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Arianne is a mom of three boys and a baby girl. She lives in Phoenix, AZ, and sifts through the Legos and fluffy cloth diapers hoping to one day catch up on sleep. Her heart is healing and thriving from living life as a mom of kids with autism and...

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. I hope my kids ask me things like that someday…that’s sweet. And music, friend? It does such similar things for me! So thanks for sharing…that’s a kind thing to do. “The afflictions are not forgotten and they aren’t just without end. And He knows. All of it” – yep. Just like Ps 38.9: “Lord, all my desire is before You;
    and my sighing is not hidden from You.” I love that He knows; don’t you?

    I have so many songs, and they change with the seasons…but here are the current ones 🙂

    1. “Abide with Me” (!). Indelible Grace takes fairly well-known prayers and sets them to music like this…mellow stuff, mostly. You could click through a few more to get the idea. I’m a fan of music that doesn’t distract from the lyrics. For me, this is a quieting-my-soul-before-bed song (Ps 131).

    2. “Not for a Moment” ( Meredith Andrews’ voice, for me, is so smooth…I’m a singer, too, so sing-along potential is something that I look for 🙂 This one has been a really potent reminder in those low points…you know?

    3. “All to Jesus I Surrender” ( Pretty self-explanatory 😛

    4. “10,000 Reasons” ( For when I need to remind myself of God’s constancy, love, etc. I listened to this ten minutes ago as I stood in the kitchen, making my coffee…and cried grateful tears as I sang: “The sun comes up – it’s a new day dawning/it’s time to sing your song again.”

    • 10,ooo reasons and 1000 gifts came into my life at about the same time! God sure does know how to mix things up for me!! I’ve read 1000 gifts over and over and have almost every word of 10000 Reasons forever memorized, just like Amazing Grace and Jesus Loves Me! To me it is fantastic that even with all of the junk we pile up in our lives God still gives us grace to be able to remember the words of songs and scripture that we learned when we were children.
      LIKE, LIKE, LIKE!!!!!

  2. I posted a few days ago about Hello Hurricane by Switchfoot. That one was a good one last week. Also Stronger by Kelly Clarkson. That one is a different mood altogether, some days I need both.

  3. “Live Like That” by Sidewalk Prophets has been making me think a lot lately. “I wanna live like that, and give it all I have, so that everything I say and do points to You.” Good, challenging stuff for me right there.

  4. Beautiful post. I could just enter into the silence of that worshipful, sacred moment with you. My favourite right now is “I Surrender” by Hillsong Live Cornerstone Album 2012.

  5. “Remind me who I am” by Jason gray. Love the truth and need to remember who I really am every single day.
    Happy weekend!

  6. “Your presence is Heaven to me” and “You are I am” by Mercy Me have been speaking to me lately. I love Redeemed also. Music always speaks loudly to me. Have listened to KLOVE for more years than I can count. Thank you for your beautiful post.

  7. I love, love, love this Big Daddy Weave song too. I crank it up in my office, in the car–I can’t get enough of the words as they wash forgiveness, grace and redemption through me each time. I love top watch him sing it on You-Tube. No matter how many times I watch and hear, I am thirsting for the next time. And no matter how many times I hear it, I am redeemed. God is so good.

  8. When I first heard Redeemed, I sat and cried because I realized at that moment how long I’d been letting things from my past hold me back from the plan that God has for me. This has truly been a song that has meant a lot to me personally as well as I’ve gone through my recent awakening spiritually. There are a few other songs that have also spoken greatly to me as well. Alive by Avalon is one that defines where I am right now. I also love Learning To Be the Light by Newworldson because of the message and how I want to change my focus. Thanks for sharing!

  9. When I first heard Redeemed, I sat and cried because I realized at that moment how long I’d been letting things from my past hold me back from the plan that God has for me. This has truly been a song that has meant a lot to me personally as well as I’ve gone through my recent awakening spiritually. There are a few other songs that have also spoken greatly to me as well. Alive by Avalon is one that defines where I am right now. Thanks for sharing!

  10. When I first heard Redeemed, I sat and cried because I realized at that moment how long I’d been letting things from my past hold me back from the plan that God has for me. I’ve gone through a recent awakening spiritually and Alive by Avalon is one that defines where I am right now.

  11. I love Matthew West’s song, Forgiveness. People carry far to much anger, resentment, and hurt and often never realize it hurts them more than anyone else. Someone once said that holding resentment against another is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Forgiveness–the path to freedom.

  12. I love that song! I love how the songs can reach areas of our hearts that just reading does not always, something about sing the song then the revelation comes through. Had a guest preacher recently who was speaking on our new names, love how the songs I hear most during the week are sometimes the very thing I hear in church on Sunday, confirmation!

  13. So many….Blessings, Here I am to Worship, and I Can Only Imagine…….great encouraging songs. Thanks for this share!!!

  14. Ahhh, Reddeemed, shed many tears with this one. Sovereign Over Us, Aaron Keyes, is really speaking to me right now on so many levels. Showing me He is walking with me. Right through it all. It’s amazing how music can lift you up and turn you toward Him. I linger long in my car when the song ends, too. To remain with Him for just a few more moments.

  15. Thank you so much for sharing this song… along with so many others, God speaks through it loud and clear!

    There are two songs that have carried me like a life preserver through the past 18 worst months of my life… Casting Crowns “The Voice of Truth” and Mercy Me “The Hurt and The Healer”. I’ve lost everything that meant everything to me, including my 32-year marriage, four grown children, and three grandsons. Add my dream home, a business, a dream that was finally coming true – all things I had worked very hard for.

    God opened my eyes to see some truths that destroyed me, so here I am starting from the bottom at fifty years old – in His hands, letting him build a new me and a new life for me. He’s healing my hurts, he’s speaking the truth, and each day, He redeems me from the dark emotions, thoughts, and patterns that I now see so clearly. Halleluiah!

  16. The song I love is not on a recording, but I love it. It’s “Open My Eyes,” by Jesse Mantibusan. I first got to love it when I was diagnosed with an eye condition that could lead to blindness. Fortunately, it’s a slow growing disease, so I’m not blind, but the song, especially the third and fourth verses speak to my heart.
    “Open my eyes, Lord, help me to see your face.
    Open my eyes, Lord, help me to see.

    “Open my ears, Lord, help me to hear your voice.
    Open my ears, Lord, help me to hear.

    “Open my heart, Lord, help me to love like you.
    Open my heart, Lord, help me to love.

    “I live within you, deep in your heart, O Lord.
    I live within you. Rest now in me.”

  17. What a great post to start my day off with… especially as I’m listening to my Kari Jobe playlist while doing my “Saturday stuff” —-
    Seems like there are a number of lyrics that are pouring the TRUTH over me right now and I count each one of them as blessings and gifts…

    playing right now … “Here”

    Come and rest here
    Come and lay your burdens down
    Come and rest here
    There is refuge for you now

    You’ll find His peace
    And know you’re not alone anymore
    He is near
    You’ll find His healing
    You’re heart isn’t shattered anymore
    He is here

    Breathe in
    Breathe out
    You will
    You will find Him here

    I will rest in You

    You will find Him
    You will find Him here

    • Oh, I love Kari Jobe! “Revelation Song” and “Steady My Heart” are two of my favorites from her (although I’m a fan of most of her songs :D)

  18. I can’t remember all the words now, and am too weary to look for the sheet music,but the important title is what has carried me through all my losses in love in my long life of well over 70 years. It is “Unfailing Love”

  19. I have recently been introduced to Big Daddy Weave, a friend sent me their CD “Love come to life”. I cannot get enough of their music. My husband and I’s favourite song is ” I am redeemed” . I got goosebumps reading your post. It was as if you took the words from my mouth. Bless you.

  20. This was so true. I don’t have children but I have a holy hush on certain songs. One in particular is Jesus Friend of Sinners. Grace, understanding, mercy are rare. We point our fingers, wielding swords we were never meant to bear. We were all lost causes we need to show our world that there is grace for them.

    Those are not the words to the song. They’re the general idea. Thank you for your blog. I love music and lyrics that have depth like “Redeemed”

  21. This is such a beautiful post….I love how your child asked for “a God song” rather than just a “good song”–congratulations on instilling such immense love of God and reverence in your children! Truly a grace and amazing gift! Love how you expose your little ones to such grace-filled music! Thank you for this post! Blessings!

    • Katy I’m with you! I so appreciate and feel like part of something special when I hear and see people instilling a love of God and reverence in our children. There are days when we wonder if they’re getting it! When our children were 9,8,6 and 5 I use to drive them all to school. We got into this habit of blasting Amy Grant singing “Sing Your Praise to the Lord”. We’d be jammin’ in the truck at 8:30 in the morning!! To me it was just a way of waking up four boys who would really rather be in bed!! Our boys are now 16, 15, 13 and 12. Just the other day our 16 year old was struggling to find something “good” on the radio, He finally turned it off and said “Mom, remember when we were little and we’d all sing that song and praise God all the way to school? That was fun!” I smiled out loud! You just never know what’s going to settle in!!!!

  22. Loved the post! I, too, have a little fettish for music. I can be in church and hear a song or 2 and just start bawling.

    One of my favorites is “Lead Me” by Sanctus Real. I heard the writer talking about his reason for writing it. He’d been married a few years and was having some fights with his wife when home from the road. He knew this is what she’d say to him. Powerful words!

    Another good song is “When the Stars Burn Down–Blessings and Honor”. The first time I heard it I knew I had to do it for special music at church. It talks about the end of time when we stand before God with Witnesses gone before–we’ll sing “blessings and honor and glory and power forever to our God!” Powerful words.

    We live in a time when we are blessed to have numerous good music writers that can reach into our souls and speak volumes to us! They are actually saying what we are thinking or know we should think!

  23. My family has been going through a very difficult season the last several months and this song literally stops me in my tracks every time I hear it. It is a breath of fresh air and sweet reminder that I am REDEEMED…

  24. Actually – Redeemed is my favorite favorite song right now, as well (and I am a singer/songwriter with songs on the radio . . . . I would give my eye teeth to write a song like this!) Anyhow – I listen to it over and over and over throughout my day – my kids are just used to it now. I am so thankful for all the wonderful reminders of where I stand in the Lord! It is just SO anointed! Thanks for sharing it with the world! 🙂 God bless you!

  25. the song that gets me still is “Brokenness Aside” by All Sons and Daughters – I haven’t heard this one yet, tho! So I’ll be doing that just as soon as I hit the “submit” button.

  26. Arianne, thank you for the post. I needed it. I have never heard the song you mentioned, but will check it out!

  27. I had not heard the song – Redeemed by Big Daddy Weave, so I listened on youtube . Thank you it is really a powerful song and I love it.

    At the moment I am listening to: Casting Crowns-East to West
    and a song that really speaks into where I am at the moment: Tenth Avenue North-Worn

    God Bless

  28. I Love the song Strong Enough! I am definitely not strong enough to handle life without Him. We have a station called The Fish and I listen to it all of the time. My kids love to hear the songs and my heart is full when I hear my little girl singing the songs.

  29. the new song by kutless, if the healing doesn’t come. the song itself is like a healing balm that God applies over me.

  30. Poughkeepsie by Over the Rhine. For years now, it is the song that I come back to.

    Beautiful post, friend. Thanks for sharing your words.

  31. Anything Michael W Smith & Steven Curtis Chapman since they were popular when I was born again. I have upbeat Christian to clean house to like SHINE & Secret Ambition by MWS. (the video – AMAZING keep in mind that this is from the 80’s and I am 60 🙂 I also love In Christ Alone by Michael English and Open the Eyes of My Heart. Any music honoring God is great music.

  32. The song Lamb of God by Tenth Avenue North (TAN). I really like the music they paly. Honest lyrics. This is where the healing begins is also very good for your spirit to listen too also by TAN