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  1. This was so great! Thank you Jen and everyone else that created this post. I finished “7” a few weeks ago and met with a girl from my church last week to begin to process it together. She was afraid she was turning into a “granola-type, crazy person” after reading it and was glad that she knew someone else who had read it too! 🙂 We are going to meet again to check-in with one another on what tangible things we are doing and being called to do to live this thing out and live a better story….

  2. I am touched by the clarity of thought and the amazing help that is ours to accept each time I take the time to “read” this post . I’ve been around the block lots of times and have learned hard lessons by “pushing back” from the extra, Living with guidelines … not just financial but within the lifestyle that I know is so vital and real. Thank you.

  3. I loved this study….kept me on my toes thinking about how I live. It is great to be challenged in this area. Intentional living is SO important, but sometimes I get too lazy about it. And by sometimes, I mean a good half of my time. This was a hit right between my eyes that I needed!

    Regarding, Dave Ramsey and his ‘live like no one else’ tag line, I love him and this quote! For me, following a program to get out of debt is a ‘no brainer’ to add to an intentional life. I don’t come from a wealthy family, and I do give, but I am so limited by life and finances at times. The debt free Dave Ramsey goal has always fit into my life as this: If I can cut spending and eliminate debt, then SO MUCH more of my money can be given away. I can give away half of what I own without creating another problem by having to get help from others myself. I think Jen’s 7 challenge fits with this…..helps me focus on necessary spending even more than Dave did.

    I am reminded by an article I once read that quoted Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. She said: “No one would remember the Good Samaritan if he’d only had good intentions – he had money too.” (http://christianpf.com/the-parable-of-the-good-samaritan-lessons-learned/) I want to set my life on a path so that I can give as I go along, but ALSO be debt free so that I can give big to those in need without then putting myself in a place to ask for money for myself. I want to help the problem without creating more.

    Jen, thank you for really shaking my idea of ‘need’! I’ve been getting rid of books, and oh my! Is that ever hard for me!!! Thank you for sharing with us ladies!

  4. This was very encouraging to me! I totally agree with Jen’s comments about buying less so we can buy better as it relates to fair trade products. That’s become my philosophy too.
    Jen’s approach is so full of grace, I think that’s what makes this so very powerful!

  5. I loved reading 7, and I loved reading your thoughts here. My question is, what Target brands are made in the U.S.A.? And Old Navy brands, for that matter. I have looked online and can’t find any evidence that either store has clothes made in America. I even asked my friend today who has been a manager at Old Navy for years, and she says that none of their clothes are made in America. I really want to buy American, and I love Old Navy and Target…so can you please give me some more information on the specific brands you buy?

  6. It has been a great journey and I’m still delighting myself in the reading and sharing with other groups of women. Some parts of the book I return constantly to discover new nuances and responses to spiritual quests to everyday life. Thank you, Jen, and Incourage team.

  7. Thank you so much Jen Hatmaker, your book, this study came at such and amazing time for my. God’s time I guess, but your obedience in writing it and the wonderful book club following Gods prompts just make me know he cares and so blessed by your lives. Thank you also Jen for your big mouth, thank you for not keeping quiet and thank you for doing it with compassion, humour and understanding. Also thank you because I am one of the people who received a free copy. May the Lord bless you as you have blessed me and then some….