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  1. Grace…a simple word to describe the deep well of all we don’t deserve. I have discovered grace in the salvation of my Lord, in the eyes of my husband, in the hugs of my friends and the love of my mentors when I have struggled to walk a life clean from the dirt of addiction. It has been a long road…but one that I look back on fondly because of all that has come to me that I didn’t deserve!!

  2. I am not even sure where to start…there are so many lessons upon lessons, but I suppose the way He shows me grace is in how He changes me in spite of me, if that makes sense, showing me how He REALLY IS THERE with ALL HIS GRACE in everything…even infertility, earthquakes, chronic pain, strained relationships. Grace is my anthem and song….The End.

  3. I am on the leadership team of the Women’s Ministry group of my church. This group is about 6 months old and we are working out many bumps along the way. Satan is attacking our leadership team BIG time, so we as a team are having many opportunities to show grace to each other. The best thing – is that the 50 plus women who come to the monthly meetings have no idea of all of this and the attacks from Satan, and see just the beautiful fruit of our labors. We know that one day we will share with all of them how through all of this and these trials, that through extending grace, we have been able to stay strong as a leadership team and offered so much to them.

  4. My husband, whom I met after a nasty, momentous, break up, is a daily reminder of God’s grace to me, and possibly my favourite:) I had accepted that maybe I was meant to remain single, and focus on ministry (like Paul…) and then, there he was, sitting by himself, in our college’s cafe… Little did I know, when I resolved to not let him sit alone, that we would be getting married, and still be going strong, almost ten years on! Grace indeed:)

  5. God’s grace in my life is unmeasurable and he demonstrates it sometimes using people to show it to me. My husband; even though I have messed so many times!!! He continues to love me and extend grace to me after 17 years of marriage!

  6. My darling hubby daily shows me such grace. He extends to me the grace that the Lord Jesus constantly shows to us. I am a fiery redhead and long for the days when I can be so beautifully & consistently gracious the way my hubby is to me. My example in point is this week when I got stuck in the snow going up our terrible, wintery road. I rang my hubby expecting him to be cross. He came during his lunch break and dug out our car, with a smile. As he worked my eyes were full of tears knowing that he was showing me Jesus love and graciousness. I thanked him for his kindness. Later that night when I spoke to my hubby I said to him, ‘you had the power to crush me with an ungracious word or attitude in that moment but instead, you showed me grace and once again modelled for me the love and grace of the Lord Jesus. ‘ God is so good in giving me this man to walk beside me in the journey of life.

  7. Once when I was trying to teach my children about grace, there was a time when they had failed to do one of their chores. When they came to me and told me the truth, I told them I was going to offer them grace and they wouldn’t have a consequence. Their eyes were so wide and their hearts were so open at that moment. We talked about how we can give grace because Jesus first showed grace to us through His love on the cross. It was a special time with both of them. God is so good!

  8. To me … Grace from God is when He’s new every morning … no matter what … He loves me … unconditionally! … Especially when I don’t deserve it … His love never fails!

  9. My first story about how I have recieved God’s grace goes back to when I was a senior in high school. I went with my youth group to a winter camp in Sisters, Oregon. Our leader met with all of the girls and we talked about what it means for God to show us grace and to wash us white as snow. At that time, I had been struggling with a past relationship with a guy, where I gave more of myself to him that left me feeling dirty and guilty. That night, Jesus came down and showed me how much He loves me, no matter what I had done. What mattered was that He wanted me, He wanted to wash me with His grace, and make me white as snow. Ever since then, I have come to realize what grace truly is and since God forgave me and granted me His grace, I am to forgive others as well.

  10. I was shown Grace by my Partner coming back into my life after about 20 some years…I would be alone now because all my family has passed on. Always a reason for all things 😉

  11. Sometimes people say things that are difficult to hear, to take in. Our inclination is to pull back, to -in some way try to “conversationally fix” it right then and there. I saw Grace in action when after someone said their unsayable, a person moved in closer to them and just inclined their head to listen further. I’ll never forget what relief the speaker showed and the Grace even I felt at that moment.

  12. Because of God’s grace i have been able to stay drug free for 11 yrs and i could never be thankul for anything more. It has allowed me to grow mentally, spiritually and materialistically

  13. My earthly Father taught me much about grace. His last Christmas on this earth, 2007, was spent in hospital. This was the first year, for 20 years he was unable to be Santa at the Christmas Carols Service at a hospital for elderly people, which was attended by many families and their children. For 20 years he also made a special trip to the hospital just before Christmas and visit the patients individually and give them a small gift.

    He also started being Santa for the Fellowship Group for older people at our Church in 2000, 8 months after my darling mother died. He had already prepared his sack of lollies for the Fellowship Group and ensured my husband delivered the sack to the Church on the day to be distributed. I type this with tears in my eyes. He didn’t complain that he couldn’t do it himself – he just didn’t want the “old” people to miss out.

    The hospital stay apart from 6 weeks at home, lasted for 8 months when he had to enter a Nursing Home. He died a few weeks later, 7th September, 2007, one day after his 85th Birthday.

    These are just two instances of the grace my earthly father showed me, instilling in me forever the enormity of the grace of my Heavenly Father – more than I will ever be able to comprehend. I will be forever grateful of my Dad, and I have to include my Mum here also, for the example of grace lived out in “ordinary” life. At 65 years old, I still remember those examples from over the years.

  14. I am shown grace everyday in my life. Whether it is through my husband, children or friend. None of us are perfect. We mess up, ask for forgiveness and grace shines down. I am so Thankful for that .
    -Colleen G.

  15. I get moment by moment reminders of grace with my children. When I make a mistake, their love and forgiveness is so free and immediate – they remind me of God’s heart and the grace He gives to us freely.

  16. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Grace. That may sound dramatic but it’s the truth. When I lost Livvy I was consumed with grief, the enemy was so close whispering in my ears. Yet by Grace alone I survived, grace told me that joining her wasn’t what God wanted or Livvy. Yet in the darkness death seemed the perfect solution to the pain.

    Grace is so powerful, such a gift. I wrap myself up in Gods grace and heal my heart with his perfect love.

  17. My favorite story of grace is our salvation stories, everyone who shares their testimony of how God came down and touched their lives and made them whole again, all because He loves us, nothing more. For God to send His son reducing Himself to skin and then Jesus giving of us His life so that we may have eternal life… there is nothing more gracious ♥

  18. Grace is every day…in the forgiveness of a loved one or in the forgiveness of the Father…the love that is given is beyond wonderful!

  19. How could I choose one example of Gods grace? I feel his grace daily as i stumble through motherhood. His grace surrounds me as I try to homeschool 4 kids and be a wife and a sister and a friend. Any measure of success I have is always and only by his amazing grace….

  20. One of my memorable experiences of grace came when I truly understood how wrong I was, how much I had hurt another person, and yet after we reconciled and forgiveness was asked and given…the subject never came up again. GRACE…it kept on giving.

  21. My husband and I have learned so much about God’s grace through the trial of infertility. We are reminded every day that He is all we need, that through his grace He brings blessings from the messes.

  22. My husband extends grace to me in the toughest moments. He has the ability to give it to me and move on effortlessly. I am SO thankful for him and the Lord!

  23. I think my biggest lesson about God’s grace, the loving, giving, treasuring, forgiving that He offers me even though I don’t deserve it, was seeing it as a living parable in my own life through the grace of my husband during my darkest times of suffering from clinical depression. Watching him do everything and receive nothing. Watching him holding on tenaciously. And to think, God in His grace loves me even more than that!

  24. I think of the hymn, “Marvelous Grace.” Grace, grace, God’s grace, grace that will pardon and cleanse within, and it’s a reminder of all of the grace I’ve received from our Wonderful Lord and Savior, and I cannot imagine my life without Him.

  25. My husband shows me grace daily–especially early in the morning. He leaves for work before it is light; I get up to make him breakfast and see him off. I am NOT a morning person. There are occasions when my mouth is more awake than my head. I am so grateful that he turns a deaf ear.

  26. Besides the Grace from God…and thank goodness for that most special gift or we all would be in BIG trouble!

    I am so thankful for grace from my hubby. Some times I do realize I can be difficult to live with however, with his grace and my humor we get through it all and I am so thankful for that. No one else could compliment me better!


  27. God, and my amazing husband, showed me grace when I was really struggling with my eating disorder. They both had faith in me and never left my side, even in those moments that I felt all alone. They did not give up on me. Praise God for His grace and that He allowed my husband to also have a grace filled spirit towards my poor choices.

  28. My husband shows me grace as I stumble through learning to submit and be the helper God wants me to be instead of the leader God wants him to be.

  29. Unmerited favor. I remember when I first understood that God loved me just as I was. I was 16 years old. I knew on my own I could never be good enough, yet He loved me enough to send His Son to this world to save me. Grace came down from heaven.

  30. Grace… brought me to God, keeps me there with Him each day, cleanses my soul and grants forgiveness, enables me to walk in His way. Its name is Jesus.

  31. God is continually showering me with grace despite my stubborn heart. Goodness, I don’t deserve it but He keeps heaping it upon me and wooing me through it.

  32. I see Grace in the friends who forgive me daily of my failings and foibles. Who forgive my rants, my failure to respond to calls/ texts in a timely fashion, and who celebrate good things with me whether we’re near or far.

  33. My mother in-law has always been one of the most Christ-like believers I have ever known. But I never realized her struggle with grace and being free of the ‘lawful’ upbringing she was raised in nor the grace of God she never experienced growing up. Not until three years ago. Not until she read “What’s So Amazing About Grace?” by Philip Yancey. Not until we were talking about grace and the tears streamed down her face as she told me she had finally been set free. She finally understood, for the first time, at age 77, what was so amazing about grace – being set free from the law she had lived under for so long.

  34. Grace is something so beautiful and yet something I’m so still learning about and learning how to receive well. I think one of my favorite moments with grace is just realizing over and over how unexpected grace is and how she shows up when i least expect it.

  35. I, too, saw God’s grace when my father passed about 16 years ago. I had drifted away from God and was not living my life for him in the way I know I needed to, but on the day I saw my dad after his stroke, I just cried out to God. In that hospital room on June 5, 1995 I felt Father God wrap his arms around me and hold me. I felt his presence in a way I hadn’t in years. He showered me with his grace that day and made real for me the verse that says he takes us under his wing like a mother hen does her chicks. His grace allowed me that day to say good-bye to my earthly father and to walk into a true relationship with my heavenly father that I had been searching for all my life.

  36. The lady that had always been the meanest to me when I was growing up was the only one who came and sat with us at the hospital when my dad got in a motorcycle wreck. I learned from her.

  37. I could probably write a book on this one:)! There are so many moments….really. I thnk a general theme that I can see when I look back over my life is how God continues to give me new opportunities to learn….not always easy, not always the way I’d like….but I also know these opportunities are given all in love.

  38. God’s grace – I rely on it daily. I’m not quite sure I could even pick a story to tell. So, I’ll just say that I need God’s grace to help me give grace to others.

  39. Grace… such a beautiful gift it is. How can our human hearts comprehend One who gives with us WITHOUT having done a thing to deserve it? It can be seen in a glimpse of one who extends that hand to us, and in turn, we can glimpse it my extended out our own hand. As a giver, such immense joy and peace. I believe at times it is HARDER to receive than to give. Such an act of pride breaking, such an act of right positioning, such a heart shaping experience to a heart who lives in this counter-cultural world. I thank the Lord for His Grace daily.

  40. I used to struggle a lot with knowing grace was available but not being able to take hold of it. Like grasping for wind. I read an amazing book that focused on living fully right now and that gratitude was the key to a life “full of grace”. God answered my hearts desire. He keeps showing me that being thankful keeps me connected to Him. That is the goal of grace…

  41. Grace is something that I am learning to recognize on a daily basis. With my husband, my daugthers, my family and friends. God pours grace on me all the time, because in my self, I sin alot…that is why I need Jesus and his grace. It is an amazing gift!! One to treasure.

  42. My baby girl is named Grace! 🙂
    I need lots of grace every day. My husband showed me grace last night when I was tired and irritable and over-reacted over burnt pork’n’beans.

  43. Grace is something I experience daily, but the memory that comes to me this morning is the grace my Jesus extended to me when after years of being a pretending church member He invited me into a real relationship with Himself. I will celebrate my 17th born again birthday on January first. That is a grace that still amazes me.

  44. The grace of God is something I access every day as I look to him for strength and guidance to lead my two little ones. I would be a mess apart from his grace!

  45. God’s grace is what gets me through each day. I don’t deserve it or have to do anything to keep it. God just loves me enough to give it to me.

  46. So hard for me to nail down one moment. Grace is something this tough independent mom can have trouble accepting or seeing. After my husband left me there was a great amount of grace offered to me by family and friends as I worked to get my feet back on the ground. Moments of grace – I need to work on looking for that.

  47. I have been trying to teach my children about grace and mercy and one afternoon, my 10 year old son said: Momma, she just won’t give me any grace. This touched my heart. My kids were really listening to me

  48. All of life truly is grace, and recognizing that truly is a perspective changer. I wouldn’t have time to begin to tell all of the evidences of grace I have seen in my life and the life of friends this past year, even as our church spent six weeks focused on the aspects of grace. Most of my daily reminders are given by my children.

  49. Grace. I smile when I hear that word. It’s one I always knew. I used to give freely to others, but me? I never deserved it. God has so lovingly taught me what grace for me really means, that I do deserve it. I try to embrace that. And, when my memory lapses, He’s right there, loving me back into grace.

  50. many times the feeling of being overwhelmed only to have family and friends offer up grace to help me during these times

  51. There are way too many to count or list. I think I have been more aware of receiving grace since becoming a parent. I have also had to extol grace a lot more since becoming a parent. I am so thankful for a heavenly father who extends it to us so we can in turn extend it to others.

  52. When I first began to truly understand grace and it’s gift… I then realized more and more about how I am not entitled to anything. Nothing. And all that He gives (especially my husband and my son) is such grace.

    Thanks for this kind opportunity… and this opportunity to praise Him for His grace!

  53. To me Gods grace is in the reminder every day to slow down and breath to see how much we are given every day and blessed with so many many things! 🙂

  54. Grace is when your college son comes home after his first semester and he finishes it with flying colors,navigating it better than i could have dreamed. Grace is when he and his brother sit on the back porch and and talk for hours into the night about everything…my cup runneth over..

  55. My daughter and husband taught me about grace. Laying on the hammock together my 2 year old grabbed a pillow from her dad and said “mine!” My husband laughed gave it and said “I’m your daddy, everything I have is yours” Made me realize how selfish I behave and yet my Father gives me everything … grace!

  56. Thankfully in my life, grace is renewed every morning…one thing i try to do is count them each day in a 1000 Gifts Journal. Today first thing this morning I found grace in the promise of strength from my saviour.

  57. Grace. So intangible. A gift I can define, but not explain. Isn’t it ALL grace? The fact that I am here now, on my faith journey, a survivor of the days when I didn’t know grace?

  58. My dad died in July. He was a pharmacist. Our family has owned a local pharmacy for over 50 years. As we received sympathy cards, one couple wrote a note to my mother recalling how my dad let them get their medicine, even when they could not pay. These folks were farmers and could pay when the crops came in, we carried the bill and no interest was charged. That grace meant so much to them. I am so glad that my dad left that legacy.

  59. Grace…when I welcomed my enemy into my home, shared a cup of tea in my best tea set, and gave them love. I had prayed about that before they came and asked the Lord’s direction. I recalled just then the prodigal son story and while I didn’t kill the fatted calf for them I welcomed them with what I would have served my friends. That’s an illustration of what Christ does for us–grace on a cross…mercy.

  60. I am shown grace by having a wonderful husband who works hard so I can stay home with our children.

  61. God has showed me incredible grace in situations where I have miserably failed–giving me not only a second chance, but loving me and protecting me… I am forever grateful.

  62. GRace has been extended to me by my husband also….who never complains but works hard for our family so I can be home with our kiddos. I am so grateful. 🙂

  63. My husband has shown me what grace looks like time and time again. When I get crazy and overwhelmed and lose my temper…he gently reminds me what my focus should be, helps me tackle what I need done and loves me in spite of me.

  64. Knowing God’s grace is having Him in my life, every day. That he would love me so much, and care about the direction of my life. He allows me to mess up, then gently guides me back onto the path along with the lesson I have learned from straying. God is good, and His love endures forever.

  65. I am living in God’s Grace everyday as I mess up and go on with my day – only with the help of His Grace. I am watching His Grace at work in the life of one of my best girlfriends whose husband died several weeks ago. She is a constant reminder of God’s Grace as she grieves through the “missing” and rejoices in his eternal life.

  66. Grace…I’ve had quite a bit of grace lately. Almost two years ago my husband decided to get sober. With the help of God and a wonderful program, he remains sober today. Through his journey, I’ve started my own journey, and together we are experiencing a new marriage that I never thought possible. Going on 10 years now we’re discovering new ways of loving one another and new ways of communicating that continually show me God’s grace. It is not an easy road, but in another show of grace, my husband was led to Jesus in July, and we are now deeply involved in a church family that continually shows me grace. Our lives are not at all the way they used to be, and I am so thankful that God has worked in us to bring us here.

    Hope…that is the biggest gift of grace that God has given me.

  67. Not even sure where to start with this one… So thankful for God’s grace~ on days when I’m less than perfect (and that’s many!!) and every day when i know I can’t do it by myself, I’m so blessed and thankful that He is there to walk with me. His grace and forgiveness get me through!

  68. After being kicked out of my house in my 20’s for coming to Christ…I know share a wonderful….spiritual relationship with my dad….only God’s Grace could have done this….

  69. God’s Grace, grace so undeserved. two years ago I started my battle against cancer. God has been with me each step of the way giving me peace, joy and the opportunity to share about how God has blessed me and been with me. At this point I am cancer free! Grace, grace, God’s grace!

  70. Grace brought me out of a legalistic upbringing and taught me that it’s Christ in me who overcomes my sin.

  71. Needing treatment for life-threatening illness that cost $600 2x/mth for 6 mths. $7200. Out-of-pocket, not covered by insurance. On a small-town preacher’s salary? We couldn’t even consider it. Yet we did, on faith alone. Mother of 5-year old daughter’s dance friend heard about it, went to our local, small-town pharmacist, and asked if a fund for donations could be opened. He put in the first hundred. People from all over town, Sunday school groups, Scouts, you name them, they donated. At the end of the 6 months, our own out-of-pocket was only $28. I call that abundant grace.

  72. How can I choose a moment? I think the sweetest example for me is looking back and seeing how God has saved me from the unfortunate choices of my youth without the horrible consequences I so deserved.

  73. I thought I understood grace until I actually had to start showing it to someone in my life who had a habit of downright mean…not only to me but my husband as well. Then I truly began to understand what it meant to show love and extend forgiveness when it wasn’t deserved. It was in that time that I figured out how much my God loves me…he shows me that kind of grace every single day!!!

  74. One of the most incredible moments of Christian grace that comes to mind happened in a Sunday School years ago. I had gone through a divorce and was hurting – a lot. The marriage had been abusive so the pain was physical, mental, emotional, all that it could be. I was struggling to find a church and it was painful and difficult. Finally, an older friend of my Mom’s invited me to his church — the biggest one in town where all the “right” people. Not where I wanted to go given that it was so “perfect”. This friend of my Mom’s taught a Sunday School class. He saved my life, truly. He is one of the main reasons Christ is still in my life. His acceptance and that of the class he taught was fully grace – Christ’s love for me, a sinner, fully accepting me and helping me.

  75. made a pretty bad choice this pat year with some hard consequences that hurt other people that i loved, however God’s grace sufficiently covered my mistakes and many have forgiven me and shown God’s love and grace to me regardless.

  76. The grace of God never ceases to amaze me–especially on a beautiful sunny winter’s day such as this one. When I look out my window, I see countless evidence of all He lavishes on us. So, so grateful.

  77. I cared for my mom and dad in my home for five years until their deteriorating mental and physical health made it impossible for me to continue. One year ago today they moved into assisted living. Since then Dad has gone home to be with the Lord, and Mom has found a contented existence of sorts in her world that is fogged by Alzheimer’s. Through the years, God has extended His grace as we have been through challenges, heartaches, crises, bureaucracy, and more. He has given strength, comfort, and wisdom that have seen us through it all.

  78. Being a new parent a few years ago with a toddler my mom reminded me that although I do want my little one to obey and there are definite times when correction is needed, there should also be grace given at times as well. At first it was hard for me to balance it out–“but I told her not to do it and this is the consequence”. Then I remembered my mom’s words and the grace that God gives us.

  79. I’m searching for Grace. Maybe I have it and don’t recognize it. God was born and died for us – that is a start. The trays are beautiful. I love reading everyone’s comments.

  80. When I find the most grace is at work at time when I am dealing with too much stress and and want to scream at some of the people, I find the grace to slopw down and focus! Then talk to the patients and find out the cause of the behaetc, then give them the best care they can get during my shift!

  81. God’s Grace is Sufficient for me….at all times, in all ways….even the times I don’t “feel” it, I know it’s there surrounding me. I can look back and see the fingerprints of His Grace all over each situation.

  82. favorite story about grace….goodness. well, i tend to get down on myself a lot and feel as if i am not good enough. grace comes into my heart and whispers that I am forgiven, that I’ll do better next time, and to lean on God through it all. i am so thankful for grace.

  83. Discovering that “all is grace” through Ann’s book. I am reminded each day with the inscribed necklace I wear~

  84. My favorite example of God’s Grace is when my baby, Ella Grace, went home to be with Jesus. I got to carry her in my stomach for almost a week from the time the doctors first informed us she would not live. At 24 weeks my water broke in his timing, my labor started in his time and she was born when on the day that he wanted her to be born. The doctors incourging us to induce labor because she simple could not live. There is no doubt my God carried me through and still is. I felt him. It was amazing. His Grace is amazing.

  85. When asked to choose my favorite memory of Grace, one powerful night at church camp several years back comes to mind, a night where we were asked to go from point to point and pick up stones for various sins we might have committed…small things, but by the end of the night, our bags were quite heavy. At our destination, we were then asked to lay these stones down at the cross. There was such a great power to that night that can only truly be understood by those that were there, but I certainly felt as though we were all brought closer not only to each other, but also to God and knowing his grace. It will forever be one of the most emotional and powerful nights of my life.

  86. Grace is one of my favorite words along with hope and peace. So much so that my daughter’s middle name is Grace so that whenever I say it, I am reminded of God’s grace to me and the grace I should give to others.

  87. It’s not a story about grace, per se. But after God’s grace, my favorite. 🙂

    I had my heart set on naming my first daughter Hannah Grace. So we did, and during preparations for her birth, I learned that Hannah means Grace of God, and of course, Grace means Grace/Grace of God. I kind of felt bad that both her first and middle names meant the same thing.


    A friend told me that in Hebrew, if you want to emphasize something you say it or write it twice.

    My sweet girl’s name just reinforces the Grace of God.

    With this in mind, we named our second daughter Abigail Joy. Abigail means Joy of the Father and Joy means Joy. I’m thankful we learned something about Hebrew & Jewish culture so we could reflect the blessings & gifts of God in our girls’ names.

  88. My friend S is one of the most gracious people I know. Our family is on hard financial times right now, and S showed up at my door unannounced with her hands behind her back. When I answered the door she held out to me a frozen chicken, and said she just wanted to buy a chicken for us, and hoped that wasn’t weird. I love that she gives grace, even when it’s funny.

  89. Grace ….. in a VERY very dark night my little girl went back to heaven. But through all the dark days that followed the sustaining and comfort of the Everlasting Arms wrapped around me didn’t take away the ache, but helped me look forward to the day when I will go to her, and God will wipe away ALL years

  90. After years of a rule centered church, I found my way to a congregation with grace as its center. I am amazed at the difference! Once you find a people or a church moving with grace you will never go back to the rules again. Grace, Grace, God’s grace. It is a sweet thing.

  91. The most poignmant moment of Christ’s grace in my life came the day I left the Mormon church and He whispered to me that I no longer had to be tied to the lie that I was only as good as the works that I did.

  92. Grace is what i am most thankful and humbled by — i receive it daily from my kids and give it daily to them and others – its one of His greatest gifts!

  93. Grace… shown to me by my husband, as I work through my issues; by my kids, with their willingness to forgive when I mess up; by my friends, who are not afraid to call me on things, and push me to move forward; by God who daily shows his unconditional love for me.

  94. My Dad came to live with us in April 1999. The day he arrived we had a family celebration to celebrate his 76 birthday. Before my Dad joined our household he knew the rules. He was an alcolohic and he knew that he could not drink if he lived with us and he agreed that he would give up the alcohol. My husband and I worked with him and he was doing great. In February 2000 something happened, to this day I’m not sure what it was, and he went on a 2 week drinking binge. At first we thought he was having TIA’s. That was when we discovered that he had started to drink again. I will never forget the day I had to talk with my Dad and ask him to give up the alcohol. My Dad was a very violent person when he drank. Growing up I did not have a choice about what he did but as an adult I did and I was choosing not put myself there again. It broke my heart when I had to ask my Dad to move out when he chose alcohol over family. He moved back to Arkansas. I called him ocassionally to make sure he was doing okay and to see if he needed anything. Visits that I had planned with him never worked out as he would forget about them and be off with his buddies drinking. I did not see him again until October 2004 when he passed away. I will never forget my last phone conversation with him. My Daddy ended our conversation with four little words, “I Love you Shirley.” Those were the last words he spoke as he slipped into a coma. Those four little words were God’s forgiving grace that my Daddy said to me. I knew at that time that I had been forgiven all.

  95. One of my favorite moments of grace happened just last night. My mom and I were working on putting my son’s birthday cake together. It is a lego cake, and William had helped me to choose just how to stack the “legos” (cakes). However, when it came time to actually stack them, I forgot how he wanted it, and I did it the wrong way.

    William came over to see his lego cake in process, and he said, “You stacked it wrong!” I then remembered how I had promised to stack it for him, but it was too late to change it. I apologized to William, and he immediate said in a happy voice, “That’s okay, Mom!” He gave me grace for my mistake, and he was delighted to do so. He showed me loving kindness when he could have gotten upset that I didn’t stack the lego cake in the way I had promised him.

  96. I worked as youth director for 4 years at a church called Grace. The memories I have of the work I did there are precious – daily reminders of grace. My husband and I are still members there, and our first baby will be baptized there in just over a month!

  97. I receive grace constantly from my kids every time I make a mistake as a parent, and they still come back with hugs and kisses for me and from my husband who gives without expecting anything in return. I am surrounded by wonderful teachers.

  98. One of my favorite stories about grace actually involves my brother and nephew. My nephew had done something deserving punishment and my brother decided it was an excellent time to teach him about grace, and took his son’s punishment for him. It was an amazing lesson that I will never forget as my little 9 year old nephew came to me with tears in his eyes, telling me how his dad had taken the punishment he deserved. Wow!

  99. I am taught Grace with the touch of my loving Christian husband and the hugs from my two amazing kids that always have smiles on their faces and in the way they love to learn about God on a daily basis. Nothing teaches you Grace than the excitement from you kids about going to church and loving the Lord.

  100. I think after struggling with anger towards God, not understanding His goodness and just perfect character, which lead to a 3 year battle with depression for my life and seeing how He mercifully forgives and gracefully restores. My prayer throughout all of that was that although those years certainly felt like a waste of time that He would somehow restore them by allowing me to help others using His Word and my experience. Well, it’s been 3 years since then and I’m now discipling girls who also struggle with anxiety and depression, teaching them about Jesus and how God is so good despite the circumstances. Next fall, I head off to seminary to pursue a masters in Biblical Counseling and I am truly amazed at how far God had brought me from my dark days. What could speak of His grace more than His forgiveness, restoration, reconciliation, and then even using me as a vessel of mercy for His glory? He wastes nothing and using everything. And I am beyond thankful. Blessings to everyone today. 🙂

  101. Grace is given to me every day when I open my mouth and try to speak the heart language of the people where I live. I try really hard, but I know that my efforts are not nearly good enough. My language is broken, but my heart is full and my friends give me the grace of listening and loving me in spite of my poor use of their language. God is so good and his grace overflows to all of us each day.

  102. My dad was always a picture of grace as I was growing up. He was quick to forgive, quick to apologize, and always there to offer help and support. His was a very authentic grace, and I am grateful for his example.

  103. the day my first daughter was born. the moment they handed her to me, i was overwhelmed with the Grace that had allowed me to have this beautiful baby. i had made so many wrong choices and gone in so many bad directions, walking away from God’s love, and those choices should have ended very differently for me. but He redeemed me completely, gave me a wonderful husband, and now two beautiful daughters that i could never deserve.

  104. While pregnant with my last child, she was not growing properly and was showing signs of having many physical problems. The doctors advised that we abort, but we chose life. Today, she is an almost 13 year old happy, healthy, beautiful daughter of the King, and aptly named GRACE ANN. (Ann means “grace”) She is our double portion!

  105. Grace is a gift I am given daily by my husband and my children. I lost my identical twin sister 3 1/2 years ago and it changed me tremendously. God has blessed me with a family that has accepted me for the person I am today. My joy is coming back and it is only through grace. Grace of a mighty God that sees me and loves me – and truly holds me in the palm of His hand. God loves us when we aren’t so lovely and that is grace.

  106. God’s Grace is what gets me through every minute of my life. When those around me are fighting me, when things are crashing in, I have this peaceful feeling… That’s God’s Grace letting me know… HEY I’m here, I’ve got this! Leave it all with me.

  107. I lived for 40 years running from my Lord and Saviour but now…only by His grace, I am home. Praise God!

  108. So thankful that the Lord reminded me this week that His grace truly is sufficient and He will carry me through even the most difficult times. Just a couple of days ago I sat beside my baby daughter’s grave, on my way to the Dr. where once again the doppler was silent and the ultrasound screen that should have shown a flickering heartbeat was, still and motionless and I knew I was going to have to say goodbye to another baby. In the midst of the heartache, I remembered how God’s grace truly did carry me through this before and peace came as I clung to the promise that once again His grace will be sufficient. So thankful that especially at this time of year we remember that since Jesus came, we do not have to face the heartache of this life alone. He is “God with us”!

  109. beautiful. i always tell my girls, it’s a new start with no mistakes. When I “lost” it and heard those sweet words come back to me…that is grace. ♥

  110. God’s grace was shown to me when I was 16 years old and realized my need for grace. Salvation!

  111. I experience His Grace daily. In just about every moment of my life. Trying to learn to trust in Him as he grows you out of a strong hold provides daily opportunity to experience His loving kindness.

  112. Without God’s grace, I would be lost and headed for hell… Thank the Lord, I am saved and can now share that grace with others!

  113. my grace moment…God giving me another chance and this time, by His grace, I am following through. That was almost 20 years ago. =0)

  114. God’s grace is what covers me and keeps me going and trying and struggling. In His grace, He loves even me!

  115. We named our first daughter SavannahGrace…she died of triploidy at 7loft mths gestation. We chose the name because it means Abundant Grace….Gods grace was sufficient for us because His power was made perfect in our weakness during this difficult time.

  116. When I think of grace I am reminded not only of the grace shown to us by God but also the grace we so willingly give to others when many would refrain from giving it so freely. I recently read a story of a mother who lost two of her sons when another of their friends drove drunk. He was the only survivor in the car of 8 and he now works hand in hand with her speaking at schools and sharing their story.

  117. The day I recognized GRACE was the day I ministered to a girl about purity and realized He used my past sins to speak truth to another. Romans 8 coming to reality.

  118. Grace…this word reminds me of the many times I prayed to God for a baby and the joy of finding out we were expecting. If the baby was a girl…she would walk through life with the name of “Grace” so all would know she was a gift from God. Our sweet baby, a boy, was named after his grandfathers…two men who are teaching our son how to live with God’s grace in his heart.

  119. I learn about grace every time I share my story of depression/anxiety and hear another woman say, “you are not alone”, because the love I have received from so many has reminded me of the God who loves me in the midst of my mess, who loved me before I was even born, who hung on that cross and knew my sins…and still chose to die for me.

  120. Grace: I have come to realize in the past few months that when you are forgiven much, you love so, so much. God has been so gracious; leading me closer to His heart, His side. I have really taken grace to heart, accepted God’s love for me. I have felt grace and see it and I understand grace so I am able to offer it more freely. My heart has been changed by God’s offering Grace to me in such a slow, precious journey.

  121. Grace… I am finally figuring out that I must give grace as I have received grace. So hard to do sometimes!

  122. Grace was meeting the man I would marry a month before leaving the country for 2 years. Totally unexpected yet God’s grace covered us while we dated from 2000 miles apart and married a month after I retired. God writes the best love stories!

  123. Grace has given me the ability to (most of the time) see people for where they are at. For example: slow drivers don’t bother me, you don’t know whats going on in their day. Long lines at the grocery, most of the time, don’t irritate me too much. We are all in the same boat!

  124. I think every Christmas I am reminded of God’s grace because of the simple story of Jesus. Each year since I have been married and really studied the Christmas story I am more blown away by His grace. The fact that Jesus humbled himself by being born in a stable as a baby just amazes me. He can relate to all struggles of mankind because of his birth and death. You cannot have Easter without Christmas. True grace!

  125. Grace to me means favor. One of my best moments was when I became a mommy to Tori Grace–I wasn’t sure we’d ever have children, but by His grace, we now have our sweet Tori, whose middle name is Grace. I am blessed!

  126. Oh boy, where do I start! My entire life has been one of grace. Perhaps the most amazing (grace)–with the exception of the forgiveness of my sins and promise of salvation–is that God chose to remain by my side throughout some very dark and deep valleys, despite my insistence that He leave me alone. He quietly and graciously waited, loving me in the midst of my anger and bitterness, until I was ready for Him to become my all.

  127. God’s grace gives me a new start everyday. Each morning, heck every moment of the day, God’s grace gives me the opportunity to start over if I’ve failed. To make amends, if I’ve done wrong. To be the person he created me to be.

    Thanks again for the cool giveaways!!!

  128. Before meeting the Love of My Life. I had no hope. I had nothing to live for. I did not know that there was a greater love or that there was hope for me.
    My husband brought me to church. He actually sat down with me and helped me understood who Christ was and that He cares for me and loves me too. I am so glad that I have that grace of Christ in my life. Now I can share the grace of God to others..

  129. Before meeting the Love of My Life. I had no hope. I had nothing to live for. I did not know that there was a greater love or that there was hope for me. My husband brought me to church. He actually sat down with me and helped me understood who Christ was and that He cares for me and loves me too. I am so glad that I have that grace of Christ in my life. Now I can share the grace of God to others..

  130. Amazing grace….my chains are gone….I’ve been set free. Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!
    Also my husband and kids who show me grace each and every day, by loving me despite my faults and shortcomings as a wife and mom!

  131. my husband took the punishment (spanking) for my son one time to demonstrate mercy…..but grace is all around me daily, I do not deserve any of this….

  132. Just a week or two ago, in the midst of an argument, my husband explained why he married me 35 years ago and what he expected our relationship to be like from that time on. He’s not very free with emotions so his tender words went straight to my heart – and helped me to see that I needed to adjust my attitude big time. I am so thankful that he had the grace to explain to me – and that God’s grace worked in both of our hearts.

  133. The only reason my husband married me was because God in his grace gave us a second chance at our friendship after I had nearly smothered Nate to death by my emotional neediness. Both God and Nate chose to be gracious to me and let us start over on our friendship, which eventually led to marriage. Praise God for being a God who gives grace and second chances!

  134. Realizing that though I struggle, fail, get up, fail, struggle, fail… God loves me. And accepts me. That’s grace.

  135. The one that immediately comes to mind is the grace extended to me by my pastor’s wife. She listens to my struggles and then guides me in God’s Word, correcting when necessary but not judging.

  136. There are so many moments of grace in my life…I’ll never forget after my Mom passed away…for the next month after her death, I felt a supernatural “grace” covering that I can’t explain come over me…thankful that Jesus met me so personally in my grief and healing process.

  137. I was invited to speak for a women’s group last month–first time ever. They were such a beautiful group of women and were so good to me. I’m sure I got more out of it than they did 🙂 One of my favorite things was hearing their stories of grace… the opportunities to “prove” God’s grace through our lives.

  138. Grace is running into a friend whom I haven’t seen for 2 yrs in a big-box store, her dropping everything and us going to lunch together where we talked for 2 1/2 hours.

    Just what I needed that day.

  139. This summer two women I didn’t know well from church stepped forward to meet a medical transportation need over a couple of weeks of record-breaking heat. They didn’t owe me a favor or have any obligation to help me but just did so out of kindness toward a Christian sister in need. It was a gift of God’s grace.

  140. Growing up, grace wasn’t part of the legalistic teaching. Grcace is now a daily part of my life….God’s grace when I am fall short, my husbands grace, and the grace of my family and friends. Grace used to be what was said before a meal. Now, it is what makes me free.

  141. Growing up in my family of origin I didn’t learn alot about grace…..but
    now I know grace can be when you give acceptance to someone else
    who feels they are unacceptable and unlovable.

  142. Every morning when I wake up….grace is streaming down on me. I have the privilege of showing grace to my daughters and granddaughters. To forgive and receive forgiveness is the sweetest taste of grace.

  143. Grace is an amazing word and as it is, my life has been filled with Grace of God. Just when I gave up and stopped doing things my own way and not having success in my relationships, I met my best friend, who became my husband almost 6 years ago. I know God has provided much Grace in my life even before I got to know Him.
    I’m so very grateful for my life with Him.

  144. My dad is the best example I know of Grace in action. He has given literally years of his life to helping first nations families near his home who have fallen on hard times. They are abusive, reckless people but he doesn’t hesitate when they are in need to give appliances, groceries, furniture, rides to doctors, help with vehicles and even a roof over their heads. He doesn’t judge, he doesn’t condemn, he just continues to give and show grace….even to the point of losing all that he owns in the process. He is a true example of Grace.
    ~ Juanita.

  145. God’s daily grace is a gift I have learned to depend on… The moment I first received God’s grace through salvation in Christ over 20 years ago, I will never forget the love I felt.

  146. My favorite story of grace is my own 1000 Gifts list. I continue to add to even past 1000 and it seems the more I see grace, the more grace there is to see.

  147. Grace is in those simple everyday moments…the chance to start fresh each time. It is humbling…especially as a Mother 🙂

  148. It was after my mom had died and my friend Grace was in town visiting us. My daughter felt like Grace was a second mom to her, and I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. But when she sang “Amazing Grace,” and my friend’s face lit up her love for Jesus, I was filled with joy.

  149. At this time I am honestly unable to think of such an example. Though I have no doubt that once I make it through this trying time in my life, I will discover that God showed me seveal examples of Grace at this very time.

  150. Grace is the name of my Betta fish – I look at her always swimming serenely every time I need a little grace in my day 😉

  151. Saying Grace with my family before our family meal is a way I remember to be thankful and have a spirit of humility.

  152. God has shown me grace in every area of my life. He has carried me through some of the darkest days of my life and he reminds me of this through my wonderful husband and my precious children, daily.

  153. Grace: sticky kisses from my two-year-old, proclamations of wonder from my four-year-old, gap-toothed smiles from my six-year-old, and forgiveness from my ten-year-old.

  154. God’s grace – I rely on and need it daily. I need God’s grace to help me give grace to others — for my husband, for my son and my extended family and my friends. But mostly to myself – that God give His grace to me daily so I can forgive myself for not doing things the way I think I supposed to do everyday perfectly. I am not perfect but only in God, through His grace I can be made wholly.

  155. God bestowes Grace on my body, my soul and my life everyday. I can feel his Grace in my life everytime I worship with my family. When I look at my child and grandchildren and the wonderful husband God sent to me after 3 disasterous marriages, I feel his love and his grace on me everyday. His Grace gets me through.

  156. It is God’s grace that sustains me on my darkest of days. As a mom, there are days when I feel as though I just blow it. I have been able to use my own failures or mistakes as a mom to help spurn conversations with my two little guys about God’s grace and how it is ever abundant. I am ever thankful for HIS grace.

  157. last week, I caught my little boy in a lie. As soon as he answered my question, I knew he wasn’t telling me the truth. (He is 6.) I looked at him and he started to cry. Then he confessed. We had a good talk about honesty and the importance of being a person of honor. He immediately looked at me and said he was sorry. His face was so full of sorrow. I gave him a big hug and told him there would be no consequences this time. He said he didn’t deserve that. I got to explain grace to my sweet little man. His comment was, “wow, that’s pretty cool that God did that.” Good moment….made my heart happy.

  158. I was ashamed…He called me beautiful.
    I was the thief and yet HE stole mt heart.
    He turned beauty from ashes in my life.

  159. Grace is a huge part of who we are in Christ, and in my life my husband has been my greatest example of how to love and be full of grace-filled all things.

  160. Grace. I am shown this continuously every day. Even by just living another day. I have been shown the grace of salvation. That is the greatest story of grace I could tell you! Praise the Lord for the wonderful gift of His Son! I have also been shown grace by my husband, my family, and my friends. They are so great and I pray that I show them grace as well!

  161. I bask in grace that I do not deserve everyday. But I am especially reminded of it when I make mistakes in parenting and my kids are so quick to forgive me.

  162. What a lovely book could be written from all of the comments above! It is by God’s grace that we do not perish every day. He is so good to us, His children!!! Reading through the Old Testament reveals so much of God’s grace to me. He is so patient with His children, so willing to start over with us when we turn to Him with penitent hearts–again and again!!!

  163. I have felt God’s grace the last few years in some trials and tribulations, moving 4 times in a year and half across the country, failures, and new chapters emerging….And the strengthening of my marriage and personal relationship with Christ along the way – when it could have taken me even farther from both….

  164. Grace is “God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense”- though we do not deserve and cannot earn God’s love and mercy- it was paid for by Christ on the cross. To us it is FREE but only because He paid it in full. The immesureable love and mercy we have comes from the Father through the Son and is a gift of the Holy Spirit. I praise Him every moment for His Amazing Grace!

  165. We were recently reminded of God’s grace in the life (and death) of our friend Mike. Mike was an alcoholic, homeless, living in a tent in the woods for many years. He would go to a nearby shelter for meals, where he heard about Jesus but wanted nothing to do with Him. This summer a friend of ours from church, “Big Mark”, invited Mike to come with him to church. He was initially resistant but finally consented. Our church family welcomed Mike and loved on him. Over the next 3 months he rarely missed a Sunday, even though some weeks he had to ride to church in the open bed of Big Mark’s truck because there wasn’t room in the cab. Leaders at the shelter started noticing a change in Mike. In October they invited him to attend a drama at another local church, and Mike agreed to go. He tried to back out at the last minute but ended up at the drama that night – and on his knees at the altar. He invited Jesus into his heart, proclaiming that “the devil’s not gonna get me”. Over the next several weeks, it was obvious that the Lord was working in Mike’s heart. He started to love to pray during the closing prayer time at the shelter, thanking God for his blessings (again, this was a man who lived in a tent in the woods). On Thanksgiving Day, Big Mark and several friends went to pick up Mike for dinner at Mark’s house. They found him in his tent, where he had passed away sometime during the night or early morning. As the medics and the coroner came, the friends looked up at the campsite, and there, nailed to a tree above Mike’s tent, was a wooden cross. Mike had died “at the foot of the cross”, and he’s now enjoying a mansion with Jesus! That’s GRACE!

  166. Because of God’s grace I am married to the best man. I was well on my way to messing up big time, but God got ahold of me and showed me His plan for my life!

  167. Grace… unmerited favor… I receive this daily, but to name a recent occasion… I’ve struggled financially and it’s so easy to doubt when the checking account is really low… but God calls for us to trust…. in my frustration I lashed out a friend who was only trying to encourage me… but Grace….. my friend showed me grace… love and understanding…. yes after I got a spanking … ( verbally rebuke I should say…) but he snapped me out of my foolish thinking and got me back on the straight and narrow… yes… thank GOD for grace…. we don’t get what we deserve…..

  168. My son (13) should be thankful that I was just reading all your wonderful comments on grace. It is after 1am and I heard a lot of rattling and then a loud noise come from the kitchen. I get up to go see what was happening since I thought everyone was in bed. I walk in the kitchen and there is a huge pile of rice running out of the fridge onto the floor. If it were not for just reading these comments and thinking on the grace God shows me everyday I could have gotten really upset with him. My mother-in-law just passed away Friday and we live 1/2 way across the country from one another so we have all been under more stress than normal and on edge trying to figure out what needs to be done…. It was such a great reminder of how when I mess up instead of God punishing me he reaches down and wraps me in his loving arms and guides through the clean up. God’s grace is so much more than I deserve.

  169. The biggest ‘grace’ story on my mind at the moment is simply God’s grace. How relieving and comforting to realize His grace covers me – every day. Every moment. Even when I screw up and fall short, in which I feel I do constantly in any one (or more) of my many roles as a wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, Christian, etc. And trying to remember to extend that same GRACE He bestows on me to myself. That’s probably one of the biggest challenges there is!

  170. The grace that is most important to me is God’s grace. There is no reason why he does for us what he does and what he did but he does it any way. It is the most amazing gift we could ever ask for and would be lost without it!

  171. My favorite story of grace is how he took me, in my own life, and changed me to be new. I put aside all the hurt and anger and evil of childhood, and became a better person because He loves me.

  172. Nothing like God’s GRACE! Loving us in spite of all sin in our life. He never gives up on us and never leaves us….. whatever we may be going thru in life. We can count on him for all things because of his love/grace in forgiving us as we should forgive others. Praise God for your GRACE that you daily give to us!

  173. grace…it’s a daily thing! So blessed to have been shown and given grace by the true Lover of my soul and some who give it when I so don’t deserve it.

  174. My husband loves me like Christ loves the church, he is full of grace when I make mistakes, and it always causes me to think of how Jesus loves us. I’m so blessed!

  175. When my oldest daughter was about 9, she made a bad decision and lied to her father about it. I was as work, and her father said “I don’t know what I am going to do, wait until your Mother gets home.” So when I got home we had a family meeting, At first, Dad gave her a choice of two punishments…..then as we waited, Dad told her he was going to show her mercy and grace. He proceeded to share what that meant through the story of Christ on the cross. I was never more proud of my husband than then. My daughter, being 9, didn’t say much, but it has carried her through to her adulthood. God’s grace made real.

  176. i think i’ve learned the most about grace lately through emily’s book. i’m trying to practice extending God’s grace to myself and others – especially around this time of year!

  177. My husband befriended a gentleman he happened to meet when he stopped for fast food with our children and their friends at McDonalds one evening. The man was easily looked over by the other customers in the dining area but my husband looked past his clothing and his appearance, and engaged in conversation with him. He truly was down on his luck trying to get home to N. Carolina; he was in need of a room/shelter but simply asked for blankets. My husband became the hands and feet of Jesus as he ran through Walmart with our kids & their friends, just before closing and they purchased him a sleeping bag, some bedding, and some food. Some weeks later, my husband purchased one night at a hotel for him, the night before he would be returning to N. Carolina and later in the evening as the man was preparing for sleep, he called my husband’s cell phone to thank him for all he had done for him; it was the night before he would finally be able to return to N. Carolina and when he could have just ignored all the help and assistance he received, he thought enough of what my husband had done for him that he called to say ‘thanks’. It has been a huge lesson for me in how Christ loves even those we might consider to be unlovely and He calls us to extend grace and love them just as He does.

  178. Honestly I wasn’t sure what to put when I read today’s post about grace. I read through others and wondered if they had to stop at all and think about how God’s grace has been woven into their lives or if they just automatically had the answers when they read the question. I came back today to comment after thinking on God’s grace in my life and realize that there isn’t a simple answer or a single moment that I could respond with – because God’s grace is all over me, my daughters and my life! He continually gives me so much more than I ever deserve; daughters who are amazing no matter how many times I mess up, friends who are encouraging and praying for me even when I am a mess, and a mother who never stops loving or praying for me! God’s grace is in the glory of His creation, the flowers, a beautiful sunset, or spotting the God rays coming through the clouds – His presense everywhere if we just pause long enough to notice it!!

  179. Tenderly and faithfully loving me as I spent years struggling to understand and failing to trust His love and goodness after the loss of our babies. The day I had the breakthrough of finally releasing it all to Him I was utterly overwhelmed by His grace as I looked back at the years I had wasted, and I was so humbled by how He consistently loved me through it.

  180. God is so good! I am richly blessed with a wonderful family
    and friends…Really, what more would I need?
    Thanks, Cindi

  181. Raised in the church and with missionaries, it took a severe illness and being bedridden for a year for me to finally internalize Grace. I always wanted to be good enough, to be worthy of The Gift…I worked hard in the church and around the world. Suddenly bedridden and dependent on others, Jesus brought it home for me that I don’t have to nor can I deserve or earn God’s grace. and that’s what makes it grace…life is so much sweeter now because I get to just receive it, and when I “do” it flows from that love not from my striving.
    the tray is beautiful and would be fun to win!

  182. His Grace ~ that He carries me through each & every day ~ the good & the bad. That I am indeed a blessed woman ~ because of His grace as I deserve nothing.

  183. I see God’s grace as I look at my son, five years recovering from drug addiction and all that he and I have learned about the Lord’s matchless grace.

  184. I am reminded daily of God’s grace as I go about daily routines in our home–our home that has been in foreclosure for a year now, and it is only by the grace of our God that we are still here, attempting to work out a solution with the bank. God has given us a peace and calmness that cannot come from anyone but Him–with a 3 year old and a 5 year old and one on the way, it is so tempting to me to worry about tomorrow. He has been faithfully guiding us every step of the way, and whether or not we stay or go, we know His grace will be sufficient for us.

  185. I am reminded of God’s grace as our home is filled with the laughter of a baby for the first time during the hoilday season after years of infertility =)

  186. God’s wonderful grace!! that He washed away my sins, that were as scarlet, and now He sees me as white as snow—–thank you God for your grace, and thank you Jesus for your sacrifice.!

  187. I thank the Lord for the gift of grace that I have a loving, godly hubby, kiddos and extended family…HE has heaped blessings upon blessings…thank You, dear Lord Jesus

  188. Grace…..what a beautiful message this tray gives in it’s words. My husband and I take care of my the needs of my elderly parents and this helps to remind me of God’s graces in my life. They might not always be what I expected, but with Him in my life and by my side I know that I can do what is needed.

  189. I have been trying really hard to extend grace to my husbands family, that I do not get along wiith. This last visit it seemed to really make a difference.


  190. I think one of my favorite grace moments has just been learning more about what grace is with Ann Voskamp’s phrase “all is grace.” Reading her book, counting my gifts…God has shown me a whole new side of His grace through it.

  191. My husband has loved and served me very graciously these past few months as I’ve started a new job. The way he has taken care of so many things for me lately has shown me such a picture of grace!

  192. i’ve been learning a lot about grace lately – and know i’m truly blessed by the grace of God. my kids offer me grace on a daily basis, encouraging me to continue offering it back and passing it forward.

  193. I have really noticed this year how much my daughters, husband & I need to offer each other grace – daily. And how much more God gives each of every day.

  194. My favorite moments of grace have to be in dealing with my boys. There are many moments that God reminds me the grace He has shown all of us, all out of the mouths of babes!

  195. Showing God’s grace to my husband is in effect showing my God’s grace to me. It allows me to take a hard look at myself and what the Father gives me – life with Him eternally, mercy, justice, forgiveness, love, etc… this in turn humbles me and gives me the attitude change I need to be more like Christ as I attempt (in my sinful human way) to extend love, kindness, and grace to my husband even when he doesn’t deserve it.

  196. from our loving God to my gracious husband to my loving children….i fail & fail again. always trying & continually falling short of the daughter, wife & mom i long to be. {isn’t that the nature of our beastly selves?} i’m ever thankful for their love & grace.

  197. A few years ago my husband and I moved half a continent away from our home-most family-friends. It was necessary–but still sad. We went to a Christian Fellowship meeting in our new community, and the next day one of the women from there, a sweet widow named Gerri, called and asked if she could stop by. This eighty-year-old woman who lived alone and did not drive, arrived with a gift, a smile, and an old-fashioned Southern welcome. She invited “y’all to come visit any time.” And told us, while folks in our community were nice, friendly, they weren’t very neighborly. In other words–they didn’t drop in and “sit a spell,” so we shouldn’t feel neglected, but her door was always open. And over the years, her words have been true–and we drop into each others’ homes often. Her smile, humor, and hugs still are grace showered on us by the Father we also share.

  198. Well I love how my husband has accepted me, right from the beginning, with all of my faults, all of my teenage-stupidness and it’s been grace all grace from the beginning. He isn’t perfect, by any means, I know that. But he’s been Jesus with skin on for me in so many ways.

  199. one of my favorite memories about Grace was many many years ago, while serving in foreign missions, I remember sitting in a small living area of a conference center where I was attending a missions conference. I had come down early before breakfast and had a heavy heart. As I opened up the Word, I started reading Ezekiel… and it suddenly became Rhema to me…. and when I read the passages about the Lord finding us in a field, covered in our own blood/sin… how He came upon us and covered us as He cleansed us, and saw us in all Purity… I was broken… totally broken as I began to get a true glimpse of Grace… I will never forget that moment or His amazing rhema of Grace that day… given to each one of us if we will but accept it.
    Cathy B
    pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com

  200. I tend to be a perfectionist… and God has really met me in that this year as He has slowly been assuring me that things don’t have to be perfect or just right, and that it is my heart that matters most.

  201. God has been working on me. I am overwhelmed with all my responsibilites and can’t do it all and feel like a failure at the end of most days. But God is showing me to LET IT GO AND LET HIM! God’s grace – taking my burdens.

  202. i experience God’s grace the most in my parenting three little ones under 4. On my own strength, I barely make it through each day, but He is my strength. He is the reason for what I do, how I parent. His grace covers my mistakes.

  203. Grace – undeserved favor- my favorite is of course the gift of Jesus, but 2nd is my husband of 25+ years. He is the most living breathing example of unconditional love. His patience and unselfish astound me. Many times when I deserve his anger or displeasure, I get a smile, hug etc instead. I love that man. Thank you God

  204. seriously every day is a story of grace for me…..with homeschooling new to us this year, God is continually giving me grace with my children a million more times than when the kids weren’t home all day! I am blessed to be forgiven all my mistakes.

  205. God’s grace in my life has been amazing. And just knowing He has given me friends who are also full of grace. So blessed!

  206. Grace – for every gift I’ve ever been given! For each new day! His mercies are new every morning!!

  207. Mary – a woman who mentored me in college – and simply lived her life before me – a life of tremendous grace and compassion. It was a glimpse of God’s unconditional love that pierced right through to my heart, and began the process of opening my eyes to Him in a whole different way.

  208. After a 40 year committement to a thing, God gave me permission to seek what I needed elsewhere (I’m not talking about marriage, me and my hubby are good.) I have found a new place to worship and have grown more spiritually in the last 5 years than I have in a long time. Thanks to the grace and mercy of God!!!

  209. God extends His grace all the time. I see it in the forgiveness from my family whenever I mess up.

  210. Grace has been demonstrated for me this year in the form of a wonderful Christian counselor. Bringing to light the things in my past that were binding me has brought wonderful healing. This woman has shown the grace of God in her dealings with me. Through her love and acceptance I am beginning to see the love and acceptance of God.

  211. My favorite memory of grace was a friendship, which I had thought was damaged beyond repair, being miraculously restored. By human efforts, it could never have happened, only by God’s grace.

  212. By His grace I am able to get up each morning and put a smile on my face instead of lying in bed depressed. I thank Him for that.

  213. I feel blessed to know that His grace is renewed every morning. I am blessed that He accepts me the way i am and thru His grace I get a new chance every morning to become the person He created me to be.

  214. Grace, grace. God’s grace. His grace gets me through each day, because I fail Him each day. His grace helps me back up onto my feet and gives me that loving, confident push forward. I couldn’t make it too far without God’s grace.

  215. My parents have been the 2 people in my life who have shown me the most grace. There have been times when I messed up and knew it, and they extended grace to me and loved me. It was, and is, the most humbling experience.

  216. My favorite story abuot Grace was when something very special to y Mom was broken and she said “Oh don’t worry, I was meaning to get rid of that old thing”. Only those of us who knew her well, knew the truth. She carried it off with such grace and kept the everyone from feeling bad about it.

  217. I have a 4 year journey into Grace & Peace which Paul so often included in his letters to the churches. I share Grace & Peace often and use it to close e-mails and cards. The study of those two words has transformed my life, thanks to one sermon and continued study and teaching it to others.

  218. Though I have always followed the Lord, and trusted Him, my circumstances were difficult. At one point in my younger years, I didn’t think there would be a joy-filled existence in my future. Though there still continue to be trials, Grace has completely overtaken me. I am humbled.

  219. When writing my Mom’s eulogy, I quoted verses from the hymn, “Amazing Grace” because even though she was a truly remarkable woman, she was always so quick to point out that it was only because of God’s grace!

  220. I recently had an unexpected expense that required immediate attention, and that I could not afford at all. I arrived at church a bit flustered, but determined to praise God regardless. I received a great deal of peace from God as I resolutely gave Him everything that made my spirit heavy. At the end of the service I had all but forgotten my situation, when a wonderful sister approached me with a cheque in hand. She asked me how much I needed and wrote it out. She didn’t need to know more than that I had a need I couldn’t meet with my own resources. God first provided the peace that passes all understanding, and then provided for the finances. He poured his grace over my spiritual need and then over my natural needs. I still don’t really know how else she could have known what I needed, but I’m so very glad she extended her hand and stepped out when called.

  221. Currently my favorite moments are Gods grace he constantly gives me for being an imperfect mother. I’m constantly failing and his unfailing love keeps me going each day.

  222. My husband shows me much grace. Even when I get impatient and say things I immediately wish I hadn’t, he responds lovingly rather than in anger.

  223. God’s grace comes to me in many different forms, but my husband is among my favorites. He has walked faithfully by my side through some really difficult things.

  224. Grace – on the days when I know I wasn’t good enough, I didn’t love enough or give enough or do enough – I know that his grace is sufficient and that his strength is made perfect in my weakness of not enough!

  225. He shows me His amazing grace each day, when He gives me the strength I need to do what I must do for my family and my job, in spite of my physical struggles. God is good ALL THE TIME!

  226. I saw God’s grace during the time when I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. He blessed me with wonderful doctors and nurses, an amazingly quick recovery from surgery, a husband who took fantastic care of me, and his word which came alive to me.

  227. My husband extending grace to me and others who have hurt him at times. God’s grace shines through him and I am so thankful for this example so close to me every day.

  228. Grace – I love how God pursues me when I get distracted with life and am not paying attention to Him the way I should. He sends me grace messages through Scripture, emails or whatever, to turn my focus back to Him. He demonstrates His love for me over and over. I’m so thankful for grace!

  229. God gives me grace every that I don’t deserve at all. He never should have forgiven my sins but He did! 🙂

  230. My favourite story of Grace is, of course, the Christmas Story! My favourite personal moments of grace are when I know I’m getting it wrong as a mother and wife, but my son and husband still love me.

  231. My favorite story about His Grace is when I was pregnant with my second daughter I was really sick the whole pregnancy. Lost 25lbs in the first 6 months and would go days without eating sometimes. By His grace she was born perfectly healthy at 7lb 14.5oz at full term. Her middle name is Grace in honor of the Grace He provided.

  232. it all started three years ago… with the paperwork to adopt a child with Down Syndrome. The roller coaster ride that happened during the process, when it looked like it was impossible and all the money would be lost, THEN GOD…….. Bringing our daughter named Grace home 16 mos ago has taught me over and over about Gods grace. Then reading and facilitating a womens group on Ann Voskamps book “One thousand gifts”. It is all grace isnt it???

  233. After my parents had been married 3 years, they were told by a specialist that they would never be able to have children… My mom cried out to the Lord, surrendering her desire for children into His hands. The next time she went back to the doctor, she was pregnant with me! The doctor was shocked, and said that it would never happen again – but it did! And again, and again, and… well, lets just say that I now have eleven beautiful younger brothers and sisters who are an amazing blessing! God showed His grace to my mom during those first hard years, and then blessed her with her heart’s desire!

  234. Grace…I see it every day in my hubby when he makes me a cup or two of coffee to take with me on my drive to work. He is amazing, and I am blessed.

  235. Through the grace of God my family made it through a rough patch this summer when my husband required Open heart surgery. It was a very trying time for the entire family but our faith and trust in the Lord and in the medical staff helped us make it through.

  236. Grace. grace. God’s grace. Grace that is greater than all my sin. My favorite grace song. Brings back memories of church as a young girl!

  237. All of my life I was a people-pleaser. (Notice the “was”. That is also part of His grace to me!) During college I made some very poor choices that could have resulted in catastrophic consequences. That they didn’t is pure grace!! And when I asked God about it later (about 20 years later) He told me he’d allowed my waywardness to prove to me that He would love me no matter what, and that His love and grace are totally undeserved and freely-given. Aaaahhh such precious freedom.