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Julie writes from a heart captured by God's love and beating with gospel life. She is a wife, a mama to six and a woman amazed by grace.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Hi Julie,
    I’ve never seen this web site but thanks so much! Your encouraging words came at the perfect time.

    Love In Crist


  2. Hi Julie – Did you know that daisies were R and my wedding flower? How sweet to read your post today….being reminded of God’s awesome, powerful, beautiful love lavished on us who believe. Thank you, sister! I may look at daisies in a whole new way….he loves me, he loves me, he loves me!! (Actually, R pencil-sketched a daisy for me back in 99 where he wrote those exact words….) LU

  3. What a wonderful reminder! One of the best things about God is that there is never the “He loves me not” with Him. He always loves us.

  4. Julie,

    What freedom I have, that I am loved..not because of how I perform..but because He loves me inspite of my inperfection!! Jesus has made me lovely to the Father!!! Who could ever do this for me??!! I used to look at the daisy after all the peddles were plucked off and thought how ugly the daisy looked after, then I would have to gather another one to have it come out to the hoped response of “I am loved”……always bouncing back and forth between “I am loved…I am not loved” and I was not a pretty picture after either after my constant wondering of “am I loved”. I don’t need to do that anymore, though at times I am tempted to start sizing myself up again, and have found that my sisters such as you remain a constant encouragement to not look to the daisy anymore, but to the one who made the daisy.

    Love, Elberta

    • Ah, yes, Elberta! I remember doing the same thing–how many daisies until it comes out the way I want it to? How much do I have to do to be loved? Then learning that His grace and mercy “have no corners”–how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ. And thanks for the daisies–they were from you!


  5. Such a simple concept, Julie, yet we struggle with the truth of God’s love! Although I often play that game with His love–“I love you … I love you not …”– I have never thought of it in that way. From now on, I will search out daisies and remember–there are no “love me nots” with God!

  6. Julie…thanks for the reminder of His deep love for us, His daughters! What a privilege we have to serve a Father such as Himself. Blessings on you today my friend!

  7. hey,
    I love your post. I need to rest more in My Loving Father and Savior’s arms, when my home is oh so empty. I have come to really see how much :He Loves Me!”these last few years

    I was reading another post by Ann Voskamp–thank you for being that woman in my life who taught me to trust, to love, and that I needed someone to share my days with,to risk the hurting. You taught me to believe that someone just wanted to be my Friend. Thanks for girls night ins!

    I rejoice in God’s work in your life!

  8. Thank you for this gospel drenched post. Oh the beautiful truth of His love for us that tells us to rest because it has all been done for us!