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  1. Amen! I receive this word; His word. I’ve purposed myself to adhere to it, to walk in it, and to perform it as He has instructed me. What a lovely blessing to have recieved this word. It truly is confirmation from the Holy Spirit that I’m doing as He’s instructed me to do in reference to my Dad who has soul sickeness and is in the midst of healing and redemption from it. I’ve been ministering to him as the Spirit leads me, and just before I read this message, I sent my Dad a good morning e-mail reminding him of Zechariah 3:17 (from a Dayspring Devotions e-mail in my inbox this morning). My, how wonderfully He works! Blessings and grace to all!

  2. We thought about 1 Peter 2 (being God’s chosen people) in church this morning, and a visitor to the church came and gave me a word from God afterwards about being chosen too. 🙂

  3. I received the Dayspring Devotion email from someone today and the scripture reading from Zephaniah 3:17 was meant for me as I have been in a lot of back pain for years and I was at my witts end today. This passage really gave me hope and renewed my faith the God is still here with me and hears my prayers.
    Thanks to my friends in Christ!

  4. Love this verse. Forgiveness is not an easy thing, but we are called to forgive as the Lord continues to forgive us. I pray that I would not only forgive, but also put away past hurts for those who have left me wanting to be bitter towards them. I pray that I would instead lift them up in prayer, knowing that the Lord is in control. <3

  5. Beautiful! This is the passage was recently read at my son and daugher-in-laws wedding as well our own…..nearly 30 yrs ago 🙂 …..and this was not intentional. Very special the ways of God, and sometimes He shouts it loud. Many times it’s soft and still….but sign posts are a blessing from Him Who loves us so 🙂

  6. so fitting for this weekend – this was one of our scriptures at our wedding and we celebrated year one, on sunday!

  7. Forgiveness can be hard, but if anyone has a grievance with a brother–he should forgive him first then come to God!