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Learning daily that I’m being chased by the One I pursue. Cancer survivor, counselor, teacher, speaker. Lover of coffee, books, my dogs, and cooking.

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  1. Thank you for sharing, this is absolutely beautiful and has touched me deeply. Thank you for shining a different light on such a familiar story!

    • Emily, I’m so glad it touched you. It’s so easy to forget that He uses it all. I struggle with that eternal perspective sometimes. It’s amazing how He is so faithful to breathe new life into the familiar. I pray that you feel His warm embrace around your heart today!


  2. Perhaps we will never know the impact we can have on someone’s life through Christ Jesus. God use me to make a difference that will bring honor and glory to your name. Thank you for sharing Melissa and bringing a new found understanding to scriptures I have read and heard so many times before.

    • Susan,

      I’m glad you were blessed by it. It truly is the living Word, isn’t it — He so often shows us new and transformational truth in Scripture we’ve read so many times before. Thanks for comment. And most of all, thanks for being the best Mom a girl could have. I love you so much!


  3. So wonderful. Hard to read…my eyes were flowing like a faucet. You are a very talented writer. Thanks for being bold enough to go for it!

    • Thanks, Nicole. My eyes were a big ole’ faucet the night God gave me this perspective, too. Praying that you have a beautiful day of blessings — He loves you and delights in you!

  4. Wow – I love this perspective, Melissa. What a wonder to have been that woman who had no idea where her work was headed. A great reminder for all of us who worry that what we do might not be important,. Thank you for this perspective!

    • Thanks, Lisa-Jo. I hope she met Jesus here on earth and saw Him in that beautiful robe. But if not, I’m sure she was amazed by the truth of this when she got to Heaven. =)

  5. I love this, Melissa! Recently I’ve been overwhelmed with the reality that I have no idea what God has planned, or what His will is for my life. Your post was such a great reminder of this and such encouragement to me today. I so much appreciate your words today!

    Rich blessings as He continues to encourage you and show you His way for your life.

    • Hi Amy,

      Keep praying for clarity and discernment. It will come! I’m so happy that you were encouraged today. His purpose in us will be fulfilled, and it’s being done even we can’t quite connect to it yet. I have to remind myself of this pretty much daily! Be blessed, my friend.


  6. This. Was. Amazing.

    I definately have been feeling like I don’t matter. Like because I dropped out of college to get married, have sweet babies, and work a hard, but honest job, that I can’t make a difference.

    This was incredible!!!!!!!!!! And very, very true. Excited to complete my mundane tasks for the King. 🙂

    • Oh, Kaitlin, you are indeed making a difference. Raising children of influence. Building Godly leaders. Setting an example as a Godly wife. And most of all, by being a woman that God created you to be with the gifts that He entrusted to you. He is weaving Himself and eternity into the fibers of your daily work. Rest in that truth, sweet friend! Remember, your tasks are serving royalty — none of which are mundane. Thank YOU for your encouragement today!

  7. Melissa,
    I want to thank you for enlighten me on the seamstress, I never thought about it like that. It such a powerful and encouraging outlook for us all. God truly will used us if we just allow him to. I pray God continue to use you. Thanks for Sharing.

    • Hi Sandra, thanks for your comment. “Letting” him is the part that I have the most trouble with. So very thankful for His grace!

    • Hi Jessica,

      Indeed, it all counts. He sees higher than we do — what seems mundane to us can be used so forcefully and powerful by God!

      Be blessed,

    • Hi Lindsey,

      I lose my words all the time! ha ha (Although there may be some family, friends and ex boyfriends who would beg to differ!)

      The message of this post challenges me, too. I need to be reminded…pretty much constantly.

      Be blessed!

  8. Just this morning I asked my husband to pray that I’d be at peace with the things I won’t be a able to accomplish this week (packed with necessary but seemingly unproductive things). His reply was, “Why don’t we pray that God will accomplish what you cannot.” Your post has solidified his thoughts & I’m ready to go forth knowing He will accomplish the unknown. Thank you!

    • Hi Kim,

      Well then. I love it when God delivers truth at just that precisely right moment. He’s good at it! It thrills me to know this reached you in a way that allowed you to feel God’s presence today. He is so faithful. So very faithful.

      Much love,

  9. I love that one day, we will know. We will know these beind-the-scenes people, their stories, the unraveling of world events that happened because they did what they did.

    And we will know our own!

  10. What a beautiful and inspiring illustration and perspective. I AM a seamstress/designer and have yet to find a way to reconcile my craft and my faith. This really spoke to me. Thank you!

    • NO WAY! I love it!

      So glad you found your way here today. Praying that He takes this new nugget of truth, gives it deep roots in your heart, and that the ministry through your craft flourishes and grows and sprouts wings and changes lives.

      Aren’t His nearnesses just so amazingly good?

  11. Thanks so much for this!! I now sew to augment my disability income….(used to be a nurse before an accident disabled me from that career)…Often I feel that what I do isn’t meaningful enough. I love sewing for children…seeing moms so happy with something…but I often wish I could have deeper impact. It’s pride really…wanting to be more important, and it’s shame, feeling less than! So, Thank you for this wonderful perspective as I go, today, to my mundane workroom and put the results in God’s Hands.

    • Hi Kathi,

      Wow. Lots of things come to my mind and heart when reading your comment. First, how beautiful that you are able to create lovely pieces in the midst of this season of physical disability. You can still create and what a wonderful gift and expression of your heart that must be. Second, what a beautiful treasure you give to those Mommas who are blessed by what your hands make (and in many cases, I’m sure you serve them by easing a burden of making things or shopping for things themselves). Third … and this is a big one … the little kids that wear your clothes … Those little kiddos get to feel confident as they prance and play in beautiful garments that I am sure they are proud to wear and display. Those little clothes might just end up in a little girl’s hope chest or a little boy’s baby box to be passed down to future generations. Memories will be built in those little clothes — birthday parties, baptisms, kindgergarten graduations… Momma’s will remember what their little ones we wearing for years to come, and a dress worn by a little girl will be placed on that little girl’s daughter’s body one day. How beautiful is that?

      So glad you found your way here today.


  12. This post has me in tears…half ashamed that I feel like sometimes my contribution to my somewhat mundane job is the “just putting one foot in front of the other” to get here in the morning! I have prayed for years to support myself by my paintings and art…but the yoke of paying my mortgage and bills far out-weighes that reality! Thank you for reaching my work weary heart today with this lovely and piercingly truth!

    • Hi Lucia,

      I can certaintly identify with what you so sweetly shared in your comment. Just remember, whether we “feel” connected to it or not, He is constantly faithful to the promise of Romans 8:28. In His perfect timing and in His perfect love, He will unhide that which is hidden — may you rest in the truth of knowing that His purpose in you will be fulfilled as you release the yoke to Him. Praying for you, friend!


  13. Beautiful…

    You know, since Christ was in his early thirties during his ministry, and he was unmarried, at that time it was most likely His mother who made His garments for Him… perhaps another family member, but He was poor, from a small village… it’s highly unlikely that the woman who sewed His clothing was a stranger. It’s even more unlikely that the one who made it would have ever thought it would have been the source of Grace for someone else. I’m always in awe when God uses the material things of this world to pour out His Grace upon us. He makes all things new…

  14. We never know how He is using us, who we are influencing, what others see in us. At the end of a long day, what a blessing to know that He makes all things new. Wonderfully said, Melissa.

  15. This is a creative perspective that blew my mind! Thank you for your wisdom and grace. To see the untold stories of Jesus – that is a powerful gift. God bless you! I look forward to reading your blog! Hugs! 🙂

  16. Wow, Melissa – Thank you so much for sharing this perspective. I’ve started sewing & I never thought about how the pieces I make will bless the person who receives them. I should start praying for the person by name while I make these items.

    I’d love to share this with my MOPS group as a devotional. As mamas, we all struggle with feeling like our lives are mundane, day-in and day-out. Reading this Gospel story through fresh eyes just might be what a mom needs to read on a rough day.

    Thank you for allowing God to work through you to be a blessing to so many countless women.


    • Hi Ginny,

      I hope you do share it with your MOPS group and that they are encouraged by it! Thanks for your sweet comment, and I pray that you have a blessed day.


  17. Thank you for this – what an incredible shift in perspective, both on an old story and on life and the work we do. Thank you for these life-giving words.

    • Thanks, Jadyn. Isn’t it amazing how the Word truly is alive? He breathes new life into it for whatever season we are in. I was in a place of grieving over not feeling connected to the ministry that He has called me to. He lovingly brought such a beautiful new perspective to a story I’d read 100 times before. How cool is that?

      Praying you’ve had a blessed day today!


  18. This was incredibly touching, Melissa! I love the new perspective on a story I’ve always been drawn to. Your message sinks deep into my soul and will encourage me in all my “mundane” tasks! Thank you!

  19. Absolutely timely. Thank you for writing such a lovely bit of encouragement. It hit home even more for me because I actually do sew. Many Many things and sometimes I wonder does this really matter. Does anyone care, is anyone being blessed. Yes! when my children are warm and clothed. Yes! they are being blessed. This really changes my perspective on even the day to day tasks of motherhood.
    Thank you

    • Hi Jacqueline, After reading your comment, I have no doubt that you bless so many who know you. So glad you found your way here!


  20. I’m not sure if a guy is allowed to comment on here or not, but great post. Great insight into a character that is often overlooked-the helper, the servant, the behind-the-scenes person who does-it-all! It gives me a greater appreciation for them, and reading this gives me a greater appreciation for you. Thanks!

    • Hi David, thanks for the comment and the encouragement. The untold stories are as powerful as the spoken ones sometimes, leaving us with a special kind of wonder. I love how He faithfully reveals them to us as we dig deeper into His Word!

  21. I meant to tell you the other day how great this reminder was to me. I have wrestled in the past with how my creative gifts only indirectly connect with the heart of God. I do pray through each painting, but still, it’s a constant tension between which part is “business as usual” and which part is ministry. I’m still working through all that this means, but this insight definitely speaks to the heart of this struggle. Whatever our vocation, our calling, our ministry, may it be a lifesong to Him and may others be blessed.

  22. Amazing. Truly. Thank you so much for sharing this insight and helping me to really see and BELIEVE that what I do makes a difference. You have an awesome gift – thank you for sharing it!