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Kristen writes at her parenting blog, We Are THAT Family and is author of Rhinestone Jesus: Saying Yes to God When Safe Sparkly Faith is No Longer Enough and founder of The Mercy House. Follow Kristen on twitter as @WeareTHATfamily.

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  1. Oh Kristen, thanks for this. Today was one of those days I felt particularly inadequate as I looked at my schedule. It seemed like there were so many needs and so little time… As I type this, my email intray is a mess and I left a million things undone today. I’m so glad I felt the tug to stop by here; you have encouraged me. I was part of a prayer time with friends today and my prayer was thanking God for making us adequate even when we feel like we aren’t… but that very thought and prayer didn’t truly sink in until I read your words. Thank you! *hugs*

  2. thank you my dear sister in Christ! like Genny here said it,this was so timely… today i feel sooo very inadequate!!! but PRAISE GOD!,for He s the One Who s adequate in me… thank You Father God for loving me so..!

  3. Thank you!!!! God is in me, right here, right now. In the peace that is 3am cuddled on the couch with four kiddos instead of in my comfy bed. These days are numbered but blessedly ordinary and He has got me right where He wants me.
    I was born to fulfill a need, a need that existed specifically for me, before I was born. Oh, words that are a balm to my heart. Thank you!!!!

  4. Absolutely! I am constantly searching for my purpose. Trying to wade through the baby/toddler years while figuring out myself, what I have to offer…it is so complicated! I am trying to remember “pray without ceasing” and putting that into action. It isn’t easy. Thank you for this post!

  5. Isn’t our God just so Awesome!.. I love this story in the book of 1 kings 8-17! The widow in this story thought she didn’t have anything to offer…just like so many of us do not think that our little contribution is not going to matter! She gave what she thought she didn’t have but it wasn’t only that! She honored the man of God that was placed in her life! She acted in obedience to what the man of God told her to do! Who is the man of God in your life? God has placed that man as an authority figure in our life! As she blessed the man of God,(Elijah) she sowed that seed on good ground ! As she acted out in obedience to the manic God who was announted by God to speak into her life! It turned her life all around! She was poor then became rich! She was in lack then had abundance! She had no hope because she thought she was gonna die,and God gave her life! As she stepped into obedience to what the man of God had told her to do.. Her whole life turned around! She had wholeness, completeness ,nothing missing ,nothing broken! Completion! Shalom! Woo Hoo! When God speaks through our man of God we need to act on it with faith! Thank u for sharing ! In our inadequesie ,our failures,God wants to bring wholeness and completion to us so we can then go out and change the lives of others!Can you imagine all the lives this women has touched? Wow! Think of that ! God didn’t only do it for her…but he did it for all of us! selah!

    • Sorry for the misspell ..I meant to write man of God not manic and also annointed not announted.

  6. I major in inadequate! And I don’t know if it’s because I want to do much more with my life or I wish I was just a little more outgoing….But I have to fight that voice that says why bother and do what I can, where I can. God is the director and it’s best when I listen and do the best that I can. I really don’t have the whole picture yet! He does! What a blessing he is!

  7. Thank you for the reminder … when all is different from what I thought my life would be, I pray almost daily that God will fill the gaps where I fall short and meet the needs of my children, my work mates, and my own wounds. I want to remember to be willing to give my very last and trust Him to supply, to fill up, to always sustain us.

  8. He calls us to do hard things, but when we feel like we can’t do anymore, He is there to help us.

    I, too, am an introvert. I could totally relate to some of the things your were saying…

  9. I remember a particular day back in September that I felt like I had it all together. It’s been a while. 🙂 Seeing as it’s February now, this post is a nice reminder to hold loosely to what I think is going to get me through the day and share more freely of time and energy, offering up my little bit for His good use.

  10. These words you have written live within me, day in and day out. Inadequate is me, my efforts, my dreams, my expectations. I know that I can’t do it all, or even a fraction of what needs to be done. And I often forget that God is enough to use me for all that He has planned for my life, even when I can’t see it. Especially when I can’t see it…which is most of the time. He has called me to be a stay at home mom of three at this time in my life. And it still scares me. I am not good enough to play this role. I am not a good enough wife. I am not good enough to be blessed with all He has given me. Yet, He continues to bless and drag me through it all…victoriously.

  11. Thank you! God knew I needed this right now. For the past few years I’ve been limited in what I can do by health problems. Problems that will one day seem in the past, and another right back to the beginning. And I look around at all I haven’t done, can’t do, and feel totally inadequate. But God keeps reminding me that I am here for His purpose which is greater than mine. It’s just really hard sometimes to get my eyes off the “I cant’s and I’m nots” and back on Him. Thank you for helping me to refocus.

    • I know just what you are feeling…and battle with! All the “I can’t”…can be so real when we look at our lives and limitations! But when I reach out, in faith, to another and offer what I have (what God gives!)…it multiplies and I am blessed by God. But oh!…to be able to really feel this each day is another thing. Only through God is it possible. His Grace is always there for us…and His Strength makes up for our weaknesses.

  12. ooh I’m sure He is shaking His Holy head at me right now. Knowing how much I needed these words today- or more honestly, how much I need these words daily. You remind me here of how God takes the regular, the little, the not-enough, the ordinary and plain, and spins it in His economy to be something more than we ever imagined, us with our small dreams and tiny, impossibly crackled hearts. Thank you, Kristen for giving me the words I eeded to hear today, the words I need permanently tatooed on my heart.

    “He created you exactly like you are. He has ordained a specific purpose for you.”

    thank you, God bless you, sweet sister.

  13. Bless you for this! I had the absolute worst day yesterday and this post is definitely what I needed to hear today. I will endeavor to keep my chin up today. Thanks again 🙂

  14. I’m not able to hear the call. What is my purpose, as minute as it may be? I thought that I was listening! I remain confused and full of indecision.

    • Again and again I come back to Ecclesiastes 12:13
      “The end of the matter; all has been heard. Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man”
      This is where I find my purpose and am whole. In all things steming from this, and this alone.

  15. I don’t reply to things very often but I had to today. I have lupus and deal with feelings of “what can I do??” and “what am I worth??”…but I know when I have taken hold of “my little” and let God multiply…it has worth, through Him. When I share what I have…like the women sharing her little (her last!)…God can and does use it. I just need to be reminded of this ability of His now and then and today was one of the days I needed to hear it. Thanks for sharing your words…and thereby encouraging (feeding)many!

  16. Thanks for sharing! This is just what I needed to read since I am feeling very inadequate this week.

  17. I am so inadequate!! But His grace turns all of our inadequacies into treasures, used in the Kingdom of God. I am so thankful to be met right where I am, useless, selfish and blind… and then refined by the fire, to come out shining with righteousness and humility for all to see. Great post!!

  18. Thanks for this post.
    As a 14 year old girl inadequacy is a never-ending battle.
    I know I’m not good enough.
    Except in Him.
    Again and again I come back to Ecclesiastes 12:13
    “The end of the matter; all has been heard. Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man”
    This is where I find my purpose and am whole. In all things steming from this, and this alone.
    It’s so hard to not feel good enough, to feel weak and small.
    But He is faithful to stay beside me.
    Thanks for this post!

  19. Oh, so timely indeed. Still searching for what it is that God is leading me to do…feeling inadequate lately. Thank you for all that you write. You so inspire me during this troubling time.

  20. What a beautiful post beginning with the calming and serene photograph. Your words spoke to me. Thank you for every word and for speaking authentically, honestly and boldly. You blessed me and I am grateful.

  21. “What I have to offer won’t fill both hands. I don’t have loads of money or talent. I’m not a very good friend and I let being an introvert determine my day. I yell at my kids and nag my husband. I’m never caught up on laundry and I’m usually overwhelmed. Some days are lonely and I doubt my determination to live counter-cultural and often listen to the voice that whispers, “you are not good enough to do this.” There are nights I lay awake riddled with mom guilt and regret.”

    You know me?!? I am not alone . . . and that is where I find peace

  22. Hi Kristen, we don’t know each other but I ran across your post on a friend’s FB wall. I normally don’t make a habbit of making comments on unknown peoples posts but yours touch my heart. Wow, thank you for sharing your heart. Definitely see God’s hand in your life. Have you read Counterfeit Gods by Timothy Keller? Some of what you covered reminded me of it. Especially of Leah, the wife of Jacob…the unloved one…the one who wasn’t all that attractive. We find her struggling with God (and Rachel and Jacob), but God even used her to bare a son through which the lineage of Christ would come. It’s just astounding. Well, thanks again and will keep you in my prayers. Blessings!