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Mary is a writer and speaker who lives for good books, spicy queso, and television marathons – but lives because of God’s grace. She writes about giving up on perfect and finding truth in unexpected places at MaryCarver.com. Mary and her husband live in Kansas City with their two daughters.

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  1. I get the biggest blessing by blessing others with cards/notes. There is alot of encourage that comes in knowing someone is thinking of you:)

  2. I love sending and receiving cards… such a simple gesture, but always so much love within handwritten words. My favorite card collection is the Redeemed package. I love the photography and overall design. Super cute!

  3. I love being able to send cards to the ladies in my life….bible study, friends! My favorite pack is the Compassion pack! LOVE THOSE!

  4. I like the Hope in Hard Times pack. I know a lot of people experiencing hard times – I’d love to be able to encourage them!

  5. The redeemed all occasions cards are my favorite. I love to send or receive any of those. Thanks for this!

  6. Cool giveaway !!! Good cards for men are hard to find so I would like that package… or the Peanuts All Occasion as that works for everyone or the 2012 Premium all occasion assortment in the same row vertically as the peanuts set. I like most of them… other than those that don’t apply at this stage of our lives. I used to have a stash of cards and after several moves I seem to have lost the box. It is heartbreaking as I had a collection for specific people and occasions. Cards I loved that I had set aside for special people. I have to start one again I guess !!!

  7. I have so many favorites but the best one is the “All Occasion Peanuts”. It reminds me of my dad. It was our special time together during any holiday. We would sit and watch Charlie Brown and nothing else in the world seemed to matter. Up until he passed in 2006. I still watch Peanuts with my kids/grandkids and I know my dad is with us every time. Have a blessed day. Sheri

  8. Redeemed All Occasion pack looks great. Receiving a card in the mail can really make my day….just knowing a friend took the time to send their thoughts is encouraging.

  9. Holley Gerths Hope and Encouragement. So many of my friends have needed such words that I have a difficult time finding. Her cards and books have been gifts to many of those friends in recent months.

  10. I like the Peanuts assorted occasions. My mother loved Snoopy, and these make me think of her. It is such a treat to get a card or letter in the mail box versus an email. Thank you for the reminder to send greetings to friends and loved ones!

  11. In today’s society with just about all commuication between people taking place via technology; email, tweets, facebook, etc. There is nothing so wonderful than getting a envelope in the mail addressed to YOU , opening it and reading written words where someone actually took the time to take pen to paper. Priceless!!!

    I like ‘just because ‘ card packs.

  12. Definitely the “Hope in Hard Times” cards. During my sweet husband’s illness and death last week, we have been so uplifted and encouraged by so many people who sent such sweet cards. I have sent cards in the past, but now I really realize how much they mean to those who are going through rough times. I consider it a blessing to be able to minister to others the way others have ministered to our family. God is so good, and He is good every day! His mercies endure forever!

  13. I love the Holley Gerth encouragement cards. October 2nd is my birthday and this would be a fun little prize to win, thanks for the chance!

  14. I have sent so many Dayspring cards, and love them. My favorites for right now (it’s hard to pick just one) are the Redeemed All Occasions. I love to send cards as encouragements and “how are you doing” checkups. Thanks for making this possible!

  15. I love the Holley Gerth for Hope and Encouragement. I would love to share those with those in need! Thank you!

  16. I love, love, love the “Holley Gerth – Hope & Encouragement” cards; I mean, who doesn’t need hope and encouragement. I also love the “Simply Marvelous,” for us women, who are simply marvelous! Thank you and be blessed!

  17. I really love the U-Neeks cards! My card ministry has seen so much of God’s love and comfort shared with not only family and friends but co-workers and strangers. If I am out and I get a business card, I send a card. I give them to store clerks and bus drivers, to the postman and to neighborhood kids. Such a great way to get the Word into a home and a heart.

  18. I would have to say my favourite kind of card is the ” for no reason other than to tell you I am thinking of you” kinda card. In this day and age of “ecards” and text messages, I really enjoy sending cards to people I care about. Oh, and birthday cards!! Thank you and best wishes everyone!! xx

  19. I like the Redeemed – All occasion set and the Really Woolly set. Would be nice to win a set, because I would not be able to afford them.

  20. I love to send cards. There’s something about them that an email cannnot recreate. My aunt and grandmother both enjoyed encouragement cards they received when they were sick and bedridden, and they displayed them all around their rooms. I think it is so nice to be able to bless someone in such a seemingly small way, when the thought behind it is so big.

  21. Thank you for the oportunity to win these beautiful cards. I especially love the encouragement cards because it seems there are always several people the Lord puts in our pathway that could use a word of encouragement.
    These cards definately make a difference!!

  22. I really like the Cards for Men assortment. Most cards are geared towards women… and if you look in a store, some of the cards can be pretty inappropriate. I love that there is an encouraging assortment for the men in our lives!

  23. I love sending cards to people for no reason other than to let them know I am thinking about them and lifting up a prayer for them! It makes me feel good! I like the hope and encouragement cards by holley and the everyday all occasion. thanks for the giveaway!

  24. The Redemmed All Occasion set is wonderful. My oldest is at college and though she is only an hour and a half away if she doesn’t get a card in the mail she feels so alone. Cards keep us connected to family and loved ones in the technology atmosphere the worls has today.

  25. The Redemmed All Occasion set is wonderful. My oldest is at college and though she is only an hour and a half away if she doesn’t get a card in the mail she feels so alone. Cards keep us connected to family and loved ones.

  26. I am impressed with the Holley Gerth Hope & Encouragement cards. The message on the cards seem sincere and caring. I am a pastor’s wife and so I like to send words of encouragement to those I know who going through a difficult time and I feel like these cards speak my heart.

  27. What an awesome gift to give your daughter and your mom to have given you! I am an encourager at heart, too. I love giving cards and writing notes, texts and emails to encourage others. It is such a blessing to serve the Lord in that way! I love Holley’s Hope & Encouragement Collection. Keep encouraging that little lady to be an encourager!

  28. Cards have always held a special place in my life! My mom’s mission field was encouraging others and sending cards for everything! I have followed in her footsteps, gladly and proudly! I love to look at, read, send and receive cards!! They are the biggest little blessings one can share!!

  29. I love sending and receiving encouraging cards! I like the ‘redeemed’ pack the best, but they are all great! Love your blog posts!!!

  30. I LOVE all of Dayspring’s card… but the one that is my favorite that I would like to have is…. Holley Gerth’s Hope & Encouragement cards…. I absolutely LOVE to brighten people’s day and lift and encourage them… This would totaly make my day to win these so I could pass on the cheer!!!!

  31. I love the birthday assortments – I am constantly forgetting birthdays until the last minute and it is great to have a variety of beautiful cards with perfect messages at my fingertips in my desk rather than running to the store!

  32. I like the Every Day All-Occassion cards.I would be happy to win any of them.I love cards and give out and send LOTS of cards to my church family,family,friends,neighbors.I’m over the card ministry at church.I write birthday,get well,sympathy,etc. cards.Have always loved giving and receiving cards.I make a lot of my cards,even make the envelopes sometimes.I recycle/repurpose cards as well.Thanks for an opportunity to win some of your beautiful cards.I worked as manager of a Christian bookstore for over 11 years,sold and bought lots of beautiful cards (Dayspring).I LOVE Dayspring’s free e-cards also.Thanks for quality products.God bless.

  33. I love the Hope and encouragement set. There are so many people who need a word of encouragement and these look like ones that would be just right. I love Dayspring cards for that reason. No matter the reason for sending a card, I can always find the perfect one to fit the person I’m sending it to.

  34. I love the Holley Girth Hope and Encouragement set…first, because of the unique size but mostly because of the shared words, sister to sister. Cards are plentiful but the one-of-a-kind card that speaks to the heart is unforgetable.

  35. I loved reading the story about your daughter as my daughter is the same. I always have extra cards around because she is always wanting to encourage others. I love the Holley Gerth, Hope and Encouragement cards. Thank you for this blessing and chance to win some more of our already favorite cards.

  36. I love making my own cards and have the best intentions of sending cards for every single occasion…even labor day. However, with a two year old…my intentions usually end there! I love the encouraging package for Men…or any pack for men…since it always seems to be the most difficult recipient to purchase/and or make cards for….

  37. I love the “All Occasions” and the “Everyday All Occassions.” I absolutely love sending cards – Actually, I have gotten more into this the past 2 years than ever! I truly believe that writing a simple note (whether it is a “thank you”, “thinking of you”…. or whatever) can uplift people beyond measure. Before sitting down to write in a card, I always say, “Okay Lord, give me the words you want me to say to this person…. please speak through me!” Not only does it bless the other person, but it blesses me, as well!

  38. Thanks for the give-away! The every-day, all occasion pack is my favorite, with the Redeemed pack a close second.

  39. I really like the Teen Joyful Celebrations – that’s such a hard age sometimes to be able to pick out a card for and these look just perfect!

  40. I love the Redeemed collection..it’s like a lovely visit to the antique store in a box 🙂 with the powerful Word of God alongside! He IS the source of all that matters-all that is beauty- and of all encouragement and comfort! I am a 3rd generation card-giver..and in this digital age I feel an envelope full of love goes a LONG way! Thanks for the giveaway..Blessings all!

  41. I love the Holly Herth’s encouragement collection best although the peanuts all occasion is a favorite too… I love to encourage people and her cards are colorful and the sentiments are just right!… love them…

  42. I love the Redeemed All Occasions! I need to send more handwritten notes. I love receiving them and know it would bless others to send them.

  43. Holly Gerth’s Hope and Encouragement cards – I have received some of them and they bless me immensely- would love to send some to others!

  44. What a sweet giveaway! You are so thoughtful…….well, I Love the U-Neeks…I’m always sending cards or notes in my boys lunches, they love them!
    A word of encouragement after a rough morning, or some lovin to let them know how proud I am or just to let them know they can do anything today with the strength of Christ! Everyone needs encouragement especially our kids!

  45. I love the Colors of Compassion set. It’s not only beautiful and colorful, but also serves a good cause! I send lots of cards to encourage people and let them know I care about them, and know the cards make a big difference in their lives.

  46. LOVE your cards!!! I send them all the time! My favorite are the Humorous Bible Tails!
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  47. People are rarely thanked enough, so I send thank yous every week. Our words of encouragement can make someone’s day! I like the thank you notes you have listed. However, I’m also looking for notes for men to encourage other men. A lot of cards appear to be more for women. Thanks for brightening our day with this “gift-away”

  48. I love to send and even better to receive a card in the mail. I love the Holly Gerth designs, they are fresh and exciting. What a blessing to have you give away cards…..:0)

  49. Really love Really Woolly Card Collection. Such a powerful message from a simple animal. My “card ministry” receives many blessings from these cards.

  50. What a wonderful giveaway! I would love to have the Really Woolly collection because I am a handspinner and have my own sheep, and my friends who need encouragement at times know this.

  51. What a great give away! There is nothing like receiving a card unexpectedly from a friend. The one’s I have received have been very impacting. I love the Redeemed All Occasions.

  52. I have to pick only one? They are all marvelous and it would be a blessing to get any of them. It is true that there never seem to be enough cards and there is never a wrong reason to send one 🙂 I love sending happy mail and this is a perfect way to do it. Thank you for the opportunity to win a pack 🙂

  53. Love the Redeemed Premium 10-pack, covers all the bases and I guess if I don’t win I should really purchase the pack. I am always looking for cards like that. Thanks.

  54. Good Morning From “Anne’s Land”: What a lovely give-away idea. Sending and receiving cards is always a wonderful way to lift spirits and inspire souls — although I must admit, I don’t do it often enough. My favourite pack — Holly Gerth — Hope and Encouragement 10 Premium Card Assortment.

  55. The Redeemed All Occasions – 10 Premium Card Assortment is my favorite! Dayspring cards are so wonderful!!

  56. Oh, my! My preschooler sounds just like yours! She is actually putting finishing touches on a couple of her drawings right now, to send off this afternoon! I love getting notes and cards unexpectedly–I try to be a friend who can give that surprise to others, too, though I could be better about it. That is why I think this give-away is so great!! I love all the DaySpring cards, especially the Simply Marvelous collection!

    Take care,

  57. I love the Really Wooley Cards they are so cute!! My 8 year old daughter is the same way with cards, she LOVES making them daily!

  58. Everyday all Occasion would be the perfect pack for my family. We send lots of cards throughout the year. Thank you!

  59. I like the Thank you Cards. I feel I could be better at thanking people for all the wonderful blessings in my life.

  60. Hope in Hard Times is just what I’ve been looking for. So many in my friend/family/church going through various hardships and need to hear words of encouragement and know that I am praying for them.

  61. Hard to decide between Holley’s cards & the Wedding ones… I guess I should pick the Wedding ones because I have a lot of Holley’s already =)

  62. I don’t think any of us realize how special and what a blessing it is to send a card for any reason to someone. In this day of instant messaging, texting and email, those who take time out of their busy days to first pick out a card, or make one, sit down and write a thought,and then take it to the post office or put it in the mail box are blessings indeed. It shows caring and thought for some one else, unfortunately becoming rarer and rarer every day. God will bless us as we bless those in our lives. Hurray for “hard Copies”!!!!

  63. So hard to choose just one. I would have to say I really like the Redeemed set, but I have 2 kiddos who love to send cards and they might like the u-neeks. Thanks.

  64. I love the story of your daughter and how thoughtful she is. My 4 year old daughter is exactly the same way and she makes me so proud of how kind and caring she is. I love the Hope in Hard Times series! Blessings, Ashleigh

  65. I really enjoy Holly Gerth and her line of cards for Hope and Encouragement! What women doesn’t need a little hope and encouragement?!

  66. I would love to win the Holley Gerth – Hope & Encouragement – 10 Premium Card Assortment! They are lovely and well-written. Thank you for having this giveaway! 🙂

  67. I like the Redeemed: All Occasions pack – they look like awesome cards and I have been working hard on making more efforts to make contact with people through encouraging cards.

  68. I love so many of the packs – it’s so fun giving and receiving cards in the mail. My favorite pack is probably the “U-NEEKS All Occasions” because it’s something a bit different and they are so colorful!

  69. Holley Gerth – Hope & Encouragement is my favorite but they are all beautiful. Love that there is a military collection. DS enlisted in Marines, leaves for boot camp soon

  70. I thought the Hope in Hard Times pack is neat. Especially since people have been wonderful and giving to me during the hard times. I hope I can pass it on to others! 🙂

  71. Have to admit…I love to send cards. 🙂
    I love the cutsey ones but by far my favorites are Holly Gerth’s Hope and Encouragement! I love the way she uses words to encourage and help others.
    Thanks for the chance at a great giveaway! 🙂

  72. Dayspring cards are always so special and meaningful – they seem to say exactly what I am trying to convey. I love the Hope in Hard Times & the Holley Gerth Hope & Encouragement cards!!!

  73. “Colors of Compassion 2012” by far. With beautifully inspirational messages AND helping mothers and children abroad – what could be better?

  74. There is nothing better than receiving a card in the mail, just because. When you’re down, just knowing that someone is thinking of you can mean the world! My favorite pack is the Everyday All Occasion Pack, but I also love the Redeemed Pack!

  75. Hello,
    Hope in hard times, Colors of compassion!
    These will be a blessing to those I know are facing so much right now!!
    They are all beautiful!!

  76. My favorite is the Simply Marvelous set b/c they are fun, encouraging, unique words to send to a friend.

  77. The colors of compassion pack looks lovely! I’ve purchased thes packs and have never been disappointed!

  78. I like the U-NEEKS, they would be great for my daughter to give away and she also loves to make and give away cards. I also like the every day occasion ones, I like to give cards just to let people know I am thinking of them. Sometimes my days are so crammed with my everyday life things, I don’t have the time to call or visit a friend who I am thinking about. So I pop a card in the mail to them.

  79. Every Day all Occasions. I love to send cards. It brings me as much joy to send them as I hear from others when I hear they received them 🙂
    It s just that touch of ‘more real’ than sending an e-card.

  80. I love sending cards…and do it a lot less than I use to. Your daughter encourages me to respond to the prompting more often!
    I like the Simply Marvelous pack 🙂

  81. Any encouraging card set would be my favorite, especially the ones for men. They deserve lifting up, too. Thanks for the opportunity to win a set.

  82. I would love to bless/gift my 88 year old grandmother with any of the all occasion sets. She sends at least 60 cards a month to friends and family. She says this is her ministry. She is such a treasure and a mighty prayer warrior. Thank you.

  83. I think the Bible Tales – Humor ones would be best for me. I can use them as thinking of you, birthday or just for fun cards. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  84. Holley Gerth – ALL OF THEM!!! Wonderfully written, graciously received, heartfelt sending.

  85. I know how I feel when I receive an encouraging card; would love to be able to “pass it on” to others!

  86. We love cards at our house–giving and receiving, all cards, and for any reason. We just love them. What a blessing! I have to laugh; my (almost) 5-year old is the same way–cards for everyone and for everything. Smiles and thanks, Melissa and Maddie

  87. I love sending and receiving cards! Thank you for this giveaway. 🙂
    My favorite card collection is the ‘Bible Tales Humor’ set…so fun!

  88. I love the Holly GErth Enouragement cards and All OCcasion Prayer cards! My kids have been writing cards since they were old enough to write! It is so important to send a written thank you or word of encouragement, especially in this day and age of email and texting! It is much more meaningful! Enjoy your blog! Thanks!

  89. I love the “Hope in Hard Times” card pack. I bought one of those cards at a bookstore sale once wondering when I would ever have a need for it. A week later one of my dearest friends was killed and I later sent that card to his widow. It had a very powerful message of comfort and I was also amazed at God’s sovereignty in the whole situation.

  90. I enjoy being (in)couraged. Keep up the good work. My favorite card pac is Peanuts. I grew up with the cartoon and still watching the repeat holiday specials.

  91. I enjoy being (in)couraged. Keep up the good work. My favorite card pac is Peanuts. I grew up with the cartoon and still watch the repeat holiday specials.

  92. It blesses me and makes me want to jump for joy when I see the look on someone’s face when they get a wonderfull card! I like all the sets! Thank you so much for being so thoughtful.:)

  93. It blesses me and makes me want to jump for joy when I see the look on someone’s face when they get a wonderfull card! I like all the sets and I don’t mind which set I get!Thank you so much for being so thoughtful.

  94. I’d be very thankful for the Encouragement cards for men. My step dad is in a Veteran’s home in Ohio , and my biological dad lives with a chronic pain disorder in Arizona, both very far from my home in Indiana! I try to encourage them with cards and notes, with other than get well cards, as they are not in that situation. It would be such a blessing to receive these cards as it gets expensive, even getting cards at the Dollar Tree ! I love the messages on DaySpring cards.

  95. I enjoying giving the encouragement for men cards. Thanks for having cards to give the men in our lives.

  96. I’ve been using up my card stash for the women’s prison ministry our church has. I love the Really Woolly set, they’re so cute, on top of being encouraging!

  97. I LOVE the Hope in Hardtimes! As a cancer survivor & a nurse that works in an oncology center I see so many people struggle ~ their families too! I know personally how much a card in the mail can mean ~ how much it can brighten your day ~ how humbling it is to know that someone cares enough to lift you up in prayer & take the time to send you a note!

  98. They all look fantastic, but I love the look of the Redeemed cards. Sitting down with a cup of coffee to write a loved one a card is one of my favorite things to do!

  99. Oh my gosh… how can anyone choose a favorite? They’re all WONDERFUL. But if I have to pick just one, I like the “Hope in Hard Times” collection. There’s so much “need out there today, and receiving a card/note can make all the difference to someone who feels alone and left out.

  100. The middle selection (Redeemed All occasion).

    Wow! Thank you… I love getting cards in the mail myself and so that means I must send them. Right? Always working on the gift of encouragement.

  101. My favorites are those by Holly Gerth (btw I love her blog too) … Her cards are filled with such a message of hope and healing! What a blessing! I have come to realize especially over the past 20 years, that sending a note, a card to someone can have such an impact – the power of written encouragement can be such a ministry! I wonder if anyone else agrees with me? I could go on and on….
    Now regarding your blog post today ….
    Mary I love your post … what a special gift you have given your daughter and now she passes that gift along to others. What a blessing! 20 years ago I gave a book on tape to my mother for Christmas that ended up changing all of our lives! “Silver Boxes The Gift of Encouragement” by Florence Littauer … this book actually prompted us to start our very own “Silver Box” encouragement ministry in our church through sending notes and cards of encouragement. Another book found helpful in this ministry was called:” What You Can Say When You Don’t Know What to Say: Reaching Out to Those Who Hurt” by Lauren Littauer Briggs
    Keep up this wonderful ministry Mary with you and your daughter … only eternity will reveal just how much of a blessing this truly is to others. God Bless

  102. OM Goodness! They are all so fabulous… for where I am at this time in my life and trying to encourage others, I will have to pick the “All Occasions – 7 Premium Booklet Assortment” to send.
    Thanks so much!
    Susan G.

  103. I know this sounds odd, but I like ALL of the cards. 🙂 they are all so beautiful it was hard to pick a favorite. “Everyday All Occasion – 10 Premium Card Assortment” is my favorite I think. I enjoy the weddings/anniversaries ones too, but I’m not married yet 🙁

  104. They are all so beautiful. I have 2 faves off the top though… Colors of Compassion & Holley Gerth – Hope & Encouragement – 10 Premium Card Assortment!! Both are amazing! what a wonderful gift this would be!
    Cathy B*****y pbprojecthope at yahoodotcom

  105. I like the Booklet assortment set. I am always sending cards to family and friends who need a pick me up. Susan

  106. Being the card lady for years and years and doing the card ministry for my church says it all…I LOVE CARDS. I knew that people appreciated getting cards in the mail, but I didn’t realize how very much it meant to people until I started doing the card ministry for my church eight years ago. I guess I was meant to be the card lady for all of these many, many years. Cards are actually my hobby that eventually turned into a ministry. I can’t walk past a card display without buying!! I’d love to win the “Hope in Hard Times” set as many in our church are struggling with serious illnesses at the present time. My daily prayer is for God to bless any and all who are faced with hard times…I’m filled with empathy for ALL. Whatever can brighten someone’s day…whether it be a card in the mail, a hug in person or just a smile at a stranger…we need to care about one another in this great big world of ours today!! God bless…

  107. I have always loved sending cards. Since I could remember I would just send a card because I always loved getting cards in the mail and wanted to give someone else that joy! I love all your cards but my favorite are the All Occasions – 7 Premium Booklet Assortment 🙂

  108. It’s everyone’s joy when they receive a card by hand or in the mail. I enjoy making people happy,so when I give a card to someone,it makes me happy.I love these cards.
    My favorite is ”Redeemed”. Thanks for this contest and It’s my hope that the winner is very happy. God Bless you all.

  109. I really like the middle ones….they look like old pictures. I love sending cards to help brighten someone’s day!

  110. I love the U-NEEKS. They make me smile, and I can imagine a recipient taping it to their bedroom wall and keeping it just to see that happy face.

  111. I like the “hope and encouragement” by Holly Gerth cards because oftentimes the “get well,” and “sympathy” cards are more anticipated – but a “hope/encouragement” card is extra special. I love to send cards in the mail – in a day of electronic communication I believe cards are a wonderful blessing. I love to receive them too!

    I love Dayspring cards!

  112. I love the Redeemed All Occasion card set!! All the cards are great!.I love to go to the mailbox and found something there that is not a bill- a surprise card. I would love to send these cards to friends to brighten their day. There is nothing like a handwritten note.

  113. Thank you so much for this opportunity to win such wonderful cards! It was hard to pick a favorite, they are all great. I think I would like ‘Hope in Hard Times – 10 Premium Card Assortment’,should I be the lucky winner. It seems there are so many people going through hard times right now and an unexpected card (maybe with a little gift inside), always seems to brighten someones life! God bless!

  114. Your daughter sounds just like me. I love sending cards with words of encouragement to people. Sometimes it can be the only pick-me-up they receive.

    I would love any card collection. I am forever sending or handing out cards.

  115. Simply Marvelous would be my favorite but I liked others too. A card sent (especially in these times) is such a special gift. I have a handwritten letter waiting for me to read after the children go to sleep. I have saved it so I can savor it! We need to keep communicating through the written means! It documents our lives and is a personal touch in a impersonal technology age!

  116. I like the Simply Marvelous card pack best. It sends blessings without being preachy. I got a set with my (in)RL sign-up, and have used most of them already. They were very well received!

  117. I love sending cards to my friends and loved ones for no reason. I’m aself-proclaimed “card-person”! I love the Hope & Encouragement cards from Holly Gerth . 🙂

  118. I LOVE ‘Really Wooly”! But I love Holley’s cards, too! You are all the BEST! Any encouragement package will work for me, not too picky!

  119. I seem to know a lot of people in need right now. I’d love to win Holley’s Comfort in Difficult Times card pack. And thank you for the opportunity to win. Blessings!

  120. I love to send cards “just because” to uplift other’s spirits so my choice would be
    Holly Gerth’s Hope & Encouragement assortment although all the others are also awesome. Love Dayspring…

  121. Cards with handwritten notes make such a difference in our culture of technology! Each pack of cards is unique, and I like the Everday All Occasion ones.

  122. I’ve been going through hard circumstances and it means so much when others send me cards reminding me that they care and are praying for me. It would be great to have Holley Gerth’s Comfort and Difficult Times card pack to encourage, support, and bless others in the midst of their struggles. Thank you for the giveaway!

  123. I am very grateful for your blog, and the time that you take to do this Holley. : )
    I would love to have the Hope and Encouragement cards because for what you do for me with your blog I would like to do the same for my friends with your cards.

  124. I love sending cards to people for all occasions. I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t enjoy receiving something personal in the mail -especially unexpectedly. In these days of online communication, this form of encouragement and love has fallen out of use. We tell everyone “Happy Birthday” on facebook or a text, rather than through the mailbox. (The price of stamps and cards may have just a little bit to do with it too 🙂 I like the Hope and Encouragment cards by Holley Gerth.

  125. Holly Gerth’s encouragement card’s touch me. I enjoy giving cards to people when they least expect it . . . to lift them up, congratulate them or just to say I’m thinking of you. When possible I like to throw in a small $5 gift card so they can indulge in a favorite coffee!

  126. I love the middle set! Dayspring fills such a need with wonderfully-worded, beautifully done products. Thanks for putting together this opportunity!

  127. I really am enjoying (in) courage. Even though we are miles apart, I feel so welcome. I look forward to when I get a new email.
    Day Spring has a wonderful line of cards.They are all great cards and I like the Holly Gerth, Hope and Encouragment card set.

  128. I have to pick only one pack? I like the great variety of birthday cards, especilly ones like carefee and classy chick that are fun but still appropriate for a variety of ages.

  129. I really like Holly Gerth’s Hope and Encouragement collection… and the Redeemed all occasion cards.

  130. I just saw these at Hobby Lobby this week and sent several encouragement cards to friends. I love the Holly Gerth encouragement collection.

  131. I love boxed cards! I can keep a couple in my house and then I don’t have to run out and get one. I have them right there on hand to send out to those who need a word of encouragement.

  132. I love the Simply Marvelous set! I used to be much better about sending cards, and I love doing it….just need to get up to date with it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  133. I love Dayspring cards! They all look wonderful, but I like the “Hope in Hard Times” set. 🙂 Thank you for doing the giveaway!!

  134. All of Day Springs products are of the highest quality and content, so you can’t go wrong purchasing whatever the gift need maybe. I especially love anything of the cards that have a floral face, showing the earthly beauty given to us by a most generous Father.

  135. Holley Gerth Hope & Encouragement are my favorite. They are bright and vibrant and I’m sure would brighten the day of one in need of encouragement. I can just iamgine a friend going to the mailbox on a rough day, opening one of these and smiling as she walks back into the chaos of life feeling recharged and refreshed simply by looking at the card.

  136. I SO enjoy sending encouragement cards to others! I think it helps when you are the receiver of such cards at one time or another. Several years ago I found myself recovering from a serious brain surgery. People I didn’t even know from my church started sending me cards! I felt humbled that these folks would take time out of their busy schedules to buy and send a card to me. What a huge blessing! From that moment on, I have been sending encouraging cards/notes to others. People LOVE to receive a card with a handwritten note, and it does my heart good to know I lifted their spirits!
    I really like Holley’s sets of cards – especially the Hope & Encouragement pack.

  137. All Dayspring cards are awesome! Cannot gor wrong with any of them!
    This would be a great boost to a new encouragement ministry we are starting at the church I attend!

  138. There are several great card packs – it’s hard to pick a favorite. I do think I could really use the Roy Lessin – Praying For You set for uplifting others.

  139. Holley Gerth – Hope & Encouragement – 10 Premium Card Assortment are the ones I would use the most! Thank you for the fabulous giveaway!

  140. The card collection for men looks terrific! They can be so hard to find. The “Hope in Hard Times” also would minister to many. Thanks for the giveaway! Blessings

  141. I frequently send cards to my church family so I sincerely appreciate this opportunity for economic assistance! Thanks so much for the the possibility of winning Holly Gerth’s Hope and Encouragement cards.

  142. Wow, just love this giveaway! Cards are still such an important way to show other’s how much we love and care for them. I loved the redeemed all occasion cards the best but they are all wonderful. Thanks so much!

  143. My favorite is the Encouragement collection……..we can all use words of encouragement to lift us up.

  144. When I worked at summer camp ,far away from home for the first time, I was soooo homesick. My mama sent me a card in the mail almost daily . Just seeing her handwriting on the envelope brougt comfort, and home a bit closer.
    I love sending cards to famly and friends to encourae, and just remind them they are loved ! The Redeemed collection looks so colorful and cheery. I think they would be my favorites.

  145. All of them are wonderful, but I really love the “Holley Gerth – Comfort & Difficult Times – 10 Cards”!

  146. I love slipping encouragement cards to my younger brothers and sisters,(in Christ!!), when they need a little pick-me-up!! The ones in the left picture!!

  147. What a great reminder of how uplifting and encouraging a simple card can be for those around us. I like the Hope in Hard times pack for those struggling with some of life’s challenges. Just knowing someone else is there beside you is so reassuring.

  148. What a great reminder of how uplifting and encouraging a simple card can be for those around us. I like the Hope in Hard times pack for those struggling with some of life’s challenges.

  149. I love the Everyday All Occasion – 10 Premium Card Assortment. Sending a card or note is a small gesture that makes a huge impact on the receiver – I am so glad to see it coming back “in style”.

  150. I love the Hope and Encouragement collection!!!! My darling Grandma was a card sender, she loved to love people! I want to leave a piece of her with every card I send!!!

  151. I love the Hope and Encouragement collection!!!! My darling Grandma was a card sender, she loved to love people! I want to leave a piece of her with every card I send!

  152. I love the “Colours of Compassion” set – supporting Compassion and bringing a smile to others – can’t beat that combo! My sister is the best at sending cards – her goal is one every single day of the year. Thanks so much for sharing.

  153. Love those Dayspring Cards! It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to send sunshine & brighten ones day with these gorgeous meaningful cards. Thanks for reminding us to take time out for others in simple small ways…what a blessing to give others! I always enjoy the heartfelt writing of Holley Gerth as she shares/encourages us each week. Thanks…Let Your “Light” SHINE!

  154. I am really trying to get better at a card ministry for my new church and Sunday school class. I have battled chronic pain for 7 years now and still get cards in the mail out of the blue. There is no greater blessing than to know that someone took the time to send you a card & is thinking of you! I would love to win a pack of cards to start my ministry. Thanks!