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  1. Father your children needs You. I pray in the name of Jesus to hold on tight to them. Their hearts are broken. Fix them. Hold them in Your arms and give them Your loving care. Let them feel Your presence. I also pray for one who did all this and his family they need comfort too. In Jesus Name, Amen.

  2. Lord, I pray for your tender mercy and grace upon those who have been impacted in such a way that they may not see the glory of today, tomorrow, the future. You have called your children home to you to rest in the glory of the place that you have prepared for them. I pray for those whose hearts are heavy and full of grief, please provide them with the peace they so desperatly need at this time. I pray for the community as a whole that they remain steadfast in love for those who need comfort and warmth. Provide them with the words that are needed to calm the sole, heal the heart, give them the strength they will need to go through the days, months, years ahead of them. If silence is what is needed then provide them a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold, arms to provide a warm embrace. I give up my heart to them in hopes that these prayers, these thoughts, may provide a moment of peace and feel the love that is being sent to them, but most importantly from you, our eternal Father in heaven , may they find solace in your Love Always and Forever. Amen

    • Thank you for your prayer as sometimes it is hard to put into words our feelings during such a tragedy as this. Your prayer sums up what many of us are feeling, but have a harder time expressing. I’m praying the same beautiful prayer to the Lord our God. Amen.

  3. Lord,

    Please surround the families of those who died tragically this week. Give them your peace,grace & love to endure this Christmas time and go forward. Shower the whole community with patience & love to help each other make sense of this tragedy!

    Jesus come quickly into the hearts of everyone this Christmas and throughout the new yeat to remind us and keep us focused on you–the giver of life!


  4. Such a lot of sadness! So many taken so young – students and teachers alike!
    I am also grieving for my best friend who passed away in May and my Mom who passed away in October!
    Thanks for this scripture. It will be part of my healing!

  5. It is so amazing how the Bible is relevant in all circumstances. Sometimes verses like this hit me between the eyes and go straight to my heart. Pray pray pray!

  6. My heart breaks for the families who will not get a chance to share this Christmas with their beautiful children, or for the children who lost their parent in this tragedy. I will continue to pray and uplift those families in my prayers.
    Thank you for this sympathetic post as a positive reminder that we can reach out to the family of victims through prayer and loving support.