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  1. Hallee from Hallee the Homemaker. I “met” her on a message board for moms almost 6 years ago and she’s been like my long distance mentor. I am so blessed to have her as my friend. 🙂

  2. This book looks amazing! Its hard to come up with just one lovely lady who has made a difference in my life. My sweet friend Patti has taken time to be there not only for me, but also for my kids. I lost my Mom at 13, and she has gone above and beyond to bridge the gap for me. She is Grandma to my babies and always a listening ear. We are Church planters and she is one of our most faithful. A constant help and support.

  3. My best friend Jennifer. She’s been the ultimate combination of everything I needed in a friend. I knew her for years but we truly became friends about 6 years ago, and she has honestly changed my life with her consistent godly walk. She has wise advice, the skill to listen well, a heart of love and service, and the greatest friend skills you can imagine. She is always there for me at any hour in any capacity, and I credit her for helping me to turn to God with parts of my past which I had not been able to let God heal. I wish everyone could have a friend like her!

  4. My friend, Kelley. She has been a friend to lean on, a shoulder to cry on, shared laughter with and tears of joy. And most importantly, a spiritual encouragement. I was truly blessed when the Lord brought us to the same place 12 years ago.

  5. My gift from above mentor, Barb, has made an amazing difference in my life. I have known her since 2003 and she continues to speak love and truth into my life. She’s an encourager but also a Godly woman who can speak the hard truth in love.

  6. My mother in law has been an amazing person to me. Yes, we have our arguments like any in laws do, but through all of the bad and good she has been there for me. When I was in any emotional distress she tried to make sense of it and help me. She tried to give advise and she tried to cheer me up. When my whole world was falling apart and I thought it was all down the drain, she calmed me down. I never thought I would have a mother in law like this one.

  7. my hero was my dad who has passed recently he encouraged me to always hold my head up and be strong no matter what is handed your way i lost my mom when i was 19 she was 39 i miss them both but i wouldnt be so strong if i f it wasnt for them

  8. My beautiful friend, Melissa, treats me as a friend, a daughter, and a niece… all wrapped together. She shares her family, her smile, and encouragement freely and often. I love her and have been so blessed by her friendship.

  9. I have never had a friend like what you speak of.
    I am the person people come to in times of their need. Be it to fetch children from school, to talk to or for advice on anything from recipes, babies to interaction with their husbands.
    There was a time where I felt why am I such a terrible person that ladies do not choose me to have coffee with and just be with. Only using me for their difficulties. When in one of these times my husband said to me.
    “The fact that you are sought in times of need shows you are more real than what even you think you are”
    At first it did not make me feel any different. When I asked Father, GOD please help me to see others the way YOU see them!. Help me to love, never expecting or receiving anything in return! That is when my heart was not shattered for this any more.

    • I have read through these replies too and can sympathise with you. I have never found my ‘kindred spirit’ yet am never short of people who I meet up with. I’m forever wondering what is wrong with me? Am I that bad that people just want chats and reassurance and help but never friendship? Coupled with that is a mum who just doesn’t bother with me.
      I feel it is my personal call to ‘deny self, take up your cross and follow me’ following the One who is a friend who sticks closer than a brother 🙂
      Help me to love, never expecting or receiving anything in return has been my mantra too 🙂

      • KJ and retha…..but don’t you see? You are the feet and hands of Christ, and for many you are the go-to when they are in need. Be blessed by that, and recognize your true with by folks seeking you when they hurt. But yes, I can understand (personally) that desire for a kindred spirit as well – our Lord is truly all that we need, but ah, the fun and laughter of a close girlfriend, we have that desire planted in us as well. So…. Challenge yourself to be that ‘friend’. Reach out to a gal that you desire to know better, and then….be silly. Be frivolous. Be a ‘girlfriend’ with them, not just a mentor or confidant. Go to coffee, a movie, a estate sale, a window shopping trip. Make some memories together and these shared times/adventures will begin to set the ‘glue’ that builds the foundation of a girl-freindship. I hope this makes sense to you!

  10. One of my closest friends, Tiffany, has definitely made a HUGE difference in my life. I have been through a lot the past few years and she is always there…she is my “iron sharpens iron” friend…I can call her at any time of the day and ask her to pray for me and she will stop what she is doing and pray with me over the phone. I can’t imagine my life without her in it. I am truly blessed!!!

  11. I have 2 ladies… I couldn’t choose! My best friends, Angie and Brandi. Both of these ladies have brought so much joy to my life! Beautiful on the inside and outside, they are a constant source of support, strength, encouragement and inspiration and I am so blessed to count them as friends! I can always count on them to be my prayer warriors, to share a laugh or a dream or even tears. They are truly amazing and I couldn’t imagine life without either one of them!

  12. My friend Amy (no, I’m not talking about myself!). We met in college and though we had the same name and major, our lives have taken such different paths! She married young, had kids and is very busy raising them. I haven’t married and live overseas. But she gets me. Loves me. Supports me. and walks through life with me.

  13. my dear friend neva,
    she is older than my mother and closer to me than a sister
    she taught me to play bingo and cards like a shark
    listened to me through everything in my life, and taught me more than i would ever have learned on my own
    watching her deal with diabetes in her life has made me strong in knowing i can beat it in mine(i was just recently diagnosed)
    even though we now live many states away i miss her each and every single day

  14. I have about 5 really close friends that have made a difference in my life, but I would have to say the #1 is my mother. She’s inspires me everyday to go for my dreams. Being a missionary means I am far from her, but she’s never discouraged me from going for what God has called me to do….even being so far away from her. 🙂

  15. My mom. Funny how no matter what she encourages me and picks me up when I fall. She tells me everyday that I am amazing even when I don’t believe her. I love our several times daily phone conversations and our girl trips just to reconnect with each other without my brood of boys running around. She is amazing!

  16. My heart has been touched most recently by a group of girlfriends who continue to be there for me, even though we go through seasons of distance and change. Janelle, Heidi, and my sister Kat are my best mothering advice, biggest prayer warriors, and shoulders to cry on. I’m blessed.

  17. A friend of mine, who I met when my daughter was less than a year old. She was in our playgroup, and now has 6 boys! Everyday she inspires me & gives me patience with my own 2 children – if she can work wonders with 6 boys, then surely I can manage with 2 children!

  18. My mom is the most amazing woman in my life.
    I remember her waking up early, every day, to make sure we had a good breakfast.
    As a child I never knew when her and our dad had a disagreement, because she kept it under wraps. I was older when I heard their first disagreement.
    She always has a smile on her face.
    When she dressed up in her pretty outfits I knew we were going to town.
    If we weren’t going to town she was dressed so she could garden.
    Gardening was her most favorite thing to do.
    At 82 she still has a smile and wears pretty outfits.
    Unfortunately she can no longer garden.
    Yes, my mom is very special to me.

  19. The woman who made a huge impact on my life was a camp counselor, Diane. I struggled with low self-esteem and she was a constant source of encouragement in my life. She just kep reminding me that I was already amazing, and she hadn’t read this book yet! We stayed friends and when I met my wonderful husband and didn’t believe I was good enough for him she was there to set me straight again. She is still one of my best friends and I have had the privelege to encourage her a few times lately.

  20. My aunt changed my life. I was born to someone who didn’t want to be a mom and resented the responsibility and my aunt stepped in and covered my childhood in her love. Although I continued to live with my mom, my aunt taught me everything I needed to be a great mom and wife and introduced me to God. She always made me feel welcome and accepted in her Christian family even though I was living with adults who used drugs and alcohol and lived completely oppositeher beliefs. I am now a happy wife and mom of 4 who enjoys my family thanks ti my aunt who showed me h

  21. My friend Betsy has made a huge impact in my life. She was the first person I told about my struggles with self-injury (free for a month less than 3 yrs now) and the first person I told about a nearly year long struggle with anorexic tendencies. Through everything she always pushed me beyond my comfort zone to help me grow in my faith and grow personally. She is excited for me (sometimes almost more excited than I am) when I achieve something, and has plenty of empathy when things aren’t going so well. I love her so much 🙂

  22. My best friend Karlena. She passed away on Nov 1, 2010 and although her loss is felt all the time…her legacy of faith lives on and my sweet daughter carries her name. Karlena taught me through her illness and short life that God does have a plan…and that despite our circumstances we can praise Him in ALL things.

  23. My dear friend Judy has made a huge impact on my life. A simple gesture made by a neighbor ten years ago has led to an amazing friendship. I was on what I thought was a 10 week maternity leave (later would become a permanent at-home position) taking a walk with my 3 week old baby and my neighbor came running across her yard to ask if I would like to join her and her children on their walk. From there our friendship blossomed into a wonderful gift. I believe that without Judy I would have been lost and lonely as an at-home mom unsure of what “comes next”. We have shared many of life’s ups and downs and I am truly blessed to have her in my life. 🙂

  24. My pastor’s wife, Karrie, taught me about hospitality and gentleness of spirit. I come from a family of pretty fiery women, great in it’s own right, but Karrie taught me about loving others with gentleness. A great gift that I’m still learning to use.

  25. My MOPS mentor Mom is my lady she meets with me every other week to help me process and discuss life.


  26. My wonderful Mama Arlene. She is not my real mom but she’s always been there for me since she first game into my life 25 years ago. When things weren’t right at my house she took me in and treated me just like one of her own 6 children. Even after all these years she is the person I run to when times get really hard. I pray that I can be even 1/2 the amazing lady she is.

  27. I am so grateful to have many women that have come into my life… mentoring and loving me. But, there is no doubt that my lovely mother tops any role model, mentor, leader, encourager, or friend. She is a completely selfless servant and absolutely the most Godly woman i know. I definitely hope I would be something like her one day when I have my own family. I thank the Lord for giving her to me! And I would love to give her a gift back…

  28. When I started homeschooling I received alot of opposition from some family members and “friends”. It was very scary for me as I started homeschooling at the 6th grade level. I worked in a bookstore part-time and there was a pastor’s wife who would occasionally come in and we would talk. She always seemed to come in when I was overwhelmed and didnt know it I had it in me to continue homeschooling. Her name was Joanne and she encouraged me for the whole nine years that I homeschooled!! When I had finished homeschooling and both my kids were in college I saw her and thanked her for all her encouragement and prayers. She didnt know what an impact she had until then. I am very thankful.

  29. My friend, Jean. We walk dogs together and talk authentically
    about our faith in Christ. This is an encouragement on any
    given day.

  30. I have had many women throughout my life that have been wonderful to me. Most of them are from my church family and I am sooo very thankful for all of them, how much they have taught me and the true friendships I have with them still!

  31. I had the privilege of having a great lady as a mentor. She was the pastor’s wife when I was still living in Cuba. An amazing woman that invested a lot of her time in me when I was a teenager and a young woman. God used her powerfully in my life. And I will always be thankful for that.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  32. My neighbor, Naomi. She’s old enough to be my grandmother (she is 77, I’m 35), but after getting to know her she is now a great friend and part of the family. Her and her husband have been a great influence on our lives. I’m new in my walk with the Lord, and her honesty about where she has been and where she is now has been extremely encouraging. I only hope I can become half the woman she is.

  33. I have many women that are amazing women in my life. They have helped me through miltary deployments, parenting, and my divorce. The one that has guided me the most is my friend Italia, she has taught me how to put God first in my life and bring JOY to my life.

  34. I tink all the women in my life have made an impact in some way. All my family, friends, and coworkers have taught me something!

  35. Sheila Walsh has made all the difference in my life! Her story and honesty has opened the door for me to be honest about my life story with those who I share my life with. She provided me with such encouragement in my spiritual life!

  36. My friend Meena who lives in the foothills of the Himalaya mountains of norther India. She is such a strong woman of faith living in an area where Christians are not welcome to share their faith openly. Her faith still shines brightly and never fails to encourage me!

  37. My dear friend, Katie, is AMAZING! We don’t get to see each other often due to distance and schedules, but we made a get-together work out recently. I had been really down–in a pit and unable to get out. She kept asking if I was REALLY ok, so I finally spilled out my heart to her. Her response? “Let’s pray, right now!” And she did. Right then, aloud, she prayed the most inspired, beautiful words that went right to my soul. And my darkness lifted. Praise God!

  38. Adorable! A non-family member woman who has made a profound impact is Martha (very much like the Martha we know who sat at Christ’s feet), who used to work at my college. She sat me down amidst my panic attack and talked to me about God’s love for me and why I should not worry, and gave me spiritual books from Oswald Chambers, Henri Nouwen, etc. I thought “I’ll never read those, but I appreciate the gesture.” Over a year or two later I saw her again, and she presented me with The Shack and He Loves Me.

    Those books have started me on the path of finally throwing away my inhibitions about devotionals or spiritual guidance books (because, of course, society doesn’t think they’re necessary), and I have read most of them several times. I saw Martha recently in the grocery store, shortly after my job was eliminated, and she was so confident that God has something in store that I honestly could not walk away without feeling the same. If it wasn’t for Martha, I might not have made it through that semester of college and thus not been where I am.

  39. My boss and friend is the most amazing woman I have ever known. Not only is she a fantastic manager, but she’s been my spiritual mentor, as well.

    If I have anything that I need to talk about, not only do I know that I am doing it with complete discretion, but I also know she will guide me in the way of His word.

  40. My sister Sandra! She is an amazing, supportive friend like no other! She has walked with me through some horrible times in my marriage and in my life. She has encouraged me to forgive and has only ever spoken words of truth and love to me. A true friend who shares and admonishes me even when she knows it is not what I want to hear. I praise God for her!She lives in New Zealand and how I miss her and love her!

  41. My Mom is an INCREDIBLY Awesome gift from God. She has been there for me from the beginning and her love is what gets me through the toughest times in life <3. Oh how we appreciate our Moms and their love on a whole new level when we become Moms ourselves. She is soo Special to My heart <3

  42. An amazing lady in my life is my mentor Rita – she has been someone I’ve looked up to for over 10 years. I adore her.
    That tote IS adorable!

  43. I have been so blessed the last five years by a wonderful group of women that God has brought into my life. They have encouraged me and blessed me with wisdom, advice, meals, laughter, and tears together. I now know what the body of Christ really looks like, and couldn’t imagine this season of mothering small children without them.

  44. Both my sisters have made a difference in my life. We haven’t always gotten along, but now as adults, we are much closer. They have always supported me, and they are at the top of the list of people I can count on. I’m so thankful I have them.

  45. Cathy was my Missionettes teacher when I was a young teen, and she made a lasting impact in my life.

  46. I started seeing a counselor last summer. She is a sweet Christian lady who has helped me work through years of suppressed emotions. She has reminded me over and over of the beauty that God created in me and shown me that who I am is precious. I am so so thankful for her.

  47. My mom sacrifices and gives of herself to everyone. Her undying love and support in all I strive to do is a powerful testament of the woman she is.

  48. One lovely lady, Ann, has made an impression on me as an example of godly wife, friend, mom, sister and daughter. She is always there when I need her and loves on my boys. So thankful for her in my life.

  49. I have a friend, Kelly, who has become such a rock in my life. She is always there to hear my thoughts and to give me helpful feedback. I will always have and love my family, but that a friend chooses to stick with you means a lot to me.

  50. Just one lady? Well, I suppose I’d say one of my very best friends. We have been through a lot of similar experiences, and honestly, I don’t know how I could have gotten through the rough points in my life without her by my side. I’m so very grateful that God sent her to me just when I needed her.

  51. My one and only precious daughter has made a HUGE difference in my life as I became a new believer through my miracle pregnancy and her birth!

  52. The lovely lady I admire the most is my mother-in-law. She is an inspiration to me and many others. She left her abusive husband with her small children in tow and moved up north from the south. She and her three sisters ran a household and raised their children together. She is now an assistant pastor of her church and listens to everyone’s problems, big or small. She never has a bad word to say about anyone and helps out whenever and wherever she can. Since my own mother passed, she has been my rock.

  53. My loving wife has stayed with me through good times and bad through 35 years of marriage and counting! She is one remarkable lady and my true love! Would love to give her this beautiful giveaway of treasures!

  54. So thankful for a dear friend who was there when I was going through depression. She let me come over to her house any time of the day or week. She was such a blessing during a very difficult time in my life.

  55. My mom has made a huge difference in my life. She is the kindest most selfless person I know, always providing words of encouragement and wise advice. Don’t know where I would be without her!

  56. I LOVE my MOM!! She’s my steadfast anchor in life – always there for me no matter what! Thanks for this lovely Christian giveaway of goodies & I’d love to share it with her! 😉

  57. My mom. The other day a friend was talking about wanting to go back to high school with her 30-year-old mindset because then she wouldn’t care so much about popularity and trying to win the approval of others. I was able to honestly say that I already had that mindset because my mom taught me to look for my security in God. I realize that my mom has always been my best mentor. I’m just not always willing to embrace that thought. I still want to think that I know better sometimes. I want to raise my girls with the same identity security i Christ that my mom raised me.

  58. My best friend Kate. We met in college when she joined the sorority I was already a member in. We became close friends and bonded over our tendency to be “girls gone mild” versus “girls gone wild.” We both share a love and desire for God. As our faith has waxed and waned over the years we’ve been there for each other. I gifted her a beautiful Bible two years ago and she has just recently joined a church and begun a Bible study. She was kind enough to introduce me to Beth Moore’s study and now I’m joining a study, too, something I really, really needed all because of her example. She such a dear friend to me 🙂

  59. The woman that has made the biggest difference in my life is my grandmother. When I was 3, she took me in and raised me like I was her own. Only as a mother now, can I truly appreciate the sacrifices she made for me. At 82, she has just retired from working full time. She is an amazing woman. Having buried and sent home her husband and two of her 3 children, she still manages to put on a smile and a welcoming hug. Holley’s book and the message it sends is what she has preached all of her life. These goodies would be perfect for her!

  60. Her name was Peggy. A godly woman who shone of His glory and walked through life gracefully. Her breast cancer became brain cancer. Even as she faced what she knew would be the end, she did so with grace and beauty and a heart of thanks. She loved and loved well, and her life was a daily testimony to what a woman following passionately after the Lord should look like. I miss her terribly.

  61. My friend and co-Guider Sarah. Her enthusiasm, intelligence and wise words are always wonderful. She is one of the few people I feel I can trust one hundred percent and never worry about it biting me back 🙂

  62. My mom. Her mother passed away in December 2010. The day after we buried her, my dad was rushed to the hospital and was put on a ventilator for a month. Four months after he was released from the hospital (miracle!), he died of a heart attack. My mom has been through so much and has a faith that I desire for my own life. She is so strong and has never waivered in her belief and trust in God through all of this. She is definitely someone I look up to and has made an amazing impact on my life.

  63. My maternal Grandmother . . . she was the most wonderful woman I have ever known. She gave unconditional love to each of us. I found out after she passed away, that every night she prayed through her list of children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and even great-great-grandchildren. I miss her every day of my life. When our daughter was pregnant she asked what did I want to be called by our Grandson . . . I said hopefully Grandma, as mine was. If I can be just a hint of the Grandma she was to us I will feel like I have accomplished something special.

  64. There have been so many women who’ve made a difference in my life, but since I can only pick 1, I’ll go with Heather, my Mary Kay director. She took me under her wing immediately when we met, and has been an amazing gift from God ever since. She knows what encouragement I need, she tells me often what potential she sees in my life. She is such a godly woman, and I am blessed to be able to work with her, but even more blessed to call her “friend”.

  65. My grandmother was an amazing woman in my life. I always loved the 2 weeks in summer when I stayed with her!

  66. My Mama… she is the most amazing woman I know. Tirelessly giving of herself, always doing for others. She has touched so many lives…

  67. My mom has been the biggest spiritual mentor in my life. I don’t know where I would be without her pouring into my life and modeling what it means to walk with the Lord.

  68. My mother-in-law is a wonderful lady who has made such a difference in my life. She has taught me so many things, from cooking to loving the Lord. I couldn’t have asked for better in laws, God knew what I needed!

  69. My Mama and my Mom ate obvious choices but outside of my family I would have to choose my friend Lashawn. She constantly challenges me to step out of the box! She gave me the courage to homeschool and constantly amazes me! I am so thankful for her!!

  70. If I had to choose only one lovely woman who has spoken into my life, it would be my friend Susan. She has been an amazing God-filled voice in my life. When life has thrown its curve balls, she gracious and with tenderness pushed me to see the silver lining. When I needed to cry, she was there for me and let me get it out….then, she said “What are we going to do about this?” She has always helped me to believe the best in a person and encouraged me. When times are good, she helps remind me to be thankful for that. While I have not known her for years and years, the 3 or so years I have known her have been a huge a blessing.

  71. Right now, the woman who has made a difference in my life is my son’s teacher! My son is autistic, and we have many challenges to overcome in our everyday lives. My son’s teacher, however, freely gives of her free time to help Gavin in any way she can. She has volunteered to help instruct the workers at his daycare in techniques to work with him…she is awesome! We can feel very isolated and discouraged about being parents in general, but Gavin’s teacher always goes out of her way to let me know we have support and a friend who understands.

  72. My daughter is an amazing influence in my life. Funny, right? My daughter…when I’m supposed to be the influence. Though, she would probably say that I am hers. She is a natural born nurturer, has the kindest heart of anyone I know and is sweet and obedient, and deeply spiritual to her core. What mother could ask for more?

  73. My mom is the truly most amazing woman I know. She has been a constant support and best friend through my entire life.

  74. I have a friend (Carolyn) who is an amazing woman. She loves people the way that God wants us to love. I don’t understand (I do but I don’t) how she loves the way she does. I just hope that I will get there soon.

  75. My Mother & grandmother have been the most inspirational & godly women in my life. The have taught me the importance of prayer, faith, family & church. They have provided guidance & modeled the role of a godly mother, grandmother, wife, sister &friend. They have shown and taught me love without judgment and the power of intercessory prayer. I thank God for these most beautiful precious blessings. I would love to continue my family legacy & would love to have the support of the incourage community and inspired literature to help me continue on my journey and pass along the knowledge and love as they have been passed to me.

  76. There was a woman named Nancy who never, ever stopped praying for me when I was in my 20’s. I was a lost girl who never felt loved and had endured much abuse. Nancy always saw me through the eyes of Christ and never gave up on me. In 1982, I gave my life to Christ and it has been an amazing journey growing in Him. Nancy was always there for me after I was born again and always encouraged me to go higher in Christ and she truly showed me how to see myself through His eyes.

  77. My mom, of course. She not only taught me, but also continues to serve as an example for me and a role model. I still strive to be more like her, and it is still a stretch & a goal that I have to work to reach. She has been so strong through such a tough & challenging life, & yet she still remains positive & encourages me to do so. For example, she returned to college in her 50s to finish her degree, and she just kicked butt in all her classes. Seeing her work so hard finally taught me good study skills. People always questioned her, why go back to school now? you’ll be 60 when you finish! and she would just answer, And I’ll be 60 if I don’t go back to school, too! Now I am in my 50s, and still need my mom more than ever. I am so blessed to have her as part of my life.

  78. I’ve been blessed with so many godly women coming in & out of my life since I was born. I think the most influential was my grandmother. She died many years ago when I was in college but I still think of what she would say or do when I face things. I really want to be just like her – an amazing lady who loved God & her family more than anything.

    Thanks for the great give-away! I Love Dayspring & do hope I win. :o)

  79. My co-worker Tammy! I can talk to her about God all day and she just lifts me up when I am down. When I am stressed she looks up at me and says ” Don’t let them steal your joy!”, and I just decompress. She is a God send!

  80. My grandmother has made the most difference in my life. She is such a loving, caring, god-fearing woman. She taught me about respect for others, myself, and the Lord. I am so truly grateful for her because without her I would have never come to have the relationship with the Lord that I do now. She took us to church every time the church doors were open. She is the ultimate example of what a Christian woman should be. She gives of herself so selfishly. She never made a difference between us and her step grandchildren. If she didn’t like someone, you never knew it. She is warm, welcoming, and inviting and TRULY the definifition of AMAZING!!!!

  81. My dear friend of many years, Anamaria! She has been a source of encouragement, unconditional love, correction and a living example for me! Even though she’s living far away in Thailand right now we are able to stay connected through our computers! Love her so much!

  82. One lovely lady who has made a significant impact on my life is my sweet, sweet friend Amy. She was my Sunday school teacher when I was in high school, but she became so much more than that to me. She is one of my closest friends and greatest role models. No matter how busy she is taking care of her three young daughters, she is always available to speak truth into my life. I have never felt judged or condemned by her, rather I leave every time we’ve been together feeling rejuvenated with Christ’s grace. She is a phenomenal wife, mother, friend, and follower of Christ. I am grateful that God has placed her in my life!

  83. My grandma is my Amazing hero. I wish I still lived close to her; I love listening to her stories of growing up. She is a very strong woman of God, she has the most kind heart, she loves everyone for who they are, she is confient and brave and she stand firm in her beliefs. She is everything I hope to be and more. I’m so blessed to have her in my life!

  84. Definitely my mom! She has been such an godly example and a kindred spirit to me my entire life and continues to be as I am now a wife and mother! I have been so blessed to have her in my life!

  85. It is a toss up–I would say my sister Peggy, 9 yrs my senior, has always been there for me. We have a good time when we get together, which isn’t often enough!

    I would also say my pastor’s wife Kathy. She has battled cancer twice. The second time she had IBC in breasts. Went through chemo, masectomy, all that stuff. Through it all she remained a strong woman and supporter of American Cancer Society. She still goes strong today.

  86. ,y mentor, Freddy Vaughan, has encouraged me, taught me, and prayed over and for me. She is a huge blessing in my life.

  87. Mona was my inspiration as a young wife and mother. She was a few years older than me, maybe only 5 or so, but she seemed more “grown up” and mature. She was what I strived for. She was always put together, hosted amazing dinner parties, had the patience of a saint with her children and her house was always tidy but lived in. I never saw any of this as a show, it was her true nature.
    That is what I hoped to be, and 15 years later, even though I have not spoken to Mona in close to 10 years, I still think of her and strive to be more like that beautiful soul.

  88. Role model,hero, and an inspiration to many only begin to touch the surface of description for Janet DiFalco. Although her young life was full of turmoil, her mother entered a psychiatric hospital when she was only five and she was left in the care of her alcoholic father who paraded a number of housekeepers in and out of her life who were abusive…this woman decided to give her life to God and put her faith in God because she heard He only will never ever Fail us. She had every reason to choose a wider path of destruction being robbed of her youth to help care for her younger siblings. She was determined to make a positive difference in her life so contrary to the way she was raised. Janet, who is also my mother, gave me the best gift anyone could ever and that was a spiritual foundation. I was very blessed and until this day…through breast cancer and loss, She praises God daily. I am so very proud of my mom who could of gave up because of adversity in her young life, instead she is a blessing to everyone she comes in contact with.

  89. It’s difficult to select just one. my sister Bonnie has gently lead me back to church and recognizing God in my life. My new friend Sue loves and accepts me for who I am and encourages me to talk about a past that not many have incouraged me to talk about. She is truly interedted in getting to know the real me and where I am in my spiritual life and if she can help me grow

  90. The first person who came to mind was my pastor’s wife. I’ve never met anyone quite like her–she has this innate ability of making you feel like you can do it (regardless of what “it” is) and is a total motivating machine. I always leave her feeling like I can accomplish all the things God has called me to do. She really is “amazing,” and I’ve gained so much from being around her.

  91. God gave me a special friend at a time of great crisis 5 years ago. She has continued to be a prayer warrior, an encouragement, an empathetic listener and godly example of living justly, loving mercy and walking humbly with our God. I am so thankful for her friendship!

  92. My mentor is my Momma. She raised my four brothers and I with a firm, loving hand, in God’s love and His Word as our rule book. She has the most wonderful attitude and never complains even though she lives pretty far away from most of her close friends and family. She keeps her hands busy with projects for everyone, whether it’s a quilt or an apron or clothes for her many grandchildren. My Mom is a wonderful example , I am very blessed to call her mine 🙂

  93. A friend of our family’s from another state has really been there for me this past year. She is there for me as a safe place to talk and sort of debrief with. How comforting and encouraging it’s been to know someone understands and cares! She’s amazing! 🙂

  94. I am blessed to have two wonderful sisters. We’ve been through ups and downs but I know I can count on either of them whenever I need help!

  95. I think the lady that has made the biggest impact on my life recently is definitely one of my half sisters, Shirley. Shirley and I didn’t grow up with each other. Shirley was born in my dad’s first marriage and she was an adult by the time I was born. I didn’t see my sister that often as I was growing up mostly because of the bitterness surrounding the end of my dad’s first marriage. My dad had 8 daughters from that marriage and most chose not to associate with him after the divorce. Shirley was different. Despite all that she went through she chose to forgive my dad and try to continue with a relationship with him. I only got to see her once every couple of years, but I remember those times as lots of fun. In 2010 my dad passed away and Shirley has been a real strength to me through it all. Shirley has gone out of her way to be a support to my mother (who is not her mother) and to me. She contiues to be a source of joy and encouragement. I got married in September 2011 and my photographer fell through just weeks before the wedding and Shirley stepped up to the plate and agreed to take pictures for us. Shirley doesn’t consider herself to be a professional, but the pictures I have from the wedding hold more than memories of the day, but they also hold a lesson in sacrifice and giving to those in need. Recently, I went through a difficult time as I discovered that my husband was on a dating website (I have sought God in this and really felt led to put into practice the grace that God has demonstrated to me and have forgiven my husband for this mistake. He is truly remorseful for what he did. Praise God!) and my sister Shirley was supportive and encouraging as she experienced a similar situation in her life with her husband of 30 years. I think that Shirley has been more than a sister, she has been a friend and a real blessing. I am greatful that she decided to be obedient to God’s commands and find forgiveness in her heart and she has developed a relationship with me – her youngest sister. Thanks Shirley and may I never forget how blessed I am to have her in my life!

  96. As we talk so often about friendship her at (in)courage I think of my dear friend Jen. We haven’t know each other long and don’t have many shared experiences but she teaches me about friendship every day. As we spend time together digging into places other people are afraid of we learn about each other, from each other, and we grow together. She causes me to head to God’s word in times of trial and each time we are together, even if the time is spent in tears, we are both encouraged. It seems to me to be the kind of relationship only Christ could forge. And I am so thankful for this amazing friend.

  97. Kelly is my dear friend and mentor, who has been a huge source of support and accountability since I was in high school. I am now a wife and mother, and her friendship has become almost essential to my life. She’s a second sister.

  98. Although there have been many , the one that comes to mind the most was Mrs, Verna she taught me that sometimes in life we have to put what we feel aside give God his time to help us and wait patiently..we didn’t live close so most of our communicating was via usps.. I have kept all the cards and letters of wisdom … I have been so blessed by her presents in my life…

  99. My mom is wonderful. She walks closely with Jesus and sets a wonderful example for all who come into her path. I am so proud to call her my mom and to see the legacy she is leaving and I hope that I can do the same for my children.

  100. a woman at my church has influenced me a lot with my children.Even though she was poor and didn’t go to school very long, she understood how to love and raise her children in godly ways and she guided me by her exemple.

  101. I am so blessed to have my dear friend, Pam, in my life. She has been my accountability partner, an inspiration to beauty, to stability and spirituality. She is a beautiful person, and her beauty is displayed in her life – through her marriage, her children and her grand-children. Her blog is always a bright spot to discover! (www.ourshelteringtree.blogspot.com) I can always talk to her about everything/anything! She loves me unconditionally, and I do not fear ever losing her friendship. She has taught me what the Love of God looks like! She is truly Already Amazing!
    You friends, are too! I have discovered what being loved is all about – by my Heavenly Father, and by friends I have not yet seen! Thank you, so much! Huggs!

  102. My precious Momma has had the most profound influence on me…she is a godly, faithful, self-less woman who overflows with compassion and kindness. I am so very, very blessed to have learned at her feet. She is now battling cancer yet retains all the qualities mentioned above..the Lord bless you today, precious Momma!! xoxo

  103. A friend who stepped in to take care of my daughter for 3 nights when our original plans for her stay fell through!!

  104. The amazing woman in my life is my daughter. Before she was born 28 years ago, my body tried to reject her. She was already such a blessing to me at 6 months that I prayed for God to stop all the bleeding and please save her. I had always dreamed of a daughter. We would not understand until she was 5 years old why my body so fervently tried to reject this beautiful blessing God was giving us. She was born and appeared healthy and beautiful. We noticed in Kindergarten that she was so much shorter than the other children and lacked behind in some skills. We took her to an Endocrinologist and she was diagnosed by a Genetics Specialist with Turner’s Syndrome. A very rare syndrome causing short stature and learning disabilities as well with only a single X chromosome instead of the the two in girls. We were told at the time that she would never be able to have children because she has no ovaries because of the single X. We were also told that less that 1% of these blessings are ever carried to birth. Normally they die in the womb. Our daughter has grown into a beautiful woman and has never let life get in her way. She has fought and fought hard. She has kept God first. She is now happily married and they are trying to adopt a child. My prayer is that she too will be able to experience the joys of motherhood God allowed me. She is now my inspiration and best friend. Blessings.

  105. Allie is my sweet friend who always reminds me to look at the positive, even when things are tough! Her friendship encourages me to seek God in the hard moments!

  106. I would choose my best friend Crystal. She recently lost her dad at 55 to lung cancer and she is allowing Jesus to guide her through this whole season of her life. It is amazing to watch her & her daughter cope, grieve, and pray together. She is really inspiring me to put my faith to work in all aspects of my life.

  107. The Lord brought Diane into my life four decades ago. I finally had the sister I had always wanted – someone to confide in, share my joys and sorrows – and most of all, she would eventually lead me to the Lord. After being called into the ministry 35 years ago, she founded Unique by Design, a support and encouragement ministry primarily for women. I began my involvement in UBD at a critical crossroad in my life in 1990. I would not be where I am today if it were not for this amazing woman who has touched the lives of so many. Her encouragement and faith in me have led me to a new awareness of who I am in Christ, opening doors and blessing me beyond words.

  108. My friend, Carla, is always willing to drop anything to help me or my kids. She lives a life of sacrifice for others and is teaching me to do the same.

  109. I would love to win this little set. The most amazing woman for me was my grandmother. Abuelita Zoila. My dad’s mom. They grew up in a time where they all went to work in the fields after school and then all summer. I always looked up to her because I thought it was so amazing how she had kept this family of 8 running like a well oiled machine. She did everything. She made her own clothes, she ironed clothes for the local town folk for extra income. Just a hard working momma doing all she had to do to keep it together. She made lovely quilts. Abuelo, my grandfather passed away in 1973 and she never remarried. He was the love of her life. She pressed on. The thing that sticks out in my mind the most is the fact that she had a little spot in her home where she prayed. She prayed every night, and every morning. It was ritual. It wasn’t long before I realized, at a very young age, that this is how she got through everything. Prayer. Her relationship with Jesus Christ. She was an amazing woman and I think what made her so amazing was the fact that she was always shining. Shining with God’s love and presence, and you just couldn’t get enough of her. She finally went to be with our Lord in 2009 and I can’t wait to see her again.

  110. Kathy Beard of intothemistbook.com has been an amazing example for me. She is strong and faithful in spite of watching her husband die from Dimentia and even though lots of trials come her way she rises like the brightest star in the night sky, pushing away the darkness. Her wisdom and encouragement, her bluntness has really made me examine my heart’s motives and checked myself when I get to feeling too much like a victim.

  111. My friend Becky has made an amazing difference in my life. God sent her to me when I really needed a friend and mentor. She has several grown children, and grandchildren, but has also devoted her life to five beautiful little girls from China. She inspires me to Love the Lord, my husband and my home. To be more like Jesus, selfless. I am sooo thankful for her.

  112. There are many women who are amazing in my life, My mother and my sisters just to begin… but there is a friend of the family that although we have just known each other for a few years, she has deposited in me so much…. Her name is Virginia, but we call her Auntie…. she has blessed my life with gifts, with devotion, with care and concern…. Gifts that I can’t purchase with all the gold in the world…. Her phone calls, her emails, she affirms my life, she deposits seeds of greatness for me to cultivate and grow…. She inspires me to be like her, to do the same with others…. she has truly been a god sent to my life that’s why I can consider her amazing!!

  113. My mother in law, she showed me that a love could be without conditions. She inspire me and loves me as her own.

  114. My mom is an amazing lady for many reasons, but I am most often amazed by how consistent and complete is her forgiveness whenever I ask for it. I’ve been caring for her for 7 years now (she has Alzheimer’s) and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been impatient and irritable, yet every time she fully forgives me. She is truly a model of Christ-likeness.

  115. My Sisters in Christ is my amazing woman. Yes, I said Sisters for there is no way I could name just one in the group. I moved to Atlanta in fear of knowing no one. God, and it can only be Him, took me to a group link at a church, and He made me stay and get in a group. You see I initially went in to the meeting, then got up and walked out to my car. God whispered – no yelled at me. Go back in for I have special plans for you. I through the grace of God got in this most wonderful group of women who have changed my life forever. I had never believed I was worth God loving. You see I grew up with a Mom who told me I should never been born and even worse I was a mistake God made. I believed her for she was a very active woman in the Catholic church. She told me that she herself never wanted me….and I knew it. So I grew up feeling worthless, and a “mistake”. I defined myself as a mistake. No longer! These women have shown me that God loves me sooooooooooo much and I am His precious child ….. and even better I am His masterpiece. I now define myself as His masterpiece….and what a change that makes in my life and in my heart. I could never thank this group of women enough for I now receive and accept His Love. I am saturated in His Love because of this beautiful, Godly women. They are truly amazing!

  116. The most amazing woman to me is my cousin, Jill, who passed away when she was only 17. Through her funeral, she spoke the most mature words that have resonated with me throughout my life, and are the reason I pursue my dreams daily without complaints and while living a pure lifestyle. She knew from her first diagnosis with cancer that she did not have long to live and through that she continued through life without complaining or being upset about her cancer, but embracing every moment and striving towards small goals she would set for herself. She led me to the LORD after her passing and I feel her every day as I speak with God.

  117. My mom was an amazing woman. The older I get the more I am amazed by her life and how she dealt with things. My sister is an amazing single mom to her only child–her son who has cystic fibrosis. I think every woman is amazing in her own ways.

  118. My Grandma Veta has made the biggest difference on my life. Although she is no longer with me, her words are. She taught me how to find joy in the mundane and also showed me that if you continually seek Him, You’ll see God right where you’re at. Every day. Such love He lavishes upon us!

  119. My mom is an amazing person in my life. All my life I have watched as she loves and cares for others. She inspires me to also be a light to those around me!

  120. One of the ladies in my life that has had an amazing influence on me is already in Heaven celebrating with God!!!! She was our missions leader at church when I was in my young 20’s. She thought I had some potential and asked me to be the missions leaders in her place because she had some health issues. With fear and trembling I said “yes”, and have never regretted a moment of it. Now I’m 46 years old and serving in our county association as “missions study consultant”, all thanks to GaNell Brannum.

  121. Hi there~
    My mother in-law is an amazing woman to me. I have been married to her son for almost 16 yrs and she has loved me the whole time even when I acted immature, selfish, and petty. I have gone to her wth prayer requests always knowing that she would be praying. When I ask for advice or prayers she always leads me in love, to love. She is amazing!!!! 🙂

  122. I had an “ok” relationship with my mom growing up, being the youngest of her 7 kids. And now for the past 6 years, she has been in a nursing home due to a sickness that we thought would take her at such a young age. As my mom’s mind is slowly decreasing, I don’t have that strong-adult-daughter-I’m-a-mom-of-four-now-relationship with my mom. A woman from church who is about my mom’s age has taken me under her wings. She is my spiritual mom. I am very blessed to have her in my life. Her guidance and wisdom are treasured in my mind and heart. So very thankful for Suzanne.

  123. My friend Janet, although she has moved to SC, she still encourages me through my difficulties. We pray for each other daily and I am forever thankful that God linked us together 🙂

  124. My sweet friend, Carol! She was the one who turned my life upside down when she brought me to Jesus! And she still is – through the amazing love of Jesus which shines through her and is like a magnet to those around her! When you have a friend through the bond of Jesus there is no other friendship that can compare!

  125. God has blessed me with four amazing women that I am so honored to walk through life with: Vicki (my mom), Sandee (my God-mother), Melissa and Tara (my best friends). I couldn’t pick just one. They are each gifted and talented in different ways and bring so much light to my life. Whether it is marriage advice, accountability, or we just need a laugh we have held each other up and walked alongside each other through births, death, new jobs, weddings, bad decisions, not so good haircuts, peaks and valleys…they are more than a girl could ever ask for.

  126. My grandaughter is truly amazing young lady. She inspires me to live my life in Christ so she can see what I AM NOW and not what I was in satan! Thank You Jesus

  127. Is it amazing when someone whom you have only met three times in person and talked on the phone once to be THAT PERSON. The person that you think on each time you make a choice for food, or each time you are drawn back to your own suffering and pain??? Well I met such a person, and Oh do I wish I could spend more time with her…You see she is a fitness guru and nutritionist – ex Gr.1 teacher….To believe that she touched so many lives in such a way, is unabelievable. You see she was diagnosed with Acute Myloid (sp?) Leukemia on Feb 4th ~ spent all these days in Princess Margaret Hosp – having treatments…She opened up a site for herself (Caringbridge) where she could journal about her progress, vent, etc. – Boy what encouragement and strength were displayed on her daily postings. I posted on her guestbook daily along with many others. Despite everything she was going through, she saw humour and love and the many blessings, gifts around here. She woke up each morning at the hospital, opened the curtains, raised her arms and said “This is the best day ever!”… In just a span of 31 days, she had over 6,000 hits and guest postings to her site…She passed away last Sunday in the wee hours….I’m in shock still by this…Her husband put this video on youtube just 2 days before her death…Please watch and seriously consider donating…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fNV90zlV50 ~ Laurie was more than amazing ~ she was an angel ~ teaching so much of God’s goodness in her short years (celebrated her 50th in the hospital)…Amazing doesn’t do justice here.

  128. What a great collection featured above!
    God has been so good to send amazing women, along my path of life, to encourage and inspire me. One of which is Beth Clark. She has been an incredible friend. She helped me through a very dark time in my life. She prayed with me and for me constantly. She has a heart for Christ and that is first in her life. Her and her husband recently answered the call to be become missionaries in Bangkok, Thailand. I have watched her make many sacrifices, happily. I have witnessed her grow in her Christian walk. I have witnessed her change into an even stronger woman of God. She even gave birth to her fourth child in Bangkok! That would scare me to death!!! She is a beautiful person inside and out. I am proud to call her friend. God used her to show me how much he cares by putting Beth in my life.

  129. Wow, this is an amazing giveaway!!

    Definitely my mom. Growing up she was always there for me, living by example, and imparting tidbits of wisdom along the way. Now as a wife, so much of what she said in those simple moments of my childhood come flooding back to me, making me a better person every day. How I thank God for her!

  130. My friend Alicia has made a big difference in my life. When I was grieving & preparing for the memorial she just showed up to help & a friendship bloomed immediately. She’s blessed me with spontaneous gifts, we share the love for food. But she’s also encouraged me to read more. Books that challenge me emotionally. I use to love reading, but stopped. She works, I don’t & reads tons, so what excuse do I have? I’m so happy to be reading again & to share it with her.

  131. Carol, a lovely christian counselor I went to for about a year and half. She helped me in ways I can’t even explain. My life is so much better because of her and the caring and compassion she displayed.

  132. my amazing woman is my mother. i use IS even though she died 29 years ago. She is still such a big part of my life. she is a great role model for me. she had a difficult childhood, didn’t finish high school, had no role model for herself. She married my father who was an officer in the US Army. She took that role on with gusto and made my childhood wonderful. Whenever cupcakes were needed at school, she made them. she was den mother for my brothers boy scout troop. She was the secretary/treasurer of our little church. She raised 5 children. There were difficult times with some of these children. She eventually got her GED. Her sewing, knitting,crocheting skills were wonderful. She died two days before my older son was born. when my sons were in school i was the one who made cupcakes, taught sunday school, made my family primary in my life. She is my role model. She took a difficult life, and through God’s love and promises, made her life mean something. I miss her everyday. and thank her for the love shse gave to her family. I thank God for giving her to me.
    thank you for the chance to win the goodies.

  133. I am grateful for my dear sister, Amy. She is a prayer warrior brought into my life during a season I needed her most.

  134. She walks in beauty, strength, courage and wisdom. From the first day I met her, Edna and I bonded and ultimately became best friends and sisters. Observing her life and christian walk influenced me greatly and brought me back to Christ. She has poured so much into me and is my rock and spiritual mentor. Her quiet and umble spirit are a true testament to the God in her. She gives and gives and expects nothing in return; and continually encourages me with the word of God…providing scriputures and agreeing with me in prayer. I had always wanted an older sister and God gave me Edna. She has the heart of a saint, is unselfish, and loves the Lord with all of her heart.

  135. Hello,

    It would really be very hard to just name one person who has made an amazing difference in my life since their are many. My small group is made up of six wonderful women who have made my life better just by being there. There faith in God and the strength that each of them poses are just amazing. I lost my Mom at 18 years old and these women have taught me how to believe in myself again and how to be happy again. I thank God for them each and every day.

  136. Karen…who has become a mentor, friend, and very important person in my life. She is a retired pastor, a wonderful woman of God…her love and encouragement come straight from our Father in heaven!

  137. What can be said about a woman who will take your calls anytime day or night when she knows that you will be crying and your heart is broken?
    For almost 3 years my best friend Marian held me up while my marriage shattered. We have known each other for almost 15 years, but this was a test that most “friends” would not have passed. She prayed with me, weep with me, stayed up with me, got me out of the house when I just couldn’t face the sunshine. Now that’s 3 years later and my heart is whole, we laugh, we pray, we travel, we talk everyday…..but God sent me the most amazing friend when I needed one the most. She is the best example of Jesus in skin!

  138. One lovely lady at my church – Ann – has been a friend indeed for over 20 years. Once, after my amniocentesis, she offered to come over and vacuum! That’s a friend! She has shown me the love of God for ages!

  139. When I was a child, there was a neighborhood lady who would come and pick me up for church every Sunday. I always thought I was special that she would come to my house and drive me to church for several years with out asking anything in return. She showed me dedication to Jesus and showing God’s love to those around her. I sure wish I could find her now and thank you for doing that for me.

  140. My mom. She is one of my closest friends. She has thought me so many lessons not only through words by example. I’ve been there to witness trials that have come her way, but have also been there to learn how graceful and steadfast she has been through them. I recently got married and have always wanted to be the best woman I
    can to my home, because I feel it is a calling . My mom has given me a great example with the amazing woman she has been to our home. She is truly an amazing woman that caries a much more beautiful heart than she realizes. I truly do admire and love this woman so much, I’m so glad she’s my mom and I know she is, “Already Amazing.” 🙂

  141. Oh wow, what a beautiful products. I am thankful for my friend who has been for me about a year ago during a personal struggle I had. She constantly reminded me and directed me back to the scriptures whenever I thought of “giving up” … but there were different friends who comes along side of me in different seasons of my life – and I am thankful for all those special ladies.

  142. My friend Bianca has made an amazing difference in my life! We have shared nearly every season of life together…I know that I can be completely myself around her…and she always encourages me and inspires me to love God and live passionately!

  143. I have several women I could write about. Today I’ll mention my mother in-law. It’s been two years since she went to be with her Jesus. No one has had a greater impact on how to walk out this life with Jesus than she has. It’s a privilege to honor her today.

  144. My Amazing Woman is my dear friend, Becky Miller. She has a son the same age as my oldest, (23) who was injured with a tramatic brain injury 3 years ago. During this time in her life, she has put her job and most everything else on hold, so she can be his caregiver. She also has shown great fortitude, and faith in God that He is leading them where HE wants them, each and every day. She is truly an inspiration to me!! As my son has graduated from college and now has a full time job, I think about how she might feel, still taking her son to therapy every day, driving 3 hours each week (there and back). They have purchased a house near his therapy place so they can stay the whole week & come home on weekends. She also still plays the piano for our church praise team & is on the missions board & is leading a bible study!! Praise the Lord for women like Becky!!

  145. I am very blessed to have many women that have been a positive
    influence in my life…Currently, my best friend, Marty is that special
    friend in my life. She has just finished undergoing chemotherapy
    and radiation for breast cancer. Throughout, the process, she has
    remained positive and focused on beating the disease! Today, she
    is seeing all of the very oncologists that she has dealt with, since
    her diagnosis. Please send prayers and positive thoughts her way.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  146. I am so blessed to have an amazing Friend/mentor Kristi. She has walked with me throught so much thank you Kristi, I love you!

  147. My adopted mom , who past away 4 years ago. She taught me homemaking skills, practical skills and tips and led me to Christ. I miss her each day but I am so blessed to have learned so much from her in the years we had together.

  148. My adopted mom , who past away 4 years ago. She taught me homemaking skills, practical skills and tips and led me to Christ.

  149. I have a friend that I have known since 5th grade….let’s just say that was a long time ago. lol. She has recently went through a divorce but in spite of that she has been a re-newed blessing for me. She is the friend that “just does”…she does not ask what you need…she just does what is needed. I think of myself as the friend that is always there for everyone but these past few months despite the end of her 17 year marriage she has been the girl that is there for me. It is truely a blessing. Thank you for giving me this outlet to share that…

  150. I have several that come to mind but I think my daughter has had the greatest impact on my life. She inspires me to notice the little blessings in life and to focus on what is important and has taught me so much about what unconditional love really is.

  151. I have many women that are special in my life and that have played a part in my spiritual walk. I do want to thank Holley for the series she wrote on overcoming fear. I was going through a time of decision and trying to discover God’s will related to my career direction and taking a new course and this series was very timely and I believe providential. Thank you so much. And by the way, I overcame my fear and stayed on course to obtain my Bachelor’s in nursing (I already had my Associate Degree in Nursing) and am beginning my Master’s course in Nursing in the fall to become a nursing educator.

  152. Nancy was placed by God into my life when I felt I had nowhere to go. She was a fairly new believer with such a sweet spirit and gave me a new lease on my Christian walk. I can’t begin to tell you how many hours were spent with her and her little brood. I have watched her children grow and rejoiced and wept with her through it all. She has moved some piece away and I don’t see her as I used to but she is still just a phone call away and it’s like we’ve never been separated.

  153. Ladies, I’d love to sponsor some ladies who can’t afford the book. I live in Canada and when I tried to order sponsor books, the shipping cost was $16.00 U.S. Now that is almost the price of two books. I’d rather just send the money for four books rather than pay $16.00 for two. If you give me an address to send a cheque/visa or let me now how to take advantage of free shipping even though I’m in Canada – I’d love to help. I’ve ordered the book for myself from amazon as I get free shipping but that doesn’t help the sponsor program. Love you and thank you. Jennifer Fletcher

    • Hi Jennifer, If you use coupon code: BLOOMBOOK when purchasing the sponsored books, you’ll receive free shipping. Email us at incourage at dayspring dot com if you have any problems with that!

  154. Thank you for the chance to win such an amazing gift set! A woman whom I have recently became friends with, within the last 3 years is the Educational Director at our church. Not only is she an amazing woman of God who goes out of her way to listen and care for others, she embodies the love of Christ by seeing nothing but the good in everybody and every situation. She continues to bless our family time and time again. I thank God for bringing her into our family. If I win, I will give this to her.

  155. My friend Cindy, who points me to Jesus, NO MATTER WHAT! What a blessing she has been. Thanks for the giveaway, Jenny C.

  156. God has graciously brought many women into my life in the past few years, but my friend Vicky, stands out as a “sister” who has spoken God’s truth to me in love, has prayed with me, encouraged me and blessed me in so many ways. We even went on an Outreach to Thailand together. She isn’t my biological sister – but we are connected in the Lord.

  157. As a newly divorced Mom with 3 young boys, the Lord sent Alice Paradez into my life. I can’t say I was pleased but Alice kept me under her wing, mentored me by daily walking a faithful life. I came to understand the journey I could begin, that God loved me in my brokenness and He had a better life planned for me if I only believed and had faith. That was 25 years ago, I’ve lost contact with Alice but I am forever grateful for her perseverance and kindness to one of God’s wayward children.

  158. My mother-in-law, she was an amazing women who raised 4 boys by herself after her husband died when she was 33 and 2 stepsons after she remarried. She had the most caring heart and was always there for everyone, her brothers/sisters, nieces/nephews, grandchildren, etc. She had a wonderful sense of humor and postive outlook on life, you always knew when you spent time with her, you would be laughing.

  159. I’m so thankful for many godly women in my life and right now, I’m particularly thankful for my sister-in-law, Bethan. She was a dear friend before she was my SIL, and the Lord continually encourages and refreshes me through her humble and sweet spirit.

  160. I’m so thankful for many godly women in my life and right now, I’m particularly thankful for my sister-in-law, Bethan. The Lord continually encourages and refreshes me through her humble and sweet spirit.

  161. The women who gave me a wonderful foundation has to be my mother. She gave me a strong foundation in my faith and she was so supportive and always thought that I was capable of anything that I wanted to do. She provided the neighborhood home that always had room for one more at meal time.
    She went home to be with the Lord ten years ago and I miss her so…

  162. My friend Beverly Harris. She started out as the babysitter, but she’s become a great friend to me as well. I appreciate all the time she spends with me.

  163. My mom. She was a truly amazing woman! I learned so much from her, but feel like there is so much more that I could have learned. She died over 2 yrs ago and I still think of her and miss her every single day. She was the most patient, kind, & faith-filled person whom I have ever known.
    Thanks for the discount on the merchandise! I am ordering my copy of your book & a tote! 🙂 Can’t wait to receive them!

  164. My lovely friend Katie Rhodes has made an amazing impact in my life. She was there for me, to listen and calm me during my parents divorce. She spoke calm and peace and Gods love at a critical point in my life. She unexpectedly passed away last week and I feel such loss. She was amazing and kind.

  165. The woman who has made the biggest impact in my life is my friend Kim. We met in the first grade, 34 years ago. We’ve walked through everything together… The good, the bad, the ugly, and through all of it I know she gets me like no other. She’s one of my biggest cheerleaders and is always there supporting me along the way. We encourage each other and point each other to God’s truth whenever one of us is feeling weak. I count her friendship and the fact that we live in the same town raising our kids together as one of the biggest blessings.

  166. I am enjoying Holley’s book! I look forward to this book club, this is my first time doing it. What a blessing this site is , and all the authors! Thank you for this opportunity!

  167. There are many lovely ladies who have made a difference in my life. The first would be my mom. She set a great example of giving and loving and I was lucky to call her one of my best friends. She passed away 11 years ago but continues to inspire me daily. Next would be my friend, Ellen, who is battling Ovarian cancer and so far (after 3 years of on again/off again treatment) is winning her battle. Her determination to not let the cancer beat her (she’s made amazing progress with Chinese herbs and homeopathy) and remain a loving and giving friend, again, inspires me daily. The last would be my friend, Arlene, who daily sets the example of how to give of what you have (not just the excess) and has been such a supportive and outstanding friend to me. I am very fortunate to have many lovely ladies in my life would make my life so much richer for their presence.

  168. My mom! She is the most wonderful woman in the world. She has gotten me through some bad times and helped me to enjoy the good times. She always listens to me and offers advice if I am willing to listen. She has been a true blessing in my life.

  169. There are too many to choose from! Right now, I would choose my mentor who is walking me through struggles and helping me rekindle my faith life. Accountability from my friends is such a blessing to me and I would not be where I am in life without them. Thank you for the opportunity to continue growing.

  170. How can I pick just one?!?
    I would have to say my youth minister’s wife, Susan. She was a great encourager to me in jr high and high school when I had such low self-esteem. She shined God’s love to all those around her.

  171. I am really looking forward to reading this book. My mother has impacted my life the most. She has stuck by me through thick and thin, and never gave up on me when everyone else seemed to. She is the picture of a Godly role model and am blessed she is also my mother.

  172. Sooo many beautiful women have helped to mold me into the woman that I am today. One of those women sould be my mom. Her faith and example of grace and love has meant the world to me. Knowing that she is standing in the gap for me when I struggle… She is such a blessing! ♥

  173. My mom. I am adopted, my mom saw me in a laundramat when I was 4 months old, and said she knew right then and there I was to be her child. She had never set foot in a landramat before, but for some reason she went in that day. I was with a babysitter, laying in the floor with a litter of puppies crawling over me. She asked the sitter to give my bio mom her info and later that day, my bio mom called and said “do you want my baby?” 6 weeks later, I was legally my parents child. It was the fasted moving adoption ever at that time for our state. God moved, and I am thankful my mom listened when God spoke to her heart about that baby in the laundry basket! I know I would not be alive today if she hadn’t!

  174. It would definitely be my mother. She is so selfless, even in situations when I can’t understand why she would be, that it’s been humbling and inspiring.

  175. Someone who has changed my life is my dear friend, Melissa. She has championed me on. She has bathed me in prayer. She has challenged me and called me out. She has loved me. Listened to me. Cried with me. She has made me rich in friendship and giggles and laughter…

  176. This is an amazing set. I would love to win one. There are so many amazing women in my life, but i would have to pick my great grandmother (who just turned 97) She has taught me so much and has been through so much and still has a smile on her face and a positive atitutde. I am so thankful to still have her around.

  177. My spiritual mentor, Donna, has been truly amazing to me through my new journey as a Christian. She has walked with me through lots of ups and downs, continuing to encourage and motivate me in my new walk with Christ. But, she not only does this for me. She does this full-time for many women of our church. I don’t know how she does it. She is truly an amazing woman. Please pray for her because I know she must get tired! She is loved by so many.

  178. My mother was the person who made the most difference in my life. She was always my mom first but in my mind, I couldn’t have had a better mentor and best friend. She passed away in 2004 but left a legacy. Now I find myself a mentor to others – with the Holy Spirit guiding my heart and words and the memory of my mother guiding the way I respect, treat and handle my relationships with others. I have had other wonderful mentors over the years…like many I believe…we learn from so many different people in different ways since the Lord has created us all unique – thank goodness! I am not a cookie cutter Christian mentor and neither were any of mine. I am just so grateful for all the people He has placed in my life to challenge me in my walk with the Lord. 🙂

  179. Maggie from Gussy Sews. SHe is such an inspiration to me and I strive to be more like her. 🙂

  180. The amazing woman in my life was my Momma. Momma went to her heavenly home 28 years ago and it still seems like yesterday. She taught us right from wrong and always set the example. In 1977 she taught me how to pray. My husband was without a job and he was heading out for an interview and I asked Momma to pray that he got this job. Momma looked me straight in the eye and said, “I will not pray for that but I will pray for God’s will.” She taught me to get self out of the way and to let God’s will prevail in my life. I miss my Momma everday but I know that she is singing in God’s heavenly choir. Love you MOmma!!!

  181. Well, I must say three different people. One, my friend Jessica…she was a gift of grace from the Lord when our family moved from Indiana to Texas…she is such a dear sweet friend… Second, would be Cindy…she was another gift of grace when we moved to a smaller country town within Texas…they are both very special to me. The last one, is Barbara Mowser…she is the author of the Bible study “Five Aspects of Woman”…that study and her many years of study and insight changed my life several years ago…the Lord used her in a mighty way…never met her, but still think much of her!

  182. My Mom … she is the most incredible example of giving, serving, and loving unconditionally. She has taught me how to stand in faith when the circumstances tell me differently… and see GOD move. She was diagnosed with a terminal illness 6 years ago… told she would have 3-5 years. She is still going strong. Standing in Faith. And baffling the doctors. She told them GOD would sustain and heal her. Living Faith. Living courage. Living love.

  183. I have so many amazing women in my life, it’s hard to pick just one. This morning, I am thinking of my oldest daughter, who will be married in June. She has been a shining example of a life consecrated to the Lord. She’s pretty amazing!

  184. My daughter, Emily, who will be twenty-three this month. She was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor at the age of four months. We were told by doctors to take her home and make her as comfortable as possible as she was going to die. Life has been difficult for her with some learning disabilities and a hearing impairment from the two yrs. of chemo. She is a constant reminder to me that God is with us and He still works miracles. Most importantly that prayer changes things.

  185. My friend Angela spent countless hours with me during a difficult time of transition when my daughter left for college. She listened, prayed with and for me, and bathed me in scripture, helping me hear God’s voice during a time when I was filled with fear and doubt.

  186. I met Kathy only about 1 year ago, but she has encouraged and supported me while I was making very difficult changes in my life. She was there the whole time regardless of the tough times she was going through herself. She is amazing and I’m blessed to have her as a friend.

  187. My mom! She’s amazing! Her passion about the Lord has been our inspiration. Her dedication to serve the Lord-no matter what happen in life – no matter the battle-you will always hear praises and songs to ou Savior-because she knows who hold our future!

  188. My best friend, Cindy, has made a huge difference in my life. Even though we live 14 hours apart now, she somehow always know the exact moment to call me and give me a word of encouragement.

  189. This might sound a bit cheesy, but my mother-in-law has been such a blessing to me! She was a friend to me long before she became “officially” my family. She has been a source of encouragement and advice to me through the years. Since the death of my mother three years ago, I’ve come to treasure our relationship even more.

  190. My mother-in-law. She is an amazing Godly woman and prayer warrior. I remember seeing one of her prayer journals one time and being so touched and surprised how she specifically prays for me and so many others. My mom passed just before I turned 18 and me and my husband were already dating. Her home was a haven for me and she showed me what a warm, loving, christian home should look like! Thanks Bev!!

  191. My almost 93 year old Nana means the world to me. She has been there for me since I was a child. I know I can always count on her when I having a bad day or a good day. She rejoices with me in good times and cries with me in sad times. I love my Nana!! She always knows just what I need to hear.

  192. I am in the same circumstance as a few I have read above. That of no real close friends, but the one who is sought by a few for counsel, support, wisdom. And the funny thing is, I just must not see myself as others do, cause I don’t see myself as one “authorized” to give advice (don’t you need training!), although it seems to just flow from me. I am also not one who seems to have the need to seek adivce. When I think about it, I just don’t get myself sometimes!
    I have a couple friends that we do get into ‘deep’ conversations and all, but as for a BFF, I don’t really know what I am lacking to attract that!

  193. I saw this in my local Johnson & Taylor Christian bookstore. I love each and every item!! Right now Steph from church who works at the bookstore with me is an amazing encourager. She reminds me that things will be okay and that it is tough to make the right decision always but it will turn out better if you do!!!

  194. I have a sweet friend who has made an amazing difference in my life in the past 2 years. We’ve known each other for longer than that, but we’ve become much closer in recent years. I’m not able to leave the house much because of my chronic illness. I am rarely able to make it to church. And I have to spend the majority of my time resting in bed. All of this gets really lonely, but this sweet friend sends me text messages almost every day. We sometimes watch tv shows together. She encourages me on facebook. My homebound days are made much more bearable because of this friend who sticks with me no matter what!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  195. My mom is amazing. I think she is probably the most patient person God has ever created! Over the years, I have seen how much patience and courage it took her to raise 3 daughters by herself. I thank God for blessing me with such a wonderful mom! I have a lot of friends that I think are more “on the surface” friends, and now that I am in my 30’s, I have less tolerance for that kind of friendship. I want and crave real authentic friendships with Christian women that go deeper than just talking about how work is, what the weather is like, what activities the kids are doing, etc.

  196. I have been blessed with many lovely ladies in my life. God seems to place them in my life just at the right time, and I treasure each and every one of them.

  197. i would say my friend alicia, she has been there for me through a lot, though she lives so far away i know i can talk to her. and it kills me that i’m not closer to be there physically for her during rough times shes going through.

  198. The lovely lady in my life is Marilyn. We met at bible study group from our church. She is amazing. When this gal prays all the write words just flows out of her heart. She has been there for me praying for my family and I know she loves me. I love her too.

  199. I am so grateful to have many women that have come into my life… mentoring and loving me. But, there is no doubt that my mom tops any role model, mentor, leader, encourager, or friend. She is a completely selfless servant and absolutely the most Godly woman i know. I have been richly blessed by her Biblical wisdom.

  200. I have many amazing women in my life. But one stands out to me today and that is a young woman by the name of Ellen. She is amazes me at every turn… with how she reaches out to her co-workers, shares her heart in ministry and most of all, has a passion for God that I have rarely seen.

  201. I have 3 lovely ladies that have influenced me greatly in my relationship with Jesus and people. One of them is my daughter, Jessica. This is her first year away from home. She went to college in the fall and it has been an adjustment for all of us. She continues to grow even if she is unaware of the changes. I can see them just in her appreciation for others and her willingness to help more.
    My 2 lady would be Sharon, she is always willing to help. God has greatly given her the talent of creativity. And whatever she does, it looks beautiful.
    The 3 lady would be Ruthann. She is honest in her relationships with God and people. She reminds us that we are not crazy just different and unique and that God loves us just as we are. She reminds me that I am loved by God no matter what happens. And that He is there with me.
    I am very grateful for each of these ladies and how God has used them in my life in different and unique ways.

  202. There is a sweet, humble woman after God’s heart named Debbie whom I was blessed to meet as a freshman at the U of M years ago. She has a way of warming you up with her smile and her gentle eyes reveal that she’s a genuine listener. Her words are well-thought out and spoken with kindness. As a shy newbie, she and her husband encouraged me and voiced the potential for leadership they saw in me. I am forever grateful to her for mentoring me toward Christ!

  203. I’m so glad for the day that I found this link and try to read it every day. It really is (in)courage. Thank God for faithful women!

  204. I’m so glad for the day that I found this link and try to read it every day. It really is (in)courage. Thank God for faithful women!

  205. The lovliest and most amazing woman I have ever known, hands-down, would be my Grandmother. All the fruits of the spirit were evident in the way she lived, loved, and walked with the Lord. She was a woman of great courage as her parents turned her out of their large family at the age of 9; she cleaned homes and cooked meals for families who would take her in and that is probably why she could put meals on her dinner table any day of the week that looked like they came from the pages of a Betty Crocker cookbook; I believe I inherited a love for cooking, baking, and homemaking from spending time with her. She was able to stretch $20 further than any woman I have ever known as that is the amount of money my grandfather would give her weekly for groceries and whatever extra household or personal things she might need. She managed to ‘feed the multitudes’ and her pantry was always stocked even though her funds were meager. She made all her own dresses and housecoats and still managed to look like she purchased her clothing from an upscale department store. In spite of an abbreviated childhood and a challenging life with my grandfather, she remained steadfast, and unwaivering in her faith. I often think that people are bitter for reasons far less hurtful than what she experienced but she was always joyful and learned in her circumstances to be content. Her favorite holiday was Christmas and her favorite Christmas song was I’ll Be Home for Christmas…she went HOME on Christmas Eve; she was 96; all was well with her soul and I believe in my heart she heard the words, ‘Well Done, my good and faithful servant’

  206. The one person who has made a tremendous difference on my life is my amazing spiritual mother. I remember times when I would call her up while going through a difficult time. She would simply laugh and say, “Praise God!” I wondered how, in the midst of my difficulty, could she maintain such an attitude of praise. When I finally got the nerve to ask her, she explained that she learned this very thing from her mother before her. Her mother would always say, “The devil don’t like praise.” Since then, I’ve learned to develop that attitude of praise even in the midst of overwhelming difficulty.

  207. A friend of mine, Kim, has really been an inspiration to me lately. I admire her dedication to the Lord. We are both going through similar changes in the coming months and I feel God has placed her in my life for such a time as this, that we might minister to each other.

  208. My mom-in-law has been a blessing in more ways than I can count! She has truly been a mom AND a friend! She has held my hand, given me a shoulder to cry on and always an encouraging word. I am so thankful to have her in my life!

  209. my nan. she raised me when my parents could not. She had a hard life but loved on me and taught me faith. She was caring and just amazing. She went home almost a year ago and I still wait for her call each day and find myself ready to get things for her-an angel food cake, good and plenty and then remembering she’s not here anymore. I never knew how much I would miss her

  210. One lady who has had a great impact on my life is Laraine. She has the gift of encouragement and is so supportive of me and what I am doing. When we get together for lunch hours fly by so quickly as we share what is going on in each of our lives. Each time I leave feeling stronger and encouraged to persevere.

  211. I choose Kristie! She’s a friend who was a surprise to me. I wasn’t looking for a sister/friend. She, however, was praying for one for herself. We found a friendship/sisterhood in each other that gets stronger and stronger as time has gone by. We live in different states now, and I miss being able to just take the kids for a few hours so she can have a break and visa versa. BUT no matter where I am or where she is, whenever I talk to her I always feel stronger afterwards. I get lifted up and encouraged and NOT necessarily babied either. She calls it like she sees it, and that’s important to me. She’s the one friend God gave me that understands me best and loves me still. Actually, I think I need to call her right now just to tell her I’m thinkin of her and I love her. Gotta run….

  212. I’ll always remember Lisa. She was my Bible study leader when I was in college (and for years after I graduated from college, too). She was a prayer warrior for me, praying for specific details in my life. She was there during some really tough times, and I was never afraid to trust her.

  213. While my Mom, Darlene, has given more than her share and been not only my Mom but best friend. The person who I’ve watched and been touched by in so many ways is my sister, Joy. She has blessed my life in so many ways, we’ve had our ups and downs growing up together naturally. But as we matured I’ve been blown away by her. She’s kind, loving and funny and strong. She’s a now ex-military wife and mom who has stood in the gap for her family, spread her wings to cover her family and friends alike. She’s awesome.

    l love her dearly not just because she’s my sister in blood but my sister in Christ as well. And that makes me most blessed.

  214. My one & only MOM!!! I’m her one & only child and I LOVE her with my whole heart & soul! She’s an amazing lady and my best friend! 😉

  215. My neighbor Kelly has been the most amazing best friend. She is always telling me I can do something and how smart I am when ones in my life are making me feel the worst. I come from a family that likes to criticize and she always says what I need to hear at the right time. She encouraged me to rekindle my closeness with Christ and encourages me to be better and hopefully I do the same for her!

  216. I would have to say my 3 sisters, who also happen to be my best friends. We grew up in a large family, so we have shared bedrooms, clothes, friends, and hair products, and have seen each other at our worst. They challenge me to reach for Jesus and love me when I fall short. I trust them more than anyone and am so incredibly thankful for the way they bless me, it’s beyond words. 🙂

  217. When I was in high school, I watched this beautiful young woman sing her heart out and play her guitar so passionately for the LORD. Though I wanted to know her better, I never thought I’d get the chance since she was 4 years older than I was. Well, come my freshman year of college, my first day in choir, there is this same beautiful young woman! Immediately we recognized each other, and in the next four years, we chatted on and off, hung out a few times, worked together a little bit, never deepening the friendship…until we both graduated in 2010. Then, God said, “Yes. You can be friends now.” I have never been more encouraged by such a godly, passionate woman of God who is so willing to seek His will and wait on His timing for a husband, a future, a calling, anything. She serves with all her heart, is honest about what God is doing in her, and is so willing to be real, taking any challenge from the Father as an opportunity to grow. Currently, I am halfway around the world and she is at home…but she still continues to love and invest in me, encourage me, drive me to the Father, and laugh with me. Thank you, Father, for the timing of our friendship and the blessing Martha is in my life.

  218. My older sister taught me a huge lesson once I was an adult: live joyfully…leave the past behind and live for God NOW, with a joyful heart. It’s made a huge difference in how I look at life now! 🙂

  219. My friend Lisa who is a few years ahead of me in child raising and marriage who encourages me.

  220. There is a beautiful young lady whose countenance reflects the One who indwells her. She is always there when I need a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen to my every hearts cry, and she laughs along with me when my love and joy overflow. But most importantly, she always gently and lovingly leads me to the One Whom we both belong to. She always prays with me and for me whenever I need her. And she knows me better than anyone else on this earth. She can always sense when things are not right with me and she knows that sooner or later I will come to her for advice. This beautiful lady is not only my beloved sister in Christ, but the one whom God gave to me to be my earthly sister. I love you my precious sister, Andrea Mathis. I am so blessed to have you in my life and I am so thankful we are walking this journey called life together. And more importantly, one day soon we will be together where we will worship and exalt the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and see Him face to face! Hallelujah!

  221. My friend Stephanie lives hundreds of miles away, but she is still one of the most beautiful, gracious friends I know. I love picking up the phone, or logging onto Skype, so that we can still share and invest in each others lives. I’m blessed to call her Friend!

  222. My bestest best best friend Delilah. Her family runs a small church in the town I just moved out of. I met her in cosmetology school and we hit it off immediately. She opened my heart up to God and building a relationship with Him. She’s helped me understand and learn so much, even as she’s going through her own trials and tribulations. She brought me to the realization that God made me the way I am and I need to be ok with that before anybody else will be. I love the girl and am thankful every single day God put her in my life. P.S. I have Holley’s book on my iPad! I’m started reading it already – couldn’t contain myself! I’m excited for this!

  223. My friend Dorothy has prayed for me, loved me, studied with me, encouraged me and always used God’s Word to apply to every situation. She is truly a godly woman and I am blessed by her wisdom.

  224. Laura McGee is the woman who has made such a difference in my life. She invited me to a bible study 2 years ago and has been a wonderful friend ever since. So caring, loving & thoughtful, she is always sharing God’s love & grace with me! Love the tote…absolutely beautiful.

  225. My life has been changed by the example and love of two grace-givers and live-ers that stand out in my heart, mind & life. Judi Mayne and Maryella Vause have embraced m, loved me and lived love…leaving clear A M A Z I N G footsteps to follow. 🙂

  226. My mom and sister have been wonderful examples to me of seeking after Christ, whether that means admitting you were wrong and asking forgiveness, trusting Him when the times are tough or the way ahead is unclear, or simply living out His love to others. They are an inspiration to me.

  227. My mom, at age 97 (and three quarters!) is simply amazing. She is so courageous in spite of her health difficulties, including near blindness caused by macular degeneration. She is full of the hope of Christ and looks forward every day to either His coming or her going to meet Him. She is a blessing to her family and to those who care for her. She’s my inspiration to live life fully for the Lord every day.

  228. I immediately thought of Shirley. Shirley “adopted” my husband and his friends when they came to the States to play basketball. Her house was always open and there was always plenty of food. I have never met someone with a heart so big. She taught me great things about hospitality and serving others. I think Shirley is amazing!

  229. My life has been forever changed and enhanced by the example and love of two grace-givers and grace live-ers that stand out in my heart, mind and life. Judi Mayne and Maryella Vause have embraced me and loved me, each AMAZING in my life!!!

  230. My “lovely lady” would have to be my wonderful friend, Erika. Our babies are about 3 months apart and when I had mine, it was a difficult recovery process, emotionally and physically – she really “stood in the gap” for me. Up until that point, we really hadn’t gotten together outside of church, but the summer before my son was born, during VBS we really bonded. After my son was born, it was time for my mom to go home and she came and sat with me until I was able to handle being by myself. Our friendship really blossomed during those tough days. Then, her husband decided to take a job back in Wisconsin where they were originally from. That was a very hard and sad day, BUT, God is faithful and has allowed us the opportunity to talk on the phone, email and Skype, with hopes of seeing each other (and our respective 2nd children, 3 months apart (again)) this August 2012 🙂

  231. My longest and best friend Danika has made an impact in my life. Her passion, tenderness and the way she lives life has always been an example to me. I am super thankful for her! She is amazing!!

  232. I would have to pick my precious grandmother! She is no longer with us, but she was such an important woman in my life. She didn’t have an easy life, but she didn’t complain & always showed kindness & grace to others. I can’t wait for our heavenly reunion!

  233. My sister is the person who has made a great difference in my life. She is always there to listen, give advise, laugh, cry, whatever is needed. She is truly is amazing.

  234. The most amazing woman in my life had to be my mom. She was there at the beginning and has remained steadfast ever since.
    She always put her three daughters above all else, all the time. My father passed away two years ago…after 52 years of marriage to my mother. I honestly had no idea how she would make it, but she takes each and every day that God gives her and finds a way. She it’s truly amazing and remains a great inspiration to me!

  235. I would have to say that my mom is someone who has made a difference in my life. She has shown me what it truly is to be a servant of the Lord and to put others before yourself. She has recently lost her father on March 4th and her mother who preceded him in death almost 2 years ago. She took care of both of them to their very last days on earth and not once did you see her give up or complain. She carried most of the load with very little help from her siblings. I saw God give her strength for each day and rest in Him. I can only hope and pray that I can do the same for her when it comes time for her to need that kind of care. I am thankful for her and for God blessing me with her.

  236. There is no one more lovely then a beautiful woman named Faith. She has a discernment that shows her beauty both inside and out. When I think of who is the best example of a “Christ Life,” it is her….my precious daughter, Faith.

  237. My former pastor’s wife was a huge force of change in my life! While I was having very hard times at home, she would find ways to get me to her house as often as possible so I could just “do life” with them. She was always honest and authentic, and never let me idolize her. She encouraged me to do the right things, the hard things. She was a refuge for me without stepping on my family’s toes. Now that I’m grown and have my own family, she is a friend and we keep in close touch. We’ve been there for each other through hard times and fun times. God used her to shape me and I’m so thankful!

  238. It has been a blessing to have many such women in my life at different times and places, including my grandma, several youth group leaders, and many friends and mentors over time who all have special places in my heart. About a year and a half ago, we moved across the country and I realized how important my best friend in the place we moved away from had been to me.

  239. My special person is Ruth. ( http://brighthm.ipower.com/about/my-story/# ).
    I wrote about her a couple summers ago ( http://akahomeschoolmom.com/2010/the-most-beautiful-woman-i-know ) She is the most beautiful woman I know. Despite the facial scarring that cancer has taken away, she continues to point up and point others to “up” even now as Hospice has come. She has fought cancer for 8 years. And still she points up. Ruth has made an amazing difference in my life. She is amazing, She is dedicated to Him. She is beautiful.

  240. My sister-inlaw, Crystal is a truly amazing woman. She has such a strong faith and has instilled in in her four children through example by serving and leading. She recently returned from a mission trip to India with her 16 year old daughter, Melanie. The time they spent together loving God’s people in India was just one example of what a God girl Crystal is. She is always opening her home to bible study and the youth of her church. She lives her faith daily and I am so blessed to have her as my sister-in-law.

  241. God has blessed my life with many special women both now and in the past. One woman that stands out is my friend Sue who came along side me when the bottom had fallen out of my world. Over a period of several years she journeyed the depths with me, praying with me and for me, challenging me, encouraging and blessing me with her faithful friendship. I give thanks often for the great blessing of a true friend who wasn’t afraid to walk the darkest vale with me and is still my dear friend afterwards. She taught me by her own example, how to minister to others when they are hurting. Praise God for true Christian friends like sweet Sue.

  242. I have this book downloaded on my Kindle. I also printed the online worksheets that go along with it. This is an amazing book! For years I have struggled with the performance treadmill, and the need to feel accepted and do everything with perfection. The past year as been a journey of depression and discovery and I wouldn’t change a moment. God has used this season of my life to show me that He created me to be me and no one else can fill that role. Holley’s book is helping me to discover my strengths and skills. I am learning that I don’t have to strive for perfection and acceptance, because in God’s eyes I already am! Thank you Holley for allowing God to use you to speak to my heart.

  243. My daughter Rachel has made such a difference to my life and is truly a blessing. Her spirit is amazing and it’s been such a trip watching her grow into the women she is becoming. She will be heading off to college in the fall and I will miss her so much but I know this next phase of her life will bring her some wonderful experiences. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for her next.

  244. I have a lot of amazing women in my life, but I’ll go with my wonderful Godly mentor and friend from church, Kathy Chestnutt. I met her randomly and we instantly hit it off and have kept in touch. She is always so wonderful. She is AMAZING!

  245. Sara Wetzel. Beautiful woman who took time for real life discipleship with a group of little junior high girls quite a few years ago. ♥

  246. My friend Diana has been a blessing sent to me from God. I could say SO much, and would love to, but not sure how much space we are allowed. My husband of 25 years found his high school girlfriend on Facebook and after only six weeks decided they were madly in love. That was 9 months ago. Diana has been my rock this entire time. Daily text messages, sharing scripture and spiritual devotionals while caring for her parents in Arizona. Now back home and moved in with me, she Is daily motivation and spiritually challenging to me. Exactly what I need! God put her in my life knowing how much I would need her one day 🙂

  247. My sister helped me through a very tough time, She gave me the book 1000 gifts, Ann Volrath that totally changed the way I viewed my life, and changed my life. She would send me uplifting text and scripture. She prayed for me non stop. She is amazing. She believes in my dream as an artist and what I think God wants me to do with my paintings to encourage other women who go through tough times.

  248. Cindy, is my pastor’s wife now, she has been a wonderful example to me for 17 years.

  249. Hi =) My roommate is the most amazing woman I have ever met, she taught me so much about loving others, showing grace and learning to live in the presence of God daily.

  250. My friend, Denice. She listens to me when I’m down and celebrates with me when I’m up. And I do the same for her. We are like lost sisters. So much in common, but just met about 4 years ago. We dream to start our own business together when we retire…Mi Mi and Lu Lu’s. We are dreamers together.

  251. My sponsor, Krista. Since I began my spiritual journey through Al-Anon almost a year ago, Krista has been a constant friend and mentor to me. She has challenged me in my faith, encouraging me to see myself through God’s eyes, letting go, and letting God do the work through me. She has been God sent, as she met me at my lowest. She is there for me any time of day or night, and is such a source of inspiration, warmth, and friendship throughout the past year.

  252. I enjoy reading Holley’s inspirational messages each day. Although I don’t know her personally, I’m sure she’s an amazing woman! She makes an impact on so many lives with her encouaging words!

  253. I am so excited to read this book! I have gained so much from being a part of your book club. Although I have many amazing woman in my life I would like to mention my grandmother as one of the most amazing. With not having a mother figure or rather unhealthy one at that my grandmother was such a kind, loving woman who loved her family so much and taught me so much. Her faith was so amazing and never failed even in the hardest of times. I learned a lot from her while she was living but the most in her recent death. Funny how someone can still speak to you even once they are gone. Loosing her was so hard and still is each passing day but I know she is in a better place and smiles down on me from heaven. I wish to make her proud and keep her legacy alive by being the woman that she always told me I could be. It is with her love that I am who I am today and her constant reminder that I am amazing because God created me that way. I thank God each day for allowing me to call her my grammy. Thank you for the opportunity to share. Happy reading bloomies!

  254. I was not raised in a Christian home so I wasn’t used to the kind of friendship that comes with a relationship with Christ. I had many friendships that I ended up getting hurt in and they always ended with me feeling abandoned and alone. I had come to a point in my life where I was convinced people would always leave me. Then I realized that community through Jesus was the greatest thing I could ever have. I am now able to let people in and am surrounded by an amazing group of friends 🙂

  255. A woman my mother’s age named Lola who always cared about me and wanted me over for tea just to get to know me when I was in high school.

  256. Jen. She lives in the UK and I live in small-town Wisconsin. We met through blogging.

    She is a contant inspiration to me, sending me bible verses and words of encouragement. She donates monthly to our Ethiopian adoption fund. Humbles me with her constant giving heart.

    She has made me realize that family isn’t just blood. It is friends, too.

  257. My mom is an amazing person! Always putting others first, constantly caring for those around her, and setting a godly role model for her family!

  258. My Mom. I want to love like she loves. She is smart, artistic and funny. Most importantly she loves the Lord. I am very blessed to have her.

  259. Hands-down, my mom! An amazing & strong woman, always there for me, always listens to me, no matter what! And oh yes, always sets me straight! If I can be just half of the person she is for my daughter, I’d be so grateful! Beautiful giveway, too! Can’t wait to start the book! 🙂

  260. My Mother and My Aunt they have inspired me and showed me how you can be strong and still be loving. They have been my constant until my mom passed 3 years ago. After that my Aunt who is a breast cancer survivor and who lost her mom at a young age helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life.

  261. My mom was and always be my biggest inspiration. Watching my mom stay faithful to God throughout her battle with cancer inspiring. Even at the end of her life, when the cancer had taken over, she not only remained faithful to God, but never was too weak to pray and give Him praise….because of her example, I have a stronger relationship with God.

  262. A lady at my church whose name is Ruth. She gave me the push to leave a *very* scary situation and helped me pack up my bedroom and bathroom and helped drive my puppy to the new place, continues to call, sends cards and kisses me on the cheek each week at church and tell me she loves me. I SO hope I can do the same for other women going through this situation in my future. She has been a total God-send and has told me it’s okay to feel sad, feel happy and not be sure about what I’m feeling — all while pointing me to the Lord.

  263. The one amazing woman in my life is my daughter. She was a blessing to me from the day she was born. I was never able to carry another pregnancy to full term, so she is my only child. As she grew into a young woman we had the typical teen/mom disagreements. Then in her 20s she was lost to a world of drugs, crime, and living on the streets of Las Vegas. For 7 years I did not hear from her. Then one day the call came, as I knew it would, that she was ready to come home. That was 3 years and 4 months and 11 days ago. I have watched God move in her life, she has been drug and drink free for 3 years and 4 months. She is going to college to become a substance abuse counselor. She has maintained a 4.0 gpa every semester. She is my miracle, always has been, always will be. I am thankful for the every day contact we have and how after 33 years she is still teaching ME things.

  264. I want to share about my amazing friend Tracie. A couple of years ago, God called me to be a Christian Counselor. I wasn’t really sure where to begin. Then I met Tracie. She just happens to be a Christian Counselor! She has taught me so much about what being a counselor really means! Since meeting her, I have signed up for school and am now working on becoming a counselor. She has become one of my best friends, my mentor, my big sister and now my biggest cheerleader! I am so thankful God gave me such an awesome friend!!!

  265. I don’t know what I’d do without my best friend Brandi. She is a confidante and an accountability partner. I am so very thankful God brought her into my life.

  266. An amazing woman who has made a huge difference in my life is the nurse, Kathy, who assisted in the delivery of our son, Isaac, who lived for just sixteen minutes after birth. Kathy made sure that we had pictures, hand and footprints, and helped us treasure our time with Isaac. She treated him like someone who really mattered. She has since assisted in the delivery of our next two children, Eliana and Jacob.she has been a tremendous support to me and has taught me how to geniunely minister to those who are grieving.

  267. My mother in law who was my best friend . i say was because she passed 5 years ago and i miss her dearly life is not the same with out her. We did everything together and we could openly talk with each other and we could talk for hours . She was always there no matter what . Life just hasn’t been the same with out her i miss her dearly. She would be the one to tell me i was already doing an amazing job something i don’t even hear that often not even from my own mother, I would love to read this book and win it maybe one day i could afford it. I think it would be transfoming.

  268. My best friend Heide has been at my side for over 40 years. We’ve been through births, deaths, even coming to know and grow in the Lord together. She’s a special lady and a great friend. 🙂

  269. Waiting 17 years to have a child, and then one day “God said, YES” to our heart’s cry to be parents. This little girl, Bethany (now 10 years old) has made such a difference in my life that I can barely put into words. When you go from ‘longing to having’ it really just rocks your world! I am so thankful for her each day. She tells me almost daily, “I am so glad you adopted me and that you are my mom”. We now pray for others that have that longing and waiting for the ‘having’. So you see, God put her into my life and out of it came more than my being a mom, its a ministry to pray for those in my same situation. God truly answered our prayers but not in the way we thought. Thank God her birth mother turned ABORTION to ADOPTION, by changing two letters of this word (the B to D, and R to P).

  270. My best friend Jenniffer. She brought me closer to the Lord by getting me involved in bible studies with her. She takes me on retreats and is always there for me. Love her!

  271. Waiting 17 years to have a child, and then one day “God said, YES” to our heart’s cry to be parents. This little girl, Bethany (now 10 years old) has made such a difference in my life that I can barely put into words. When you go from ‘longing to having’ it really just rocks your world! I am so thankful for her each day. She tells me almost daily, “I am so glad you adopted me and that you are my mom”. We now pray for others that have that longing and waiting for the ‘having’. So you see, God put her into my life and out of it came more than my being a mom, its a ministry to pray for those in my same situation. God truly answered our prayers but not in the way we thought. Thank God her birth mother turned ABORTION to ADOPTION, by changing two letters of this word (the B to D, and R to P).

  272. My friend, Marie. She’s gone home now, but she had the gift of showing unconditional love to everyone. She knew how to laugh and her laughter was contagious. She was loving beyond measure and showed grace to all.

  273. There are many amazing women, but I would say there are 2 (they go hand-in-hand) that come to mind quite often. Sweet Audrey Caroline and her beautiful (inside and out) mama, Angie.
    I could write pages about why they’re amazing, but the most important is that Audrey’s story brought me back to the Lord. I had just let my relationship with Him slip … still believed and loved Him … but wasn’t “close” like I needed/wanted to be. All of that changed when Ang started sharing her heart and her love for Jesus – no matter what.
    For that, I am ever so grateful and thank Him for her and that He gave her the strength to share precious Audrey will us!

  274. There are many amazing women, but I would say there are 2 (they go hand-in-hand) that come to mind quite often. Sweet Audrey Caroline and her beautiful (inside and out) mama, Angie.
    I could write pages about why they’re amazing, but the most important is that Audrey’s story brought me back to the Lord. I had just let my relationship with Him slip … still believed and loved Him … but wasn’t “close” like I needed/wanted to be.
    For that, I am ever so grateful and thank Him for her and that He gave her the strength to share precious Audrey will us!

  275. My mother has been the most influential lady in my life. She is the most selfless person I know….she always sacrifices for others. She strives to breath out herself and breathe in God. She reflects Jesus to me in everything she does. She is funny, comforting, peaceful, beautiful, and full of grace.

  276. When I was growing up, my mom put up with a lot of abuse from my dad. Mostly emotional but there was some physical abuse. My mom passed away five years after my dad, now 16 years ago. I loved my mom and we were great friends. But I used to think she was was a weak person for putting up with my dad and not leaving. Now that I’m older, I see how strong my mom really was for getting through all that and always being there for me and my brother. My mom was the most amazing, fun and loving woman in my life.

  277. The lady I most admire is my mama. She is the most selfless person I know….she always sacrifices for others. She strives to breath out herself and breathe in God. She reflects Jesus to me in everything she does. She is funny, comforting, peaceful, beautiful, and full of grace.

  278. Back 30 years ago when I was a very young pastor’s wife a sweet older woman took me under her wing and poured into my life. She was mentoring me even though at the time I had no idea that’s what was happening! Now that I’m that older woman, I remember Mrs. Tricia with such love and fondness for all she did to teach me about being a wife and mom and for taking me to my first women’s Bible study class. I am so thankful for her! I wrote her a long letter last week.

  279. I have been greatly blessed by so many wonderful women in my life. But I think the most influential has been my mom. She is such a beautiful example of a Godly wife, great mother, and minister. She has encouraged me in more ways than I can count. My mom is also my best friend.

  280. my grandmother was an amazing women in my life, i miss everyday. she went to jesus aug. 13th 2008
    she was an incredilbe lady over coming so much in her life her on earth with us. raising 8 kids and caring for over 10 grandkids, 20+ great grand kids and even more great great grandkids…. she was so caring, she give you the shirt off her back. so willing to help others and give back.
    heaven is having a grand time with my grandma she was the life of the party till she went home with our heavenly father.

    if i win this gift i will share it with my mom and sister 2 other women in my life who are amazing women of god.

  281. My mom. Hands down. She is an amazing, amazing woman–a mentor, friend, inspiration. I would love to hand over this giftbag to her to just, in some small way, help her understand how amazing she really is.

  282. hmmm, I have lots of acquaintances, few close friends. I am just learning to open up to friends. Beverly is one new friend who I admire. A very nice, soft spoken lady who always seems to be able to find the best in people and point it out. I admire that.

  283. My friend Christy. We live far apart now but JOY-filled she is with a capital J. Just being around her fills you up with His love. Her smile can move mountains and she does the small things so well, you feel like the most special person in the world. The world is better because of her! I have so much fun when we get together and she would do anything for me, anytime if I needed something.

  284. God has blessed me with many lovely ladies in my life. My mom was my biggest cheerleader and supporter. Her living example made it easy for me to put my trust in God’s unconditional love. My sisters are more than just siblings, they are my friends. I don’t know what I would do without their presence in my life. They lift me up when I am weak and encourage me to reach higher and run farther. But the most special gal in my life is the one whom I fervently prayed for. She is my sweet “baby” girl who celebrated her 20th birthday on Valentine’s Day. Her deep faith and steadfast commitment to honoring God inspires me to believe in His dreams for my own life. I am a rich woman indeed.

  285. There are so many women who have made a difference in my life, the hard part is choosing one to mention! This week I’ve been thinking a lot about Delite Pearl, who I’ve known my whole life. She has totally revamped my understanding of empathy, with the way that she journeys through infertility along side me, even though she never experienced it herself.

    It’s like she pours grace on me, day after day after day.

  286. To have to pick only one simply fills my heart with a joy of sorting through the bounties of women who have touched my life…but the one that stands above the rest in an humble servant’s bow is my Grandmommy 🙂 Grandmommy often speaks more in her silence than with words. She carries more burdens with grace than we could ever confess. And her resilience-having lost two husbands to death and being preceded by her oldest daughters death–I cannot think of a more Christ-like example in my life. I owe my faith to her example.

  287. my mother most certainly. She was my mentor, my friend, my partner in crime

  288. My friend Irene who died of cancer two years ago. She kept us in mind as she went through the final stages of her life. All of her actions were to help those around her cope. I hope I can be as strong some day.

  289. My one amazing friend is Jenny. She loves me for who I am. She understands, she willingly offers her shoulder, she cheers, encourages and trusts. We are like the sisters we never had in our own families. I just found out that she is moving away to another state. My heart is breaking. Our friendship will stand the test of distance, but it will be a true test of love as we maintain the bond of sisterhood that we share. She will be missed by me, but a blessing to many.

  290. My grandma and my Aunt Ruth were two wonderful women mentors in my life. Both completely loving and non-judgemental. I was a troublesome teen but I knew always that they loved me. They have both passed away now. grandma for many years; I try to live as they did….loving God and all they met.

  291. I would have to say that there are 2 VERY LOVELY ladies in my life that make the biggest impact/difference…my grandma & my mom. Both always show me each day a new way to be strong when things seem to be at the bleakest in our lives. Everything I have learned about being a strong woman has come from them…no matter how hard things are they are always a big support to me & others!

  292. I was in a mentoring group from church and was paired up with a lady named Susan. I didn’t really know her very well and just wasn’t sure about this matchup. But Susan and I met every two weeks, reading and discussing Max Lucado’s book 3:16, going for coffee and just talking and laughing and become close friends. During the summer we went to the local farmer’s market and walked in the park. We asked each other to pray for our families. One day she told me she had a pain and she thought she better go get it checked. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and less than a year later she had died of this disease. As our pastor said, she possessed the fruit of the spirit. She was kind, and a special friend that God put in my path and I’m thankful and blessed for having known her.

  293. My Aunt Maria Elena. She is my Uncle’s wife – on my Mother’s side. We met one Saturday after mass and she invited me over to her house for breakfast; we agreed to do that every Saturday after that one and we did so for more than 10 years. She was like my best friend, my confidant.

  294. linda, who is currently in the hospital battling a rather scary bout of cancer, has been amazing to me. her warmth and love, oh the love of jesus that shines through when she smiles.

  295. since the Feast of Purim has just passed …I have to say Queen Ester….She really inspires me to Hold my peace and Let God Fight for me

  296. My long time friend…Vickie. She has been an inspiration to me as a wonderful woman, wife and mother. She’s been such a good friend to me for 12 years. She inspires me to be a better wife to my husband. She has faithfully & lovingly supported her husband through 5 deployments these past 12 years. Though I have no children at the moment…I know that she would be the person I would go to for advice in raising children. I’m so blessed to have her in my life…I only wish I could be a better friend to her as she has been to me.

  297. My friend and cousin by marriage, Heather, is amazing. I never feel as comfortable than when we are together. Transparency is accepted and encouraged. We don’t worry when life gets busy, we just make up for lost time when we can. She makes the best homeade spaghetti sauce, gives the best llistening and encouraging ear when life becomes too much,

  298. I think the lovely lady that has made a real difference in my life is Elisabeth Elliot. Listening to her teaching on the radio helped me be a much better wife. In fact if it were not for her, I may not be married today!! Thank God for her! Love her!!

  299. Ugghhhh I knew I shouldn’t be commenting by smartphone. ….anyway Heather is amazing, and I can’t wait to call her and tell her thank you forcdoing her so well.

  300. My grandmother was the pillar that I still stand on at times today. she was strong against mighty hardships, she praised the Lord with the way she lived her life. Often I have wondered what would have happened to my brother and I without the strength she gave us. Her life was spent loving the people in front of her, she was quiet and shy, she more than likely would not have had an answer to this question. But she changed the world around her for the better with love.

  301. This year will mark 14 years when He brought into my life my “God friend”. Jan. I did not know it then, but she would teach me what the words friendship, acceptance, cherished, loved, belonged, unconditional, looked like and lived out. I could tell her anything and she did not look away in shame, she loved, she supported, Jesus shined right through her.

  302. The lady who made a difference in my life was Cathy D. She led me to the Lord October 11, 1992. She lives what she talks and is so dedicated to seeing that everyone she comes in connect with knows who the Lord is. I’m so thankful for her life and try to let her know every year on my spiritual birthday.

  303. Carol she has been my confidont my mentor my friend my big sister my bible teacher my coworker and my biggest blessing from god! she share herself with a love that i could never know or understand she treats me so good.

  304. My “lovely lady” is Sherry, She has been so amazing throughout the past 5 years. She was with me when my first baby was born (dad was deployed) and has continued to be a Titus 2 woman and a great woman to laugh with. I love her and would be lost without her!

    LOVE that bag!

  305. My youngest sister Brenda is an amazing person. an example would be this last weekend when she did all the work to celebrate my moms 80th birthday. She made enough food for 400 people for the open house, decorated the house beautifully -while being a mom to the five most adorable nieces and nephews ages 5 through 11. She has a servants heart and a warm smile that is sure to make anybody’s day. Nanci D

  306. I have had many people make a difference in my life…mentor me. Those included are the wonderful and amazing ladies whom have lead bible studies that I have participated in .

  307. My amazing friend, Effie! Though she is 21 years younger than me and I could be her mother, she’s my dearest friend! She’s always there if I need her and offers godly advice when I need it. We serve in ministry together at church in our Preschool and Children’s wing. I love her dearly and am thankful to God for bringing her and her family into our lives!

  308. my hero is Christine. She shares Jesus with everyone she meets. She teaches Bible study with me at my church. She is a wonderful mom to her children, and she is a cancer patient who simply wants to survive long enough to see her children through to age 18. I will give this gift set to her, and relish the joy of sharing it with this precious friend!

  309. My neighbor has been a true gift. I only met her after we had a family tragedy and she has walked with me through thick and thin. Truly a remarkable woman!

  310. Well for me I have not had alot of true amazing women in my life but I HAVE OVER THE LAST YEAR IN A HALF been so blessed to have cross my path a wonderful friend whom loves me for me and stays when everyone else walks away and when others have no time she makes the time and for that I am truely grateful. She is not a yes friend she listens but leads me gently to the path that leads me home to Jesus. I believe she is a true gift from God brought here to show me the real meaning of a Godly Girlfriend to walk this lifes journey one day at a time. Thank You Lord for the Grace of Friendship!!

  311. I have to say that I would be completely lost without my friend, Dollie. She was the first person I saw (and that welcomed me as a Sister in Christ) seven years ago after I re-dedicated myself to the Lord, was my son’s first Sunday school teacher, helped me figure out how to connect in my church family, was there for me during a difficult time when I needed someone that would shine light in the dark. We serve together in ministry, we are friends and she is probably the person that knows me best besides my husband. I can count on her to give me 100% truth, even when I don’t want to hear it.

    I truly feel blessed and that our friendship is a gift to me from God. I have learned so much from her and it is amazing to know that there is someone out there that gets you, no matter what.

  312. An amazing lady in my life? I got lots of them. But let me tell you one. She is God’s gift to me. We know each other through a situation. And we became instant friends. We went our separate ways believing that God watches this friendship. And believe it or not, we hardly communicate through technologies around us, hardly write/call to each other but constantly praying for each other. Many times we felt an urgency to pray and truly God covers and protects. She’s my bestie’. 🙂 If I ever have a chance, I would show her to you. She’s beautifully amazing. How do I describe our friendship? Our friendship is through our relationship with God. As long as we are close to God, we are close to each other. 🙂

  313. My dearest twin sister, Jeanette, has been my closest friend since we were born!! We’ve been inseperable and God has used our differences and similarities to build each other up and encourage us to be the women God created us to be! My sister has been a great support, an encourager, someone who’ll pray with me and is my kindred spirit! For the first time we are in different parts of the world, but we are close through God and of course emails!! Miss her so much!!

  314. My mother is truly my dearest and best friend. As my family moved fairly often during my childhood and teen years, I leaned on her for constant friendship. We have shared victories and defeats, joy and sadness, strength and weakness – and she has always remained an encouraging support. She even stood beside me as the matron of honor in my wedding. I am so very thankful that God placed such a wonderful best friend in my own family.

  315. I am most inspired by my mom. during my teen years, she was in a wheelchair, disabled by a back bone disease. In that time, God strengthened our relationship. Jesus healed her 7 years ago and now she is also my pastor! I am in awe of how God turned her life around and she inspires me no end and is living proof to me that God has a good plan for us all. 🙂

  316. I have a wonderful friend, here at work, Tara – who is my greatest confidante. She takes me just as I am and loves me anyway. 🙂 She is encouraging, honest, and uplifting and is right in the daily struggle of life with me. I am so blessed that the good Lord has brought her into my life.

  317. My friend Laura completely changed my life when she taught our small group the Dave Ramsey class 2 years ago. We have one year left to being debt free when 2 years ago we didn’t think it was even close to possible. Thank you Laura!

  318. What a great gift! A woman that has made a huge impact on my life is my former worship pastor, Angie. She believed in me as a person and as a worship leader when Noone else did. I made some huge mistakes while she was training me and she graced me every time. She is a wonderful mother and freely gives advice or encouragement. She taught me that is ok to let other people see ur flaws bc Noone is perfect and masks always bring fear.

  319. I’m mega loving that tote & super thrilled to get started reading this book!!! 😀

    The wonderful, beautiful lady that has already made the biggest impact on my life is who I lovingly call “my Cathie”. Her name is Cathie Crozier and she is truly my breathe of fresh air, cool drink of water, warm cup of coffee or the perfect words of guidance & wisdom I need for that moment. She loves me like I’m her own daughter & yet is very close to my age & has the energy and fire for life like a young teenager!! Her ferocious love for our Heavenly Father is truly breathe taking & inspires me to tears every time!! This woman has laughed with me, cried with me, worshiped our Lord & Savior with me more times than I can count and I cherish every one of those moments!! 😀

  320. I just lost an Amazing lady in my life. Her name was Diane. She was not my biological mom, but if I had a chance to choose one it would be her. My daughters even called her Grandma. Cancer got her even though she put up a big fight. This was her third time trying to beat cancer. Twice with breast cancer and this time was esophical cancer. I only meet her about 12 years ago. We hit it off from the start. We had a lot of the same health problems so I often looked to her as to how to deal with them. Our birthdays were both in January. When ever I need or she needed to talk we were there for each other. She even helped me make the meal for my oldest daughters high school graduation party something my own mom did not even offer to help with. Diane you are truely missed. Thank you for letting me share this amazing person with you.

  321. I can’t wait to read the book…..the person who has made a difference in my life is my grandma. Her wisdom and words of encouragement are always with me.

  322. A friend and prayer warrior from my church, Nancy…..when I first attended I used to think she was so “needy” with all of her prayer requests for her children and family. I am now standing in awe of this special lady and tell her, “When I grow up I want to be like you!” This woman is truly a blessing in my life and I consider her to be a mentor. I have the privelage of praying with her every week during our church’s prayer meeting and I pray that my life portrays the faith and love of Christ like Nancy:)

  323. The lovely Lady that has made a difference in my life is my best friend and lifelong friend, Brooke. We have been through many troubled situations together and have grown tremendously over the years. She is strong in her faith and she has lead me and helped me get closer to the Lord. She keeps me grounded. Things have been very tough over the past couple of years but she has always been there by my side, encouraging me and praying for me. she is definitely someone I look up to and strive to be like.

  324. My mom is the one woman who has affected my life the most. She is the one who made sure I was in church as a kid, even before she herself would attend. She was always there for me, never stopped praying, even through the years that I was out drinking and partying. I know that it is because I have a prayer warrior of a mom that God was able to keep my heart soft to turn back to him. Now that I am 37 with two girls of my own, I know just how valuable my mom is to me and my girls. This past year has been one of my hardest because of problems in my marriage and my mom has stood right beside me, keeping me focused on God and allowing His healing in my life! Thank you Lord that you have blessed me with such a beautiful and loving mom!!!

  325. Excited to read the book. My wonderful friend, Dawn, has been instrumental in her support of my life in response to God’s leading. She always refreshes and inspires me!

  326. I’ve started the book and I don’t want to put it down to do cleaning or anything else!! LOL! Although I have some wonderful women in my life, my mom is who I have to say is at the top of my list. She is my best friend, my confidant, and my inspiration. She lost my dad, 14 years ago when they were both 38 years old. I was 17 and my brother was 10. She picked up the pieces and did the best she could. She is a wonderful grandmother to our children. If I end up like her, I will consider myself to be blessed beyond measure.

  327. My best friend Meghan has absolutely changed my life. I met when I first began attending youth group at what has now been my home church for 10 years. She was my youth pastor’s wife. I wanted to be exactly like her. As a young teenage girl I always knew I could talk to her and she would listen and truly care! As the years went by her husband (my youth pastor) was called to be senior pastor at our church. He asked my (now husband) to fill the youth pastor postion. It is so amazing how God works because now I am in ministry alongside her and her husband. And now it is my turn to be “Meg” to the girls in our youth group. She is truly my best friend. She has been there with me through thick and thin. She has seen me at my best and at my absolute worst. She stood next to me as my matron of honor on my wedding day as her husband married Micheal and I. It truly felt like we had come full circle…however I smile because I know the best is still yet to come! I know she will probably never read this but Meg, you are a perfect example of God’s love and grace…in your marriage, as a mother, as a pastor’s wife, and as a friend. I love you very much and am so very blessed to call you friend!

  328. My lovely lady is my paternal grandmother. Although she is no longer with us, I only realized what an imprint she left on me a few years ago! Strong, fragile, delicate, fashionable and woman of her word are just a few words to describe her. And her word was just that…she knew it wasn’t The Gospel because she knew that belonged to Him!!! I do believe in guardian angels and I believe she’s mine!!

  329. My beautiful mentor and friend, Debbie has made a HUGE difference in my life. When I first met her I was in the midst of marriage problems and was struggling in my relationship with God. She opened her home to me weekly for months as we did a devotional study together. Though my circumstances didn\’t change, God began to change me as I discovered just how much God loves me and what He thinks of me. Now, four years later, God has worked a miracle in my marriage and Debbie continues to be an encourager, prayer partner and friend. I am so blessed!

  330. A lovely lady in my life is my mother in law. She loves to serve her family and is humble and quiet in spirit, exactly how I aim to be. She has a quiet strength that I admire.

  331. My Sweet Mom & Best Friend. She started as my mother & has become my life-long best friend. Her passion for Jesus has molded her in to a loving mother, wife & my best friend. She is compassionate, caring, loving & always there for me with Godly words of wisdom, a warm hug, and encouragement. When no one else seems to understand the aches in my heart, I’m grateful to be able to run to Jesus & to my best friend-my Mom. She truly is The MOST AMAZING woman I’ve EVER met! I love her with all that I am and if I could give her a gift, it would be that I too become the Most Amazing woman in my son’s life, for her example is what I aspire to! As she follows, Jesus, I follow right along.

  332. A wonderful woman of God who has made a difference in my life is a lady named Jennifer. She walks her faith and lives out loud and believes in others. Beautiful!

  333. After my first son was born, a very sweet lady named Julie offered to sit with him once a week so I could take some time to relax since my family was far from me. It meant so much, and I will never forget her kindness.

  334. My accountability partner Nancy has been an angel in directing me to the healing I have received from my Lord.

  335. I would love to share a little about my grandmother. Her name was Rosalyn Holt. She passed away in May 2009 but made such a huge impact on my life. My sister and I spent every Friday night with my grandparents. We were very close with them. I remember waking up every Saturday morning to my grandmother sitting at the kitchen counter reading her Bible. I always remember how important it is to put God first and give Him the time he deserves. When my grandmother was going through her last few months here on Earth, she had it rough. She had Heart Failure and it was a awful to see her struggle through it. However, I made a note that she NEVER complained about any of it. It was so neat to see her walk through it and trust God – never complaining about what she was going through. When she passed, I asked my grandfather if it would be possible for me to have her Bible. There were 2 that she had used all those years I saw her on Saturday mornings reading the word and spending time with God. They are now on my bookshelf and are a special memory of both her and her commitment to put God first in her life. I look forward to the day I get to be reunited with her in Heaven.

  336. The person I think of us the Professor at the College I attended who was my counselor after my daughter’s death. She helped me to see that I need to accept myself the way I am, helped me see the reasons why I act and think some of the ways that I do, helped me to see by her own personal struggles that I can get through Ella’s loss and helped me find God again..a “person” who I was definately not a fan of because I thought he took my baby from me. Under her counsel, I was able to make more progress in the last (almost 3) years than I would without her.

  337. The lovely lady who has made a difference in my life would be my mom. She has always believed in me, even when I messed up or was wrong, she has loved me and shown me by her actions how to be a Proverbs 31 woman.

  338. I’ve always struggled with trusting friends until I met my friend Heather. She is my rock. She is my amazing, beautiful, God loving friend. We always have each other’s backs. She has made a huge difference in my life. Through her I have learned to trust more and to be more outgoing. We share scripture daily and give each other encouragement daily.

  339. I have been blessed to have a mom and two grandmothers who have poured God’s love and grace into my life. They teach me so many life skills and share such wisdom with me. They are all amazing!

  340. My good friend Andrea has made a big difference in my life. She became a mentor to me many years ago when I was new wife, has modeled motherhood and parenting, and drove 12 hours from 4 states away to stay with me when my husband passed away unexpectedly. She has meant so much to me and really modeled Christian compassion and sisterhood. She’s Amazing! 🙂

  341. My friend Marie has made an amazing difference in my life. She is a constant source of encouragement. She is a prayer warrior and a JOY spreader. She is an amazing woman of God and she truly inspires me everyday.

  342. Name just one? Wow that is tough. But right now, I’m thinking of my friend Lisa. She is like a big sister who always has words to encourage my heart. Right now, a mother of 5, she and her husband are foster parents for the first time of a sweet baby boy.

    I’m just so inspired by her! She is amazing!

  343. A dear friend-8 years my junior. We met when I was her Spanish teacher, now she’s one of my most treasured sisters in Christ. She exemplifies “lovely” inside and out. I love her trust in her Abba no matter what, her love of prayer (when we talk about rough spots, she just says, “let’s stop and pray”), and her gentle spirit. My life is so blessed because of her.

  344. oh my gosh – i LOVE that tote! i’m reviewing holly’s book right now and am SO excited for the opportunity! i would say one of my high school teacher’s. she was the kind of teacher who would do whatever she could to help you – going beyond what was required of her. i remember she would pass along scholarship info for me that she had picked up in the guidance office. she called me one of her “shining stars” and just loved teaching. i still run into her every so often and we’ll catch up 🙂

  345. Mrs. Vicki was just like a mom to me. She was there for every major event in my life, but more importantly she was there for all the little moments that made up my life. She was always there for me as a role model and someone who truly lived their life to its fullest. She suffered from breast cancer for five long years. She never let it get to her heart though. She never gave up on her life or those around her. The hardest part about not having her here today is not being able to see her when I’m sad or when I’m happy, not being able to hear her laugh. But the amazing part, the thing that keeps me going, is that she is in fact here with me every step if the way. She is smiling down on me and i feel such comfort when i think of her in a healthy body sitting alongside her true best friend, our Lord and Savior.

  346. My mentor, Laura, has been such a blessing to me over the last 4 or so years!! It’s like having the big sister I never had (though I do, but didn’t no of until 25 – but that’s another story, although she’s been a huge blessing too ;-)!! God’s blessed me with Laura, who walked in my shoes at this age, 10 years previously & she’s helping me see my shortcomings & learning to give more grace. I can txt or call her at any time & know even if I don’t get to actually talk to her at that moment, she’s lifting me up to our Father in heaven! So thankful for her.

  347. Mrs.Meese gives selflessly of her time to go daily to interpret for the deaf. She sacrifices her time and other resources on a daily basis for no compensation – other than the jewels in her crown in heaven. She inspire me!

  348. I had a mentor in high school who was just amazing. Heard my heart and my cries on many an ‘oh so dramatic at the time’ issue and really pushed me to get to know God even in the messy ways. Her name was Carla.

  349. The amazing lady that I’d like to honor in this moment is my former manager, Annabelle. That’s right– my former BOSS! When I was a teenager, my mother was a nurse administrator. Well-respected and well-loved, she would have made the perfect mentor for me once I was ready to enter the work force in my early 20’s. Sadly, however, she died when I was 15. And though other relatives took me in, their focus was on taking care of my “present” needs, not preparing me for an adulthood on my own. That’s where my beloved Annabelle stepped in. I met her when I interviewed for an internship the summer following my junior year in college. I was clueless. I can’t even explain what I wore to the interview. It wasn’t a suit, and it wasn’t a dress. It was a weird flowy thing with pillowy sleeves, which I topped off with platform shoes (this was in 1995, by the way). Annabelle, the hiring manager, ignored my strange appearance, and focused on who I WAS, underneath all of that material. She gave me the internship, coaching me, indirectly, on what was appropriate dress for work . Example “Oh Karen! I’m glad to see that you’re dressing comfortably for the weather”. Translation: “Karen, that is not appropriate dress for work, even if it is hot outside”. LOVE HER! We kept in touch after my internship, and I ended up working for her full time a few years later. She helped me get my act together, and KEEP it together, so that I’d be a prime candidate for promotions in my career. Whenever she needed me to step it up, she told my sensitive soul in a KIND way, what was in it for me. We were like Naomi and Ruth in the Bible. Wherever she went, I went! When she transferred to a different region, I followed. And when I was finally ready to move out of state to get married, and leave her “nest”, we both cried. It’s been almost 17 years since I met “my Annabelle”, and I am just as grateful and amazed by her now as I was all that time ago. Though she isn’t old enough to be my mother, she took a vested interest in me all of those years ago, and I know that I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. I lost my mom all those years ago, but God led many others to step in and fill the gap, whenever I needed it. And Annabelle is the one I want to honor today. Thanks so much for giving me a venue to honor her!

  350. My amazing friend Amy! She passed away at the age of 36 in August 2011. She left a legacy that will live on forever. She was always letting her Jesus show! I miss her beautiful smile and sweet laugh. Can’t wait to see her again in heaven!

  351. There are many amazing women who have blessed me in my life. My mother and my sister both are amazing and I love them dearly. Someone who stands out as well in a different way is a woman whose name I will never know this side of heaven. Several years ago, one of my sons had to undergo very serious surgery at the age of 16 months. It was a 9 hour surgery and we were scared. One parent got to go with the child to the OR until they were asleep. I chose to do that and my sweet dh went to the waiting room. After getting my son settled in the OR and seeing him safely put to sleep, it was time for me to walk to the waiting room. A “mom walker” volunteer was called and she met me to guide me back to the waiting area. I began to walk down that long hallway, away from my baby, and the tears began. That wonderful woman stopped in the busy hallway, took me in her arms, and began to sing hymns over me. We’d walk a few steps, i’d stop in fear, and she would begin to hum. Somehow, with her help, I made it to my husband in the waiting room. She gave me one last grandma-y hug, said “I’m praying baby” and I never saw her again. But I will always remember what she gave me that day….an arm to lean on and a reminder of God’s love during a very scary time.

  352. The catalyst to a deeper, intimate walk with Jesus; my soul sister; the one who walked through darkness with her head held high and Jesus by her side; greeter to my morning with inspiration from His Holy Word; comic relief to our days of work stress…Thank you, dear, sweet kk

  353. my friend Cindy N. is the one who taught me the power of a praying wife 7 years ago. a lot of who i am today is because of gentle leading from Cindy and following her beautiful example of a Christian mom and wife.

  354. Wow~this new book looks really, really good…a very timely study. Thank you for hostessing this! : ) ~lyn (Beautiful give~away too!)

  355. my sister Vicki-she is my best friend. She has been such an encouragement to me through dark times thanks

  356. Linda, one of my very best friends, and I are so different in many ways. In fact, I didn’t think that we even had anything in common when we first met. Her strengths are my weaknesses and vice versa and we continue to learn so much from each other. We met at work and our friendship solidified as I was going through a very challenging time in my life. She opened her heart and home to me unselfishly and made it perfectly clear that I was a member of her family. Since I lived about twelve hours from my hometown, I spent more holidays at her home than my own. When I met Linda, her baby was about 9 months old-that baby is now a sophomore in college and she has two other precious girls as well. I was actually in the delivery room with her youngest who is named after me. Linda invited me because she knew that I wanted a child more than anything. When I moved a long plane ride away due to a job transfer, her two girls at the time were only 3 and 18 months. I was so distraught and worried that the girls wouldn’t remember how special our relationship was. Linda gave me the best gift that I had ever received as a going away present. She had secretly bought pillows to match my bedspread that I had admired when we were on a trip together to San Francisco. But the most incredible part was that she had attached pins symbolizing her hopes and dreams for me as I moved to a new city, where I knew two people. Another incredibly special gift that she gave me was after I was finally blessed with our beloved little boy. Linda and her family drove over 11 hours each way to spend two or three days with us to meet our little boy. She is truly an amazing woman and has been such a special gift and blessing in my life.

  357. There are lots of women who have made amazing differences in my life, but one that comes to mind was a past co-worker, Emily. Emily has an amazing faith and an amazing relationship with her husband–one day, I was complaining about something that my husband had done and how mad I was at him, and she said, “Mere, it sounds like he came to the situation with a good heart and his intent wasn’t to make you mad.” Duh. But it forever changed the way I approach frustration and disappointment in our marriage.

  358. WOW the book looks AMAZING!!!
    Friends…. I moved all over the world south america/ asia/ north america…. God always finds a willing soul to be ur BFF Isn’t it amazing?
    Hope I can get the book here in Canada soon

  359. Elisabeth Elliot has mentored me through her example, books, and speaking ministry for the nearly 25 years I’ve been a Christian. She also introduced me to Amy Carmichael, another amazing and tremendously influential woman.

  360. The most amazing woman I’ve ever known is my grandmother. She taught me strength, tolerance, kindness, generosity and grace. She faced many great struggles, including the death of her son at age 31 and showed courage I had never seen before. I never heard my grandmother say an unkind word about anyone and would give up her coat to someone in the middle of a blizzard. She’ll have been gone five years this August (the day before my birthday) and I miss her and think of her every single day.

  361. I so much appreciate my friend Nancy’s listening ear and encouraging thoughts. She helps me to look at the positive side of things that happen. She has an amazing faith and love for the Lord. I am so blessed to call her “friend”!

  362. My mother has been a great woman that has lived a prayer life and also my bishop’s wife has also inspired me .

  363. I have several amazing women in my life, but the one I would like to share with you is our pastor’s wife, Allison. She is amazing! She is a great example of a godly wife and mother, always making sure that her husband and her children are the main focus of her ministry. She is also a faithful encourager to the ladies of our church both young and old alike! Allison is a great listener, and a faithful prayer warrior. At a time when there is so much that is fake in our day to day lives, it is refreshing to have a friend who is not only authentic but she seeks to bring out the same authenticity in everyone she is around! We are truly blessed to have her in our body.

  364. my stepmama, my dad remarried when I was 15yrs being raised by a man and with no mother, it was very hard but the Lord gave me a MAMA, she has wisdom and beauty and knew how to tame this teenager. My children call her grandmother, my son who is 20 yrs old know ask me one day mom why is grandmama blonde and has blue eyes, then he answer his question because she is special mom, she is THANK YOU LORD!!!!!!

  365. My friend, Kim, has been there for me in the good times and the bad times. When I went through one of the greatest struggles and hurts w/ one of my children, she hurt along w/ me as if he was her own. Yet, she prayed beside me and encouraged me right through it. She has always been there to offer help in any situation. I know that when I’m in a bind, she’ll be there to help. She’s the most selfless, caring friend I’ve ever had. She always praises God for what He’s doing in her life, whether He’s leading her through a valey or on the mountain top. That kind of faith is infectious. I thank God for her every day.

  366. My MOM is the best, “Mommy-Person” in the whole wide world! Really, she is, I am not being partial either. (Well, okay, maybe a little bit.) My mom was widowed when I was 7. She has had to be Mom, Dad, Best Friend, Role Model, Cheerleader, and Encourager my whole life. She has always pointed me to Jesus and when I doubt or fret she says, “Has God EVER not taken care of us?” My sheepish reply, “Well…no.” “Well, then, girl! He is not about to stop now!”

  367. My mother, who passed away 4 years ago this month, was the amazing woman in my life. She was the godly woman mentioned in scripture, whose worth was far beyond any ruby! I was blessed to be her daughter and appreciate all she did for me. I know I will see her again one day in heaven and for that, I thank God!

  368. Please allow me to share of two amazing women with whom God has blessed me:

    My mother was truly amazing! She raised 5 children with ups and downs, amidst struggles with my dad. I call her a pillar – standing strong through so many
    difficulties; always there for us with a listening ear and caring heart! She passed away in January of 2009. I miss her and am so thankful for her.

    My precious friend and sister in Christ, Louisa. God caused our paths to cross about ten years ago. We found we had/have so much in common. We are now prayer partners via the telephone and have been for several years. God enabled us to pray via phone when she moved south in the same state, then to Alaska, to Germany, and to California. Our telephone conversations are so uplifting – she prays sincerely, offers encouraging, uplifting truth, and we also share our troubles and concerns. God is so good to have gifted me with such an amazing, special friend. Praise Him!

  369. My Gramma was an amazing lady. Even though it’s been close to 30 years since she passed, she is always on my heart. She was an example of how to be during the trials of life, including her alcoholic husband leaving her in her 40’s with kids to raise and no job. What did she do? She went to college at the age of 45 to become a teacher! She was a strong Christian lady who never seemed to complain no matter what, even after being diagnosed with terminal cancer in her late 70’s. I can only attribute it to her faith in the Lord. I was only 15 when she died, but I have the best memories of her to this day. She gave me my first Bible when I was 7, which I still have! I was always so proud of my Gramma. She was and still is an inspiration to me as well as many others in my family.

  370. I have a truly amazing friend/sister in my life. Her name Is Nancy and God has blessed me with her. I know she wouldn’t mind me sharing that she is a recovering addict of 18 years. God placed us together in Celebrate Recovery and we have been friends ever since. She has been there for me and I have been there for her through many ups and downs but the wisdom and encouragement we give each other is priceless! I know I have a true and faithful friend who will always speak truth to me and truth into my life. She is the leader in our group and she is also shadowing her husband in bible school. She works for a big company in computers, with this busy life she always finds time for me and all the other women in our group. She is truly an AMAZING and blessed friend and woman and I delight in seeing what God is doing in her life and in turn she encourages the same in mine. Thank you Nancy for being such a wonderful friend willing to be used of God in my life in an AMAZING way! I love you my friend!

  371. My Mom has by far had the greatest influence over my life. She is an amazing person and I am so thankful for the impact she has left on so many people’s lives.

  372. My friend Denise is making a difference in my life right now. She is my one source of encouragement as I have gone through difficult times with our son having learning difficulties as well as some physical struggles of my own. She listens and shows me encouragement and that means so much right now. I try to do the same for her as she looks for a job. . .I like to think we can both spur one another one to love and good deeds (Hebrews 10:24). I am so thankful for her friendship.

  373. I can’t wait to begin reading this book. Holly, are such a special person. Wishing you continued blessings.

  374. The truly amazing person in my life is my sister, Angela. She does not know it but I admire her greatly from afar and up close. She has opened her home to my daughter and I for the last 2 1/2 years. We have laughed together, cried together and even argued a little here and there. Through it all she has been an inspiration to me in more ways than one. First, she carried the financial load of it all for 2+ years, allowing me to pay off debt from a business that I lost. She set down and helped me to get my budget on track, and encouraged me to go after my dream of going back to college. Now, I am in college, working a great job, bugeting and giving money to my sister every month toward the household.
    It has been a journey, and I am so glad to have an amazing, loving, giving and focused sister to walk the journey with.

  375. Hi,
    It’s difficult to choose just one friend because each one is there for me when I need them the most. God’s timing is AMAZING!
    I would have to narrow it down to Marilyn, who I can not only talk to, but shares her immediate and extended families with me and includes me when I need that bond the most. (I’m single and have no family in my community) One especially unselfish memory is when my cousin died from injuries from a fall, Marilyn included me in her family picnic the following week. It was good to be outside, in a lovely park and share good food with a friend and her family.

    Thanks Holley and team for this wonderful ministry you’re providing.

  376. Would have to be my mother. She is the foundation and keystone of our family. Through all our struggles and strayings, she has always remained constant – believing in us when we may not have believed in ourselves. And, knowing that she, our ‘foundation’, is established in faith and prayer – gives us an even greater incentive to be likewise. It’s a true compliment (however, undeserved) when someone says, “you’re just like your mother”!

  377. Their are many special women in my life, but when asked this question my mind and heart go to my friend LEAH, I spell her name in capital letters because that’s how she lived her life. Even though she is with Our Father in Heaven she will always be a great inspiration to me, she always said she had prayed for a friend and that God had sent her me, well it went both ways, because I too needed a true friend and He new just who to place in my life.

  378. This is so incredibly hard to choose. If I have to pick just one, I would have to say my mother. She has been such a huge influence in my life, my walk with God, my relationships with others. My mother is very giving and patient. She loves the Lord with all of her being and it is evident in the way she conducts her life. Some call her Plain Jane, but in my eyes she is a most beautiful woman. She is my teacher, my mentor and I have to say my best friend…I hope one day to be just like her.

  379. My Mom, Helen and my sister-in-law Leslie- these two ladies are the most wonderful examples of a Loving and giving person. There worth cannot be measured and I thank God for giving me these two lovely Christian role models.

  380. Pam, a woman that I met at church, she is so giving and selfless and magnifies Christ in her life. My hustband took his own life in July, my kids (21 & 18) and I have had a very difficult time and come to find out, Pam is a councelor and offered to councel all of us for free. She has remindied us that Christ is the Healer of all our wounds, and gave us coping tools, and listened for endless hours about our grief-filled days. She is amazing!

  381. My Mom. She went to Heaven over 20 years ago but she’s still a very real part of my life. I “talk” to her every day. When I was a teenager she would always say she’d never steer me wrong. I never forgot that so now when I need advice I “ask” her and listen to the little inside voice that I know is coming from her.
    She was a very giving person. When she died the room at the funeral chapel was packed for each of the viewings – even in the afternoon. She touched so many lives in her own humble quiet way.
    I had an amazing role model. I hope I am following at least a little in her path.

  382. My dearest friend, Katherine Church, is instrumental in my life. Even at my early age, she helped guide me to God.

    Katherine and her husband (now in heaven) were pastors of the church that my grandparents attended. My grandparents were responsible for my sister and I and they expressed their concern about us being so little and needing a good home. In turn, Clarence and Katherine knew my parents who had expressed the desire to adopt a couple of Korean girls.

    Well you can guess what happened next. Clarence and Katherine asked my parents if they would be interested in American girls and told them about us. So we were placed with Godly parents who raised 9 children, 7 of us adopted.

    She worked with Wycliffe Translators for more than 50 years, spending time in the jungles of Colombia, and many other places translating God’s Word so others could hear of His Love and Salvation. She is bi-lingual and still helps occasionally with translating.

    Katherine is a beloved saint who has spent her life serving God, and still does with Bible studies for women today. She is 85 and I love nothing more than to sit at her feet and absorb all she has to share about God’s Faithfulness and Mercy.

    It is inexpressable to measure how much she means to me, and my children.


    Desiree Pheister

  383. I am so tremendously blessed and humbled that GOD would allow me to be called Tracey’s friend! She is absolutely amazing! Her love is without pretense and has no bounds! I am a stay at home mother and I have immersed myself into this role! But GOD so strategically inserts Tracey into situations, places, conversations, etc. to gently remind me about balance! She will appear, most often without notice, to whisk me away…or in some cases…pry me away from the monotony! In the interest of time and space, may I just say that Tracey is an incredible friend and in my encounters with her, I experience GOD’s amazing and overwhelming love!!!

  384. So many have spoken encouragement over the years, yet, when ask, my mind rushes to Karen Flint, who has love and supported me for so many years! Karen bless my heart with her gift of friendship, Christian values, and deep love for God.
    Thank you Karen! Your the Best of Friends. I cherish the gift of friendship God has provided us over these many years.

  385. My mother Sharon has made the biggest difference in my life. She’s always loved me sacrificially, has always seen me and treated me as a whole person. She encourages me when I face looming doubts and fears, and continually points me to God. My life would have been radically different, and worse, without her influence.

  386. My Aunt Sue is my encouragement and inspiration! She has so much on her plate emotionally, mentally and physically. Yet, she is still able to praise God even in her storms and helps me to remember to do that! Also, she never fails to be guided by God to send me encouraging emails and call me in the midst of my struggles. She is a prayer warrior for me and my family and encourages me to pray for others! Thank you God for Aunt Sue!

  387. My mom is the closest female friend I have. It hasn’t always been that way. Through different circumstances in my twenties and healing on both our sides, I can count on her for anything. Not just because she is my mom, but God has allowed us to create a lasting frienship that goes far beyond genetics. She is caring, kind, compassionate, a warrior, survivor, inspiration and full of love and devotion.

  388. My friend and adoptive mother named Myrtle is one lovely, elegant and beautiful woman. Her beauty radiates from the inside out. She has a loving, nurturing heart. She gives me encouragement when I need it and always tells me how beautiful I am. She prays with me, blesses me, and always believes the best about me. Approximately 1-1.2 years ago she became quite ill and suffered partial paralysis yet she never let her physical afflictions get her down. Even though she’s had many difficult days she continues to sing to her Lord Jesus and tells me how grateful she is for His goodness and faithfulness in her life. She is a true model and inspiration to me and it is my joy and delight to honour her today.

  389. Her name is Polly, and I have known her since I was a teenager and she was a young mother. Polly was the first person I had ever known to speak openly about her relationship with God and God’s love somewhere other than Sunday School… She spoke life into my heart and saw something more than just a silly girl. Polly planted seeds of faith, trusted me to care for her sons, and loved me like a daughter. When I graduated, She said something I’ve never forgotten, “We will always love you and care about where you are and what you are doing.” Forty years later, visits to Polly involve air travel…. Crossing over her threshold, I feel years of belonging..but I feel that love every day from

    My Heavenly Father and for this, I have Polly to thank.

    my loving Heavenly Father..with Polly to thank.

  390. My friend, Chris…she is one of the kindest, self-sacrificing, long-suffering people I’ve ever been blessed to know. She listens and gives grace-filled advice, without judging me….. does not enter into gossip, or murmuring, which some of us women do at times. She honors her husband, shows great restraint when dealing with difficult clients, and is almost generous to a fault. I can talk to her about anything, without feeling silly or stupid, and we always enjoy sharing our love for the Lord and what an incredibly AWESOME God He truly is!!

  391. My Grammom Frances…she was the only smile I remember growing up……my Mom, her mom, was so different from her own mom……and when my Mom looked at me she was sad, angry, hurt, embarrassed, humiliated by my Dad leaving our family when I was 5. My parents were teen agers when they had me. Pregnant before marriage in a time when it was shamefull and humiliating in a small Italian neighborhood in Philadelphia, Pa……there were no families in our neighborhood like mine at that time…….sure men cheated and had girlfriends, but not many left their wife and little girl? So here comes my hero, my Grammom Frances to my rescue!
    Her love knew no bounds……..endless love looking back at me, and keeping me as safe as she could while working in the carpet mills of Philadelphia from 3 pm to 12 pm; and having to take a bus during the night to arrive home just in time to make a coal fire in our furnace so that I would wake up to a warm rented home each am. She and I would have breakfast together and she would have a lunch set up for me on my little table and chairs each lunchtime…….and then she had to leave to go to work and I wandered over to my aunts house to wait for my mom to come home from her work by 5 or 6 pm. I was a lonely afraid little girl but when my Grammom was with me I felt so empowered with love and guidance for life……she loved God and his Blessed Mom so much she would tell me stories about God and how much he loved us and that He takes care of everything ! So we did not have to worry if we loved Him back. I would ask, why would God send my Daddy away….and make my Mommy so sad and angry all the time? And she would honestly tell me that ‘we don’t always know why God allows things to happen, but so many wonderful things would come into my life if I believed in God and prayed to him, went to church and had faith..HOPE FOR MY FUTURE……and she would also find an ‘occasional four leaf clover’ along the way to help us remember??? She was Magical, Brutally Honest which I loved and counted on her for my trust issues about ‘big people’ were in question at that time…..so loving of me that I began to know what unconditional love really mean,s and how God must love us? I learned this through my Grammom’s Love for me……….she is still close within my heart although she left my life when I was 36 suddenly………..I know that God Blessed My Life With Her…………and now as I am almost 66……….I am passing her love along to all those God sends me needing what I did back then………..Her Love,Her Safety, Her Smiles, Her Generosity, Her Nurturing, Her Honesty,Her Integrity, Her Laughter and Silliness, Her taking the time to go that extra mile for me, and for everyone she met along her journey for God…………she was only 4’11” of Powerful Love and Humility and Gratitude……she was Poor, but rich in Blessings She Gave to Others……….

    I know God’s Love…………..My Grammom’s Love was God’s Love and I am humbled and grateful for His Blessings. Carol Ann

  392. My Mother was an amazing lady who has made a difference in my life. She was always such a giver. I want to be like her. She was always helping the down and out. I want to be like her. She always treated others with respect even though they did not always do the same. I want to be like her.

  393. My best friend, Mandy has constantly been a true gift from God. She is an inspiration to me and so many others. She is a truly Godly woman, and a great prayer warrior.

  394. My grandmother was Jesus in the flesh for me as she was the only person I felt loved unconditionally by! She also taught me about sacrificial love and giving to others. It was from her I learned to care for people with love and compassion. Although she has been gone for thirty plus years, I often think of her and miss her very much.

  395. Cannot wait to read and study this book….so excited! A lady named Judy in my Bible study group has inspired me because of her sweet spirit even through her daughter having cancer and now her own cancer. She is such a bright light to everyone even around her even when things are not going well in her world. What an example!

  396. It is very difficult to choose only one woman who has blessed me and encouraged me. I think of Judie, my lifetime friend, who has become one of my heroes as I review her life and what God has done to keep her faithful. Then there is my mother. Today, I am proud to say that I am very much like her since she taught me most of what I know and do today. She is with the Lord and I am so looking forward to seeing her again some day.

  397. I look forward to the uplifting message waiting for me everyday. I’m not complete without Holly and her powerful thoughts. Thank you for bringing it to those that work too hard and rest too little.
    Christ’s Love,

  398. There are many women in my life who have and do bless me, but for the last few years I would say the one that has been chosen to bless me the most woud be Terry V. She always seems to call at the right time and say, “you’ve been on my heart – how are you & what’s been going on?” I know she is being faithful to God’s leading when she does that and we pray together in person & on the phone. She’s so good too to bring up scriptures that apply and to share personal experiences with me. Sometimes I even get to pray for her and her family when they have situations happening. I think the best part is when we get to tell each other what God did and praise him together.

  399. My boss, Sherry, is amazing! She’s such a woman of character, and i have grown so much over the last several years as I’ve worked for her and observed how she lives her life! Plus, she’s been an amazing friend to me as well, very loving and forgiving and extraordinarily patient. I am blessed beyond measure to have her in my life! 🙂

  400. I would like to lift up a woman who came into my life when I was a new mom. Her name is Ginny but my son called her GG the first time they met and it stuck. My own mother struggled with mental illness my whole life so God placed GG in my life to be arole model of what a mom could be. She was so much fun and so encouraging to my whole family. Every Wednesday she would arrive at our home freeing me up so I could help my husband who is a cartoonist. She would do my laundry, cook the dinner, and love on my kids. She is the most incredible godly woman I have ever met. I feel like God picked her out just for me. I look around my house and I see a little of GG everywhere. Most of all I see the imprint she had on my heart. Thanks GG.

  401. They are so many Christian, not religious women who have had a wonderful influence in my life. Not counting my mother Jessie M. Payne and she is wonderful, fantastic, grounded and… I must say my church’s small women’s group (6 women) has made a difference in my life and spiritual growth. We laugh, cry, pray, confide, and read together. God is truly with us and it is a blessing every time we meet. If a meeting is cancelled, we all go into withdrawal, smile. God is good.

  402. Renee. She is thirty years older than me, befriended me when I moved here and is a constant source of joy, encouragement and inspiration. Everyone who meets her just falls in love with her!

  403. The woman who has made a difference in my life is not namable because she has so many faces, so many names and so many circumstances. She is the woman who has stepped forward to share her story of pain, guilt, shame and consequences due to her choice or the choice that was forced upon her. She is the woman who has endured sleepless nights, trauma and endless tears most times in silence. This woman has come to terms with her choice and sought out healing that only comes from THE One true Healer. This woman I speak of, is the countless number of post-abortive women who have suffered deep emotional, spiritual, and physical pain caused by their abortion. The encouragement I have received through speaking with these women and seeing how their lives have been radically redeemed and healed through a series of healing studies is AMAZING. Their courage to step out and share their story, in hopes that someone else may find healing, is truly a blessing beyond measure.

  404. LeighAnn has been a God wink to me in difficult times. She has been an angel who holds me accountable and makes sure decisions I make are right. My life would be much different if she were not in it!

  405. My best friend and Pastor’s wife, Kim. She is an amazing woman of faith and when I need someone she is always there to reassure and remind me of who I am in Christ. We can be “real” with one another and completely honest.

  406. Dearest Holley,

    A woman who has not been the most important role model to me, is my Beloved Mother.
    She did, and still does, her very best for me, despite the challenges and limitations she has faced.
    A courageous, strong and faithful Christian…her ability to work and care for other people selflessly expecting no reward at all…blows me away.

    Even when I did not want to listen to advice, or thought I knew better, she was incredibly loving, patient and most importantly…constantly praying and pleading WITH JESUS for me.

    Her prayers, her example as a shining light of a Christian woman, and her steadfast love and devotion TO JESUS, as well as her timely discipline has carved me to be who I am.
    If she did not raise me in a Godly manner, nor care to correct me…I fear for what I could have been…totally ruined, aimless in life, unfulfilled and not knowing THE LORD JESUS.

    An unconditional love and concern for me is what she has exhibited all my life, and I can not every repay her enough with love and kindness, but she remains in my heart and fervent loving prayers forevermore.

    Yes, without JESUS AND Mom, there’s nothing that my parents could really be proud of me for, as they truly are right now.

    Thank you Holley and dear sisters IN JESUS, for all your love, encouragement, compassion, timely sweet words of comfort and heartfelt prayers…you all have made a huge difference in my life, and I can’t believe just how I’ve been so positively impacted and growing even stronger WITH our LORD JESUS!

    With much love&prayers IN JESUS FOREVERMORE,

  407. I admire my Bible Study leader, Kathe. She encourages us to grow in our relationship with the Lord while she grows in hers. She is a prayer warrior also! I’m always excited to sit under her teaching because I know I will be encouraged and challenged in my walk with the Lord.

  408. My friend Wendy was used by God as an instrument to have me return to Jesus with my whole heart. I had kept Him at an arm’s length since my father’s sudden death 10 years before. She invited me on a retreat where the Lord connected with me and my heart opened wide to let Him in again. Wendy, you are AMAZING in your faith and love!

  409. My mom was the most amazing woman in my life. She was far more than my mom, she was my best friend. She is in heaven now with Jesus but I still talk to her on a regular basis. My friends say that my mom is still here in many ways because they can see her in me. What a compliment to think that my mom shines through me. I am proud to be thought of as having my mom’s Christian character and virtues. I am so blessed to be able to call her Mother.

  410. My daughter, Becky, is a constant inspiration to me. At conception I was an unmarried teenager who’s boyfriend and his family didn’t want to be tied down with a baby. In spite of all odds she has grown into an intelligent, talented and generous Godly woman who touches the hearts of every individual she comes in contact with. She has an amazing love for our Saviour and truly loves as scripture demands. She listens closely for the voice of God and follows the path He leads her on, even when it means taking a risk or wondering what will others think. Her faith and willingness to leave her safety zone for the sake of the lost leave me breathless and thankful for her presence in my life.

  411. God has blessed me over the years with the friendship of several beautiful women who have come along side and walked with me on this journey called life. A particularly special one is Jodi who is an amazing woman who is passionate about following God. She’s a teacher/leader and loves to teach others to dig into God’s word. My life has been deeply enriched by her presence. She’s an encourager, teacher, accountability partner, iron sharpening iron in my life.

  412. My sweet and generous friend Kat has been (and continues to be) such a blessing to me. She shines as a Christian woman who encourages me to want a closer relationship with Him.

  413. I haven’t been able to share in the celebration of this book , spending all extra funds on my wedding ! I do enjoy the sisterhood of incourage, tho. Blessings top all, in His grip. ..

    • This wedding is God’s blessing to you and Frank His proof in “skin” that He loves you my friend!

  414. My sister, Shelly. She has shared her children and grandchildren with me for decades! Being childfree, this has meant that I’ve shared so many joys (and sorrows) that I would have never known with her wonderful family. She is a blessing and a joy in my life!

  415. My friend Becky has made, and continues to make, countless amazing differences in my life. She is the friend that I prayed for many years before we met. We pray for and with each other. We support each other. We share our concerns, successes and God builds me up and encourages me through her.

  416. My friend Sarah is a gift from God. I prayed for a best friend and there she was. God has blessed me with a friend who will encourage, challenge, and provide a reality check against the truth of God’s Word when needed. Best of all we laugh together and really care about each other. I know when I share a need she will cover me in prayer and I do the same for her. So thankful.

  417. I have several amazing womwn in my life. My two dearest sisters in Christ who have held me up, prayed for me, cried with me and laughes with me. been silly with me and allowed me the space and freedom to be silly and just love life…My daughters and daughter in law who encourage me and allow me to encourage them to become amazing women…..and my little grand daughter who reminds me what it is like to love and be loved in childish innocence… what it means to come to our Father with childlike faith..what it means to live simply and enjoy lifes lttle things…who helps me recognise and rejoice in being a child of God and who I hope and pray will one day be an amazing woman in her own right…

  418. My Mom has been the constant friend, encourager, comforter, listener, the list could go on and on! My Mom is wonderful and her faith in the Lord greatly encourages me! I love my Mom soooo much! 🙂

  419. My mom has made the biggest difference in my life. She is AMAZING. She went to work so my sister and I could go to college, she never once complained, she has followed the Lord faithfully for decades, and led her children into that same love relationship with Jesus. I am so thankful for my amazing, amazing mom.

  420. Holley, the person who is an encouragement to me and who has challenged and believed in me is my Blessings Unlimited Sponsor, Diane Nelson. I have know her for about 5 years which 1.5 years has been as my Blessings Unlimited Sponsor. She is always there to encourage me in this Christian walk journey and in my Business journey. I also want to share that you have been a great encouragement to me thru “Rain On Me” Devotional; “God’s Heart For You-Enbracing Your True Worth as a Woman”; your website I receive by email; and now your new book “You’re Already Amazing”. Thanks for using the God given gift of encouragement and as a counselor, I struggle with Depression so you always write what I need to hear, thank you, God Bless you!!!!

  421. My former mother in law is the most wonderful woman! She is my mother in Christ! She embodies everything about being in Christ. Sadly she is succumbing to dementia and is still sweet through it all. Love her much and Love Holley!

  422. The woman who made and had the greatest impact in my life was my mother. I always felt her support, encouragement, prayers, example, strength, patience, time, courage, and ability to make my brother and me smile and thrive through positive experiences throughout our childhoods and well into our adulthood.

  423. I have been blessed beyond measure with amazing ladies in my life. From my mom, to my daughters, best friend, and bible study leaders… the one that I can not go unmentioned is my sweet Grandma King (RIP) who was the MOST AMAZING lady in the whole wide world!!! She LOVED the Lord and had the biggest heart ever. She was a prayer warrior and an encourager. She was with me in the darkest times of my life…. Although she was not my blood because she was my ex’s Grandma – I can truly say that she was my GRANDMA and was an example to me because she lived by the word. She always told me God dont like ugly and that I would know when i had enough…. she knew how strong I was before I even knew. I love you Grandma King and I miss you! Can’t wait to see you again one day!

  424. My mom who always believed in me even when I was a snippy teenager(I did apologize to her when I regained my mind lol) . Jennie is her name and always prayed for me and showed me to rely on God fo everything. An amazing woman of faith, love , and prayer. I sure miss her now that she is in heaven though I feel her near me always especially in times of joyful events. She was never one to be unforgiving or mean spirited. She loved her family always and taught me to love the Lord in. Any circumstances

  425. My loving grandmother, “Mamo,” made an eternal impact on my life when I was a baby Christian in my teen years ~ she gave me a Living Bible, and shared her special scriptures, prayers and God’s bountiful answers to her prayers with me. I grew up wanting my heart to be just like hers, a heart after God’s own heart !

  426. There are so many women in my life who have been a big influence on me through the seasons of my life-
    -First and foremost is my dear mom, who went to be with Jesus last year. She loved me and loved me some more! She was my encourager and always told me I was good enough, smart enough and strong enough. Taught me to respect and to be mindful of others’. She never pushed herself on me, she let me think and figure things out for myself. Of course, as a teen I never realized this until I became an adult. Oh, how I miss her.
    -Second/Third is Claire and Lee (both who have also gone to be with Jesus). Claire brought me to the Lord and Lee discipled me. You see my mom planted the seeds and Claire and Lee watered them!
    -Then last but not least , my Heart 2 Heart Bible study sisters. What an amazing group of ladies! Each one unique and gifted. I learn from them, laugh with them and cry with them.
    You know, thank you for this contest because you made me think about the people in my life and I realize how very blessed I am and how very much Abba loves me!

  427. I also have to say my mom. Her name was June, and she has been with the lord for 17
    years. We had many struggles in my childhood with illness both in my father and mother leaving my father unemployed but my mom taught me that through prayer and faith in the Lord he gives you the strength to never give up but to put all your trust in him. Just watching her struggle day in and day out not knowing if we would loose our house and being so ill herself but never complaining or loosing faith taught me to be a better
    christian and I will always be thankful to her for that as I have tried to set an example for my children and now my grandchildren the same as my mom. I thank God for blessing me with her.

  428. Hands down it would be my mom Rev. June E. Smith! Unknowingly she obediently blazed the trail for me as a woman pastor. She pioneered a work nearly 37 years ago. Up until the last 4 years she served with unwavering faith even though her body would tremor. You see twelve or so years ago mom was diagnosed with Parkinsons. It became increasingly difficult for her to fulfill her duties so I moved back to my home state of NY 5 years ago to help her and dad. She and the church asked if I would be willing to become pastor, and I did. Everyday she amazes me by the strength that she shows. Because of the Parkinsonian tremors her body is exhausted at the end of the day and she falls into a deep sleep. However, there have been times I’ve checked on her at night and her lips are moving in silent prayer, still trusting in God our Father for the needs of the church, our family, friends, our country, Israel (the list goes on)! My mom, my mentor, an amazing woman!

  429. My Mom is one of the strongest women I know and so let me tell you why she is SO amazing…
    She is amazing because she is strong
    She is amazing because she is a fighter
    She is amazing because she gives and gives without asking anything in return
    She is amazing because she loves deeply and cares selflessly
    She is amazing because she has been a blonde, brunette and now a red head and always looks beautiful
    She is amazing because she encourages you even when she’s feeling discouraged
    She is amazing because she comforts you when she is the one facing the battle
    She is amazing because she tells you that “it will all work out”and it does
    She is amazing because she has an incredibly strong faith that not even cancer can shake
    She is simply amazing and I’m so lucky to call her MOM

  430. My aunt Virginia – who was willing to open her home and heart to me 25 yeras ago when I was a very troubled teenager – without her I’m afraid where I would have ended up

  431. My mom. She has taught me alot by her example, and also we talk about things. I also have a wonderful friend who lives in another state and she is always encouraging and helps me when I’m struggling with things. I have been blessed by these two.

  432. Jill is the most amazing friend. In a short 6 years, we’ve been through the death of a child, cancer, praying in the hospital, much walking and talking, and listening to the deepest issues of the heart. A mother of seven, she has shared her children with me, and taught me to be real, to face cross-cultural needs that Jesus wants to address, and to live from the heart. I’m so grateful for her.

  433. Olene – She was my Sunday school teacher when I was young. We share the same birthday! She has always accepted me as I am. Even when I strayed away from church and wasn’t living right she still loved and encouraged me. It’s amazing that the things she told me would happen really have!

  434. i have a couple of girlfriends that God has brought into my life…i realized that me, my daughter and these friends are all born on the 3rd of the month…different months, years but all on the 3rd…so i created the Proverbs 3 club because we live by Proverbs 3 promises….we have really stuck it through thick and thin. My best friend is born on the 3rd. and i am 10 months older than she is to the day, so i always say that when i was born the Lord knew i would need someone so she was a twinkle in her parents eye and born 9 months later. we have been friends since kindergarten (50 years ago!). my other friends have come into my life since then and we just seem to have a connection and found that we are all born on the 3rd…this is so biblical to me as the number 3 is used a lot in scripture. It is amazing how the Lord has worked in us for the past 50 years. i look forward to many more years ahead. My journals are full of our adventures,struggles,victories and joys….

  435. I’ve always been grateful to God for my dear mother-in-law who led me to the Lord shortly after my marriage to her son. She prayed for us to know Jesus as our Lord and Savior and underlined passages in her Bible about God’s listening ear to her prayers and His promises of faithfulness to her as she prayed about this. God has answered her!
    My husband and I have been married for 41 years this May and our five children know Jesus, too. Our five grandchildren are being raised in beautiful, loving, spirit-filled homes. Thank you, Grace!!

  436. A lovely lady who made a difference in my life? It is hard to choose just one. God has richly blessed me with incredible ladies who have lovingly supported me and showed me who I am in Christ. My mother is the one that has impacted me the most. She is my biggest supporter. When others turned their backs on me, she was there. When I came home crying because my heart was broken, she was there. When I got married to my best friend, she was there. When I had my little boy, she was there. She is my constant encourager and friend. What a wise woman indeed! I have learned so much from her. Thank you momma!

  437. My amazing, wonderful, true friend, RS. She’s an incredible example of God’s hope, grace, and ability to do above all we ask or think. Her constant thoughtfulness toward others, her listening heart, generous spirit, and zany sense of humor are a continual encouragement. Her whole life is a blessing and I thank the Lord for her and the gift of her friendship. She’s been a blessing beyond words to me. Love ya, RS!

  438. I didn’t know her long, only a few short months, but in the time I knew her, she touched my life in so many ways. My pastor’s wife died 2 years ago from a 10 year struggle with cancer. She was in and out of the hospital on a weekly basis toward the end and was involved in tons of treatments yet I never once saw her complain. When she wasn’t in the hospital, she walked side by side with her husband, out pastor. She was an encouragement to every woman in our church. My husband is on staff at the church and she took me under her wings and mentored me in the short time I was with her. She was the epitome of what people think the wife of a pastor should be. I would write for days about the way she touched my life, but suffice it to say, the woman played such a huge roll in who I am today and she is deeply missed. I even still have her cell number in my phone and think about her often.

  439. Not just one women for me, but a group. I work at a beautiful preschool in Orange County and all of the women that I work with are lights to me. They encourage me every day through my trials and hardships and celebrate with me in my joys.

  440. I love my friend Michelle. She and I have very different pasts, but we connect through our common interests in reading and writing and our love for our Savior and Lord. Although we are at different stages in our lives, she, a mother with preschool and high school age daughters, and I with grown children, we like to hang out together, cooking and talking recipes, gardening, marriage and child raising, and just plain girl talk like shoes and jewelry and how to take care of ourselves.

  441. I am continually amazed by this beautiful young lady: her heart for God, love for her family & how she continues to reach out to her community with God’s love. It amazes me even more that when I gave birth to her 31 years ago, I had no idea how God would use her to bless me & our world.

  442. Chris..I met her when I burst (because I do everything full speed) through the door to an intercessors prayer group one night 10 years ago. I had just returned “home” after wandering for many years and felt the Spirit lead me to that group that cold winter Thursday night. She prayed the Word over me and through the days, weeks, months and years to follow, has watered and helped to weed my soul, planted good seed, in fertile ground and loved me unconditionally regardless of how ugly my past sins were, even when I didn’t and couldn’t love myself. She’s been there for me at 2am in the morning, (now that’s a friend), taken me to emergency rooms when I was sick, bought groceries for me when I had no money and 4 years ago was one of my bridal attendants when I remarried at 58. She’s a mighty prayer warrior and truly God’s hands extended and I am blessed to have her in my life.

  443. My grandmother, Evelyn. This truly amazing woman taught me about God, Faith and Love. I was fortunate to be the first grandchild and a girl. Spoiled rotten but loved beyond words. I was also blessed to live close to her and spend time with her. She taught us that family was important and made me feel so special. I am so blessed that the Lord placed her in my life.

  444. I would say Debbie or Melissa, they have both been great friends to me. I am going through some things in my life and they are there to encourage me with GOD’S words of wisdom and knowledge and to let me know that the answers I am needing will come on his time not on mine as I am wanting it too….. When I need encouragement or someone to talk to they are there. They do not know each other but have similar messages to me when it comes to GOD. I thank them from the bottom of my heart. I will be there for them or other friends if they need me. I mostly thank GOD for being there with me through everything………….. I really need him in my life now and always and with all I am going through.

  445. My Mom and my sister! They’re 2 wonderful and precious women that God blessed me with. So grateful for them and the blessing of their love. My mom is also my pastor, and my sister’s faith and how she’s doing so very well despite her chronic illness, really inspires me and encourages me with my faith…. and praying for the time, when God will make it happen that she will soon have “new, healhthy kidneys.. I believe in God’s miracle. In His time, God will make things beautiful. Thank you Lord. I also want to thank God for blessing me with a Christian friend, now best friend for 13 yrs, my mentor, and also I want to thank God for you Holley and praying that God will bless you more, as you have blessed the lives of many women all over the world, including me.

  446. My mom is most amazing. I could name any number of things, but what stands out most is how she was there for me through my bout with stage 4 colon cancer in 2010. She visited me in the hospital (an hour and a half away) after my surgery, narrowly missing a tornado on the way home. After I was released home, she sat with me daily, reading, doing my housework, keeping me company. It was an amazing way to spend eight weeks. She was strong and encouraging while I went through chemo. Though her friends would tell me how worried she was for me, she never let on. She’s in her 80s, and I am so blessed to have her in my life.

  447. My MOTHER she has always been so supportive. A prayer warrior and God speaks to her and she is praying for things before we even ask her to pray for a matter. My father and brothers always expect cold eggs for breakfast because she has so many she prays for each morning at breakfast! She had suffered from Polio as a young girl and had to learn to walk again and went through so many obstacles till this day. She said the only way she does it is with God. She is a testimony to ALL!

  448. Two amazing women in my life over the past 17 years has been Karen and Minnie. We met in a single Mom’s group and prayed every Monday night for 3 years for our children and needs. God has been faithful to keep us in touch with one another throughout the years and we continue to pray in agreement for our children even though, they are grown. We see each other seldom now in person due to our schedules; but we text, email or call one another for our prayer sessions weekly and sometimes daily. These women are truly friends and sisters in Christ to me.

  449. I can’t even remember how I found her writings, I sure am glad I did. I have been going through a situation with my daughter where she has taken me out of her life and my 4 grand daughters lives because she says I was not a good enough Mother to her. It has been a painful process now for over 2 months, Christmas has gone by and I could not see them, my birthday went by without a phone call, and one of my Grand daughters birthdays is soon approaching.
    Holley’s encouraging words has helped me get through this horrible time and she reminds me that in God I am enough and that I am a new person, loved and cherished by God. I often send her writings to my friends and to a lady that lost her husband, she is always very uplifted by her words!
    Thank you Holley! Awesome you are following your calling and making such a big impact in peoples lives!

  450. My mama – she is truly the most amazing woman in the world to me:) I’m grateful that we live so close to each other – she knows me better that anyone.

  451. My stepmother, Adeline. Words really cannot express all that she has been and is to me. She is such an incredible witness and example of a Christian woman. Her love, faithfulness, and kindness seem to know no bounds. I am so grateful for her.

  452. The Amazing woman that comes first to mind is my Mom. She endures incredible nerve pain every day yet always praises Jesus – through the pain, inspite of the pain and because of the pain. She is there for me, loves me, lifts me up and encourages me to me more and more every day. I truly thank God for my Mom – the bestest best friend I could ever have.

  453. My best friend of 26 years, Korin. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve gone through serious stuff together and she’s always right there. She’s held my hair when I’ve thrown up, took my babies for me when I’ve needed a break & two years ago held my hand at my soon to be divorce-attorney’s office when I was served with divorce papers and my life was flipped upside down. This life would be so so dim and scary without her! God knew what he was doing when he put us together in the same little Kindergarten class so long ago. If I were to be chosen (I know at random) this package would go to her. She’s my “umbrella sharer”. 🙂

  454. My Dear Friend; Frances Allen. She’s an encourager. She speaks truth into my life. We met 5 years ago at Church. We both have a heart for Women and eventually began a Morning time of sharing for Ladies in our Church. I would provide a nice Breakfast for the Ladies, cloth napkins flavored coffee anything that I thought would show them how much they are Loved. Frances, would bring cards/flowers of appreciation. She would come up with a Theme! or we would all draw a question from a bowl and have to comment on it. Scriptures were shared she spoke truth not only into my life but to many lives. We worked on Lesson plans together, we prayed together, we cried together. She encouraged me recently when after 31 years of Marriage my Husband and I separated, when I thought my days of being able to Minister and Council Women were over, she said God is giving me something New to share. Through the heart ache and grief she has stood beside me. I never believed something like this could happen to someone like me! “Satan is no respector of persons” he roams about seeking whom he may devour. my heart is devastated but Frances continues to stand by me. She recently found out her husband of 41 + years is dealing with Cancer. United we Stand – Divided we Fall – how true in Friendships but how much more so in Marriages and Families. The Lord has reminded me: When life is to hard to stand – Kneel! I love you Frances, you are my mentor and my close friend. I’m so Blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for allowing me to vent/cry and everything else and most of all thank you for being my friend.

  455. My friend Zoe is a truly amazing person. She has given me so much–her time and love and understanding, and so much more, all without any judgment attached! She is an incredible intercessor, praying daily for many friends and family.

  456. My friend J.R.is a cancer survivor and has been living her own journey of conquering the fear and pain through her treatment in past years. She likes to share with me her faith and the ways she find comfort in Jesus and every time she shares, I can find heartfelt inspirations through her words and I’m always very glad to be called friend by this special person.
    Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway.
    Have a blessed day!

  457. I’m honored to belong to a circle of 10 women, dubbed the “Bethel Babes” after the college we all met at in 1970. We have loved, encouraged, forgiven, advised and supported one another for almost 42 years. Despite geographic distance, we have celebrated together at marriages and the arrival of children and grandchildren, grieved at the tragic losses of a husband and of children, laughed (a lot!), enjoyed long weekend retreats together where the talking never stops (except when the chocolate and coffee come out!), and most of all prayed together and for one another.

    As we turn 60, different as we all are, the bond between us is stronger than ever, because Jesus is the tie that binds. I am honored to have nine such amazing and Godly women in my life!

  458. My friend, Pat, was a God send to me. She came into my life just before I lost my mother. She was there for me through good and bad times. She is also, the one that got me back into a relationship with the Lord. She ended up being the best friend I have ever had. I really miss her. God called her home after a tuff battle with cancer. But, the time we had, we were also available for each other.

  459. I have often said that I have many acquaintances but not many friends. My very best friend is my sister Linda. She is AMAZING! Although she lives states away, we are close in heart and spirit. We see each other only twice a year and it breaks my heart each time we part. My life is blessed with her love and guidance. She has been there for me through every up and down in my life.

  460. Four ladies in my life are amazing. My mom, who is told she has a red phone to God’s ear – prays with me about everything that’s going on in my life. She’s my rock.
    My older daughter, who has suffered 3 concusions that launched her into ministry….I love to see what the devil meant for your harm, be changed into something glorious for His kingdom, and my younger daughter who inspires me with the size of her giving heart that is always looking to help others. And my grand-daughter who writes inspiring messages on facebook – ladies, use the tools in your toolbox!
    God has a great plan & path for our lives – let’s walk it together 🙂
    Look for ways to be a blessings everwhere you go!

  461. I have to say my mom is the woman in my life who has been my biggest influence. She has such faith and has modeled a Christian walk by living it instead of preaching it. She is ALWAYS there for anyone who needs ANYTHING. She denies herself to give to others. She is a server of others in every aspect. A humble lady requiring nothing from others and reay to serve God each day! She knows right and wrong and has no fear of what others think. She just makes he righ choices and can sleep well at night!!! I thank God that he placed me in her care! Thanks mom!

  462. The most amazing woman in my life is my mom. Her faith & generosity are inspirational. She loves & serves Christ in all she does. She gives all of herself to family, friends and strangers.

  463. Though separated by hundreds of miles, my friend, Jennifer, is an amazing friend to me. Like most women, my life is concentrated on others – my family, my church, my co-workers. When things are going on and I am unloading on my friend, she always brings it back to – what about you? what does Sandra need? Everyone needs that kind of friend.

  464. One of the most amazing women in my life is my friend, Linda. There are so many attributes that makes her amazing, but I will try to limit myself. She is personally amazing to me because of her “lay down her life” kind of friendship. Eight years ago, at the age of 39, I had colon cancer surgery (in another city than where we live). Linda insisted on staying with me so my husband could be home with our children. Each morning she would get up, get ready for work and drive back to the city where we live to her job. After work, she was back at the hospital. Linda also stayed with my mom, to give my dad and I a break, when my mom was in the hospital—my mom was in the last stage of colon cancer. I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. She is truly an amazing person, friend and sister in Christ.

  465. My sister, Ruth, has been by my side thru the good times & the bad. She always seems to know when I need a pick me up & something will come in the mail or she will call. I live in Tennessee & she lives in Texas but she make the miles melt with her loving ways.

  466. For my dear church friend, Liinda. She has walked through many tough times with me. Sometimes she cried but, more often, she would bring me small, funny presents that made me laugh. She’s also the one to give me a swift kick when I need one. Linda has been my rock more times than I can count, while dealing with hard struggles of her own. I love her very much!

  467. This book looks amazing and I want to own it.

    I am a Kenyan and I live in Kenya, this is my home.

    I cleared high school 7 years ago with good grades, the kind of grades that my dad had promised that if I got them, he’d take me to my college of choice to do a course of my choice. I even surprised myself by passing Maths…never thought I would. A few months after my results, I got called to a medical school, that is what I always wanted to do, my dad said no. Money was not the problem then, the problem was my step mothers. They all did not want me to advance in my studies. The community I come from believes that a baby girl does not deserve an education, she therefore, if she is lucky enough to go through high school, should be married immediately and do what other women do, that is, stay home as they look after their husbands and children. As the ideas of me getting married were thrown off at me I decided I had had enough. I spoke to one of my lady friends and she said that the best thing for me to do was to run away from home. With no money, and just a few of my worldy belongings with me(namely countable cloths) I ran away from home…without telling anyone where I was going, not that they cared.

    So that story brings me to a wonderful woman I want to introduce you to…her name is Mary. She took me into her house. She did not me, she did not know whether I could be trusted with her household but she took me in. With her job that wasn’t well paying then she accommodated me, fed me, clothed and most importantly, she taught me to trust God again, to love Him again, to accept Him into my life again. That wonderful woman is now the big sister I never had, she is my best friend, the one I always run to when I want to talk or just run away from annoying people. She has a wonderful heart and I could go on and on about her. I totally love her.

    Btw, I got to go to college, but this time round I did accounts which I will be doing my final exams this June and graduating next year. Mary saw me through my first year, I have a job and I live in my own house.

    If I win this book, I will give it to her.

    Bless you ladies.

  468. I’m very lucky to count many great women in my life, but, if I had to pick the best I would say my mother. She taught me that Jesus is my best friend and is always there for me. I can’t remember the last time we went 24 hours without talking or seeing each other. She’s my rock!

  469. How do I pick just one amazing woman!?! I am so thankful for my mentor, Sue (she is always encouraging me, always making sure I’m staying on track); my bible study teacher, Joanna (she makes the Word alive to me, shows me how to apply it NOW); 3 close friends who get me and keep me accountable, Amy, Jeni, Cathy!

  470. Vera has been my best friend since I was 18. I’ll be 57 in a couple of weeks–and we’ll celebrate together. (She’ll again make my favorite birthday pie!) She’s never failed to be at my side through times happy and sad. We share everything from tears to the front seat (hands up of course!) of every roller coaster we can find. She is faithful to share godly wisdom or to simply be my friend, my sister of the heart. What an amazing woman. What a blessing in my life.

  471. Dorothy is a special friend who has made a difference in my life. We have shared many things together and she is always challenging me in my walk with the Lord.

  472. There have been many women who have touched my life, but spiritually none more so than my step mom Barb.She has loved me as her own. She has given words of encouragement and hours of listening to me over the phone. Through my childhood, teen years, being a married adult mother in an abusive relationship, she reminded me of God’s constant and unfailing love, and his desire for the best for my life. Through struggles of self doubt and self loathing, emotional scars from myself and others, she would always have scripture ready to encourage me before I asked. I know so much more about God’s love for me because of this wonderful woman. I still struggle with my value as a woman, a daughter, a mother, but I also know that despite my doubts one day I will get past them.

  473. My sister Susan. I call her My One. For being there as an encourager, prayer partner, rock, standing with me for whatever I need. She knows when I hurt, she knows when I need her by the Holy Spirit. I hope I can return vice versa what she means to me!! I love My One.

  474. My mother, Brenda. She has been a strong Christian woman for 10 years, and has always encouraged me to give my life to Christ and live for him. About 7 months ago, circumstances in my life brought me to a point where I realized she was right, that I couldn’t continue without Jesus in my life. I became a Christian, and she was the first person I called to share the news with. It was then that she told me she had prayed every day for the last 10 years that my husband & I would be saved. I couldn’t believe that she took time out of her day EVERY day for 10 years to pray for us. What an amazing woman!! We talk almost every day now, and it is so fun to have someone there who is so excited to hear about all of the amazing things the Lord is doing in our lives.

  475. God blessed me with a friend named Linda 3 years ago when we first came to our church as new believers! Her and her husband are our faith group (small group) leaders and she is such a love, encouragement and mentor. She is the godly woman in my life I never had — God is SO good. Her life radiates God’s strength and presence- I am blessed to be apart of it! Thank you Lord for Linda!

  476. Darcy is an amazing lady! She knew that I had left my church several years ago and gently but determinedly planted seeds year after year, encouraging me to go back. As the seeds blossomed into flowers, I softly put my foot back into the door of my church, rediscovered my God and now am in choir and am worshiping God again, feeling so blessed! Without Darcy’s gentle encouragement, I would never have made it.

  477. Mary is an amazing friend. During the time that I was going through chemo therapy, Mary was always there for me. She would go to treatments with me and do special little things to cheer me up and make me comfortable. She always went out of the way for me and for my family. Mary is a special friend in the good times and in the bad times.

  478. There are a lot of amazing women in my life and others that have passed on. I have 2 amazing sisters and 2 wonderful daughters. One of my daughters is getting married and she has really been encoraging to me during some difficult times. I look forward to her new life with her husband but I will really miss her

  479. My friend Lorene is an amazing person. She has encouraged me to stand up, get out of the box, overcome fears and listen to God. She began a non-profit in our community to assist, train and advocate for victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Over the course of several years now she has helped many women in the area with finding a safe place to stay when homeless due to living in a violent situation at home. She has a biblical training program for the victims to help them recover from their life situation and bring restoration and healing. My friend has shown me how to truly rely on God for all our needs. She is a true blessing to all.

  480. The most beautiful, encouraging woman in my life was my grandmother, Maria Elizabeth Davis. She was alway so positive, slipping in a little joke to put a giggle in your spirit. My grandmother lived to be 95 years old and she prayed and taught us the GOODNESS of GOD until her last moment. At times, I would call her to encourage her and she would end up blessing me. I thank you for giving me this opportunity to share about my grandmother – a phenomenal, wise and blessed WOMAN OF GOD!
    And my mother, Earlene and auntie, Barbara are just as wonderful and their lovely mommy!

  481. My daughter, Tami Heagy, and I are each others biggest encouragers. I’ve received Holley’s emails for quite some time now. When I sent Tami certain ones that really touched me, she too signed up for her emails. When Holley’s book “God’s Heart For You” came out, I started reading mine and immediately ordered one to send Tami for her birthday. As soon as I heard about her new book, I ordered one for each of us. I was going to save her’s for her birthday in May, but since she’s visiting us next week for 10 days, I’m going to go ahead and give it to her while she’s hear. She too has signed up for the emails from (in)courage. All of these are a big help in our Christian walk, and we are thankful for these encouraging books and emails. Emma McHorse

  482. I have prayed and asked several godly ladies to mentor me and none of them worked out. I was asking God about why I was unable to find a mentor and I heard him whisper that it was because He wanted to be my mentor. There have been women that have inspired me to be in the word but truly, God has been my amazing friend walking with me when none else was available.

  483. I, too, have prayed for someone to come along side… I finally found a great encourager and now feel like I can be a great mentor and encourager to someone else. God is so faithful.

  484. My friend Gina, I met through an online support group about ten years ago, even though we have never met, she has been my forever friend. She always believes in me, she makes me laugh, she speaks truth to me even when I don’t always want to hear it, she loves me with Christ’s love and I am so thankful for the gift of her friendship.

  485. God used three women in my life for different purposes and different seasons, but not one of them is lesser than the other.

    Doris was the mom to me who God sent into my life when my parents were no more than physically present. She started as just another teacher, and became my mom. When I wanted my life to end, she helped me dance. When I thought no on cared, she showed me God’s love through her actions and words. When most people avoided me and gossiped, she hugged me and bought me dinner. When I hid under her desk, she turned it into a clubhouse where we would “solve the worlds problems.” God sent me Doris during a season of running from problems and anger.

    Jenn was a youth pastor of the largest youth group in my area. She taught me how to make Christianity not just another religion but a way of life and a relationship with the only Father who will never leave me. She loved me and would take time away from her children, her work (75+ teenagers), and her youth leaders to sit with me and talk with me. It didnt matter if I was laughing, crying, or yelling. She encouraged me to take a step of faith and to trust God. Jenn was put in my life for a season of anger and hurt.

    Jennifer, well I’m not sure exactly how God put her in my life. It was like one day she was just there. There have been times that I have been somewhere, that Jennifer was not planning on going to and didn’t know I was there, crying out to God to help me and in walks Jennifer. She comes in and just comes and sits by me and talks to me, even while her kids are all over the place. Jennifer has taught me so much about the Biblical view of gender roles, about marriage (if one day God decides to place a man in my life to marry), and about raising kids (if one day God blesses me with a husband and children)- how to break the cycle I have grown up in. Most of all Jennifer taught me how to forgive myself and how God can break soul ties leftover from a sinful lifestyle. Jennifer has taught me about what is means to be feminine, not weak. Jennifer is in my life for the end of the season of shame and a current season of growth and learning.

  486. My good friend Lucy. She’s such an inspiration to me as a mother, wife, and daughter of God.

  487. A lovely woman named Marion believed in me years ago and mentored me a a teacher. She felt certain God intended me to teach women to grow in him. Through her example, encouragement and prayers, I’m doing just that!

  488. my dear friend Kendra. sunshine of my life. she sets me right when im wrong, lets me ask hard questions, makes me smile when i’m down, and always sees the best in me, even when i can’t.

  489. My sweet friend Karin. I have only known her a little more than a year. She has breathed a fragrance into my life that is unexpected and healing. I lost my dad to Alzheimer’s disease in June and she has been the one to remind me to be gentle with myself in the midst of my grief. Her words are always encouraging and precious to my soul. I stand grateful for the gift of this new friendship in a season of loss.

  490. My Grandmother who has gone home to be with the Lord was the “rock” of my life. She was always there for me and she was the example of a Godly woman in my life. I am so thankful for the values she passed on to me and to my family. I am truly blessed to have had her for my Nana.

  491. My Aunt Iris was one of the most amazing women I have ever known. She always let us know we were loved, we could accomplish any goal, and we should never stop learning. My sisters and I knew her home was a place of love and safety in a crazy mixed up world. She’s home with the Lord, and I really look forward to seeing her again someday. I can’t wait to hear what she’s learned since she arrived.

  492. I can’t wait to read this book. The title reminds me of my friend, Gem. She will be 86 this year and she is amazing. She lived next door for years and every day she would remind me that there wasn’t anything we couldn’t do if we “stayed in God’s hand”. She would take hold of each day and live it for everything it was worth. I’ve since moved and I miss the treasure that she is!!

  493. The woman who most inspired me is my mother. To know her is know her pain and suffering as a child. She was a victim of child abuse at the hand of her father for many years. She went on to have 2 daughters who she always encouraged to be strong, loving, and compassionate. She could have gone through life with anger and resentment but instead she is courageous and forgiving. She has inspired me in so many ways and I truly owe her my life!

  494. All the women in my life have each had their own special role. My grandmother forever touched my soul as I spent time by her bedside as she was dying. My mom is my best friend and such a caring woman, holding our family together as my brother battled cancer. My sisters are such strong women and wonderful mothers. Each day, I see my friends do things I didn’t think were possible or bearable. I believe we all have a story to tell; we all have something to learn from one another.

  495. One of my favorite amazing women is my mother in law. She’s such a beautiful woman. She’s been through much hardship and yet her faith is so strong. Another is my friend Rhonda. When I had my first babies, I wanted to be a mother like her. She is so strong, kind, helpful, joyful and I wish I could be just like her. She would be blushing and shooing me away to hear it but it’s all so true.

  496. A woman who inspires me is my sister Cathy. She has struggled with MS for years but keeps plugging on as the main provider for her family and has kept her faith.

  497. My mom’s friend, Lynn is an amazing, God-fearing woman whom I greatly respect and everyone who meets her knows that she is amazing!!! To be like that….

  498. My mom has been a great influence in my life. She’s a wonderful Christ-like woman who gives selflessly.

  499. As the years tick away, my mother continues her journey home to be in heaven
    with my dad. She will be 94 years old this June 6th and she inspires me every
    time I visit her, hold her hand, watch her smile and just sit by her bed as
    she sleeps and dreams of days gone by and of her future home in heaven.
    I’m blessed to have her near me and as difficult as advocating for an elderly
    parent can be sometimes, I’m so thankful I’m going through this journey with
    her and loving her home.

  500. My friend Carol has made an amazing difference in my life. I don’t see her as often as I’d like now, but in my early Christian life, she was one who invited me to church; helped me at difficult times; corrected me when I needed correcting.

  501. My wonderful friend, Rebecca. She always reminds me how much I’m already loved by Jesus. Though I’ve been saved 1/2 my life now – 22yrs. Only in the last year did we get out from under the bondage of the law our former pastor’s taught. Praise Jesus – we now realize our freedom in him – and Rebecca reminds me of that every time I talk with her.

  502. My Mama was a very strong woman, bearing 13 children, she and my dad raised us on a farm (we were share croppers) where I learned to save everylittle piece of fruit or vegetable you could, for when the winter came. She buried six children and my Dad before she went home to be with Jesus and the rest of her family who had gone before her. Had she lived, she would be 98 this year, I miss her everyday and look forward to seeing her again soon.

  503. My friend Paula who I have been in a women’s small group with, and now help facilitate that group with, is an amazing woman. She encourages me weekly with her faith, listening to God and uplifting words. I love ‘doing life’ with this amazing friend!
    Thanks always for encouraging us Holley, and giving us opportunities to win ‘stuff’ and be blessed!
    Blessings to you,
    Susan G

  504. I guess I’m a day late, but hopefully I still have a chance to win. My mom inspired me and her last words to me were to dream…I even got a tattoo of her words “dream”

  505. The most amazing dear woman in my life who made an awesome impact in my life would be my faithful, wonderful mother-n-law who went to be with the Lord on May 1st, 2011 w/complications from a stroke. She took me in as a teenager and loved me just like her own. Not only did I fall in love with her son but mom as well! We had a special bond/relationship together sharing in many ways: our faith, time, chores, family, friends, food, etc…Mom was always there for me and would jump to help out in any way possible, especially when it involved her only two grand-daughters. She loved the holidays and went out of her way to make it a special time for her family. I deeply miss her w/all my heart. With a grateful heart, I gave thanks to God for the many blessings you daily send our way, especially w/an exceptional mother-n-law. Until we meet again….I Love You MOM! XOXO

  506. My Sister, she’s like my other 1/2 and I can’t imagine having lived this life without her by my side!

  507. My Friend Troy prayed for me to accept Christ into my heart for many years. Now that I am a Christian also, we are true sisters in Him. She guides me when she listens to me and helps me determine what my Spirit inside wants for me. She truly is a woman of wisdom and her voice and her compassionate heart soothe me. What would I ever do without her. I am truly and royally blessed.

  508. My friend Molly is amazing. She truly lives by the Word. She is there when I need uplifting or just to have a good time. And, she always tries to walk the walk and to pray without ceasing. She puts her faith in God and lets His light shine onto every situation even when it is not the “easy” choice. She is strongly rooted in God and helps me to be more rooted also.

  509. Oh I miss my Mom so much. I hope my Mom is running and having fun in Heaven. My Heart will always cry as I miss & love my Mom.

  510. I am blessed to know so many amazing women, but today I want to mention my sister-in-law, Heather. I grew up with 3 brothers and no sisters, so it means the world to me to have 2 sisters now. Heather is amazing because she loves God, loves my brother, and loves others so well. Her genuine care and concern for my family is incredible. She’ll text me just to ask how my day was, she pampers my kiddos, she looks out for us. We are so blessed!

  511. I had an amazing aunt that was a person of such godliness. She lived with an alcoholilc husband and cared for him after he had a stroke for years.
    I don’t remember ever hearing her say anything bad about anyone. I always thought that when I got older I would be a calm, generous and holy as I thought she was. I am sure that she had bad days like everyone, but I never saw them. I think if she and some others in my family hadn’t been praying for me, I don’t know what would have become of my life.

  512. My girlfriend delights in the Lord! I’m constantly amazed at the things in nature, people, and situations that she can relate a scripture passage or verse to! She’s the first one I think of when I need a prayer partner, and I KNOW she will pray often for me.

  513. My late Aunt had a huge impact on my life and so many others. She showed how even the small things could impact a persons life. She poured her faith not only into her family but also into all those she came across. As a teacher she often went to great lengths to impact the lives of her students in little ways that would make it easier for them to succeed. She always made sure each and every student had a backpack for school, baked them a cake on their birthday and was even known to make sure some of her less fortunate students had clean clothes for school by having them washed.

    I am not even sure I can fully put into words the way she has impacted others.

  514. The lady that I want to recognize on here today is my mentor and spiritual mother, Marcia W. She is the one who helped me surrender my heart and life to the Lord and then continued to disciple me. She is an amazing woman and I am blessed to have walked a time in my life with her. Even though we now live apart we are still able to be very close and she continues to be a support in my life! 🙂

    Thanks Marcia! 🙂

    Love you!

  515. My grandmother is amazing!! I have learned so much about faith from her. She always took us to church when we were little and I can remember her sitting in her chair reading her bible. She is just wonderful!!

  516. My Mom! Thankfully I still have her around! She has always been a rock showing Jesus to everyone around her at every turn! I thank God for my Mom (and Dad!) everyday!

  517. My friend Cheryl is the most amazing woman I have met. She was not raised in a traditional religious setting, attending church regularly and all that. But she radiates the Lord more than any person I have ever met, wether it be comforting a friend, taking care of people in need or giving a simple smile when she senses one would be appreciated. She has no idea how much I draw encouragement from her.

  518. Myfriend Teresa is always a phone call away. She has picked me up when I was down. She is there for me 24/7! She is my angel!