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Arianne is a mom of three boys and a baby girl. She lives in Phoenix, AZ, and sifts through the Legos and fluffy cloth diapers hoping to one day catch up on sleep. Her heart is healing and thriving from living life as a mom of kids with autism and...

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  1. Ari,

    Sweet, wise remembrance. I know those feelings of being forgotten, caring more about the people who don’t remember me rather than the God who DOES! I need all the reminders I can get :).

    Praying for you…still :).

  2. This just sings the song of Trust and Faith so beautifully. Sing on. You encourage and you inspire. Thanks for sharing your gift of Hope.

  3. During college, I wrestled into an agnostic stage. Although I had grown up in a pastor’s family, and was currently in the role of dorm chaplain at my Christian college, and was majoring in Christian Ministry, doubts started tormenting me.

    My mom is a free-lance writer and had published numerous articles on God’s faithfulness revealed through His provision over the years. Those stories were what I revisited… her articles of how He provided when there was no money in the bank are what assured me that my faith was true.

    You’ve given your children the same gift. Thanks for the reminder this morning. It was a beautiful walk down memory lane.

  4. Two years ago we moved from Atlanta, GA to Chandler, AZ……….. He does provide. We often joked that when we thought we hit a tough spot that God didn’t bring us this far from our roots to drop us on our head. And he hasn’t yet. He is taking care of us. Thank you for that reminder. It has made me smile this morning! Enjoy Pheonix!

  5. “Hiding when you are hurting won’t heal you and growing isolated can just let infection grow.”

    This is me just now. I want to hide, but I know that I cannot hide from my Heaveanly Father. I am diagnosed with Breast Cancer and I had a surgery. I am at the crossroad of chemo. Should I do it? Please help me to pray for divine guidance. I feel stupid and want to hide. Lord help me.

    • Dear sweet Ana,
      First, you are not stupid! You are faced with a huge life altering decision…those things have a tendency to make us forget who we are and to WHOM we belong!
      Second, there are times in our lives we have to trust strangers with our lives…this is one of them, however, trust God the most!!
      I am praying for you and please know that you are loved and not alone!

    • Ana,

      God doesn’t make mistakes or junk!! You are not stupid as the devil wants you to think.

      Lord God please give Ana the guidance she needs to decide on chemo–help her to feel your loving arms filled with your grace & mercy around her.


    • Ana, I love that you read through to see the journey God’s been growing in my heart. I want you to know that, no God has NOT forgotten you. Despite the thoughts and feelings and worries and despairs. He loves you so, wants you to fully trust Him. He longs to speak direction into your ears. I’m praying for you to feel comfort and peace and to hear Him so clearly. You can hide, but hide in the shadow of His wings. xoxo

  6. About 7 years ago our family was asked to move from Atlanta to Phoenix. Atlanta was the only place I had ever lived. With some fear and much prayer, we trusted God because of a little plaque I had that said ” rejoice evermore for this is the will of Christ Jesus concerning you” 1 Thes. 5:10
    From the moment we arrived God began surprising us with new friends, and coincidences that only He could have orchestrated.
    It is a shock to have such different climate and yet I will always look upon our 2 -1/2 years there as a blessing. I joined CBS bible study and made friends for a lifetime.
    May you be encouraged that He will continue to surprise you as you continue to trust Him.
    Your stories inspire and encourage me- I am grateful!
    If I can be of any help to you I would be honored 🙂

    • oh kathy, you understand what we’ve done, don’t you? i’m so grateful for you sharing your story. we are still being surprised and delighted by God each day. it’s so fun!

  7. Ahhh… I so relate to this ! Thanks for sharing your heart. My husband and I are getting ready to do a very similar thing…moving from CT to AL and, although we have 4 children, they are now grown and for the first time we are leaving 3 here in CT and joining one in AL… talk about bittersweet !!! Also, our bank account is drained to the bottom of the pool and I’m praying for those daily needs. And YES, God has not forgotten us either… we may foreclose, we may take credit hits, we may loss some “things” but we are richer than ever before in His grace and security and in what matters most ! Thanks for your honesty! I’m glad to know I’m not alone in this following God all – out – like ! 🙂

    • nope, not alone joy! been there, too. thinking of you guys as you traverse from north to southern culture, climates, people, all of it! xo

  8. His presence… is unmatched. His realness and faithfulness in the trials…. they are treasures.

    May the Lord reveal Himself to you in new and refreshing ways as you journey through this season with Him!

    Thank you for the post. I’m blessed by it.

    – Kate 🙂

  9. Yes, we have been there and back again, by choice crazily enough. But it is so rewarding to see how God has provided and still provides. Even through additional chaos and tragedy mixed in, He is in it all for our good. It’s so comforting to know we’re never forgotten by someone – best of all by the One who put us here in the first place!! Great post!

  10. God always provides for His children. Sometimes He puts us in positions where we have to totally surrender everything to Him–In essence making us very aware of His presence in our lives@!

    Praying for a sense of peace and comfort!

  11. God knew I would need to hear this today!! He is so amazing!! And yes, I think He does delight in our “surprised-ness” as well! I have been experiencing that myself the past 7 months in huge ways. I am an AmeriCorps member and when my service term was getting close to ending last term, I took a huge leap and told God I would pack up my two kids (which as a single mom was a HUGE leap and promise) and go wherever He sent me! I applied to 18 different positions all over California, Oregon and Nevada and told Him I would go anywhere (although I did say, Lord I dont really like Los Angeles, but if You want me to go there, I will). Well He sent me to Santa Cruz; He provided me with the perfect little 1 bedroom cottage (which has enough room for me and my 2 girls) 3 weeks before I had to move when there was no other housing I could afford on the horizon; He provided me with an amazing church family and community (which just happened to be starting an Emotional Healing therapy group workshop 2 weeks after I moved here; which I needed because I have issues 🙂 but doesnt everyone?) which has surrounded me and shown me His love, grace and faithfulness in huge ways. He has continued to provide for me when I am down to my last few dollars, right when I need it (not necessarily when I want it, but when it is absolutely needed, He provides). And just recently I had to end a year and a half long friendship with a male friend, whom I believed was going to be my Boaz, because he couldnt decide if he wanted the relationship to be more. Once again, though, God has met me where I am, in my brokeness, sadness and fear, and has raised some amazingly encouraging women friends in my life to remind me that I am loved by the Most High God, that I am worthy of pursuit, and that I do not and should not settle for just anyone. God has it all worked out; and He loves me beyond all measure. So if and when I end up in a relationship, I seriously believe it will be another one of those moment of “surprised-ness” He delights in. Cause that IS how He works 🙂 Thank you for posting this. As you can tell, it impacted me 🙂 hahaahha. Be blessed <3 <

    • i love that you “got me” today, jennifer. i love your story, not the hardships (which you know i understand!) but the beauty in the provision. oh what a beautiful story lays ahead fo you still! xoxo

  12. I’m going through a very similar season right now as God has asked me to step out in faith & quit my primary job. It was scary & risky but I have already seen so much answered prayer & provision by stepping out in obedience & trusting God!

  13. Thanks so much for this post, Arianne! I am facing being a single mom right now, which is something I was neither expecting nor wanting. God has been *SO* incredibly faithful and has put people in my life to reach out to me and offer support and encouragement. I know that no matter what happens, God will bless my obedience. He has plans to prosper me and not to harm me, to give me a future and a hope. Those are things I know, but you can never be reminded of them too much.

  14. Yes…living in my own odd season right now, waiting for direction. I feel a bit like Abraham, knowing that God has said I am to go, I just don’t know when…so in the meantime I am waiting on Him for just about EVERYTHING and depending on His provision, as my work is spotty and now-and-then…but it is enough! Thank You, Lord! Praying for YOU! : )

    • Seasons of grace and faith!
      I’m calling it when Jesus carries us in
      Sandals of Grace! I am waiting on a job to come through, a place to move my things and would you believe, my car. Foreclosure brought me to my knees! I was there a few years ago- divorce. God brought me through then,
      When it seemed all was lost, His promises Are new every morning, He will provide again.. Even so, it seems all is lost, He is standing by now and listening to my heart and it is amazing assurance!

  15. I am exactly there too. I have given my 30 day notice for the apartment I rented last year after a heartbreaking foreclosure. I have income but in order to reestablish i need a
    job. It’s been the most humbling time. My things are packed, I have no idea where to go. I have resumes out. I passed a State test,
    even so, I know God has a plan. I remember being in this position some years back (not a foreclosure) I was working & going to college at night, recently divorced and my children were grown. So, it seemed even as I went to church and tried to understand, I didnt have

  16. Oops.. Hit the publish button: what I wanted to say is; when all seemed lost, I felt lost so much, one day I got a call and in a year I was buying my own hone, it was God’s blessing!
    We have season of blessings and seasons of
    difficult times, what I know is He will answer us as we lean into him, I am there again, I know a blessing awaits!

  17. I am there too. Leaning into God as I search
    for a place to rent, a job. And now a car,
    Foreclosure humbled me totally. What I know
    Is years ago after divorce I was in a similar season. I’m leaning and learning God is awesome. He brought me through back then he will again. Each season brings new understanding. Jeremiah 30-17 says I will heal your wounds,

  18. Welcome to the Phoenix area. And no, the heat won’t melt you!

    God met me just today with a woman who has walked my road that involves a son with mental illness/addiction issues. Totally unexpected, definitely life-changing, obviously choreographed by the God that knows my heart.

  19. Arianne,

    Wow, well…. doesn’t He just keep telling me over and over again that He’s got my back, and when will I finally just listen and rest in that comfort? Ours is a story about figuring out how He will help us find the funding we need to make the adoption of our child a reality. We can’t do this on our own… it will require a miracle, or more acuately, many small miracles. As, you said, I know He will meet us right where we are and when the payments are due, I have faith that what we need will be available, but taking that first big step off the cliff is hard…. I needed this today. Thank you for sharing yourself. You made a difference for me!