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Emily T. Wierenga is the author of eight books including the new memoir, God Who Became Bread. In 2014, she was used by God to establish the nonprofit, The Lulu Tree. She loves to paint, play guitar, snowboard, and lead Bible Study at a local mental health drop-in center.

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  1. I love that I am fun. I try to have fun with my husband and children. It makes me smile and them too! I have a sister and many friends who have struggled with eating disorders. I admit I too even struggle with body image at times…feeling the need to exercise more or eat less. Sometimes just not having the will to do so. I am thankful that God has brought me to a place of acceptance. I weigh more than I did a year ago, but I am much happier!

  2. You expressed much of what I have locked inside, much of what I share with others who have loved ones who struggle, but of what I want to say but haven’t taken the time to say it. Sometimes too painful, sometimes not wanting to hurt those who didn’t know how to love. Thank you. This is a great resource I hope to add to my library.

  3. I love that I am a fighter. I might have struggled witha variety of things social anxiety taking the main stage right now, but I haven’t stopped fighting even when it hasn’t been going well. I won’t be defeated.

  4. I love my smile. It seems to have an affect on people. I think that’s the way God designed it, and that makes me want to smile more. 🙂

  5. I love my smile;) When I smile I’m able to show a different side to others as well as myself that I am me & I’m okay;)!

  6. I love that I am a great listener. I may not have loads of life-changing advice but I certainly have an ear to listen.

  7. I love my “need” to be active. When I don’t play volleyball or ride my bike or go for a walk or do SOMETHING, I become stressed and even depressed. Its like ADHD…that keeps me fit too. =D A blessing, to be sure!

    • oh abigail, i get this, totally. i need to get outside every day for a jog, even if it’s just for 15 minutes… it’s my prayer-time… and it brings me such peace. bless you, e.

  8. I love that I am creative and that I can bake
    an amazing brownie : )
    p.s. I really want / need this book too.
    Thanks so much for being transparent and courageous
    enough to write it.

  9. I love that I’m a child of the King, that I’ve been forgiven, that I have a personal relationship with my Savior and Lord Jesus Christ, that I’ll be spending eternity with Him….I could go on and on….

  10. I love that I am transparent and because of that it makes a difference in other people’s lives. God is so good!

  11. I love that I don’t let what other people think of me affect my view of myself as a child of God. This is how HE made me to think, move, love, give, serve, parent, listen and respond!

  12. I love that after battling eating disorders for years, I have learned (since the birth of my first daughter) how God sees me as His daughter, FINALLY! I love that I have thrown out all my make-up and chosen to say no to the things that would tempt me in the direction of focusing on the outside again, when there’s so much to focus on inside me! And I love that I now have a testimony of this that I have already been able to share with a young girl at a camp where I was leading worship. Sounds like an awesome book!

  13. I love my heart for people and how creative I am. I am learning to love the way I look and how I see myself. I would love a copy of this book to help those who are hurting around me–and also to learn for myself. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

  14. I love my smile, and that I am able to approach situations with a smile which can be calming and encouraging for people.

  15. I love that I am able to get along with just about anyone, and that I am willing to stand up for others who can’t stand up for themselves.

  16. I love that God made me a strong survivor, if He hadn’t I wouldn’t be here now. I have a daughter who desperately needs me, even when she doesn’t see it and I’m here.

  17. I like my sensitive nature. I feel empathy, compassion, and mercy toward others, so I put that into action in helping people.

    • that’s awesome trisha. strength is an amazing gift. i did a half-marathon once and i nearly died, but it felt like an incredible accomplishment. bless you, e.

  18. I love my cheekbones and the beginnings of crows feet around my pretty eyes and the fact that children seem to like me…and now I am resisting throwing in something about me that I hate. I would love to have this book for free, but I will buy it if I don’t win it…and then I’ll get others to buy it, too 😉

    • oh heidi, i love how you describe your eyes as pretty, and how you like your crow’s feet (i like mine too) and then how honest you are about wanting to throw in something about you that you hate. isn’t this so common, and so sad, that we feel we need to justify our beauty with something ugly? thank you for sharing. and thank you so much for helping me get the word out about this book. you are a blessing. e.

  19. Wow, this is a great challenge for a contest, because in the context of all you just said, sometimes it’s hard to find something you genuinely love, without flinching! … But I think I would say I love that I won’t give up on people… No matter what happens, no matter how hard it is, I never want to forget that God has someone in the palm of His hand and can turn them back towards Himself when He knows the time is right… and I ask for the grace to always love and SHOW them love as He does. Thank you so much for this giveaway!

    • this is an incredible trait, amy… that you don’t give up on people. i am learning this tenacity, this steadfastness, too. it’s not easy. but it’s God. bless you, e.

  20. Thank you, Emily, for your openness & courage. I, too, struggled through an eating disorder & feel I will always be in recovery, to some extent. It’s so hard for others to understand that it’s not a body image issue…that notion of worthiness. How blessed we are to have a Father who always loves us & finds us worthy! I love that I am able now to see myself as He does (well, at least most of the time).

    • oh heather, i know what it means to always be in recovery. kind of like a recovering alcoholic, you have to beware of your triggers, right? but i also love how you are beginning to view yourself as God views you. i keep praying for his eyes, not mine… bless you friend. e.

  21. I love myself because God loves me and made me beautiful…. But oh how hard it is to believe this some days…. I struggle with insecurity and often find food as my outlet or best friend…. I’m learning to tell myself, God made me beautiful…. But I’m a work in progress…..

  22. I love that I am so determined … Some people call it driven. I’m realizing more and more what a gift that is!

  23. Because it would be hard to think of something physical about myself…I love my handwriting. How sad is that?!?!

  24. The tenacity to continue on, amidst hardship, to do what is right in the eyes of the Lord … even though it hurts at times. And, I do so enjoy and love having friendships! There are many private secrets women hold on to, including the possible lack of self-control when it comes to eating habits or eating as a comfort when all around us goes wrong; I would so enjoy reading your book to have tools to help and minister to those I love.

  25. I love my compassion for other and my desire to help/serve others. I never felt I fit in anywhere or had a purpose, until a friend asked me to go to church. Since that day, my life has been changed, God has a purpose for me, and He let me know what it is.

  26. i can’t think of anything that i love about myself without that very thing being a double edged sword. but…i love that i have a tender and loyal heart, to friends and places. that my roots grow deep and are difficult to uproot.

    • olivia, i totally get this. and a tender and loyal heart is such a gift to all who know you. also, deeply entrenched roots… yes. they find the water. bless you friend.

  27. As I was scrolling through the comments, it impressed me to see so many beautiful women sharing things they love about themselves. I was thinking to myself, gee, what do I love about myself and immediately, the word “loyal” came to me… God has created me to be fiercely loyal to the ones I love. I will stand up for my friends, for my family and for the things I believe in. Sometimes that’s hard, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you Jesus for making me this way.

  28. It’s hard, but I love the compassion and empathy in my heart…
    and feel this book would help me maybe save someone’s life,
    God working thru me.
    Thanks for the chance, stay blessed!

  29. I like my eyes, because I think if people look at them when they are speaking to me, they can tell that I really am listening and that I really do care. And they are like my Mom’s.

    • oh jeanine, i love that you mentioned that they are like your mom’s. i’m going to be writing about my mum tomorrow… and i have her eyes too. it’s my favorite quality. bless you, e.

  30. I struggle with my outward silhouette daily, But I know God has given me great compassion for others and a loving, giving and forgiving heart and I Love that.

    • oh tawnya, thank you so much for sharing this with us, and for your honesty, and for being willing to look deeper and find qualities you still love about yourself. bless you, e.

  31. I’m seeing a lot of wonderful, inner person beautiful things… so this is a little random…
    I love that I have freckles!

  32. I really need this book! I love the fact that I am loyal, to a fault at times, but loyal nonetheless!

  33. I love my eyes… because there are days when I look at all of me, and don’t like the hips, or the tummy, or the…whatever. So I zoom in, and then maybe I don’t like the arms, or the neck… so I zoom in… and maybe I am not happy with my hair today either… but when I zoom in, and I often do in my car’s rear view mirror — just one eye… and I smile. God gave my eyes that are expressive and I like what they say….

  34. I love my hair (after not liking it for years)

    I’d love to win this book- I have a cousin that has struggled with this for years… Maybe it could help her even though she’s not a Christian.

  35. I love that I do the best I can to show love to my family…and I love this post Emily. Beautiful writing and powerful thoughts. I was sitting in my office with my daughter the other day. She was working on her college application essays. Very stressful. I noticed she was twisting the pocket clip on the pen. Twisting, twisting, twisting…till it broke off. “Honey!! What are you doing? Wow…you must be really stressed out,” I said as I mindlessly munched on another piece of Halloween candy (Halloween was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy and no power!). She looked at me, taken aback as she eyeballed my candy wrappers…”Mom! What do you think you’re doing?” She twists pens, I eat. I really had no idea I was eating my way through my stress. But I sure was. We both laughed at our mutual realizations.

    • oh wow elise! this is so insightful! and i love that you and your daughter were able to share in this moment together. it’s true, we all have ways of releasing our anxiety. thank you for your encouragement today. you are a blessing to me. e.

  36. One thing I love about myself… I have to think about it. Well, I’ve always thought my hands were pretty cool. I couldn’t tell you why though. :-/

  37. One thing I love about myself… I have to think about it. Well, I’ve always thought my hands were pretty cool. I couldn’t tell you why though.

  38. I love that I am so intentional about making sure my children’s childhood is different from mine. . . . and that I am determined to overcome the lies the enemy constantly throws my way. (And has for the past 31 years!)

    Can’t tell you how much I want/need this book!

    • oh amy. i get this. i truly do. i am intentional about that as well. and friend, i hope you win this book, but if you don’t, it’s available for $10 on amazon.com. otherwise, you can ask your library or bookstore to order it in for you. please let me know if you want to talk: wierenga.emily@gmail.com. bless you, e.

  39. I love being authentic and real with others, and that this God given gift seems to draw the same out of people who desire it as well.

  40. I love that I can be authentic and real with those around me, thank you for doing this I would love to win this book I have struggled with Anorexia for 25 years I am now 38 and by the grace of God it no longer controls me however it still rears its ugly head from time to time and is a daily choice I must make to deny that and seek God!!!

  41. I recently lost all my hair to cancer chemotherapy. I love (and am pleasantly surprised) that I can look in the mirror today and know intuitively that I am not any less of a woman, nor any less of anything and that I am still that same loving, kind, fun, compassionate and giving person. I am stronger than I gave myself credit for!

    • oh mary. this moved me deeply. both my mother and my mother in law have battled cancer. i cut my dreadlocks off when my mother in law lost her hair. now, both are healed and looking more beautiful than ever. i am sure you are too. may you be encouraged and blessed. e.

  42. I love that I’m broken…a cracked vessel. I love that God has reached me and helps me to live life to the fullest. I love that He has made me sensitive and compassionate, and because of my ED journey that I may be a source of encouragement to other woman who may struggle with their own self-image. Because of Him, I love!

  43. the one thing i love about myself…the scar running the length of my sternum. The healed up place where a doctor split me right open, hooked me up to machines and cut open my very heart, then told my husband there was no hope.

    How right that doctor was, there was nothing he could do for the heart sickness I really had. The sickness that was healed as God Himself did heart surgery on me.

    Here 9 years later, the heart is pumping blood and oxygen so that I can continue to say Thank You.

    • oh my goodness, michelle. this took my breath away. thank you so much for sharing. praising God along with you tonight for the way he redeems and heals us… e.

  44. I love that I am BRAVE. With knees & heart trembling I do the hard, scary, painful thing. Thank you for writing and SHARING your story~

    • nancy, it moves me that you can be brave with trembling knees and heart… this shows me that your strength comes from Christ alone. and i can relate to this completely. bless you. e.

  45. Despite having Epilepsy, I am thankful to be a strong woman who is not only physically determined to complete a marathon in January, but spiritually strong to overcome any judgement, negativity or naysayers who look down on me. I am healed, redeemed and loved by the creator of the universe even if my earthly body is imperfect.

    • oh, Sarah… i don’t have words, for how moved i am by this. thank you, for being a beautiful example of what it means to be a woman in Christ. you are so strong and courageous. may he bless you. e.

  46. I love that I love to love other people. Of course, God Himself put that in me……..to be able to do that. I thought years ago, I had nothing….no gifts. I had no idea that was a gift….because that was easy and it came naturally. I learned I had mercy too and He allowed me to feel other’s pain and to try and understand and really care right where they were. Thank you God, that You can and do use me………….it still blows my mind!
    Blessings and His perfect healing and love to Alllllllllllllllllllllllllll.

    • pam, you are incredibly humble, and this humility is such a gift in itself. may you continue to be reminded, daily, how very valuable you are, friend. bless you, e.

  47. I love…or rather, i am learning to love my stretchmarks…because it’s a physical reminder for me that God blessed me with a handsome son and a beautiful little girl<3<3<3
    What a wonderful giveaway!! God bless your courage!!

    • oh eillene, me too. yes, they are marks of the wonderful gifts that are our children. my forthcoming book, mom in the mirror, talks about this in detail. thank you so much for your encouragement, friend. bless you.

  48. This is a hard question, because I don’t think I *love* anything about me. Most of the time, I’m meditating on the many things I dislike and/or hate about myself. :/

    I do like the fact that I’m completely devoted to my family and that they come first, no matter what. But it’s not like I love myself for that, it’s just the way I am and something I wish more people did (even within my family).

    So… Maybe I can’t really answer truthfully and say that I *love* something about myself. I only have a few things I kinda like, hahaha. 🙂

    Anyways, I shared this wonderful post on Twitter (https://twitter.com/AndreaJClunesV/status/265587640752025600) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/andreaclunes/activity/4794857186920?og_perm_src=OPEN_GRAPH_SINGLE_STORY), just in case. I would very much like to read this book, but I can’t afford 10 USD (I live in Chile and 10 USD is a lot more money for me ^^U).

    Thank you and God bless you! 🙂

  49. I love my desire to connect with others, and my priority of making time for others. (I know for some that sounds like bondage, but for me, I thrive by spending time with others!)

    • i think this is a wonderful response, laura, and i love that you are aware that making time for others could be bondage, so in that sense–because you are aware–you are in fact free to serve. beautiful.

  50. Wow, odd that it is such a tough question. One that brings tears to my eyes. I love that I laugh easily and heartily. I didn’t always love this about myself. When I was young my laughter was so uncontrollable that I choked on food, sprayed milk, coughed and gagged. Oh, it was so not pretty! But my Dad made a game out of it to see which one of us could make the other one “spray” and this taught me how to control it. Perhaps that is why I love it more. Thanks for asking….

  51. I love my quirky sense of humor that makes many people look strangely at me, but makes my 3 teenage daughter laugh…how blessed I am! Would love this book…I have 3 teenage girls!! Thanks Emily…

    • i have a quirky sense of humor too. how blessed you are, indeed, stacie, to have three daughters! i hope you’re able to win the book, but if you aren’t, it’s only $10 on amazon.com, or you can ask your bookstore or library to order it in for you. peace to you, e.

  52. I’m so glad God gave me so many reasons to be joyful because I love my smile and my laugh! And I love sharing both!!

  53. I’m so glad God gave me so many reasons to be joyful because I love my smile and my laugh, and I love sharing both!!

    • i’ve always wanted red hair, ever since watching Anne of Green Gables when i was a little girl. and i love your name, emily 🙂

  54. I love that finally at 30 years old I have had the courage to get into counseling. To really start believing that I am not just lazy or too fat. That I am battling BED. That through Christ I can over come this. I love that I am believing that I am worth love. That I can love myself. That no matter my shape, size or physical ability I AM BEAUTIFUL.

    • oh melissa, this nearly brings me to tears. yes. it’s about believing it. you are worthy of love, not because of anything you can do or be, but simply because Jesus made you, and he made you beautiful. bless you friend. e.

  55. I love that I have been given a heart that is open and honest, that I can love others without judgment, that I can find the strength and beauty in others, and that, as a therapist and as a woman after God’s own heart, I can help others do the same.

    • oh tamura, i love that as a therapist, you have these qualities… so many can benefit from you loving on others without judgment. may you be richly blessed as you serve others. e.

  56. I love that God is instilling wisdom into me, that I can share with others. It has come at the cost of much pain and many tears, but through counseling/mentoring over the last 10 years by my great mentor who is in her 70’s, God has taught me so much! I am so grateful to have grown, and to continue to grow with God’s help. 🙂

    • wisdom is such a beautiful, and hard gift. i love that you crave it, friend. it means you are close to God’s heart. bless you, e.

  57. Though sometimes I struggle to believe this, I Love that my true identity is found in Christ and that I am made in his image. I’m also glad that the Lord gave me a tender and compassionate heart and a desire to reach out to and encourage others who are hurting or going through difficult circumstances. I pray that He would give me more opportunities to be selfless and touch others lives.

    It would be so helpful and such a great blessing to receive this book! I know many people who struggle with body image and eating disorders. Actually, various family members over a few generations have battled eating disorders. I really appreciate your transparency and courage to tell your story to help others. Thank you so much for the wonderful giveaway!

    • oh christie, my heart aches for you as you watch so many battle EDs. i hope you win, but if you don’t, it’s only $10 on amazon.com, and otherwise you can ask your local bookstore/library to order it in for you. if you ever want to talk, my email is wierenga.emily@gmail.com. bless you, e.

  58. I am so happy to be an encourager with a gracious giving heart. I enjoy helping others.

    Thank you for your transparency. Women, more than men, need to know/hear that they are loved…just for who they are A Child of God! It means the world to me when hubby tells me he loves me!

  59. One thing I love about myself is I am creative, caring & kind. I try to do things for others before I do things for myself.

  60. A while ago I would not have had one thing to list but now after He has brought healing on so many levels I have a bit of a list…one thing for starters is that I am the only me He ever made, and like all the rest of us, He has equipped me with gifts to share that only I can give, which is one of the biggest blessings of all!!

  61. A while ago I would not have had one thing to list but now after He has brought healing on so many levels I have a bit of a list…one thing for starters is that I am the only me He ever made, and like all the rest of us, He has equipped me with gifts to share that only I can give, which is one of the biggest blessings of all!!

  62. I love that I cry at sappy, cute, sweet and sad things, and that I’ve prayed a million times that God would help me “please not cry during worship today” and He never answers that prayer. xo