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Jeremy is a Grammy & two-time American Music Award nominee as well as a Compassion International artist. He’s an author, husband, and father of three.

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  1. God has been teaching me about His perfect timing nearly my whole life, really starting in 7th grade. I’m 37 now and my life has had a path–I can see how my dad losing his job in 1987 paved the way for me to eventually meet my husband, based on the various steps along the way God used to get me to the right place at the right time. God’s timing is perfect–always perfect. Even when we don’t understand it. More recently, God’s timing came into play regarding our family. We had two girls but I longed for a boy to complete our family and to carry on my husband’s legacy. I prayed for two years for God to grant us a boy either through pregnancy or adoption. I finally felt God saying the time was right and soon after, we conceived our son. I’m eager to see how God uses Benjamin to teach us, to help us grow in our faith and as parents. All in good time.

  2. How when you think you don’t have the money to pay the bill and someone randomly (seems to be anyway) gives you enough money to cover it.

  3. God’s timing is something I am really struggling with right now. On Friday, my dear Grampa died. He has been in a nursing home for a while, but he wasn’t sick so it was pretty unexpected. I’d give anything to be with my family right now, but we are stationed in Spain and there is just no way for me to fly back to the states at this time. It’s so hard. I don’t understand why this had to happen now. I don’t understand why I have to be stuck in another country mourning alone instead of in New York with the comfort of my family around me. Someday it will make sense, but today as I sit home alone during my Grampa’s funeral… It’s just really hard.

    • God is allowing you to stand in His comfort at this time, instead of physically with your family. Sometimes He has to be the only one we can find comfort in to be reminded that He is enough, even when we REALLY hurt. Much love and prayers sent your way!!!

    • Have a virtual hug Laura, it must be so difficult not to be able to be with your family at a time like this. Perhaps when you do get to see them, you’ll be able to do something special together in memory of your grandpa. XX

  4. Wow, this post is timely! It just so happens that I’ve been going through many ups and downs with regards to God’s perfect timing. I’m a recent college graduate looking for a job and I’ve submitted several applications at the start of the year with no reply. I was getting pretty desperate and starting to ask God so many questions. I was doubting, worrying, and all that, but God reminded me to wait patiently. It IS honestly hard to wait when you can’t see God’s timetable. But waiting IS indeed incredibly worth it. This week, all the places where I applied started calling up. I haven’t started working yet, but I will be soon. God is good!

  5. Oh, it is always about His timing and His plan. I used to tell everyone how ‘my’ plans were all messed up and things weren’t going how ‘I’ wanted them to, then finally realized this isn’t ‘my’ life and these aren’t ‘my’ plans. His plan, purpose and timing are always perfect and much more than I could have done on my own.

  6. I just recently had to face a forgiveness issue from about 15 years ago. Had I had to face this situation back then, I wouldn’t have had the insight I have now. I wouldn’t have been able to say to the person that I have sincerely forgiven them and processed the situation and now thank God for bringing me through that pain because of where it has taken me to today. I cannot imagine the pain Jeremy had to go through but I do believe that pain has the possibility of drawing us closer to God. I’m so thankful for those moments I have chosen to cling to Him instead of push Him away. I am really looking forward to reading this book!

  7. God’s plans in God’s time are perfect and He promises to walk with us every step of the way

  8. God has taught me much about his perfect timing through the loss of my mother (when I was 7 yrs old, she died of Lupus, my struggle with anorexia and then through eating disorder recovery and through infertility to pregnancy. So much has happened and I can now look back and say with a resounding YES that it is ALL about His timing! Praise God that He sees the big picture when we cannot.

  9. The older I get the more I see where God has had His hand in my life.
    Saving me after a horrible motorcycle accident, being there through the duration of our son’s health issues, putting people into my life who would help lead me to Christ…

  10. Interesting that you said “God had to ready your heart” to write the story! Oh My! So true, I have had unbelievable changes and adaptations in my life.

    I’ve had 2 Dads (Step and Real), and after my mother died when I was 19 my Step Father who raised me got remarried a couple years later. So, in a sense I’ve had 2 moms as well. I’ve seen the inside of 3 different marriages from a childs perspective and it has taught me so much about caring and looking deeper.

    I’ve moved many times due to marrying a Naval Aviator. I’ve raised two kids and am about as proud a mother as can be. There were so many sacrifices made along the way. I’ve learned to say No to myself. I probably seemed like a bit of a bore to outsiders.

    But now….NOW….things are finally falling into place. Yep…it’s all about God’s timing, having a bit of Faith and never ever losing HOPE that our lives mean something!

  11. I am a mother of four children. Oldest and youngest are biological and the middle two are adopted from Ukraine. The two precious adopted ones are both have incredible emotional and mental special needs. One of them even has to live out of our home because of the danger that he/she presents to the rest of us. The Lord wastes nothing. He has used the suffering of the last six years to grow me in my love of Him and my trust in His timing and Goodness. I think it amazing and only the God of the Universe could take something that I view as “bad” or hard or suffering and actually use it to grow my understanding of His Goodness! I praise Him for the gift of troubled children. His timing and ways are perfect, all the time

  12. In little ways, God has been reminding me of His timing — struggling with my on self concept He reminded me just yesterday, though our Bible study on Titus, that He loves me. I was chosen by Him to be His. As a cancer survivor, who is frequently in pain, I focus on the pain and loss and in little ways, daily, He reminds me of His love . . . just what I need.

  13. The first time I truly learned about God’s perfect timing was when we struggled with infertility. Four long years hoping, praying, crying out to God. He answered in His perfect timing. I still have lessons to learn, but I trust Him to work things out for my good in His way.

  14. I am praying for God’s timing to be revealed during this season of change with the loss of my job….and the uncertainty of my husband’s job in the next 2 weeks. Everything seems turned upside down and we are just praying that God’s purpose will be revealed!

  15. God has taught me through loss, mistakes I have made with detrimental outcomes, choices others make that affect the lives of those around us that He is faithful! (even when I am not) That the things of this life are temporary and the ultimate goal is for all glory to be brought to the Father. His Word is to be tried and proven.

  16. We are continually reminded about God’s timing and control as we sit and wait to be chosen by a birth mom to adopt a little one. Each day we get impatient, and fuss, and jump to frustration we’re reminded there is *nothing* we can do but wait for the Lord to do this in our life. We’re striving to use this time to pray for our baby, our birth family, and for the Lord to prepare our hearts. “Be still and know that I am God” has long been my favorite verse. In the waiting, I wish it weren’t! But I know the Lord has a great plan and purpose.

  17. God has been teaching me about timing through my friendships. I struggled with loneliness for a few years, after moving to a tiny town after living overseas. I wanted close friends desperately, but I never found the friendship I longed for. After learning to be content with just 1 or 2 somewhat close friends that I saw very rarely, He has now blessed me with the most amazing small group! The women of our group have gotten incredibly close in a very short amount of time. God has taught me that when it is the perfect fit, it doesn’t have to take months to develop the closeness I longed for. My friends and I constantly are amazed at how tight our group has become, and how grateful we all are for it. I’m so glad God took his time preparing me to be a part of the most incredible group of women I’ve ever known.

  18. I am trusting in God’s timing for my boys ages 19 and 17. They are not the slightest bit engaged in church and I pray they come to know the Lord. It is a long story but to make it short I went to church my whole life but we were never taught to accept Jesus, to be in the word or mentioned God outside of one hour of church a week. We never prayed together, not a Bible study, etc. So when I was raising our family before becoming a Born Again Christian I did the same to my family. I know it is never too late in God’s timing.

  19. I can relate with so many of the people who reply ahead of me! Patience is not my strong suit. Nor are surprises. But God has used my ENTIRE life to teach me to trust in His timing, to understand it’s ok when I don’t know what the road ahead looks like, and that He has a better idea of how my road map needs to be charted in order for me to get to where I need to be.


  20. Incredible story. Would love to read about it.

    I’ve only recently discovered biography type books – books that discuss people’s real life. And it has made SUCH an impact. I’m reading books on Bonhoeffer and George Mueller and I’m shocked at how much they impact me. Spiritual growth is happening – I’m sure the same is happening for people reading I Still Believe.

    Thanks for sharing 😉 Beautiful family.

    – Kate

  21. When does the Lord ever stop teaching us about His perfect timing?! 🙂 I’ve learned that His timing is far better than my own (my marriage) that His timing with be the best possible time for anything to happen in my life (having babies) and to make the most of right now because I’m smack dab in the middle of His intention and there is not place I’d rather be. Today is what the Lord wants it to be and there is no greater peace than truly believing that He has the best in store for those who wait on Him.

  22. Isaiah 40:31: waiting on the Lord strengthens you- your mind & your soul. Waiting on the Lord’s perfect timing is allowing His will to place you in His perfect plan….Its taken me almost 45 years to learn (and re-learn) this!!

  23. I read a poem once that described this life as a tapestry on God’s loom. We can only see the underside, which looks messy and confusing. But He sees the beauty of each weave and each connection. In the end it will be a masterpiece.
    God is always working with me. He teaches me renewed trust in Him daily, to take on His light yoke and surrender my heavy one to Him, and to see from the past struggles in my life His faithfulness and perfect timing, so I can move forward with peace that passes understanding.
    His perfect timing amazes me because when I look back I can see how beautifully he weaved into it all the state of my heart, all surrounding circumstances (good and bad), and has turned it all to good and to glorifying His name.

  24. When I was ten I became sick. No one knows why; the doctors still don’t know why especially since there’s no history of what happened in my family. I ended with an enlarged heart, JRA, compression fractures in my back, weak bones, severe stomach problems, a right hip replacement…eleven years later I see how God has shown me glimpses of his workings. But He has shown me in His perfect timing He will use it for His glory.

  25. God is teaching me about His timing more and more everyday. Everytime I feel discouraged, sad, angry, impatient… He shows me something that gives me hope. Things usually end up working out for the best (even if His best isn’t the best I’d originally planned for!) if I just BREATHE, BE STILL, AND PRAY.

  26. Oh my goodness, is the Lord ever teaching me his perfect timing. I am pretty sure it is a daily struggle. Right now I am waiting on his timing for my husband to find a new job AND having a baby. it is so hard to be patient, but I know God is using this time to draw me closer to him.

  27. God is teaching me about his perfect timing right now because I feel as if I am in a season of waiting. Waiting to graduate. Waiting to get engaged. Waiting to start my new job.

  28. I never imagined that one year later I could even begin to understand what God’s timing & will would be in our lives. After losing our business, having to do Chapter 7, having to work outside the home again, seeing our marriage almost turn to ruin & then the ultimate – to lose one of the amazing young
    Men in my sons band, Forever Is Forever just this month – I am starting to get that it comes down to having FAITH <3. It means Fantastic Adventure In Trusting Him. Some days are second by second trusting Jesus to carry us through every single second of every day. It's trusting Him when we have been trying to get a loan modification & are afraid of losing our home, it's trusting Him to know how to get through missing the amazing kid who lived with us three days a week, it's trusting Him to help your husband through panic attacks, it's trusting in EVERY little decision we make!  Thank you precious Jesus for loving us soo much that you'd take the time to
    Let us see the beautiful things that come through the very hard lessons in this life <3

  29. God’s perfect timing was when he sent Jeremy Camp to Cork, Ireland after you had this trial in your life. Through your trial you were able to comfort me. My dad had died of cancer when I was 14 years old and I was blaming myself for his death. When you shared with me about the plans that God had for me you gave me great joy. When you left Ireland I still struggled but you had planted a seed about this truth…..another watered it (Jim Arnold,) but God gave the increase. So thank you for being obedient to His perfect timing and coming to Ireland to comfort me with His love.
    Much love to you and your family from Trevor and Naomi Jackson.

  30. I’ve been working on Beth Moore’s study of the fruit of the Spirit. Most recently we were studying patience and I’m learning how God uses trying circumstances and people in our lives to shape us into what HE wants us to be. Without those difficulties we wouldn’t be the same people we are with them. Thanks for a chance to win.

  31. We have been having some serious money problems lately. My husbands hours have been cut and we are struggling. I know that God will provide and give us what we need in his own time and when He knows it is right for us!!

  32. God is teaching me about His timing through the sudden and unexpected death of my friend, our pastor’s wife. Our church is reeling and yet, there is a strength there. Right now, it still doesn’t make sense, but God is faithful. I see hope. I see newness. I see good in the midst of forced change.

  33. As my husband and I continue through a period of unemployment, we are trusting in God’s perfect timing – we want the solution NOW, but we know that God is sovereign and He will provide according to His will and His timing.

  34. We lost a daughter in 2008 to a fatal disease called triploidy. God has brought us perfect healing and shown us compassion through the birth of our daughter Bella Joy this year…he has brought us beauty from ashes and joy in the morning.

  35. So many times “great” ideas flood in to my mind of what “I” want to do or go. Yet I am often stopped and reminded that I need to wait on God’s timing, that His timing and plans are best for my life. Without Him my plans are nothing and cannot compare to His plans. Giving it all over to God and asking Him to take it and do with it what He will and in His way and time. It is so refreshing.

  36. It is hard to understand gods timing…that is when our faith comes in.would love to read this book.thank you.

  37. WOW this post is very timely!!! I have dealt with a lot of pain….my brother was killed in a car accident – 2004, My Mom was killed in a car accident – 2009. Working through some personal issues myself in 2008 daunting me and Satan battling with me trying to put me through depression and discouragement..PTL God won the battle. This month a car accident myself, feeling like a setback and yet I know God loves me and does not mean it for harm, accepting it as a stepping stone in my life with God and I am grateful that i was not injured worse and blessed in so many ways. GOD is GOOD all the time. Through all of these experiences in HIS time and through God I have been able to grasp the love of God like never before and went through an amazing transformation spiritually last year. I am able to sense needs in others and have a passion to encourage and help people see that through GOD ALONE is how you deal with pain and difficult circumstances!

  38. Wow…God is constantly working and teaching me about and through His timing…most recently, it has been through our journey for my husband to be a pastor. We both knew it was his calling, but we had to wait for God’s perfect timing. He has been a pastor for two months now, and God showed up in SO many WONDERFUL ways on the journey to this place! We look forward to serving Him for as long as He allows, and to the mighty ways He will show Himself as we obey and follow Him.

  39. God has taught me about His timing through the birth of our daughter (after many years of trying to conceive) and how he loves to surprise me, especially by the soon to be birth of our son in the next month. I wanted it to happen when I wanted it to happen but now when people ask if we want more kids, I say that it is up to God, he is the only one who can make it happen!

  40. God has been teaching me about timing for a long, long time. I am 54 and for most of the first 46 years of my life I was abuse, neglected, manipulated and controlled. I was a victim of rape and of severe domestic violence. In 2003 I was beaten and stabbed about 30 times and left for dead. Sometime years before that, I think the inside of me began to die and although I believed in God. He seemed distant.One night on the way home from work I was craying and praying to God for direction because my life was he**. I said I wanted whatever He wanted for my life but I really needed him to be clear about it. Within a hour, I had almost been killed, my small children were terrorized and my life changed radically. God had answered my prayer. I knew that He had but it has taken me almost nine years to begin to think about what to do next. Mostly I have just been trying to survive since then. I have had 27 surgeries, most of which had to do with the stabbing. I remarried a couple of years later… a friend who was not saved but has taken good care of me. Now I realized that although he has taken good care of me… being unequally yoked is really hard. I just want to figure out… what next ? Who am I ? Why am I here ? Questions that I should have found the answer to in my teen years. I would love to read this book. Maybe it would hold some answers for me. I am sad for your loss Jeremy, but oh so glad for the blessings God has filled your new life with.

    • YOU have a story to tell, Bonnie Jean. Wow! Sending up a prayer for you today. Do you have a blog?

  41. For a perfectionist and a person who wants to control every circumstance I am learning VERY slowly that I control nothing and God controls everything. It is in His timing that the constant struggles I face will be smoothed and I feel His strength and peace more and more every day. Through thanksgiving and constant prayer I find His timing is all I need to wait on.

  42. God has asked that I send my daughter back to school and though I do not understand it and my ideal life is slipping away, or at least to me it is, He is reminding me that His plans in His due time are better than anything I can dream for.

  43. Over the past several years, I’ve been struggling with our church’s music ministry – with being told that my voice was not “appropriate” for our style of worship, or even that I wasn’t good enough to sing on the worship team. I finally had to leave the entire thing behind, with my husband’s guidance, because it had started affecting all aspects of my worship of God. Since then, I’ve just been waiting…. for what, I’m not sure.

    Just this past Sunday, I was approached by a friend to join an 8-person singing group that she is putting together. Church music? No – jazz. But it’s an opportunity to use God’s gift to share with others, and I can be a missionary anywhere!

    By waiting for God’s timing, I may be able to begin singing again, and NOT have to worry if I’m “good enough.” At 53 years old, I’m STILL learning to wait on God!

  44. Especially at this point in life, high school, college, relationships, I need to trust all the more that God is in control of everything and it will all come together in his perfect timing.

  45. The Lord is teaching us through a job lose and not being able to pay all our bills, that his timing is perfect. HE knows the future, and I will trust him.

    I love Jeremy Camp and his music. I look forward to reading his book.

  46. My husband and I have been separated for about a year now, after only 3 1/2 years of marriage due to emotional and verbal abuse. We have tried to push forward several times to make things work but there is still crucial healing that needs to come forth in me before we can move forward together. I am learning how it has to be in God’s perfect timing in my marriage. I can’t listen to what other people expect because when we try to do things in our own timing and our own strength, I get attacked and weakened so badly that it physically makes me sick. I know that God wants to heal me and is doing that work in me now, but if I push ahead of where God has me, I destroy that precious work that is being done. People (including my husband) don’t understand how right now, in this moment, I need to stand fast in the Lord and allow Him to heal me and bring me to a place to be able to move forward because others just want to see everything fine in my marriage. I have to wait on the Lord to heal and build a new foundation to move forward. So thank you for this reminder that God’s perfect timing is always that…..perfect!

  47. “Walk by Faith” by Jeremy Camp has been the song that always brings me up when I am feeling lost or down. I latched onto this song long before I even knew Mr. Camp’s story. When I finally did some learning, it meant even more. I have walked by faith and this broken road has brought me to my three beautiful children through open adoption. His song is still my mantra as we all know faith is just than, trusting in God, even when we cannot see His will. I hope to see Mr. Camp in concert someday! :0) He most definitely has some bigger projects going on right now…but hopefully when he returns to MN our timing will be right and we will be able to go! :0) My hope is that everyone can feel the love of Christ, like I do, and trust in Him and His will.

  48. when I look at my past, when I lost my mom, when I had to quit my job to raise my little boy, my current job, it all makes sence. The order of things. I hope someday I will make sence of the circumstances I am going through right now. It is painfull while it is happening and there are those who discourage me and tell me prayer is not going to solve my problems. But that is all I have. My God is all I have.

  49. I’m a firm believer in God’s timing…..and after decades of first hand experience, I KNOW down to my toenails and back again: All things really DO work together for good…..but oh I didn’t start out that way!
    But, thru MS Multiple Sclerosis), CHF (Congestive Heart Failure), Seizures, and allergies to meds for those, pain and a zillion other things……I’ve learned that dancing with the ebb and flow of each, and being grateful from the core of my being for little things (like breath, color, taste, smell and even tears)….I am changed, rearranged and prepared for whatever’s next. When I “show up” for the day, the moment I’m in, and truly give it my all, then I am indeed I’ve got the buildiing blocks for whatever’s next, already in place.
    I am abundantly and infinitly blessed, and honored to be His hands and feet whenever He asks, and simply delight in each day.
    Best wishes to all.

  50. Im glad I stopped by this site today. Perfect for me. I lost my momma 18 days ago, and hardly have what it takes to get off the couch. It’s almost 10:00 and I’m still in my jammies on the couch. It seems like everyday gets harder and heavier. I feel like I should be getting “better” but I’m crumbling and falling into a pit. I’m an only child and am wanting to support my dad, I know he is hurting. They were married 48 years. Thank you for telling your story, I needed the lift.

    • Oh Kristi, God bless you! I know your pain. No shame about being in jammies at 10am and no pressure to get better quick!

      I still miss my mom and that was 5 1/2 years ago now (not to depress you! It does get “better” but there are always times…). I have found that I can turn around the intense sadness into some kind of intense joy when I feel it coming and choose to thank God for my wonderful Mom, for exactly that thing that I will never experience again on this earth. Thank him that I had it. Thank him for her. Mine were also married 48 years! My dad lives with us and has Parkinson’s now. I do have an older brother, but I can imagine the weight of you being an only.

      I would love to be there for you as you walk through this grief. Let yourself have time, no shame if it takes a very long time. My doctor thought I shouldn’t be crying after 6 months, but I thought she was incredibly wrong! Love leaks. But God said blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted (by him, through others).

      One thing that helped me was in a book called The Grief Recovery Handbook, and it recommended writing out the story on a timeline of your life with your mom. I know, she’s always been there; you started in her womb. Now there’s no “upline” but it helped me to see the whole story laid out.

      I pray God will shower his grace upon you day by day as you walk through this time, may it be blessed and sweet in the midst of your pain.

  51. He’s teaching me by continually reminding me of Scripture. Every time I feel like I am about to be frustrated with the way thigns go, a gentle whisper of Truth comes to mind and I know He is working and moving. I just have to trust.

  52. Dear Jeremy!! Thank you for sharing–needed it!! My wonderful husband went home 8 years ago–We had 3 children also. I have so missed him through all of this growing up process. So happy you have found a new love–and what adorable children ya”ll have!!! I have wanted to write a cookbook in memory of my dear Steve–maybe one day I will. Blessings and thanks, Barb

  53. I have lost loved ones too soon. I delivered my 2nd child stillborn. But no matter what I experience here, one thing is certain: He has never let me down. His timing is always perfect. What a blessing this book will be –to encourage others on a similar journey. Thank you, Jeremy, for following His timing to share your words with us! Look forward to reading it!

  54. God has taught me to trust Him and that He is truly trustworthy – the very definition of it. He invented trust! And He invented me, and my security is in Him alone now. So i trust His plan is perfect, even though I haven’t seen how He is going to use all my broken pieces yet.

  55. Have always wanted to write a book. Was too busy (raised seven sons), now enjoying 11 grandchildren! I am still learning and learning! Getting closer to the writing day at the age of 70! Have experienced unbelievable works of God in my life the past year! Know his timing is always right! May God receive all the glory when it is written! He is so faithful! 🙂

  56. God times the hard places in our lives perfectly, That is where He can show up, not because He is only found there, but because we are looking for Him there. Oh, what a blessing His timing and hard places are.

  57. I am waiting on God’s timing for a teaching job. At the beginning of this school year I was very low, but I can see how God is using this time. I just know that whatever He has for me will be amazing! In the meantime, I am enjoying the now.

  58. Two days ago I sent the youtube link to Jeremy Camp’s “The Healing Hand of God” to my 25 year old daughter. Last summer she was raped while her husband was on deployment and now she has to begin testifying for possible court-marshall against the perpetrator. I have been so angry at the “legal” and “governmental” system for all the re-victimization that has occurred and continues to happen to my daughter as well as for all those other victims of sexual assault. I know the Lord does not want me to just sit with this anger. Romans 12:19 reminds me that the Lord will avenge. So, crimes against my loved ones has taken time for me to see God’s path for me and more time is needed to see His purposes and to work toward forgiveness. I pray He keeps us on His right path.

  59. My brother and SIL are in the process of a divorce. Over and Over during this journey I have seen God’s incredible timing in phone calls and even missing the mail truck one day!

    He is sovereign and created the heavens and the earth by His great power and outstretched arm and nothing is too hard for Him! (Jer 32:17)

  60. As we are in the process of heading to the mission field, God has been ALL over the place teaching me about his perfect timing. We also lost our little girl back in September and that put a whole new meaning on HIS timing. I am so thankful He walks the road before us, beside us and behind us!

  61. I broke down in reading this blog. Ten years ago I encountered what Oswald Chambers calls a “White Funeral”, a death of the natural self. Although I have not had to endure a death to the magnitude that Jeremy has, I entered into a very painful death of my old life, now revealing many scars. God spoke to my spirit about writing my story, but like Jeremy…it wasn’t time ten years ago. I’ve been working along on my story & can see now that God was preparing me & growing me in those quiet years. But now I feel its time to blossom into the women God created me to be & start sharing my story of restoration & hope!! I have peace & joy now more than I ever thought possible, but God had to take me through a very dark, scary valley before I was ready to share. I thank you Jeremy, for sharing your story. I thank God that He is our Redeemer, our Healer & our precious Father!!!

  62. God has shown me not only with little things, but big things too that His way and timing is perfect. I am such an impatient person but He proves to me that in His timing and way I must turn it over to Him whatever it may be.

  63. I lost my job and felt it was gods timing for me to stay at home with my children. It has been the biggest challenge of my life. I want to say it is great but honestly God has been using this experience to show me things about myself, my past, and my walk with him that I need to work on. It has been difficult and painful at times.

  64. my daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy a little over 5 years ago. she had her first seizure right after her honeymoon. i have watched this dibilitating unknown disease take a energetic, charismatic, people-loving person and change her into someone i don’t even recognize. the experimental drugs leave her with reactions nearly as bad as her daily seizures. we have all been in a heartbreaking survival mode. and in the midst of it all, i found out my husband had given himself to pornography, had many “lovers” on the internet, asked me for a divorce, and left for another woman. as i was dismantling my house to sell, because i couldn’t keep it, my mother passed away.
    we pray, daily, for my daughter to be healed.
    i KNOW that God loves her! even more than i do!
    i KNOW that God could heal her. instantaneously!
    i KNOW there must be some way that He is getting more glory in our waiting.

  65. My heart was so touched this morning by the post about Jeremy Camp. “I Still Believe,” spoke to me because it tells of a journey from brokenness to healing. I’m a collector of quotes that touch my life and this one has spoken volumes to me for the past 17 years since I was “broken” from a divorce: “Whole only comes after broken. Healing only comes after wounds.” God will use our brokenness, only if we allow Him. Thank you Jeremy for reaching out. I am anxious to read this book and am so happy for God’s gift to you of your beautiful new wife and children. Melissa will always be a part of you, and her love, with God’s, has made you the man you are today. God Bless You.

  66. as I walk down the path of a divorce (not my choice) and watch how my little girls have changed over the past two years, I think daily – how my walk with the Lord has grown in these past two years, and how much more I better model what I want my girls to see. And I think, thank you Lord for the opportunity for them to reach the heart of their little brother – with a father that has turned away and the step-mother-to-be who doesn’t know the Lord … perhaps now we are starting to see the need. the need to have walked this path to perhaps reach these little hearts for Jesus. Whatever it is, the Lord knows the timing is perfect. Longing for Heaven when we will all see it, too.

  67. The Lord has taken us through a very lonely place the last few years: leaving a ministry, losing our dearest friends, bouts of unemployment, health issues. I keep thinking we are walking out of it, only to still be wandering in the wilderness. Maybe in 10 years… I would love to read Jeremy’s book!

  68. the Lord is teaching me about his perfect timing by reminding me to live today. I want to hurry up and be there now. I want the wisdom without the difficult experiences. I have to remember that God has given me enough to get through this day. Tomorrow will have it’s own grace. In His timing He is making me into a new person who is more like Him.

  69. God is teaching me about His perfect timing for going on a trip to Guatemala this summer and also for college in September. At first it seemed like it wouldnt happen but just at the last moment God turned things around and I got to send my application in, at first I was doing it for me and because I thought it would be fun. it took time for me to gain the character I need to fulfill his purpose in my like, obedience is better than excellence as a friend told me!

  70. When my husband died of a sudden heart attack I instantly became a widow and single mother of two children, all at age 30!!! Seven years prior to his death, my husband and I buried our son, Christopher, and my mother within a span of two months. My faith kept me sane during those long, sad days but I felt empty and betrayed when God ‘took’ my beloved Joe from me. He was my rock, my true better half. That was twenty five years ago and God has demonstrated his great love for me on a daily basis. I clearly see why Joe was called home….so that I could grow! His death forced me to make some scary decisions including going back to school for a degree and now I daily use my life story to encourage others in my job as a social worker. I can truly empathize with the grieving widow, the mother who has watched her baby pass from this life in her arms, the stressed out single mom and even the non-traditional college student. God has truly used my greatest losses as proof of HIS perfect plan!

  71. Well, I write songs. I think the first song I wrote was 14 years ago. I decided this past year to go in and put them to music and record the songs that have come up over a 14 year period. When I went over my first song I didn’t realize how strong those words were and meant. They meant more to me now than perhaps ever, as if God wrote the song through me years ago and was taking this long journey to really cultivate the truth of them deep deep down my heart. I hope this is true. Whatever He’s doing with His strong help, I will trust. Thanks Jeremy for sharing your story. God bless you.

  72. God is teaching me his perfect timing with our children. When I was young and first started having children, I thought they would just be perfect. I never imagined the things kids can do to your heart. I have learned that I can’t fix everything and that I have to trust God that their foundation is firm and that one day they will see how desperately they need God. I continually remember Sarah and Abraham and the time it took for God’s perfect timing with Isaac. Waiting is so hard, but I have to keep trusting!

  73. I guess I’m learning that when I don’t understand the circumstances in my life, God knows and He is still working all things together for good…in His perfect timing.

  74. God has shown me much about his timing over and over again. His timing was perfect in a very rough, traumatic childhood for me. I could not see it until he brought my husband’s daughter into my life 11 years ago. She was going through an equally traumatic life with her mom (eerily similar to my own). God used the pain of my own life to minister to her heart. And to bond her to me in a way that only God could do. She is now my legal daughter, born from my heart instead of my womb, but mine all the same!

  75. I get tired of waiting. I grow weary. That’s when I seem to stop looking up and begin to look down. I forget He’s got me and will never let go. He has great plans for me! I’m learning to take the journey step by step, and let Him lead. And to ask for courage to follow.

  76. A little over 7 years ago my then 21 year old son got sober. It was a long struggle for me to watch him before that day. Over the 3 years that I prayed multiple times a day God was teaching and showing me that it would happen in His time. It did. :-). Now he’s begun to smoke “herbal incense”. He still lives at home and I’m not happy with the person he’s become again. Many times I tell him to go back into his room and stay there since I can’t stand the sight of him. Nice words from a mother. :-(. But yet again I’m trusting that in His time he will turn around again.

  77. I’m learning much about God’s timing in my life. My timing is completely different from God’s. I often can’t see what he’s doing but there’s reassurance that there is purpose behind it all.

    On Friday, while in the hospital, my heart stopped. I was gone for what seemed like an eternity but was only 8 seconds. It was enough for me to see that he is in complete control. More than anything, there’s a time and a purpose for everything. Since then, I have seen my loved ones draw closer to God as a result. Would I want to experience this again? Not if I had the choice but in all this, God’s timing is perfect.

  78. I’m so excited to hear about Jeremy’s book and can’t wait to get it. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE his music, his message, and have been blessed to be at a couple of his concerts. Learning of his story and the meaning behind his songs really touched my heart. My husband battled cancer for 4 years…and it’s now be 4 years since his homecoming. There have been some very difficult days for me and our children but at the same time, I see and feel the Lord’s presence thru it all.

  79. God is wonderful and his timing is wonderful. I am learning that God has perfect timing. That he is here to heal me from my past hurts and abuses. I wish that I had trusted God years ago.

  80. When I meet people at various times and places, it becomes clear that God is definitely in all the details of our lives.

  81. I couldn’t agree more about perfect timing. Although death of a loved one is so unique, I continue to marvel at how death and the process of recovering is so universal. 6 years ago I buried my only son who was 24. He died very suddenly of an unknown heart condition. In my grief, God spoke to my heart and told me “a greater joy than I have ever know will be mine”. I pondered on that for a very long time and then one day I had one of those AHHHHHH moments. In my desperation for my broken heart to be put back together, I drew ever closer to my God. I have realized over the years that is where my unspeakable joy is coming from. It is all about timing and, yes, it is certainly a process this thing called “life”.

  82. God’s perfect timing! Even when I gave Him only a cursory glance, it was His timing. We all know, deep down. But it is so hard to live that way. There are times in my journey of raising my daughter with intellectual disabilities when I don’t want time to go on. I thought it was difficult when she was little and we received a lifelong pronouncement, but now I know the future will be harder–much harder. Could time please stand still? How about Jesus returning now? But as you received grace, ability, and strength to see your loss redeemed, Jeremy, I know the Lord will be faithful to see me through. You inspire many. God’s rich blessings to you and your family.

  83. Throughout 25 years of marriage God has been teaching me about trusting Him regarding finances. We often haven’t had what we’ve wanted, but we’ve always had what we needed.

  84. Our Lord is still having to encourage me to trust Him. I remarried after 8 yrs waiting for His gift of a godly man for me. I had lost my trust in Him and in humans altogether after my divorce in 2003. I am learning to depend on Him again even as I place my trust in Our Lord I still find myself questioning if I can really do this.

  85. God is teaching me to be patient and wait on his perfect timing as well as to trust Him and His plan for my life.

  86. Im learning to wait for his timing to end my singleness. I want to share my life with someone and i am learning the hard way that it HAS to be the one he chooses!!

    this book sounds amazing! i would love a copy!

  87. I’ve heard Jeremy’s testimony so many times and each time I’m encouraged to keep pressing on through any trial I’m going through. over the last nearly 2.5 years I’ve been unemployed and so many of Jeremy’s songs, words he’s spoken, or wrote on Twitter I’ve found God has used to minister to me. Reading these 2 blog entries have been the same way. I’m working on writing down my testimony and brief personal sttement o faith as I apply for yet another possible job, one that is doing something I would enjoy thoroughly…making disciples of the youngest members of a church as well as their families. It took me years to realize that I wanted to work in a discipleship setting with a ministry, but have looked back to see all that God has brought me through that has prepared me for such a ministry. And I know what ever job I have will be given in God’s perfect timing as everything else has been.

  88. God is teaching me that my timing is not His and His timing is so much better for me. I am going through a process fo growing and learning and waiting for what the Lord has planned for me next, but I am excited to see where He leads me! 🙂

    Thank you for your words and book Jeremy, it is very encouraging. 🙂

  89. Right now, it seems that God is trying to teach me to WAIT on him. I’m a planner and my mind tends to run off with all MY plans and MY opinions of how life should go. There are times when it seems I’m running full-steam-ahead with my plans, only to realize that they aren’t GOD’s plans for me. I’m being reminding to WAIT and BE STILL. So, so, hard for me….but I’m trying to learn…and trying to remember that God’s plans for me are amazing!

  90. Thank you so much for your touching and graceful words – I hear God’s love shining right through what you have written! As a christian, I know that we all go through times of struggle and knowing that He hears those needs and knows what’s in our hearts long before we do is such an encouraging belief. We have been blessed with 4 children and each and every day I tell each of them to start the day with moments of grace and gratitude. Our lives have been touched by the loss of a family member to cancer as well but there isn’t anything that we haven’t been able to hold on to being a family of faith. We draw from the courage of each other, as well as friends and our church family, and know that there isn’t a burden that we ever carry alone! Our struggles are often not as great as someone else’s around us and we know that to be on bended knee is the best place of all, humbled in His presense and still able to give Him all the glory! I keep a CD of worship music in the car and often hear “Walk by Faith” and it’s uplifting message is one that not only touches my life, but often that of teenagers that I give a ride home to with my own daughter – it’s a powerful, momentous thing to hear today’s teenagers say “Nice music, Mrs. S – what is it? I want to add that to my ipod list!” WOW!!! God is good – ALL the time! Blessings to all and thank you, again, for this site and the small daily mini message of worship!

  91. I am learning about God’s timing in my daily life and daily struggle with patience. I continually come to him and beg for his patience in me with my small children.

  92. God is showing me that it isn’t always my way that is best… in fact, it is nearly always NOT my way. I’m learning that He works it out in His time, not mine…

  93. God is constantly teaching me to TRUST Him and His timing. I want to do things in my time and my way and I forget that my way is probably never the best way. As our Heavenly Father, God only wants the best for us, and sometimes that involves going through hard times, uncertainty and waiting.

  94. I lost my job a couple of years ago. I kept getting denied all these other positions. Then, God gave me the perfect job . . . in His timing, not mine.

  95. The last three years God has taken me on a journey which has all been about his timing. We have suffered the loss of our biological daughter, started an adoption journey of a child with severe medical needs only to face losing him again.

    I don’t understand why but I trust in the one who does. My children are in eternity and it’s all in Gods timing that one day we will be reunited.

  96. I cannot believe the sorrow you had to have gone through. It is wonderful God has restored you to wholeness with a beautiful new family. He does good things in HIS time.
    My time table moment has been working through my blog and the purpose of it.
    It began as a private journal shared with only a few and God through my husband has been pushing me more to open and share and minister and it has been HIS timing only not mine. My comfort level is not in exposure but in privacy. My husband said ‘you cannot help others with your story if you keep it to yourself’. So true.

  97. God’s perfect timing was revealed to me after I had my second daughter. I lost the baby I was carrying before her & it was the absolute saddest time of my life. But now, I realize that the loss of that baby allowed me to have my second daughter, who is the perfect missing piece to our family.

  98. Although his timing is not often according to our desires, I am learning that he provides what we need for TODAY, and I can thank him for that.

  99. God has been teaching us about His perfect timing so much in the past 10 years. We have impossible circumstances by human standards. I have a chronic and progressive illness, which means that my husband needs to be home to take care of me and the children. But he also needs to work to earn money so that we can survive. We have been in Bible college, ministry, and seminary ever since we were married. Given our circumstances, seminary seemed impossible, yet God provided the finances and physical help that we needed, just when we needed them. My husband recently graduated and we have been looking for a full time ministry position. Again, it seems impossible an impossible situation, yet the door is opening to full time ministry in a situation that will work beautifully given our life experiences and limitations.

    God timing has always been perfect. He provides just what we need, when we need it. He has brought us from one location to another in order to open the right door at the right time. We never could have planned this, but God has been carefully orchestrating the events in our lives to sanctify us and prepare us for His calling on our lives.

  100. Job offers (3 years in the waiting – and now not to somewhere we anticipated) and decisions; family expansion (still waiting) …
    Facing family disabilities and terminal illnesses, 30 years in the making.. Yes, there are many questions..and still one answer: God is good all the time; He loves us; His love never fails.

  101. Lately, God has been teaching me about His perfect timing in regards to us having children. We’ve been trying for a year and over the last few weeks God has really been reminding me that His timing truly is perfect!

  102. I have been listening to this song for awhile now because even though. I don’t understand what Or why God is putting us through some of these things that we are going through – I still believe!

  103. I always thought that I’d marry young, like my mom had. But here I am at 32 and no significant other in sight. It used to upset me, but now I am glad. Glad because if I had married at 19 or 22 or even 27, I probably would have married the wrong person for the wrong reasons. That marriage would not have been compatible with where I feel God is leading me. I am so glad that God has used this time to continue to mold me and to also guide my life in a direction I never thought it would take. At 32, I would marry the right person for the right reasons. The day I finally marry (if God wills it) will bring glory to God.

  104. In 1998 we were licensed to be foster parents and in July of 1999 received our first foster child, whom we adopted, along with 2 other children. Once the younges was adopted we decided to no longer foster parent, having 5 children in a 2-bedroom home. In 2011 God started tugging at our hearts to foster parent again. With 2 of our children in their 20’s now and a 5-bedroom home, we have again completed our foster parent training. Just as classes were finishing up, a couple from our church received a kinship placement of 3 little ones and we have been able to offer them tremendous help through what we have learned in all of our classes and in all of our years of raising children from broken backgrounds. It has all been done in God’s timing and we can’t wait to welcome more children into our home, as God’s time allows.

  105. God has been teaching me about patience. His way, not mine. His timing may not match mine. Love IS patient. He’s teaching me how to pause and pray before responding. It’s making an eternal difference.

  106. I’m learning a lot about His perfect timing as I turn 29 and life doesn’t look like I thought it would! Single, changing jobs, living at home… this is not where I thought I would be and yet I’m learning more and more about God and His plan for me on His timing, not mine.

  107. I am learning about His timing with finances. My husband is a full-time student, and we are living on very little income…and guess what? He is providing! And it is ok. And I need to rest in Him and His promises. Doesn’t he clothe the lillies?

  108. God’s timing is hard to understand and wait for. But I know that all things will be complete for His glory. I’ve been verbally abused at and manipulated for most of my 20 yr marriage. I’ve forgiven and stayed through it all. Yet, through the compassion of friends and fellow church family, I realize that I have some hard choices to make; especially in the best interest of my children. I feel that God has laid a peace on my heart the last couple of years and placed the right people in my life for what I need to do. It will be a struggle, but I know God will shine through, just as He always does.

  109. Five years ago in July of 2007 our daughter Hilary went into a coma due to cerebral edema caused by her diabetes Previous to that from March-September of 2006 my dad lost his battle with lung cancer. Over the past years we have been taking life one day at a time and trusting the Lord in all things. Some days we had to look very hard to see his blessings on our family. Recently through a study I am doing at our church I have finally opened my eyes from the wilderness of grumbling and survival that has been my personal existence Today at study I realized that really and truly my Lord has been walking with me every step of the way, providing my share of grace “manna” as needed. Well it’s time to put the past there and move forward with Gods mercy and grace. Sometimes it takes a long time to see what God has been waiting to show me. What he is showing me is a husband who is my best friend and a marriage that has grown even stronger , three children who have gone on to make their way in this world. It’s time to let God take us to the happiness that we have been with-holding from ourselves. Time to count our blessings and love one another. Time to accept today’s manna. Thank you Jeremy for sharing your story. Walking alongside. Karen LaPoint

  110. A big part of what God has been teaching me about timing is being still and quiet so I can hear His voice and staying rooted in His Word so that I know the voice of my Shepherd. Oh how I thank Him for His grace and that He is in control-I am not{even tho’ I thought I was for about 39 of my 43 years of life.} Blessings to you all!!

  111. God knows the beginning, the present and the future – so his timing is always perfect and right on time! God had my family find the perfect home at the perfect time with a great job all in the same week! 🙂

  112. Patience is a big one for me – but when life throws me detours – sometimes it’s about meeting someone at a certain time in a certain place that God had ultimately arranged in my detoured path!

  113. After looking for work for three years, a job found me in God’s perfect timing and I didn’t even have to search for it on my own – God just laid in my lap!

  114. I have been waiting for THE ONE God told me was coming(actually longer than the 10 years)…I have been with someone almost a year but still not sure. I waver and I HAVE to know he is THE ONE God said was mine. I need the handwriting on the wall Lord! Make it sooooooooo clear that I will not fail you, them, me or my family again. In Jesus I wait. Bless you all in everything!

  115. God has always shown me that HIS timing is perfect. First having to wait what seemed like a long time for my hubby. In the waiting I grew spiritually and matured. My hubby was there for me when my mother went through some health issues and God took her home.

    Also still waiting for a different, better job–one in coding. God will provide as He always has.

  116. I grew up with four siblings. We are all adopted. Three girls, one boy. However, the boy had a disorder called RAD (reactive attachment disorder). That meant he had trouble bonding with us as a family; deep down, he was scarred for life by being out up for adoption by his young mother.

    It ended up that God’s place for him is in another home that has experience with RAD kids, leaving my family with only three kids. I’ll never forget my brother, but with God’s timing, I’ve grown so close to Him and my family, and I pray that I’ll see my brother in heaven someday.

  117. We are a family of ten, with eight kids ranging from 8 months to nine years old. We always get asked what my husband does for a living, since I stay home with these 8 kids, and up until the end of February, I could say he was the CFO of a bank. The economy has forced the closure of his bank and resulted in job loss for him. Deep in his heart, he has felt an urging to move out of banking and do something more helpful through starting a coaching business that encourages small business folks, and this has only thrust us into that position sooner than later. It’s a huge leap, well before we were prepared to make it, but we are trying to trust God’s timing. He’s revealed He is faithful with the birth of each of our children (#2 was the surprise, leading us to trusting God for all of the rest), so we know He will be faithful to us through this journey.

  118. God’s timing in teaching me trust and taking me to a deeper place of trust has just floored me this year. I have never realized how self sufficient I try to be and His willingness to break me of this and yet reveal His love for m in the process has been so liberating and so kind. I am amazed.

  119. i can completely relate to learning what GOD has to teach me through waiting on HIS perfect timing………even on various occassions thru my life. husband &i are both Believers &will be celebrating our 22nd anniv this Oct. we were married for 8yrs before we were blessed w/ children. we had 3 miscarriages, that was a heavy, stressful time in our life. Finally, it was discovered that i was progesterone insufficient. We now have a beautiful 12yo daughter &a wonderful 8yo son, they are amazing! we praise HIM for them, i thought i would never sustain a pregnancy &be blessed as a Mama. there are so many times of waiting on HIS perfect timing in my married life, there’s really not enough room here to cover it all. but most recently am going through a very trying time: back in Feb ’11 i experienced a severe drug (Rx) reaction, actually i had 3 drug reactions all on top of eachother, all w/i weeks of eachother. i have such allergy issues to drugs, foods, environmental. i’ve now had 8 drug reactions in 15yrs. this one nearly done me in, i was near non-functional. i was on bedrest for 6-8wks. i loss some cognitive skills/ was all i could do to stand in front of the mirror to brush my teeth. i couldn’t easily recall the process. this is the weirdest thing i’ve ever experienced. i had swelling of the tongue, throat, chest & many other symptoms. my alkaline minerals dropped to a severe low. normally they’d give steroids for such a reaction. i can’t receive any form of steroid because i’m allergic to them. so i’m on 500mg daily of antihistimines. (most people are on 150-180mg daily. if i’m a few hours late on a dose the reaction starts all over again. its going on a year now, i can’t get off the meds. i’ve seen many, many drs………….no one knows what to do with me. i’ve received much improvements, but have not reached full recovery, obviously. i’m not discouraged, i’ve been through those lulls, but am staying focused on HIM…….knowing that HE will heal me in HIS perfect timing!!! i know HE will not fail me, i can rest assuredly on that precious promise!!! HE will see me through this! i know that HIS plan is perfect for me, because HE always knows what is best for each of us. i will rest upon HIM, i will stay in HIS Word &trust HIM whole heartedly!! perhaps HIS plan is that this will stay permanently, but whatever HE desires for my life is what i want!! HE has allowed this new part of my testimony to be a blessing &a help to others. we are a home school family, husband is a 3rd shift truck-driver, &very involved in our church. (an amazing church family!) thank you Jeremy &Adie for your witness &testimony for all to see &hear. we appreciate you &your family! may our Heavenly Father bless each one of you in your precious family. In CHRIST

  120. I blogged about this earlier today, how everything in my recovery is two steps forward, one step back. It’s tough to remember when I’m on that backwards step, but I AM still moving forward.

    In His timing. Not mine.

  121. Love this post. I’ve seen God’s timing with infertility, our adoption journey, in our ministry, and currently with trying to buy a house. It’s hard to wait on the Lord and trust His timing.

  122. by taking my father unexpectedly last April. Only 7 weeks after first going to the doctor.

    by keeping me 100% single, no kids for 10+ years and not even allowing more than 1 date per 3-4 years, and the last one not even worth talking about.

  123. This past week our furnace seems to be dying. One company wanted $10,000 to replace it. We did not even have a fourth of that amount of money. I got a second opinion and was told we did not need a new furnace and the old one would be fixed for a tenth of the original estimate that I got. God’s timing was perfect in providing the proper fix in the proper time.

  124. Thankful I not a computer savy person saved my post to copy for it would have been lost!

    Gods timing.Gods way.. When I did not understand & still dont .The rug pulled out from under me, my world changed in one horrible night! My life changed forever & will never be the same. Shock . theres no word to describe it.

    I have been stretched more than I ever thought possible. I lost my hubby of 30 years tragically, no warning, by the hands of negligence. I was left alone with health issues & my two children and no where to go.. But I had Jesus . We were still young & had plans, bUt My Lords plans were different. Im yet to see them unfold. its been almost 3 years. I lay here bedridden the last week from stress & my adrenal illness getting the best of me. But the battle is Gods not mine. He is still teaching me, he has good ahead for us…

    We’ve had so many financial struggles, I had stress affect my teeth & had to get them all pulled in the summer, get dentures. Ive not regained my strength pyhsically from that yet. Yet in all these we are more than conquerors! everything in this big house broke that first year. God provided. I manage somehow with health issues a small job, not much sleep against all ods, impossible with what I make to manage & pay bills somehow it works but its stress ful. Yet how will he be glorified if my bank account not empty & then He provide?

    In 3 years Ive seen the hand of God like never before in my 30 or more year walk of faith. As job said I knew God, But NOW I KNOW THE LIVING GOD!

    Ive seen cash on my door delivered by strangers to bury my hubby, to pay taxes, to pay for dentures..Ive seen so many miraculous touches since then. Ive struggled so many dark nights I did not know I would survive with the new arrival of anxiety attacks since his death & my compromised health issues.. Loneliness Id never experienced before & still do. We are left alone by the body alot. people fail But God does not & allows it all to grow me.I so want to be used & told I have incredible faith, against impossibilities. I do believe & have not given that up, but Im human..Im only of great faith because I have a great God..who gives mercy & grace, & blessings when I can do nothing but lay at his feet & cry to the husband of this long..when… & actually thanked him last week for this trial..for as painful as its been I know Hes in control..& I have seen blessing in the pain!

    I lay here tonite bedridden the last week from my adrenal illness getting the best of me,& total exhaustion..Im still learning about blogs…God has renewed in me the writer of poems & stories of encouragement . I hope to take this horrible thing to me, a beautiful thing in my growth & to make it count. there are no accidents to God!

    I hope He will teach me more about blogs & see if He leads me to publish things, my story He is still writing in my life & heart. maybe someday he will use this?…as our dear brother Jeremy. I dont know what He will lead..I wait. I look forward to reading Jeremys story & gain some insight as Im still in the mud of it really..waiting expectantly the good he has for me & my kids. believe it or not this is just the tip of the iceberg of all we struggle, so many mountains..But I believe! I thought infertility & adoption & waiting 10 years way back was bad.. He was preparing me for this bigger challenge..Im so thankful I know have these blessed kids . He my hubby would be so proud of who they have grow to be at this point.
    This widow at 55 waiting for the rose to bloom in the desert… with her kids 17 & 21 and , 2 pups that make life alot better for me.. Waiting for the silver lining, for the road marked with suffering I believe will have its great reward, whatever He chooses., in this life or the one to come.

    Trying to bloom where Hes planted me amongst some thorns!

  125. God has been trying to teach me His perfect timing first with, but I’m a pretty stubborn learner so He’s been showing me.some amazing things lately in this trial.filled time for me now. I’m finally learning but I’m trusting Him. I would love this book.for both my.husband and I.

  126. I’m still learning. So far, His perfect timing has never, ever been what I thought it should be. Thank goodness. I would really be messed up otherwise. I’ve pushed through and rush stamped so much in my life. Right now a big dream is being lived out. Now more than ever, I can’t rush or push through. I tried and the doors stay locked tight. When I slow-flow and linger in Him, it peacefully and joyfully works out.

    Rev 3: 7-8 hits home: “The Holy, the True—David’s key in his hand, opening doors no one can lock, locking doors no one can open—speaks:
    “I see what you’ve done. Now see what I’ve done. I’ve opened a door before you that no one can slam shut.”

  127. Waiting on God’s perfect timing… oh I can relate to this….. I moved from the town I grew up to a town I hardly knew three souls…. transferred with my job and then was laid off… it would be almost two year before I got another job and had it for a year and everyone seem to think a permanent position would be finalized… GOD said NO… back to laid off… God’s timing… oh yes… it’s hard… it’s frustrating and being single doesn’t help…. but once again… it’s GOD’s timing…. so it’s perfect because it’s His…. if it were mine, I’d be late, I wouldn’t know what time to choose… I’d have so many issues…. but since it’s His… all I have to do is Wait…. and that’s the process that God has me at right now… the waiting… and having a good attitude while waiting…. that means… no pouting… no whining… yes my will has to break… it’s His timing….. well I’m trying but I am definitely a work “in progress”….. I’m sure when HE does answer… it will be at the “perfect time”…. blessings…. I would love this book…

  128. I personally learned about “God’s timing” when my husband and I walked the road of infertiltiy for 7 years. During those years I grew in Him, trusted more In Him and waited on Him. I wouldn’t say it was easy and most days were filled with tears but I knew He was there. The time came and He created our family throgh the gift of adoption and then a “God surprise” pregnancy – in HIS TIME! Now as I pray on a dream within my heart and waiting for that perfect timing to go forth with it. Not certain on when, but waiting on Him to show me, reveal once again His perfect timing.
    -Colleen G.

  129. How Jeremy’s word ring true. My husband and I, through 18 years of marriage, have had to learn God’s timing through tremendous loss and heartache. We could never had made it without HIM. My stepdaughter was run down by a car and killed just 3 weeks after giving birth to her third child. We have suffered illness beyond belief. I suffered a brain hemorrage in 2003. Doctors calling my family from all corners of the US to say goodbye. 2004 brought grand mall seizures. My anniversary present from the brain hemorrage, so I was told. Still through all of that “valley of the shadow of death”, I know God was with me. Even now, today. My husband suffered a disabling back injury in 2008. Years of pain, surgeries and medications. I Believe, in HIS timing, God will bring about a healing for my husband. We have lost love ones over these trying times. I believe they are in heaven and I will see them again. I have faith. “Which is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”.

  130. I believe we are humbled when we learn everything is in God’s timing.
    He is sovereign, He reigns….and I can trust that He is good.
    He is working out all things for good in His timing.
    This helps diminish my pride in myself.

  131. Thank you for sharing your personal journey and what God is teaching you because it’s so inspiring. I am a toddler in my christian walk and still craving that spiritual milk that Paul talks about. I can’t begin to tell you how much listening to the songs you sing has helped me and my family.
    I am struggling right now with my career. I’m a registered nurse that has worked most of her career in women’s health, mainly in labor and delivery. I have been blessed to witness to several young women about the mercy and grace of God. For the last year and a half, I worked in hospice. Now you may find this strange, but I truly feel that is my calling. I remember getting so frustrated with the amount of time that I had to spend on paperwork and the coldness of some members of management. But everytime that I would feel at the end of my road, God would place little signs in my path to let me know that I was heading in the right direction. I just had to wait and let Him get me there. God had been molding a ministry out of the job that I had. I will never forget anybody that I came in contact with. I prayed several times throughout the day for Him to send me where I was needed. Sure enough, that’s where I’d end up at. I understand first hand how difficult it would be for you to write what you experienced because I’m still processing all the work He’s been doing for me. My struggle now is that I was forced to leave the job that I whole heartedly felt God lead me to. I see so many things that are wrong with the company that I worked for and I thought that I could help fix them, you know, make a difference. Since then I’ve been actively seeking employment but not able to catch a break. I’ve even started researching starting up my own non profit hospice agency because I feel so strongly about the benefits of having hospice when needed and want to provide that to my fellow mankind without all the push from management about increasing numbers. I felt at times I was working at a car dealership instead of providing care for people that were desperately needing it. So now I’m praying throughout my day for discernment and searching for God’s will in this. I know that He will work it out for me, in His timing.

  132. Sometimes we are left with more questions than answers, but at the very core of who we are, there is an undeniable solid core of truth, that simply whispers through it all … I believe you are who you say you are. This brilliant light of enduring hope is the safety line that anchors us to the One who sees the bigger picture, knows all the minute details and will hold us together while he works out his plan for our life.

  133. My 4-year-old girl and 2-year-old boy are living testimonies to God’s timing. Both of their adoption stories melt my heart when I think about them. I’m a perfectionist who has to fit the desire to control plans, yet both times I had the peace that passes all understanding that can only come from God. He was busy orchestrating the details of my kids’ lives and our families’ stories in ways to continue to surprise me and bless me. My timing was to get pregnant three years before my daughter was born. God’s timing was to adopt two newborns, one in 2007 and one in 2009, proving He’s the maker of our family.

  134. I am 41 yrs. old and have had 4 spinal surgeries with more in the future. I have 2 children and always wanted a 3rd child. However, recently due to the back problems, I had to have a tubal. I was suffering with some major depression already and this yearning just added sadness to my already sensitive mental state. A friend of mine that I have known she was a child recently gave birth to a little boy. The father of the baby is not in the picture. A house became available for rent across the road from her parents. She moved back “home” and needed someone to take care of her baby. God’s timing showed me that with my mother’s help, we could be the ones to care for this child. He is now 12 weeks old and has brought such an enormous joy to fill my days while my own children are in school. God knew I could not physically have another child of my own, but he brought my friend home and placed her baby in my life to show me His true GRACE and love from above. Miracles do still happen each and every day if only we take the time to be still, search lovingly with our eyes and hearts and listen to His still small voice speaking to us! God’s timing has taught me to observe more closely every single moment in my life. This book sounds like just what I need to read! Pick Me….Pick Me….

  135. Right now my family is changing course from what we thought we would be doing 6 weeks ago. We were missionaries preparing for an overseas assignment. A month ago God showed us that the timing wasn’t right, I am suffering from depression and need help before we can go any further. God is sovereign and we are at peace with our new direction. Even when someone offered us a chance yesterday to do missions a bit different we were at peace to say no. God’s timing is everything.

  136. God has taught me about His timing throughout my life. Right now, I’m going through a tough season of obedience. I know I’m in the job where He wants me to be, but it is not a fulfilling job at all. At the same time, though, He is opening up some ministry opportunities for me that I would not be able to do if I had a more demanding job. Because of His past faithfulness, I know I can trust Him now and for my future.

  137. In times of adversity is that we come to God and learn to trust Him. Our experiences help us to stand on the day of trouble. I just wish this book had a Portuguese version as well.

  138. God taught me about timing a lot during the last few years when we wanted and prayed to get pregnant, then gave up hope, and then he blessed us with a little one when we least expected it.

  139. I lost my son in April 2006 and it took me until Jan 2012 to share part of my testimony about the six month depression I went through, thought I am a minister and teacher of the Word of God. Though I would have liked to avoid, if I could have, some of the pain and agony, I learned many things that I am now able to use in ministry to help others. God’s timing is truly awesome and I give him all the praise and glory! Hopefully one day I will put pen to paper and share my journey with the Lord for others.

  140. I have been learning about God’s timing as we prepare for me to be a stay at home mom. The last two years have been such a struggle but it has prepared us to know what God has planned for our family. How much our earthly desires are not important but how the treasures entrusted to us by God is what is important in life. He brought beautiful children to us through adoption and what His plans are for them and for our family. While the journey may seem long and hard the reward is so great. When we trust in Him the anxiety and fear of the unknown disappears.

  141. God’s perfect timing… my son and his wife tried to have a baby for two years without success. It was so hard to see them struggle with feelings of sadness and longing when their friends and coworkers announced their pregnancies. Although we may not fully understand the why’s and the how’s, God knows what’s best for us. He loves us. It was only in the surrendering of their will to God’s, forgiving, and truly being thankful and happy no matter the circumstance that brought them peace…and eventually a happy ending. I’m going to be a grandma in a few months. Praise God!

  142. There’s something I’ve been waiting/hoping for for a long time. My biggest comfort from God in this waiting is the knowledge that He wants what’s best for me. If I haven’t yet got what I’m waiting for, it’s because it’s not good for me at this time. I feel ready, but maybe other people in my life aren’t ready; I don’t really know, but it’s enough to know that it’s a process and God’s in control and His timing is perfect.

  143. God is teaching me ALL about His perfect timing. My husband Colin and I have been trying to have a baby for 5 years. What a struggle–and what a journey God has designed for us to learn to rely on Him and His beloved promises to us. God is leading us to adopt from Ethiopia–which will be another LONG process. But it is His plan and His timing, and it couldn’t be more wonderful.

  144. I am turning 21 this year, and I have been praying for marriage for awhile now. God’s everlasting love and perfect timing is the only thing that is holding me together! I know that He has the best plans for me – plans to prosper, not to harm. During this time, He has been teaching me to trust in His redeeming love, to understand what it means to be His and as His, and to treasure Psalm 27:13-14!

    I think a song sums it up well:
    “In His time, in His time… He makes all things beautiful in His time.”

  145. God is teaching me about his perfect timing in regards to my husband’s job. He commutes 4 hours total each day and gets home late. He just doesn’t have enough energy to juggle everything as he would like. We wonder if we should move, but we just don’t have a clear answer from God. We trust God will answer our prayers and that we will hear some clear guidance eventually. In the mean time, we are trying to live fully where we are.

  146. God is teaching me his perfect timing when it comes to my hubby. i love him so dearly and although he is not the spiritual leader in our home, i do have hope and faith that it some day will be. through life together, i see perfect little gifts here and there of my Daddy in Heaven showing me how it will all be, but in his time.

  147. I had no idea he was a widow! Can’t wait to read this. I also lost my first husband when I was 30. Now I have an amazing husband & 3 kiddos that bless my socks off! Walking that path of complete breathlessness & helplessness is so difficult but I wouldn’t change it….and I’m sure Jeremy wouldn’t either. ALL glory to God, even in the trials!!!

  148. I have a friend who lost her husband to cancer 2 months ago yesterday. He was 32 years old and she has 2 very young sons she is now caring for on her own. I think that one day she too will write a book when the timing is right, she is a beautiful writer. The wounds are still very fresh and raw and I would love to encourage her with a copy of this book.

  149. God knows that only in His time will you be able to see the lesson He’s trying to teach.
    If He had tried to show me that I had made my parents my idols earlier, before I’d had an opportunity to have a softer heart from the messages He sent, I would not have been able to hear Him. He knew what needed to happen when, in order for His will to be worked out in my life. I’m ever so thankful for His patience with me!

  150. The past year and a half has been a great lesson in God’s timing for me – a wonderfully unexpected pregnancy and beautiful third baby girl, a new job after looking for more than two years and now having to look for a new daycare situation. In it all, our church family has prayed for us and it has always turned out to be for the best.

  151. I had to wait for God’s peace to come over me after a divorce and move. Not that I was patient but cried it out with Him which created a wonderful dialogue. Learning to lean on God has been the best lesson.

  152. I am continually being reminded of Gods timing. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for the past 2 years and even though we have been trusting God’s timing, it’s still a very difficult journey and a very lonely one at that. We know that God is with us and is showing us different areas of our lives and marriage that we need to continue trusting in Him and letting Him work in our lives.

    I’m definitely buying this book!

  153. God has surprised me with His timing in so many aspects of my life – through meeting my husband and marrying 9 months later, through carrying me through a storm in 2011 only to bring peace in this new year, and through the way He protects me daily as He guides each of my minutes.

  154. Right now I am getting a, “Not now, my child” and I’m learning to live with and accept that — in joy. Knowing that His plan for me is greater than any I could imagine.

  155. God is teaching me to about His perfect timing through my son. He doesn’t hear well or talk/communicate. My son reminds me daily that all things are in God’s hands and in His time.