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Emily P. Freeman is a writer who creates space for souls to breathe. She is the author of four books, including her most recent release, Simply Tuesday: Small-Moment Living in a Fast-Moving World. She and her husband live in North Carolina with their twin daughters and twinless son.

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  1. Emily, I too have been thinking about the seasons in my life – in fact I have three draft blogs in progress on that very subject! I was a police officer. I am now the mother of four sons. I teach the bible to women. I am living in a different country, with a vastly different culture. I am about to commence a Masters in Counselling. The saying that “change is the only constant” is true for my life! Always hoping and praying I am staying on the path intended by the One who sees ahead. Blessings.

  2. These words make me tingle with recognition. And I so needed to hear it from a voice outside me. Where I have been has brought me to today, and equipped me for the job at hand. Where I am today isn’t where I’ll always be. Simple but profound for me now.

    I worked hard for a massage therapist certification but never got the job. Who’d have thought I’d end up in Poland teaching English with a vet student and I’m already familiar with the vocab she needs because I studied anatomy!

  3. The timing of these words are perfect. I am a homeschool mom who is going “back to work” for a few hours of the week after 16 years at home. Change has never been easy for me, but I have great peace because I can see God’s hand all the way through this. Thanks for your words. Blessings.

  4. Such a great post – thank you for sharing! The life I am living now is wonderful, but so very different than anything I expected. It is a blessing to hear someone else affirm that paths we have left are not failures or wasted time but steps of preparation God knew we would need, even if they aren’t the ones we would have thought of. I am so thankful we get multiple lives to live – our stories become so much richer and deeper this way!

  5. Thank you, Emily! I have been a teacher for ten years and just this year have chosen to stay home. It is a difficult decision to leave behind a profession that you work hard to get too. But I also love this season of being home and providing for my family in a way that I couldn’t before! I love making my family my priority. It takes time and big decisions and lots of prayer to get to the right place!

    • I have an appt. With HR Tom. Have been blessed teaching part time the last five years….in the profession for 15. I’m excited and nervous to transition to home….where I belong for now:)

  6. Only yesterday I repinned something from your sister on Pinterest. It was a quote that spoke to me:

    “I’ll look back on this and smile because it was life and I decided to live it.”

    Living each season to the fullest and being ushered into the next season is all wrapped up in this. Live it fully. Thanks, Emily.

  7. I relate so much to this post, Emily. After graduating with a Bachelors degree in social work I went on to get my Masters in social work. I was accepted into the number two social work school in the country and it did not come with a cheap price tag.

    After getting my MSW I worked for 4.5 years at an adoption agency. I was well known there and was really good at my job. I made a difference and I loved it. Yet there came a time when I knew that I needed a change, a break, more for my mental health. I began questioning myself since I had worked so hard to accomplish all that I had and was also still paying back loans for my MSW. Eventually I made the decision to resign from my social work position and accept a nanny job for a family at my church. I took a big pay cut but you know what??? It is so worth it. I am happy, healthy and it is preparing me for the next phase in life… motherhood! We are expecting our first in May. 🙂

    It is really important that we make decisions for ourselves and not based on what others will say or what they might think. I had several people look at me like I was crazy when I announced my resignation (and told them I would be a full time babysitter!). But really… who cares? God doesn’t. I know he is smiling at me as I care for these two adorable kids each and every day.

  8. Why does this post make me cry? Probably because it’s my story too…and the story of so many other women. The blood, sweat, and tears of my previous profession don’t even matter now. All my books and lecture notes and business cards are gathering dust in the attic. With each passing year, I care about it less. For the past nearly 5 years I’ve been teaching my kids at home. But two weeks ago they just began public school and I have time at home to simply rest and percolate. It is lovely and needed and sad all at the same time. Reading a post like this reminds me that it’s all okay and that it’s all connected. It makes me feel at home. So thank you.

  9. Great post Emily! It seems most seasons have pushed me into this season which is to write about all the other seasons past 🙂 I think it must have been building up inside of me for years and all came out last year when I wrote and released 11 books. Now that I have found my passion I can’t stop writing, it’s crazy. God is so good.
    Here are the books that I have written and am working on:

  10. “If we only lived one life in a lifetime, then you might say my life was over.” Oh wise wise Emily. Thank you for this.

  11. I had five different majors in my three years of college, and I don’t have a degree in ANY of them. But every major spoke to a different interest and gave me a chance to learn skills that I use now in my writing, in my business, and even in my home. You. Never. Know. What God will use to prepare you for what He wants you to do as He leads you through the craziness of your desire to Himself. He really doesn’t waste anything.

  12. What a beautiful, encouraging post. Last month I spoke at my aunt’s funeral and I started by saying, “We are all, over the course of our lives, many things to many people. I am a wife, a mother, a daughter a friend, a niece.” I then went on to talk about what it was like to be my aunt’s niece – what my experience was of her. That’s true, too – that we serve different roles over the course of our lives, but I like your questions: What gifts have your past seasons brought you so that you can live this one more fully present and alive?

    Last year I started homeschooling my eldest daughter, then a 5th grader. As the year progressed, I came to a realization: of all the jobs I’ve ever had, this was the one that used my gifts the most fully and completely. From my love of art history to my understanding of math to my passion for books – all wrapped up in one messy package.

    But I look forward with a hint of anxiety because my husband does not think we should homeschool beyond middle school. And I fear never finding another job that will be as fulfilling. But maybe it’s who I am now that uses all of my gifts, not the job that I’m doing… I’ll have to ponder and pray over that.

  13. This morning I woke up stressed from a little battle with myself yesterday over my life. I’ve really been struggling that I’m not doing “enough” with my life. Even though I feel like I’m where God wants me (for now). I needed this reminder.

    • Oh, Jennifer, do I hear you. I so struggle with the same things. But the truth is, who are we to decide what is “enough”?! You already are.

  14. […] Neither the accolades nor the critiques are worth anything. Don’t force something as valuable and sacred as the definition of your life to fit onto the small, flat, earthly paper of a degree or a certificate. They will come and they will go and they are important. But they do not get the final say. For in HIM we live and move and have our being. –Emily Freeman […]

  15. Thank you so much for these words, Emily. They reach me just as I’m starting to wonder and worry about “what’s next” and graduating from college and not knowing where my dreams will go or where I will live and what kind of person I’ll be. You remind me to trust that this season is rich with the promises of a good God, who already knows the next season, and the one after that, and after that. Thank you for encouraging me so beautifully.

  16. My life has been full of so many different kinds of seasons that I sometimes feel disconnected from them or from myself. Sometimes I even feel I have multiple personalities, but I think most moms do. Sometimes I wonder why on earth I majored in social work when I’m now an English professor, but then someone needs a little help or encouragement, and I stop wondering. For that moment.

  17. This made me smile. I once owned a little business and everything in life revolved around it. I could have never imagined doing anything else. And when I was putting Christmas away I ran across an old box of things reminding me of it and I felt nothing. It was a good feeling. It makes life sweet wondering what God will do next.

  18. Wonderful way of looking at life changes, Emily. Few of us remain in our first careers anymore. Sometimes, it can look like failure or a loss to move from one vocation to another. Your words confirm, it is all just preparation to live a life for the only One that matters. Enjoy your adventure!

  19. Thanks for the post, Emily. I find myself looking over the seasons of my life often. The chapters that have made me who I am today share a similar fabric, forming a beautiful piece of God’s handiwork. Only by His mercy and delicate touch could the tapestry of my life make it something worthwhile. I, too, have put away some things that once “defined”‘me and my status as a person in the eyes of man. I “press toward the mark” with excitement of the present and future.

  20. I, too, worked very hard to receive national certification in a health care field and left it behind for the sake of my kids. Unlike the freedom you seem to have in making the decision, I felt a great deal of pressure to give it all up; on the day my certification expired, I cried. I dearly love my kids, and gave myself over to them, homeschooled and advocated ( my oldest is hearing impaired and is on the autism spectrum) getting out of the house and adding something to our bank account was very satisfying. It had a great deal to do with feeling competent. Being at home has been a blessing but the hiddeness and feelings of “I don’t know what I am doing” have continued thru each stage of childrearing.
    When my husband lost his job I felt the sting ever more.
    I do not know what will come next: we are making decisions soon about the next stage. Our oldest son is a high school senior. Praying, thinking, asking, considering.
    And really having to trust- living beyond my means.

  21. Thank you for posting. My DH & I were blessed to be able to start our careers in our early 20s and find great success relatively young. We ‘had it made’ during a time when so many of our generation are still living in their parents’ basements. The normal next step was to keep keeping up – pretty house, prettier babies, etc.
    Instead, at 30, we are foster parents, graduate students, and youth workers on half the income we had last year. And much happier!
    No matter what God calls us to do, we are called to do our best at that time in that place, and still be willing to move to the next call.

  22. Thank you for writing this post and the reminder that we often confuse the ending of the story with the middle. This life on earth is only preparation for the real life that lies ahead.

  23. Thank you for your lovely writing. Where I am right now in my life is not anywhere where I thought I would – or should be – but it’s where God has placed me. And your writing encourages me to find the joy, beauty, and purpose in it all…. Thank you.

  24. So I’m reading this at my sign language interpreting job, with my recently achieved national certification, feeling like I’ll do this forever…. Thank you for the reminder that a season is just a season, and more are coming that just might bring beautiful changes. Each season really does lead us to the next.

  25. Hello Emily, Your post comes at a very opportune time. I am officially middle aged. For some reason I feel compelled to review and asses my life. Page 3 of the AARP Manual…only kidding. Who am I? Who was I? What have I accomplished? How did I fail? I’ve come to the conclusion that there were too many changes. I was young and embraced each, viewing them as mini adventures. Continuously adding chapter after chapter to my memoirs. However, with my 20/20 hindsight, that we each have been blessed with, I now realize that I neglected to take into consideration one thing while exploring, testing the waters and taking risks to find my niche. By the way I never did find “it”, the niche and maybe never will. I was able to comprimise my future security. That future has become the present. I can never make up for that time. I feel afraid of the future and know I must face change, yet again. Perhaps I’m stronger, but I am a prime example of the woulda’ coulda’ shoulda’ syndrome. I still feel change is great, but I would have changed my changes…lol. Have to laugh, carry on and have faith that this is the path that God had in mind. Right?! I’m glad you have found your road and share it with all of us so beautifully. You have a unique talent for observing the world around us. I believe it’s called insight…a gift.

  26. I’m in the same season I started when I was 18. School, school, and more school. I have a feeling that when I graduate next time (for the final time) a new season will start. But I don’t know what it is, so I’m not sure how to prepare. For now, it seems I need to focus on my current season and do the best I can there. <3

  27. Oh my, this post is all kinds of true.

    One upon a time I was going to be an actor. Broadway all the way. No family, no marriage, no kids, just me and my stage and I was going to be happy. Then I meet a man who was worth everything, so I took all those dreams and started a new one with him at my side. Two became one, and I was happy. But there was a problem – all I’d ever wanted to do was sing and act, so now I didn’t know what to do. My education was no good, I was literally starting from scratch when I was always the girl who knew exactly where she was headed. Then Good showed me a much better propose than filing my life with empty accolades from a faceless audience. And I’m happy.

    When the life we thought we wanted ends, it can be disorienting and scary. But I know God’s there to catch it’s on the other side. Thanks for this.

  28. Emily-As the other ladies said, your post really hit home. Thanks for sharing your story. And-YES-God is always preparing us for the NEXT season, but He wants us to cherish and learn from this time of life.

  29. Oh this was just what I needed to hear this morning, thank you, Emily for sharing this nugget of wisdom. I am tucking it in my heart and holding on to this in this season.

  30. Thank you for this….you are still interpreting “life” for the rest of us who read what you write! You are a great example of using your gifts and skills where the Lord places you.

  31. So encouraging! I just started following your blog and have already been blessed my it. I just graduated with a Masters in Art Education and am about to, Lord willing, embark on a career as an art educator. This is a good reminder – “Don’t force something as valuable and sacred as the definition of your life to fit onto the small, flat, earthly paper of a degree or a certificate. They will come and they will go and they are important. But they do not get the final say. For in him we live and move and have our being – then, now, and forever.” I need to remind myself of that everyday!

  32. Seems like you’ve hit a nerve with so many women, and what an encouragement. This year I took off my homeschool mom hat, that I loved, loved, loved wearing for nearly 20 years. Both my babies are in college now and I found myself with hands spread wide asking “what now???”. God is so good and has nudged me back into a micro-role (all I can handle right now) for women’s ministry at our church. I can see my way a bit clearer each day, and even tho the where the path leads is uncertain, I know I don’t walk it alone.

  33. Emily, I cannot even begin to tell you what a blessing your writing has been to me in the last month. I am a mom of 3 yr old twin girls, for whom I prayed to be many years. After they were born, I gave up my nursing career of 12 yrs, and found this very difficult to give up my “title” of nurse. How in the world did I ever think “nurse” was more important than “mommy”? Thank goodness for our merciful and gracious God who gives such wonderful gifts to His children. The degree I’m earning is love, patience, goodness, kindness, joy, self control, and peace. There is no higher degree!! Thank you for your obedience in your calling and sharing your gift with us!

  34. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this Emily…THANK YOU! I especially related to when they stopped calling as I had worked translating for missions trips to Latin America and thought I always would, but life changed and I got a teaching job I didn’t want or ask for to keep me home to be with my mom when she was dying & also meet my husband in my own hometown. Now, the teaching certification has lapsed and I didn’t get that Masters that I have sometimes thought I should have {since it would have been mostly paid by the school district} but I would have sacrificed the first years of marriage and maybe too busy to hear our call to become missionaries. Now that certification has lapsed and I don’t hear from that missions agency anymore {though there have been opportunities with our current one that because of kids and my husband’s calling I have turned down, too} and we are headed somewhere I NEVER would have picked on my own and writing has become an essential companion for the journey…well, I just resonate A LOT with all of this. And WE are all so thankful for the surprises and turns of your life because WE have benefited & been blessed so! hugs:}

  35. Thank you for your encouraging words. I received my RN years ago and it provided an opportunity to make good money while being at home with my kids. Then we moved and I chose to stay home with my kids. Now I face the possibility of losing my license with no other direction, at this time, for a career. But I keep praying for God’s direction. Your devotion was so encouraging, as it echoed what I had been thinking, but wasn’t sure about.
    It’s hard to reject what the world thinks I should do, but I have to believe that God has a different direction for me.

  36. Thanks so much for sharing!! I remember those days, having had 3 kids in 3 years (the first 4 years of marriage!). People thought (and maybe still think?) that we were crazy, but it was just God’s plan…
    and now…
    YAY for “middle age”!!
    A dear (much younger) friend commented after we first met, that she was surprised that I was so active…in so many areas of life and ministry… because in her family the women sort of dried out and died when they empty nested. She didn’t know that she could use that season in life to do ALL the things she couldn’t do when she had little ones under foot, and little league games to go to, and PTA to attend to, and even college events to participate in once the kids were in college. Now is the season of me serving God with my all!!
    I don’t have to be involved in youth group (unless God leads me to be), and I can write and blog about parenting and marriage with history and wisdom in my life; I can quilt, work with women, and volunteer in missions (and even take trips without my husband or kids!) to assist workers in other countries!! I can encourage women of all ages, and appreciate the older ones that are widowed and the wisdom they share out of loneliness, out of friendship, because I’m not there, but I can see something like that on the horizon – and I want to be surrounded by amazing women who are strong and serve the Lord with gladness (and if it’s me that goes first, I want them ALL to know what kind of man my hubby is, and how much we have loved well!!). I can PRAY, and encourage others to pray more, for God’s work around the world!!
    So, although you may feel swamped with diapers (each one changed is one less!), don’t forget your God-sized-dreams (as our friend Holley Gerth wrote about a while back), and put them to work when the season’s change and you don’t know what to do. Live in the moment, and listen to His voice in each season of life…

  37. Hi Emily!

    This is for me today! Thank you for sharing.

    I’ve been through different seasons in my life as well. Sometimes I think like Joseph. He experienced being both in the lowest of lows and in a position of being in charge because one day He will be governor over Egypt. He has to learn how the slaves and workers feel so when He knows what to do when God elevates him to higher position. I think that’s what God has taught me in previous seasons. Right now He’s bringing me to challenging places and encouraging me to be courageous and believe in the impossible. I’m learning to believe in myself and trust Him for the outcome of things He told me to do.

    His wisdom and ways are just great!

    Thanks again for sharing!

  38. Do I ever relate to this! After several years as a medical social worker, I’ve taken a break for awhile so I can focus on writing. My experience as a social worker definitely informs my writing. I received my renewal notice for my social work license the other day and plan to renew it. I can’t say that I never want to work in the field again, though I’m thoroughly relieved to not being doing it right now. I also know that the novel I’ve written wouldn’t be nearly as good without my experience as a social worker. I’m hopeful that the next time the renewal paperwork comes in the mail, I’ll be writing full time and can confidently let my license expire. Or I’ll be writing and feel the desire to put my degree to good use again. Either way, I’ll be OK.

  39. During my husband’s company Christmas party I was continually asked, “What do you do?” After telling people I stay at home, I knew what they were going to ask next- do you plan on going back to work after the kids get older? There faces were priceless when I would boldly answer- no.

    My teacher certification is about to expire, and the truth is- I have no desire what so ever to go back into teaching. I know that God used that time to mold me for what I’m doing right now. There are countless times I rely on what I learned through my short season of teaching and somehow weave it into my daily life of being at home. It wasn’t easy staying at home at first, but I love it now. I had to get over the “what do I do next” season that comes with those first few months of staying home, and at times I still do. But it gets easier when I see how I’m being changed by finding who I am in Him rather than a paper that sits in a frame collecting dust as the months pass.

    As the song goes that I teach my children- He’s still working on me. It’s exciting to see how God is taking me to a place I never dreamed I’d be, but it’s better than I imagined.

    • Thank you Emily for your wonderful post; I’m always talking about what I’m going to “be” when I grow up (I’m 52). My identity was being a teacher, then a Mom of 4. Our future plans keep changing and I’m just trying to remember my identity is in Christ as I prepare to move again and become an empty nester. I’m keeping my classroom supplies in their boxes-maybe they’ll be used by my elem. ed. major daughter! I haven’t written on my blog for weeks- thanks for encouraging me to get back to writing Emily, and that my life continues to have different seasons. As Brandon Heath’s song says, “He’s Not Finished With Me Yet!”

  40. Ah, you did it once again Emily. Spoke right to the heart of where I am at.
    I have a degree in Fine Art and never used it. It you had told me I was going to be a missionary in a developing country on the other side of the earth I would have told you to jump in a lake. While I was a missionary, I never thought I would ever live stateside as a pastor’s wife. As a pastor’s wife… well, I couldn’t wait to get out of that last one. Now as we are finding our way outside of full time ministry, my husband has challenged me to stop putting off my art and focus on it. What am I waiting for? I am only getting older. So, I am setting time aside with more determination than ever. And I am investing in the tools to reach that goal. (not like the money is earning much interest just sitting in a bank now-a-days) Pray for me. I both excited and scared to death!! 🙂

  41. This truth has beckoned me of late as I ache for more and remain loyal to the contentment of today, knowing there’s purpose in right now.

  42. Oh girl, such truth! I did the same with my Deaf Ed. degree. Worked hard to earn a masters (while working full-time, while having a 2 year old boy at home, while pregnant with our second!). I was actually beginning my second class to finish in earning my renewal, and God pressed in on my heart to let it go. It didn’t make sense to my logical, practical mind, but it felt good, it felt right, AND my husband was in full support. Thanks for your precious words, not sure where my road is leading, yet choosing to trust. Bless you girl!

  43. I so love hearing this conversation. What a beautiful hinge to see all the different ways our gifting and desire shows up – not that one thing is better or more important than another. Just that it all works together to reveal a bigger picture.

  44. “What about all that money? All those hours? What about my degree? Those questions have forced me to think of another question. Why must we always insist that the destination is the most important measure of success? We put so many worry hours into our future only to discover that it keeps changing.” AMEN SISTER!!

    I feel the same way about my Medical Assisting degree–waste of time & money!! Don’t like the changes or the job I’m in right now, but God knows the plans He has for me and this too will pass by!!

    It’s interesting that you mentioned sign language–I, too, do some sign language I’m hearing impaired–busted ear drum. I started doing some simple signs for contemporary music & my music director now has me doing sign language to music for our special music several times a year. It is fun & intriging to learn new songs & signs!

  45. Hi Emily,

    I have garnered so much from following both your and Ann Voskamp’s blogs. I look so forward to connecting and being inspired here. Your words today spoke deeply to my heart. I have recently decided to be a stay-at-home mom at least for the next 9 months until both of my “babies” will be in school full-time. This is week one and I am enjoying every moment of it. I am so deeply blown away with the way Christ reveals Himself to us. Just yesterday, I had a tea party with my 3 YO….just us, while the 5 YO was at school. We were dancing together and the song I walked down the aisle to came on and it was like Jesus was right there, dancing with me….telling me He is by my side. You see, the last 7 months have been rough ones for our marriage. 7 months ago, we were at the very lowest point we have ever been. Yet by the grace of God we are pressing on and becoming stronger as a couple. And so, though at times I am fearful of what Sept holds for me…I am reminded to enjoy this intimate walk with Christ and to live my faith knowing that only He knows the plans He has for us. Your words today spoke deeply to my heart. Thank you for being here and encouraging.

  46. really brilliant. do you mind if I post the last paragraph and link back to this site? I know lots of moms in my community who would be interested in your words. I need to sit with them for a bit. thank you.

  47. I worked very hard and poured myself into music, as a violinist and music major.. practicing 2-3 hours a day, plus rehearsals. Yet after my freshman year of college, I had troubles with tendonitis/carpal tunnel in my hands, resulting in me having to change majors, redirect my creativity and refocus on my desire to help people.

    Now I am an in-home caregiver for several elderly ladies, and I love it. I write and make other kinds of art and have freedom to travel, serve and volunteer, and probably have a much richer life than if I had stuck with my own narrow plans. Yet my former dedication to music and understanding of God and myself through that is in the background and truly influences all I do today.

    The hard thing is, this isn’t something that can be explained in a sentence or two, it can’t really come up in response to “so what do you do?” 🙂 So I appreciate your insight and bringing this up!

  48. Emily, I’ve been thinking about this same concept for many months – years, even – and you weave it so beautifully into words. For me, it was a music degree. I let go of it slowly although it paved the way for church service and other gifts down the road. Now any degree at all seems to be a stale piece of paper, really, since I am a stay-at-home mom and “whatever happened to that smart girl?” is a lie I’m often tempted to believe. I love your perspective here. Thank you for sharing. Although, I’ll admit, I’m not ready to apply it to my husband just yet. He recently finished his very hard-fought MBA and darnitall he’d better not decide to become a fishing guide or something. Not yet, anyway. 🙂

  49. Thank you for this. I was a teacher until I had my daughter. She is two now and it is hard to picture my life that way again. I love this-spending time with her and being here when she needs me and writing in this community. And if I could grow in this I’d be grateful. All in His time.

  50. I am so very grateful you have been a part of my recent journey to wherever, to my now.
    ( My degree is in International Relations/Economics/Commerce. Never ‘used’ it. Opened a cafe catering business, got pregnant on my honeymoon. 🙂 )

  51. What a beautiful reminder. It’s true, God is writing our story and every chapter has its own role to play not just in our story, but more importantly, in His.

    It is also good to be reminded that this season, right now, is not all of there is, because sometimes this season is difficult and is not the one I dreamed I would be living. It is good, and I have learned to cherish it. But at the moment, I’m quite in the middle of a transition, and it’s not always easy.

  52. Having this perspective reminds me not that my God is sovereign and is preparing me for the future He’s planned for me. When we see life as preparation for the next step in His plan, how can we be adverse to change? Welcome change! God is simply moving us to the next place of service.

    Thank you for reminding me of the things in my past that have brought me to this wonderful place. I will find joy in the journey.

  53. Emily, your words bring peace and an answer to an uncertain prayer. What a blessing this has been to read, and with timing that makes me feel humbled to have seen God’s hand in showing comfort.

    I am on the upswing of a master’s degree I’ve felt a calling to — but with feelings of wanting to be home with two beautiful children. It is hard to understand how the two paths relate, but I am trying to remember that His ways are beyond my understanding. Trust and pray. Trust and pray.

    Thank you, Emily!

  54. too relevant for me right now…stay at home mom to two kids under 3, student loan bills going unpaid from a bachelor and masters degree that I’ve yet to really put to use!

  55. Mhm. This is where I am living right now – right in the middle of changing futures. I have no idea what my future is changing into though. It is a frustrating and a frightening time. I like to know the answers and the big picture so that I can plan my life. But – it is encouraging to hear your story from the other side. That this season too shall pass and the new future will be just where I was headed all along without knowing it.

  56. Oh, yes, those sneaky changing seasons. I finally stopped teaching college composition. I have been a home school mom. With 2 sons out of the nest and 3 in, we are building a business – and I am learning and doing new things. Writing has always been a part of each season – I can’t imagine my life without it – I am so excited about what the next year will hold – what the next season will hold. This week, though, this week a new season began – a parallel season – I became a grandmother this week!

  57. I didn’t realize that you had worked as an interpreter!

    This post was perfectly timed for me. I too have a degree in sign language interpreting and worked hard all through school to get where I am. I got hired to work in a respected specialization right out of school and a year later I had my national certification at the masters level. All that to say that while I have now been working for 3.5 years in an amazing job, I am now considering a life change that would mean moving overseas and raising personal support. A total 180, but it would allow me to pour into other gifts and interests that I have not been using.
    I have had many people tell me it is a crazy plan. They ask me how I could give it all up. And at times I agree with them. Being an interpreter has been my identity – I’m not sure who I would be without it.
    Your words encouraged me that I am not what I am doing at the moment and that what the world sees as success may not be what God sees. I am praying that God will show me the changes that he wants for me and will help me to step from one stage to the next as I keep my eyes on him.

  58. Well put. “The gift of listening for the purpose of understanding, the gift of learning how to do the work, the gift of becoming comfortable in my own skin.” I can attribute those gifts to my grad school experience also. It’s fun to be able to say “I knew you then” and be able to witness, from afar, where you are also today.

  59. ah! Thank you SO much. I needed this so badly!

    “Why must we always insist that the destination is the most important measure of success?” — so true. I fall into this mindset all the time. I have changed my college major 3 times already, and sometimes I just wonder why I’m even getting a degree when all I really want to do is be a wife/mom and write and serve the Body.

    Your post is challenging me not to see things as an end-all but as a point that will lead me to the next point. The destination shouldn’t be degree-delegated..

    The destination should be JESUS!

    How quickly our focus can get off-track.


  60. 🙂 I earned my degree in Deaf Education… when I was hired at my first (and only) teaching job, I had all these dreams and plans for what I would do in and for that school. I stayed for only a year and a half, and then had a baby 🙂 I do not miss it one bit. And I do not see myself going back (though I suppose God could lead me back there at some point… but I’ll not think about that possibility until He does).

    When you say that the season we are in right now carries hints of the season to come… I am scared and excited all at once. Sit back and enjoy it? Sounds like a good plan…