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Jennifer is an artist living in rural Nebraska with her US Army veteran husband. She loves to create and seeks to reflect the beauty of Christ and encourage others in meaningful, beautiful ways. You can find her and see more of her art on Studio JRU.

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  1. love the photo jennifer. securely nested in him. love that idea. looking ahead to the continued setting down of what encumbers so that i can run this race set before me. more getting to know my lord and savior’s heart and place in my life. being encouarged and encouraging others in their following of jesus. xo

  2. My heart connects with your words…..I sense God showing me that I’ve misplaced my confidence from time to time–putting it in people instead of Him. Thanks for a beautiful reminder.

  3. awesome picture – not just of the nest, but how your words captured how He holds us in His hands… our lives like this nest are fragile, but we too can withstand all the storms (big and small) when we put our complete trust in our Abba Father.

    this year, i look forward to how He grows my heart!!!!!

    a blessed new year to you Jen —- thank you for allowing God to use your gift of encouragement through your art, photos and writing!!

    • He certainly can bring us through those storms. A wonderful thing to look forward to this year! Thank you, Bev, for your kind words. Blessed new year to you!!

    • Oh Jennifer, my heart and prayers are with you! May HE be your support, your strength, your refuge during this most difficult time.

      • I truly liked this post. Another example of God using your eyes, camera and written word to speak to each of us uniquely. God is like that! His message is so personal yet so many of us relate.
        Hmmm….what am I looking ahead to in 2013??? I forget time…I get mixed up with days, weeks, months, years so I guess I’ve quit making plans. I’ve forgotten how to dream or make a plan or dream of a trip….I truly cannot see into the future anymore but very dimly…I see the past clearly! But dreams? Hopes for tomorrow? That is much harder now. Too many roadblocks. I cannot get my mind to do it.
        I plan to continue counting five blessings daily and writing five ways I am wonderfully made by God. And when I feel sad about this part of my disability, I will say aloud, “Praise God. You are Holy. You are worthy of praise. You are almighty. Maker of heaven and earth. Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost.”

      • To Jennifer Bold
        My heart goes out to you tonight. Dear Lord
        Oh Lord thank you for prayer. Thank you that I can pray peace tonight for this woman. You will hold her. Thank you Lord. Please Lord send the right person tomorrow to be just the person she’s needing to have near. Amen”

  4. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the foundations of my children….and how I’m pretty much responsible for laying solid ones. Huge. Learning and growing and taking in all the wisdom I can on this topic this year.

    Cool nest picture.

    Kate 🙂

  5. Yes, He is my sure foundation. Without Him, I would never have made it the last few years. As I look back I can see His hand at work. I love when you see beautiful examples in real life to illustrate these truths. I am so glad that little nest survived. And isn’t it amazing what is all around us and yet we can easily miss. I’m glad that you didn’t miss that nest!

    Blessings and love,

    • Isn’t it amazing how much we can see His hand at work when we look back?! Always there. Always there. So grateful He helped you through!

  6. Thank you for sharing your insights with us. Thinking of the inspirational song of how He watches the sparrows and He watches over us also. Makes me feel humble.

  7. Jennifer, what a beautiful photo of the nest! And such beautiful words – yes, we can enter 2013 with peace and confidence, knowing that He is our strength, and our sure foundation. Happy New Year!

  8. Your life is a testimony to this Jenn. You encourage me with your faith and reliance on Him. He is absolutely our firm foundation. I cannot imagine a life built on anything else.

  9. there are two nests in one peach tree in our orchard I’ve kept my eye on this winter – thanks for giving me a moment to pause and relfect on HOW secure they are. And why I am secure even in these long dark winter days where worry adnfear tend to grip unexpectedly…

  10. The firm foundation God brings to my life means everything to me, I enjoyed your post so much!

    I also recently passed by a bird nest in a tree whose leaves had fallen, and what impressed me the most about it being there was that the day before, we had strong wind gusts that blew our neighbor’s fence over into our yard, and when I took a walk the next day, a sunny calm day, I saw the nest still safe and secure.

    • The story about the nest has been inspiring to me. It makes me realise that it does not matter what problems and hardship we have, or are going to have, to remember that as long as we build a foundation in Christ he will take us through with peace and ease, and also keep us secure.

  11. The Only Foundation… amen! Thank you for your prayer… I return the same for you. Love that little nest! blessings ~ tanna

  12. It is fascinating how that nest is nestled there! Doesn’t look as solid as it obviously is. Such good thoughts here, Jennifer. Thank you for speaking such solid truth.

  13. Oh yes! It is so reassuring to know that He is my steady foundation! As for this year, I haven’t even had time to think about what I’m looking forward to! I guess I need to make some plans & goals!

  14. In 2013, I look forward to stepping more fully into God’s calling on my life as a pastor’s wife, mother, physician, author, and speaker. I look forward to trusting that He has equipped me and will continue to open the rights doors for me. And I look forward to His provision and grace as I juggle all of it! I can do all this through him who gives me strength (Phil 4:13).

  15. In S. Africa, when you build a house, you literally build on rock. We’ve talked about how cool it is to literally build your house on the rock. A sure foundation is so important in so many ways!

  16. Thanks for the reminder, to know that no matter what God is my foundation. I’ve been nervous a lot, thinking of going to nursing school this year. Financially especially.

  17. Heard a Sermon Just Last week with a Bird’s Nest.
    A Huge One.
    God is Speaking to me.
    Although the Point was to Leave the Safety of the Nest to Serve God.
    Psalm 119:94
    Save me, for I am yours;
    I have sought out your precepts.

  18. As I face the new year with great uncertainty and trepidation, I am reminded of a small dove’s nest I found tucked away in a tree in my garden this afternoon, and the Lord reminded me of the following promise…
    Numbers 24:21b
    New International Version (NIV)
    “Your dwelling place is secure,
    your nest is set in a rock;
    xxx Soo

  19. I am praying to Father God to choose the man (soul mate) that He wants me to marry once again. My husband (soul mate) went to Heaven in April 2005. I miss him so much. I do want to be married again to a help mate who loves the Lord. I have two wonderful children, age 18 and 25, and am Blessed.
    Thank you for prayers that God is bringing the man whom He chooses for me to marry.

    In Christ,


  20. I’m looking forward to a new year of spiritual growth, the resolution of my court case in my favor and a blessed marriage. Thank you, Jennifer, for this encouraging piece.

  21. The message in church this morning was “be not afraid” and once I read your message with the nest it made a lot of sense. He is our foundation and we must not be afraid but trust in him to hold us.

  22. This is exactly the message I have been trying to help my boyfriend understand. Thank you so much for the reassurance that I am doing the right thing by stepping away at the moment and allowing him to find that trust and love that God has for him. I know once this happens we will be able to grow even further together. It has been so hard, but this just reassured that if it is in God’s plan…then he is the right man for me.
    Thanks Jennifer

    • It sounds like you are working to build a solid foundation for your relationship, Veronica. That is wonderful! And you are right, if it is His plan, it will happen in His time!

  23. I feel the same as veronica.there is a man whom is going through a hard time. wants to learn to trust God. thank you for the reassurance. I have my answer too. I’m letting God take over and let the Holy spirit guide me. for this year I’m looking forward to the day that K comes to me and we form a strong relationship.

  24. I feel the same as veronica.there is a man whom is going through a hard time. wants to learn to trust God. thank you for the reassurance. I have my answer too. I’m letting the Holy spirit guide me. for this year I’m looking forward to the day that K comes to me
    and we form a strong relationship.

  25. Hello Jennifer,
    Such an inspiring message. Jesus you’re my firm foundation, I know I can stand secure. Jesus you’re my firm foundation, I put my hope in your holy hands.

  26. I’m praying for a prodigal in my life to first, give everything to Christ Jesus and then, to come home. I’m jealous for the opportunity to “kill the fatted calf” in celebration.

  27. Thanks a huge lot for those encouraging words. Have truly been my testimony last year and in the previous years. Living in a new country and trusting God to make all the seemingly unfavorable situations become favorable for me. Hoping to get married to my sweetheart by July this year and praying that everything falls in place for us. God truly is my refuge, my stronghold and my deliverer. He also is my confidence and my helper.

  28. Very kind of you for all the words you shares.
    My eyes filled with alot of tears. I m the one who need that nest.
    I’m homeless woman, who losses my own home to my brother.
    We both are christian, 15 years ago, I welcome him and his family to my house.
    He has overbear me day after day til I can’t handle anymore. I walked away from my own home few days before Christmas. I need the nest for and I can lay my head in the night. I’m living with my relative but this is just for temporaly.
    Please pray for me to get a good job and the good nest. Thank you in advance for everyone there. God bless

    • Father God, Thank You for Anchalee. Thank You that she has relatives with whom she can stay. May she know greatly Your peace, hope, love, even joy in the midst of this different time. We do pray for Your provision for a good job for Anchalee and a good “nest.” Thank You for Your great and deep love for Anchalee. Thank You that You uphold her with Your righteous right hand, and how strong it is. 🙂 In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

  29. Jennifer, what a great way to start the new year off! We’re new to your writing, but found this to be what I (we) needed to hear. Been trusting & serving the Lord many years together, yet can never be reminded too often of where our basics lie! Thank you!
    Because of His unfailing love,
    Terry & Patricia

  30. Jeny,
    Thanks for this great and wonderful post,it’s very timely.
    Am really encouraged having given up many times when things seems not to be working despite all the inputs -spiritual and physical. I have come to realise that there is ONLY ONE PLACE to run to, and to REMAIN, in His hands and bosom – the place of Rest!
    I have decided to rest in this place of Peace in 2013.

  31. i am looking for health,and lord blessing for 2013 i have been in pain,and without job for a year now i’m praying god to heal me and open the door for me so i can find a job to save my appartment in this winter. i have been living in fear anytime i heard my phone rings with my landlord number on the call id.

    • Oh, Cyrille: Praise God for you. Father God, Thank You that You hold Cyrille in the palm of your hand. May she know Your great and deep love for her and receive strength in her inner man to walk the path she is on today. May she hold tightly to You righteous right that upholds her. We pray for a financial miracle for her so she her apartment can be saved – unless You have something even better in mind. Thank You that You know her need and have her best at Your heart. We do pray for wholeness by the stripes Jesus bore for Cyrille. May she know greatly Your peace, love, mercy, grace, hope and all that is You for her. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

    • Dearest Sister Cyrille,

      The Lord will surely heal you and bless you with the apartment or perhaps open doors to move into a better apartment. He will never leave you nor forsake, not this new year not ever, ever!!
      Be encouraged in your heart & spirit. I have experienced how He has faithfully brought me & my family through many many trials over & over again all these years. Glory & Honour be to His Mighty Name.

  32. I love the picture and analogy. I was thinking about it. The trunk that is the main support even as Christ is ours. But the nest needed to be held by the branches that are attached on to the trunk. We need the support of fellow believers to hold us in times of troule, guide us when we need direction and rejoice with us in times of joy. How great is the embrace of the arms of our brothers and sisters in Christ for this is how God lets us experience His love every day.

  33. My One Word for 2013 is “Cling” – perhaps as that nest clings to its foundation in all manner of weather. I want to cling tightly to my Lord and Savior, my Father, God, and His Holy Spirit, through thick and thin. 🙂 There is a tree near our house that is tall and has what I think are two nests. This helps me to picture that about which you are writing, Jennifer. Thank you for sharing this. God bless you richly!

    Because of Jesus…

  34. I pray health wise I may get better been severely depressed on all kinds of Meds I know this depression.has pulled me away from my Father God in heaven i keep trying to hold on but this sickness pulls me away..This 2013 I.want a closer more intimate relationship with him put him first in my life…Please pray for me and my familiy…Thank you and God bless…

  35. This year my desire is to find true love and be married so i can run the race with my partner and trully remain fullfilled

  36. Today, I was surfing the website, I began reading about a minister who struggled about her faith in God and decided to become an atheist. Her father was a preacher and she grew up as a southern baptist so she decided to become a preacher.
    One day, she was driving to church she started having stomach pains and while she was preaching a sermon she didn’t feel spirit. This behavior became repetitious every Sunday, she would actually become sick to preach a sermon, she was tormented. But she stayed in the church as a minister because she was raised up in the church. She lost faith in God and he became unrealistic to her – from what she was taught as a child.
    She decided to attend an atheist seminar in Maryland and felt comfortable attending this seminar. She believes that this is where she suppose to be. Her husband who is a Christian supports her disbelief in God and continues to pray for her to return back. to God.
    This story sounds familiar to me as I personally felt that way before. I suddenly prayed for this woman because I’ve been there. I know that some Christians may feel that judging her is the way but this woman needs love and support from fellow Christians. I once felt abandon from God and unloved; that’s when I will read the book of Psalms. Then, I will read the book of Ecclesiastes that reminds me how life would be without God- “that brings me back to reality”. I will continue to pray for that sister who is struggling with her faith in God.

  37. This was a reminder through the roughest winds/storms God is there to help hold it all together. He brings us through time & time again, how could we ever thank him enough for that love.
    I am praying and keeping my faith that God is bringing that man(husband & father to my 3 children) into my life. It will be such a dream come true!

  38. I’m looking for a financial break-through that will allow me to pay off all of the bills. I’m a Tither and Cheerful Giver, so I’m claiming my breakthrough NOW in Jesus’ Name. Also that my husband Kevin and I are totally delivered from diabetes! We know the Word of God states we are healed from the crown of our heads to the soles of our feet.

  39. Thank you Jennifer for sharing your heart. We all need to remember who He is and That He is ALWAYS with us, whether we FEEL Him or not. ” I will never leave you or forsake you”.

    I’ve been going through stretching this past year as, I’m sure all of us have. However, It is always secure to remember who our Daddy is; and He is with us in it. He won’t leave us stagnant. Praise Him!

  40. Jennifer, what a wonderful metaphor. I believe that my wife Cindy is responsible for having daysprings as part of our daily email, but I often open it myself.. I am so glad that I did this evening. I am nearly 70 and have rested in the safety of His hands for the last forty years after being buffeted by every wind and storm that the world had to offer for the first 30 years of life. I am fortunate to be able to share Gods love with the pre teens at our Church every Wednesday evening and am wondering if I could use your illustration “Sure Foundation in my next class.
    In Christ

  41. Hi sister Jennifer,
    Thank you very much for the great message.
    May God strengthen you with wisdom and knowledge.


  42. i am looking towards a career change this year. i believe God has something better in store for me than the job i have now. He has other things for me to do. I have been feeling for a long time that i needed to grow out of my current position where i m not learning anything new, not even meeting new people anymore, but i’ve felt stuck and unable to leave my job, since i’ve been in the company for over a decade.

    fearful & anxious as i am about a change, i am now more than willing to take those baby steps of faith needed to move on to experience the rest of what the Lord has in store for me in the new year – job, career, personal dreams etc..

    Amen and God bless all my sisters too.

  43. Thanks for that, I needed that right now.
    My husband died on the 16th November 2011 (I cannot believe how quickly that year has gone by) and I am trying to go on a trip to the Holy Land with some friends from church, but I don’t have the money. (Well I do, it was my husband’s life insurance – but it is all that is between me and poverty) and my relationship with God has been a bit rocky since my husband died and I don’t feel that I can ask him to provide me with the finances to go on this trip.

  44. Thanks to this message..its awsome the picture and its convocation..truly said..God is our foundation and rock..whatever happens in my life I will overcome all with confidence that I can withstand every difficult moments in my life. Great is His Name..Amen

  45. Finally the Lord brought me to my place, where I can lay my head and be with Him serenity. Thank you for all your prayed.
    The Lord also gave me a wonderful job.
    His love and mercy has dried my tear.

    Than you Lord your love never fail me.