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I am blessed to find myself introducing myself to you today. I am September and I am wife to the Man that protects my heart, and has for 22 years. I am mom to 10 children that I home school, and am inspired by the work that Jesus Christ is...

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  1. Beautiful. Sometimes I get stuck in trying to carry my burdens by myself — and then I tend to feel broken, tired, and worn. Thank you for pointing me back to Jesus.
    Blessed by your words.

  2. September,

    Thanks for this awesome post! I, too, get burdened down–sometimes by my own feelings of inadequacy & then the devil slips in every so quietly and whispers “not good enough, stupid, dumb, why even try,”.

    With God’s help I am working on defeating the evil one and letting Jesus rain supreme in my heart and home!

  3. I’m so glad God is healing your heart. Your service is seen by God and the heart behind your service is too!. While others can’t see your motives and intentions, God clearly sees and understands … and that is enough.

  4. Words of raw beauty to describe our inner lives and yet…YES! JESUS HEALS!! HE HEALS! HE HEALS!! Each and every wound, He does heal.
    “Cast all your cares upon Him, for He careth for you…”

    Thank you for sharing your heart sweet September,

  5. September,
    Love your words today. I have been in that place. The place of needing restoration from misunderstandings and ridicule. And these words….

    “And when the heart is healed – it will overflow with an abundance of love, understanding, and energy for the Girl that she use to be- serving next door.”

    I love the way you pointed it all back to Jesus.

    So thrilled that God is healing your heart. You are a blessing to many of us!

    Love you much sister. : )

  6. September – as always, I am completely blessed by your words. Thank you for having a heart of pure gold and being willing to share that heart! You are amazing because you let Him shine through you!

    Love you, beautiful friend!

  7. I’m so excited to find this site! Every Wednesday I do a meme over at called the Wednesday Encouragement. It’s a link up for testimonies about God’s goodness. I would love it if you stopped by and linked up some of your stories. That goes for any bloggers out there with similar posts!

  8. This is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been thru hurts by women about 3 years ago, and had forgotten how long it takes to heal, but I have, thank God, and have moved on!!!
    I really appreciated this, so thatnk for sharing your talent of writing with all of us, who need to hear.

  9. Healing comes in so many facets. Sometimes we are not even aware Jesus is working until we look back, surprised to find it hurts a little less. Thank you for this ever-timely encouragement, September.

  10. This is truly lovely…But, I just read your bio and can’t get passed the 10 kids and homeschooling mama. You are a saint and a stronger woman than I…

    • Katie… I am rather partial also to September people! 🙂
      Thank you for stopping over at One September Day. So excited to meet more women who read and follow inCourage!

  11. I really needed this today. Perfect for my heart and I didn’t even know it. Thank you, sweet friend….this was beautiful, and straight from Him. Thank you for being His vessel!!

  12. I’m leading a group of girls in an inner healing study we’ve been doing for six months now and tomorrow we are lamenting before God and in each others’ presence.
    Interesting, huh? We are pouring out a specific instance in our past knowing that there are more lament Psalms than praise psalms and that God heals when we let Him into those shut up sections of our lives. I get to sit amazed and watch God transforming!

    Just like you said so well, God is very much still in the healing business.

  13. September, your post truly speaks to my heart today as I contemplate the ending of an amazing season of Worship Ministry that started when I was 19 (I am now 52). You would have to know my background to understand why it was truly the Lord doing something extraordinary in a girl/woman who struggled with confidence and self-esteem and that this was a ‘gift’ of service I didn’t ask for but did my best to be obedient with; doors opened that only He could have orchestrated with opportunities that I never imagined, but the past 11 years, I have found myself in a church where this vocalist and her gift haven’t been embraced or received by fellow worship leaders; the opportunities have been few and the gift seems pale in the company of schooled and experienced vocalists and worship leaders. Something that was my passion for many years, has become an area of struggle for me; what brought joy to participate in now seems confusing and I question how I can possibly be glorifying the Lord? My husband has said I should fight for this gift but I find myself doubting and uncertain that I am called to continue in this area of ministry? I take comfort in your closing words, ‘Reprieve, Step Back, Rest, Heal’…my vision seems cloudy at best but I will remain hopeful that He who began a good work will be faithful to complete it in His time.

  14. Beautiful, September! I love this: “When Service becomes a battle of baggage, unclaimed by the one who is carrying it… It is to be cast at the Savior’s Feet.” Thank you for sharing your heart with us today.

  15. ~ What an absolute beautiful sharing of a challenge many face in life that slowly drain us of hope and happiness. Understandably, many tend to bury these hurts deep inside for fear of being thought of as “less than”, or not Godly enough! The enemy pounces from so many different directions and often through people that we thought we could trust. But God is faithful, and with His help and our earthly angels that know how to love with the compassion of Jesus, to go deeper and to walk and pray us through in love, we can have the victory! I’m not a blogger (too shy), but love to read wonderful blogs such as this. Another post I read earlier on the heartache of being single, and what to do with those feelings, to this post, I’m sensing the Lord is revealing the need to be real, and not hide our hurts, but to pray and ask the Lord to guide us to a safe haven where we won’t be judged, only understood and loved on. From the young to the old (me) we need to share our valley and our mountain top experiences and learn from them, not look back, just press forward to the prize, Christ Jesus. It’s awesome to have a place to share, to blend together, not limited by age difference. A safe haven to share the love of our Heavenly Father and receive both Godly and practical guidance through our journey. I pray each one of you receive the gift of joy in the midst of whatever trial you are facing and that the unique gifting you poses be used for the healing of others as well as yourself. Affirmation, not condemnation or surface assessment is a very important part of our quest for answers and healing.
    Lovingly, an older bond servant of Christ who is still learning and growing. I lay claim to “the joy of the Lord is my strength” (Nehemiah 8:10) in the midst of heavy trial and a lifetime of disappointments. I thank God for each new day and the opportunity to have a relationship with my Father and share His loving kindness and gift of salvation ~ I still believe in miracles!