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  1. It is hard to deal with disappointments and harder to see them as a way to our divine appointment. When years pass by with needs not being met, the rotting teeth that leads to heart trouble because there were never the funds to do anything about the teeth. The disrepair in the 100-year old home, which leads to health issues due to elements getting in, etc. The poor live daily with disappointments, those in poverty struggle even more.

    In the movie Scrooge, we are told the dirge of society is want (lack) and ignorance. The hope of society is the Word of His promise, lived out by those who prosper for the betterment of mankind, especially those of the Body of Christ. The encouragement to look up into the eyes of our Lord and step into the hollow of His hand brings to light the purpose and goal of our existence. The love extended from this in deeds and actions, heals the brokenness of want. The Holy Words spoken wipes away ignorance. The duty, the living sacrifice of all that call on Him, no matter our station in life, is the pressing on to a new day filled with promises of His soon coming.

    May we look up and see the fullness of our redemption coming near.
    Mrs. J.

  2. Sarah,

    Praise God hubby has a job!

    I have sooo been where you are…disappointments after disappointments no job..nada–many, many,times! I know just what you’re going through, but you put a unique perspective on the topic. Could this be a divine appointment–where God has us now? Praying for something to come up for you in the job world.

    Also–I am a wordie too! I love big, words & trying to spell them out & show off my talents.

    Loved this post@

    • Thanks, Beth — especially for the prayers. God has me at peace in my current waiting place. Most days. 🙂 Don’t ya just love to mess around with the words? 🙂

  3. Great thoughts. In hindsight, I have seen so many instances where disappointments was God’s hand guiding me in the direction He knows is best for me. So thankful for his love and wisdom.

  4. I just posted the 2nd comment about finding Grace and that I too lost my job, my home..
    Signed it Annaymous . Isn’t God amazing!!

  5. I’m totally a word nerd too – so you had me from the first sentence 🙂 Thank you for opening up the word disappointment for us a bit more and casting light on the people hidden in it’s shadow. The people we sometimes forget didn’t always live in glorious answers from God, but wrestled the feat of disappointments for years.

    Thank you.

  6. Oh, I love that: this is not your appointment!
    How often we confuse God’s appointing with our plan and subsequent disappointment that he doesn’t comply or come through for us. Great perspective. I remember being a young wife and feeling so disappointed that life wasn’t what I had planned. I had to learn the messy way of surrendering my dreams to his divine understanding and perfect timing. Bless this post — I hope it reaches many with the joy of waiting and living in God’s timing!