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Jennifer is an artist living in rural Nebraska with her US Army veteran husband. She loves to create and seeks to reflect the beauty of Christ and encourage others in meaningful, beautiful ways. You can find her and see more of her art on Studio JRU.

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  1. So true, that sometimes the deepest lessons are taught indirectly…so it is with Jesus, don’t you think? And I loved reading about this tradition of yours. (If you could, would you share your recipe for the turnovers, perhaps? I’m always looking for new recipes to try, but if it’s a “family thing”, don’t worry. I understand :D)

    Hmm…okay, here’s one for you. It’s simpler than your apple day, but is somehow meaningful anyway. Some context: since my college is a reasonable few hours’ drive from home, I sometimes surprise my family with a weekend visit here and there. Now, I’m the type of gal who wakes up thinking about my morning coffee. Apart from my quiet time, it’s priority #1 at the start of the day. My coffee, if I don’t say so myself, is good coffee…and I’m always happy to make it myself. But my mama’s is the best in this world, hands-down. And we do a little dance whenever I’m home for the weekend:

    1. I head for the kitchen, bleary-eyed and shuffling…find her favorite chipped mug, grab the necessary ingredients.
    2. She finds me in the kitchen a few minutes later, watching me, knowing full well that I want her coffee, not mine…
    3. She asks if she can take over, and I happily relinquish java duties to her.
    4. We sit together awhile, in the hush of the morning…and it’s coffee, yes, but it’s also a quiet reminder of how good it is to be my mama’s daughter.

    • That is just a precious tradition, Sonika! Those moments of overwhelming comfort to our heart. Moments of true love. It’s more than just coffee, isn’t it?! Thanks so much for sharing. I will shoot you an email about our turnovers. 😉

  2. We don’t have that type of tradition with my mom. This year my daughter came over and we canned apple butter together. A first for both of us and hopefully, not the last.

  3. Traditions are so important in building lasting memories. When we can sit back and reflect on those memories we can feel loved. Not just by those we share the memories with but love from our Savior, as well.

  4. Train a child in the way he should go…..I was a child trained in the way she should go and for years I distanced myself from the Lord but….now that I am old – I have now come back and will forever be turned back toward Him. Thank you family and friends for your years of prayer, love and support and praise God for loving me and welcoming me.

  5. Train a child in the way he should go…..I was a child trained in the way she should go and for years I distanced myself from the Lord but….now that I am old – I have now come back and will forever be turned back toward Him. Thank you family and friends for your years of prayer, love and support and praise God for loving me and welcoming me.

    My mom is with her heavenly Father now but she’s left me with many such memories….listing to her bangle bracelet hit the counter as she kneaded home-made bread early in the morning so all would be ready for early lunch with home-soup! MMMMM. As an adult, driving in the yard on the farm; buns coming out of the oven and my favourite dinner being cooked just because she loved me. I smile and know how blessed I am

    • Sounds like you have wonderful family and friends, Jennifer, to love and support you like that! A gift. And your precious memories of your mom… I can see the love she had for you through your words. Beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. My mom and I bake Christmas candies every year together and I love it. Now that I have a baby of my own, this got me thinking of what little traditions I can start with him.:)

  7. I felt like I was in that apple filled kitchen with you when I read this, and immediately thought of the joy I have each year as my grown daughters insist we continue our getting together to bake cookies each Christmas season.

  8. I just heard of a some college girls who get together to have “Art Parties.” Which is such a fabulous idea, but then I realized that I do art parties sometimes too! My girlfriends and I gather at my house and bring our papers and paints and carvings and whatever other medium we like. But more than the product or the results, I treasure the love and encouragement. Thanks for sharing, Jennifer. We all need to keep doing life together!

    • Robyn, that sounds wonderful! I wish I could join you! It is so much more than what you make, isn’t it? Love and encouragement like that is such a gift to be treasured. Thanks for sharing!

  9. This reminds me of growing up and “snippin” green beans around the table with my mom, grandma and aunts. Oh, how I miss those days!

  10. Such lovely memories. I hope to be that kind of mother to my child and this is a great example to share with mothers. I hope that my children have this kind of relationship with me.

    You are so blessed that you already have this type of relationship. Thank you for sharing! It blessed my heart that maybe I can change the cycle in my family.


    • I am so happy to hear that, Trisha! I just know that you can grow this kind of relationship in your family. Sounds like you are already that kind of mother… with hope for it in your life. Praying for that to happen for you!

  11. I miss these moments with family. We live overseas, far from family and friends. Even as a child, I never lived near extended family, so I envy families with a strong sense of connection and tradition. Thanks for sharing this special time with us:)

    • Kimberly, what a wonderful opportunity to get creative with traditions! Maybe there is something your family could still do, even if you aren’t physically together. The love can surpass all those miles!

  12. Awesome reminder of God’s simple blessings. Every year on my birthday (7 days befor Christmas) I make holiday cookies and treats with my children (27,25,14 and 9), two years ago I began including my grand children (now 4 and 9). Every year we look forward to it. It is such a blessing, I sometimes just stand back and just watch and my heart is over flowing with joy. God is good.

    • I can see you all gathered now… making cookies! What a wonderful tradition. One that sounds like it will carry through the generations. That is beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing, Debbie!

  13. My Mother passed away when I was 21 and the older girls barel out of college but we had moments like you are talking about. We went blackberry picking and then made jam and jelly. Mom and Dad planted a huge garden and we had the privilege to help her put the vegetables up for the fall and winter. My Mom was a blessed person. She was so good to us and gave everything that was important to teach her daughters. We were raised up to believe in Jesus and go to church anytime the doors were open and her and my Dad’s presence in our lives have never gone away. This Janurary my Mom will be gone for 50 years but I can still see her going to church and other things that I think as good.
    Becky Jones

    • Becky, sounds like your mother left you with some precious gifts. Gifts to last a lifetime. She taught you well. I am so grateful you shared those beautiful memories with us. Thank you.

  14. So beautiful. I wish there was a tradition like this in my family. I am humbled to think that I could be like your mom to my daughter. What an amazing honor God gives us.

  15. My hubby and I have a tradition on halloween, thanksgiving and Christmas we watch the Charlie Brown specials, we own all three.

    Other than that we/I don’t have any real good traditions. perhaps we should start some. It is hard with working & caring for aging parents.

    You are truly blessed to have such a loving & close family!

  16. I didn’t have traditions like that growing up. But now that I am a mother, I’m starting my own traditions with my girls. We do lots of arts & crafts projects during the holidays. It’s something that we all enjoy and something I hope turns into fond childhood memories for them.

  17. I’m still soaking the warmth of this post in, Jennifer! just lovely.

    We’re at the point in our lives where we’re deciding which traditions we want to cling to while we raise our kids and which traditions we want to start fresh. Thank you for reminding me the importance of it…

  18. Like u my mom was a baker, many lessons were in the kitchen but so much more than that love was there. Like u my mother, grandmother and great grandmother were faith filled woman. How sad today’s broken homes are but God is the repairer of breaches. Praise His name forever

  19. Did not bring a lot of traditions into my relationship with my daughter so through the years we did create some of our own. Even though we live in two different countries I know she always watches, “A Wonderful Life” during Christmas, something we always did together so I will watch it where I am too. We just love to be together for the holidays…feasting on each other…Thanksgiving and Christmas of 2013 that will happen when they come home for furlough. Good post, brings up such warm memories.

    • I love that she carried that tradition into her adult life… watching that movie. So happy to hear you will be together for the holidays next year. I can imagine how wonderful it will be!!

  20. What a lovely post, Jennifer, such a gift the three of you share. But now I’m missing my Momma and her banana bread. 🙂

  21. Thank you, Jennifer, for this reminder: As we demonstrate love, show respect, respond with compassion, radiate joy, and exercise faith (like your mother), we are witnesses of the abundant life in Jesus . Family, friends, even strangers may be watching. I don’t want to miss an opportunity to leave a legacy of love and faith!

  22. Love how you have it down to such a smooth apple pie making process. What a beautiful tradition to look forward to every year.