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Jacquelyn is a wife and a mother. She loves reading, writing & hiking. The Lord prompts her to share her life as a testimony to His Wonderful-Available-to-Everyone-Grace.

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  1. Thank you for sharing that Jacquelyn, it is so amazing how GOD uses us through all we endure. I would also love to share this with my mother who struggles with her faith since losing my sister.

  2. I have let other people sit on the throne. It is so easy to do, whether out of love, fear, sadness. Just last night as I lie in bed with tears flooding my cheeks, I remembered the verse that describes God catching all of our tears and keeping them. Our hurts are that precious to Him. I will keep you in my prayers. What you are doing is a hard thing. A good thing, yes, but it is hard. May God bless you with His peace and that love that is beyond knowledge.

  3. Thank you for revealing your heart to us through transparency and honesty – you demonstrate bravery that points to our Savior. Thank you this was indeed a powerful post.

  4. Nothing can ever take the place of your daughter, but I am so thankful that the Lord has shown you how to not let anything take the place of Him. Beautiful perspective, beautiful authenticity.

  5. Jacquelyn you are one courageous wise hearted woman and God has spoken through you and use the death of your little girl who you will see someday to turn all who come in contact with you to HIM. Very powerful post and thank you for sharing what God is teaching you. Every child of God has to choice who we place on the throne of grace daily, sometimes moment by moment.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  6. I recently also lost a child and have been devastated. Been taking it day by day. Its been almost 2 months and it just feels like yesterday. I had been grieving so hard that I have had visions of her – not sure if the vision is in heaven or just my figment of imagination of her being there. Tears just flow as I think about her and when you said that you wanted to go to heaven because you wanted to see her – it spoke to me directly. I know its not the right thing to say/do but it just feel “right” Ofcourse the Holy Spirit is the level headed person making sure I do the right thing. This message was so wonderful and it spoke to me. I realized that I had made my little girl the throne – she is my idol – my “issac” so to speak. Thank you for sharing this .

  7. Powerful Jackie! I can’t believe that I raised such a wise woman. I learn from you all the time. I am still learning from you how to live with the loss of Molly. God has blessed you with wonderful insight.

  8. This is an amazing testimony. If you like the way she writes, you should hear her speak. I listened to her talk at a small Bible college in Thailand and she took the whole audience through quite an emotional ride.

  9. Wow. My husband and I facilitate a GriefShare group for those who have lost a loved one (they are all at least a year “out”) . I would really like to be able to read your post. So, good.