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Wendy is a TV producer and idea generator. She writes devotionals on everyday life (think anything from laundry to dealing with her husbands cancer).

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  1. I love this, Wendy! So true–none of us is perfect, only God! But how hard it can be to remember that and not be frustrated by it at times! I love how Adele gave you such wonderful Gospel wisdom that has stayed with you for your whole life–just beautiful! Thank you for sharing such a lovely, inspiring story! Many blessings!

  2. This is remarkable in the way it changes perspective. Someone told me that once, too. And it stuck. And it’s forever helped me when I wrestle with my own disappointment. I wish I didn’t struggle with this anymore, but He allows it…all for me to know Him. Again and again…and again and again…and….

    (I’m an *idea generator*, too.) 😉

    Blessings to you in your producing for Him.

    • It’s amazing how God’s grace allows us to struggle and relearn lessons. I wrote this now because I’ve been struggling with it too again! Great to meet you here!

  3. Thank you for your story. It is so wonderful when God reveals the freedom to fail, to not be perfect. It is a good reminder for when we feel people fail us, no one is perfect. I too had a learning problem, it was not discovered until I was in my 20’s, but it was great to know, the one teacher who said I could never learn was wrong. Praise God, He does perfect.

    • Amen – He does perfect! One of my favourite bible verses is Phillippians 1:6 about how God has begun a good work in us and he will be faithful to complete it.

  4. Thank you for this post! It was just what I needed to hear. Too much expectation put on me as a child leaves me with a “less than” feeling. I am almost 60 years old now and still have a feeling that i will never be good enough..l Praise God that I am in his eyes good enough just as I am. He has perfect covered in Christ. Very much freeing to hear these words.

  5. Thank-you, Wendy, for this. It touched a deep place in my heart that God wants to heal. Part of my personality is dealing with perfectionism and always feeling down on myself because I don’t quite measure up to other peoples expectations or my own. It’s very wounding. I want to walk in the freedom and live the life that Jesus Christ died for me to have. Freedom to be who He created me to be. Your words touched my heart in a special way. It’s so hard to get the words from my head to my heart because I’ve lived a lifetime of pain but God brings people like you into my life to help bring the healing in my soul and my body and my mind Christ died for me to have. Thank-you!

    • Perfectionism is something that is part of my personality too. Which I guess is why this moment had such a big impact on me. And why I go back to it so often when I realise that we’re not called to be perfect and that God just asks us to love and worship him.

  6. Thank you…I have a similar frustration to 7 year old you…I have some social anxiety and have been in counseling for it since last August…Last year especialy I was getting really frustrated about it because I wasn’t good enough because good people can talk to people and maybe if they do struggle they can at least express themselves to their counselor instead of silently begging to be heard…

    • Wow. That must be really tough for you. I’m sure with counselling though it will begin to get better. I’m glad a part of my story could encourage you a little.

  7. Wendy, this was a blessing to read. Thank you for sharing your story! I love how He uses all our inadequacy to make us aware of our need for Him…and then how He comes in and displays His glory in the midst of our weaknesses and failures. Beautiful and precious…. THANK YOU.

  8. Thank you for this refreshingly honest post, Wendy. It resounded in me too as I have faced this painful challenge all my life in terms of meeting (or not) the expectations of myself and others. My perfectionist tendencies haven’t died yet, sadly, but they are subdued by the realisation that Jesus died to pay for all my sins and imperfections on the cross. If He thinks we are worth dying for then that raises our esteem (in God’s eyes) beyond anything this world could offer.

  9. Wendy dear wendy. My do we have a lot in common. I was either born with or got later in life–punctured eardrums. That made it virtually impossible to hear anything. My 3 older sisters would get anything I wanted all I had to do was point to it.

    Starting in 3rd grade I had to go to Speech therapy alo. Mine was done in the school and took a class period to finish. We worked on Rs, Ss, Ts, Ds–pronunciation of them. It was very hard and made me quite shy.

    Growing up wasn’t easy, over the years and with God’s help I have broken the mold of shyness. Now I can get up in front of my little church and do sign language to music.
    i still don’t like the way I sound on recordings, but I go on & say that God didn’t make perfect–He just perfects those He made.