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  1. I would really appreciate prayer for friendship. I have some social anxiety that I finally started working on at college this year, which opened my eyes up to see that I really only have one friend at home. Obviously only really venturing out of my home to go to work and church services doesn’t really help that, so I guess I also need the courage to continue to challenge myself to go to Sunday school classes or small groups or other more social occasions so I don’t go back to school having lost most of the gains I made last year. Thank you!

    • VA,
      I will pray for you to find a group of women your age at your church and some a little older than you who can help mentor you and guide you. Community is the best medicine-I know, I’ve felt your pain. Its lonely. Its scary to meet people to let them inside your world but ask God to put specific people in your life who can help you expand your circle of friends. Be ready! He will answer!

      • I would really encourage you to join small groups in your church. I have experienced women creating strong bonds in these groups who were strangers going in, and we are all sisters in Christ who need each other’s support and fellowship. I will pray that God will give you the encouragement you need to make the step into smaller groups and help you find those sisters to bring joy to your life. Blessings to you as you lean on God in this search for strong, trusting friendships.

    • Praying for you. Praying that God will give you the courage and humility to open up to others. Small groups are a great outlet for that! Also, Proverbs 18:24 is so true (even though it’s hard to look at it this way)… if you want to have friends, you must show yourself friendly! I’ve been where you’re at. It’s so easy to think, “I’m willing to have friends… I want friends… why isn’t anyone reaching out to be my friend??” We mustn’t think like that, but be willing to step out, ourselves, and be a friend to others – there you will find friends. 🙂 Praying for you!!

    • I will pray that God will give you the strength to overcome your fear of meeting new people. Take baby steps and say hello to someone different in church each week or just look them in the eye and smile. When we seem more open to others, then they will reach out to us. Joining a young peoples group at church would be good. Just reaching out for prayer like this is a good start. Delving into God’s word will inspire you and God will lead you in the right direction. Praying for you and may God bless you.

    • Hi Va,
      I can so relate to your situation! I am currently going through a book and workbook called Hiding From Love by Dr. John Townsend. It helps identify the places we hide and why, as well as how to let the Lord come in and heal those places. It takes His truth and love as well as safe Christian community. This can be small; one or two safe friends that you can begin to disclose at a deeper level in acceptance and safety will help you grow in confidence in larger more social settings. Lord, I thank you for Va, and I pray you lead her to Godly sisters of Your choosing that can value her for who she is and that she can encourage as well. She has so much to offer, Lord, and I ask that you show her any situations where she can give of herself without feeling “on”, such as a volunteer opportunity that is a fit for her. Most of all Lord, reveal your love and delight in her just as she is, and to know that she is your Beloved Daughter that you love so much. In Jesus Name, Amen.

    • ~VA~ …. I relate to your social anxiety, as I was there not so long ago (and still am, to some degree, but doing better) After praying about my need for relational community with other like-minded women, God prompted me to ask a few “acquaintances” I looked up to, to join me a couple times a month for unstructured sharing, prayer, and encouragement time. I was surprised how quickly they agreed and were excited about coming! We take turns bringing tea and treats, even flowers or little gifts sometimes (because women love beauty!) We call ourselves The Fellowship and we use printouts of (in)courage blog postings that particularly impacted us, as jumping-off points for discussion.
      I will definitely pray for God-directed friendships for you, and for courage to reach out to others who need a friend too. May God use you to bless others as you are blessed.

    • VA,

      Try some small groups–Do a women’s Bible study & really get to know some of the women in that group. That helped me open up more. Does your church have a singles group–that is another good small group to join.

      You will have fun, learn things & most importantly make some friends.

    • VA
      What courage it takes to voice your concern. The first step is awareness. Now you are asking Gid for help. He has an amazing group for you. I pray He has a wonderful friend that you will become very close to this summer. Taking steps out of our comfort zone is tough but that is when we see God work in miraculous ways. Attempt something so great that it is doomed to fail unless God is in it. Keep letting Him grow you and show His greatness.

    • I think this group is amazing. To know other people are struggling too makes you feel less alone. Yet hearing Gods strength and words thru others prayers is (in)couraging.
      I would appreciate prayers for my complete faith in Christ for my finances at work and home. With a big negative tax surprise and no credit cards or anymore loans for my practice I need to rely solely on God. I feel like things haven’t changed yet because I’m not trusting him completely. I am a chiropractor and love what I do. But the financial business part is not my strength. I am focusing on my blessings after reading onethousand gifts but struggle not worrying when bills are due and I can’t pay them or like today I got a message from my banker that I am $3127 in the whole and it must be paid by tomorro Sorry this is long. I would appreciate prayers for an unswerving faith and trust in God to deliver the money I need in the bank tomorrow and more new patients for me to take great care of. Thank you for your prayers.

    • I will be praying for God to give you the courage to be the first to seek friends and to say hello and extend your hand. I was extremely shy and have had to depend on God for courage in this area. God has amazing people to put in your corner and bring joy and fun into your life. I pray that God will allow you to let go of your fears and be open to others.

  2. Hello to everyone,

    I am an italian woman, wife, mother who has faith but lost herself. . . her true soul. . . who is trying to find a new way to be a better woman, wife, mother and believer, . a true one. . .

    • Praying you become the woman God wants you to be, and find peace and hope in the journey! I can tell from your comment that you have a beautiful soul.

      • I will be praying for you. I have been on a journey over the last four years discovering who I am. I understand your journey.

  3. Hi Ladies,
    I could use help in praying for my office. We have had a tremendous amount of change in the last 6 months-one MD retired which was wonderful, he was a beast to work for, we’ve worked short handed on MDs since, the nurses are stressed, we have 2 new managers hired whose job is to get us back up to speed–we have been a dysfunctional office under the leadership of the MD who retired–, the nurses, except for myself, are all revolting and making life especially difficult for me since I won’t come along side them and fight the changes. I welcome the changes! We need the changes! So, now they are acting like school girls and I’m just ignored by them. I’m trying to stay positive and I have a great working relationship with the new management. Its just getting very hard to go to work everyday to be ignored and shunned by my coworkers. I refuse to act like them just because they do not like change. Change is good even though it is difficult!

    I also have a PRAISE that I would like continued prayer for please. My relationship with my new boyfriend (4 months) is wonderful! God has answered so many prayers with sending him into my life! I have never felt the love I feel right now with him, even in my 12 years I was with my ex husband. This man is the first man I’ve dated since my divorce 3 years ago, and I hope the last! Please pray for our relationship, I know its new and the newness will eventually wear off. Its the love I feel right now that I pray stays strong no matter what!

    • I pray you are able to bring light to your office. What a difficult situation. It takes courage to embrace change, and even more to be the only one standing up for what needs to be done. I pray your coworkers come around and begin to adjust and see that the change is for the better, and in the meantime that God would provide you with the strength and courage you need to continue to stand for what you believe is right.

    • Lisa,

      Praying for a sense of peace in the office. May God supernaturally surround the office & take over the hearts of all who work there!

      Congrats on the boyfriend! I pray that all goes well & God will continue to bless the two of you in many many ways!

    • Lisa – I am praying for you as I just came from a Horrible job situation (so bad I resigned) going to work every day knowing the environment is intolerable is so hard. I am praying for God to give you strength and patience. You know you are loved by Jesus and that He will NEVER ever leave you, but will bring you through this too. Prayers also for your relationship, may God continue to help you grow in your walk together as a couple. Stay strong and put up Romans 8:28 on your bathroom mirror !!!

  4. Please pray for my baby boy. he was born a week ago at 28 weeks and weighs 2 lbs. This is my husband and I’s second micropreemie, our first was born at 26 weeks, but this little guy has had more complications with his big brother. One of his lungs is partially collapsed and he is on a jet ventilator. His name is Silas Timothy and he is absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait till I can hold him, but that may not be for a few more weeks, I haven’t even gotten to kiss him. All I can do is hold his tiny hand and put my hand on the top of his head and talk to him. Prematurity is so hard, but our Lord is great and can heal is tiny body completely.

    • Beth,
      I’m a former NICU nurse (13 years) and your little Silas at 28 weeks is a FIGHTER! Those little peanuts are so incredibly strong! He knows you are there with him holding his tiny finger and holding his head. Keep whispering your love in his ear! God has him in his hand and as a NICU nurse I know that God puts the desire of those nurses to be with Silas too! They will take good care of your little man so that you can get rest! I believe that!

    • Beth – lifting you and yours in prayer just now – praying that God will bring healing to those lungs, so one day your Silas will sing God’s praise as Paul and Silas did (Acts 16:25) and that it may be said of him, as it was of Timothy – [his]sincere faith which first lived in…[his] mother… now lives in [him] also(2 Tim 1: 5).
      My (now) fifteen year old daughter was a preemie, and the ache to kiss, I understand. May God minister his tender comfort as you wait.

    • Dearest Beth,
      My youngest son was born at 27 weeks, and only weighed 1 lb, 13 oz. I also know how very scary this is and the up and down rollercoaster of being in the NICU. We claimed Ps. 71 when he was delivered: especially vs. 6 and 7….”By You I have been sustained from my birth…..I have become a marvel to many, for You are my strong refuge.” God answered prayers in such an amazing way – he is now 11 yeras old and has NO lasting complications from his challenging beginning. GOD IS ABLE! I pray for stamina for you; peace through all the ups and downs; and that you’ll get “kangaroo-time” soon.

  5. Please pray for my son, who has aspergers. Pray for him in school with friendships and social interactions.

    Pray for his siblings too – for their patience and understanding.

    Pray for our marriage.


    • Father, I lift up the needs in this family. I pray for the dear boy who has aspergers. Lord, You know the reasoning for that, and I just pray that you use this situation for Your glory. That others will see You because of it. God, I pray that this boy will be able to have true friends in school. I ask that his siblings will understand, have patience, and be the friends that he needs. I pray for the marriage of this family. That You will give them strength and humility to serve one another – not putting their needs above others, but loving their spouse first, after You. Give them peace, give them guidance and wisdom. May they look to You, always, and in every situation. Amen.

    • Anon

      It is hard. I know that by experience.
      I acknowledge your pain and struggle and probably drive to be a good mom and wife.
      I ask that Jesus Holds you close, gives you wisdome and insight, not to resolve the things that you can’t resolve.. and that He fills your heart with hope and strength so you can go on.. every moment, every day, every week..
      I ask a very special blessing over your family, and even moreso over your marriage, I ak that God puts His angels around your family and protects you from any harm, negative thinking, and that He frees you from despair.
      Father I lift up my sister to You, and I ask You that You show her Your Life and truth today.. I ask for something very tangible as a sign.. a token of Your love and Your delight in Anon.
      Show her Papa, that she is a wonderful strong person, and that You will not ever leave her side.

    • I also lift your son up in prayer. I believe my daughter also has aspergers, but yet to be officially diagnosed, perhaps very soon…been praying about it. My child has such a hard time in middle school, but has made a handful of understanding friends, even though we moved so many times and finally settled when she was in fourth grade. Now that she is ending 6th, I see miracles in that area, but still difficulties in other areas. I ask the Lord to bless these incredibly special, gifted, and loving children, as He has blessed us with them! I ask that He give their siblings, your children and my own: wisdom, yes, more patience, and esp. for my younger, strong-willed 8 y.o. daughter who is the bossy one of the family; soft-heartedness, empathy, and mercy towards her big sister, who loves her so.
      A pleasure and honor to pray with you and for you, Anon!

    • Hang in there. My son has asperger like issues (caused by his medical conditions) so I pray the same for him almost daily. Our family is very tight nit. Our boys have fought, but my older son did so much to help his brother growing up. Keep focused on God, I am praying!

    • Precious Moms of Children with Aspergers,
      I’ve been recently diagnosed with celaic disease, which is gluten intolerance found in wheat, rye, barley and contaminated oates. With over 259 known symptoms connected to celiac, I continue to see autism and Aspergers mentioned as aggravated by gluten and casein (protein in dairy products.) The G-Free Diet by Elizabeth Hasselbeck has a chapter devoted to this, and lists websites at the back. http://www.gfcfdiet.com is one and a book she recommends is The Kid-Friendly ADHD and Autism Cookbook by Pamela Compart, MD. It’s so new in this country (less than 2% diagnosed) that we are just now discovering the links. The good news is the adjustments are very doable and there’s more info. and G Free products all the time…even ice cream cones! Praying the Lord quicken if this might be something for you to consider as well as total healing for your children. Blessings!

    • Praying for you and your family. Siblings can be tough enugh to deal with, much less other people who don’t understand.

      prayers for peace & comfort!

  6. Sisters in Christ, I thank you for this opportunity to pray for each other! What good medicine it is to think of other people’s needs before your own. I pray that all of you will seek Christ first and foremost, and that He will give you the strength, peace, trust, and understanding you need to press on.

    Please pray for God to provide me with a job that will help our financial situation. He provided my husband with a job right out of college, which was a HUGE blessing! However, now that his loans are due (he has A LOT of loans), I’ve been looking for a job to help pay them back A.S.A.P.

    I also have a praise that after feeling truly “friendless” for about eight years, God has brought another lady from church and I together. We’ve been hanging out once a week for the past few weeks and it’s been a great time to connect with another women! I love my husband dearly, he’s my best friend! But, it’s also nice to have some girl time. 🙂

    • Anna, I pray that God sends you in the direction of a job that will be a good fit for you and your family. I pray that you’ll have peace as you enter the workforce and that you’ll find something that you enjoy, but most of all, that you’ll be able to be a light for Him with your co-workers.

      I also pray that your new friendship will continue to flourish. =]

  7. Please pray for me and our marriage. My husband has left our family for another women. We would celebrated our 28th anniversary on the 30rdth. He knows I love him very much and want him to come home. Our children are older but it still has affected them greatly. I am praying that the Lord willu bring my husband to Him or back to Him. At times my faith goes weak but I am praying for God to help guide me thru this. Thank you for this website and your prayers.

    • Father, hear my prayer as I pray for LK, her husband and family. I pray for strength to endure the dark days and confusion from infidelity and the breaking of the marital vows and bond. May you uplift LK and hold her close as her faith is tested. She is leaning on you and looking to you for guidance and may the prayers of many uplift her and give her the energy needed for the journey she is on. May her children be a source of strength and may their hearts also be comforted. May you walk with her husband and show him the true light of your love and path away from his transgressions. In your name I pray, Amen.

    • Heavenly Father, I agree with JR’s prayer for LK. I also ask that you would make Your love and presence with her very real during these times of confusion and hurt. Lord, you know her precious heart and she loves you and her family. Please bring Christians alongside her to walk with her in love and grace. Bring those who can give her wise counsel. Show yourself strong as her Abba Father who provides all she needs spiritually, financially, and every other way. Bless and protect her children during this time and meet her husband right where he is with whatever it is he needs from You. Bless your sweet daughter richly. In Jesus Name. Amen.

    • Blessed Lord Jesus–please help LK and her family. She desperately wants her husband back into the mix. Help guide her and the children through this trial.

      Help them keep their faith in you at all times–surround them with your caring, loving arms. Bring others into their lives who can mentor them & be there for them so they don’t have to deal with this trial alone.

    • LK, I am praying for strength for you! I went through a similar situation last year, although my husband did not leave, he did reach out to another woman. I was lost, wanted to give up, but knew God had other plans! I finally realized that God wanted me to go deep with HIM, trust in him wholeheartedly, and not worry about my husband, not to be concerned with winning him back or trying to change myself into something I was not. I joined a god send intercessory women’s group at church. I have learned to go to my Father with all, give him all of it! I pray that your faith grow in leaps and bounds, and remember He will never leave you, but is always right there beside you! Praying for you. You are a beautiful princess of the most High; remember that.

  8. Need prayer for chronic pain. Broke upper arm have implant there and rotor cuff repair.
    2 years ago still have pain and more when weather fronts change. Doctor says it is possible for pain to leave in time but it hasn’t as yet.

    • Helen,
      I am praying for your pain to subside…Chronic pain is the worst and until you have it, you don’t understand. Lord, please help Helen with this excrutiating pain. Help you keep her mind on You and your blessings when the pain is at it’s worse. Provide support for her through these times and carry her through this tough period. Please heal her body in only the way you can. Abundant blessings…

  9. I covet your prayers for myself and my family. My healthy, active 18-year old son went to sleep 9 weeks ago and awoke in the arms of Jesus. We know he is just fine….but we are SO sad. Trying to figure out how to do life here on earth without him. We are fighting “fear” as we are having our remaining children tested for any undiagnosed heart condition. We need guidance for that as well. Thank you for your prayers!!!

    • Oh LS, may God and his everylasting love provide you comfort at this time. May you feel His arms, body and voice guiding you as you carry on without him. Lord, please provide answers and support for LS’s journey. May the tests for her other children be clear of any heart condition down the road…You are the healer and provider…in only the way you can. Amen

    • Praying for comfort, peace which passes all understanding, and His unfailing love to surround and fill you all. I could not imagine your pain, and my heart goes out to you~ I pray God uses your son’s life on earth and his passing for His glory so His will be done in yours and others’ lives, amen.

    • Oh, Lord please wrap your arms around this sweet family, comfort their hearts and bring peace. I pray you would be their everything during this time.

    • Sovereign Lord – there are mysteries we cannot fathom. Help us to trust you when your way is hidden from us.

      Thank you for the faith of LS and her family. Thank you for the vision of their precious son in your arms. May they feel themselves held by you, through this great sorrow… Please grant them continued hope of eternal glory, and as the siblings undergo medical testing, I pray that you might release them all from the bondage of fear that grips them.

      I am weeping with you dear LS.

    • Oh holy blessed loving God please help this family. In the midst of this sudden tragedy please give them courage & your grace, love & mercy to hold on.

      Give them your stong arms & plenty of faith to carry on & if it’s your will please allow the other children to be perfectly healthy.

      Bless them immensely during this trial & make them stronger in the faith!

  10. I am seeking prayer for strength and guidance in my life. My husband of 9 years has been involved with other women throughout our marriage. I have finally filed for divorce along with a protective order. I still love him and prayed hard for our marriage to be cleansed of sin and my desires are not to be. I now wish for closures and resolution through a court system. I know God is with me and even though I feel lonely and sad, I know this path I must travel, even though I travel reluctantly with a heavy heart. I pray my husband’s anger and bitterness towards me wll dissapate and he will seek God and counseling for his grief and sexual addition. I also pray for all of our children and for their hearts to be healed by the loss of our blended family. Thank you!

    • JR,

      I am praying for you. I pray for God’s strength and guidance to be with you. I pray for His everlasting arms to be around you, and that He will bring comfort to your heart and remind you that you are His beloved, that He will never leave you nor forsake you, and that He has good plans for your life. I pray that you will see the hope and the future He has for you, and that even on days when you can’t see it, that you will be able to believe that it is there because He has promised it. I pray that you will be able to see His hand in your life and come to know Him in a deeper way as He cares for you and your children, even when life does not make sense and you can’t see what He’s doing. I pray for peace, for joy in the midst of the storm, and that God will surround you with His love.

    • JR,

      Prayers for strength & guidance. God bless this family & help this mother & her children to go through this trial with heads held high & lots of faith. Allow the court systems to grant the divorce quickly & have that part of her life be over with.

      Give the husband a “heart transplant” & take away his anger and bitterness towards JR–help him to seek you and counseling–Make him the man you want him to be.

      In your name I pray AMEN!

  11. Please pray that God will open the doors for a new job or improve my current situation. Also pray that he will give me guidance as a young, mid-30’s single who is struggling with friendships because I don’t “fit” (not married, no kids, etc.)

    Thanks for this opportunity to lay my requests at the feet of Jesus and to pray for other sisters in Christ.

    • Lord God, it is a hard, hard road when you are in your 30’s with no spouse and no children. It feels as if there is no one else out there in the same situation. I come to you alongside EP and just ask that you will give her camaraderie. Surround her with people who enjoy her company and friendship as much as she enjoys theirs. Lord, these friendships may be with married women. They may be with mothers. They may be with other singles. Lord, let her see that deep down….married, single, mothers, childless….we are all the same. We have the same fears. We have the same struggles. We have the same desires. I ask that you would bring her a close friendship that she can enjoy, with another believing woman. And Lord, I ask that you keep her heart and mind open to whoever and wherever this friendship may come from.
      I also ask that you will provide EP the perfect employment situation. Whether it be at her current job, or a new one. Maybe that friendship is waiting there as we speak!
      Thank you for being the ultimate friend, Lord. And thank you that we know, when we leave this world and come to live with you, we will sit at a feast surrounded by other people who have been perfected by you.
      We love you Lord
      In Jesus name,

    • EP, i’m in a similar situation and praying the same things for myself. For friendships that can nourish me despite not being married or having kids. For increased financial stability, so that i can attempt to set up a home and stop putting my life on hold. For an additional freelance job that will enable me to socialize more, join the gym and pay for that home! 🙂 I’m praying for you and others like us.

      God help us all! Amen.

    • EP

      Caring God please open the doors for a new job–even one within the company. Put her where you want her to bloom & be a good Christian.

      Give her guidance to find and make friends. Show her some Christian Singles group she could join & have fun with. Make known to her that being single without children in her 30s is perfectly alright. She can be used of you to do many things that others who are married with children do not have time for.

      Loving caring God–bless this young woman with patience, & your love & mercy!

  12. I would really appreciate a prayer for the new job I’m starting tomorrow. It is not the job I wanted but I do believe that God put me in this one for a reason. I know it makes me sound ungrateful but I am a bit hurt that after all the praying for the one job I wanted I ended up getting the one I… did not want. So, I also would like a prayer for a grateful heart that comes to terms with a fact I know: that God is the writer of our lives and sometimes He does what is best for us, not what we want. Thank you, sisters!

    • Oh, Maria! I found myself in that situation myself just three months ago. I pray that you’ll be able to use your talents and abilities in this job to make it the one you want. You’re right–He put you in that job for a reason. You may not understand the reason now, but give it some time. And who knows, maybe this will end up being the perfect job for you.

      I’ll pray for you tomorrow morning as well. Good luck with your job!

      • I have just been reading issues that I have faced – divorce issues, heartbreak, job loss, financial issues; I am retired job searching – living in an apartment after
        losing my home. I just gave back my
        car, the payments were just too much!
        I had all but given in until I
        Just read One Thousand Gifts..
        Where I discovered it doesn’t matter
        ones age, or stage in life, we are the body of who God intended, women of God. I just passed a test and on a list
        of eligibility. I also read Holleys book
        You’re Already Amazing, that someone
        on your team paid for and sent to me.
        I had l lost a marriage years ago I had lost my beautiful home last year, and
        friendships went away too. It was, has been the saddest time of my life. I never gave up, I gave in.. Until I realized Jesus carried me all that way
        After reading one thousand gifts – I am changed from inside! Thank you for sharing your hearts , for letting me realize how precious we all are to Christ and each other! At different stages in life we share many joys and
        difficult times. I need prayer for a job,
        this next week .
        For a car now. And next year to buy
        me a new bungalow! I am forever grateful for One Thousand Gifts and counting, mae

      • I have just been reading issues that I have faced – divorce issues, heartbreak, job loss, financial issues; I am retired job searching – living in an apartment after
        losing my home. I just gave back my
        car, the payments were just too much!
        I had all but given in until I
        Just read One Thousand Gifts..
        Where I discovered it doesn’t matter
        ones age, or stage in life, we are the body of who God intended, women of God. I just passed a test and on a list
        of eligibility. I also read Holleys book
        You’re Already Amazing, that someone
        on your team paid for and sent to me.
        I had l lost a marriage years ago I had lost my beautiful home last year, and
        friendships went away too. It was, has been the saddest time of my life. I never gave up, I gave in.. Until I realized Jesus carried me all that way
        After reading one thousand gifts – I am changed from inside! Thank you for sharing your hearts , for letting me realize how precious we all are to Christ and each other! At different stages in life we share many joys and
        difficult times. I need prayer for a job,
        this next week .
        For a car now. And next year to buy
        me a new bungalow! I am forever grateful for One Thousand Gifts and counting,

    • Dear Sweet Maria,

      I pray that you’ll be able to see the good in all that God does. Count your blessings many times–You’ll find He never makes a mistake. I have a thankful journal with a lot of items in it & each day I add to it what I’m thankful for that day. You’d be surprised how large it can get some days-just with the additions.

      I have been in similar situation years ago. Wanted to work in a doctor’s office, but God decided to put me back at the university in a Nursing run clinic–not good for a CMA.

      Prayers for peace, solitude & a sense that you belong & can bloom in that office.

    • Stacy, I’m lifting you up to God for total healing of your pain. I agree with you on your healing and supernatural miracle of God!

    • Stacy,

      Prayers are going up for complete healing! Loving father–please heal Stacy of her chronic pain. Give her rest & show her you amazing love & grace!


  13. Please pray for me. I recently moved to a different state and married a wonderful man, but his ex is being difficult, finances are crazy, and we’re attempting to blend two families into one functioning whole. Some days I’m not sure how it’s all going to work out. Please pray with me for contentment, for joy, for friends, for God’s peace to happen in our family, for a good marriage, and for healthy relationships (and hopefully semi-peaceful ones!) with his ex.

    • Father God I come before you and pray for this dear sister above me who seeks your peace in the midst of turmoil. I pray that you would surround her in your love and that she would move into making love her highest goal so that it pours over into all relationships and areas of life. May your peace guard her heart and mind as she lives in Christ Jesus.


  14. Please pray for me and my family. I will pray for you Wordsmith as our lives seem oh so similar only we just moved to a different county and have been married almost 8 years… but the problems with families on either side continue and with money… we lost our home and are now in a small apartment… we have financial, emotional, all kinds of issues that I am sure are like yours… and one in college that we are trying to find the money to keep there for fear of what direction he will take (depression, suicide) if he cannot continue the program and loses all direction. I am the only one in my family of four that I know is saved. My sons I thought were saved… but I do not know so… they were so young when they asked Jesus into their hearts and I do not think they truly understand. My husband is defiant and arrogant towards God. I feel so all alone. I need lots of prayer.

    • Bonnie Jean, thanks for the prayers. I pray that you will know that you are never alone, even though sometimes you feel that way. Our Father has promised to always be there with us, even though sometimes it’s difficult to believe. He is faithful because He has promised, not because of anything we do ourselves.

    • You are not alone, I pray that you feel that today, that you feel His arms around you and you can rest for a moment in the knowledge that He is more than able to deliver you from your present difficulties. Praying for each heart in your home, to be able to see the blessings in your life each day, and to be able to trust that He has tomorrow in His hands. Some of the darkest moments in my life are the sweetest to look back at and see how my Father carried me thru.

  15. I’m asking for prayers for safe travels for my nineteen-year-old baby. I just put her on a plane to New York. She’s beyond excited that she’s spending a week there and I’m happy that she’s getting this opportunity– but she’s my baby…

    Also offering up a praise– my 22-year-old son has moved back to town and is transferring to local university to finish his degree. (I believe he’s on the seven-year-plan Ha.) He has found a job through a temporary agency. Please pray that this job will enable him to work while finishing his degree.

    Thank you for any prayers, Sisters in Christ!

    • Father God I thank you for those things that you are doing in sister Becki’s life today. Father you granted her these children and you know their where abouts and the unique road they travel on. I pray Lord that you would sent forth your angels to surround and protect her daughter while she is in New York and that you would bring her home safely. I also lift up her son and ask that you would give him stability at his job so that he can focus on finishing up his education. Thank you, Lord for these precious lives!

      In Jesus Name

  16. Wordsmith, you are in my prayers as you move toward peace for your family and for yourself. I am transitioning from one stage of life into a completely new one too. I ask for the Lord’s Guidance as I find His purpose and will for me. I love this community and uphold you in prayer.

  17. That God will give me peace and strength in a tough week ahead. That I can trust GOD with ALL the details to be worked out to HIS glory. thanks

    • Father I lift up my sister Julie, and pray that you would give her peace and strength for the week she is facing. Lord, let your will be done in her life and let you be glorified through it all.

      In Jesus Name

  18. To never give up on myself or other people, to never grow a bitter heart, for hearts that heal.

  19. Lord, I life Hope up to you that you bring about peace, wisdom and joy as this new transition in life unfolds. May your word be a lamp unto her feet and light unto her path!

    I am feeling very hopeless and frustrated. My marriage is falling apart and has been for years. Now for the first time in 9 years since my oldest was born, we are having major issues not only with her but in our parenting together. I am sure most of it is connected to our marriage issues. There is SO much happening right now and SO much going wrong. I am truly at a loss for what to do. I am praying. I am seeking wise counsel. I have some support. But I am truly lost right now.
    THank you for your prayers.

    • Laura,

      May the Lord bless you with His peace. I hold you and your family in prayer as you travel this difficult road. You are not alone — you will get through this.

      I ask for prayers today that someone, somehow can determine what is causing a very itchy rash all over my body. Many health professionals have been consulted — nothing is working.

      Thanks for your prayers.

    • Praying. When a marriage is in trouble, our children hurt, and each of them show that in their way. Praying that God will give you words to reach her, that your husband will see that he must be present and on the same side as you parent during this crisis in your marriage. Praying for comfort for you, for this difficult season in your life.

  20. For June 22nd when I meet w/a specialist for a treatment plan for my diseased liver that is now affecting my spleen & kidneys.

    • Dear Gracious Heavenly Father, you hear even the unspoken wants, needs, hurts and desires. Be with Dara in this time. Hear her heart and soul, Lord. Give her peace. Keep your hand of protection and healing on her. Give her comfort at this time. Speak a Word to her heart so that she may know that you hear and are near to her. Praying to you, in Jesus’ Holy Name, Amen.

  21. I am so sad and feel rejected…my heart aches. Two weeks ago I was offered my dream job and yesterday I received a letter stating the job offer was rescinded. I’m not sure what I did wrong…but whatever it was, it was not intentional…..I feel so devasted…additionally, my dog ate sago palm tree and nearly died. He is still so sick and may have liver damage from the incident. Everything I do seems to result in failure…I feel like I carry an X on my forehead that says…hit me, hate me, reject me, I am worthless. Please dear Lord help me find the mercy you promise in this world….it has been so much…..and every day more failure and rejection…Please help me find the source of strength to believe I am worthy.

    • Y. i am praying for you. have you read “one thousand gifts?” by Ann Voscamp? i would heartily suggest you run not walk to the nearest bookstore and buy it!

  22. Pray for my family. We need a more simpler life without all the drama and stress.

    • We have a lot of drama in our life, too. It has interfered greatly with my family, my job, and my school. Please pray for me and my family.

  23. Please pray for my identity as a woman as we are in the proces of losing our fourth baby to a first trimester miscarriage. There is so much I could write; but I trust God will lead you how to pray! Thank you in advance.

    • Father…sometimes there are no words. I pray for my sister in her heartbreak. That she would know you close to her. That she would grow closer to her husband and that you would protect their marriage as it carries this extra weight. That you would provide her with safe places to grieve and expression for her pain. And that she would know that as the world holds up the motherhood ideal in her face….that she would know that no matter what she is or is not, that she is yours. That she is loved dearly. Sister….I\’m hurting with you. I\’m so sorry to hear of your losses.

  24. My husband has been out of work for a year. Please pray that God will provide my husband with a job soon. We know that God has a plan for our family and that He is faithful. We continue to praise Him while waiting!

    • Praising God for your faithfulness, and asking Him to reveal His plan for you and deliver you from worry over the future. Praying for a job to present itself that is the perfect place for your husband to be.

    • Loving God please provide Val’s husband with a job soon. They are praying in faith & need a miracle now.

      Show them the plans you have for them & reveal your love & constant care.

  25. Please pray that I would find a job. That God would open all the doors for the one He wants for me. I lost my full-time job 4+ years ago due to the housing market, and have not been able to find anything permanent. I have had temporary positions and God has provided in many unexpected ways, but I am a 34 year old woman living with her mother and I recently had to go through bankruptcy. I have applied for more jobs than I can count, had lots of interviews, but no one wants me. I feel like my life is stalled. I don’t have a husband/boyfriend or children and feel like I’m stuck. I know God has grown me in amazing ways and I’m not the person I was 4 years ago and I am so thankful for that. It is so hard right now to remember and believe that God has a plan for me, for my life. That I still have so many years ahead of me and that with God anything is possible.

    • Oh, Heidi, I know that place so well, where it is hard to remember that God has a plan.. but you know *soft smile.. even when we forget that.. God never forgets, and He even isn’t upset when we do.. 🙂
      I pray that Papa doesn’t only provide for a job -cos yes!! all things are possible! – but that He will also show you how precious you are, and how worthy you are, that He shows you that He defines you in a way that will surprise you, and affirm you.

  26. I want to ask prayer for me and my family, as I walk through the journey of finding healing from sexual abuse when I was a little child.
    It takes everything to go on. Guilt is a big problem because I feel I can’t really be there for my two teenage-children (16 and 14 years old)
    Trusting God is such a difficult thing, and only possible on a rational level.. every fibre in me screams ‘no’.. as much as I would like to deny that..
    Unfortunately my (christian lady-) therapist made a huge mistake towards me, and now working with her to repair the trust between us..
    I am afraid that all this damages my children.. and I would value your prayers greatly.
    Thank you

    • Praying for you! I can’t even imagine how difficult it must be to be working through that on top of trying to be mom to two kids. Guilt is so powerful making you feel less than, but I’m sure you are doing better than you think you are, and I’m praying God helps you find peace and comfort in this situation. Oh, it is so hard when a therapist accidentally says something hurtful when you want them to make you feel better. I pray that your relationship is restored with her so you can move forward.

    • Heleen,
      I believe it was meant for me to read your post today. I too am working thru the same issue of being molested as a little child. I also know the feeling of guilt in not being available for my 14 year old twins. I am seeing a therapist as well and have been doing a treatment program called EMDR. This seems to be helping but I know that letting God have total control of the situation is the ultimate answer. I have been working on this for about 6 months now. I have good days and bad as I am sure you do to. I had some nightmares just last night that caused me to wake up this morning with a lot of anxiety. When this happens, I want to just curl up in a ball and hide. But I know I can’t do that as much as I want to. Please know that I understand what you are going thru and hope it helps you to know you are not alone. I will pray for you daily and ask the same from you. I believe that we have to work thru the trauma and feelings that we had but were too young to understand and process when this happened to us as an innocent child in order to be healthy again. Give yourself time and permission to feel all the feelings you are having. They are there and need to be felt in order for you to move forward. Please feel free to email me at youraccountant@comcast.net if you feel the need to connect with someone who can relate to what you are going thru. Your Sister in Christ, Karen

  27. I want to try to lift all these prayer requests up to God today; I have a quiet day so far…mornings are meant for prayer and I like to get out of myself and pray for others instead.

    I will make a request though; my 19 y.o. son who is attending community college for firefighting, just began working as a seasonal wildfire help with crews going to other states to fight wildfires. Yes, I am a proud mama. A worried mama. Not only because of the natural disasters, but they sleep on the cold..or hot…ground, may or may not get any sleep, work 10-15 hrs. daily, and only shower every few days, his feet are so blistered, they bleed…etc., but the worst of it is I guess it’s like miliary boot camp; the men in charge feel as to motivate these young men and women, they have to demean them and yell at them and hurt their morale. At least my son, who is strong, hard-working and very sensitive, feels he would do anything for a fair, loving leader, but finds it hard to hear these things and think that he has to sacrifice for this person….he does his work hard without complaint and without quitting. He just finds it hard to be yelled at, day in, day out, when he’s sleep-deprived and hungry. He’d understand if it were army so that he can be strong when and if he’s captured, but the fires should be the only enemy, shouldn’t it? Well, enough venting, but I am asking that the Lord soften both of their hearts, let my son know that this supervisor does see his work and his loyalty, and that my son realizes it’s not “about him,” that it’s just this supervisors way of doing things and not to quit nor get angry inside. I ask that God use my son to be a bright light, to bring Jesus to these guys, and to continue his career down the path He would want him to take. Thanks for any and all prayers…not to go pray for all of ya’ll… love you all.

    • Father God I come to you in Jesus name and ask that you would lift up Barbara’s son today as he is fulfilling the plan you have for his life. Father I ask that you would provide a hedge of protection around him and that you would guard his heart and mind as he lives in Christ Jesus. May he be a light on a lampstand in dark places and may he come to know and understand the value you place on him and the work he will be able to do through this program. I pray that you would grant my sister, Barbara peace beyond understanding as she trusts in your supernatural provisions for her son.

      In Jesus Name

      • Praying for your son, Barbara. I’ve had to endure some of that “over the top” training in my career. It is no fun. I agree with you in prayer that your son will be a light in that place.

  28. Hello and thank you for offering up your time to pray for those in need. I would ask for prayers for Christians throughout the world who are persecuted because of their faith. Hundreds of Christians are murdered each year merely because they ARE Christians. It’s hard for us in the United States to imagine this because of the religious freedoms we enjoy, but it happens, and has happened since Christ’s birth, and even in these modern times, some places feel duty bound to eliminate the faithful. So while we also pray for the conversion of the world, let us remember those who live in other countries, far away from the US who love Christ and want to serve Him.

    • Hello Lynn,

      Your voice touched my heart, as I long feel that our brothers and sisters are in harsh and dangerous places risking life and limb to share the good news of our Lord jesus. I have an app on my phone that is from the voice of the martyrs that you can look up and it is an awesome ministry that stays current on christians everywhere who face persecution and they help these christians in various ways. There is a daily pray request for specific countries/churches over the world who are facing threats on their very lives. I am with you, praying for these fellow believers as they live a life of example.

      Many Blessings.

  29. What a wonderful way to begin our week. As I write this, I am in the car as my husband and I move across the country. We are leaving behind 2 daughters and their husbands along with my precious 3 month old grandson! It has been a difficult transition as my husband and I have lived in 2 different states for 4 months, trying to sell and buy a house, etc. Gods handprint is written all over this move but it is still difficult leaving a job I loved, family & friends of 24 years! Please pray for a smooth transition, that we would find a church family quickly, and that we live out our faith in all the upcoming changes! Thanks!!

  30. Our Grown Children still need our prayers every day. TODAY I’m asking God, pleading with Him actually, for a MIRACLE!! He is Faithful! I lean FULLY on His Grace & Mercy and Providential Wisdom!

    • I just heard a message on our children the other day. Ask God to cover then daily with His blood H e shed for us. If you committed them to God, then ask and believe.

  31. I was listening to a message on shame. When I’m alone I get down and want my life to get better, have a feeling of love in my heart again. I try to do all the thing that is good to strengthen me, read my Bible-trust I My Savior Jesus. I listen to uplifting Christen music, I attend church. I have been battling a divorce for almost 3 years. I feel like I am in a bondage. I thought being in my marriage was a bondage. This has been so much worse. The Message n pray listed for today gives my strength to get moving to today-Thank You, for the encouragement. I have learned to fall on my knee for Our Father GOD’s healing power, To fill my cup today n let it over flow. Thank you Heavenly Father for your Grace n Love above all things….

    • Precious Lorrie,
      Dear Heavenly Father, please continue to come with truth for Lorrie, how she is your Beloved Daughter that you love and are so near to. Lord, tell her the truth in such a way that the lies of the enemy are dispelled like vapor and light and love fill those places in her heart. Bless her with knowing you as her Abba, her Daddy who holds her and strengthens her at all times. Thank you Jesus.

      Lorrie, have you heard of Jesus Calling? It’s a devotional of short readings that speak so dearly of Jesus’ heart for us. It’s helped me a lot during a year long separation from my husband. love, Carol

  32. our family business, after 25 yrs. is done. my husband, my two sons..their whole lives and identities wrapped up in this world. all heavy equipment (lots) goes to auction on the 28th of this month. PLEASE pray that God would prepare the hearts, minds, and pocketbooks of people that come to it. PLEASE pray that God would bring an unprecedented amount of bidders/buyers to this place. this is a time of great uncertainty and much fear for me. i am being thankful for where we are right now and all that God has for our future. thank you sisters. i have online believing friends but none here, we live in a pretty remote place. God Bless you for praying for someone you dont even know.

    • ky,
      May God bring many people to the auction with open hearts and generous wallets. I pray that loving kindness will pour on your family. Many blessings to you for having provided a family owned business in this country. I hope and pray for God’s protection and healing of your family’s hearts.

    • Father God, I lift up my dear sister in Christ, KY. Please encompass about her family and her and allow your peace to overtake them as they transition with the loss of this business. We know that you have great plans for our futures, for you declare it in your word. I pray that you would send buyers to this auction and that they would be blessed by what they are bidding on. I pray that you would direct the families steps as they move ahead. Thank you, Lord for your faithfulness.

      In Jesus Name

    • Lord of All – please grant KY and her family their daily bread – all that they need. Provide for their needs in surprising ways, I pray, and please help them to trust you in the unknown way ahead.

      • Lord, comfort this family in their loss of their business, provide for them for your Glory. Direct their feet along the path You would have them follow. Amen.

  33. I have gained weight since I got married and my husband is very upset about this (I am of course not happy about it either). As a result my husband and I are no longer intimate and I feel all alone. I feel like a major disappointment to my husband. We have only been married for 9 months today. I have gained weight due to a lot of different circumstances and have been trying desperately to lose it again. It’s about 25 pounds. I really need a miracle as our marriage has become rather shakey. Please pray that I will be dilligent in exercising and eating right and that the results will be evident quickly. Thanks.

    • Dear Ange,
      I pray you can find a healthy diet and daily physical activity that makes you feel strong and loved. I would love to be your sister in this struggle of ours. My husband also is bothered (as am I) of the weight gain of 25 pounds over the past 2 years. I am doing better, but I guess it takes some time to see results. May God fill your cup.

    • I read this yesterday and I have been praying for you. I am sorry that your husband has “guilted” you about gaining weight. He must realize that you are still the same person you were before you gained the weight.


  34. Praying for you today Becky! It’s no coincidence that you were the comment before mine to pray for. I have experienced a very life changing move at one time as well. I pray for God’s peace that passes understanding would overflow in you and your family during this time. Also that you would see the goodness of God in every new thing!

    I could use some prayer about a big decision my husband and I are in the midst of praying about. It has to do with making a big move as well. Change has always been challenging for me. I don’t want fear to rob me of what God has in store for us though. Could you pray for wise decisions and for perfect peace? Thank you. So amazing to read all these prayers for each other!

  35. This is so wonderful. Thank you for this!

    I am praying for all the woman here who posted. May God look after them all.

    I ask for prayers for my me and my family. For some reason my daughter-in-law has completely shut me out of her life, refusing all contact whatsoever. She has also managed to alienate our son form us. It hurts but it really hurts to see how much my husband is hurt by all this. He opened our home and his heart to her and them for six months. They moved out and she cut off everything with no explanation whatsoever. It is hard!

    • Praying for the healing of your family, we have a lot of brokenness in ours and I know the heartache. I have also seen relationships restored, and know the sweetness of the sadness lifting. Praying He will restore your family.

  36. I am in need of prayers for myself and my family, for our protection and financial needs, and really for everything that only God knows we are in need of. Our world has been turned upside down, and I need God to open up doors, bring resolutions, and most of all to protect us from those who would like to tear us apart. I also need prayers for my sister who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Please prayer for her healing, that she will be cancer free.

    • Father God I bring before you my dear sister in Christ, Chris. Father I pray that you meet every need of her family. I pray Father that your peace would surround and be evident in their home and in their lives. Father I pray for her sister that the healing power you provided on the cross would flow through her body and the breast cancer would be gone in Jesus name.


  37. What a wonderful blessing to give us. Thank you!

    I’ve just started a recovery program for bulimia. I’ve been chronically bulimic for 25 years and it has a terrible terrible hold on my life. It’s hurt my precious husband very badly, it’s damaged our finances and taken irreparable toll on my body. I haven’t had more than a handful of days free of the bingeing and purging since I was 13 years old. I’m finding the road to recovery harder than I ever could have imagined, and I seem to slip more than I move forward at the moment. But I long for Jesus to be the King of my life instead of this destructive addiction. Your prayers would be dearly dearly appreciated.

    Thank you so much.

    • Tamlyn, dear sister, I feel your pain. I was in those chains too, for almost 20 years and it is one of the most difficult things to overcome, but praise God, He healed me from it!! I don’t know exactly when or how, but one day I realized I was no longer in bondage, but of course, I do have consequences from it, health-wise and emotional, and having lost so many good years of my youth to something so ugly. But there IS hope, healing in Jesus!! I recommend each morning as soon as you awake, dedicating your body, His temple, your mind and heart and desires over to Him, ask Him to show you each day how to resist. For me, it was the desire to show my kids how to be healthy. I still have days when I struggle, but it’s nowhere near the years of brutality I did to myself in the past. I claim victory in Jesus name over you! “Bondage Breaker” is a really awesome book which helped me immensely also. God bless and you are loved~

  38. Greetings From Ohio, Anne,
    I pray that God guides your hearts—I pray for His guidance to help you both make good decisions and choices in your life..What an AWESOME GOD WE SERVE–one who hears our cries and help lead us on our way without letting fear consume us in a way where we can’t move forward in our life journey–I pray for your safety and pray that continues to bless you mentally, physically and financially during your transition in life…I love you!!!

    Thank you heavenly Father for sending my son home safe in my arms!–he just got back from the ARMY and will be leaving me again soon–I want to sit and talk with him about life in general and what You have in store for him—I thank you for my family who have kept me from sinking into a deep depression because my son left my side–i had to come to terms that he left me as a young boy but came came back a strong God fearing man—

    so right now i’m asking for you keep me in your prayers–pray that i wlll not be a selfish mother trying to keep her son home but to let him go knowing that God is with him always—thank you so much—In Jesus name–

  39. Thank you so much, Ladies.

    I would appreciate prayer for my two daughters. Jenna is 26, a believer but not living it. She is ALWAYS stressed about something (she is working on her PhD). I don’t know exactly what to ask for, but the Lord knows. Please pray as led! My other daughter is Tess, who is 24. She WAS a believer when she was young (and I know she was saved) but has turned away. Please pray for the Lord to lead her back to His side! Also, please pray for salvation for my husband of almost 28 years.

    Thanks again. Your writings inspire me so much! Ellen

    • Father God, I come to you this afternoon to lift up Ellen, my dear sister in Christ. Father I pray that you would touch the hearts and lives of Jenna and Tess. Ellen has trusted them into your provision and care, and I pray that you would continue to lead, guide, and direct them. Father, I pray that you would send strong believers in their paths who they would open their hearts to that could lead them back to you. I pray that they would have friendships with other christians who could demonstrate your love towards them. I pray for her husband that you would come into his life in a special way and that he would have a Saul to Paul transformation. Thank you for guarding Ellen’s heart and mind and granting her peace as she trusts in you.

      In Jesus Name

  40. I need to have your precious prayers. I am a teacher and I am exhausted. I cry when I think of returning to work August 1. I need God’s will for my life to be shown to me clearly. I need him to give me miraculous energy and wisdom.

    • Rose, I too am a teacher, and I totally understand your exhaustion! Dear Lord, i pray that you wrap your arms around Rose and all teachers, and give us the strength mentally, physically,and spiritually to finish this school strong and renew our passion and love of Your children. Amen.

  41. My husband is in the Army, and needs to pass a PT test in order to stay in ( and has about 60 days to do so). If he doesn’t pass, we’ll be left with 6.000 in debt that we have no way to repay (we are already struggling and on food stamps), in addition to other debt. Please pray that he will has the strength, endurance, and motivation, and that his leadership will show him mercy. This stress has been causing a lot of tension in our marriage.

    • Father God, I come before your throne of grace asking for help on behalf of E’s husband and her family as he having to take this pt test. I pray Father that you would grant him the strength, energy, and ability he needs in order to continue on with his career. Lord, I speak peace into their home, and into their marriage in Jesus name. Please show E and her husband how to trust in your will and how to be loving and patient with one another as they withstand this trial . I pray that you would move upon the hearts of those in his leadership and that mercy would be demonstrated towards him. Thank you for this precious sister in Christ.

      In Jesus Name

  42. I would appreciate prayer for God to give me patience in his timing, but also a transfer for my husband and I (and our 6-month-old son) from CA back to MN.

    We moved here two days after our wedding, away from all my family and all of our friends, for my husband’s job. We have never really loved it here, but we’ve made the best of it in hopes of a transfer soon. Both our hearts yearn to be embraced by family on a regular basis again. We’re sick of spending holidays alone. Even more so, I want our son to be able to be loved on by our family constantly and not just a couple times a year. We’ve put in for a transfer, but there’s no promises and it could take a couple more months or a couple more years.

    I’ve prayed about it and while asking God for the transfer, I’m also praying that he give me patience in his timing, as I know he has a plan for us.

  43. I would also ask that you pray for my husband’s belief. He knows a lot about Christianity, and he never argues about attending church with me, but I know his heart is not in it and I want us to be a whole family and a good example to our kids.

  44. Please pray for me. I am having a crisis of confidence and faith. I am nearing the end of my college education. I have done poorly on my comprehensive exams and have one more chance to pass them when I take them again in the middle of June. I have started my dissertation but feel inadequate and incompetent. I come to the end of my education with a A average, yet feeling like I have not learned anything. I am so discouraged right now. I doubt everything. I am afraid of failure. I am afraid of disappointing God and my family. It is like I am in quicksand. I have never felt so hopeless.

  45. One for me, one for a friend.

    My bestie is pregnant with their first. They’ve been married for a month and a halfish but are excited. She has the typical first timer worries though and would appreciate prayer. Especially since she is in a different state than I am and we both wish we were closer location wise.

    For me, my body can’t decide what it’s doing. I feel pregnant but every test I’ve done at home has been negative. I can’t afford to get a blood test done so I just have to wait it out. It could be sympathy for my bestie but I felt yuck even before she told me she was. So some clarification would be nice…

  46. Don’t know where to start. Lost my dog of 12 yrs friday, my fault. Person I live with on dialysis, his daughter, drug addict, lives with us, for last tw yrs. Stolen all she can get. He is wking to get her out. crazy. god made me a poet, survivor, incest/rape/ domestic violence, write poetry about it, behind in finishing book, of poems about being survivor. Want to share. Want to be a speaker for advocacy. Head barely above water. I know I’m surrounded and supported, and being held up, maybe I just don’t know how to be at peace. rest gently please. dusty

  47. I have moved to another province in Canada and away from my family. My PRAISE is that I have adjusted well and even though there are moments of homesickness, I am making friends and have a sense of belonging. Not only that, I am loving my job!

  48. I feel like I’m going through a bit of a quarter-life crisis. We’re in the process of assessing my oldest child’s “unique needs”, after a long road of not understanding him and feeling like a complete failure as a mom…unable to make my own child happy. We are so thankful that we’re finally getting some answers. But after 4 yrs of battling, crying, and giving all of myself to this endeavor…I’m feeling like I’ve lost my zeal for mothering. I’m struggling with anger and resentment. I’m completely exhausted…heart, mind, body, spirit. I know that I must choose joy…and I’m working on that. And in the midst of it all…I can’t quite place myself anymore.

    • Praying for you. I am felt those failure as a mom moments when dealing with my youngest son and his medical issues. I pray that they find the cause and cures for whatever is wrong.

  49. Humbly today, I request prayera for myself, my sweet boys and my husband as we face the possibility of another move. This would be the third time since 2009 and each time God’s gracious mercies have provided for our every need, but this time seems so much harder to leave. While we remain confident that His provision is all we need, we have found ourselves so incredibly blessed to have been brought to this place and to leave here feels like part of my heart will be abandoned. Our Pastor’s passion is bolstered by the very breath of the Holy Spirit, his counsel, guidance and leading have brought us to a life that is much more lived than ever before because he held us to the lives that the Lord would have us live. He has inspired us, prayed with and for us, taught us and I know full well that isn’t really him doing but God using him to change hearts. This move hurts my heart deep down to my very soul and we need prayers to know that God goes with us. Thanks!

  50. Phronsie, I prayed for you and your friend before I sat down to write this. Your friend should relax. Everything is going to be fine. I’m sure God will let you know if you are, too.
    My prayers: both my adult sons are going through some very tough trials right now. I live with one of them, David. David’s ex wife is a pathological liar and has caused so much pain not just for David but many before him. Right now he is facing legal action and desperately needs God’s help. His ex wife not only lies to protect herself but also lies to get her own daughter, my 12 year old granddaughter, in trouble. It’s beyond belief and it’s hard to describe what we have been going through. My other son, Derek, has psychological problems and he lives 2700 miles away. He has a son but is not married. Derek is on disability and has to live on for an entire month what some make in a week. The mother of his son, my little 4 year old grandson, is moving to VA. (They are all in NY right now). Derek has no way to get to VA unless he moves in with her which would be disastrous. She would like him to pay half the rent on the place she is moving into. Her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend would pay the other half. She’s basically using my son to live rent free but she is far from a nice person either. I told him not to do that because he would not even have a room of his own and be subjected to all sorts of abuse. I desperately need God to rescue both my sons. And I don’t have a lot of money, either, and everything is a huge hardship right now.

  51. Please pray these LAST two weeks of radiation treatments go well. Pray the damage to my heart is reverseable and my heart will strengthen on its own miraculously so I can finish another part of my hormone treatments. That my heart would be protected from the medicine that damaged it. Thank you so much. I so appreciate you all.
    Kindest regards,

  52. I am so hurt ,lonely and confused. Chronic medical conditions keep me isolated other than to work each day. Workplace is difficult. I trust Christ. I do not trust Christians or really anyone. I feel like i am condemned to put one foot in front of the other to get to work and do the essentials of life -meals, laundry until God takes me home. Life has broken me. I know there are others like me and i pray for them.

    • Praying RSW! My husband can relate with chronic pain and a difficult workplace. Sorry, that you have been hurt by Christians, that is so sad, but I know that it happens. My daughter-in-law is in much the same place about that. Remember Jer. 29:11.

  53. Oh this is weird. When I read the person’s request before me on this web page it was Phronsie’s! Then after I posted I now see Katie! Sorry Katie, I will pray for you. I have no idea why the web page said one thing and then it changed to something else unless while I was writing those other lady’s posts were being uploaded and I didn’t see that until after I posted mine!

  54. I am asking for prayer that I would love myself enough and get over the pain of the past so I would stop drinking to kill the pain and start enjoying life.

    • God sent me here just the minute you posted, so each time I fall down and cry out for myself and my own addiction I will carry you with me and know that Our Loving Father is picking us up and HOLDING US TIGHT!

  55. Praise the Lord
    I learned this week that the attack / remission form of MS I have ‘controlled’ for 20 years has developed into the Secondary Progressive form – I can’t pretend I haven’t cried but the Lord has helped me through the week. I know I am on a downward slope until the day the Lord decides it is time to heal me. But I pray that I will do everything I can to make sure it is a gradual slope – lots of prayer, lots of sensible food, lots of sensible exercise and lots of fun – while I can.
    I believe, I can use this diagnosis and condition to witness to others – to show how with the Lord by my side I can handle what many others won’t be able to handle.

    Now I pray for everyone on this list – be strong and courageous – You are a daughter of the Lord, He loves you and He called you – Praise the Lord!

  56. We need prayer for financial provision. Seems like this is always my prayer And we need clarity on our next move which also depends on finances. My son is homeschooled and going to work myself is out if the question. However I have started my own juice plus franchise. So prayers for me stepping out of my comfort zone and calling on customers would be appreciated. Praying for those requests above mine

  57. Hello Ladies, I’m recently divorced after 30yrs. together, I have 2 grown kids 26 and 24, I’m so sad to leave a legacy off divorce for my family! Divorce is the gift that just keeps on giving… As i feel at this point God did not restore our marriage ( after a 2 years seperation he did come home we did go to counseling but in the end he wanted a divorce ) is protection to me…. as my ex. is in a habitual sin pattern and puts me at risk for many things. I’m asking for prayer to accept this and some how move forward in my life. Grieving takes a long time and i’m still so very sad! Not sure I will be able to be completly over this? Thanks for reading….

  58. Our beautiful 18 year old daughter is very suicidal and depressed. She won’t take her medicine and now that she’s an “adult” we can’t get her the help that she needs like before. Also, we are about to lose our home which will be very traumatic for all of us, but especially for her. Thank you for your prayers. Susie

  59. My daughters dont really have much to do with me. Its been this way for years. I prayed and cried for my pregnancies to go to term after several miscarriages. I just wish they could forgive me for mistakes ive made in the past. I have asked for it but they still stay away. I need to have wisdom and joy again.

  60. A daughter’s wedding this week without her father to walk her down the aisle. Life goes on but it is still so hard for me to manage without him. Have been abandoned by church (and pastor), friends, family is not near, tried new churches (but no one is interested in a widow with no money), searching for a new life and purpose is ongoing. Where does one go but to the throne? But what if there is a Silent God who send no one to help? Please pray, as fear I have never known is rising in my heart for my sanity. I have reached out until I am disillusioned by the people of God.

    • Ann, i am praying for you! I pray your daughters wedding would be filled with joy!!! that her life would be too. i pray that someone would come along beside you, i pray that the Lord would bring to your heart a passion for something that would bring purpose and fun and new friends…something that just lights you up!! recommend “one thousand gift” by ann voscamp. it has helped me thru the most difficult time of my life.

  61. I have a prayer request. I live in chronic pain to the point I am almost housebound. It’s a major undertaking to make it into town every few weeks for groceries. I have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthrits, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes and Neuropathy in my lower legs, making it hard to walk. I live alone and since retiring, all this pain has taken away any social life. I’m in bed more than out. I’m 68 years old, but feel 90. Please pray for relief from this pain.

    • Sharon, I’ll be praying for all of your health issues. Those are some very painful things to deal with all of the time. I’ll also be praying that God will send someone to you to help you with your grocery shopping, etc. God Bless you.

  62. God is so good! He just lead me here just a minute ago as the desire to use my prescription pain med became almost unbearable . You see after 5 years I want to stop, my friends, family have No idea that this is a Problem. To look at me you would never know that a drug controls a large part of my life. 7 days ago I gave it to God and He has a done WONDERFUL, AMAZING THINGS! But today is a VERY HARD DAY, you said to pray for the person before your post and how wonderful God works we have similar battles addition is lonley and hard. I will pray for you each time I cry out for myself!

  63. I’m in desperate need of prayers for my health.
    I’m 49 years old and have stage 4 kidney diisease, with only one working kidney at 19%. I’m also dealing with very low magnesium levels, which has left me feeling totally exhausted. All I do is sleep. I’m about an hour or so from the Cleveland Clinic and starting tomorrow I’m going to call them and see what type of doctor I need to see. I don’t seem to be getting anywhere with my nephrologist and other specialists I see. I. only leave my house to go to drs. Appts., because of the fatigue. Also please pray for my wonderful hu sb. and. He does everything at home plus works 8 hours a day, and for my d pear daughter. who also does so much for me. I thank God everyday for. them.

  64. At the time I came on Anon had just post so as I lift everyone else’s also,
    Anon, you will be close to my heart .

  65. I am a wife & Mommy to 4 incredible children. Working outside of the home is nearly financially impossible! I want to & I NEED to bring in income. Believing God for favor & opportunities to make an income from our home. Pray for the stress of this financial burden has placed on my marriage. Pray for my husband who has an opportunity to get a job that is his hearts desire. Feeling very discouraged!!!!!!

  66. Please pray for guidance to the correct doctor at the Cleveland Clinic, for my stage 4 kidney disease and severe fatigue, and Crohns disease, both of which I’ve had for over 30 years. And that ill be able to get in with the right doctor ASAP.
    What an awesome site. I will be praying for all of my sisters. God bless all of you.

  67. To VA….please email me. I am from VA too. I am a Social Worker/Counselor unemployed due to disability of a traumatic brain injury but I am high functioning and can help you I think. My prayers are certainly with you but as a sister I want to offer my support since I live in Richmond VA. Email me at dgreentorres@gmail.com

    To Everyone:

    I am in a crisis that I cannot talk about in many ways. I am emotionally and spiritually broken. I have been extremely strong for many years. i am finally too make sense of it all anymore. God is leading me in a direction, and I know that I know that He is but obstacles of all kinds have not only prevented this move but has wore me even further down. I am too tired to process and comprehend what I need to do to even prepare and plan. I am ready to give up on a dream that I see God bringing to pass as we speak.

    thanks for praying for a breakthrough.

  68. Reading over the prayer requests that are before mine and praying for each one of you. Our Lord of Lords, King of Kings, Creator, our God knew this moment, this day would come in each of our lives. He has prepared us, made a way, holding us in the midst of it all. He is enough. All that we need in the darkest of hours. He lights our way. Providing our every need.
    Please pray for my sister-in-law’s grandfather as he is dying with multiple health issues and much pain. His wife has stayed by his side, sleeping in a chair by his hospital bed for weeks. He is now home with Hospice nurses. My sister-in-law is a nurse as well. The family leans on her a great deal as she herself mourns for the Pap that held her hand and always, her heart. Everyone in this family needs prayer. It is a heartbreaking time.
    Please also prayer for the needs that exist in my household. They are many. God knows them. He knew these days were coming. I know He will lead those who pray. Thank you.
    Sometimes all we can handle is this very moment. Moment by moment. He is with us.

  69. I ask for all that read my posts to pray for my granddaughter, Aryel, who is three. There is some unexplained reason her skin has turned yellow and the whites or her eyes, also, even with a greenish tint. She still is a little beauty and acts like she feels fine. I dread the extra tests and blood workwork starting again tomorrow. May the Lord’s helaing power be strong I pray for her and all those in need, body, soul and spirit this day. I wish I could write all the stories differently for those hurting today:)

  70. I need prayers for my marriage. My husband does not believe I love him due to our lack of intimacy. Four years ago he had an affair. I struggle every day with forgiveness. We only share a bed three nights a week. He has withdrawn his affection from me… it is becoming more and more difficult to connect.

    Thank you for prayers, and any words of advice would be most welcome.


  71. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!! Blessings!

    Please pray for a miraculous complete physical healing for dad (Guillermo Garcia) and mom (Estela Garcia).

    Also, for financial provision for the coming month of July. My husband is a teacher and does not receive a salary for this summer month.

  72. to overcome the strong sense of fear and rejection that I deal with even at the age of 51. I struggle to deal with this and believe it has become a major block in my life making it even more difficult to loose weight. It is such a painful hurdle for me…
    I pray also for Hilda, God know and hears Hilda, trust in him and I stand with you for the healing you are asking for for your parents and for finacial wisdom and provision for you and your husband over the summer. I n Jesus’ name .

  73. I discovered that my husband was having an affair and we are now going through a divorce, but not before he made me go through so many things to “fix our marriage” which was supposedly my fault that it broke AND go through several counseling sessions. Of course he had already checked out of the marriage and “fallen in love” with someone else. He ended up moving out while I was gone one night (which he told me through a text message) and stole $30K from our joint account.

    I say all of this because I am hurt and angry and need prayer not to let this eat away at me and cause me to turn from the Lord. I have mediation on the 12th and have to face him and NOT yell and scream.

    Also, because he was the bread winner I now have to go back to work and have been interviewing but have had no job offers. Spousal supports ends soon and I am just plain scared.


    • Trac,
      Wow, my husband has been having an affair with Miller Lite beer for a long time!
      He puts it and his buddies first. Theses men are good with emotional blackmail!
      He should have attended all those sessions with you. If you are in a community property state, your lawyer should require that he return at least $15,000. Google your “state divorce laws” and you will learn a lot. Texas is a community property state. That I am thankful for. I am 57 and having to re-enter the work force! It is hard to get in! Check out Ashford University. I am working on a BA degree plus I qualified for financial aid. Ashford is an online campus and the people that call me to see how I am doing are just wonderful!
      My prayer is that God will deal with your husband in a way to soften his heart and help him see the error of his ways! I pray that God will find you the right job!
      Do not give up, God has a better plan for you and all of us!

  74. Pray for me as I listen to the Lord. My team of missionaries is going to be down to me. I live in a remote part of Kenya. As I leave for furlough on the 17th, I would really like to understand where the Lord is leading. Do I stay? Do I go? If I go, where do I go and what do I do! After 16 years in the same place it is hard to imagine a different life. I want to do His will, but really would like to know what that is. Pray I have good ears to hear what He is saying. Pray I have peace in the waiting to hear. Pray as I head on furlough that I would know what to tell people who ask about the future and that they would be understanding when I say I don’t really know yet. Thanks so much for your prayers!

  75. I am praying for all of you and that God heals you, and your precious families. He is a Good God, and always hears us.
    I ask that you pray for me as I am having some health trouble, which flares up when I get stressed out. Right now I am under a lot of stress as my husband and I prepare to move across the state, 3 hours away from our grown children and grand babies. It is a good move, but overwhelming. I have been physically and emotionally exhausted. We leave on Friday! I appreciate your prayers, although I know my needs are not as great as many of yours.

  76. I have been praying for you, all, as I read through the comments…May God’s comfort and blessing find each one of us today!

    My prayer is for my husband…a morally upright man, good and loving father and husband, but he does not know Christ. He was raised in a family that has outright rejected Jesus, and he has followed suite. We met and married during a time of my life when I was struggling with my own faith. Now that I have returned to the arms of Jesus, is has caused strain on our marriage, particularly as I attempt to raise up our children in the Lord, as he views the Bible as make believe. He doesn’t contradict me to our children, but I know he isn’t always pleased.

    Taking my children to church on my own also makes my feel very lonely, and can be quite the struggle. I pray for patience, but I often leave angry and frustrated at my children for being poor listeners. My husband will have nothing to do with learning about my faith. He gets very defensive if I even attempt to share with him. I watch him struggle with life, being a work-a-holic, trying to make it through this world by his own will. I pray that God will open his heart in a profound way, something he can no longer ignore!

    I’m so sad; I just want us to be a united front in our parenting and in our desire to know and love the Lord! As much as we are both dedicated to remaining married, it seems we have less and less in common, as I grow in my faith and my desire to be more apart of the church. Please pray for our marriage, family and my husband’s salvation. Thank you!

  77. I need your prayers that I can maintain abstinence from compulsive eating. I have been working in a bakery since 12/11 and I was fine until 4/12. Every since then I have struggled on days I work and sometimes it carries over to my off days. I’m afraid of gaining back unwanted weight. (In the last 2 yrs I had lost 175 lbs, have gained back 15) I am also praying a will find another suitable job or the the Lord will keep me where I am at with a modicum of self control.

  78. spent the last few praying for each and every one of you precious sisters in Christ. so much pain, so much sorrow…life is hard isn’t it???!!! we all must remember…the Lord does NOT want us in defeat. we must be STRONG in the Lord. I believe our greatest weapon is our JOY!! our THANKS to God for every.single.thing.that. comes. because that is what He tells us to do. We might never see the reason for the pain on this side. We are called to trust Him. I am going thru the hardest time of my 51 yrs. none of us are immune to the hurt of this world. i just read “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voscamp (she’s a contributor here at (in)courage. i would HIGHLY recommend it. be patient with it, it is unusual writing style that takes a bit to find the flow. but i can tell you it rocked my world. it has helped me so much to walk in this pain. I am practicing and attitude of gratitude DESPITE my troubles and trials and it is miraculous. impossible for us to fear and be thankful in the same moment. God knew this!! i keep telling myself….I can only see the float in front and in back…GOD SEES THE WHOLE PARADE!!! thank you all for your honesty, your transparency, for the honor of being able to lift you before our great Saviour. hang in there sisters. hang in…..

  79. Praying for you Tracie. So sorry to hear that you are going through so much hurt right now.

    Ladies, could you please pray for me and my husband.

    I’m going through some “stuff”. Trying to work through some things in my past. Just a lot of hurt. Sexual abuse that I never allowed myself to process and move past. Anger at my parents. All things that are holding me down.

    Meanwhile, I’ve been sensing a hostility from my husband. I’ve told him this is hard for me. That I need him to be gentle, kind, patient. But still get a feeling I’m not living up to the wife he wants me to be.

    Today when I asked why he’s so angry at me he unloaded all of the things I need to change. Highlighted my shortcomings. Some I’m aware of and working on, some lies.

    I don’t understand.

    Why can’t he just love me the way I am. Why cant he focus his energy on the ways he can change instead of being angry at for what I need to change?

    In my hurt I told him that in his pursuit for spiritual growth he could afford to bring some of the love, kindness, and patience he allots to others home. To me. To our 3 year old. Is there some truth in that statement. Yes. Should I have said it. No.

    Now there is another thing I have done wrong that he can he hold onto. Jesus is not at the center of our marriage and I don’t know how to change that.

    • Hi. I understand your prayers for gainful employment!
      I am also at that exact place there simply is not enough income.
      ! As sisters in Christ,
      I pray His most “abundant” blessing!
      Have you read one thousand gifts by Ann
      Voskamp,? It is an amazing gift in the way she shares!
      Think about Footprints in the sand! Or Holley’s book
      You’re Already Amazing!
      Blessings, and you go girl!

    • Heather, I feel you. I am praying for you and your marriage.

      I am in the exact place. What is it that God is trying to show us through this trial? I believe it is to hold Christ like qualities like love and forgiveness no matter how badly we feel we are being treated. Just like Nesus did for us.

      This is painfully hard. My mind crowds with thoughts about hoe HE should be the one to change. When really all I can do is try to be an example.

      My friend says I must try to channel the love of Christ to my husband, fill him up with Jesus’ love. It is very very hard. But perhaps this is the way we can put Christ at the center.

    • Heather, I feel you. I am praying for you and your marriage.

      I am in the exact place. What is it that God is trying to show us through this trial? I believe it is to hold Christ like qualities like love and forgiveness no matter how badly we feel we are being treated. Just like Jesus did for us.

      This is painfully hard. My mind crowds with thoughts about how HE should be the one to change. When really all I can do is try to be an example.

      My friend says I must try to channel the love of Christ to my husband, fill him up with Jesus’ love. It is very very hard. But perhaps this is the way we can put Christ at the center of our marriages?

  80. The story is too long to go into here, but I could really use some prayer for emotional healing for myself and my family.

    I’ve just recently ended a 32 year marriage to my high school sweetheart – he was my whole life. Our four grown children aren’t speaking to me, and won’t let me see or talk to my three grandsons. My life has fallen apart – I lost everything – and though most days I am ok walking forward step by step and arm in arm with my Lord, I am having some rough days and nights lately. My heart, this family, needs healing. And I know that only God can provide that. The anger and lies and rage need His hand to calm them, dissipate them, so that acceptance and healing can occur. The enemy has a stronghold in this family, and it breaks my heart. God is the only way through.

    That’s what I need prayer for. Thank you…

    • I understand what you are going through! Luckily we never had kids but he had two from a previous marriage. I love them and my grandkids like they are my own kids. I will pray for your family that God will soften their hearts towards you and that He will show them the truth. It is not right for them to keep you apart from your grandkids. My step-son has taken his dad’s side in all this. His daughter and I are close and she has chosen not to take sides.
      People do not understand that pain in a divorce is immense!
      God bless you and I pray that your pain will cease. Know that God is in the future waiting for You.

    • I left a marriage of 26 years –
      The same thing happened that I felt I had
      lost everything! Your children do love you,
      they are deeply feeling rejected too. Get involved
      in your Christian Church. Seek Christian counsel.
      You have only lost a place that you once held as you
      held up others. I understand your loss: Jesus understands
      He will carry you, his eye is on the sparrow!

    • I am praying for you and your family. I too have walked in very similar shoes and know the grief of seeing grown children be used as tools to hurt. You may feel as if you’ve lost everything, but know that you have not lost the rest of victory that only comes through Christ. I pray for the stronghold the enemy has encamped around your family be broken, may eyes be opened, and may hearts be healed. I ask for Jesus to wrap His loving arms around you, and for you dear, Deb to know that there is nothing that can touch you that hasn’t gone past God and past Christ first. Look up, He is holding you in his hands.

  81. I would love prayer for direction. I have reached a place in life where there are so many changes that I want God’s wisdom and guidance as to the next step. One decision involves a possible move away from family and friends. Please pray for wisdom, guidance, favor, and that I would be surrounded by loving, supportive, mature Christians. Thank you for praying. 🙂

  82. Please pray for my son who is wandering from God. I find it so hard sometimes to sit and watch and pray and wait for the Lord to move in his life. Pray he returns to the Lord with all his heart , turns from sin and destructive choices and that I would be able to trust Gods promises . Thank you all

    • Have faith and give your son to God! Once you put him in God’s hands, do not grab him back. By doing this you are giving total control to God. Try not to worry and you may have to show some “tough love”. We know God’s timing is perfect and we do get impatient. You just have to put all your trust in God. I am having to do that myself. God Bless you!

  83. My marriage of 28 years is ending as soon as the divorce is final. My heart aches for the man I fell in love with. But I know I cannot fix an Alcoholic. I am 57 and have been out of the work force for four years. I realized our marriage had become stagnant. There has been no intamcy, friendship or love between us for a couple of years. I know the mistakes I have made. He has become selfish, acting like a 3 yr. old and he has become unpredictable in how he reacts to something I did or said. Our temporay hearing was March 5th and I do not know when the final hearing will take place. I have been praying for direction and wisdom. I know where I want to be but my funds are limited. Thanks for praying!

    • Belinda, I pray that God would heal you from the inside out and fill you with His presence. I pray his peace, comfort, and joy over you. Know that His heart is breaking with you and He holds you close. I pray that God would even change your husband’s heart and restore your covenant of marriage with him. Even if that does not happen, know that God has greater plans for you, to give you a hope and a future. I pray that God will show you His unending and faithful love for you as His bride. I pray that God will use this time to draw you closer to Him and to transform you into the woman He has created you to be in Him. He will never leave you and His love for you is too great to comprehend! Hold on to that hope!

  84. This year so far has been a season of loss for me. At the end of February, my fiance decided to end our engagement to leave me for another woman he had began a relationship with and to walk away from God. He is trying to find satisfaction in what this world offers, but he doesn’t realize only God can provide our true meaning and satisfaction in life. Three weeks after this happened, my grandfather passed away very unexpectedly on the night of my birthday. I was very close to him and he was my favorite person in my life. These months have been the hardest times I have ever been through and I find it hard to keep going. But, God has used this time to bring my relationship with Him to an intimate place where it has never been before. I have realized God will never, ever let me go and only He can hold me together and keep me strong through all of this. I now have deep ache and longing in my heart for Heaven and I cannot describe the joy and hope God has given me inside despite the sorrow going on around me in my life. I ask for prayer to know where God is leading me in life and for me to continue to let God heal me and create me into who He wants me to be. Thank you all so much, God can do amazing things through prayer!!!!

    • Jen,
      Thank you so much for your prayer! I will never forget it! I am praying that God will send the Comforter to you and that you will be granted peaced deep within your soul. I pray that God will turn your sorrow into joy. Because one day you will see your Grandfather again. You hold onto that rope and do not let go! Your fiance made a terrible mistake! It is his loss not yours.
      Let’s watch how God works miracles through these prayers!

  85. I’m asking prayer for myself. I’m a 43 year old single mom to an almost 3 year old toddler who runs on energizer batteries. My divorce was final last week. It’s not something I’m too happy about… but it had to happen. My ex relapsed on drugs after almost 9 years of being clean (I never even knew him in his addiction). The first two years of marriage were good… just your regular getting married, adjusting problems. But when I was 2 weeks pregnant (didn’t even know it) he relapsed. For the next 3 years I tried to “fix” it. It finally got to the point that I knew I couldn’t fix him and I had to focus on taking care of me so I could be a good mom to my son. I work in the nonprofit world… which is definitely where God wants me… but in the midst of my ex’s up and down with drugs… he’s at a point now where no one really knows where he is and I’m definitely not getting any child support. So add financial stress to the mix too. I love my son with all my heart. I’m trusting Jesus with everything. I just feel very alone, at times very very depressed (already treated for depression and anxiety) and just wonder what I’m supposed to do. Some days are really hard. I’ve got a great church and lots of people there who love me and my son… but I have a hard time asking for help… and I guess part of me just wishes people would notice my need and offer to help… like watching my son sometimes or helping with something around the house. Then I start feeling guilty because I know there are so many more people with bigger problems than me. And on and on it goes. I know in reading so many of the other prayer requests I’m not alone in this. Thanks for praying.

  86. Thank you so much for allowing me to share my pain. My health took a turn for the worse and I almost died. God certainly saved my life for a purpose and I know that my purpose is to help others; however, my health is shaky and friends are few. Would you please pray for me to make friends with sisters in Christ and to find a job that will enable me to fulfill my purpose. Thank you so very much and may God bless you and every other person who wrote in for prayer requests.

    • Kathy….I am so sorry for your pain. Praise God that He, the ultimate Healer, saved your life! As we all trust the Lord more and more, His mercy is greater & greater. This life can be so difficult. I pray for your complete healing and that God will raise up Christian friends to be your “stretcher bearers”….women who will carry you in prayer to Jesus when you can’t get there on your own. Women who will come along side of you and be “Jesus with skin on” and who will bring joy into your life. And I pray that the Lord will show you the path He has made especially for you and supply a job that will be fulfilling for you and glorifying to Him. God Bless you!!

    • praying for you kathy. praying for strength, health vigor, and a passion layed upon your heart for what the Lord wants you to do!! i pray the Lord sends a friend you way. one that makes you laugh, and cares about the silliest things….that she knows is important to you! I pray you would find the perfect job!

  87. Please pray for my sister and her family. She and my brother in law have just put their son, my nephew, in rehab for his heroine addiction. He has wandered far from God over the last few years. Please pray that he feels the presence of the Lord and turns toward His light. Pray for my sister to continue to be strong in her faith. This tragedy is tearing their family apart. Please pray for their family to gain strength and unity through Christ. My sister has suffered from mental illness for quite some time. She has overcome so many obstacles. My heart aches so badly for her. I pray that God will give her the gifts of peace and contentment.

    • Lisa…I will pray for your sister & her family to find peace & courage at this difficult time. No matter how long I live, I will always be amazed at how much the human spirit can endure. I pray that this trial will bring your sisters family closer instead of tearing them apart and that it will strengthen their faith as they keep their eyes on Jesus. She is very blessed to have a sister who will share in her pain & who will lift her up in prayer. May God bless you…

    • Lisa,
      I will pray for your sister and nephew. Addiction is an awful process for everyone involved. I would like to share that I am a recovering heroin addict. I’ve been clean and sober for almost 6 years, I was addicted for almost 10 years. I share this with you to know people can overcome their addictions. I’m currently pregnant with my 3rd child. Have an amazing supportive fiance we are getting married this month. We have our own home and life is good.
      I pray he finds his way into Gods hands. I pray your sister puts her faith into God. I pray for you!

      • Lisa,
        I will keep your sister, brother in law, nephew, (and you! ) in my thoughts and prayers as they go through this difficult time. May you all feel God’s loving guidance and warm embrace.

  88. Kathy
    Praise God for anointing you for His special purpose! May God bless you with friends that will help and guide you. Father, please bless Kathy with a job that lets her live according to your will and purpose for her life. In Jesus name we pray.

  89. This week my husband found out that the airline he has flown for for 25 years is shutting down permanently as of this weekend. Please pray that God would protect him from Satan’s attacks of fear, guilt, and anxiety, and that God would be glorified through what He is doing in my husband’s life. Also pray for strength and wisdom for me as I endeavor to be there for my husband and truly be his help meet. As a homeschool mom of three young children, who was already feeling a bit overwhelmed and tired before this news, I can only help my hubby through this with God’s strength because I am truly feeling weak right now. Thank you for offering to pray for me and all of your readers…God bless you!

  90. I am so blessed by God! I suffer from a nerve disease that causes pretty intense pain. Of course, stress (or rather my inability to process stress correctly) does tend to make it worse. But…what would life be without stress or trials? My husband recently got a job in a different state (praise God that he finally got a job!) and my two adult children still live with me. Both have learning & emotional difficulties…but they are my precious treasures.
    With family & friends struggling with terminal cancer, financial devastation, abuse…..
    wow, life can be tough. But through it all the Lord has walked beside me & I find shelter under His wing. I have plans for a ministry that will help other hurting women. But I need prayer…to be obedient & go forward by using my physical pain (& what God has taught me through it)…not to use it as an excuse to stay put & feel sorry for myself. My suffering is nothing compared to the suffering of our Savior.
    Thank you so much for letting me share and for your prayers! God Bless You…

  91. I have been reading and praying for everyone on this list.

    I am not adjusting well to our move. It has been almost three years. I don’t have friends or pals to hang around with. I homeschool my daughter. That is a real blessing. My hubby is wonderful. But he works 13 hour days and I spend alot of time alone. Just found a wonderful new church, but still feeling very lonely.

    Thank you.

    • Praying for you, Amy. And can totally relate! Moves are hard, challenging. Praying that your church will reach out well to help satisfy friendship and other supportive needs for you.

    • Dear Amy,
      Moving can be very difficult and connecting can be challenging, but I pray that you find a strong faith family that will help you feel at home and bring peace and friendships to you that can grow into great things.
      Know that you are being thought of, no matter your distance and trials. ~Walking by Faith, Anna

  92. I have endured a lot through the last five years. I am emotionally and physically drained. I fear as though it is taking a toll on my body. Please pray not only for my mind and spirit to be renewed, but also to have my body stay healthy and whole.

    Thank you and God bless…..

  93. Heavenly Father, I thank you that You have walked with Paulette and her family as they have struggled. Please continue to bless them as Paulette moves forward in her desire to minister to others. Fill her with your Holy Spirit and your strength. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
    I ask for prayers for my sweet cousin who continues treatment for thyroid cancer, and for Troy, whose story I read on another blog. He is recovering from a 2nd liver transplant at the Mayo Clinic.
    Thank you.

  94. Please pray for me to find my way into the life of a Chrisian woman. I’m 30 years old I have two daughters ages 4 and 2 and a son due in August. My fiance (all my kids father) and I are going to a justice of the peace to get married this month. It never bothered me we were not married but now I’ve been reading a lot about God and learning a lot from reading blogs and books about my religon. I want to be a good example for my children and be a good wife to my fiance. My mom passed away from brain cancer two years ago. I

  95. Sorry I pressed the wrong button. I feel lost and I’m hoping to find a mentor to help me learn to be a good Christian, wife, and mother. I feel as though reading blogs like this is the only thing that has made sense to me. After my mom died I felt so lost and alone and now I feel good. I feel that God is with me and was waiting for me to find him. Thank you for this blog it has helped me to find a path in my life. God Bless. Love, renee

    • God has been waiting for you and i’m so thankful that you found Him!!! This safe place you have found… here among so many other hearts, may be just what you need to regain strength and to learn just how much you truly mean to Him. I promise… He has great plans for you!!! There will be trials, but He will never leave you. Each of us carries a picture in our heart of what it looks like when we are with Him. When you feel lost or alone, or even on a perfect day… look to it & you will find more than just an image. Let the heat of His love envelope you and remind you that with Him all things are possible.
      We are all learning & there will always be moments of feeling as though we are lacking or maybe even defeated but seeking & learning His truth is one of the greatest things we can do & share. ~Walking by Faith, Anna

  96. Father God, I pray for Renee who posted a few minutes ago! Lord, only you know her heart and what she needs the most today and as she marries soon! Give them a peace and a love that has no equal! Help them to learn more about you and how much you love them! In Jesus’ name – Amen

    As for me, please pray for my husband as he starts school again tomorrow. Pray also for our marriage relationship that has been put to the test an awful lot in the past 2 years! Thanks!!

  97. Please pray for my family… My mother-in-law was diagnosed with multiple brain tumors in March 2 and is beginning week 6 of Hospice care … she has been unresponsive for the past 2 days… she had been slipping further and further away for about 1 1/2 week… My husband has one sister and my boys (15 and 12) are the only grandchildren. My father-in-law has been at her side nearly every minute… Our family is small and close… Everyone is hurting and making their way through this journey. My dad passed away many years ago (I was 14) … it was sudden and hard but watching someone you love lie in bed… not being themselves… it is so hard! My prayer is for mercy- we know where my mother-in-law is going and are thankful for her example.

    • Susie Morgan,

      I feel your family’s pain immensely. My mom had dementia and got sundowner’s after 1.5 months in hospitals and rehab. It was soo sad to watch her slip away. She was bedridden for about 2years 2 months. I live the closest and was called on many times to assist my aging father. My 3 other sisters lived in other states and all worked. Hospice was called in to assist my aging father with some of the medical stuff, bathing, etc. It was hard to watch your loved one slip away–doing & saying things that don’t make any sense.

      For me it was a blessing when she died–I felt at peace that dad could finally get the rest he needed. She was 84 when God took her home.

      Praying for peace for all in your family!

  98. Please pray that my children and I can remain safe and that there is a found way for us to change our names and relocate to continue our journey to healing in peace. Let it not be too late. ~Anna

  99. Dear sisters,
    I would greatly covet your prayers for one of my sons who revealed to us that he is in a homosexual relationship. This greatly grieves my heart as we, his family, try to understand the whys and as we struggle to show love to him, but not accept the sin. He knows the Word etched on his heart and has given so much of his 28 years to serving his Abba Father, as my son has loving called our God when he’s prayed. Yet now he says he finds the relationships with his friends more real and accepting because they are people who accept him and don’t judge him as those did in the church. We are hurting and do not understand, but are also finding solace in the support through prayer that we are receiving from many Christian friends, some who personally know our son and others who don’t. We pray for his eyes to be open, for the Holy Spirit to convict him and turn his life back to the One who gives Life, for the Holy Spirit to drive out and away those who are set in our son’s life to spread lies and deceit and are set against God’s desire and will for his life.
    I thank you for joining us in this battle against the evil one. We know it is not our words that will change his heart, but the prayers offered. We believe in miracles.

    • Father God I come to you in the name of Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit, I bring before you my dear sister in Christ BG and I ask Father that you would break the relationships that have their grip on this precious son of hers. Father let every relationship that is hindering a true relationship with you be broken in Jesus name. I command every homosexual spirit and spirits of deception to leave this precious son in JESUS NAME. I pray Father that you would send godly peers into his path that can speak truth into his life and can encourage him as he turns to you. Thank you, Lord for the work you are going to do in this man’s life. Please grant supernatural peace towards my sister and her family as they walk in the love you command, and guide their words as they speak to their son. Thank you Lord, for your wonderful faithfulness.



  100. Dear Jesus, I pray for Heather as she seeks to be a good helper to her husband-it is not always easy. But I do ask you to give her much grace as her husband is going back to school and their relationship seems to have been tested a lot the past two yrs. I pray that she will keep her mind on You and think on good things and to remember the reasons why she married in the first place. And also, to help Heather be creative in encouraging her husband. I also ask that You would encourage her husband to be sensitive to You and to study his wife and to be considerate of her.

    My prayer request would be for our son to live for Jesus. He is far from Jesus and dating and not really sure if she is the right girl for him. He knows what God says but doesn’t want to follow Him. Also, for our daughter as she seeks to live for Jesus. Thanks.

  101. Please pray for our family. My husband is getting out of the Navy after 14 years (and 5 deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan). We are going back to the city that I am from but the job market is really bad over there. Right now my mind is on overload… Will he find a job? How long will it isle? Where will we live? Where will I work? Where/ who will watch my daughter be while I go to work? (I have always stayed home with her for the last 16 months). That alone breaks my heart. So many things… And I just can’t help but worry for our family. Right now, I just want to be at peace and wholly trust in the Lord (which lately is easier said then done). We’ve been living with such uncertainty for so many months now, I just want to feel like everything will fall into place and that my husband will be ok with this HUGE transition from military life to covilian life. Thank you for your prayers.

    • Cris,

      Praying for peace to overcome you and your family! Remember God is in control & He will make all things happen in His time!

      I have faith that God will provide work for both you and your husband & some good daycare & friends for your daughter!

      May God’s grace, mercy, peace,love & joy surround you and your loved ones to bring about relaxation & peace!

      • Cris
        I pray that you feel and know that God will provide all things for your family. You and your husband have sacrificed so much by serving our country, now it’s your turn for some freedom and most of all peace. I pray that all the best is yet to come for you and your wonderful family. Thank you for all you and your husband have done for us, God bless you!

  102. I’m getting ready to start a doctoral program and am a little nervous so prayers for this would be great! Also, that I will continue to be in God’s will in my life and be a light to those around me.

    Lord, I thank You for this Incourage site, and for all these women seeking Your face. You are present among us even as we are a community far apart. You are blessing us and doing a good work. I pray for Darlene’s children. You love us with a Father’s love and want to see the best for us and our families. Help lead them and guide them to live their lives for You. Bless our families and all of those who are sick or hurting. You are Almight, the One and Only,and YOur Grace is sufficient. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  103. Please pray for my workplace that just experienced layoffs and for me to be able to find where God is leading me. I know God is in control. Thank you.

    • I feel your pain of having layoffs in the office. My husband went through that a while back. It is scary to think you could be the next one.

      Praying for peace & contentment & God shows you where he wants you to bloom!

      God Bless you ~

  104. My job has dramatically changed since last fall. I mostly do ancillary jobs at the clinic and not much patient care.

    God brought to my attention a much better job at the VA in town. I have submitted all the paperwork for the job and am waiting to hear something back about a possible interview.

  105. Please pray for me. I was fired from a job I dearly loved because someone accused me of something I did not do. I was out of work for a month. I took a job at Walmart just to help pay our bills. I would love to get back into my field, but I am scared. I am afraid to try again in my field. Also, our income decreased so much that I have money to pay our rent and other bills, but not enough money to buy our medicine at the pharmacy.

    • Father, I thank you for Katie, a dear sister in Christ who is seeking your will in her life. Lord you know the plans you have for this dear one and father you say in your word that you did not give us a spirit of fear or timidity but of power, love, and a sound mind. Father, please direct Katie’s steps and give her courage in abundance as she steps out in faith. Please meet all of her needs according to your riches and glorly!


    • Precious Father,

      Please comfort Katie and her family. Show her the plans you have for her and the family. Give her the faith & courage to venture out in her field once again and have a good paying job that covers all expenses,

      You are the one true God who provides for all your children!

      Thank you Lord!

  106. I lost my 36 year old daughter to suicide 14 months ago. Today…is just one of those days that I am feeling the profound loss of her and my heart is broken. The pain is almost unbearable, in spite of my prayers. I KNOW the Lord is close, but I don’t feel it. I am divorced and there is no one that I feel I can burden my thoughts and feelings to today. And besides they would just want to “fix’ it and there is no fixing of this kind of pain. It is just something that one must go through and in time; it lessens. This my head knows. My prayer is that the Lord WOULD feel close to me today and that He would help me bear the pain & heal my heart a tiny bit more. It’s not like this everyday, thank God. Thank you. Elaine

    • Praying for you Elaine, My brother took his life back in 2004 and even after 7 years i still have days when it brings me to my knees, as I miss him so very, very much. I am praying for God to continue to heal your heart. You are right no one can un-do what has happened but sometimes just knowing that you are not ALONE, that there are others who have been thru the same situation helps. I write down all my thoughts and then present them to the Lord in prayer, with my hands out to Him – Knowing he is listening and that He cares more than I know.

      I am putting you on my prayer list and pray God will continue to keep you in the palm of his hand.

      You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book. Psalm 56:8

      Let me know if you would like my e-mail as I welcome the opportunity to be a continued souce of encourgament to you.

    • Elaine,

      Praying for God to surround with His loving grace, mercy & peace. May you feel close to Him now and always! Prayers that God will bear your pain & help heal your hurting heart!!

      I pray also for a friend or mentor to come close to you & be there for you in these times.

      In His name Amen!

  107. My husband is a 40% disabled veteran. Lately, his pain and discomfort from his injuries has greatly increased. He is almost constantly in pain. I called the VA and tried to get his appointment moved up, but I haven’t heard anything yet. Tomorrow he has an appointment with a pain mangement doctor (contracted through the VA). I am hoping he can help us. We need to find out if something else has happened like another pinched nerve, bone spurs, etc. Yesterday my husband told me that he wants to stop by the VA hospital tomorrow anyway. He wants to start the process of being re-evalutated and re-rated. We have been warned in the past that because we are law enforcement my husband may not be able to keep his job if is disability percentage is raised. It tells me just how bad my hubby is feeling that the job is no longer the biggest consideration. He is coming to grips with being medically retired and trying to live a less painful, stressful life. Wow! Please pray that we can get help tomorrow. It hurts so bad to see my big, strong man dibiliated by pain. Thanks. I will be praying for the above requests too.

    • Father, I thank you for Brooke, a dear sister in Christ. Father I pray for her husband today that your healing power would flow from the top of his head to the soles of his feet and that he would feel a divine release from pain in Jesus Name. Father please guide the hands of the physicians will see him and grant him peace as he goes through this process.


  108. Please pray for my daughter n I. My husband fall in love with someone else n left us a week before having our baby. It has been over a year n he has been a horrible mean person towards me. Now he wants to revisit the divorce n wants us to be together even though he still love someone else. I’m struggling with a lot of anger and with the decision on getting divorce. I don’t want to b in a fake mrriage just for a sake of a baby. I need. To do what is best for my daughter but I’m not sure of what to do. I feel I will never trust him and he will always love his woman. I need guidance and assurance that I am taking a decision regarding my marriage base on Gods will as suppose to be base on pride. However it is very clear that he loves this other woman. It has been almost a year an half of prating for guidance but I’m still very unsure eather way. So I appreciate anyone praying for us especially because this decision is affecting a baby. Thank u. God bless.

    • tibi, I pray for you dear sister that you will listen and wait for God’s clear voice of direction in all matters concerning your future. I pray that you will wait on him as he is the one who has plans to prosper us and not to harm us, to give us a hope and a future (Jer29:11-13). I pray Lord that you will fill your daughters heart with love, understanding, wisdom and knowledge. That she will listen to the still small voice and not follow the leading of her heart or emotions, which can sometimes lead us astray. Father, help her to know and recognise your hand at work in every area of her life, particularly in this relationship. And please give her courage to do the right thing once you speak your mind. Place your Mighty banner of protection over tibi and her beautiful baby and give them the security they need. In Jesus name, Amen.


    • Jesus, you are called the man of sorrows. You are acquainted with grief. Please lead Janealice to green pastures and clear waters. Let her know that you care for her. You understand her suffering. Meet her in the darkness and deliver her. Being her the help, or at least the first steps toward hope and healing, this week. Give her faith to watch and wait on you.

    • Janealice,
      I am keeping you in my prayers and thoughts as you go through a difficult time right now. I pray that you feel the peace and warm embrace of God. Have you talked to a Dr or someone you trust about being depressed? I finally did, and my Dr put me on medication. It is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about but a medical condition. God bless you, and much love

  110. I lost my husband last year and his birthday is Tues and I get anxious when I think about the last party I had for him.
    I love God and know he is with me but it also helps when others pray.

    • Praying, Carolyn, and a note to pray on Tuesday also that the love of your Father and His arms would hold you through the anniversary and that you would know the depth and breadth and height of that love as you work through the grief of this anniversary.

  111. I would appreciate prayer for a new home. Because of circumstances outside our control, we must leave a home we love. We don’t know where we are going, but God does. Please pray for us.

    • Father, please grant Linda peace during this transition in her life, and Father please make a way for a home where her family can be even more at peace than she even thought possible.


  112. I consider it a privelege to pray for Carolyn. I praise God for His salvation of my grandson, Zach, and the job my son has gotten after almost 3 yrs. w/o a full-time job!
    I would like prayer for continued growing in my understanding of God’s grace…that I may be able to know His grace and share it with others who have need. It’s ALL grace!! Praise His gracious name!!!

  113. i am praying for a peace that surpasses all understanding for you carloyn, for the holy spirit to especially be with you on tuesday. praying for all the women on this blog for comfort and blessings.
    please pray for my family. we have been in conflict for over a year now. i , too, know God is in control, but, just getting so weary. i havent talked to my 8 year old grandson since last october, my daughter has cut off communication with us. we are a small family and have always been close. but, disagreements and conflicts have broken relationships. i truly do not know what to do any more. thanks for the prayers and God bless.

  114. Loving God I lift up to you each of these beautiful women. May your peace rain down on of us as we continue to grow in relationship with you and one another. This life can be so difficult and we can be so willful at times. I pray your will in each situation and that you continue to draw us closer to you as we walk together.

    I would covet prayer for discernment about family relationships that had been walked away from due to abuse. A door has opened but I am not certain I am to renew ties.

  115. Please pray for a husband for me. I have dealt with singleness for so long and it’s such a battle.

    • Father, please grant this dear sister in Christ peace concerning your will for her life. I pray father that she would come to know that you have a perfect will and plan for her life and that it is in you that she is complete.

      In Jesus Name

    • Father I bring before you Eileen, and I pray Lord that your healing touch would flow through her body and she would experience complete and total restoration in Jesus Name!

  116. I am asking prayers for my 48 year old single daughter. She recently lost her job and is finding that another position is difficult to accomplish. Her name is Patti and I know she believes in God, but am not certain of the most important relationship with Jesus. So, please pray for salvation to be secure and with time everything else will fall into place. I ask for protection from the devil’s schemes and for here to fill the love of Christ each and every day. I need wisdom in dealing with Patti and I try not to be overly generous. Accountability is a hard lesson, but one we must face! Thank you and God bless you.

  117. Lord, I lift up your daughter ‘Single’, as I know only too well how she feels. Please remind her of your love for her today, as you have graciously reminded me. Help her to see that you have the BEST in mind for her and that your plans are not to harm her. Please help her to focus her needs and desires for intimacy towards you and your purposes and to go deeper, as deep as need be, in order to come again into a place of light. Thank you for loving her, and for loving all of us your single daughters. Amen.

    Sadly, I, too, had a breakdown earlier this week…and I’m just realizing that it was the enemies attack on me. I’m feeling a little fragile and battle-worn. Please pray that;
    – my faith in God’s Will for me is restored
    – I will move away from bitterness over being single
    – I will celebrate my 34th birthday this month and not grieve the losses (lack of marriage/children/home)
    -I will be grateful for the things God has ALREADY given me

  118. Terica-just prayed for your daughter.

    As for me, hubby & I are waiting adoptive parents. And I hate waiting. I don’t have patience. 😉 We knew, even before we were married, that we wanted to have a child or two-but it hasn’t happened and only God knows why. We went through a year and a half of medical treatments only to learn that we have unexplained infertility. That was a tough pill to swallow. Please pray for us as we wait and for that expectant mom out there and the child she is carrying that could one day end up in our home. Thank you!

  119. Please pray for a friendship that I have that is hurting. Pray for a willingness to talk together and discover what can be done to heal it. Pray for restoration…

  120. I would appreciate prayers that a job offer comes soon! I am nearly out of unemployment and it cannot be extended due to an error from my previous employer. Yes, I can fight it, but I feel it is more important to keep searching for jobs! I would love to find a job where I “fit in” and am appreciated. Also, prayers would be appreciated to help me remember that God has a plan for me. I may be alone (divorced and empty nester) and sometimes I am very lonely, but I need to remember his plan for me. Thank you!

    • Praying for you Vicki – I am exactly where you are, I am job searching ( I am 53)
      I know that God has a plan for me and for YOU…. I try to remember that he has brought me thru so much in the past, that HE is ever faithful and that HE will see me thru this time also – even when its hard to understand the Why’s… “Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart all you who hope in the lord” ps. 31:24. Praying for favor from just the right employer ! Keep searching and dont give up ! {{{ hugs }}} and continued prayers

  121. Please pray for My Nephew S. as he is STILL struggling with the suicide of his Father (my brother) in Dec. 2004. He has not gotten any counseling and his whole life is being effected by this tragedy. He is NOT speaking to me (long story) even tho he has moved to the town where I live. It just breaks my heart and I am so very afraid that something horrible will happen if he does not get help soon. I pray for him every day as well as his Mother who does not want to have anything to do with me. I try to reach out but to no avail. Thank you ladies for your prayers it means so much !

    • Aimee, I’m praying for you! That is heartwrenching. I’m asking God to hold your nephew close and to reveal Himself to him in his hurting. I’m also praying for you, that God would give you peace and provide an opportunity for you to reach out to your family.

      I am very lonely. I am surrounded by people who love me but still I feel alone. I am the only single gal in all of my friends and its really hit me the past couple weeks. I am not saying I am looking for a dating relationship, but a friend would be a blessing. I thank God for this community!

      • Praying for you Francesca. My roommate is going through the exact same thing. I see how it effects her. I pray that God will send you many friends (& that special someone). I pray that God takes away your loneliness and fills that void with his almighty love.

        I am thanking our dear Lord today. Today I found a new church home. Yay. Today was my first visit to the church, and when they announced there was a members class after service, I knew I was right where I needed to be. Please pray that He will guide me and use me to do his will.

        Also my husband is flying to Colorado to find us a new home with land. Please pray that, if it’s God’s will for us to move, everything will go quickly and smoothly. We want to be moved before school starts again for my 14 yr old son. I’m rather excited about going to a new state and starting all over again. I can’t wait to meet new people, new community, new churches, etc. Live more green, natural, and humble. And no matter where I go, (in)courage will always be there with me! Thank you everyone for your prayers. I sincerely appreciate them. I love you all. God bless.

      • Thank you so much for the Prayers Francesca…I am honored that you would pray for me. I will also put you on my prayer list. I too was LONELY myself for 45 yrs. until God brought to my Husband. Sure I had freinds but still felt alone as most of my friends had gotten married by then. I pray that the Lord bring just the right person to you and that your married friends include you in their lives. I LOVE that God is always thinking of us and loves us more than we know or even can fathom.
        Love and {{hugs}} to you my sister in Christ.

  122. Francesca, I am praying for you today. I have known the ache of loneliness as well, and I feel for you sister. Praying that you may be surrounded by heaven sent friends, and that you may rejoice in true community and blessed relationships.

    I am pregnant, and while this is planned, I’m still not sure if we are ready for this. I have been feeling a lot of anxiety. I would really appreciate your prayers.

    Thank you and Thank God for this blessed space.

  123. I am praying for you Francesca! That you will feel God’s presence and that He would provide you with a friend sticketh closer than a brother!! When I was single, I went through a very hard time with being alone, even though I was never alone for a moment. I knew someone was praying, because one morning I woke up and felt like I was in “God’s envelope” – which is the only way I can explain it.
    I would like prayer for my job. I may have the opportunity to go back to a job I love, but I want to be in the center of His will.

  124. Just wanted to let Leesha and Crystie know that I prayed for them. I can relate to so many of these post and prayer requests. Leesha, I am the mother of two adoptive children. I remember how long the wait was for them. I wondered if it would ever happen. I encourage you to remember that your Heavenly Father has a plan for you and your husband. One day ( and I pray it is soon) when you are holding that precious gift in your arms, the wait will have been so worth it. In the mean time, just know the Lord has not forgotten you.
    Crystie, I also recently had a difficult time with a long time friend. We are trying to put the past behind us and allow the Lord to lead our friendship again. I pray this for your friendship as well.
    I would appreciate prayer for my family. We are trying to find a church home and are having a difficult time fitting in. Thank you and God Bless You All!

    • Thank you so much, Lou. It’s so encouraging to hear from those who have been there.

  125. To BG. My prayer for ur son is from Jeremiah 29;11. I know the plans i have for you says the Lord plans for welfare and not for calamity to give u a future and a hope. The Lord has his hands on ur son and ur family. I pray peace from the Holy Spirit to touch ur family. Elaine

  126. To BG. My prayer for ur son is from Jeremiah 29;11. I know the plans i have for you says the Lord plans for welfare and not for calamity to give u a future and a hope. The Lord has his hands on ur son and ur family. I pray peace from the Holy Spirit to touch ur family. Elaine.

    • Thank you Elaine —–
      That is a verse I have claimed for a number of years now – I am even looking at a framed copy of this verse my sweet husband (my kid’s step-dad) gave me when we first started dating. Ironically it hangs next to a handmade cross my son brought back to me from one of his mission trips to South America.
      Your prayers are greatly appreciated – our God is good! I believe He uses whatever He has to for HIS will to be done.

  127. Heidi, praying for you. Always remember God is with you, He will teach you everything you need to know along the way. I pray for God’s peace that surpasses all our understanding to cover you, your husband and this new little one.
    Eleanor, God’s word says “if we deight ourselves in Him, He will give us the desires of our heart”. He will show you His direction for you, that will be for your good and His Glory.
    My prayer need is this; my husband has been out of work for almost 6 months. God has completely provided along the way. I just pray that God will open up more ministry doors for him. Second thing is this I am not one to get sick and for the last six months I have been in battle with some sort of sickness. (I know it spiritual) during this time God has gotten me still to listen. Third, my mom who is 75 lives with us and has dementia and now some health issues. Need wisdom and patience to walk through all this. Thanks a bunch for this community of sisters and believers.

  128. First, Lou I just want you to know I am praying for you to find a church home that is active and just bursting with the activities of the Holy Spirit. i will continue to pray for you. I myself, and my family looked for so long to find a church that was alive and healthy and that was loving and accepting. Many churches are, but I never seemed to feel like I was “at home” in any of them. Then, about two years ago, I found the “one” for us. I am so very happy there and have grown so much in my walk with the Lord. My prayer is that the Lord leads you right to the “one”. Ask the Lord for direction, and I just know He will lead the way for you and your family. God Bless

    My prayer request is for my daughter Laura to open her heart and life to the Lord. She has moved clear across the country away from family and friends to be with a man she met on the web. She has two little boys, (my grandsons) that she also moved away. I have been so anxious to see them and know that the Lord is working in her life, but she is in town this week, and I need her to connect with me. We haven’t seen each other for over a year, and I long to see my daughter and my sweet grandsons. They lived with me for five years before this happened, and it has just broken my heart. I do trust that the Lord is in control of these circumstances, but really ask for others prayers so I might see her and the boys, and most important that she will give her heart to Jesus. thank you so very much for your prayers….God Bless You All…..

  129. Jenniferb, praying for you, your husband, and your mother.

    I need prayer for healing and strength. I’m walking through a horrible season in my life, dealing with fear, anxiety, depression, and hopelessness. I know that I am under spiritual warfare and Satan has certainly plotted for this in my life. I do know that God is in control, and clinging to Him, but deperately need prayer.

    • Me too. I think there is a lot of this going around..too much pain and want to give up. God is close to the brokenhearted but I am still waiting for the tears to stop. So much grief in this world and people mistreating each other. Breaks my heart more. I feel so lost and alone at times but know Jesus carries me. Some days all I can do minute by minute is just say “Jesus” over and over again until I am calm. Praying for you, I know exactly how you feel. God bless you, keep holding onto Jesus.

  130. Pray for my father. He’s in the hospital with kidney stones…and pray that the doctors will work fast to relieve his pain.

    Pray that my dad will get his driver’s license back. He has a medical suspension for a heart issue that caused him to pass out back in January. He’s doing well now.

    Pray for me, that I can break the addiction to gluten. It’s hard. I eat gluten free for health reasons, but stressful situations like the ones above, it’s hard for me to resist foods like this. They taste really good, but I always feel sick afterwards.

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂

  131. Please pray for my husband and I. Our 24 year old son told us last night that he is In a relationship with a guy. Our hearts are broken, we feel like we are living a nightmare. Our son made a commitment to the Lord many years ago, but since college, has walked away from the Lord. Please pray for God’s wisdom for us, and for our son, that he will leave this lifestyle. Sincerely, Broken hearted parents who love the Lord.

    • Oh Lord,
      I pray for this mom of five that raised this boy to love you and now has to walk this path. Please give them wisdom, an abundance of love and allow them to be the place he runs to when he is empty and hurt. I pray you will bring your scripture to his mind, your love to his heart and surround him with Christians everywhere he goes and words. Let him see You as he has never seen You before.

    • Dear Mom of Five:
      I will pray for you, your husband and your son. I understand the heartache you are experiencing. My husband and I have a similar situation with our only granddaughter. She has been with the same woman for sometime now. It is, indeed, a heart wrenching experience to lose a child to an “alternative” lifestyle.

      Our granddaughter isn’t saved; but for us and for you, our avenue of hope is in our prayers for both of them to leave the lifestyle they’ve chosen. We know the Lord hears and answers the prayers of His children. So we will continue in prayer for your son and our granddaughter.

      God Bless You, and strengthen you each day, A Grandmother in Christ

    • Dear Mom of Five,
      I am praying for you and your family. In my earlier post, I also asked for prayer for the same. My 28-year old son has told us just before Mother’s Day that he is in a relationship with a guy. He too made a commitment to the Lord, has been active in missions, has led Bible studies . . . the list goes on and on. I know the grief your heart bears.
      Lord, I pray for this family and their son. I pray for your arms of love to surround them as they struggle to understand. Help them to be the open door this young man will turn to. Abba Father, I pray for the Holy Spirit to convict this young man, to chisel away at the lies and deceit spread by those who are set against Your will and Your desires for him. Remove those relationships from his life, exposing the sin. Bring loving and compassionate Christians into his life to fill the vacuums left behind. Lord, we recognize that it is not our words that will change this choice of lifestyle, but the power of words uttered in prayers to you. Father we thank you that you love us even in our sin. Let this young man find his identity in YOU!
      In His name ~ Amen

  132. Pray for my sister she is so angry and critical of others. We will be spending a week together which should be great but I dread it because she always ends up yelling at me and critizing me and my family. I’m praying for God to give her a happy heart and at peace with herself. It is a very hard week that I wish would change for the better.

  133. When I read many of these requests, I feel so led to pray. I truly wish I had the capacity to sit with each one and pray face to face. Lifting each of you to the Lord for His perfect touch and love.
    I have had constant sciatic pain since December — been to chiropractic (two separate ones) and now feel I may have to go to my GP for follow up and more thorough medical approach. Please pray for a miracle healing. It stinks to be in pain, but God is using it in ways only He can. I am learning to live with it; not complain; wait for His solution; take better care of myself — which I do, but always can improve in …
    I haven’t really asked for prayer, and then YOU asked us. Thank you.

  134. Patty,
    I too have sciatic pain and understand how horrible it can be. I have found acupuncture to be helpful. I will pray God will heal you. I too wish I could sit with each one and pray, may God move mightily in all these situations.

    I would like to ask for prayer for my husband and I as we begin the process to navigate adoption. We need wisdom to decide what route to take and where to go.
    Please pray God would bring us the child He has for us and we would be able to make a difference in this child’s life.
    Thank you for your prayers!

  135. Ladies, I have just read all the prayer requests and the replies. In reading all this, I said a prayer for each one I read. I so wish we could all be together, not only to share a friendship that so many (including myself) are craving but to be able to cry with, listen to and just be able to give ya’ll a giant hug!!

    To those who are going thru marital struggles or divorce, could I please recommend you seek a ministry called Divorce Care and Divorce Care For Kids. I have no affillation with them. I just know that this faith based ministry is one of the best things to attend when going thru a divorce. I was divorced for 10 yrs and went thru it and learned so much.

    To those going thru being unemployed…. my prayers to you! It is so very difficult of the unknown. That’s what I am requesting for my prayer today. Single grandmother with custody of my 8 yr old granddaughter. I have been unemployed since Dec and money is gone. My car is about to be repo’d. I slowly peek out the blind every morning to see if the car has been taken! Not sure what will happen when it does go. Moved in with my youngest daughter (and we don’t have the greatest relationship) to a new area thinking jobs would be better but they are worse here. I don’t think the jobs are worse here, just more people applying for them! I know God is here but some days it’s a struggle to remember that!

    Lifting all these ladies up in prayer!!

  136. I would really appreciate prayer for my marriage. It will take a God sized miracle to saved it.

    • Stacy,
      Many prayers for you and your husband. Try meditating over the St. Francis prayer over and over again…its an amazing prayer!
      God Bless,

  137. Praying for you Patty that God will bring you the child He has for you, for your wisdom and for guidance as you go through the process.

    Please pray for my husband and I as he has taken a new position. We are moving 2 hours away from this location. Please pray for us to sell our house quickly in a market saturated with houses for sale so that we can all be together. Also, I pray for a good support system of friends there as I homeschool our son who has Asperger’s. And that somehow I would have support during the transition as my friends all get extra busy with their own things in the summer. Thank you all who pray! I wish I could sit and pray for each one too.

  138. My husband died a week ago today.I will bury him tomorrow and I need prayer to have the strength to go on without him.He was my everything.

    • oh dear dear bonnie. May the Lord strengthen and comfort you. I am so very sorry. Will be praying …

  139. Please pray that I can pass my last state board exam & find a job immediately!!! I’m a single mom of 3 & just graduated from college. Really really need to start work & get my finances in order & move on to the next chpt in my life. These last 2 years have really taken a toll on me & my kids, but I did what I needed to do to get through school so I don’t have to rely/depend on my ex- husband for anything. I need prayer for total restoration for myself & my kids!!! Thank u so much, I love it when women come together & pray for each other!!! Praying women/mommas r the backbone of this amazing free country we live in. God bless u all!!

  140. What an amazing community of storming the heavens with prayers of thanksgiving, love, patience and grace. First, thank you for embracing this as your mission and being true angels on earth. I am 28 and am having growing anxiety over finding my future spouse. I know God has a plan but my own doubt tends to lead the way. I know I am called to marriage as God has shown me this as my vocation but it feels as though a divine intervention will be needed for it to become possible. I appreciate your prayers more than you know.

  141. I’m feeling like the world just keeps stacking things up against me. I’m struggling to hear God speak quietly to my heart because the crazy lady in my head won’t stop screaming in panic!! Please pray that I can find some calm and listen for God’s word. Thank you!

  142. My heart has been shattered time after time. I made a vow to never love again. Now a Christian man has come into my life offering love, companionship, peace. Please pray with me that the Lord will heal my heart and allow me the freedom to love this most precious man.

  143. Pray for my marriage, we need a miracle — pray for my 16 year old son who has been so hurt by my husbands actions and has been acting out, and being very rebellious – he has so much hurt and anger. Pray for healing and for God to do a mighty work in my husband.

  144. I had a miscarriage in January, and found out a couple of weeks ago that we’re expecting again. My first OB appointment is tomorrow, and I’m a little nervous. I definitely FEEL pregnant, which should be a good sign…but I was still having symptoms 4 weeks after our last baby stopped developing, so my brain is still thinking about that. I want to be excited about this pregnancy, but it is so hard right now. Please pray for me to trust in whatever God’s will is, and to allow myself to feel excitement for this child, as I did for my daughter and for the child we lost. Thank you

    • Just me–I know what you are going through. I lost my 1st pregnancy early and was petrified the whole time I was pregnant. I pray for strength for you as His will is done.
      Be blessed 🙂

  145. Prayers for my marriage – which is sometimes such a struggle – and for my husband to really find faith in God…to understand what that means/feels like. Also, prayers for my career path – that God will lead me to a place that better uses my talents,and allows,time for my family.

    Prayers for “just me” may God wrap his arms around you and help you through this pregnancy and the excitement and fear you are feeling.

  146. Please pray for my son to start developing his speech. Insurance does not cover his therapy sessions, and a lot of times, I feel like I am suffocating due to debt, not that therapy is the only factor, but it doesn’t help.
    I love a community of praying women. I pray that we all feel His love, strength, peace, and whatever tools we need to get through trials.
    Be blessed 🙂

    • My son is also struggling with a delay in his speech development. It is extremely frustrating as you only want the best for your child. I am praying for you and your son.
      ~as a side note, we decided to have my son evaluated for OT which insurance is not against paying for and he quailified. The OT has helped is speech so very much, may be another option for you.

  147. It is 02:06 in England and I am reading all your posts for prayer! I pray for you all. For those who have problems with work/employment; with children or grand-children, (I am a Mother and Grand-mother myself). I pray for those of you who are hurting because of bereavement, (I too lost the love of my life nearly 12 years ago and still miss him everyday). I worry about my own future, the future of my children and grand-children in this world of uncertainty, turmoil, unemployment and pain and try to give my problems up to God to help me and support me! I pray that all you women out there can do the same. God bless you all! Keep praying. Keep supporting each other. Keep going. God has a purpose for us!

  148. Please pray that my beloved Granddaughter Ashley will seek help for her alcohol and bulimia issues. She is only 23 and is destroying herself. Since her Papa..my husband died she has gone over the edge..She cannot come to grips with his death and feels abandoned..we raised her so he was more then her Grandfather..Her wings are broken and I can’t fix them… Where two or more are gathered…♥

  149. Breathing prayers for you all. So many hurting. The Lord knows our every need. Very thankful He can be trusted.
    As for me, need prayers for guidance for my family. My husband recently left his job for moral reasons. A leap of faith. He is doing some freelance work from home but not enough to support us yet. I’m a work-at-home-mom (very part time) and do physical therapy for those who seek me out, but my first mission is to my 2 small children, so I’m not actively marketing my private practice.
    We believe we are called to use our skills in ministering to others but are not clear on the details or how to get started.
    Also in need of housing soon- currently living in relatives’ 2nd home but we feel we have become a burden so need to move on. We know God will provide.
    Thanks so much for sharing in our burdens and I’m honored to take your requests to God in prayer.

  150. This comes deep from my tender mama heart – pray that our 6 month old would sleep through the night consistently – and especially tonight. Weekends seem to be hard on her, and no matter what we do, she wakes. Hubs and I need sleep – we had no idea it would have such an impact on us. I almost didn’t write this because it seems a little silly, but it’s important to me, and the prayers are appreciated 🙂

    • Praying for your sweet mama heart. It doesn’t seem like a silly request at all. Sleep deprivation can have way too many effects on our mind, body, and soul. Just keep telling yourself, in 10yrs I will long for one more sleepless night to hold her in my arms again. Mom of 4 prays that Jesus will keep your lil’ darling wrapped in his arms as she slumbers through the night.

  151. Please pray that we find my son’s blanket. It is actually a square of a quilt he has had since he was 2 (he is now 7) and he is so upset. Thinks he lost/dropped it outside. My husband is out in the rain and dark looking. Sigh. Thanks!

  152. I would ask for prayer for my daughter, son in law and granson. Who are ‘dropping their nets’ and leaving everything behind here at home and commit to a two year mission position in Veinna, Austria.

    Right now they only live a half and hour away and I see my grandson twice weekly, this is going to be an adjustment for us all and I pray that God bless their mission, they would get the support/funding they need (they are in charge of all finance) and for strength for me, as I watch them leave the security of home. I will miss them so very much, but am so totally proud of them for being obedient and following Him!

  153. Pray for my mother who has MS, give her the strength that she so desperately needs. Let her see joy in the small things, and let her continue to bless everyone around her. Give her the courage that is not dissappearing. She is becoming depressed, and feeling sorry for herself due to her physcial limitations.

    Pray for my father, who is the primary care giver, give him rest when he is tired, and peace in knowing he is doing his best. Pray that he is able to enjoy the little moments with my mother, as husband and wife.

    Pray for my brother who has autism that does not quite understand the changes in our family, but I hope that he does not experience fear in the things that we cannot change.

    • Carprice, as I pray for your family, I see my own bad attitude about my families struggles..and just how much I have to give thanks for! Lord, please care for this family in the way that only you can! Lift them up! In the midst of pain and sorrow, open Caprice’s Mom’s eyes to the Joy that comes in the morning…help her to see the light that you give…even in suffering. Please lift her spirits, Lord! And for her dad, please give him the endurance that only you can…to run the race and fight the fight. For her brother, Lord, please help him in coping with all of these things, that must be hard to process…I thank you that you can help even where language is inadequate and I pray that you would. Please fill Caprice and her family with your living water and quench their thirst in a dry and weary land! I thank you Lord that we can call on your name and that we are NEVER alone in the valley. That Isaiah 43 always assures us that you are with us…even in the fire!

  154. I’m asking for prayer about my husband’s job. He was laid off from the military a few months ago and took the 1st job he could find. We’re extremely thankful he found a new job so quickly. With his new job he works 4 hours away from home, and we rarely to get to see him. We have 3 small children and this has been extremely difficult. We’re praying that God will open doors for him to find a new job that would allow him to spend more time at home.

    • Dear Heavenly Father,
      I pray for Ashlea. I thank you so much for her husband’s good attitude and the provision of this job. We don’t know where you have them headed in all of this, but we know you have a plan. I pray that you would help Ashlea and her husband to see it. 4 hours away must feel like he’s deployed and I pray that you would help Ashlea…give her the strength and stamina in being a parent on her own that much more. Father I pray that you would sustain them and give them the help that they need in this job situation. Once again, I thank you very much that we can call on your name and that you delight in hearing us ask for help…that you hear us, and that you answer! In Jesus name, Amen.

  155. Lord, I lift up Melody to you. I pray that you would grow her faith as you give her this very difficult exercise in trusting you, and reminding all of us that our children are in your hands! Please keep her children and grandchildren safe as they travel to Viana, and Lord please provide the funds they need and direct their paths as only you can!

    As for my request, I am hardly know how to say it, but Tomorrow a nurse will be caring for my 6-year-old son at school. She’s had six days of training yet she still doesn’t seem to be a good fit. She has not been doing a very good job and im very concerned about it. Im going to have to take all of my kids to school, and order to make sure he’s okay/supervise. Not sure how this will work out for my two-year-old and four-year-old school. She also tends to isolate my son from the activities in the class. Lord, please help her to think of him as her own child, precious in your site!
    I am also she’s feeling overwhelmed with so many things. (We’ve lost the majority of our “friends” when we left our church several months ago, as God led us elsewhere. I need the faith and strength to push on through one mess, two-year-old fit, confrontation, or special-needs emergency after another. “He is more than able!”

  156. Praying for you Miriam. God has a plan
    is in control. He is standing in your tomorrow waiting for you with open arms to receive His grace and love. Allow Him to face your challenges and rely on His understanding. Seek wisdom from His Word and pray. God is with jyou, that’s the Good News.

  157. My sister and I are somewhere between a strained and an estranged relationship. She is in a relationship that all of us feel is controlling (and could lead to abuse), but she thinks he’s wonderful. After he verbally abused me last year, she excused his behavior and never apologized to me. We haven’t been the same since.

    Please pray for her and all her relationships with family and friends. Pray that she would see the light about who her boyfriend really is. Thank you.

    • Praying for you Jen and your sister….
      Lord, please protect Jen’s sister and open her eyes to see the truth and for Jen, please fill her to overflowing with your love for her sister, so that her sister cannot help but be drawn back to those who truly love her and ultimately to the one true lover of her soul, YOU. Give Jen comfort, and patience and unending love for her sister. Thank you that you have given them the gift of each other.
      1 Corinthians 13 …love never fails…”

  158. I need God just to answer prayer. I know that He is, but I need something. One thing that is most scariest to me is that I can’t pay my bills like I need to. God opened the door for me to take a theology class and I need $500 to pay for it. I have completed the first phase, (THANK GOD) … I need financial peace. I can barely pay my car insurance. The thing is is that I was brought up and taught to tithe. Believe me that I know God knows my heart and sees my faithfulness in doing so, but I need a financial miracle.

  159. Please pray for my marriage and that my husband will seek God. We need a miracle.

    • Our Lord is in the business of miracles! I will pray for you. The Lord answered a very similar prayer of mine a few years ago. He DOES hear you and He WILL show Himself to your husband in an awesome way. d

      • Thank you so much for your prayers Allie! Today I have seen a softening in my husband that I haven’t seen in months. It has got to be prayer. No other explanation. Thank you! And thank you God for answering 🙂 Also thanks for the encouragement, I really need it.

  160. Thank you for the chance to share, please pray that I would find the Lord’s peace and comfort for my hurting heart. I am grieving a miscarriage from earlier this year. I would have been expecting a baby any time now. Instead, there are 3 ladies at my church all due right around the time that I was and truthfully, it’s just really hard to see them and smile and ask how they’re feeling, etc. Also, our daughter was stillborn 3 years ago and would also have had a June birthday so the next few weeks are just a little raw for my heart…thanks so much!

  161. I would like to pray that God restore my family. I have been divorced from my ex-husband three years and we have maintained an awesome friendship and I would like to pray that if it is God’s will that he bring Peter and I back together that he make the way. If it is not God’s will that he restore my former marriage with Peter that he bring the man in my life that he has chosen for me. I pray earnestly for restoration of my family. Thanks and God Bless!

  162. Please pray for my daughter to relax and not be so anxious and fearful. She is depressed and needs this black cloud removed that is over her. She is on medication and her husbaand is at his wits end with her moodiness.I pray that she could get off meds forever and to have happiness peace love and courage to go on.

  163. Please pray for my career. I feel so tired and depressed right now. I believe God is bigger than all my problems.

  164. I am depressed and hurt with digestion problems. I just don’t feel good.I would love to be cheerful again. Thanks for prayers.

  165. My husband and I are in the process of adopting. We have been stuck in the “waiting for a referral/match” mode for 10 months now. We know God has a special plan and it will all fall into place in his time, but sometimes the waiting is so hard. We’ve had several potential matches for the adoption in the past 8 months, but for one reason or another they didn’t become more than that. Please pray that God will allow our family to grow soon and that He will give us grace as we continue to wait for his perfect will. Thanks!

  166. Please pray for my husband and I. We are trying to start a family, and I see the specialist this Wednesday for complications. Pray for God’s will, not mine.

  167. Joy, I am praying for healing for your body and your spirit. May your joy be restored!

    I am in a place of testing or trial right now and could use prayer that God will reveal what He is trying to tell me.

    • Lisa B, I pray that God would reveal to You the purpose of this testing and trial right now which He is giving to You! That must be so hard! Lord, I pray that You will wrap Your beloved daughter and servant Lisa B in Your loving arms and would shower her with understanding and with Your grace….show her why You are putting her through this specific trial or testing right now and what she is meant to learn from it and how You would wish for her to respond. Please guide her, protect her, and shield her as she goes through it, and go with her, Lord, and please enable her to feel Your loving presence with her at all times, at all moments, during this difficult period…please reveal to Lisa B what You are trying to tell her. Bless her for her openness to You and her listening heart, and give her the grace of understanding of the message You are trying to communicate to her. Let her understand Your will for her. Please walk with her and help her through this. In Your Name I pray, Amen.

  168. Praying for Sara who posted befits mm Ay your desires be consistentwith God’s plan for you. I am asking for travel mercy and that God bless my son and open his heart and mind to receive the Holy Spirit

  169. Dear Sisters,

    I am married for 34 years and have two daughters married and settled abroad.I am 58 years old and my husband is 63 now. From the beginning of our married life he is not open. i was not working at that time. I had to financially depend on him. In our culture society looks down upon a woman who separates from her husband. Keeping all these in mind I stayed with my husband. From the beginning he lead only a superficial life. As days go by his nature is becoming too bad. He never communicates with me. But he is extremely friendly with other women. When I was 39 he stopped having sex with me cos my uterus was removed.That day he told me from today you are not a woman. That hurt me so much. Now no physical contact for the past 19 years. He doesn’t even hold my hand and talk. But he hugs other women, holds and touches them.Few years back my daughters found out he was into pornography. I really don’t know still he is addicted to it. He is doing ministry. He doesn’t pray with me. Even he doesn’t have personal relationship with God. He doesn’t even tell how much income he gets or he has any savings. I am totally in darkness. He often goes to Europe. He doesn’t even tell when he goes or where he stays or what he does there. Yearly 4 times he goes there.(each time 25 days) Only at the time he arranges the suitcase I come to know he is going. He wants to go any where alone with some women. Even if he goes out with women he doesn’t share. When the children were small I was actively involved in church activities. He told me I should never take Sunday classes with men. Every day he fought and I was in tears for many days. Finally I gave up my Sunday school teaching. Now we both are in a two bed room apartment. He closes one bed room and sits inside. I don’t know what he does. He has lots of secrets. He always locks his cupboards, table drawers etc. I always cook what he wants. Inspite of that he told my elder daughter I never does anything at home. Whenever he opens his mouth its full of lies. I am in tears all the time. I told him atleast in my old age I want to live peacefully. Please get me a small flat and I will move there. For that also he doesn’t agree. I am totally frustrated and in agony. Could you please pray for me?

    • Jemima,
      I read your words with a heavy heart and am in prayer for you this morning…that our precious Lord will lead you and carry you “in the shadow of his wing,” He is no stranger to suffering and I pray that he will give you what you need one minute at a time and empower you to make the right decisions and be surrounded by good support from others that love the Lord…that he might shower you with love and HIS embrace!!! Take heart, friend!

  170. Please pray for me…. I have been feeling very depressed, being unemployed and physically sick… I know the enemy is just trying to attack me… but please help me pray that I can remain strong… and just keep trusting in GOD to provide…. Thanks!!

  171. I’ll be taking a group of young women in high school to Young Life camp next week. Please pray that the Lord would send His Spirit to fill up each one of those girls from the moment they set foot on the bus and through every experience at camp. It would be so good for them to take this time away from typical distraction to hear His voice, some of them for the first time. Pray that the enemy would be kept far from them. Pray that they would feel comfortable enough to explore what it really means to walk with Jesus every day, and not just give Him a passing thought on Christmas or Sundays. Thank you!!

  172. Also, please pray for my husband and his brother as they look for God in their own ways. Praise the Lord for His work in my husband’s life–may my husband use his experience as a testimony for his brother!

  173. I have just ended a two year relationship with a man to whom I was engaged. There were aspects of emotional and psychological abuse present in our relationship that I was not able to see for far too long. I am so thankful to the Lord for friends, counselors and His Spirit who helped me to see how damaging this relationship was to me. I am now facing dividing up wedding costs and trying to rebuild what has been taken and lost over the last couple of years. The Lord has given me a compassionate and gracious heart for him, despite what has built up between us, but there is still some anger toward him – mostly because I allowed him to alter my understanding of what love should look like. It’s a difficult time when you don’t know how to trust yourself anymore… Please pray for me.

  174. Dear Sisters ,

    Praise god for all his blessings towards my family . please pray for me to get a baby according to the doctors i have only 2% chance of getting conceive & it’s really hard for to accept .im 41 years old working mum & wife i already have a 9 years old daughter who everyday waiting to hear the good news that she gonna get a brother or sister . i teach my daughter while we pray everyday to ask god to bless her to have a bro or sis , i believe in god i have my faith but times im lost . please pray for me there is nothing impossible with our god jesus christ Amen .

  175. Please pray for our family situation. My husband is pastor and the past year we have gone through a terrible year in the church in which we are since 3 years. Now the senior-pastor and elders have fired my husband on the base of untruth. I need healing and courage again to say: Lord, here am I, send me, send us. Pray for my husband and kids for healing, so that we all stay useful instruments. We also need a financial miracle!
    Thank you very much. Greetings from Europe!

  176. Please pray for me and my family (my husband and 2 daughters) as I will return to work in a week. Also I seek prayer that I can grow closer to God and spend more time in Hos word.

  177. Please pray for me that God will heal my broken heart and replace my tears with joy and laughter. Also I need prayers for a godly, loving and faithful spouse.

  178. My daughter has had to move to a shelter for battered women after a 5 year court battle for her children. Her ex is a cop and no help from this small town judicial system. they look out for each other. She has chosen to go into a shelter so she can get counciling to deal with the anger and hurt. Please pray for her and that the Lord will continue the work in her that he has began. Strength, wisdom in her decisions and that she will be safe finally. Maybe far enough away that she can’t be hurt any more.

  179. Please pray for my husband to find a job. He has been unemployed for over 3 years. He is 55+. I think that is part of the problem. He is a wonderful employee with an accounting degree.. We know God is with us in this season of our life because we are able to pay our bills. God has taught us we can live without a lot of things we had before. I am having anxiety about the future. I had not been able to sleep. I am a rtired teacher and sub during the school year.

    • I pray for you and your husband that you will be patient during this season of waiting. That all that is unsolved in your heart will not cause you any anxiety. And that you will be able to welcome the questions themselves as they come. Praying for the perfect position in the perfect time. And for good night’s rest. He is able.

  180. Health issues – headaches, aches and pains in back and legs, stomach aches. Would like to feel tip top – 100%. Heartache too. I have so much to be grateful for, wish I felt better :(.

    • Lord this is my soul sister who is in need of your healing hand; not only for her physical issues, but for her heart as well. I ask that you embrace her with those you have chosen to provide the wisdom in directing her into healing of her body. I also pray, most heartfully, to give her peace within herself so that her heart will mend over time, and that her days will be filled with your glory. She leans on your comfort and strength, and her faith that you knoweth all that was and will be. That we are human, we make mistakes, we sacrifice for the good of serving you no matter the circumstance that has been laid before us. Keep her steadfast in your graces, and give her the healing she is so patiently waiting to receive. Let her bond of togetherness as one become whole again.
      I pray this in Jesus name.

  181. Please pray for my right forearm. I have a tumor called a “schwannoma”. It is encapsulated inside my median nerve. I had surgery 5 years ago where a doctor tried to remove it, but because of where the tumor was located, he just biopsied it and closed up my arm. It is benign. It has left me with severe constant ‘bee-stinging’ like pain in my whole right thumb, along with shooting nerve pain. I have talked to a specialist, however he tells me that because it has already been compromised, he cannot help me. I just want the pain to stop, but, if this is my “thorn in the flesh”, I need God to give me the strength to endure the pain, and, not let it stop me from living. Thank you for your prayers…..

  182. Please pray for my strength as I deal with a broken family and church relationship. My husband and I had both served in ministry positions, but due to a recent seperation from my husband and the pain and tension it has caused I asked to be released as I was not functioning as I should. My heart hurts. I need to forgive. Now I am experiencing the loneliness of not having the people I counted on in my life. Not sure what to do or where to go. I know have to learn to be content in this and feel this Lord is speaking and telling me to be all the way in or all the way out. No more lukewarm relationships, especially not with Him, it’s time to live. Thank you and Blessings.

  183. Please pray for my daughter,Dariel she is having stomach problems alot of discomfortand tightness, praying for release of the problems in her stomach. She has been my helper lately since I have RA,chronic pain,fibromylia,and some surgeries. She would do anything to help me,now she needs special prayer for strength for herself. She is mommy to 4 children under the age of 11, and she is very involved in our church,along with her husband. Pray for Gods blessings upon her at this time.
    Thank-you for your kindness. God Bless You!!!!!

  184. Please pray that I’m able to overcome my struggles with being overweight – it seems to affect many areas of my life when this isn’t right. Also, please pray for my three rebellious teenagers, two boys and a girl. The boys have both left their relationships with God (one says he doesn’t believe in God and the other believes but believing doesn’t affect his actions) and now my daughter also seems to be leaving her closer relationship with God. I pray and pray daily and see no changes. I’m so discouraged. Thanks for your prayers. God bless you too!

  185. Please pray for my husband and our family. He has been in and out of work for the past 10 years and it has taken a huge toll on our family financially and emotionally. He refuses to take “any” job and I am sure is depressed and just ignoring the situation right in front of him. I am at my wits end and have to do something about this because he is not getting better but worse. Please pray that I have the strength to do what I needs to be done, that my husband finds his way again and that my children make it throught all of this…thank you.

    • Im praying that he finds strength to do what is best for your family and not his pride. My father went through the same situation and we almost lost our house. I think that for a man it is very difficult to do something, whether it be a job or anything else, that will be considered embarrassing for them or demeaning to their self worth. Just keep praying and supporting him, let him know that no matter what job he takes he will always be your love and your hero, because he is. Remind him that even Jesus washed feet.

  186. After four years of dating the man I thought I was going to marry I received a very abrupt and Earth shattering notice. Instead of him moving to live with me in the apartment we picked out together, in the city we decided to move to, with the dog we have had together for 3 years; I received a phone call from him telling me that he didn’t want to move in with me, that he doesn’t know if he will ever want to move in with me and that he was moving to TN to live with his friend. I tried to keep us together for 6 months. Traveling to see him, talking to him after his work shift ended (as a bus boy) around 1 am every day, even writing him letters so that he would have something to read to encourage him. But on Mothers day he told me it wasn’t working, that as long as he was up there and I was 6hours away we weren’t moving towards marriage anymore and he didn’t feel like I was happy so I was better off alone. He told me he is dealing with a lot right now and cannot give me what I need, said he loves me and still wants to marry me and one day hopes to come back for me, but not right now. I cannot seem to move forward. I cannot figure out what I did wrong or why I wasn’t enough. Everything I do I want to call him and tell him about, he is my best friend. I have asked God many times what to do and have yet to see the road he is leading me towards. Everything leads me back to my lost love. I just pray for peace, for understanding and for faith beyond measure because my heart is broken and it doesn’t seem to be on a road to mending.

  187. I am taking steps towards my God given dreams – which includes buying a horse farm. It’s so scary and fun at the same time I can barely breathe one minute and can’t stop giggling the other! Of course this would just be so much easier if my hubby and I were independently wealthy but God has us depending on Him and the skills He has given to build this place from the ground up. We are scared and very blessed and just prayer for direction even if this all falls through we are in His hands!

  188. Wow, The end of this devotion said “you are Beloved”. I have painted a design with Beloved for t-shirts. I am also working on paintings that show God’s creation and how it shows His love for us. They represent gifts God has given me through a very hard 3 years, to show me how I am His Beloved, and He will walk with me through the hard times. I want to show these painting to DaySpring and see if they are something they might want to use. I am praying for God’s guideance in how He wants to use these paintings. I have been given a gift from God to paint, and have used it often during my life, but this is the first time I feel God is showing me exactly what to paint and I feel I am just a hand that He is using , that He is really doing the painting, not me. Pray for me to follow God and His will for these paintings, and using them for His glory, and to allow me to share with other women through my art that we are God’s Beloved, and He will not leave us ever!!

  189. Please say a prayer for my husband as he is going in for spinal fusion surgery through his neck this afternoon. Thank you so much for your prayers and your wonderful daily devotions.

  190. I am requesting prayer for a very special man, my ex pastor. He is struggling right now, he and his wife need lifted up in prayer. Pray that God will restore their marriage, restore him and keep her strong as they go thru this terrible time. I know God can heal them. Pray Hard and often.

  191. Please pray for my husband to find a job and in a place where God wants us to be; he has been out of work for 6 months. Also pray that God will heal the relationship between my youngest son and my husband and myself. Not being able to see my son, daughter-in-law and grand daughter has been extremely difficult.
    Pamela I will pray for you and your husband, that God will give you strength and peace.

    • Tami,
      I am praying for you and your family. I pray that God leads your husband to a rewarding job in a place where you can be of service to Him. I pray that God will heal the relationship between your youngest son and you and your husband. I pray that you are reunited with your extended family and able to reconnect with your son’s family and especially your granddaughter. My God, the great healer, provide peace and comfort to you as he works miracles in your life.

  192. Please pray for my son who is addicted to painkillers. He is 20 yrs old and has anxiety and depression. He has lost his scholarships, friends, self confidence……………. and continues in a downward spiral. Please pray that he recognize God’s hand in the many people who reach out to help him. Pray that God heals him of addiction and uses his life for God’s glory.

  193. Please pray that I will find the right people to help me in my business. I have had years of disappointment with people taking advantage of my genorosity. I have spent time, finance’s and sacrifice to do what I believe God has called me to do. I need a word for this season of my life as the weight of this is getting very heavy at times. If you believe the Lord is directing you in the ministry of food distribution or holistic therapy thru healing oils…pray for direction and conformation. I would love to hear from you…God has to get all the glory because it is about him…..

  194. I am a mom of a toddler and “high needs”/colicky newborn, and am overwhelmed and tired. Please pray for me that God will give me strength to make it through the day and the ability to be kind and loving to my toddler, lack of sleep tends to make me short tempered.

    • How providential that you are the sister ahead of me in these comments that I am praying for — I was in your exact shoes three years ago, and I remember. I will pray for you, my unknown friend, that you have the strength and fortitude to face your current challenges and respond with loving and kindness to your children. Peace to you.

  195. Dawn,
    Your situation sounded so scary familiar. My husband too was in and out of work for approx 10 years as he pursued seasonal self employment. When things became tight financially, he refused to take any job, ignored what was happening and like you said was obviously depressed with how things turned out. I pray your faith will sustain you to believe your husband will find his way out of this and pray God’s protection that your children are not adversely effected by this trial. It’s so hard, believe me I know to try and see good coming out of this at the present, but it will and it does. Stay faithful to remain close to God, talk to him honestly and intentionally about this from your heart and ask him for the peace you need. You will make it through this…I did and so will you. Blessings.

  196. Dear Lord, I pray for Amanda as she struggles with all that come with a newborn who has problems which make her feel overwhelmed. God, you know exactly how she feels and the needs of her baby. I pray you will give Amanda peace in her mind so she can think clearly and hear your voice in the midst of all that comes in a situations such as this,
    Give her strength and courage to seek help if she needs it – not to be afraid to reach out to others. Give her the wisdom to know who to speak to who has the knowledge to help her when she needs it.
    May the sleep she gets be restful and help her to relax, so she can show the love she wants to show her baby that you have blessed her with. May that baby gets lots of cuddles from a mother who really cares, as you know Amanda does.

  197. I ask for prayer for myself and my family. The gap between the parent I am and the parent I want to be often seems so large. Patience and being easy-going don’t come naturally to me, but I so want to be that mother to my kids. Thanks for your prayers.

    • I would like prayer for our financial position, which although is improving is still not good and we are in a lot of debt. One thing I really miss is being able to buy books, and see here, so many books I would like to purchase, but am unable to do so right now. My husband has started a part-time job, after being retired for 4 years, so we feel blessed that God has provided this job which he really likes, but he’s 69, and I wish he didn’t have to work. I sell items online as I haven’t good health and can’t work outside the home. My sales have improved which is another blessing, but it takes a lot of my time, and somtimes I fell like I’m being consumed by it and forgetting to give time to God.
      Many Thanks

      I also feel guilty about our position as I went through a time after I lost my darling Dad where I spent money without thinking, and didn’t realise the big hole I put in our finances.

  198. Hi… I have a prayer request. I was hurt at work and have a slip disc. I have beem on medical leave since then. My employers who initially said i could go back with a pay cut now have found a replacement. After being with this school for the past 5 years and contributing beyond my job sciope and hours, they have decided to terminate me from my job. the only job that im trained for, which i may not be able to go to in the fiuture… Please pray that I will be favorably compensated. Being the sole bread winner and with many debts… I have alot of commitment on me. Im going to leave them to the Lord tonite. Please pray for wisdom as I speak to my bosses tomorrow. indiana time 11pm. Thank u

  199. I would love it if you could pray for my husbands health. As his health has deteriorated due to diabetes, he is unable to work a full time job, taking me from full time mommie, to a full time job. I would love to be able to stay home once again, or at least make a little more than I currently am.
    Please pray for me to find a better paying job, or for my pay to increase. I would absolutely love it if God would heal my husband completely, allowing him to resume a full time job!

    Thank you so much!

    • Angel… Just wanted you to know that I took the suggestion above very seriously and have just lifted up prayers for you and your husband. A prayer that He would heal your husband of his diabetes so he can resume full time work and allow you to resume being a stay at home mom and that in the meantime, you would receive a salary increase in whatever form. I also prayed for you both to know the comfort and peace only the Father can give as He takes you through this time.

  200. My family needs prayer to find a church. We live in a rural community and are struggling to find a christian church that is doctrinally sound and has other young families with children attending. We are discouraged and need God’s direction. Thank you for your prayers.

  201. Angel, I am praying that your husband receives a full and complete healing in Jesus name and that you find the job that is perfect for you and your circumstances!

    I’m asking for prayer to be able to handle the emotional roller coaster of menopause and the anger that I feel for the little things that seem to so annoy me. I need a little peace and calm at the moment!

    Thank you!

    • Mindy,
      I pray for God To help you through this , it is tough going through menopause i too am going through this along with being hyperthyroid. It is definatley hard to pick and choose your battles when the emotions are all over the place. I pray for God to bless you and help you through the ups and downs and want to share with you something I heard today, “Through it all Surrender all worries to God “, it touched a nerve with me since I seem to have become a worrier. I pray for Peace and serenity in and around you.
      God’s Blessings

  202. I would covet your prayers for focus and discipline in my daily walk. My family leads such a busy life that I am finding it hard to be disciplined about daily time with the Lord… and that gets my focus all off track. I’m just at a place where I feel really “out of sorts”. I am also trying to be disciplined about healthy eating. Focus and discipline… those are my goals. Thanks so much for such a wonderful site!

  203. Thank you, I need some prayers really bad. My 19 year old son, who used to be a youth leader at our church, is now an “atheist” and is doing drugs. Worrying about him keeps me awake at night. I would love prayers for our financial situation as well, whether that means finding a new better paying (even tho I like my present job, it’s just not enough $) job or coming into money in some way, we need help so bad so we dont end up losing our house. I would also ask for prayers for my 17 year old daughter. She is making very good choices and doing well, but pray that she continues on her good path. Finally, (I hope I am not being greedy) I would like to pray that I find my calling and can focus on God’s path for me (be able to know what it is) and read the bible more.

    Thank you so much.

  204. Praying, praying, praying…

    i would covet your prayers for my daughter who is making choices outside of God’s will and will be moving to another state with my granddaughter to be with her boyfriend. trying to hold true to unconditional love yet it hurts to see her making poor choices.

  205. We have a daughter that we have not talked to or seen in almost a year. She had a disagreement with her younger sister. I have a hard time understanding what she is trying to convey to us. She is angry, hurt and we have tried to reach out to her but to no avail. Please pray for understanding for all of us and Strength and direction to follow Gods will.

  206. Hi!

    Can you pray for our Ethiopian adoption? We are adopting two siblings from Ethiopia, and are just in the paperwork process. It will take 4-6 months to complete the paperwork–and there is a lot! And then there is a lot of waiting–approximately 2 years.

    Please pray for joy and peace during the paperwork, and patience and strength during the waiting.

    Thank you so much!

  207. I am praying for everyone that has commented here….always trying to remember that every one of us needs each other’s prayers. Please pray for my family – my husband has been unemployed for quite some time now. He is getting depressed beyond description. Please pray that he finds a decent job soon and that we may wait patiently and faithfully until then.

  208. Praying for the courage to try to get pregnant, after a miscarriage three years ago. Wasn’t just the lose, that broke me, but debilitating anxiety…brought me to my knees. I was a sleep deprived, nursing, homeschooling mother of two little ones at the time. I can be honest… I had no choice, but to start taking medication, when that happen. I’d like to get off of it to get pregnant. Please pray that over the next 6 month to a year, I can switch to a more natural treatment without relaps or withdrawal. I am in a much better place, now and walk by faith even, when I can not see… It has been most healing through this process to be honest and real, about the anxiety. “Hiding when you’re hurting won’t heal you and growing isolated can just let infection grow.” “The secret way to heal a broken heart is to let love leak out like an ocean through all the cracks”. Yes, that’s it… Beautifully said, Ann. I used to rely on myself for everything…now HIS GRACE covers me daily. Very helpful to put the anxiety outside, instead of hiding it. It has no power, where His Light Shines. I’ve come through this and have a passion for listening to the hurt…coming along side the broken in prayer. I have two beautiful children, but my heart aches for a third…My Ebenezer.

  209. I have been unemployed for 18 months now from a job I worked at for over 26 years. I am trying to build a business of my own but am not doing well with that, either. I am in danger of losing my home which I have lived in for over 25 years. I am single and wish I had someone to lean on during this time of my life. I pray for a mate all the time. I pray for a job, I pray for money. I want so badly to be a servant of Christ. To serve others, my family, friends, community. And to make more than enough money to take care of myself, my home, and my family, friends, community, church, missions, etc. I am so confused. Please pray for clarity and wisdom for me. And of course, for God’s grace in my home situation. I know He can save my home and I believe He will. Thank you.

  210. ladies,
    i am one hurting lady!
    i will try and write as ‘in part” here as i can… Let me say first I believe with all my heart The Lord has placed me in all of this!!! A Mighty work he is doing, shaken me down, upside down and torn down all i am TO do a mighty work in my future For HIM and HIS Work! hallelujah yet)))))))) OH MY!! & Mercy!!!
    sooo much for n brief… haven’t even told any of my story.. to long to tell….
    How can i say….~~~~I am safe from being homeless even at the hand of my own sister and 6 siblings….3 children grown… My baby n son-his wife have flown me to live with them!
    whew! I am shaky easily with all i have endured. I am down to “rebuild who i am! This is the good part i know!
    I have lost, approx 2 months ago my ability to pray, study, control my memory problems! Waiting to heal and sooo need that group of Strong Christian Women to come around me and walk my new testimony into fullness where i can work for the Lord and be all i am to be In Him!!
    The as you stated here “i got your back: kinda group!
    I just started to put together a blog/website to be apart of the “In courage” devotional site’s i have Ohhh so loved for so long, Holley Gerth and Anne, Sarah Mae’s.. of this-my world!
    Feed me… pray me in will you?!!!?
    In His Grace, Georgia

  211. I would ask for prayers for my marriage. My husband is moving out today after we mutually agreed to a separation. I pray that we can come back together stronger than ever (if that is God’s will) and that our 11 and 13 year old children are not negatively affected by this.
    My heart is breaking reading the previous prayer requests and I will keep you all in my prayers also.
    God is great, even when we don’t see it!!

  212. Please pray for finances for my family. After dealing with infertilily God blessed us with 3 miracles. We have one beautiful daughter who is almost two and we welcomed twins in February! My husband and I work full time but we’re still finding it difficult to make ends meet and me staying home is not an option. My phrase as I’ve been praying has been loaves and fishes – and that I choose to put my trust in God that He will continue to provide for us. There is power in prayer – so thank you!

    • Hearing your story…. My heart hurts for your painful time your going thru !!!!! I am and will be praying for you Georgia…… God BLESS YOU LOTS and remember God is the only one that knows “our Beginning and our End”…. Take 1 step forward at a time and keep your eyes on Jesus !! We can do it in Jesus name 🙂

  213. Long story made short !! So much Hurt, Pain , depression and disappointment …. Lots has happened and the devil is trying to claim VICTORY of ripping our family totally apart. I have the word to stand on that our God is stronger & Greater….. I even came to a point of asking God to let me go now ( heaven) because I saw NO reason for being on this earth So damaged and destroyed from this situation , ” BAD WITNESS ” and what now Lord ? What is the reason, purpose for being here now ? Being a mom & grandma is ALL I have known & Loved !! I guess I had a whole other path chosen from what God had !! I am now after 3 yrs. of no contact with my adult daughters & kids, in process of maybe loosing my adult son also ? Living in our rental & we need to sell ( he’s moving out) So we can get our home paid for that my husband & I are living in. I am praying that he will keep contact with me thru this and God will let my son know how much that HE ” GOD ” loves him.. Lord , I do not know what you have in mind for my family, But I pray that your HAND & WILL is done here and each of them & they will come back around to living their lives with you. And Reconciliation would be great 🙂

  214. Hi Girls~so exciting to think of 100’s or 1,000’s of us worshiping Jesus~how beautiful! I am re-locating to the Boulder, Co. area soon. I am trusting Jesus to provide an opportunity, not only to pay the rent…but to serve HIM in my work. My oldest son lives there & my nephew~don’t know anyone else~praying for “connection”with the faithful. Praying for a smoothe transition~from Michigan~9 grandchildren & 5 adult children…and friends. I am on my own…so you can imagine! Thank you kindly for your time & love, Caroline O’.

  215. I am asking prayer for my oldest son for God to make plain his way for him. He has been truly searching out so many occupations and God seems to be closing the doors on many of them. He is depressed and wants a friend and a church. He is going to try the military next if he can get the job he wants. It is hard on him because my younger son in the military has already moved out and found a job and has graduated Tech. School. I would like to also ask for prayer concerning my health. I had a shot to help with my arm it also helped with severe back spasms which has been a blessing but my hip is giving me a great deal of problems and soon we have to drive my youngest son to his next Air Force base which will be very hard on me physically. Thank you!!!!!

  216. Oh, I am participating in the Allume Fast this month and am really struggling today… the cravings for sugar and meat is STRONG (doing a partial Daniel Fast).

    1. I am praying for freedom from easy outbursts, frustrations, anger with my family…
    2. I am really praying for direction in my blogging

  217. My prayer for all of you today is that God knows what you are going thru, He is always there, He knows your Hearts and hears your cries. Be strong in the Lord for He will never leave you nor forsake you! He carries us through the hard times and and we need to Praise Him for the Blessings He has brought us through. I encourage you all to step out in Faith and to remember that we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength. phil 4:13

    I too would like to ask for prayer, and wanted to share with you the scripture phil 4:13 this is what has gotten me through a couple of tough years and still struggling, with anxietys, which led to Menopause and now hyperthyroidism and 2 years of husband in and out of hospital. The last 2 years have been really rough and still trying to get a definate answer of what is happening with me. It has been so debilitating and frusterating, that I found myself in a sort of depression and did not realize it. But with God showing me to step out of my comfort zone even when I don’t feel well and having to take care of my family when I am sick is hard, but remembering my blessings and trying not to dwell on possibly losing our home and that we can’t pay the bills, but my husband has a job that puts some food on the table, and to be thankful for every minute I have with my family. I know and have faith that God will bring salvation to my husband and healing to me and my family! It is only by God’s strength and to let go of control, it is in His hands, not mine. I thank God for showing me that, it took along time to learn that I am not in control but He is. thank you God for your Blessings, the little ones.

  218. Prayers lifted up for all posted before me…Thank you God for hearing our prayers even before we can form words to express them. As for my prayer need: I am approaching the 2yr mark of being a widow. In this time I’ve also dealt with legal battle with wicked step sons/daughter in laws. As a friends said, I’m not only dealing with loss of husband but a divorce at the same time. Heartbreaking in loss of grand kids that I love as my own. Also in the midst of dealing with my husband illness I was emotionally abused by my brother. So lost that relationship. Prayers for emotional healing and for God to bring joy back into my spirit. I’m generally an encourager but struggle in that God’s love for others comes out of me but I continue to just feel alone and lonely no matter what. God’s blessing to all…

  219. I want Togo on this service/missions trip to DR with a group that encourages the Haitian church and community there. I need to come up with $1700 to go and the trip is in two months. I’m asking God for wisdom; help with not being proud and the strength and courage to follow thru. This would be my first international trip without family. Money is tight. I sent a letter to friends and family. A few expressed support interest but I don’t want to follow up. I just want to pay for it myself. I would need a miracle to do that. Please pray for me. Thank you.

    Ps. Diane I prayed for you and your family God is with you and will meet you in your deepest need. He will heal you , help you forgive, and reconcile you to every person he wants you to be in relationship with even if that seems impossibleright now. God loves you and in Christ I do too. Be encouraged.

  220. Prayed for you Diane.
    Please pray for the means to travel to DR on a missions trip in August.
    Thank you,

    • Prayers for God’s provision and wisdom in your trip Angie and thanks for prayer. I felt the hug. 🙂

  221. I need prayer I lost my Dad 9 weeks ago and my Mom 4 weeks ago. I know they are both up in heaven with Jesus and I’m happy for them but it is so easy to be sad and depressed. I try to cover up and hide all my emotions which is probably not good. I have a younger brother and he is not living right and he needs prayer too. We have so much stuff to do and I need prayer for strength to get through all this.

    • Jesus, I thank you that you are the source of ALL good comfort. You LOVE Pam and you are going to sustain her in this season. Lord, she’s broken and my heart hurts for her as I can only imagine the pain she is feeling.
      But God – YOU are soverign. I pray that you will become known to many people through these earthly deaths. I pray that you will be glorified and made lifted high.
      Jesus, I thank you that Pam is coming to you. I pray that she will seek first YOU because then she will be able to gain the peace that passes understanding -which is a gift from you.

    • Pam, I don’t know your age but know the pain of losing loved ones. Recent widow and lost both my parents before I was 30. Leaving me to be the ‘head’ of the family in a sense. My heart and prayers go out to you and over you. May God bring many in Christ around you to help walk you through all the paper work and events dealing with loss. Be kind to yourself and place your brother in God’s capable hands as He loves him even more and will work in it all for both your good. Place all at the foot of the cross and receive wisdom daily as well as the love He sends to meet your needs. We can do all things if we take it one step at a time and leave the long road ahead to Jesus. <3 Hugs and prayers…Diane

  222. I’d love prayer just to be diligent to God’s calling on my life. I’m trying to discern different things that I feel as though He’s calling me to and from. I love Jesus and need Him so much and want to glorify Him in each decision.

    • Nadine, I am participating in a bible study right now that focuses on hearing from God and doing what he asks. Part of the study is “how do i know what he’s leading me to? What sticks with me is that God will not tell you to do something that is against his Word. Seek scripture. If you feel god is leading you in a direction, to something/from something and it is supported by scripture, its likely the Lord. Trust Him.
      I pray, Lord, that you help Nadine to hear you speak to her and her situation. Lord, she is willing and anxious to do your will. I pray that you speak a fresh word to her. guide her in her decisions, that they may be to your glory. Lord, show her scripture that will guide her in the way that you want her to go. In Jesus precious name, Amen.

  223. I would like prayer for an upcoming test on June 11th that I need in order to keep my license to work.
    Thanks in advance

    • Lord, be with Mary this week as she prepares for her upcoming testing. Give her the time and opportunities this week to prepare herself for the testing. Lord, be with her as she goes about the testing, and give her peace in her heart in knowing that You are with her. In Jesus Name, Amen.

  224. I would like prayer for my son who will going on an outing tomorrow with friends to a local amusement park. Its the first “kids only” outing and I would like prayers for his safety and well-being. I pray that the Lord keep his hand of protection on the group as they enjoy their day.
    Also, my son and I will be traveling next week and I would ask for prayers for safe travels. I get very anxious about travel and ask for peace in knowing that the Lord is with us and will keep us safe.

    • Lord I lift BethAnn’s son and her heart up to you and ask that you lose the power of the angelic hosts to surround them in their travels and You peace that surpasses all understanding to rule in her heart and mind. Asking for you to give her a sign of your being there with her and stengthen her faith and trust in You. Amen.

  225. Hello,
    I have a few prayer requests. My daughter has been looking for a job for over 1 1/2 yrs. Could you please pray for her to find a job that she will be happy at. My uncle is a diabetic and has recently had signs of dementia. He’s in bad shape. My aunt has a bad heart so could you please pray for God to heal her heart. My mom,sister and myself are trying to lose weight so please pray for us to be more disciplined in not eating the wrong food(sweets) and that God gives us the strength to exercise. My sister and I are both cancer survivors,her 8 yrs and I had it last yr. My family and I are so blessed. We all know with God’s help and your prayers we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. I pray for all your needs. God Bless each and every one of you. Thank you.

  226. My 36-year-old husband was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer last July 2011 and has undergone brain surgery, radiation, chemotherapy. Currently, he is undergoing MRIs to determine when the second surgery will take place to get the portion of the residual tumor which was unable to be removed during the first surgery. This, by far, has been a huge test of my faith and full of “why” questions to God. We have five children-our youngest is in 1st grade. I am thankful for the Christian family and friends who have continued to pray for us. And, I know that is what has continued to provide strength during this difficult time. Thank you so very much for your site. I just located it; and, can not wait to begin to interact with others. Thanks, Alice

  227. Hope this is not too late – to ask to pray with and for me. Thank you for this wonderful service to us and for God’s glory!

    Please pray for me and my family. I am on long term disability for 4 yrs now with a chronic illness that has now made me weak or limited in my activities. I still pray to be totally healed, stable (mentally also) & be a very able family provider. Have been depressed and I claim that faith is healing me. Somehow, I slack on this belief and am not a follower (of God) like things on cursing, ignoring or not prioritizing activities (including messy/ cluttered small abode), isolating self from others, etc. I also pray for financial prosperity as before the disability, I was a full-time career mom wherein I enjoyed a normal financial freedom. I pray that our debts be cleared and able to move to a better location & spacious house. Right now, I also try to (based on God’s principles) to be a good wife and mother to 2 young children but I’m just pulled down (or say no patience and self-control) when they do not respond well. My husband says I have temper and/or anger management issues. I also want to pray to be really in PEACE (inner and outer – on my messy house). This Peace also is needed in my friendship with others. I am a great friend, they say, however I find myself needing them more than they need me! So, I feel sometimes alienated or just alone with all the outpouring care I could give. I know I have a lot of personal prayers needed and I could tell it’s small vs. others. I’m just laying everything because of the opportunity you have shared that you can pray for me.

    Despite on the above things, I have been on a group adult Confirmation last May 27th. I pray that the true spirit of God with His gifts and above all, Love (1 Cor 12 & 13) will dwell in me forever! I believe if I have this godly spirit, I can do all with Christ who strengthens me and you. Thank you very much! Amen.

  228. I need prayer for my family to get out of debt and for me to get on Disabilty.

  229. I need prayer for my family to get out of debt and for me to get on Disabilty. My husband needs open doors in ministry.

  230. Thank you for being here …. for being available to pray for me. Today has been a difficult one for me – I’ve felt really low. My husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer about 10 months ago. Sadly, our marriage has not been very healthy for a long time. He is an abusive alcoholic. We have a 5yr old son. My husband has not been able to work since his diagnosis, and we are drowning financially. The weight of this responsibility rests on my shoulders. Today, it all has felt too much. My husband is not saved -yet. I need the Lord so desperately – there’s no way I can keep doing this without Him. Please pray that I will continue to have strength and will continue to stand at this time. Please pray for my husband and my son, and for our finances. Thank you so much! Shirleyxxx

  231. shirley, I pray for your family in this moment to be covered in God’s strength and love as you go through so this. Lord please provide for this family and protect them under your wing.
    , can someone please pray for my legs? I am suffering from chronic severe sciatica and also a birth defect on my back, and everyday is painful.

  232. Heidi, I pray for your legs, for the Lord to send His Word and heal you, and deliver you from sciatica, I pray ease from the pain, also God’s touch for your back. May His touch ease your pain, and His peace keep your mind in perfect peace, stayed upon Him, because you trust in Him. May the Lord meet a very special need for you today, and surprise you with His Provision, and Presence. May you sense HIm “before”, “with” and “behind” you today.
    My husband is having hernia surgery tomorrow morning. Please pray for him for healing, and minimal pain. He has never had surgery or been put to sleep, so pray for him for peace in this journey. and for me as i care for him these next few weeks. Thank you and God bless you! I know He hears and answers our prayers! Francine XXXXX’s to you!

  233. Francine, I lift up your husband’s surgery tomorrow and that he will be at peace with this and feel God’s gentle touch. I pray that you too will have a peace and strength to care for him in the next few weeks. Take good care of yourself and hubs. ***Sometimes I feel so alone, without a “close/best” friend I can really open up to and share. My prayer lately has been for God to provide me with a close girlfriend. Someone who loves the Lord and who is also in need of a close friend. Someone to walk, workout, shop, laugh, and cry with. I am a social butterfly and feel like I don’t get the opportunity to share/encourage others as much as I’d like. I have had close, dear friends in the past and have many friendships, just searching for a “bestie”! Thank you all for these precious prayers***Christina

  234. My husband was laid off from his job. Please pray that he gets another job. Thanks so much.

    • Nelda, I pray for your husband. For his job search, for peace as you both weather this storm. I pray that God comforts you both and you feel His love. May whatever you need be provided to you through unexpected ways – the love of God through His children’s hands. I pray you know how very important you both are to the Lord.

  235. Each month my husband’s job is threatened. Each month tis comes down to the last minute and somehow he gets to keep it. Each month we are sure it’s the last. And, it isn’t. And, we are grateful. But we are so, so tired or the insecurity and uncertainty..

    We are praying that he finds a job in his passion area again – where he worked for 13 years. If that isn’t in God’s plan, we pray for strength and courage and for ears to listen so we can learn what had wants to teach us in this tumultuous and uncertain time.

    We know that HE is in control.
    And, we praise Him.

  236. I pray that you and your family may find comfort in God’s arms; remember He will never give us more than we can handle. May you always finds ways to praise Him, even if times seem tumultous – there is a purpose for things! (We might not understand today, but perhaps later.)

    In the same sense, my husband of four years has “embarked” himself on the Cuban Adventure, as I will call it. Today he has left what we have known as home for the past 4 years in search of a better life at the country who will give him asylum. He has to cross two countries on his way and enter by foot to have all the benefits a Cuban can have in the US.

    I just pray that he makes it there safely and that we can be together again soon. Behind he leaves a teary-eyed wife who knows in God she can make it, but cries some times and a 3 year-old who claims she understands …

    Pray for us.

  237. Praise for a sweet anniversary weekend with my husband! We were able to rest in the Lord and invest in our marriage.

    Pray that we would raise all our financial support to be missionaries in the Middle East, we leave this August. Thank you!

  238. I would appreciate prayer for my husband and I. We are in a season of change in our lives and we need God’s direction. We have our house for sale and aren’t even sure what we will do or where we will go when it sells. We are open and available…seeking God’s leading.

  239. Hey Sue~
    God bless you & your sweet family! Jesus, thank you for being the “way-maker”! It says in your word that the “steps of an honorable Man/ Woman are ordered by the Lord”….I ask you to give Sue & her husband a sign of your love & affirmation today. Bless them & give them Godly wisdom concerning the house sale, and all the details following after that. Thank-You Father…for your great love & care for Sue & her precious family~may their faith grow, day by day, as they seek your face for Everything they need. Blessings to you sista’ Girl, Love Ya, Caroline

  240. I’d really appreciate prayer for direction. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and haven’t been able to figure out how to prioritize. I want to be wholehearted in my online ministry but I don’t want to neglect spending more time with God and more time in prayer for my husband.

  241. I could really use prayer for my family. My husband lost his twin brother to suicide, now he isn’t sure if he wants to stay in our marriage. We have both suffered depression over this and I have anxiety issues. I do not have any close friends nearby and I do try to go to church when I can, but anxiety keeps me from becoming more involved. I have two dear children and I am praying for good to come soon to our family. We need healing and for my husband to find Gods love and to accept my love and not give into his guilt and grief. I praise God for giving me strength to make it through each day, but it still gets so overwhelming. Thank you! Being without friends, these blog posts are so encouraging.

  242. I don’t have time to read all the posts but I have prayed that God leads Hannah, Sue, and Anna and that Dana & her husband will find security. Praise God for daily manna, somehow he gives us just enough, may yor faith be strengthened and your hope renewed. Praying for all of you in missions, may HE lead you and use you.

  243. I don’t have time to read all the posts but I have prayed that God leads Hannah, Sue, and Anna and that Dana & her husband will find security. Praying for all of you in missions, may HE lead you and use you.

  244. I lost my job through no fault of mine and I am at my 50+ without a degree .
    My marriage has also broken down and I have to provide for three children.
    One of my kid is a intellectual disable that need special care.
    Why is God so hard on me ?
    I have put my faith in Him all these 30 over years….
    Please pray for me and ask God to be more merciful .

  245. I would deeply appreciate prayers for my family’s financial salvation. I am currently appealing for a disability denial (fibromyalgia). I have not been working for several years, which cut our household income more than in half. My husband gets paid once a month and by the third week of the month, we are always out of money. I have two small children, and no money for groceries or gas for that last week and a half. Two years ago, I cashed in my retirement to pay off as much debt as I could. Currently, we are a month behind on our mortgage and my car is sitting in the driveway, because I haven’t the money to repair it. Each day the fight gets harder and I get weaker.

    On top of that, my son has Bipolar. My 7 year old daughter was born with chronic reflux, and never sleeps through the night. The stresses of money, my son’s disability, lack of sleep, household repairs that need to be done, all are taking an immense toll on me physically. If at least the money problems would ease, I would be better able to cope with the rest. Please pray for me. Thank you and God Bless.

  246. I would like prayer for my daughter (32 years old) and myself…for the first time in our history, I feel she is angry and holding some unforgiveness….in retrospect, I had overstepped my bounds in her life…she has recently graduated from college (night school and weekends while working full time, raising kids, taking care of hubby, etc. and I was so proud of her….I contacted her dad’s secretary (he’s my ex-husband) to remind him because I knew how important it was to her….at the time of my call, seats were unavailabe to go to the graduation but I told her my daughter was trying to get some….when she did she called her dad and told him, he said he did not take off from work because I said there were not tickets, and therefore it somehow has become my fault that here dad did not attend….I feel in retrospect that I intruded, but I also feel she knows me well enough to know I would not deliberately do that…she was very cool at the graduation and it has been 3 weeks since we have talked….thanks for the listening ear and prayer.

  247. I am very discouraged. It seems that our church has been on the decline for several years as people have just “walked away” and give us no apparent reason for leaving. My husband is the pastor and I, as wife, am the worship leader. I struggle every week with enough people to help and with what is happening to our church. I would really love to know what God thinks about it all. We desire to please Him in every way and to be obedient to His call on our lives. Thank you for lifting me up to the Lord. I appreciate it.

  248. I stumbeled apon this a few weeks ago. A friend of mine came to visit from Germany for three weeks . she brought with her a friend who just happens to have bone cancer. she has survived 8 years since her diagnosis. WE spent three weeks having the greatest time. we became fast friens her name is sabina. she also has an 18 year old daughter , who happens to be mentally challenged. I just learned the cancer is worse and more treatment has started. She recently lost a good friend to the same cancer. Im asking for prayer for this wonderful woman, her family. And myself. I dont make or keep friends easily. I cant understand why it was so easy to make friends with this woman, just to lose her so quickly. I want Gods will in this and for this beautiful woman to not be in pain. she has been fighting for so long. thank you