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Now graduated from her role as a homeschooling mom of 8, Dawn Camp devotes her time and love of stories to writing her first novel. She enjoys movie nights, cups of Earl Grey, and cheering on the Braves. She and her husband navigate an ever-emptying nest in the Atlanta suburbs.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. I adore the “I <3 Jesus" collection. Thanks for the giveaway and best of luck during the upcoming school year!!

  2. The All Creation Sings/Make a Joyful Noise set. My daughter loves dancing around the house and singing. She will be starting school next week and asked me if she will learn some new songs!

  3. I like the Jesus is my BFF collection, so cute! As a Mom who just sent my girls into public school after homeschooling them for years I think these products would be great for sharing their faith at school!
    kathy k

  4. I love the “All Creation Sings” collection. It is something that my teenage son would use because it makes a statement without being overpowering…. much like his personality! The U-neeks are adorable too – Alli Bird is my favorite!

  5. I really like “Born Again and It’s Not About Religion” set. There is extreme power in the two simple words “born again”. The kind reminder of Jesus not being a religious leader but a personal savior is exciting to my soul. Thanks for sharing!!! 🙂

  6. I’m torn between “Make a Joyful Noise” and “All Creation Sings”.

    I work in a school cafeteria and today a kid informed me that “My old school’s food was disgusting. I sure hope your pizza is better than theirs because when you ate their pizza it made you throw up!”

  7. Love the Jesus is my BFF set. My 5-year-old daughter just started talking about her friends using BFF language so it’s so fitting. I know she would love the uneeks as well and I love the message.

  8. The Born Again and It’s Not About Religion set is my favorite because our teenagers have come to understand these two statements in the last two years… And now they are both leading a Christian Club at their public High School were they bring these same messages to a couple dozen of students every Tuesday after school: “We all need to be born again to be saved” and “It’s not about religion, but about a relationship with your Creator”

  9. I’ve been teaching for 14 years and have been in school since I was five. It has always been my dream to be a school teacher and to change lives. It is the most rewarding career in my opinion. I would love to share the back to school set with some of my students. My favorite is “make a joyful noise.” I’m a drama teacher so it is fitting!

  10. I think my favorite is the born again/not about religion set. I kinda like them all though…

  11. I have 3 heading back to school next Tuesday. I adore summers with the kids and always sad to send them back. As we have always taught them to be leaders and not followers. I love these sets because it reminds kids that God is with them even through school. I love the make a joyful noise and the forever set!!

  12. I love Jesus…I’m just saying is my pick. They are all good though. Wish I had had these when I was in school not that long ago. :0) Thanks!!

  13. What a wonderful way to express our faith in the schools and to remind our children of the love of their heavenly Father.

  14. My favorite is the “I <3 Jesus" set! And my son's favorite would probably be the "Born Again" set! All of them are awesome though!

  15. It is hard to narrow it to one but I would choose Jesus is my BFF. (or Born Again…see it is a very hard choice 🙂

  16. I love the Born Again set! What a great conversation starter! This would allow our young folks to share their faith in a very non threatening way. 🙂

  17. “All Creation Sings” would be appealing to my 17 yr old boy and my 13 yr old girl…thanks so much for the giveaway!! BLESSINGS ALL…

  18. I like the “All Creation Sings” supplies! 🙂 My son adores music and he would LOVE to have that. Thanks!

  19. I love the Jesus is my BFF set! Thank you for blessing all of us with your encouragement!

  20. I bought my boys the I’m Just Sayin’ folders and the Born Again ones. I’d love to add to their collection! =)

  21. My favorites are Make a Joyful Noise and All Creation Sings. I would love to present these supplies to my kiddos to sport in the public school system showing their faith to others!

  22. They are all super-cute and super-clever, but I think my favorite is the one that states: It’s not about religion. It’s about a relationship with God.

  23. I would love ALL of it but have to pick 1 – Born Again -. I love the colors and designs. We don’t have to be boring and dreary! I love that these school items are FAR from that. And it just might be enough to start a conversation with eternal value!

  24. I like the All Creation Sings set the best—- but I liked last year’s “Whatever” design even better!! I looked for them in the stores last month, but couldn’t find them…

  25. I am really looking forward to the upcoming school year! It will be my second year homeschooling my son going into 7th and the first year homeschooling my daughter going into 10th. Quite and adventure that I can’t wait to start! I love the all creation sings and makes noise collection. Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity!

  26. I like the Psalms set.

    I’m a teacher, so I am blessed to hear many cute things come out I the mouths of students. Making sure students get on the right bus is a big issue, especially the first week when everything is new. One of my fellow teachers was walking a student to the gym where they wait for the bus. He asked if she knew which bus she rides. She said yes, so they walked in. When they got to the gym, he asked her what bus she rides. Her reply…. The big yellow one! Of course!!

  27. I love the “Born Again/It’s not about religion” styles the best. I wish they had these when I was in school !!! I love school supply shopping every year… the only time I enjoy shopping as much is Christmas… I am definately a “paper” person and so are my kids. Thanks for showing them to us !!!

  28. I love the All Creation Sings set! I hope I never grow out of loving new school supplies. I still buy sets and love to find just the “right” pen to go with my notebooks!

  29. Thanks for the giveaway….would love to win the All Creation Sings and Makes Noise set for our granddaughter….she would love it….she’s doing school work at home while waiting to receive a letter of acceptance at head start…..she loves to sing and make up songs….

  30. My grandson Whitt is nine and loves the “Forever in my Future” and the “Born Again” set. He goes out every weekend and hangs Tracts on neighborhood doors as a witness to God’s love. He believes that his life should reflect God’s love and passing out Tracts is his way of “preaching the Gospel to all the earth.” He’s an awesome kid! I know these tools would be a great witness tool as he tells others about the love of Jesus! Thank you…

  31. I love the “Born Again” series. How great that there are supplies with a Christian theme! 🙂

  32. I love the Born Again and It’s Not about Religion. Although they are all super cool. Love the possibility these bring to share my faith.

  33. I love the Born Again and It’s Not About Religion. I still love shopping for school supplies to donate.My daughter is grown but her and I still love it when all the fun stuff comes out.This yr I filled 2 back packs to donate to Salvation Army.There’s nothing more satistifying then helping kids in need.Thanks for the cool giveaway! 🙂