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  1. It works for me to do a load of laundry every day instead of saving it all for one day. It feels less monumental and more manageable to do a little at a time.

    • With 7 of us in the house… laundry seems to never end! I hate Sundays bc that is when I HAVE to wash for the coming week and there is a mountain the size of TX in my laundry room! Thank you for sharing your tip- I think I will give it a try!
      Hugs, Jen @ f5

    • I do this too! Makes all the difference in the world – from super hard to very easy!

  2. Boy I don’t know that I have any great tips…thus the reason I NEED this book! 🙂 I am intrigued by the baking soda tip in the video….what’s the dilution ratio?? Anyone know?! 🙂 I have used those magic erase pads dealies….but they seem to remove paint too. Does the baking soda do that??

  3. I tend to over-water plants, and it makes the dirt start to mold. I started adding tea tree essential oil to the water and it has prevented mold growth.

  4. I’ve never been very good at keeping a clean house…I tend to let it get bad and then I have to do a day-long cleaning session. So, it works for me to do 30 minutes of cleaning a day (and that time includes doing the dishes by hand). I set a timer…and it’s done wonders for my housekeeping abilities.

  5. To keep trash cans smelling a lil’ fresher I put a dryer sheet on the bottom. Also, fold dryer sheet long ways and tuck on top of your air & heat vents to freshen things up =o]

  6. I use a combo of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide (in separate spray bottles and sprayed separately) to disinfect bathrooms.

  7. I’m not the best housekeeper, but one thing I learned from my mom is to clean and pick things up throughout the week. If you leave all of the cleaning to one day it can be overwhelming, but doing small task throughout the week makes cleaning more manageable…at least for me.

  8. Awesome.

    Tip: It really helps to set a timer when you are cleaning. Do as much as you can in that amount of time and then STOP!….read to your kids…do a puzzle…play with them….whatever! This really helps me…because if I don’t set a timer – I will just clean all day long. Whether it’s 5 minutes or an hour…..this little tip has changed our home!

    Kate 🙂

  9. I always roll pie crusts between two pieces of plastic wrap; peel off the top layer, flip over and place in pie plate, then peel off the other layer. No mess!

  10. I would enjoy this book! Thanks for offering a giveaway.

    My tip: Use a different color of hanger for each person in your house. Easy to recognize clothing to be put away and hard to “borrow” your sister’s shirt without getting caught. 🙂

  11. I would enjoy this book! Thanks for offering a giveaway. My tip: Use a different color of hanger for each person in your house. Easy to recognize clothing to be put away and hard to “borrow” your sister’s shirt without getting caught. 🙂

  12. We often travel in the summers for bike races and even before our little ones joined our little family my husband and I kept wet wipes on hand for cleaning up messes. We also remember to always bring along a roll of toilet paper – you never know when the port-a-potties will run out of TP!

  13. A great tip-Get up before your kids do and have a few moments to pray and read coffee. It always helps my day go smoother!

  14. I would love this book! Here is one someone taught me and it actually works and well. Who doesn’t get those pesty fruit flies right? Put out a small bowl of apple cider vinegar just so it covers the bottom of the bowl and a few drops of dish soap. Swish it around and set it out. Fruit flies are attracted to it and they go right in….. No more fruit flies 🙂

  15. store items in clear bins- you see what you have and easy to move- boxes get wet and mold

  16. I use vinegar and Era Laundry detergent or Dawn Dish liquid in equal parts in a spray bottle as a pre-wash. It helps get rid of yellow stains as well as ring around the collar! Freshens the laundry!
    Anxious to get and read the book!

  17. When I’m tired after work, but still need to cook dinner, pick up, do laundry, pack lunches, do dishes, etc. I try to complete tasks while I’m cooking..If I’m boiling water or if something is baking or let’s be in the microwave:) (don’t judge!) I try to do as much as possible before the timer goes off! This way after dinner..we can just relax together as a family!

  18. What works for me is a short job list for everyday after work….1 load of laundry done, dishes done, sweep floors & quick pick up. That’s it…..if I keep that up then the place looks ok until I can do more. If I miss a night for whatever reason, it’s not a disaster because most nights I do the short job list!

  19. Vinegar works for me for all kinds of things. I add vinegar to a bucket of water and a couple drops of pure peppermint extract to mop the kitchen floor. I use it at the entry doors when it rains to drive those pesky sugar ants away. I rarely buy any cleanser if I can use vinegar instead! Thanks for the giveaway.

  20. Setting a timer is my best tip. I may feel like i don’t want to tackle the dishes, but i will set the timer for 10 or 15 minutes and see how much i can accomplish.

  21. If you want kids to hang things up, you have to be sure they can do what you ask. We have installed hooks in the bathroom and in the kids’ bedrooms at their height so coats and towels have a chance of not ending up on the floor.

  22. White vinegar works wonders! Cleans bathrooms and kitchen, makes mirrors sparkle, shines handles and knobs, a bit in a bowl and microwaved will not only make cleaning the microwave easy but eliminate odors and disinfect, etc.

  23. After 10 years in our home, a fresh paint job and updated wall colors have Medea difference in my mental attitude and made all of my furniture and accessories pop. It’s a small change, but a big difference in your home and perception!

  24. I don’t know if I have any great organizational tips. However I am pretty good with kids. One of my favorites is using kitchen scissors to cut of my kids food. It is so much easier than using a knife and you are able to get smaller pieces for smaller fingers.

  25. Oh my, this seems like the book that would take an appearance like my bible I would use it so much… I love finding these types of resources. I am always online looking at ideas as such, so much so that my hubbie has said in past ‘where do you find these ideas’. Love them; they make us moms/wives look like superwomen!

  26. The greatest tip I have been given and used is putting little piles of cornmeal where you see ant gathering. It is safe for pets and kids! We have had a ton of rain this summer and since we were in a draught last summer I am very thankful for it, but that has caused all the ant to move to higher ground….my house! I also heard that if you put cinomon around the edges it keeps the ants away, I will be trying this this weekend. I am a busy single mom and I need all the help and tips I can get!

  27. Several tips: 1) do laundry every other day or when there is a big enough load–don’t save it all for one day.

    2) I put my husbands srubs in the closet according to the color and day he wears them–same with the tops in drawer. No need for light just take the next one from right to left.

    3) This may/may not work for some–I get up early (5:30 am) & get hubby off to work, then listen to Bible daily–listen through the Bible in a year. Usually after that is done I work out.

    4) Buy gas in morning as the heat makes some gas escape & you end up buying more–so I’ve been told.

    Would love to own this book. Seems like it is filled with a lot of good tips & helps!

  28. This ought to be great. I have never raised kids before and my husband and I just got four of his grandkids handed into our custody. So I have no idea what works for me! 🙂

  29. A very nice 86 year old lady shared with me that she saved bits of left over veggies and added them to a container in the freezer till the contanier was full, then made a pot of vegetable soup with them by adding some tomato juice or broth. The soup is always delicious, always different and interesting!! I do that all the time now. :o)
    A great way to use those very small amounts of left overs!

    • I learned that trick from my mom while growing up. Makes awesome soups. Mom used to call it “Garbage Soup.” LOL — Sounds nasty, but it’s so great! 🙂 My husband loves it when I make this.

  30. Making a calendar of uncommon monthly expenses on the month they come about. For example, Back to School can be a large expense, but is not a monthly bill. Christmas is an obvious one, but can sneak up on us if we don’t watch out. Summer Camp, Sports sign ups, even license plate renewals are on the list. It is helpful to glance ahead and not be surprised by the things that only come up once a year. Thank you for the opportunity to win this book. It sounds amazing!

  31. Prepping my hubby’s lunches for the week on the weekend works for me. I put the fruit and chips in 5 ziploc bags. Then I just grab the bags each day and put them in his lunch with a sandwich, water, and sweet love note.

  32. What a great gift for a young mother or a new bride! I agree with the mom who wrote the tip about using a scissor to cut her little children’s food. My daughter used this when she had ten kids at the table (some adopted and some foster children) and it really made a difference at meal time!

  33. I use a vinegar and water mixture of some sort to clean most everything in my house!

  34. I don’t have any helpful tips, thus this is why I NEED this book:0) Thank you for the chance to win one!!!

  35. Well, I have just recently started a new board on Pinterest that is titled “Pins that I’ve acutally tried.” I’ve gone through and shared the ones that have worked and the ones that were fails.

    One that I love is the wooden spoon. I love it because it’s just so simple, yet works SO well. You place a wooden spoon over a boiling pot and it won’t boil over.

    I love tips like that. I NEED tips like that. It’s the little things that get me through the day. 🙂

  36. You know those wonderful 20%-off coupons from Bed Bath & Beyond? I keep my stash of them in a manila envelope in my car. That way, any time I’m in the neighborhood & need to go there, I just grab the envelope & go!

  37. My greatest tip helps my mental state of mind. Before I leave for work each day I straighten my bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, and then I spray a really nice fragrance in each room so that when I walk in the door after a long day at work, the atmosphere is welcoming and peaceful.

    • That is my dream… to be able to come home to the house being just like I left it — TIDY! I don’t think it will happen this side of heaven. My kids and husband seem to “un-do” just about every tidy thing I do. Anyone got a tip on how to not be angry about that day in and day out? LOL!

  38. My favorite tip is: always do at LEAST one job before you go to sleep that will make your morning go smoothly!!

  39. (1) as a working outside the home mom, the week days get pretty crazy. on sunday evenings, i go through the house, supplying bathrooms with toilet paper, diaper stations with diapers, laundry put away, so we are ready for the week. on thursday evenings, i do the same and also tidy up the house, so we have a relaxing environment when we come home from work on friday exhausted from the week and can wake up saturday morning and relax together instead of looking at all of the things that need to get done.
    (2) labeled bins in the pantry work wonders when trying to get a meal on the table and helps in clean-up time, too!
    (3) the night before trash pick-up, we empty food from the fridge.
    (4) i pop loads of laundry in at 4:30AM when i get on the treadmill – i can get 2 loads done by the time we leave for work!

  40. would love to read this! I’m sure its worth the $8. I have been trying to clean more with vinegar and baking soda instead of chemicals, but haven’t done enough!

  41. I love the tip about using discount gift cards!! I’m a part of a ministry to exotic dancers here in my city, and we are constantly using gift cards within the ministry to take girls to eat or for coffee, so this will really help save some money! Thanks!! Looking forward to reading this book!

  42. I can’t get enough tips! I follow Tsh on Pinterest and she always has the best stuff.

    Garlic lovers, unite! I’ll buy an enormous container of fresh, peeled garlic (not in oil or anything) and put it all in the food processor. Then, I put down some foil, grab a few handfuls of the diced garlic, and form it into logs. Wrap in foil and keep the logs in a freezer bag – dont forget to date the bag! When I need diced garlic for cooking, I’ll pull out a log, slice off a half inch or so and toss into the pan. Easy peasy and economical.

  43. I love a tip I got to take the plastic Sterlite drawers, the smaller one, and label each drawer with the type of medicine or first aid treatment and place those items in each drawer. It keeps it organized, in view and easily accessible, so keep up high. 🙂

  44. My favourite tip is actually marriage advice given to me 25 years ago…
    Create a simple “corner” for your husband to come home to after work.
    If the whole house is a wreck, at least he will have his favourite chair/ spot cleared so he can sit for a bit and unwind. He will thank you, even if he doesn’t say so, for creating a
    Haven of rest for him.
    I love you, girls!

  45. One of my favorite tips was when you burn something in a pan and it just won’t come off (the marks, etc): make a paste with baking soda and leave for several hours. It will scrape off without elbow grease and if it doesn’t repeat the baking soda paste again. Works every single time.

  46. When in a pinch I that find I’m out of dryer sheets, I take about a capful of hair conditioner, (Creme rinse) rub it into a damp wash rag and throw it in with my clothes as they dry. It works great!

  47. Sounds like a very useful book to have around!!

    As for my tip…dusting with dryer sheets. It works great on TVs as far as keeping dust off!!

  48. I’m the type of person who gets overwhelmed very easily and right now my house is a disaster. So, what works for me is to only take a small section at a time. If I take more than that I am overwhelmed and nothing gets done.

  49. I would LOVE your book!! My tip of the day, is amazing!! Went to rent the Rug Doctor to clean carpets this weekend with my daughter-in-law. The salesman told us we could use Cleaning Vinager instead of cleaning soluation they sale to clean the carpets. Never heard of Cleaning Vinager, sure enough they sell it at Walmart . Use the measurements just like it was the solution. It worked amazing and didn’t need all the foam solution or any of the extra stuff. The cleaning vinager does not have the strong smell as the normal vinager. Can’t smell vinager at all now and the carpets are clean and fresh!! Amazed at all the dirt that came up too!! 😉

  50. I would love to have a copy of this book! My tip is this: use a pizza cutter for cutting up pancakes and french toast for little ones. It’s must faster than a knife, and it makes my kids smile.

  51. As a mom of littles I love giving myself a schedule that includes them during the day. I give myself 15-30 min for a chore. Then an hour for a play/work station with them. Then I alternate them. Sme days I spend more time with them or I give them extra stations or longer crafts. That way my home is manageable, I’m less stressed, and we’re all happy. This is especially great in the summer when everyone is home together . 🙂

  52. To get your little ones to take yucky medicine just dip the end of the medicine dropper in strawberry syrup (or their flavor of choice). The first thing that they taste is yummy and by the time they get to the yucky medicine they’ve already taken most of it.

  53. I love those magic eraser bars but they can get expensive and leave behind pieces when you are really scrubbing the tub. I have found that cheapo shampoo is the best for getting rid of the soap scum. Pour it out and rub it all over the scum areas and then wipe it down in a bit. Comes off easy peasy!

  54. forgot my tip….or two… I use dollar store baskets in my cupboard for all the half used pasta bags or all the small packaged items like gravy pckts, seasoning pkts, rice pkgs; just keep all like things together and I use them in the freezer too, saves time and space: I take out the bag from the box, cut out instructions and put all chicken items in a basket, all red meat in another…you get the idea
    Second tip: when painting and you have to stop for a bit of time, wrap your brush in plastic wrap (cling wrap/stretch’n seal), it won’t dry out and you can go right back to painting without the cleanup every time you need to stop. Works well on rollers too, just make sure its completely wrapped and sealed. This way you have one clean up time when the job is complete!

    • I LOVE the idea for painting as I am getting ready to paint my bedroom, but know that I cannot tackle the whole thing at once and will likely have to take “breaks”. Thanks!

  55. I have two suggestions to leave. The first one is that I use contact lens cases to store any pills I might need in my purse and the second one is that I use dryer sheets on my hair if I have a fly away day and it really works! I like the concept of this book and would love to be a winner. Thanks for your daily emails, I really enjoy them.

  56. I use 20 Mule Team Borax as well as vinegar for cleaning, laundry and so much more. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful ideas!

  57. Sounds like a great gift for bridal showers! My tip is right after grocery shopping we pack all the chips, grapes, crackers, etc. into baggies making packing lunches so much easier. The kids can then grab what they need + extras if they have an after school activity right before bed and they’re set the next morning!

  58. I love to make a crock pot full of sauce (spaghetti or the like) then freeze laden full in cupcake tins. I pop them out like ice cubes then keep them in the freezer in a zip lock. Perfect portions of home made sauce any time I want to reheat.

  59. I have a small spaces in flower beds to do my gardening this year since we rent. My tomato plants are growing like crazy! I use long sticks and used twist ties to stake the tomatoes to the now too short tomato cages to let them keep growing up.
    I also like using vinegar instead of bleach for washing clothes.

  60. Recently I learned about using distilled white vinegar in my wash — it works GREAT. I put it in with towels, underclothes, and my husbands work clothes especially.

    • how much? do you add it with the laundry soap? sounds like something I need to do! 🙂

  61. Great inexpensive glass shower door cleaner – heat a small amount of white vinegar in the microwave and then mix with the same amount of Dawn or similar dishwashing liquid. Put this mixture in a spray bottle. Spray this on the door and let it work for a few minutes. Then scrub. It works great! I can’t take credit for this. . .it’s one of those tips that you read on the internet. I just want to let other people know that there is a cheap, easy and successful way to get rid of shower scum on glass doors. 🙂

  62. Baking Soda is a great general cleaner. From safely used as a mild abrasive on countertops or added to wash as an odor neutralizer.

  63. The best tip I’ve received was to do daily pick up for 15 minutes in one room at a time. This was a tremendous help when my children were little in containing messes. We still do this today (they are 14 and 17 now). We pick a room, everyone pitches in for 15 minutes. It’s so simple and it works.

  64. Oil of Orange can be added to general cleaners or mop water to give your house a nice fragrance.

  65. I love to use white vinegar to clean everything….it’s wonderful and the smell does go away! I also use the tip to do a load of laundry every day or at least every other day so it doesn’t pile up…makes doing laundry alot less burdensome!

  66. Keep a squirt bottle of water by your toilet for those “not so fresh” feminine cycle days or if you have frequent infections. A couple squirts can help you feel refreshed and help relieve itching or irritation. It’s also a lot cheaper than installing a bidet!

    • LOVE this one, even though it is past that time for me thanks to surgery! However, my precious granddaughter, who is 6, has an overactive bladder or some such thing and doesn’t always know when she has to go while asleep. So, rather than having to take a bath every single morning after having one the night before, I can do up a bottle and show her how to “freshen up”!

  67. Hoping to make this book a gift to my fabulous niece and her new family!
    My favorite tip: a basket for each room! everything gets tossed there during the week and on Saturday I get everyone’s help in putting it all away.

  68. I use a little baking soda under my arms instead of deoderant – it saves a little bit of $ and it works for me (my sister too)! Thanks for the chance to win a book like this – it is essential for running a home!! I enjoyed some of the tips in the comments here too!

  69. Wow! This book looks like something I really need! Planting grass over concrete got my attention… Always needing a “how-to” book for household problems.

    Pick me! Pick me!

  70. The hint I would give is for those of us who are ADD. I do a few dishes then do something in the living room then something in the bathroom. That way I only spend a few minutes in each place but at least something is done after I’ve made the rounds a few times by the end of the day. But I would really like to win the book.

  71. OMG, I really need this book! I am heavy duty into DIY! I make my own laundry detergent and fabric softner to save money! I clean my fruits and vegetables with vinegar. – – I would LOVE to win this book! Thanks for a chance to win!

  72. Thanks for the chance to win! Best tip: Baby wipes! I don’t have kids, but those things clean everything! I have tubs of them everywhere…and for teachers: nothing cleans white boards better!

  73. Best tip: start your day with Gods word and prayer

    2. Soak wooden skewers over night. Then place in freezer so you will always have prepped skewers for grilling. ( it will keep the skewers from burning.

  74. Love Tsh advice. Her one project at a time started me on a de clutter and organizing road that as benefited the whole family. I don’t know if I can pick just one 🙂 I guess my favorite for the moment is how to make your own laundry soap. So cheap! Makes my clothes so soft AND keeps the front loader smelling nice!! SCORE!!!

  75. I use the empty boxes that my checks from the bank come in to organize my junk drawer. Put pens in one, rubber bands in another, paper clips in another, etc.

  76. When you are cleaning a room, “clean” your way out. I like to stand at the door of the room & enjoy the neatness before someone comes along to “live” in it again.

  77. Never leave a room empty handed. When moving around your house, always look for something that needs put away in the room you are going into. Makes picking up a lot quicker!

  78. Mix baking soda and orange essential oil in an empty Parmesan cheese container to create homemade carpet powder. Also, if you add a cup of borax to this mixture it will kill any bugs that may be in your carpet.

  79. Mix baking soda and orange essential oil in an empty Parmesan cheese container to create homemade carpet powder. Also, if you add a cup of borax to this mixture it will kill any bugs that may be in your carpet.

  80. The night before any kind of doctor visit or same day surgery, I always make sure I have all the information I need packed in an envelope to hand to whomever I need. It is so nice not to fumble around trying to look for it. I write down all my questions for the doctor, so I don’t forget any. My best friend has all my insurance information, as well as my medicines written down, which came in handy several months ago, when she had to call an ambulance for me. Hope this helps someone else. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  81. In my car I keep a small plastic zippered pouch to organize coupons and gift cards for stores, restaurants, and businesses we will be visiting while out and about on errands.
    Like the coupons you receive in the mail for promos, local school smart cards or for completing restaurant surveys (i e Bath & Bodyworks, Bed Bath & Beyond, Sonic, Steak & Shake etc).
    Keeping those things scattered between visors, dashboard, wallets is too disorganized.
    I alphabetize them. That makes finding them easier. Our daughter helps to organize (alphabetical order skills) & locate while I’m driving. When we go out for errands or shopping in my husband’s vehicle we make a habit of grabbing “the blue bag” from my car. It definitely saves money and frustration (I have a coupon somewhere for this purchase). I’m sure an index card or coupon box would suffice, too. But the pouch is not as bulky.

  82. My favorite tip (someone else mentioned above) that I just recently began using myself is the baking soda trick. I love cleaning with it!

    Have a grease coating on your stove? Scrub it with baking soda and a damp cloth. Have something that just won’t come clean? Try soaking it in baking soda water. It has made my new apartment’s kitchen sparkle where other expensive cleaners (Lysol spray, Spic ‘n’ Span) just wouldn’t cut it.

    • De-Solve-It works just as well, but has a better scent…and it can be used on clothing.

  83. good old dawn liquid dish soap and vinegar (1/2 and 1/2 solution) mixed together in a spray bottle cleans EVERYTHING to a sparkle and even removes some stains from furniture and carpet. it is amazing how well this simple cleaning solution works and it just smells CLEAN!!!!! hope i win!!

  84. When walking from one room to another, I try to take things that are piling up on my way. That way I can do things at once.

    • Me too. This is how I have kept my home in order for years! (And I also share the “fun” by making piles for everyone else in my home to take “on their way” as well. 🙂

  85. i had an ink pen go through the wash and dryer. the ONLY thing that got the ink off the dryer walls was acetone!!! our clothes… not so much.

  86. De-Solve-It Citrus Solution cleaner from Walmart (or it can be found online if your Walmart doesn’t carry it) will take every unwanted stain or grease mark out of/off of almost everything…including, and most importantly: clothes. It won’t harm fabric. It’s a natural cleaner that actually works, unlike many other “natural” cleaners that do NOT work. I have been using this for years, and it’s never let me down!


  87. Before going to bed, I take about 15 minutes and go from room to room cleaning up clutter or placing things in their rightful spots. It’s surprising how much can be done in that little bit of time, and it’s so nice starting the new day with a straightened up home.

  88. Baking soda and vinegar can make your shower shine, especially the tub where water sits and build up occurs. Just spray with a mixture of 1/2 water 1/2 vinegar, sprinkle some baking soda, allow to set a few minutes, and scrub!

  89. Try mixing 1 Tbsp lemon juice, 3 Tbsp white vinegar, 1 cup of water in a spray bottle and use to clean your fruits and vegetables prior to eating. For hard skinned produce, spray, rub and rinse. For thinner skinned produce (berries, etc) don’t leave on as long. You can also use it as a soak (about 2-5 minutes) for produce such as broccoli, cauliflower and lettuce.

  90. After cutting onion, rub your hands on the sink (if it’s stainless steel) and it gets rid of the smell.

  91. I clean as I cook so that I’m not having a ton of dishes, pots, pans, utensils to wash! And I always wash the dishes so I can wake up to a clean and empty sink!

  92. Oh, I would love this! I have learned that if I get my kids to at least pick up toys at the end of every day, I feel much better in the morning when we begin our day with a clean house! 🙂 Thanks for this giveaway!

  93. Hello Ladies!
    If i could give some advise it would be to know Jesus. Hand over all your worries to him. That, works for me (usually) 🙂 Blessings to all of you!

  94. Toy Tip: We sort toys in boxes. We get out one box of toys upstairs and one downstairs. Then those toys are put in their boxes before getting out new-to-you-because-you-haven’t-seen-them-in-a-few-weeks toys. 🙂

  95. I plan my meals for the month on our calendar. I base it on the activities that are already listed on the calendar and when we will be home to cook or to eat. I know exactly what to shop for when I go to the store.

  96. My #1 tip is to make coffee the night before and set the timer! 🙂 Oh – and clean your stainless steel carafe of all the accumulated coffee gunk by putting in a squirt of liquid dishwashing detergent (Cascade for example) and then brewing a pot of water into the carafe. Let all that gunk marinate all afternoon and then rinse it really thoroughly before you make your coffee for the next morning.

  97. after cleaning or cooking fish to get the smell off your hands; wash with soap and water then rub your fingers and palms on the metal water faucet

  98. A little salt in the water at the bottom of tea or coffee pots before/while wiping to help get rid of the stains.

  99. To keep my brillo pads from rusting, I put them in a snack-sized ziploc bag and keep them in the freezer until I use them again. They last so much longer!

  100. Choosing to be thankful in the task. No dirty laundry no kids, no dirty dishes no food to eat, no mess no mess-makers. 🙂 still working on it. but it sure helps.

  101. It works for me to pack 5 different bags with identical items instead of unpacking and repacking the diaper bag daily.

  102. It works for me to set cleaning reminders on my phone. Otherwise, I only clean the things I notice, so some things get cleaned obsessively and some don’t get cleaned at all.
    This book looks great! Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  103. packing up the car the night before. this way, i’m not hurrying to remember whose bag is where as we rush out the door. seems tedious when i’m ready for bed. but… worth it in the morning! { great giveaway }

  104. I find that if I empty the dishwasher first thing in the morning, while I wait for my tea water to boil, it makes my day easier. I never used to do this and I love the difference it makes!

  105. Keep an empty bin in the living room for the random items that always seem to find their way into your clean room. Toss them in the basket for a quick cleanup and then put everything back in their rightful place later when you have the time.

  106. Remember to back up all of your photos on a separate hard drive from your computer. It would be horrible to loose all of your precious photos!

  107. I keep the roll of kitchen trash bags on the bottom of the trash can – always ready, when needed

  108. thanks for a chance to win this book! * My tip: a quick and super easy snack for the kids: use a pack of whole wheat tortillas; use a pizza cutter to cut them into wedges (4 or 6 per tortilla); lay them out on a baking sheet (don’t overlap) and spray them with butter spray; sprinkle the wedges with cinnamon sugar for a sweet snack, or BBQ or Ranch seasoning for a savory snack; bake at 400 until golden and crispy (about 10-12 minutes)! ENJOY! *

  109. When I am on the phone, I take a rag and wipe down sticky chairs and cupboard doors.

    My favorite cleaner is Barkeepers Friend -a very inexpensive powdered cleaner that does not scratch (I get it at Walmart). Make a paste with it and it removes water spots from the glass shower door, cleans my glass cooktop stove better than the products made for it, and especially wipes away all those black marks from pots and pans in my old porcelain sink without scrubbing.

  110. Clean up the easiest room in the house first and work your way to the hardest to clean. Then some cleaning is done if you need a break.

  111. As I empty the dishwasher in the evening, I set the table for breakfast. My husband gets up earlier than I do and makes the coffee. Always a smooth start to the day for this empty nest household.

  112. Use white vinegar & a drop of tea tree oil in place of fabric softener for your laundry. I’ve been using this for a while now & the clothes smell & are extra clean ~ which is good considering we live on a farm & you don’t know what gets left on the clothes 🙂

  113. I try to make sure that ilthe house is picked up when we go to bed & the coffee set, so she I get up in the morning I’m inspired to jot only keep it clean but drink that cup of coffee while having my quiet time reading & praying before the crazyness of the day begins.

  114. ahh….as a teacher of young children in kindergarten and younger….everything is always more manageable to get through a challenging task with a big encouraging smile, a wink and a verbal “toot toot” to persevere….and we can always do it. It amazes me each and every time. Humor is good. It gives us all the boost we need to achieve the goals as independently as possible.

  115. One thing that works for me is to have my 8 year old do the laundry:) Another thing is to stick to rouritnes – such as get dressed first thing in the morning and make up the bed. Clean the kitchen before going to bed, etc.

  116. When I vacuum, if I have to stop to pick something up and put it away, I may or may not intentionally forget that I was vacuuming depending on just how badly the floor needed it to begin with. Today, I realized that if I slipped the handle of a plastic bag over the handle of my vacuum cleaner, I had a place to put the stuff without getting sidetracked.

  117. Use Dawn liquid dish soap as a stain remover on grease stained clothes. It gets grease off of dishes and out of clothes. This has saved many a stained T-shirt of my 3 sons that would otherwise have headed for the rag pile.

  118. For many years I have used Baking Soda, diluted in tepid water, to clean my hairbrushes and combs. After a little soak, I rinse them and leave them to air dry.

  119. LOVE the idea of possibly winning this book; I know I could utilize it, and even if I don’t win, plan to see about ordering several!

    I’ve got several tips, mostly gleaned from my mom and also my own experience:

    1. Selzer water – this will help remove most stains, even those that are “set in”.

    2. White vinegar – can be used as an antiseptic/to sterilize items that could cause problems if not kept clean (humidifiers, cpap/bipap machines); added to hot water, it will give your floors a clean, sparkling shine. And my brother-in-law uses it to help clean his coffee pot.

    3. Music – putting on some praise and worship music, or maybe a sermon, instead of having the tv on for “noise” will keep you moving while you clean.

    4. Daily “clean up” – if every day I make a point of picking up my empty cans, etc., I am consciously gathering the recycling and also ensuring that when I walk into my room, the first thing I see is NOT “leftovers” from the day before. I also keep those smaller sized boxes that will occasionally come in the mail and will take 5-10 minutes to gather up all the “stuff” that has accumulated in my room and then before I go online and get lost in whatever’s happening on the ol’ WWW, take the time to sort, toss, handle whatever is in the box.

    5. When my adult sons were little boys, they were not allowed to bring out toys willy-nilly. If they wanted to play with something else, they had to put what they were playing with away. And they learned that at toddler age so that now? They are both semi neat-freaks.

    6. Potty training – I learned from my mom not to “sweat the small stuff”. There were many times when my oldest came crawling into bed, naked and cold because he had wet the bed. In the morning, we would pull off the sheets together (I did the wet part) and get them washing, then he would take a quick bath. Believe it or not, HE helped potty train his younger brother (they are 2 yrs apart) and I can still hear that little voice saying to his brother “come on, let’s go and go potty” and they’d go in together, one on the training pot, the other on the big one with their “Golden Books”! I think too many parents obsess and stress about potty training. It will happen when the child is ready for it to happen. Getting upset about them wetting the bed is counterproductive. Put a waterproof mattress pad on the bed and get extra sheets so that the bed can always be remade while the wet sheets are in the wash.

    My last tip is from my mom, even though she’s been Home nearly three years now, and it is for the married women who put their kids first and foremost. Stop. After God, your husband should be first and the kids after him. Keep your marriage alive; don’t get so busy doing for the kids that you forget that he was there first and God willing, he will be there for many many years as the kids grow up and move away.

    God bless you all!

  120. After our fourth child was born, the bath towels were getting out of control, so I bought every child two of their own color and wash every other use instead of constantly!

    Thank you!
    Mama to six, almost 4 to almost 16 (yikes!!)

  121. I always brown ground beef in 2 lb (or more) portions, 1 lb to use for dinner that night (tacos, spaghetti etc) and then freeze the rest in 1 lb portions for a “quick fix” dinner night.

    Thanks for a chance to win this book!

  122. When I go to the effort to cook something really cool, I always make at least twice as much as we need. I freeze the remaining half and bust it out a few weeks later so we can thoroughly enjoy it all over again!!

  123. When you have time make 2 casseroles – one for that night’s meal and freeze the other for a night when you know time will be tight.

  124. I am so excited about this little resource… I think it s wonderful to be able to have a reference manual for all sorts of resources… I love the concept… Great Job!!

  125. I think the best thing I have learned and it’s only taken me, well an extremely long time, take care of yourself. You know, like the put the oxygen mask on you before assisting other people. So, get out with your girlfriends, get alone time with the Lord, do whatever you need to do to take care of yourself and your whole house will run better.

  126. I would love love LOVE to have this book!! I enjoy reading helpful tips and learning from other women. One tip I can pass along is this: We have three of those automatic disinfecting soap dispensers – 1 in each bathroom and 1 in the kitchen. These are so great, but can get expensive to keep replacing the soap bottle. What I do: my husband made a hole in the top of each bottle and I purchase the large liquid soap refills and now all I have to do is keep filling the original bottle in the dispenser. Money saver and no throw aways! Thanks for the chance to get this book!

  127. Just another reason I love hanging put here…real tips from real women about to handle real life details. :0)

  128. Just another reason I love hanging put here…real tips from real women about how to handle real life details. :0)

  129. My current fave (it changes weekly) is never leaving a room empty handed…now I will say the downside of this is I never seem to get anything finished because I keep getting sidetracked, haha.

  130. When I clean vegetables for a meal, I clean them over a bucket and/or have a bucket nearby to save the water for watering my plants outside. I also keep a bucket nearby for any peelings, scraps, etc. from cleaning vegetables for the compost pile.

  131. I save the leftover coffee from the pot in the morning to a mason jar in the fridge. Then on the mornings that I don’t have time to brew a pot, I can just heat a cup and go. Or I can make iced coffee whenever I feel like it. Plus, it saves on buying so much coffee.

  132. love tips!!
    I love making and cleaning my home with natural home made cleansers! They are gentle on the family, my children can help, and do a wonderful job. Would love this book!!

  133. How to remove any red stain from popsicles to wine. Drape the stained fabric over a bowl and pour very hot to boiling water through the fabric till it disappears or let it sit a bit. Most other stains come out easily with a concentrate of a mux of hot water and oxyclean.

  134. i could probably use such a book as a free-spirited, scatterbrained housewife who isnt that great at housekeeping–tips and encouragement always help!!

    do i have any tips? (1) when its time to clean the house, me and my girls take one room together, one room at a time. one person picks up, one sweeps, one dusts, two girls load dishwasher (if it applies). (2) sometimes i split them up into pairs and one pair loads dishwasher and sweeps while the other pair (the littles) take a rag and lemon oil to all the tables in the house–it really gets the job done! (3) i tell my girls not to step over things–if they walk through a room, and see trash in the floor, crayons, or a pen, a toy–pick it up, put it away in its rightful place and then continue what you were doing. (4) teach your children how to run the washer–it takes a few more minutes of your time and patience to train, but now i can tell my oldest two (11 and 8) to go load the washer or drier and they can (5) sit down together to watch a movie and fold the mounds of clothes baskets together! you will be amazed at how much gets done! littles (3-4 and older) can easily be taught how to fold rags and small towels. i also use this time to get rid of extra clothing the girls arent using so im not washing as much, and i put it in a pile for storage, yard sale, or clothes closet.

  135. Silly tip, but here it is: Put a dash of salt on a napkin before placing a drink on it. This keeps the napkin from sticking to the glass when you lift it up. Also when junk mail comes into the house, we save the envelopes for shopping lists and add the coupons that we are going to use to that envelope. After shopping I put the receipt in the envelope and use the receipt and list to update my price book.

  136. That video made me smile! It works for me to tackle one room at a time- completely! Would be happy to win. 🙂

  137. A litttle essential oil or vanilla on a lightbulb leaves the house smelling good in a pinch

  138. Well this is sort of an easy fix, and ridiculously simple, but here goes. When I need to close a bag (chips, pretzels, whatever) use a clothespin instead of buying those special chip clips.

    And if you want to keep your plants looking nice and keep the moisture in, go buy some simple cheap bagged moss at your local craft store, pull apart and lay on top of plants.

    Save packing peanuts to put in the bottom of planters so when repotting plants, you have an area where the water drains and it’s lighter than putting rocks in. I thank my MIL for that one!

  139. I roll dryer sheets up inside our sleeping bags, and store them together in a big plastic tub. Keeps them less dirty/musty and fresh smelling! Dryer sheets also keep unwanted pests away.

  140. Cook up a big batch of beans in your crockpot. Cool. Rinse. Then freeze on a cookie sheet. When frozen transfer to a freezer bag or container. Then you can scoop out the appropriate amount of beans for recipes in the future.

  141. Rinse fresh berries in 1:10 vinegar and water, it kills the bacteria and makes them last ALOT longer

  142. Great idea for a book! Huggies baby wipes work great for polishing scuffed patent leather shoes .

  143. My cousin sent me a natural bug repellant. Boil 4 cups water, let it sit overnight with a bunch of rosemary. Strain next day and add a big Tbs. vinegar. Put in a spray bottle and spray it on you, your hat, whatever. It sure helps in the garden this summer. We had a mild winter last year and there are many bugs.

  144. cleaning. any and all cleaning tips. specifically laundry . . . my hubby works on cars. , Grease, bondo, you name it!

  145. I love household tips!!! There is so many good tips of this blog… I just realized how many blogs and websites are dedicated to cleaning/organizing…… So wish I was better at it!!!
    When my home is clean, I feel so happy, maybe I mean content. I rarely have felt it but what a felling and morale booster!!!

  146. I am very type-A, so I LOVE having designated days that I do laundry, clean, etc.! Also, just doing a quick run-through of my home everyday helps keep it clutter-free!


  147. When we go on family road trips we plan our stops around meals. We stop somewhere that has a fun (clean) kids play area (we usually stop at chick fil a) . The driver (my husband) orders his food while I take the kids to the play area & watch them play. After the driver has eaten, he orders food for me & the girls And we eat ours on the road. It works perfectly because the kids get to play & stretch their legs & eating in the car gives them a different activity to do.

  148. I deal with the mail as it comes in and get rid of the junk mail immediately. It keeps my counters cleaner and means less paper clutter and potential for misplacing important info.

  149. I found out recently the way monkeys open a banana (using the non-stem end) and found it a great tip for bananas that are difficult to open! Just Google it and you will find out how they do it!

  150. I am enjoying your site, found grace for a needed respite. Thank you! If I don’t win a copy of the book, would someone tell me how to make the wreath of scarves? Blessings and Shalom!