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Katherine is a native Texan who adores her quirky, diverse and sometimes weird home city of Austin. Her favorite moments usually involve people and prayer. She can't get enough of talking with those she loves. When she is not writing or working, she enjoys traveling to new places, exploring outdoors,...

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  1. I’ve been teaching a series of classes on the Sermon on the Mount. Love your thoughts about the Beatitudes. Will be sharing these with my class. How truly blessed we are!!!

  2. That changes everything! Even when hungry in spirit, even when hunger and thirst for righteousness… takes away striving and becomes more of a gift. Awesome!

  3. Wow, this spoke to my heart very sweetly. Thank you for this thought on Matthew 5 and Romans 8…I am going to think about this as I read more of Gods word…

  4. Great and inspiring post! I never looked at Matthew 5 in quite that way! Thanks for sharing!