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Who am I? The tendency is to list all the labels I hold and tell you all about my family, but I'm learning that I want to be a woman after God's own heart first...then all those other things just fall into place. In essence: I am a woman living...

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  1. What a super post!

    The whole challenge of life balance is huge for us in our roles as ministry leaders, workers inside or outside of the home, family members, friends, etc.. No matter what our age or marital status, so much pulls at us and demands our attention! It’s so easy to be coerced by the urgency of the moment and our huge list of things to do into a lopsided, unhealthy, overwhelmed lifestyle, leaving little time for the relationships and experiences that feed our souls.

    In order to run this marathon well, we’ve got to keep in mind what the flight attendants tell us to do at the beginning of each flight … if that oxygen mask drops down, we need to tend to ourselves before we start taking care of those we love around us.

    Jesus modeled that for us. The crowds were pressing in, the needs were endless and non-stop, but He knew when it was time to move away, to get in a boat, to head up to a mountain, to spend time in solitude or in the company of those dearest to Him. I love that we get those peaks into His private life in the Gospels.

    So, yes, as a pastoral counselor/life coach/wife/mom/grandma of 6/friend, I see this as an urgent issue and will keep championing it and writing about it … and try to live it, too!

    Lots and lots on life balance here –

    • Amen, sister! Amen! I had to live in the disbelief of all of that–thinking I must be superwoman because I can (up to a point)–until I Saw the Truth.

  2. First of all, I just love the word “wonky.” It’s just so appropriate. 🙂

    Secondly, this is such a solid choice that honors Him to the core.

    I often try to find that perfect rhythm, too–not too many activities…make sure we involve play time and rest time..eat veggies…family time…reading time…early to bed…–and yet, life happens and we *whirl and twirl* among it. When we live with a desire to honor Him, it’s the cadence of our steps–our breath for Him–that is worship, and like an acrobat artistically balancing the wire we’re balancing life with Him in our laser focus.

    Rich blessings as He leads you to honoring Him in all you do, Aimee.

  3. Thank you for the precious post, daisy eyes (that’s a cute name!). The Lord is our rhythm, our constant, and our lives beat to His heart. You are a wise mama with a gift to share! I checked out your blog and its lovely – I look forward to following you! Thank you for sharing your insight and calling. God bless you.

  4. Incredible! Yeah, keeping a particular rhythm isn’t always easy in a house that has autism in it, but balance?…that’s exactly what we need. Handing it all back to Him…every minute…over and over. I needed this. Thanks…

  5. Incredible insight! We should ask God what rhythm He has for us and follow Him not our whacko crazy rhythms.

    Thanks for a great post~!

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