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Stephanie Bryant is the co-founder of @incourage and a podcaster at the #JesusLedAdventurePodcast. She owns a Marketing & Business Coaching company. She is passionate about guiding you to your promised land and personal brand therapy. She enjoys spending her days with her husband and their miracle daughter, Gabrielle, on #BryantFamilyFarm....

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  1. Beautiful post. God ordained that we would rest — rest in His presence, rest in His love, rest in the stillness. I keep myself way too busy. Praying for peace and calm for both of us during this season.

  2. I’m tired too.
    I’m praying for rest, for relief from stress and anxiety. For you, and for me.
    The only big thing we are doing this year for the Christmas season is making a trip from FL to PA. Gifts for just our immediate family. Helping with a free shopping day at church for needy families. Not going overboard on decorating or parties. Taking the time for focusing on the Reason for the season, that is my goal!

  3. Thanks for words to a weary soul, He knows the way I will need to go in his work he give strength for my path. Peace be still and follow I can do all things through Christ illuminatig my path in strength to follow his way even when it hurts. Speaking to self in psalms and hymns and spiritual things not allowing my mind to take my thoughts captive on self. Thank you Lord Jesus

  4. Oh Stephanie, I can relate. I’ve been thinking about rest myself lately. (and being tired!) Grace to you and to all of us women who often wear many hats and juggle many plates. I like your idea of just letting things fall as they will for a while. Good reminder before the holiday season…

    I also like Mark 6:31: “He said to them, ‘Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.’”

  5. I’m in a forced ‘rest’ right now, if you will. I’m recovering from surgery, had 3 vertebrae in my neck fused together last week. I’m not allow to lift more than a gallon of milk. Did you know that weighs 8 pounds! I had no idea! Anyway. I’m learning to sit and watch movies, sit and knit a scarf for my daughter ifor Christmas (this one can only be done in small bursts of time due to needing to look down slightly). People say you are home for many weeks before Christmas you can get done what you want! WRONG. I can’t drive yet so I can’t shop. I can’t decorate because I can’t lift. I can’t work on my quilt I am making because I can’t lift my machine to the table. BUT I can enjoy the afternoon help my girl gives me after school. I can enjoy the sweet cards and words of encouragement that are given to me. This week I plan on watching the last 4 video’s of the bible study I’ve put off because I’ve not had ‘time’. Resting is hard. Much harder than doing all the things we find ourselves doing each day.

  6. Thank you for this wonderful, honest post. I have many things to work on but I am very protective of my time and very sensitive to being tired (oh and only 1 child who is 7 and at a stage where she can help herself much) I do however, have many friends I will be forwarding this to because this is soooo common amongst woman. You are not alone! But I do feel compelled to have you get a full work up physical at your dr. Sorry!!! I know you didn’t want advice, I just felt compelled. I will be praying for your rest!

  7. I can so relate. Running on empty. I have been asking for “Times of Refreshing” in the Presence of the Lord.
    I heard a message this week called Stewarding God’s Grace. He said to ask yourself this question. What are you saying NO to by saying Yes to everyone and everything else? I am pondering this.
    Love the Isaiah verse. One of my favorites. I think it’s also in that chapter that God says,”I Myself will help you.”
    Connecting with you, sister.

  8. I loved this post and it’s perfect for me right now. I tend to be a “people pleaser” and exhaust myself in trying to meet other peoples expectations of me. I’m so busy “doing” that I miss what is most important. Him! And resting in Him and sitting at His feet. Thank you for the reminder of what is most important.

  9. Wow – just when I was starting to spiral into the stress vortex of life events. family events, and the holidays. Thank you – God sent through you just what I needed today.

  10. I have had times in my life where I felt very tired all the time. My daughter recently went through that too, but she feels better now. And, like you said, the Lord is here to help. And, this too shall pass, Blessings!

  11. Oh, yes sister, oh yes. Sometimes I’m exhausted from thinking things through, then my physical body, just wants to lay down on the couch ( sometimes with my shoes on…don’t tell the kids).

    • Don’t worry, your secret’s safe w/us :). (I totally do the same… or fall asleep in my clothes some nights!) Eh, I figure I’m just getting that extra 15 minutes of dressing time as sleep instead – lol!

  12. I may or may not have stayed until my pajamas until three today. Ahem. Yes, let’s take care of ourselves and get some rest this holiday season. I triple do dare us to do it. 🙂

  13. Ohhhh girl we have all been there. I just blogged about talking about martha stewart and how her daughter is now outspoken about how her overcommiments affected her. Bless your heart stay true to what is MOST important and say no to the other stuff (Not that im an expert but I am a recovering “yes aholic”)

  14. This is so me, everything you say. I have been tired for a longggg time and have recently decided to drop my dream of photography school. It was just bringing me stress and not the peace, joy, enthusiasm and creativity I longed for and hoped it would bring. Hard choice. But everything rings a bell… thanks. I feel less alone!

  15. Wow. Exactly what I needed…thank you for sharing the wisdom and freedom from your conversation with God.

  16. Thank you for this post. It’s like you were watching my life – even in the garage. And I’m one of those people employed in a profession that tells other people to do that stuff. And my care of me physically is going down hill. Some easy types of food sometimes has a big cost. And I told a good friend of a 4 hour nap I took last weekend and I got a biting remark in return. What she said was true, just a little sharper than it needed to be. It’s all culminating in forgetting what all these holidays are about, and just wanting to sleep by the time they get here. Thanks again for being honest and helping me, too.

  17. I truly appreciate the honesty of your post. You’ve shared such godly wisdom and truth. God has given me a book to right on this very subject, and after reading the post and all of the replies, I am so inspired to continue on my journey. As a work-at-home mom, God told me to practice rest. It is not to be taken for granted, it is a vital necessity, and it is worship to Him, as we do not conform to the ways of the world, but return to God for rest. May God Bless you all. Enjoy the rest He is offering us right now!

  18. No, I can’t relate because I do not drive… ;-D

    However, if you are that tired, seek medical advice. Take it seriously.

  19. I am just as tired as you! And I gave myself permission to take a necessary rest. It was hard to make the decision but I decided to stop blogging for awhile. I need to get refreshment from the Source and rest from Him as well. I need to restore my body and soul.
    Yes, we all need to rest.

  20. It’s amazing what ‘stress’ can do to us. The worry or concern that’s left unchecked. Energy focused on areas that point away from family & God, instead of the refreshing that we can find in the solace of worship. Many times in the past months I’ve sought that solace and I always find myself in a better place. Because my focus is where it should be! And then I slip back into the haphazardness where things start to fall apart again & I wonder why. lol. 🙂
    I too have taken a break from my blog & am trying to figure out which way to go with it. Whether to keep it up for my facebook page, to share etsy items & motivations for mom, etc. . . We’ll see where it leads.
    Thank you for sharing your heart! ♥