in this woman’s village failed her. God did not fail her.

      But this is the point I’m hoping to make – there are people destitute and needing what we have to give – love – in every city in every place imaginable. I don’t have to feel like the entire world is on my shoulders to grieve – though it’s so hard having God’s Spirit in us and *not* feel His grief – it’s not mine to take on everything all at once. Whether or not God is calling my hands and feet and heart to the people in my city or calling each cell of me to Guatemala, it HAS to be about more than religiosity and all about Jesus and Love and not being a spectator.

      “They will know you by your love…”

      {{peace to you}}

      • …and just in case my rant {blush} be misinterpreted…religion and institutions are only Jesus to me so long as they aren’t failing at the things Jesus asked us to do. To love Him, Love others. To be the hands and feet. To serve the least of these. I’m in a place where I’ve had enough of the rest until we get this part the priority.


        • Dear Arianne I hope I am allowed to make a comment here, but I want to say how precious I find your comments! I stumbled onto this website simply out of despair – I have stumbled again and just went searching for answers. I seem to constantly let my Lord down and to be honest I am sick of it. My life is a constant repeat process of stumbling, getting up trying again – only to mess it up again and it is always in the same area. ALways! I am sick of it – I have so much to give, so much to offer but cannot go forward because of the snares I let myself walk into. Why? Why? Lord please help me!

          But then I read the articles on this website and I realize that it is not about me – it s about those who have NEVER heard of our Lord, His saving Grace and His precious Love. O that I may keep this ever before me, reminding me of what true and final work He has done through the cross! Thank you for the privilege of getting a glimpse of what God is doing through this site. God Bless you!

  9. Beautiful post that is touching on a part of my soul that is grieving over precious children around the world that are starving to death. God is bigger than the poverty- the malnutrition- the helplessness I feel as I just weep over it. I can’t help but wonder why God has placed such a heavy burden on my heart…I don’t know. But I know He is good all the time- come what may.

    Eva, those are tough questions- especially as I grieve the fact that I can’t do more than pray or give money. But the Bible says that God can do through us infinitely more than what we could ever imagine (Eph 3:20)- and that includes my prayer and gifts. He can take very little (5 loaves and 2 fish) and provide for a multitude.

    And I hesitate to use the term religion because for me it truly is a relationship with God. And the thing I’ve learned in dealing with persecutions and turmoil is that God has never turned His back on me and in Him, only in Him, I have hope that He will deliver me.

    But yes, it is very important to not just grieve but to take action- whether it be in prayer, donations, etc. Faith without works is dead. We are to be the hands and feet of Jesus to carry His message of hope to all the world.

    And I hope this makes sense- my thoughts are scattered at the moment 🙂 Blessings.

    • Beautiful words, Shannon. And I think that burden is there because you share the burden with Jesus. He has you on a path and you’ll know why and where and how before you even realize it. 🙂 {{hugs}}

  10. This is a beautiful piece, Arianne. Thank you for sharing. These butdens are so great, and you truly can feel the earth groaning in anticipation of salvation. How much more can it bear?

    Lord, come quickly. Jesus, come.xo

  11. I keep coming back to comment but everything I want to say sounds so trite compared to this big punch in the guts (I mean that nicely). This is just raw and good and real and true. Thank you.