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Shari Popejoy, author of 8 books, lives in the quiet country of the Ozarks with her husband Marc, and their 3 children. 27 years = Won Without Words!

(in)side DaySpring: things we love
& you will too!
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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. I agree… tapping into our pain is the only real way to release the hurts and begin the healing process. I know that was true for my walk with an ED. Once the hurts are released and revealed you can begin to break them down, bit by bit, and begin experiencing a new life that is only available through Christ! Praise Him for that!

  2. Brittnie, Yes, it is the song in the silent chains, that breaks the bondage –whatever that looks like; for Paul and Silas, praise permeated and collapsed the walls!

  3. thank you for your words – I can’t even start to describe how they touched me – I need to reflect more on this and what it means to me, but I see that this is significant to me. Thank you.

  4. this is what I think of when I read: ‘sacrifice thank offerings’: the breaking through of the pain and the bruising and lifting weary hands and an exhausted heart and laying it on the alter not expecting circumstances to change, but expecting to meet Him and honor Him through it all. Your words, they touched me tonight. Because it is in breaking open that alabaster jar, (because isn’t it true? sometimes we hold onto our pain) that healing can begin. And the fragrance of release is beautiful.
    Blessings to you tonight, sister.

  5. Shari, what a beautifully crafted writing on the Weeping of the Evergreen! Yes, deep calls unto deep as pain is released and the sweet fragrance invades our reality. You are so loved and appreciated for sharing your poignant and “hard-won” truths! “In God we boast all the day long and praise His name forever.” Psalm 44:8
    Blessings all ours and ten-thousand besides!