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Stacey Thacker is an author, blogger, speaker, and believer who loves God’s Word and connecting with women. Her passion is to encourage women in their walks with God. Thacker is the author of seven books, her latest is Threadbare Prayer: Prayers for Hearts that Feel Hidden, Hurt, or Hopeless.

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. Love this! True story, well said! No matter what phase/stage/age – we love (and need) to be encouraged!
    I think there are some (many?) women that have this gift, but haven’t found the power of it. Dare I say it runs in certain “me monster” generations? Even then, once God shows them how He is glorified through it – they are hooked!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I am so thankful to have found the groups. To be a part of something so much bigger than me. The (in)courage groups are mini resting places along life’s path. My life has been enriched in ways I find difficult to describe.

    Thank you (in) team for opening these doors.

  3. Thank you, Stacey, for how you have led these groups and spoken encouragement into our hearts! I was telling my co-leader for the working moms group — having the title of (in)courager has made me live up to it in other areas of life, too. I look for ways to encourage the women around me in a new way. I always had the gift of encouragement, and having this space to use it has been the biggest blessing! I love how you wrote that you don’t have to be in the perfect place in life to encourage… the past year has been one of the hardest of my life, but I’m so inspired by 2 Cor. 1… that just as Christ comforts me in my struggles, I can comfort others who are struggling too. God is so amazing! Love you, girl.

  4. Hi. How does one become a member of a or the community group? May I please have more information. Thank you

      • Hi Stacey, Thank you so much for responding to my question so quickly. That is very kind of you. It’s rare and I am grateful. I wil keep my eyes open for 2/12 sign up and in the meantime, I will peruse the the site you recommended. I hope it is alright if I send you a hug.

  5. I am also interested in becoming a member of a community group. Can someone please direct us on how to do that? Thank you!

  6. So thankful for incourage. I always enjoy reading the blogs and knowing that other women around are going thru similiar situations and I am never alone. Thank you Jesus.

  7. […] put you in touch with the right person. Head (in)courager Stacey Thacker just wrote a piece called 10 Things I Learned from (in)courage Community Groups that’s pretty great. [She blogs at 29 Lincoln Avenue. I just "met" her online, and I have to […]

  8. Stacey, I am thrilled to be a part of an (in)courage group and completely humbled as well. I want to let it humble me even more. I have been praying for years to encourage women going through chronic illness, and even though I have done my best to live that out in my daily life, I’m totally overwhelmed by His grace in creating a community through (in)courage to do this online and that He’s allowed me to be a part of it. Part of me feels totally not good enough and the other part of me says, “OK Lord, I’m yours. Use me.” THANK YOU for allowing yourself to be used to bless us!

  9. Loved the post@! Encouragement is a huge deal for most women.

    I had always heard about God’s spiritual gifts He gives to people. I never truly understood and knew what mine was. Recently I realized it must be the gift of encouragement. I seem to sense when a card is needed to be given/sent, pick-me-up email, hugs, etc. I have done that several times at work–even to some people I don’t know well. I’ve prayed about their situations. You are correct in stating it doesn’t matter what age/stage life you’re in–if the Holy Spirit moves you then just do it!

  10. I love that verse in the Message! And I am so excited to be part of this group. I almost missed out because of fear — but you, Stacey and Lisa-Jo and the women here, are so gracious and welcoming! I don’t have to be afraid because you all encourage us every step of the way!

  11. I am elated to have found (in)courage. I am scared to death but I am going to host a meetup! HELP ANYTIME! Thanks for the great post.