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  1. Wow!! I have heard that verse my entire life, but the Holy Spirit used it to start a new chapter. That sin that so easily besets can be as simple as not being diligent !! Thank you for sharing!! This was exactly what I needed 🙂

  2. I love this verse. It’s great for anytime, but especially for the start of a new year. That’s my new year’s resolution!

  3. This verse is what our sermon was on this morning! And as a competitive runner and triathlete, it really resonates with me.

  4. I wanted to share this …..
    Today marks the 10th anniversary of an ultimate testimony of faith & courage of a little girl.
    It was one icy , snowy day and an eight hour drive to a hospital with our daughter , than 12 to have her seen by a specialist.This was to be a simple consultation.After 6 weeks of her being admitted & slowing slipping away . We were faced with a decision to make that would change her life forever without any guarantees of the outcome .I prayed every single day while I sat beside her in that hospital , I knew that it was more than I could do to help her.We had to leave it in the Lord’s hands.
    Now @ 22 year she has started a new life and her health although a challenge is not holding her back from enjoying her life. I know at times it can appear that we aren’t being heard or wandering what to do to make things better or OK but sometimes we just need to let it go and trust that are prayers will be answered in due time. And that there are miracles in life .I will be forever grateful to of been able to share this one with you.

    • I’m so glad that your daughter is still with you. God has a plan, and He loves you both!

  5. This has always been a one of my favorite verses, and this morning came at the most perfect (God’s) timing. New Year’s Eve my husband began dialysis, and we start an intense 4 week training course. I will learn to “hook him up”, draw his blood, etc.
    What I’ve been told by my best friend is that “God will never take me where His grace can’t save me.” this will be a complete life change for both of us, as we will be doing dialysis at home every day. We’ve been married 40 years!

  6. This verse is what our sermon was on this morning! And as a competitive runner and triathlete, it really resonates with me. I love the graphic, too!

  7. Our sermon this morning was on spreading the Gospel. which translated means Good news! Lets run the race with endurance and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ every where we go!

  8. Yes! We are not to run someone else’s race, but the one the Lord set before each of us. He has equipped us fully for the calling on each of our lives. We can trust Him!

    Thank you for the encouragement. Have a blessed Epiphany!

  9. Mmmm! It’s that third line that I really have to focus on!

    “let us strip off every weight that slows us down,”


  10. Thank you Penny for sharing. It truly touched my heart and encouraged me more than you could ever know. Thank you for the reminder….we just need to stay patient and put our trust in Him….and in due time, all will come! Thank you and God bless you!

  11. Do you know if this photo is available for purchase?
    Thanks so much for this wonderful verse – a favorite of mine!