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Kelly Hancock is a wife and mommy...full time. Foodie, coffee addict, amateur photographer...part time. Savvy saver...big time. Kelly left her job as a successful sales rep for a Fortune 500 company when her daughter was born. Because her family (and her mortgage) had depended on two incomes, this exile from...

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  1. I wish there were coupons for free gas! (Although sometimes I earn 40-50cents off/gallon from couponing at Kroger, especially with the gift card purchases through the holidays)

  2. I wish there were coupons for free produce, too! We are trying to eat healthier this year…the prices keep rising!

  3. I wish there were free coupons for that monthly essential we ladies have to buy….
    We have four girls in our family, and things are getting expensive!!

  4. I wish there were coupons for ground beef and more produce. I have seen coupons for tomatoes and clementines.

    I am just beginning to Stockpile, and this book would help me so much!! Thanks!

  5. ….sweet feed for horses. Thank you for your tips! Ü. With 8 children, we need all the help we can get.

  6. I wish there were coupons for wildbird seeds, they have gotten so expensive this winter. The Birds have no idea why there isn’t as much food on the grounds. love the posts & great ideas.

  7. I wish there were free coupons for house cleaning,,,,, I hate having to do it and am not willing to pay someone eles nor do i like it when they do..

  8. I wish there were coupons for free meat! My husband grew up on a cattle ranch, so doing a vegetarian meal once a week or so isn’t an option! 😉

    I feel like I don’t “get” couponing. I’ve tried, and I must be missing something, but it seems that most of the coupons I find in the inserts and that come in my mail each week are for items I wouldn’t use (e.g., prepackaged food items). We try to eat natural, whole foods, lots of fresh produce, etc. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places and there ARE coupons out there for these things. I need someone to sit down with me and explain it to me (again!), because I really would like to save more money!

    • Coby – We have moved to more natural and whole food eating as well. What I have found is that I have to keep my eye out for coupons in those areas, but where I really save is with toiletries, cleaning and paper products. I put a lot of focus using coupons there, and most of my food budget is from stocking ahead when there are great sales and utilizing my freezer and meal planning.

      I hope that helps!

      P.S. My book goes through all this for you too. 🙂

  9. I wish there were coupons for free organic produce!
    I agree with Coby, I feel like almost all of the coupons (and even most store sales!) are for products I don’t buy, mostly processed foods. We are a family of two adults and a 2 yr old, and shop at Whole Foods for the things that aren’t available from our locally grown meat/dairy/produce delivery, and we spend an average of $200 a week on food. I cook almost all of our meals from scratch, and I feel like that just has to be way too much money to spend on food, but I don’t know how else to get it down while still eating top-quality, fresh, mostly organic food.

    • Laura – you can see my comment to Coby above, but know that Whole Foods has great online printable coupons, and an instore pamphlet. Plus they will take a manufacturer and store coupon on one item to really bring costs down. I have been able to find some fantastic deals at my local Whole Foods by just keeping my eye out.

      Hope that helps!

  10. I wish there were coupons for free meat! My husband is a huge meat-eater! 😀 Thanks for the chance to win the book, I really need and benefit from it!

  11. I wish there were coupons for free meat. I have access to a great farm stand and they always have the best deal on veggies, but there’s no place to buy local meat and stores’ prices on beef these days is just crazy.

  12. free smiles! I just believe if you can share a genuine smile with someone, it will pick up their day. We don’t know what is going on in someone’s life at any given moment.

  13. I wish for free coupons for meat and produce also. It seems like there are a lot of us that are thinking alike today.

  14. I wish there was coupons for free BATTERIES! (and eggs)….with four boys in the house we go through both quickly!

  15. “I wish there were coupons for free free range meat.”

    Kelly, I love, love, love your prayer above!

    Does your book explain a good filing method? I purchased a nice zippered 3 ring binder and sports card inserts and can not work out a system.

    Thanks for all you do!

  16. I wish there were coupons for free organic produce…and maybe beer. I’ve never been a coupon cutter (I guess because my Mother wasn’t either) but I’m gonna give it a shot! Thanks for the info 🙂

  17. canned dog food and canned cat food. I see all those stories about people getting free cans of dog food but they must not be available in my area. Help!! I’m tired of cooking for my dog every day/week.

    • I feel you! I have a cat that has to have prescription food from the vet (he’s prone to getting the equivalent of feline kidney stones without the food and has had to have a catheter 3 times). I’d love to see coupons for his food – or even a nice sale from the vet!

  18. I wish there were coupons for free produce and meat. I coupon, but mostly on non-food items. For most of our ‘meal’ foods, I try to watch sales b/c it’s been super rare to find good coupons for fresh, non-processed.

  19. I’d love coupons for free “cooking” days — in other words, someone other than ME gets to cook! If not that, then I want endless coupons for free Nature’s Path Toaster Pastries. they are organic “pop tarts” and my son would live off them if I let him.

  20. free produce…that’s what we are eating a lot of and we just don’t have the space for a garden. Maybe a free garden then?! Free space??!! lol! I need rest 🙂

  21. I wish there were coupons for free tickkets to Disney World. Family fun can get really expensive.

  22. I wish there were coupons for free produce! (Fresh fruits and vegetables) So many people don’t eat healthy because fresh food is expensive. I would love to see coupons to encourage people to eat what is healthy!

  23. I wish there were coupons for free organic produce and grassfed beef. Why does eating healthy have to be so expensive?

  24. I wish there were coupons for free diapers! Diapers are soo expensive and the only coupons I can find for them are a brand that we don’t use. Oh, and if Dove chocolate would put out free chocolate coupons every now and then, that would be great too 🙂

  25. I wish there were coupons for BJGP (Buy-joy-get-peace) free. I anyone know of any please email me. Thank. Would love to win one of your books.

  26. I wish there were coupons for BJGP (Buy-joy-get-peace) free. If anyone know of any please email me. Thank. Would love to win one of your books.

  27. I would love to win a copy of your book.
    I have learned a lot by reading on your website and daily emails but still feel like I could do a lot better.
    Trying to meal plan and not waste!!!
    Thanks for all the tips!

  28. I wish there were coupons for free toilet paper, fresh produce, and almond milk. I would be in heaven!

  29. I wish there were coupons for free lessons on remaining calm when your parenting fibers are pulled to their limits!

  30. I wish there were coupons for free – ing our children and ourselves from hurt. As mother of a family in turmoil that coupon would be worth more than any amount of $$$.
    Yours in faith and prayer.