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Arianne is a mom of three boys and a baby girl. She lives in Phoenix, AZ, and sifts through the Legos and fluffy cloth diapers hoping to one day catch up on sleep. Her heart is healing and thriving from living life as a mom of kids with autism and...

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  1. How timely your question is for me! After being a member of our of church for 17 years, we are looking for a new church. It’s a journey we began a few weeks ago and visiting different churches is blessing us every week. There are many reasons that the time is now and one of them is to find a community to live our faith with. Finding the Body indeed! Thank you for your beautiful post. Blessings!

  2. I LOVE this – and we’ve been part of this type of community for years…hosting a home church! This embodies Acts 2:43-47. Community is my heart & passion and I HATE it when people are lonely “shut ins” but won’t avail themselves to a community. SIGH. Thank you for letting us “peek” into your community. I LOVE IT!!!!!

    • Yes I hear ya! But so many times we aren’t used to being open if we’ve been hurt in the past, you know? It’s so good to let Jesus heal those wounds. I’m grateful you have a community you’re passionate about and for!

  3. I just love hearing about these meetings, for I believe God wants more of this kind of unity among fellow believers, more love and closeness just as a family should be…His kind of family! We have a weekly Women’s Bible Equipping class and every week, it seems we become closer and more in agreement. God needs those who will agree! I had one of these meetings in my home and plan to do it again. Many moved away, but I know there are many more needing to find a family. Love and Hugs

  4. Ari, that sounds beautiful. We are still fairly new to our church, but we do love it. However, the feeling of being in the Body comes when we’re with a group of friends we’ve known and worshipped with and lived with for nearly a decade now. Sometimes I think the Body happens immediately, magically – but for us, that’s not the case at the moment. So while we work on building new community, I’m thankful for our old, comfortable Body. Does that even make sense? πŸ™‚

  5. Perfect!! While I do crave an in-home study group, I LOVE my church. We actually have a saying “welcome to BOLT first time you are a visitor, second time you are family” and it rings so true. The people I attend church with are my family. I consider them my sisters and brothers and mother and fathers. They are who I call when something exciting happens or when something bad happens. They laugh with me and cry with me. They accept me and everyone else who walks through those doors for who they are now and who God is making them to be. I have never felt the love of Christ like I do from this group of people. I pray that everyone finds a family like mine, and if you are in the area, come join ours!! We are always ready to extend the love.

  6. I love your “church”… It is patterned after what Jesus taught… not based on religion (which I hate as much as He does) but based on His Grace. It’s interesting that the word, church, means, “the called out ones” — called out of the Old Law….

    Most “churches” are called congregations where people just congregate, gather together. But you belong to an assembly, where people are gathered with like minds — enjoying the love of Father, being in fellowship with Him, being led by the Holy Spirit, becoming disciples (learners) and enjoying the peace, the joy and love of the Lord… Now that’s what He is all about and that’s how He intended “church” to be! You are blessed to have learned this!

    I recently got the news that a woman was diagnosed with cancer. I used to belong to a denomination that would beg God to heal her… would have a prayer chain going hoping to storm heaven and get God to do something! (OMG, He already did it all!)Now, hving learned about the Grace message, I know Who He is and who I am in Him. When I got the news to pray for the woman, the Holy Spirit reminded me of the scripture that says in Matthew 18:19, ” Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.” The Holy Spirit reminded me that He is a Person.. therefore He and I make up the 2 who are agreeing! The scripture says 2 OR more… it doesn’t have to be more but I think the “more’ would be true believers who would encourage the one who is under attack.

    After reminding me of this explanation of “two or more..” the Holy Spirit then told me to have a Pep Rally (I love this!) of true believers to encourage this woman to be focused on what Jesus already had done in His Perfect Work.

    I love HIM!

  7. I’ve gone to church all my life, but I’ve never experienced this. I would love it, and reading this put tears in my eyes because of what I’m missing, I just have no idea how to find it.

    • Oh friend. I hear you. We have never experienced it before now, either, and in fact when a year Body-less searching for it. Can I just encourage you for a moment? God loves you and is completely aware of those needs. Keep praying and don’t give up, open up to those situations where maybe you feel a prompting to reach out but are afraid to or hesitant to. Taking those leaps of faith are when God loves to surprise us. Praying for you.

    • I wrote a whole comment here to encourage you, and it disappeared! I just want you to know that I understand. This is the first time in my life I’ve experienced this too. I’m praying for you, don’t give up. Let God lead you to the right circumstances, let you be open to them. <3

  8. NO. And there’s a huge hole in my heart and that’s what’s missing. We are new here. Two years new and we left a home of 43 years so it’s hard to find. I’ve thought a whole bunch lately of starting small group here or somewhere else. I’m in prayer about it. To me yours sounds Heavenly.

  9. What a beautiful idea! I am a shutin caring for my disabled son who, lets just say, has trouble with crowds (autism) and is somewhat loud. Since I miss being a part of a church family, I think I will have one at my house and see where God takes it. Thanks for the idea for a point of prayer.

    • Oh Tammy, I understand more than you know. I have sons with autism too. I love your idea to just start, just take a step, and see where God takes it. Hugs, mama! xo

  10. Oh yes … after maybe half a century in traditional church settings, we are loving meeting on Saturday nights in the home of our pastor, where we also offer pastoral counseling during the week.

    This has been a sweet respite from the demands of the former way of ‘doing church.’ What a sweet gift – no committees, no programs, no politics. This is family … and this is good. How grateful I am for this season!

  11. I had that. Divorce changes that. I still have some friends, but I’m not in a “group”. Too old to be a “single mom”, which I am any way. I don’t fit any where. I have attended family bible conferences and its not like I haven’t tried fitting in. I work full time, I volunteer when I can and I raise my 2 teenage daughters (one with special needs) and I am alone most of the time. Yes, I’ve done Divorce Care, and most of the Single groups are for younger people. I don’t go to your church, but if you see “me” there please remember that we want to belong too.

    • Oh Clara. (((hugs))) Thank you for the reminder, and please know that you’re not alone. Even in your very most alone times, He is there. Thinking of you and praying for you right now. xo

  12. Your church sounds real and fun. I’d love a church like that. I’m not a member anywhere right now. I’m attending one church but I really am not sure where i belong. It’s just nice to have an ability to share on the internet at different sites and be nourished from those sites. And then of course to have a relationship with Him in my heart.

    I’m a shut in to an extent. I’m here 80 percent of the time alone. But i love people and i have a ministry, however small, on line.

  13. My husband and I meet nearly every Saturday with a small group of believers. Prayer time, fellowship and strengthening our walk together is priceless. Your article made me smile!

  14. Arianne, Your description of church sounded wonderful to me and something I long for. I have moved states and this year I’m going to a church where I’m feeling very unconnected. In fact this morning(Sunday) I haven’t gone to church, and haven’t gone for the past 4 weeks as I hate always being the only person in a row or having people sit at the end of the row when I’m in the middle.. I’m a full-time Christian worker feeling guilty about not going and longing for your type of church. The funny thing is that this year my desire has been to walk even more closely with Jesus and that is happening but I can’t seem to connect with the people at this church.

  15. I attended a church that started out just like that. It got somewhat bigger and had Saturday evening services along with 8:30, 10 & 11:00 AM services on Sunday. We sang songs and heard sermons on a particular book. Small groups during the week filled the void & help build community.

    Since that time I have found myself going to a rather small, but growing Christian church. We meet Sunday 11 AM, 7 PM & Wednesday 7PM. I have grown to really know the people there–personally. I pray for them. We have minimal hierarchy–preacher, elders & deacons–that’s it. Our pastor has been there 21 years.

    I love the women’s Bible study on Tuesdays in Fall & Spring. We go, grow, learn, but best of all get to know each other more intimately & thus can pray for each other!

  16. My family has been in limbo for more than 4 years. This is so inspiring!
    I bet there are many who feel like they don’t belong in traditional church. What a great opportunity to “belong” to a body that loves Christ. I’m excited to see your post. Thank you.

    • You get it, exactly. And I know the Lord has the perfect community for you – limbo is SO hard, praying you’re past limb-land soon!

  17. We have just moved to a new town and are in the process of finding our new body. We came from one that we loved so dearly, it is proving to be hard to let go and find the new one. We know God has brought us here so we KNOW He would not leave us without family. But the process is not very fun!

  18. I so want to find a church body like this. I live in a small town with only denominational churches and I have yet to find a church family that I’m comfortable with. So great to know they are out there. I pray that I will be led to one soon. Thank you for the post.

  19. Beautiful, Arianne.

    Out of curiosity, how close do you live to the rest of the families in your organic church? Do you all live within a 5-mile radius or are you driving from various parts of the valley to come together?

    • Hi Stephanie! No we are not all within 5 miles, actually. Our house and the main house we meet at are within 5 miles, another family is about 10 min away and other families are 30+ min away in Chandler, Goodyear, and almost to Fountain Hills, etc. Lots of gathering from all over!