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  1. I love this scripture and I so needed it today. We are struggling very badly financially and with Christmas coming it’s even harder. Our church has been so helpful and I am so grateful for a group of believers that have really reached out to us and are helping to see us thru. We just moved in January so we are new to the church but they have really been there for us.

    • Paula,

      Praying for your situation! May God wrap His loving arms around you so you feel His love, grace & mercy surrounding you all this season!

  2. Putting this scriptue to work requires real faith. “In every situation by prayer and petition with thanksgiving”. REALLY? The bottom line in this scripture is that in order for God to be glorified in us and in every situation we have to surrender the control that we so desperately want to hold on to. Our family is struggling financially and we are also battleing some things that have demanded that I do not lean on my own understanding! Just when I think i’ve got it all together and things are looking up life throws a curve ball and I find myself humbled, once again. I find myself at my Fathers’ feet, surrendering. It is sweet and sour mixed together! We have what it takes to not only get through financial difficulty, illnesses, and other various curve balls that get thrown our way. But cleaning supplies are only good if you put them to use. The scriptures can only help us grow and mature in Christ if we apply them to our lives every moment of every day. Not every outcome is going to be what we want it to be. But when we are in Christ and when we allow Him to work in us the outcome will be His will for our lives. Isen’t that what we really want? His will…….

    • Wanda,

      Praying for all your situations! May God almighty wrap His loving arms around you and help you feel His love, grace & mercy!

  3. Paula & Wanda,
    When I read your posts, it sounded like you were describing my life. So many of God’s people are experiencing incredible financial hardship in these difficult times. Yes, I also find myself at the Lord’s feet after many curve balls. I just wanted to offer you both some comforting words. Always keep praying, have faith in the darkest of times, and keep looking up, you’ll see the light. I pray your families have a blessed Christmas.

  4. Thanks!I needed perspective again!It is so easy to blow up circumstances so big they block our view of a big God who holds us in his arms!I tend to feel very anxious hearing the news of Israel and Hamas and the CIA officer and his indiscretions and friends struggling but then I am reminded by you to not be anxious but to pray with thanksgiving ….God can be our peace if we focus on Him as Lord!

  5. It is wonderful to see how this verse can be applied to everyday living. Then to have Thanksgiving included in the verse makes it appropriate for the season. I am thankful that the Lord has given us such revelation that everything is under His control and we must accept every circumstance with prayer, petition AND thanksgiving. God works out everything for good to those who love the Lord and this is my anchor whenever the storms of life threaten to drown me. So I give thanks whenever there is a need that seems overwhelming, trusting the Lord to meet those needs.

  6. This scripture is one I rely on and return to often. And God is true to our Word, He offers peace only He can give…even in desperate situations. Love Him…Love His Word!

  7. This has to be one of my all time favorite and yet probably the hardest to “remember” when things are getting hard! He is true to His word and I need to always remember this!

  8. I pray this verse often in the middle of the night when I wake up anxious and afraid. Why do things seem souch worse at 3:00 in the morning? My husband and I are anxiously waiting for our adoption referral and it seems like we have waited forever to meet our child.

  9. Absolutely loved the picture! Wish I were there & not here!

    Life has been a bit crazy here this fall with my aging dad & a busy work schedule–but through it all I’ve prayed for peace & comfort! God has always seen me through my trials.

    I keep a Thankful journal on my computer. It has a main list of items and I add to them daily. It is nice to be reminded of the little things God did for you that day.!

  10. One of my favorite verses in the bible.I have used it many many times and it has always been a blessing.