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  1. I have a handwashing problem because I am scared of getting sick. It is starting to seem hopeless especially since it seems like a heart problem: I don’t trust God enough to keep me safe from germs. I know god can do big things, but it is really hard to believe it. Please pray God will help me be less germophobic and in turn that my hands would heal and stop bleeding. I would also appreciate prayers that I really don’t get sick. thank you and God bless!

    • Dear Lord, please help VA with her handwashing problem. I know this is such a difficult issue to contend with. Please give her peace. Please give her victory over this problem in her life. Help her to know that you will take care of her. Increase her faith in your ability to care for her and protect her from every harm, including germs. In Jesus name I ask this. Amen.

      (Sorry for the duplication. I posted this reply in my own request earlier.)

    • Please pray for our school principal and her husband. He has been fighting cancer for 4 years and will soon be place in hospice care and she is facing back surgery possibly within the next week. They are both only in their 50’s. They are strong Christians and appreciate all the prayers.

      • Father I pray for Deb’s High School Principal and her husband. Thank you for Your love and help that they know. Please guide the minds and hands of their medical professionals that will be working with them in their time of need. Please comfort and encourage them with recall of Your healing and life-giving power, promises and GREAT LOVE for them. Please bless and encourage their family and friends, too. In Jesus Name, Amen

      • Shower this couple with your healing grace! Give them supernatural strength to deal with both medical problems!

        Father, if it be your will, heal the husband and bring about a miracle! Send your guiding hands on the medical professionals! Give them encouragement, love and comfort during these trying times!


    • Praying for freedom from fear & peace of mind & protection. Slather your hands with coconut oil to help your hands heal. It’s a very natural “lotion” and also has antibacterial/antifungal/antiviral properties.

    • Dear VA – I am praying for you! I have faith that God can change our hearts and lives. I also believe that he can work through science & medicine to answer our prayers, too. I have a dear friend who suffers from your condition and she has greatly improved on the proper medicines! Part of my prayer for you is that you seek counseling and medicine, too, if it’s right for you.

    • Please pray for my husband Steve. He needs guidance right now with his career. He has been applying for positions for quite some time now. We know Gods time is always right but it has been tough.

    • Dear Lord Jesus, please help this lady with handwashing concerns to trust you daily, she is beautiful with you shining through her, help build her confidence so she knows she is a beautiful child of god.

      please pray that i daily trust god, the lord has drawn me and my boyfriend apart and it breaks my heart, my back is not good, lord please help me trust you and please heal me completely right now in you i trust my Lord Jesus, Amen, blessings, Vickixx


  2. our youngest child has serious case of college “senioritis”. Projects, job applications, belief in herself. However the more serious issue is her lack of belief in God. My heart is heavy this morning.

    • Senioritis is definitely hard to break through…Praying she can work through that and believe in both God and herself. God knows what she needs even when it seems like he’s absent and she’s rejecting him.

    • I am a university professor and having navigated “senioritis” during my different degrees, I have huge compassion for those seniors who struggle. I will lift your daughter up. Never give up hope – I walked away from God as a college freshman and returned several years after graduating with my bachelor’s. My first job showed me that I couldn’t find a better theory of the world, and drove me running back to my Savior.

    • My youngest is struggling with same issues – lack of confidence – and a lack of faith. Praying for these young adults.

    • My youngest is struggling with same issues – lack of confidence – and a lack of faith. Praying for these young adults.

  3. Court this week will determine if our 1 year old foster son will be reunified with his mom or if the process will start to terminate her rights. He’s been with us all his life. Please pray for truth to prevail and his best interests. Gods in charge.

    • I’ve just prayed. Exodus 14:14 The Lord Himself will fight for you. Just stay calm.
      We call this our ten finger prayer as we can hold up our fingers to recall each word and emphasize them now that we have memorized the verse

  4. My prayer is for a Monday thru Friday daylight hours job so that I can get involved with my community church. I work every Sunday. Thank you

  5. Laurie, I’m praying that the Lord is hearing you! On my side I’m thankfull for all the littles daily blessings that He is giving us. If it is possible we would like some help to pray for the baby that we are expecting, doctors are suspecting a fetal growth retardation, wich we can’t find a reason for. It would be nice of you to pray with us that she is finally okay !

  6. Been dealing with the fear of failure for as long as I can remember. Now, where I have allowed the devil to have a foothold on my mind, it has now become a stronghold over my lips. I struggle to voice my concerns to the Lord. My workload as a teacher has increased to the demands of new school admin, which although are well-intended, has become a disservice to our students with teachers caught in the middle. A spirit of confusion and discouragement is affecting our school community. Praying for wisdom, clarity of mind, increased physical and creative energy, joy, and boldness to speak whenever the Lord presents the opportunity to do so.

    • Praying for you Celeste – that God will surround you with his love, ease your fear and fill you with the peace that surpases all understanding. That He will keep his hand on you and guide you, the administration and your coworkers in your work.

    • Dear Lord, please watch over Celeste. Help her to persevere through her days. Help her to know her own strength so that she can become more confidant. Please dear Lord be with her as she prays in silence. Help her to know she is doing the best she can and that is enough!


  7. I am thankful for having God in my life and a worship community that is so supportive. I am struggling with preparing for my husbands upcoming deployment. I would like to request prayer for my anxiety and also that God would keep his hand on him and remove any anxieties he may have. Also that his job would be secure when he returns.

    • So many prayers to you and your family. My family thanks you for all you do.

      Dear Lord watch over Heather and ease her pain as the time comes for her husband to leave for his deployment. Be with her every day and help her never lose sight of the support she has in her community. Please bless her husband and keep him safe.


    • Father, please be with Heather right now. I have been where she is and I know the peace that you can bring when we trust you with our husbands lives, especially in these difficult circumstances. Remove any anxieties that either she or her husband are experiencing and allow his employers to be understanding and hold his job for him.

      Heather, God gave me this verse during my husband’s second deployment- Isaiah 26:3 “You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!” When the anxious thoughts creep in, give them to God and think on Him; he promises to give you a perfect peace. I’m so thankful you have a good worship community to support you through this!

  8. I am so thankful for all that The Lord has blessed me with. A great family, and friends. I am so thankful that my eyes were widened to make room for such love!

    My husband was recently transferred back to GA from AZ. And we just put the house on the market. I really would like some prayers for this house to sell. My husband has left to work in GA and we are in AZ until the home sells. While I am very grateful for my friends here but I am ready to have my family complete again, start searching for another home, and being settled.

    • Andrea,

      I am lifting you up in prayer today along with your family and your house and moving situation. . .I pray that your house will sell quickly so you may all be together as a family. We have just been going through this and I see the light at the end of the tunnel now that our house has sold. . .I hopeand pray for you that God will provide you with many encouragers and that you will feel His love as you wait to be together. Blessings to you all!

    • Transition is so difficult – praying for peace and a quick sale for you and your family, Andrea. We’re doing the same – AL to VA. Praying you’ll find the right home in GA, too. All the best.

  9. Thank you for your offers to be my prayer warriors. I consider it a privlidge when I get to pray for others special requests so I’m praying for those who leave comments here.

    My request is I am having surgery on Friday. I would like prayers for God to cover me and the doctors and nurses as I go through this, and to guide the doctor’s hand with wisdom.

    Thank you and Blessings~Nancy

    • Dear Nancy,

      May God bless you abundantly for your generous prayers for everyone! Dear Lord, please let Nancy’s surgery on Friday go well…please let it be fully and completely successful! Please guide all the doctors and surgeons and nurses who operate on her and who help her to recover and who take care of her, that she may experience a peaceful recovery and total healing and restoration. Please don’t let there be any side effects or problems from the surgery, and please let her recovery go perfectly. Please give all the doctors the right advice to give to her so that they will instruct her about how best to recover. Please let it all go well! Guide everyone’s hands with wisdom! Lord, be with Nancy before, during, and after the surgery…help her to know Your presence and to feel Your peace and healing love at all times, and grant her Your peace. Set her soul at ease so that she knows that You are with her and will be with her through the entire surgery and will be guiding everyone. Please wrap her in Your embrace after the surgery as well so that she feels Your presence with her then. Be with her, Lord! In Your Name I pray, Amen.

  10. Please pray for my faith to be sustained in a time of financial hardship. I know that God is my source and provider, but when the bills are so high and there is so much month at the end of my check, I sometimes find myself trying to suppress the overwhelming feeling that He has forgotten about me. I know that He sees me, but the stress of the situation feels like such a burden that it turns my heart cold in ways that I don’t like. Please pray for me and my faith.

    Thank you.

    • Melissa I understand what you are feeling. I have been walking in that same place financially due to a divorce. I remind myself that all I have is His and without Him I have nothing. His eye is on the sparrow… and I know He watches me. 🙂 He loves us little sparrow. He will provide.

    • Melissa, as someone else who is in dire straits like you, I urge you to not give up and hold your faith tight! He has not forgotten about you – He has a plan for you and even if it’s hard to see right now, that plan WILL work out for the best for you!

      You are in my prayers..,.I know that things will get easier for you soon…Our Father will not leave you stranded!

      • Melissa, We are in the same place as you and battling to keep our finances in order. As we both past retiring age, we thought this would be a time when we could relax and spend time together but my husband has had to return to part-time work at aged 70 to help pay the bills. I sell a bit online but really don’y make much profit bit it is a cash flow. We are being helped by a wonderful group called “Christians Against Poverty” which originated in England – we are in Australia. I don’t know if they are in the USA, but if not, there may be something similar. They have been a great help and we have seen miracles happen, yet like you, I too at times feel overwhelmed and far from God – such a horrible feeling which then becomes guilt and the devil has a wonderful time. My prayer is also for all of us facing financial difficulty – show us the way out Lord and give us the courage to keep going and know you are in total control. Thank You, Lord – Your faithfulness is new every morning!!!

  11. I am a missionary doctor in south india and my parents are missionaries in the north of india. I am to be married on the 1st of june but I have no idea where the money is going to come from. Please pray that god would provide for everything we need in every aspect of the wedding.

    • God be with you as you prepare your heart for married life.
      He is our Provider! And He will give you all you need when you need it. Praying for you.

  12. God is so amazing…i could use a prayer right now from anyone who is so incli.ed….coming home from skiing right now and i think i blew out my knee last night on a hil. The binding didnt release and twisted my leg at the knee…ouch. im really praying that it isnt total tear…dont want surgery!

  13. Please pray for my 3 sisters who do not follow Christ. I am so sad for them, especially the one who is a churchgoer.

    • Karen, I pray that your sisters will see how your love of God has molded you as a person. Continue to plant seeds in your sisters and trust that God will water these seeds and they will come to salvation.

  14. We are moving March 13 to 15. . .Please pray for safe travels and good weather. . .safety during the move for all involved. . .that house closings would go smoothly. . .that our son with Asperger’s would do well in spite of all the change. . .that we would find a church and make friends in our new location. . .and for healing in my left knee from an injury so hoping I do well with this during the move. . .Thank you prayer warriors!

  15. I am going through treatment for breast cancer. The first chemo was beyond awful so I am thankful God helped the doctors to know a better way. However, I must get it every two weeks. There are many side effects that are no fun. Please remember me in your prayers. Thank you so much. You be blessed is my prayer for you.

  16. I know all these people who have so much input and experience and suggestions on how to change the child welfare system in Missouri. They just need an audience. Praying that the Lord will provide an open mind and heart to listen to them, and start rebuilding a fractured system. It will take a miracle, but I’ve seen many in my life. In fact, I’m living proof He still performs miracles.

  17. Prayers for healing and comfort for you Frances, and strength and peace to see His eyes clearly thru it all.

    My prayer request is for my 17 yr old son dealing with depression and anxiety and my ever consuming need to try to help/fix.

  18. Hi Monica ~ I’ll be praying for you and your family as you move – that God may smooth the rough spots, that He may open all the doors before you reach them,and that you will feel Him preparing your way.

    My Mom has terminal brain cancer. She chose not to seek treatments but she is not feeling God’s peace and comfort. She is a Christian but she can’t seem to find what she needs in her faith.

    Also please pray for the rest of the family as we deal not only with Mom’s impending death, but also that God will give us the strength and wisdom as we take care of her at home.

    Thank you!

  19. I went through a divorce last year(he was having an affair). He has not doing what he is supposed to financially and that is making things difficult for us. Worst is how my kids are hurting. Two kids (17 & 14) no longer see him because they told him they do not want to be around his girlfriend. He hasn’t seen them since Christmas and doesn’t try. We live in the same town so no excuse. Youngest is 7 and goes, but now dad won’t send him to church as we agreed. Told him it doesn’t matter. I need prayers for my kids, for me to find forgiveness. Also pray for their dad, he was a good man that has lost his way.

    • This will not change quickly. I did not seek family and personal counseling. My sis in law did. I see great healing. It all got mixed up with the insurance for me so I just gave up but don’t give this up!!! Learn from me as your oldest is still a minor and can be made to go for this help…. but find a Christian psychologist or counselor who can help all three of you individually and you and all of you as a group. Insurance covers part. Unfortunately, through the courts, which I know you probably want to avoid, they can make him pay half or all of what insurance does not pay. You do not tell him. It’s handled through the courts.
      It’s a sad situation and I’m not a professional. I just know it truly freed my sis in law of anger bitterness resentment and she’s spiritually healthier but it takes time

  20. Dear Sis Frances, will pray God’s deliverance in ur cancer journey.
    I need prayer to control my tongue cos I speak v negatively n hurt my love ones even though I don’t rralise. I want to learn to follow Christ n not be a hypocrite.

  21. I ask for prayer that God will show me how to value myself and to take care of myself as I try to take care of others. I struggle with weight loss and keeping my home up and it is because I don’t think I am worthy of these things. I know that God is capable of all things and pray that he will wrap his loving arms around me and help me to love myself.

    • Sandy, He has heard your prayers and He is working on you…He loves you and is comforting you…listen through the struggles and you will hear His sweet, sweet voice.

  22. Prayers needed for my families direction. After divorce last year kids and I are ready for change. Open to Gods will, just trying to understand what that means for us. Prayers for financial needs to be met. Also for hearts to be healed for myself and my kids (17,14,7).

    • Didn’t mean to post twice. Kept getting a failure message. Maybe I need more prayer than I thought. 🙂

      • Dear Kim,
        I am so heartbroken to hear about your family. I will pray for you and yours for peace, healing, strength, and a love and joy only the Lord can bring you all. I am starting where you were last year. My children are 9 and 6. May we pray for each other. My husband was a good man, too.

  23. We are missionaries on a reservation in South Dakota and have been living by faith for over eight years, and God has supplied our needs, but we feel that He is asking us to put some feet to our faith and raise the full funds that we need to really make our ministry flourish. It is a big challenge and we know that God will help but sometimes our faith gets weak. We would appreciate your prayers fir our ministry as well as our finances.

    • Keith, I am in a ministry which has operated on faith for 13 years. I understand completely what you are expressing because we feel God is leading us to build a new building but we do not have the finances visible to do that.
      I pray that God will lead you as you make these difficult decisions about how to move forward in your work. I pray that you will hear clearly from Him and feel confident that you are under His guidance and protection. I pray that miraculous things would happen to strengthen your faith and that you would see visible results of your ministry to encourage you in your walk with our Lord.

  24. Please pray for me to be able to exercise so I can lose weight. My knees have problems when I walk. I am 65 and need motivation to get back in shape. I went through breast cancer last year and know I need to lose weight. Thanks

    • Gale , you will be in my prayers. I know how hard it can be to get motivated. I pray Lord that you will give Gale the strength and courage to start a program that works for her. And with faith in you Lord anything is possible.

    • Gale, my prayer is that God will meet you where you are and give you the strength and encouragement that you need. I went through several surgeries and need to begin exercising so that I can become healthy again, so I understand what you are going through.

  25. We are missionaries on a reservation in South Dakota and have been living by faith for our finances for over eight years. God has supplied our needs, but we feel that He is asking us to put some feet to our faith and raise the full funds that we need to really make our ministry flourish. It is a big challenge and we know that God will help but sometimes our faith gets weak. We would appreciate your prayers for our ministry as well as our finances.

    • Please consider the drugs they used may have caused this weight gain. My cousin too gained weight on her meds so getting them out of the system may take time. It is a step at a time. Give your body a chance to rejoice in The Lord! You are healed! God will help you with faith but focus instead on keeping busy helping others, going to visit someone you know in a nursing home, watching grand kids to plant flower seeds, and instead of cursing your weight, by thanking Him and giving and reaching out–getting out and about, walking a mall, I don’t know your interests but it will all fall into place. Praise to God that you are healed

  26. I struggle with so much anxiety about so many things and feel so discouraged by my seeming lack of faith. The anxiety keeps from sometimes doing things I would like to do because of fear. Please pray that the Lord will give me victory in this area of my life.

    Prayer for va: Dear Lord, please help VA with her handwashing problem. I know this is such a difficult issue to contend with. Please give her peace. Please give her victory over this problem in her life. Help her to know that you will take care of her. Increase her faith in your ability to care for her and protect her from every harm, including germs. In Jesus name I ask this. Amen.

  27. My oldest daughter is autistic and I recently took on homeschooling her and my three other kids because she was molested at school. She has been having a very hard time dealing with this, as have I. She has been having major temper tantrums and screaming fits that can go on for hours. My strength is depleted, I am weary and weak yet I know I can do this. Please pray not only for this situation but also that God can strengthen me to adequately provide education for all four of my kids. My oldest is 9 by the way.

    Thank you

    • Jaime,
      I just prayed for you and your daughter. I am so sorry that happened to her. I also have a nine year old daughter and can’t imagine the pain you are going through. May God bless your decision to bring her and your other children home. It sounds like you are a great mother that will do the best for her children. God will provide what you need to make that happen!

    • Jamie,

      I’m so sorry that I missed replying earlier..

      I am deeply sorry for what your daughter went through ,I can’t imagine the hurt and pain you are all going through.

      I pray for peace , comfort and strength for you and your children to get through this….


    • Jamie, I teach at a ministry school that is for children with learning difficulties and I know that you have taken on a big job. I pray that your strength is supernatural and with it, your patience and wisdom. I also pray that the Lord will bring people and/or organisations into your life that are equipped to help you with this challenge. I pray that your daughter will experience peace and healing. I ask the loving Father to provide you with the resources you need and with a loving church family to sustain you.

  28. Sue,

    I will pray that your Mother finds the peace and comfort she is seeking as well as strength and wisdom for you and your family as you go through this difficult journey with her .Bless you for bringing her under your care ..

    Please pray for my best friend’s son as he is in remission @ the moment and has two young sons .

    • I pray for the continued health of your friend son and that he will have many years of good health to spend with his sons in Jesus name Karen

  29. Please pray for God to restore my health back to where he wants it to be to glorify The Lord and from a fall which has left my right arm sore but not broken praise God you see I have limited ability on my left side

  30. I pray a God sized prayer for divine favor and intervention in the lives of my children and grandchildren;for them to live a radical life for God and ever live in His presence in the circle of His protection;wrapped in mercy,grace,healing,redemption,restoration, and deliverance;showered with blessings and ever covered with His favor. I call up as a child of God to a loving Father who hears and honors my prayers=I pray in expectation of my prayers being answered in the way that God knows iis best.

  31. Cheryl, I lift my hands to Our Mighty God in prayer for you and ask the Lord to be your words to allow thoughts to be positive and cleansing and uplifting. Lord please be her words and thoughts, give her control to think before she speaks, which is something very difficult but you Lord are Lord of miracles and healing, of changing our ways that are not good to be service to you. Touch her now as we lift her up and let her feel your love, support and encouragement. Thank you Jesus for listening, we love you!

    I am only 51 yrs old and disabled from degenerated disc disease that has caused me to have six neck surgeries and now a lower back coming up in the near future, however, I am also a caregiver to my husband that is 100% disabled with PTSD/TBI from Iraq, I can not get time for myself bc he needs me to do everything mostly due to TBI which then triggers PTSD, a vicious cycle, not ever knowing what a day will bring. I am screamed at, blamed, etc every day. There is no VA caregiver support yet in our area and I don’t have friends here, hard to make them with him. He can not handle crowds so church is out for now. I am good at not taking things personally but there are days that it is tough. I love my husband dearly, feel for him deeply and know it is due to combat not who he is. Please pray I stay strong, continue to not take things personal and somehow find time for me.
    Thank you, sorry this was long. God bless!

    • Wendie,

      I’m so sorry that you find yourself in such a difficult situation. What a hard place to be in! Lord, I pray that you will be sovereign over Wendie’s husband’s PTSD/TBI.
      That you will carry him in your strong, delicious arms and show him your might and strength and stabilizing power. May the peace of God that is beyond our understanding, carry him and let his mind and body rest.

      Thank you,. Lord, for Wendie’s faithfulness and her being able to care for her husband in spite of her own health needs. I pray that you will send her an ample supply of Your Own Dear Jesus, who has promised to be more than enough in every circumstance. Please touch her hurting body and feeling-used-up mind. Refresh her spirit, I pray. If there is a way, in your will, to send her a friend, then may that come forth. Provide not only for her own needs, but reward her for her steadfastness, and give her own “me” time when she can rest and be comforted and bathed in your precious love. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

      • I too understand. I have a TBI. I know it is hard for my husband. Lord help her and my husband. Amen

    • Lord, please give Wendie the support and help that she needs while caring for her husband. Also, please help Wendie and her husband with their disabilities, and bring peace to their home.

  32. Please pray for my son. He has been experimenting with drugs and doesn’t seem to grasp how dangerous they can be. He is an awesome young man who has so many God given gifts. It is devastating to watch him go through this. Thank you for any prayers!

    • Angie, thank you for lifting up your son and for opening up your heart. I pray for your son to know that Jesus is his ONE and ONLY need. And that only He can fulfill all of the desires of his heart. In Jesus’ Holy Name! Amen!

    • Angie,I pray that your son allows God into his heart and is able to “see” clearly. I know it is hard I too have teenaged boys in the same situation. We musn’t give up on them. I ask God to give you strength and to lift you up. And know that God has got your son in His hands…

  33. Lord, I come to you this morning asking for you to intervene in every request from your children…there are those needing healing from physical ailments, broken homes & hearts, those needing support financially and spiritually. I know you are faithful, that you love us beyond any measure that we can possibly imagine, so I pray that each one feels Your presence and Your peace that goes beyond our comprehension. I ask that you bless Holly as she continues to serve you through this ministry. Thank you Lord for loving me even when I am not loveable.

    • Jan W. Thank you for this prayer today. I will return to it many times as I continue to read through all the prayer requests now and throughout the day. God bless you.

  34. Please pray for me to have a heart of repentance and love for my husband. He is a good man and a loving husband. I just struggle with forgiveness and then it turns to resentment. Thank you!

    • Sally, l struggle with the same issues with my husband. My prayer for you is that God will meet you in your struggles and give you the will to fight the resentment you feel and a soft heart to forgive your husband. In fact, that prayer is for me as well.

  35. Asking for prayers for a very early pregnancy. I’ve had three losses in a row and this one doesn’t look good either. Will know more Monday after more bloodwork. Prayers that this baby is a late bloomer and my numbers are great! My heart is breaking but trying to stay hopeful. Praying for Angie’s son. That he would realize his Gof given potential on life is not dependent on drugs. That God would speak to his heart without question and let him know he is loved. Break any addiction or peer pressure situation that may be taking place. In Jesus name!

    • SV, I am praying for you today. I too have struggled with many miscarriages and the waiting is so hard. May God fill your heart with peace and knowledge that He is a loving God, who cares for you, hurts with you and carries you through this journey. I pray for the medical staff to be wise in taking care of you.

      In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

  36. I will pray for you Angie and the healing of your son. I can share that I have seen a miracle of this with my husbands son. I lift him up in prayer to our Lord. May His Grace surround him everyday of his life.

    Please pray for my three children from who I am estranged. Ask our Lord and Savior to open their hearts and feel the love I have for them and that we may share a new and glorious relationship with GOD as our center. I thank you

  37. Teresa, I pray that God would restore your relationships with your children, that He would create a desire in them to be reconciled to you, in His Precious Name.

    I ask for healing from an injury that has caused me pain for almost 8 months. I’ve been diagnosed with multiuple things that are then ruled out. They really do not know what it is. I just want to be my usual self with a healed body. Thank you.

    • Your requests have been lifted up before the throne of God. May our Lord and Savior be your constant companion!

  38. Almighty God and Healer, I pray that you would touch Jeanine’s body today. Please remove this pain that has been lingering for so long. The doctors may not be able to determine the cause, but you are THE Great Physician and know exactly what is going on in her body. Please heal her, Lord, for Your glory!

    We are seeking the Lord’s direction in general- how He wants my husband employed, where He wants us to live, and how He wants us to minister. One door is shut but there are a couple more still open. Thank you for praying!

  39. Father God, I lift Teresa and her three children up to you. I pray for the restoration of their relationship, for your healing, love and grace to shine through this situation. I pray Holy Spirit that you would open the children’s hearts to know Teresa’s love for them and that you would be at the center of their reconciliation, now and in the future.

    I ask for prayer for my son, Josh. He is a freshman in college and is struggling in several of his classes. This coming week is finals week and he is overwhelmed with anxiety and fear that he will not succeed. It is my hope that he succeed in all of his classes but I pray that the Lord’s will would prevail and that Josh would be drawn closer to the One who loves him without measure no matter what happens. I would also appreciate prayer for my own trust and peace surrounding the situation.

  40. My problem seems so small when compared with all of yours, but I would ask for prayers for my small alteration business. I am in a store with several other businesses but the woman who is the “owner” (she put the idea together) and I are so different in values and personalities. Another woman in the shop and I are trying to find another space to move to but even that has been difficult. My home is in another town several miles from the shop so if I move my business back to my home, I will lose the clients who prefer not to drive there. This has been a slow difficult season for me and I ask for your prayers.

    • The Lord cares for you.
      All that pertains to you. To me this seems like a difficult situation. I am not God but I read His Word.
      *Trust in The Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding
      (Turn it to Him)
      *Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God
      (Read Gods Word, meditate on it day and night and your faith will grow
      *If any of you lack wisdom let him ask of God who gives liberally and will not rebuke you for asking
      (Ask God what to do! He will show you. He does not always intend for our path to be so difficult)
      *Pray for your enemies. Pray for those who are unkind and say cruel things about you
      (Pray for this difficult woman. It may or may not change the situation but your focus will change and you will have peace–in your heart and in your business

  41. Keith, yours was the comment right above mine when I scrolled down. Praying for the Lord’s continued provision for you, your family and ministry. May He lead you, provide for you, heal and comfort you in His abundance. My prayer request is for my household. We have been existing in turmoil and poverty for the last few years. I am disabled and raising my toddler grandson. My daughter comes and goes, is not able to hold down a job and the tension between her and I is crushing. She is trying to find employment now so she can get her own place. I know we God provides. He has never failed us. Yet, there are times I am anxious and full of crippling pride wanting more. I have learned so much and know the abundance of peace, joy and provision is so much more than I can imagine. Only by grace.

    • Lord, I just pray for Kris, that she would be willing to abide with you through this difficult circumstance and see you working in her life. Kris, many of my cousins were raised by my grandmother, who was also partially disabled by a rare form of auto-immune arthritis that affected her whole body. Many of them now profess Christ, which they probably wouldn’t if they had stayed in their unstable homes (lack of employment, cohabitation, drugs, alcohol, etc.). I pray that you see fruit in your grandson that gives you purpose on your daily walk.

  42. Would you pray for our adoption of two little boys? We have court on the 21st and everything was going smoothly for them to come home soon after that. But now the case keeps changing hands and everything is being second guessed. Please pray for you our boys to come home soon and for our hearts to be full of peace and trust in God.

    • Sending prayers lifting your family up to the Father asking that everything goes quickly and smooth in His Will for those two precious ones. Have courage all in His timing. Hug

  43. How to explain ??? I have had headaches and blurred vision and no diagnosis or treatment and now i woke several times from a good sleep with chest pressure /pain and once pain in my left wrist which was really moderate pain and then last night with jaw pain and the same symptoms in my chest I am worried!

    • Dear Lord, who is our comforter and healer. I lift up Marlene Wensel’s health into your mighty Hand. Please touch Marlene’s heart. The Doctors may not be able to diagnose the cause, but YOU know exactly what is going on in her body. For you created my inmost being, you knit me together in my mother’s womb – Psalm 139:13. Lord, please heal her completely. In Jesus name, Amen!

      My prayer request is: I am desperately seeking God’s direction. Specially, time has come to make certain decisions in my life. After lots of prayers and counselling and also agreed by my Pastor and people from my prayer cell group, the Man I thought of marrying, it didn’t work out for some reason. It is so hard to move on.

      Dear people of God, please pray for me. May God bless you abundantly.

    • Please Marlene see the RNs note later on. I scrolled to find your name. She said CALL 911. Get to ER. THIS IS DANGEROUS her words. Please hope you have gotten help Lord that a family member has taken over and taken her to a hospital. Amen

      • I am also a nurse and I would recommend going to the ER to be checked for a blood clot or heart attack. Your symptoms could also be related to stress, so if you check out “fine” at the ER, perhaps you should consider that? I have lifted you up in prayer, Marlene. I just brought my dear friend (also named Marlene, by the way) to the hospital for a heart attack last weekend. She got prompt treatment and is going to be okay, but it was very scary. I hope you are okay!!

  44. Lord, I pray that you will work in Kris’s household… you know the needs and you know the timing. Help her to release her anxiety and trust fully in your provision. Please give her peace and joy and bring restoration between her and her daughter.

    My prayer request is for everything : /
    I am dealing with depression, anxiety, anger and struggling relationships within my family (marital problems continue after 15 years and 3 teen/pre-teen daughters). I also struggle with bad unhealthy habits, with nearly no desire to change. I don’t even know if I want to keep going at times. I have felt God’s presence in the past, I have hungered and followed him with all my heart. But I feel angry that all my past attempts to seek God, fasting, studying His Word, did nothing and here I sit a complete mess. I don’t know what more to say right now…but I figured asking for prayer was a start. Thanks.

    • Hi Janelle,
      You sound so much like me. I too have tried with all of my heart to get closer to God, with fasting and prayer, but my life remains the same. You are not alone.

    • Janelle , I have prayed for you. May you feel God,s presence with you as you walk through this valley.

    • Janelle, I am 33 with 4 young children and I struggle similarly with depression, anxiety, other diagnoses similar to these. I have been in therapy for over 2 years and I feel like little progress is being made. I do know the Lord is with me, but He often feels far away. I pray you feel His closeness soon.

  45. Dear Lord, we thank you that we can come and bring these prayer requests before you today.
    Please pray that our marriage would be restored and we would be the the couple God’s wants us to be.
    Thank you.

  46. Please pray my 10-month-old twins would get over their sickness. I think we’re dealing with the flu right now. But it’s been one thing after another: head cold, diarrhea, now flu-like symptoms. I’m worn out. My husband travels often for work, so it’s up to me. No family in the area either. We need prayers! Thank you, ladies!

    • Lord I am praying for Amy and her family. That the twins would recover quickly and that Amy can be refreshed and rested so that she is able to meet the demands of caring for two sick babies. Please bring a season of health to her family.

      • Lord, I lift Amy up to you today. I lift her life up to you as she takes care of her little ones. I pray for their healing and the endurance that Amy needs during this time. I pray you will be ever present to her and bring her the peace she needs during this time.

  47. Lord, I pray for the restoration of Linda’s marriage. I pray that Linda and her husband will be able to look into each other’s eyes and see the fruition of the promises they once made to each other.

    I ask for prayer for my finances. I am a single mom who has a large monthly mortgage, and it is so difficult to make ends meet on a teacher’s salary. Please pray that I will be able to pay off my mortgage soon. Please also pray that I will have peace about my finances. Thank you!

  48. My request is simple feed the homeless on Your birthday and also for healing in my husbands body and that the spirit of rebellion would lawlessness would leave this generation and the next.Father I pray that the person before me would walk in Your blessings and favor and that every need would be met and that They would have even a closer walk with you in Jesus name I pray.

  49. Please pray for our family as we consider moving to a different part of our state for a business opportunity for my husband. We have seven children and I’m expecting a baby in May. All of the kids are showing anxiety over this move. Pray that we make good decisions and follow God’s leading.

    Also, like others, we seem to be having constant sickness this month. Please pray that everyone can feel better soon and that we may have a season of health.

    Thank you so much for praying!

    • For angel guidance and clarity in your family decision that will bring peace and restoration to you all, dearLord, hear my prayer.

  50. please pray for my 14 year old daughter who has thought of suicide because she feels so alone, without good buddy friends. And for financial help and stability– a miracle– for us two. For my wisdom as a mom, trying to juggle three jobs, health issues, and be there for my beloved daughter. Let her see God’s presence in her life and in our lives in real ways.

  51. I would like to praise the Lord for the miracle of my mortgage loan being modified which will save me about $400.00 / month. I know many struggle with financial battles so I want to pray for those in this group to depend on God to meet our needs… I have to renew my faith daily through God’s Word to know God is able!

    Please pray for my sister Kelly. We are beyond dealing with the constant problems she has due to years of alcohol and drug addictions. In the past year she has had back surgery, colon surgery, and several weeks ago, neck surgery. She had a stroke at some point during or after the neck surgery then came home and overdosed on medications ending up in the ER and ICU and this time she had a heart attack. She came home again since insurance does not cover a rehab facility and now overdosed again yesterday on her medications and is back in the hospital. She is 50 years old. She lives with my mother so it is very difficult for her to manage my sister’s care and the anxiety she gets from dealing with these years of never ending problems. She is 83 years old. If one has plenty of money there are treatment facilities but without the finances there are no decent places people like my sister can go. She has been in every facility in our area, Christian and secular, that she can afford on her disability income but she always fails. And, the doctors keep on giving her the medications….it is unbelievable. Thanks for listening as I rambled on…God bless all of you.

    I am praying for Amy and her prayer request before mine for her 10-month old twins. It is agonizing to have your children fighting all these symptoms and not to have much help. I pray for them to be healed in Jesus’s name and for Amy to be able to get much needed rest.

  52. do not be afraid for I am with you through it all n May His Healing grace be upon your house, Nancy.

    ma request is for my younger brother to be saved…….I rely on you God.

  53. Please pray that I will be patient and wait for God’s perfect timing in my relationship and in my desire for a marriage purposal from the man I’ve been dating for the last year and a half.

  54. Dear Lord, who is our comforter and healer. I lift up Marlene Wensel’s health into your mighty Hand. Please touch Marlene’s heart. The Doctors may not be able to diagnose the cause, but YOU know exactly what is going on in her body. For you created my inmost being, you knit me together in my mother’s womb – Psalm 139:13. Lord, please heal her completely. In Jesus name, Amen!

    My prayer request is: I am desperately seeking God’s direction. Specially, time has come to make certain decisions in my life. After lots of prayers and counselling and also agreed by my Pastor and people from my prayer cell group, the Man I thought of marrying, it didn’t work out for some reason. It is so hard to move on.

    Dear people of God, please pray for me. May God bless you abundantly.

  55. Lord, I pray that you hold JR close to you during this season of life. I pray that she will be fully content in YOUR love, which never fails us!! May her heart be satisfied, overflowing with YOUR love into other’s lives!! May she see Your hands at work, through those that have advised her, and come to trust that they have been led by You with her best interest at heart…

    For me, please pray for some unresolved medical problems that are frustrating me, beating me down….wisdom for doctors, and for people to show some grace with me during this season (and for ME to show grace and not take things personally).


    • Marina, let go and let God is what comes to my mind…as difficult as it is.

      I give praise for a loving and faithful God, and I constantly need reminded.

      My prayers are for my family. My sister has taken on sole caretaker and is power of attorney for our father. She shares no information with me and burns with comments such as “I’m judging her”. I claim we are sisters and he is our father.
      She is relentless … and so am I. He has mild dimentia and is still capable, however not on his own. Please help us Lord.

    • Thank you Marina!

      Dear Lord, I lift up Marina’s health into your mighty Hand. During this season, may she be surrounded by people who are of good influence. Give her strength to carry on every moment. Lord, we also uplift doctors into your might. Lord, YOU know exactly what is going on in her body. For you created my inmost being, you knit me together in my mother’s womb – Psalm 139:13. Lord, please heal her completely. In Jesus name, Amen!

  56. Dear God,

    I lift up my prayer for JR. May she find strength in your faithfulness and peace in your promises. If God brings it to you, He will bring you through it. I will be praying for you to move on.

    May prayer request is for my own marriage. We’ve only been married for two years, but have been through so many arguments and terrible times. My husbands temper is indescribable. I need prayers to help me make the right decision about staying or leaving.

    • Thank you Leslie !

      Dear Lord, I lift up Leslie and her husband into your mighty Hand. Lord, even in the mist of terrible arguments give her wisdom to speak words that build up not tear down. May every word she speaks reflect your purity and love. Lord we pray that you would bring healing , restoration and reconciliation. Bless their relationship and make it strong. The two shall become one flesh. So they are no longer two but one flesh. Mark 10:8. In Jesus name, Amen!

    • Praying hard for you! That can be such an awful surprise after the wedding. My husband and I both really struggled with our tempers once we started having children (we had 4 in 4 years after thinking we were infertile and we were NOT prepared!). The verse that helped us (we memorized it and quoted it before opening our mouths when we were angry) is Proverbs 29:11: “Only a fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man quietly holds it back.” It took about 2 years, but we have both been delivered by the Lord through memorization of Scripture and constant prayer over each other. I have no idea if your husband admits to his problem, but I thought I would tell you what worked for us just in case!!

  57. I have four children (8,6,3 and 3 months) and a broken arm. My life just seems impossible right now as I struggle through the everyday. Please pray for the strength that I need to bring God glory in my life. To take care of my husband and my family and to have the patience to endure.

  58. Pray for my 6 year old grandson, he is in kidney failure and may need a transplant. We lost his 7 month old brother. Also the only dialysis center is a 2 hour drive one way and we go 3 times a week. I am believing for a total healing Thank you for your prayers.

  59. I am thankful for my salvation! I would appreciate prayer for real, moment-to-moment obedience to God. I usually start out my day that way, then by the end of the day, I go, “oh.” (If you know what I mean!) I really do hunger to be more obedient.


    • For what I do is not the good I want to do; no, the evil I do not want to do–this I keep on doing. Romans 7:19
      It is so hard to moment to moment live the way we know we should. I believe that is why God gives us grace! I would say the best way to be more obedient is by making sure to daily read God’s Word. Then, it is God changing you and is more likely to stick. I am praying for you right now!

  60. I am desperately seeking Gods guidance and peace over a work situation I love my job. but I dont know if He is telling me to step away or not, .Lord, lead me in your ways..

    • Dear Father, please guide Jan in her work situation. Please give her clarity and wisdom. Lead her, bless her and give her peace in knowing that you are always present and guiding.

      I’m healing from post partum depression and anxiety. I ask for prayer for faith and trust and to overcome my fears.

      God bless all you beautiful women! I am praying for you!

    • Dear Lord,

      You are wisdom and guidance. All our ways are Yours. I intercede for my sister Jan. She is desperately seeking You and longs to be Your instrument. Would you speak softly into her soul today, as she walks and prays? Thank You for Your goodness. And thank You for your word. I pray over Jeremiah 6:16 for Jan:

      This is what the Lord says:

      “Stand at the crossroads and look;
      ask for the ancient paths,
      ask where the good way is, and walk in it,
      and you will find rest for your souls.
      But you said, ‘We will not walk in it.’

  61. Hi Ellen

    I pray that you will feel God’s strong guidance during every moment of your day and night. In one way or another as the day goes buy and our minds get busy, we do move away a little – perhaps you may take a moment later during the day to re-gather your thoughts with a prayer to God – just to re-instil the closeness you felt from your time spent with God in the morning.

    Hi Jan
    May God provide you with peace and strong guidance to make the decisions that He would want you to. I feel a strong sense that God’s guidance is much simpler than what you are expecting or searching for. He has go His hand on your heart.

    lots of Love Blessings

    I would like to ask for prayer regarding a family situation with my x-husband. He is using our little girl like a piece of elastic – pulling and tugging her around mentally and emotionally – and using her to hurt me. My two older children are also suffering tremendously. Please pray for peace within his heart and mind – that God may STRONGLY touch him so that he may return to the Lord fully and see the error of his ways.

    Thank you so much

    • I will be praying for you, your daughter, your older children and for your ex husband. God’s timing is perfect but a lot of times He takes longer to work than we want Him to. I am sorry you are going through this. God will work miracles in your situation for His glory and for all of your families good. He loves you all very much and has the very best for you in mind. Though it can be very difficult to go through this tough situation, it will bring you even closer to Him. Just rest in Him :).

      • Thank you very much, Tiffany. Your wonderful encouragement has truly touched my heart.

        What you have done is very brave and admirable – God will lead you through this and place the right people along your way to help and guide you. You will be in my prayers. pls feel free to contact me any time you need some encouragement – tearsandhealing@yahoo.com


  62. God has brought me to a place where I have become willing to admit that I am a drug addict. I have gone to my pastor and my Sunday school class to let them know. I have gone to some ladies in my church and one lady in particular has been very helpful to get me in touch with people who can help me. I will be going to Reformers Unanimous very soon for help and will be gone for 6 months. They are a completely biblically based and it is a very intense program to help make the addict free. I have 3 kids at home and 2 of them I have been homeschooling. We will be talking to the Christian school that is a part of our church to see if the kids can finish there. I am asking for prayer for myself as I go through this hard time and for my family. I know this is the path God wants me on to gain true freedom in Him. Please pray for us and for all the details to be brought together. Financially we can’t afford it but we know God has a way! Thank you for praying for me (us)!

    • Praying for you and family. My ex-husbands family and my own brothers struggled with addiction. God is in it with you and will see you through.

  63. Dear Holy Spirit,
    Please be with Elna’s ex-husband, please envelope him with peace, provide joy to his heart and open his eyes so that he no longer causes pain and difficulty with his daughter, his ex-wife and the two older children. Please protect the girls from his ways and help him to turn back to you. Please cover this family with your steadfast love, guidance and protection. Help them grow faithfully and spiritually together. We love you Lord and know that with faith and endurance you will prevail over this situation.

  64. Please pray for my depression to lift off me…I feel so. Discouraged. ..health issues for me and husband and a very exhausting job.

    • Do you know the song that says, “Peace is flowing like a river?” This is one that helps me; I hum it when I feel exhausted, maybe it will please you too.
      Heavenly Father, continue to be with Marcia and her husband, shower them with your love and guide them to strength, health, and peace.

  65. I am thankful for more than there is room for in this post…a gratitude list would certainly include my two autistic children, my future husband, my work/employment, my faith, family and friends as well as our health being strong.
    Please pray for us: an ex-husband who continues to be more for himself and causing me difficulty than building relationships with his two oldest children.
    New after school care for both of my children in the new school year (units are closing and or shifting to potentially different school buildings too).
    Thank you for your prayers.
    I will read and pray for the post showing around this request…
    In love, Susan

  66. I would like to ask for prayers for my nine year old son who is struggling with transition issues of fitting in at his school. It seems that he is having trouble in many areas. There are some issues involving lying and we need to see if it is him or another little boy. I do not want to be oversensitive or overprotective but in my heart I do not think he is always the one to be blamed. It is hard to describe the entire situation in a small paragraph but God does know the truth and I would like to know it as well so that I can either help or support my boy in the correct way. Thank you so much!!

    • I am a teacher and often find myself helping students and parents with transitions; there is never one way rather many since we all have such special personalities. Good luck and prayers for your son who will come to know he is safe and loved by you and his Creator. I pray for his classroom community, teacher, administrator to recognize, support, and amend any/all situations for the children so that all, including your son, are secure, safe, educated, and respected. In the Lord’s name I pray, Amen

    • Lynn Bass —

      Dear Lord, this nine year old needs your special prayers and protection. He needs to learn about honesty and honor and integrity. He needs a Holy Defender and Loving Friend. Thank you that you are all that, and more. I pray that his true story will be heard, and he will be given the help and comfort and love he needs. I impart to his r his mother, the peace that passes all understanding, and joy unspeakable. I give her the holy hand of fellowship. May she be strengthened and comforted, and may this experience draw her closer to God. In the name of the Holy Child, Jesus, Amen.

    • Dear Lord, please bless Lynn with your wisdom as she deals with the issues with her son at school. I ask God to show Lynn the truth regarding her son. God help this young child to adjust to his new school. Perhaps Mom could bring in a treat for all the children to celebrate a special day. Is there anyone that could be invited over to the home. God work miracles in the lives of the Bass family as this is a stressful time for all. As I teacher myself, I always ask at least one child to be a new student’s buddy. I also pray that the teacher involved is sensitive to Lynn’s son’s issue. In Jesus name, amen

  67. I ask for prayers for my marriage as my husband goes through a selfish time. He doesn’t seem to have feelings for me or anything. I ask God to show me the truth in what is really happening.
    During this time I want to become closer to God. I want to feel God’s love as the love that never fails. Human beings can always fail us. Thanks for your prayers in advance.

    • Rose, my husband and I recently separated after 12 years of marriage. Although we are in counseling, separately, it remains to be a struggle. I pray for healing and reconciliation for you and your husband. I pray in Jesus’ name that you both find peace in His presence.

    • Rose, my husband and I recently separated after 12 years of marriage. Although we are in counseling, separately, it remains to be a struggle. I pray for healing and reconciliation for you and your husband. I pray in Jesus’ name that you both find peace in His presence.

  68. I am thankful for my family, my savior, my church, my friends, my home. I need prayer that I will continue to seek God’s face above all else. Also that my husband and son would be drawn to the Lord.

  69. My cousin is very sick and the doctors don’t know why yet. She has a genetic condition that predisposes her to develop cancer in her body – she lost her colon completely at age 21 to cancer – and at her last checkup there was no cancer in her body, but they just cannot figure out what is causing her to be so sick. She’s been in the hospital all weekend having tests. Please pray for her.

    Also for my uncle (this same cousin’s stepfather). He has been fighting his own battle with cancer for a couple of years. He had reached a point where it wasn’t spreading, it was under control, but they found out last week it spread again. He goes back on chemotherapy next week.

    • Lord, please lift Abner into Your healing light, this day and always….please make it possible for him to come to the US for a life-saving liver transplant! We know that it is Your will for him to be healed and rescued and trust that You have a way to make that happen…please let all the necessary doors open for that to be possible. Please work a miracle for him, Lord! Please let them raise enough money through fundraising for him to be able to come to this country to receive medical attention and surgery. Let him find the perfect match for a donor! Bless 88Keys for her prayer for him! In Your Name I pray, Amen.

  70. I ask for prayers for myself for a number of serious chronic health conditions. It’s very hard to juggle the medications and treatments of several maladies — what should be the best care for one condition is the opposite of what some of the other conditions need. I get discouraged at all the doctors’ predictions that my overall health can only go downhill. With my body-chemistry screwed up, and the struggle to care for myself, my mind often dwells on the “I hurts” and the gloomy thoughts, and I have to choose joy even when I can’t feel it. I would also like a sensitive prayer partner. I have to live a rather isolated life.

  71. Please pray for me….I am despartly trying to loose weight. i am diabetic and recovering from broken leg..this has been a life long struggle. Also prayer for enough success in my business to cover all my bills and medications,Disability is not enough. Prayers for my children fined christian, loving mates and that they continue to seek God’s will in their life.
    And finally, that I will continue to take those leaps of faith that God puts in front of me.
    Than kyou..prayers are the best. Amen

    • I just want to tell you Becky that God will bring you your every need. I myself I have been battling with loosing weight and now I just take it day by day. I try to make one change in my eating habits a day. In regards to your business, I pray that God will flourish you well above your means to cover all your bills and medications. He will make it were you don’t have to depend on disability provide for you. God is always going to bless your children by keeping them on the right path to know him and to follow his ways. May you children find their mates who God has personally handpicked for them. Lastly, allow God to be you own personal soulmate in your walk with him. Let go and let God show you his plan for you and bet you that it is going to be more than you imagine. I hope you have a great day and you will be in my prayers.

  72. Hi Elna,
    I pray that god would guard your children’s hearts and minds. I pray that God would give them wisdom and knowledge about their father and that they will feel God’s presence with them while spending time with him. I pray your beautiful children would know they are fearfully and wonderfully made by their God, and He is their Abba Father. I pray for forgiveness , restoration, healing, and the scales to be lifted from their fathers eyes. He would come back to Christ and become the father your children deserve . I pray your heart and wounds would be healed and you would feel God holding you, providing for your family , spiritually , emotionally. That God would bring amazing Godly people to encourage you and support you! Amen

    My prayer request,
    For my 4beautiful children and my grandson to feel God’s presence daily, that they would know how much God loves them, and He will never leave them.
    My son and oldest daughter would come back to walking with Christ, and to see the gifts God gave them. Anxiety and depression would not have a hold on them and they would have healing from what others have done to them and they could forgive the trespassers. Their Joy would be resored and flourish. My two youngest girls would continue to walk close with Christ and give them wisdom while in college . Healing and forgiveness to those who have hurt and abandoned them. That their Joy may be full.
    For me, divorced momma, would have wisdom for my children and be the best I can be for them, with Christ by my side. For healing of my past . God’s provision for my family.
    Thank you…

  73. After being out of work for 7 mos and surviving by the Grace of God and His blessings, I started work at the end of Jan. as a p/t paraprofessional with autistic middle school children. This job will only last until June and I desperately need a f/t permanent job with benefits. I’ve had an infected toe for the past week and cannot afford to see a doctor. Please pray that I will get a f/t perm job with benefits and that my toe will be healed. Thank you so much.

  74. Father, i thank you for Rose’s passion for you. Please envelope her in your arms and hold her heart. I pray for eyes that see the truth of who she is and the peace that comes with this understanding. I pray for wisdom and forgiveness for her. I pray you would turn her husband towards you and Rose. I pray for gentle answers. I ask these heartfelt prayers in the,name of the matchless name of Jesus Christ.

    My prayer request is for my relationship to m2 girls, ages 6 and 8. My anger gets the best of me abdnd there is a lot of screaming in my household. It breaks their heart when I yell at them, and despite breaking mine as well, I still do . It’s so bad that they constantly scream at each other too. They learned well from me. I am a single mom so don’t have a lot of help, however they are much more respectful and obedient with others. They have incredibly loving and sensitive hearts and I don’t want to be responsible for them losing that. Please help. It’s bad.

  75. Hi everyone, for the last year I have been in pursuit for my first real big girl job. I have been on two interviews and both company’s have decided to go with other candidates. Other times I’ve applied for other job positions and to discover that they have either been closed or that the company has gone withmore qualified individuals. Right now I feel helpless because I wondering is there something I’m doing wrong on these interviews or is God trying to protect me from future heartache if I was to get one of those job positions. I feel that our society is too competitive and performance-driven that recent college graduates like myself can’t even get their foot in the door. Right now I need prayer that God has the best job for me in mind.

  76. I am so hurting physically. I have fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, pain/earnoise from a tri-geminal surgery, poor balance, and my dr. is trying to help me withdraw from some strong pain meds. The side effects are headaches, exhaustion, more pain and others. Thanks for praying for me!

  77. I am borrowing this prayer, for all the intentions above mine: Lord, I come to you this afternoon asking for you to intervene in every request from your children…there are those needing healing from physical ailments, broken homes & hearts, those needing support financially and spiritually. I know you are faithful, that you love us beyond any measure that we can possibly imagine, so I pray that each one feels Your presence and Your peace that goes beyond our comprehension. I ask that you bless Holly as she continues to serve you through this ministry. Thank you Lord for loving me even when I am not loveable.

    I would like to submit a prayer request, not for myself, but for my friend Joanne who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and given 2 months to live. I pray for strength, and comfort and peace for her and her family. I pray that the pain and exhaustion she feels may lessen so that she may cherish this time that she to be with them. That she feels the love and prayers of her family, and friends, and our Heavenly Father’s arms surrounding her as she goes through this difficult time, and that her faith remains strong.

  78. I am thankful for all of God’s blessings in my life. I am thankful for His creation, the ocean, flowers, and the laughter and joy of children. I am thankful for the trials and struggles I go through and the miracles God shows me on a daily basis. I am thankful for Christian music that speaks to me every time I listen, my heart and soul sings with the artists. ( too bad my voice doesn’t sound like them! Ha) the lyrics are so uplifting, encouraging, and true… I am thankful for (in)courage …

  79. Marlene,

    I am a nurse and the symptoms you are having constitute an IMMEDIATE visit to the emergency room. You need to call an ambulance right now! I’m praying for you to get the help you need. You are experiencing symptoms if a heart attack, which can be a lot more subtle than they are for me. Please go!

  80. About five months ago my husband lost his battle with brain cancer. Please pray for me and my daughter and grandaughter as we look at our future and the decisions that need to be made. Many things have happened and left me without some blessings. I know God will help me thru all of these things . In some ways all of this is alittle scary.

  81. Please pray for my husband for a permanent job some where here in St.Louis. He lost his job at the end of September this last year. He is working in St.Charles however it is only a temp job. Please pray that this will come in as an actual job position. Thanks so much for praying.

  82. I have prayed for God’s provision and care for both Carolyon and Jeanie above. Please pray for my father. He struggles with depression, and it looks like he may be going downward again into a difficult season. It is hard on my mom, and I need wisdom to know how to help them both. Thank you for praying.

  83. Well, I’ve never done this, but I’m leaving my prayer request because I am desperate. I am battling a recurrence of depression and PTSD and I am really struggling at work. I am a professor and tomorrow is my reappointment review (where I find out if my contract will be extended another year). I need God’s grace to get through the review without symptoms. Could you pray for me? Someone?

    • Genevieve, I pray that God would blanket you with his grace; that when you for your appointment tomorrow you will feel his presence close to you and would feel complete peace. God is bigger than your symptoms but I deal with depression so I know how hard it is to grab on to that sometimes. Praying that God would bind up the symptoms of your depression and PTSD and loose the healing power of heaven over you and set you free. Amen and Amen~

      • Genevieve I am praying for your moods to stabilize and for you to feel God’s faithfulness in your life. He has been there for you from before you were born and will continue to be there for. He will be guiding tomorrow’s reappointment review. I have PTSD and depression also and the thought that guides me is God’s Faithfulness!

    • Genevieve, I hope your review went well. I am praying for the depression to be lifted and that God will fill your heart with comfort and give you peace. I also pray for others with depression, that God will lift their sadness and overwhelm them with His love and care. I have been in treatment for 20 + years and have had a recurrence recently when my dad passed away, so I understand.

  84. Please pray that God would touch my husband’s heart and bring him to the place where he can believe that Jesus died for him and rose again so we could have victory. Pray that God would grow fruit in his life and build him into the man that he would have him be. Thank you for praying~ Ev

    • Dear Lord,

      You have chosen us and today I pray for my sister Ev. Support her in Your prayers at the Father’s right hand, Lord Jesus. You take a heart of stone and give us a heart of flesh. This is what I pray You would do today for Ev’s husband. Ev is a witness for you and strengthen her in her quiet time with you. Move in her husband and may he ask questions in sincerity as to the hope that Ev has. Amen!


    • Ruthona, I pray for your brother Jim and his doctors. I pray for the wisdom of the doctor’s to hear God’s still small voice when they decide on Jim’s treatments. I pray that this time would bring Jim closer to God. And that he would be able to feel God’s arms around him as he goes through the treatments and these tough times. I pray for God’s peace for you and your family. And His grace to be evident through this difficult season.

    • Oh, Ruthona, I’m so sorry to hear about your brother’s pancreatic cancer! Dear Lord, I lift Ruthona’s brother Jim up to You today…please lift him into Your healing light. Please help him, Lord–physically, mentally, and emotionally, and spiritually–to cope with such awful news, the diagnosis of stage 4 pancreatic cancer…please be with him, Lord! Be with Ruthona and with their entire family! Give them all the strength to face this diagnosis and to place all their trust in You! Please guide and direct Jim to all the right doctors, to all the best doctors, and please let them decide on the best treatment plan possible, and let it be successful! Let him respond well to whatever treatment they choose, and help him to cope successfully with any side effects. Let the treatment be successful! Most of all, grant him and their family a sense of Your peace and Your presence with them all, knowing that whatever happens with the treatment, You are with them and will continue to always be with them and never leave them. Please be with them all, Lord! In Your Name I pray, Amen.

  86. I’ve just prayed for your husband, Ev – I know God will do much more “than we ask or think”! God bless you!
    Please pray for my brother who is having surgery tomorrow, Monday, Feb 18. He has prostate cancer that has spread to his kidney, which is what the surgery will be on. Please pray that the shots they will give him in the next year for the prostate cancer will work, because there is nothing else that they will do after that. He’s only 63 and knows the Lord.
    Thank you for your prayers!

  87. Today is my birthday and at 28 years old, I feel that God is taking me into a new season of my life to give strength to others that I’ve experienced in healing. I have recently launched a new company, a writing and transcription firm, as a means to support myself financially and provide steady work for freelancers. It is my prayer that my clients come to me with a business as well as a spiritual need. Also, I ask prayer for my staff that they might be become aware of Christ perhaps for the first time. God, will you please grant me favor as this is your endeavor through me and be my Provider. You know my specific needs even before I ask them and I thank You that Jesus is intedceding. Grant me wisdom discernment. Thank You for going ahead of me and for all the clients and contractors. Please bring to me the legal support for contracts that I need as well as marketing material design. I pray specifically Lord. You and I have been through so much together and I trust You. I walk in Your way. Grant me knowledge in business on what is to be pursued and what to disregard. Amen.

    • Dear Abigail,

      May the Lord bless you for your deeply Christ-centered hopes and dreams and for your obedience to Him! Dear Lord, I pray that You will enable Abigail to feel Your great love for her and Your presence in her life, this day and always…thank You for bringing her into the world! Thank You for all the many gifts and talents and graces that you’ve lavished on her, and thank You for her beautiful desire to use them all in Your service! Thank You for her faith! Please let her have great success with her new company…let it be a good source of income for her and also a very enriching place for her clients. Let all her clients find and receive many blessings through her new company. Most especially, let her clients and staff come to the knowledge of You, Christ, especially if it’s for the first time….use Abigail’s company to witness to You, the Redeemer! Give Abigail the opportunity to witness to You through her company….give her the wisdom to know when to speak of You to her clients, and give her all the right things to say and write about You for them! Give her all the knowledge she needs in order to run every aspect of the company successfully–guide her every step of the way, Lord! Let it be a wonderful source of witness for You, Lord! Bless her tremendously for her longing to use her company to help further knowledge of You! Let her clients come to her not only for business needs, but also for spiritual needs as well. Be with Abigail, and grant her great success! Thank You for her deep knowledge that You walk right beside her, helping her with everything–help her to always feel Your presence and guidance like that, with such clarity! Bless her and her company, Lord! In Your Name I pray, Amen.

  88. I need to learn how to be a friend and how to join in church fellowship in a lasting way. I have made many attempts and mistakes in the past and find myself very wanting of the kind of fellowship I had in my earlier married years before we moved to our present home. It feels like my husband and I have never been able to become part of our chosen church in a solid way. Thanks…

    • Carrie, I pray that you will find the right church home. I think that is so important. I just moved a year ago from NJ to DE and my church home that I found as soon as I arrived is absolutely terrific and has been my stronghold. I can see and feel the mighty had of God reaching out thru them to me and my family all the time. I pray that you and your husband will be able to find just such a place. Keep looking. Don’t give up. There are good churches with loving church families out there.

    • Oh, Carrie, I am praying for you. I was part of a very abusive fundamentalist church in my childhood, and when I came “back” to the Lord after trying to be agnostic in college, I found an evangelical church that my parents were attending very healing. However, out of the blue, we were excommunicated in 2010 because something we did was misconstrued as slander and gossip of the pastor. We are struggling very hard to get involved in the church God led us to after that, but I must admit we still really only go because we want our children raised in church. I have deep trust issues and don’t even desire to get close to the church community anymore. I need healing as you do. If you want to read some of the things I’ve written about our journey through church pain (if that would help you), visit http://www.turquoisegates.com/search/label/church%20pain

  89. I am praying for Ruthona’s brother to get the appropriate medical care and for his healing. I am thankful for my parents support as I struggle to get better and for all the glory that i see in the ordinary of each day. I would very much like for prayers regarding a long friendship that is dying. It has become emotionally and verbally abusive due to bipolar disorder, alcohol and paranoia. I grieve for the loss of friendship and ask that god comforts me, brings me peace and friendships that are for my highest good instead of knocking me down. I also pray that God will heal my friends instability and that we can find peace somehow. Thank you and God Bless everyone who has posted on this site.

    • I am praying for Carrie to learn how to become a supoortive, caring friend and that she and her husband will find fellowship in a Church that will welcome them mightily!

  90. Prayers for all the healings you are hoping and praying for Kathy. I pray that your healing will continue and that your parents would be more supportive and that you will find a friend that will uplift you and be there for you through life’s often difficult journey.

  91. and for me…I offer praise that I am finally starting to heal of this dreadful cold but that the fatigue will begin to pass as well so that I can get things done. I also have praises for the wonderful teacher conference I had at school on Friday about my younger son. Every single teacher said what a pleasure he was to have in class, how hard he worked, how respectful he was, how hard he tries. I was so proud of him. I also worry about him as he is at the age where he has started experimenting with drugs. We come from a family with a long history of the curse of alcoholism and addiction and I pray that he will stand firm in his faith and not succomb to the peer pressure and worldly pressures that are tempting him with this insideous sin. I pray for my oder son, now clean and sober for a year, that he will grow more in his faith and also that he will start to mature a bit and get to doing what he should be doing here at home. I simply do not have the strength to do it all. I need prayers for my financial mess which may end up needing to close in bankruptcy.

  92. “God, I lift up Carrie to you as she is asking for fellowship and friendship in her church! God I pray that you would lead her and direct her steps as she learns how to be a friend and how to get plugged in! Give her a generous heart and a cheerful attitude as you open the doors for her to have what her heart longs for. Most of all Lord, draw her to you and increase the love in her heart for what you care about.”
    “God I also pray for Kathy! Please give her peace and comfort as she begins to reach out for other friends who can help encourage her and build her up. It isn’t easy to lose friendships we hold dear for so long, but Lord, I ask for you to fill her life with joy! I pray too for this friend that you would work miracles and draw this friend to you as a result of Kathy’s witness. You are big enough to part the Red Sea and yet you care for the birds of the air. Thank you for your love.”
    Please pray for me as my husband and I move again in approx. 2 weeks. This will be our sixth move in the almost eight years we’ve been married, and moving so often makes it difficult for me to make friends and leave over and over again. Also, that I would be able to find a good job after we move.

    • Lillie, I pray for you and your husband as you move once again. I pray tat your faith would carry you through this difficult time of readjusting. Remember that God’s faithfulness never changes. He has been there beside you from before you were born and will continue to be there for you. I pray that you will find friends who will make the move easier and that you will be directed to a job that will provide well for you and where you will find friends also.

  93. I could use prayers for the healing of my family. Our 16 year old daughter has had PTSD and depression for the last 8 years. She has walked away from her faith at present. She had a car accident and that has set off her PTSD and is having anxiety attacks again. She is trying to get her GED and is looking for a job. She is living with good people and my husband and I are working on healing ourselves and our marriage.

    • Father, I pray for Lisa and her family right now. Please help her daughter with the quests before her and help them to stay focused on you! Brighten the corner of their world and keep them in your arms.Help them to celebrate the good times and smile through the hard times! Thanks God! In Jesus’ name, Amen

    • I am praying hard for your daughter. I suffered with undiagnosed depression, PTSD, anxiety for many years following child abuse from age 8-14. I wasn’t finally diagnosed until age 31, when I finally found a good therapist. I pray your daughter finds a path to freedom.

      • Thank you so much. She is living with a wonderful woman who has been through more than she has. So she has a good mentor in her. I will be thinking of you tomorrow. And I pray that you will have success in finding a church family.

  94. Please pray for my family as we are going through a big transition period with our daughter who has Down Syndrome. Simply put, she is transitioning into Junior High in the real world and the youth group at church does not want her to promote. Thanks for praying!

    • Heather….look below for a prayer….sorry that mine didn’t post right after your post! Many blessings!

    • Jennifer,
      Father God, you are the restorer of relationships. I praise you because you are the God who see’s us and our needs. I confess that we often fail you and those around us and humbly ask for your forgiveness. Thank you that you restore us to yourself. Comfort my sister Jennifer. Draw her husband to you and soften his heart. Bind the enemy from interfering in this Marriage. Lord would you send your healing power into this relationship and restore it to wholeness. Do this all for your glory.
      We love you Lord and give you praise.

      Blessings Dear one.

  95. Dear Heather,

    I’m so sorry for the terrible situation at the youth group! I pray that things will turn around and be in your daughter’s favor there. Dear Lord, I lift up to You Heather and her daughter and their entire family….please be with them all during this time of major transition. Transitions are always hard, but we know that You can help us all through them, no matter what. Please bless Heather’s daughter….please let her know how immensely loved she is by her family and infinitely loved also by You, Lord….and please let that love overflow her heart so that she is impervious to the negative feelings in her youth group. Please let her know that she is utterly treasured and beloved, and that nothing which anyone at the youth group says or does or thinks can ever change that! Please let her have great happiness in transitioning to Junior High…let it be a time of great personal enrichment for her, and please make the transition as easy as possible. Let her make lots of loving friends and have great support from her teachers and from everyone at the school. And please change the hearts and minds of everyone at the youth group so that they will come to truly accept and love her for who she is and never make her feel left out. Please help her to successfully cope with any feelings of rejection that she experiences in the meantime or has experienced at the youth group–drive far from her all those feelings, and rather replace them with a great and very clear knowledge of Your love for her and also the love of her family and everyone else who loves her. Be with her and with her family, this day and always! In Your Name I pray, Amen.

  96. Heather, I am praying for your daughter, and your entire family, that your daughter has a good experience in Jr High. That God is guiding, and comforting her every second. Your daughter will never be alone, God will be with her always.

    Jennifer, I am praying for you and your marriage. If it is Gods will, may your husband have a change of heart and come back. God bless you!

  97. I am at my wit’s end today. I am in an abusive relationship but I have no strength or courage left to get out. Please, please pray that the Lord will lead me in His Direction–not my will but His be done. I fear that I’m headed for yet another nervous breakdown; I’m unable to think or act clearly. I have no children or anyone else on whom I can depend, except Jesus. Perhaps I’m expecting too big of a miracle. I just don’t know what else to do except ask for prayer from you. Thank you and God bless.

  98. I will be printing this out and lifting you all up in prayer and bringing this all to the throne.

    we could use prayer for a few things
    -should we sell our house
    -should we start an adoption/foster ministry at our church
    -should we look for other jobs in a different state
    -should we still adopt or have more of our own children
    we have been praying about these things for years and could use some clarity and answers.
    thank you!

  99. We just found out that my husband carries the gene for an incurable brain disease. Our children, we now know, are at risk for inheriting the disease as well. I am 34 and facing the reality that barring a miracle i will have to watch the love of my life eventually develop this disease, suffer, and die. I love Jesus with all my heart but this has shaken my trust in Him so badly. That may be the worst part of all. Please pray that God will help me find my way back to Him.

  100. Please pray for me and my husband. My husband has kidney failure and is on dialysis, and we are starting home dialysis, which takes up our whole day between training and actually doing it. We have just recently moved to a new town, because of a job opportunity for him, which he lost due to getting sick. I have fibromyalgia, and have applied for disability, but was just denied because they said fibro is not real. I just feel so alone, we dont know anyone here, family is far away, and I feel as if my whole world is fallin apart.

    • Father I come to you right now in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and ask for your healing power to flow through to Lisa and her husband. Father you know exactly where they are and all their needs. Lord I pray that you would open up te windows of heaven and pour them out a blessing they wouldn’t have room enough to receive.

      You are Jehovah Raphah and Jehovah Jireh – as their supplier and and their healer show up and show out. Lord allow Lisa and her husband to have a seven-fold increase in their income and we thank You Lord for now sending Your Word and healing them in every area of their life, world and affairs.

      In Jesus name we pray – Amen.

  101. Lisa,
    I just prayed for you and your husband. I have known people on dialysis and two with fibromyalgia. It is real. I’m sorry for your struggle.
    Two questions for you:
    Are you a part of a church in your new area?
    Would you feel comfortable sharing where you are, just state even, so someone reading today could reach out “irl” and you could share information privately?

  102. Please pray for my marriage. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one in the “partnership” and everything seems to fall on me to make the decisions and get things done. My husband is retired and sits at home all day while I work 40 hours a week. I come home and I have to start my “other” job, I’m tired and growing evermore resentful. I’ve tried talking to him, I’ve asked open ended questions, I’ve kept the “you” out and used “I” statements. I’m tired of talking, tired of trying elicit a response, tired of feeling like I’m married in name only, tired of always being the”bad guy”. When I’ve tried to explain my frustrations and how I don’t believe this is how God intended marriage to be, I get a blank look and silence. I didn’t feel this alone when I was single.

    • Heavenly Father,

      Please hear the cry of your daughter, Angie. Reveal to her clearly what your plan for her marriage is and what action you are calling her to do. Soften her heart for this relationship and allow her to see deeply into the obstacles that are keeping her husband at arm’s length. In your Son’s precious name I pray – every day, Lord, until her concern has been resolved.

  103. I will pray for you and your husband. I pray God will show you wonderful people to help you feel more comfortable in your new city. I pray for good doctors, good nurses, and good neighbors. I think also a good church may make you feel more comfortable in your new city. Good people are everywhere wanting to help. It may take a little while, but I know God’s healing comfort will be with you.

    Please pray for my children in their jobs. Both are going thru a very stressful time in their lives right now. Please pray that my child’s PTSD is washed away by the tender mercy of Jesus.

  104. Prayer for jobs, our house to sell and all my children. Praise the lord for all things. Jesus is everything !!!

    • Debbie,
      I pray for you and your children. It is hard to feel confident in this world but Jesus has overcome the world. His voice is truth and life and burns away darkness.

  105. I’m sruggling right now to understand God’s will for my life. I feel like I’ve wasted so much of my life and now at almost 59 there’s so much I would like to do for the Lord – yet feel overwhelmed just with day to day living.
    My son was murdered 8 year ago- and although the Lord has brought me out – I didn’t realize until this year how much that had taken out of me – I want my joy in the Lord back – I want to feel His presence more and it seems like one day I just woke up and I was empty – but how can that be and I’m a prayer minister at my church -although I’ve been told since I don’t always speak in tongues I’m not a good intercessor. Now my son’s daughter who is 12 years old just lost her mother – so she has no parents – and I’m not quite sure her environment is the safest. But she lives in a Maternal state where the mother’s side has first say – and I live 1500 miles away – so it would be hard to fly back & forth to atempt to gain custody and still work. Oh I don’t know why I’m going on – you all have your own problems, and then there’s my relationship with my daughter who lives in the same city as I do but hardly ever comes to visit and now that her daughte is a teenager – I don’t hardly hear from her either. I admit I wasn’t the best mother in the world – but I can’t change that. I’ve asked her forgiveness – but she says that’s on me. I have a desire to write – especially for women who have been ostracized, abused verbally and physically and also for people who have lost loved ones by violence – but I don’t know where to start and I don’t want to be out of God’s will. As a Christian = I guess I don’t measure up to a woman of great strengths in the Lord – but I try my best and I love the Lord with all my heart. God bless you all.

    • I cannot imagine what it must be like to have a child murdered. It sounds like you really have a lot going on in the family. I will pray for peace for all concerned. Try not to put yourself down, it does not help. God loves you and so do God’s people.

  106. Please pray for my husband to seek the Lord. He has gotten out of His will and our marriage needs to be transformed. We both need to be transformed. Also pray for protection from the enemy during this time.

  107. Ginny, I’m praying for God’s transforming power in your marriage. I’m praying that your husband will come to know the Lord and follow His plan for your marriage and your husband’s life. I pray that God’s holy angels will surround you both with their comfort and protection, in Jesus’ name.

    I’m thanking God, right now, for renewed financial health, but could use prayers for my own physical health and my daughter’s emotional health. I am also praying that my husband will come to know Jesus, and accept Him into his life.

    God Bless each of you, in the (in)courage community!

  108. Please pray for my husband and I as we try to figure out the best response to our 20 year old sons’ continued alcohol abuse. He needs treatment but refuses to go . We are struggling with how far to go. Do we make him move out? Wait and see if going to AA will help? We are struggling and sad and don’t know if we have th willingness to follow through….

    • I encourage you to attend Families Anonymous or Alanon meetings for support in dealing with your son. You may help him in the long run by asking him to move out and make it on his own.

  109. Please pray for my husband and I as we try to figure out the best response to our 20 year old sons’ continued alcohol abuse. He needs treatment but refuses to go . We are struggling with how far to go. Do we make him move out? Wait and see if going to AA will help? We are struggling and sad and don’t know if we have the willingness to follow through….

    • Father, I pray for Your wisdom for Kathleen and her husband in this situation. Lord, we know things are not as they should be, and we know Your will is for healing and restoration. I pray for this young man, Lord, that You would touch Him in ways abundantly beyond anything that we can expect or understand. I pray You make Your will know to them, and give them the strength to see the situation as You do. Help them to have tough love, if need be, and as You have promised in Your Word, Your strength is made perfect in weakness – remind them that when they are weak, You are strong. In Jesus’ almighty name I pray. Amen

  110. Please pray for our beautiful 15 year old daughter. She needs some wisdom and insight from her Heavenly Father. Her father and I need His peace desperately.

    • King, I come here before you asking for your divine intervention for Terri’s daughter. May your Spirit move in her, and in the people she holds dear. Would you work through her friends and family to share Your wisdom, Father? Please also rain Your peace over Terri and her husband; please reassure them of Your power and graces. We know that You are good, and You stand outside of time – seeing exactly what is going on and how it all plays out. Thank you, King, for all the blessings You rain down on us. May we continue on in this race until we reach the finish line. Amen.

    • 15 is a tough age and though I do not know what is going on with your family, I urge you to seek counseling for you and her father or talk to other parents. Do not try to do this alone. I will pray as well. God be with you all.

  111. I’m moving overseas for a year on May 12th. I’m not really afraid of going – I’m afraid of leaving everything and everyone I know and then having them forget about me. I guess I just need peace to know that God has this under control. I believe it with my heart, but there’s a gap between my heart knowledge and head knowledge.

    • Bless you in your new career. I will pray the bonds you have with family and friends can be strengthened by mail, email, skype or what ever you have at your disposal. What an awesome opportunity you have! You will be a different person when you return.

  112. My 82 year old mother is in a nursing home. She has very little apetite and is no longer interested in reading, tv or chatting with others. Many times she tells me when I visit that she just wants to die because her arthritis hurts so much. She spends most of her time in bed, in spite of others with whom she could socialize with being nearby. How can I continue to help her when she pulls me down and I leave there hopeless myself. I am 64.

    • Charlotte, sending prayers for you and your mother. Our family struggled through a similar situation before my mother’s death 2 years ago. I understand your pain. I will pray that your mother improves and that you feel some relief in helping her.

  113. I’m losing it over my son’s hurtful ways toward us and his insane love for a girl I can’t stand. They plan on getting married and I’m going crazy.

    • I am not sure what could be more painful than this. Our children are so very precious to us. You are in my prayers and I hold you up as I pray for my own child who is captivated by someone I would ot chose for her. Worship God continually. Read the word, read uplifting books and do not lose heart.

  114. Dear God, Please help Kathleen and her family during this most stressful time. Give them guidance and peace of heart as they make important decisions about their son. Send your angels

  115. Please pray for my 19 year old daughter as she struggles with anxiety and the stress of being a college student athlete. Thank you.

  116. I have 2 very serious requests:

    The first involves the husband of an RN at church. Thanksgiving weekend he had a massive heart attack and has been in a coma state ever since. He is going to Atlanta to see a specialist as he has finally been able to stand up on his own and eat food some. Pray for a miracle. The wife has not worked since then and they have 3 children.

    My second request involves another friend at church. She has cervical cancer, I believe. Went to Vanderbilt hospital this week and got bad news. The cancer is spreading and and they may have to do surgery and remove all the unnecessary parts down there. She has 4 weeks to decide and know her fate.

    Please pray for miracles for both these families!

    Thank you prayer warriors@!

  117. Having our 2nd baby in 2 weeks, and sometimes I wonder how I’m going to manage a baby and a 2 1/2 year-old. Needing grace, and lots of help from the Lord.

    • Sending prayers for a healthy delivery and baby and for your patience & wisdom in dealing with your growing family. I feel certain you will be fine, but I will continue to pray for you!

    When Christ came to earth, it was to tell us that He had full acceptance of this world, and wants us to have it, too. And, think about this: I think the fact that Jesus came to earth at that particular time…no hand gels, no opportunity to have sinks and soap always on hand, etc., as we do today, yet He and all the people of those years just used common sense in keeping clean, given what was available to them. Christ wants us to use common sense, too, just as He did. He is your example and wants you to have His attitude. He took care of His hygiene without stress…and so should you. Yes, we do live in an age where everyone is bombarded by fear of germs from this and that and the other thing. What we should calmly remember is that God made our bodies and has provided ‘built-in’ resistance to everyday germs. In addition, He also has prepared us with new knowledge about illnesses, and along with that, He provides us with His spirit enabling us to use common sense in how we approach a real exposure to illness. When such an exposure is identified, His spirit will guide you in the type of response you should take to avoid the illness. It would be a commonly known guide for humanity in general, and you would know it and observe. He does not want us to live compulsively as we go about the routine activities of our lives. I love the Bible verse: “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and a sound mind.” Therein is YOUR built-in gift. And, once given a gift from God, it is yours forever. It will never disappear from your keeping. Accept this truth today, turn over to God all the incorrect compulsive hand washing, and trust Him to keep you healthy and knowledgeable to handle all the unknown circumstances of life…if and when they should occur. Meanwhile, there are two books I think you’d love: 1. In His Image; 2. Fearfully and Wonderfully Made. Both by Dr. Paul Brand and Philip Yancey. This wonderful doctor explains about the marvelous human body – relating it to the Body of Christ. Both are excellent and I know would help you SO much. God bless you! You are in my prayers.

  119. Praying for you Gwen. Mine are 4 and 6 and were exactly 2 years apart. Praying for God’s strength to carry you- it did me on those hard days. I’m asking for prayers for peace. I’m having lab work tomorrow to recheck something that has been off-despite being told by several medical professionals that it is not likely anything I’m consumed with fear. Please pray for peace and that I will submit to God and stop trying to be in control.

  120. Prayer please for income & something to do w/o being abused. for Comprehending why things happen.

    • Dear Heavenly Father,
      Please watch over and protect your daughter. Provide for her needs and provide her with peace and understanding. Give her the strength and courage to follow your will for her and wrap your loving arms around her. Help her to know that she is loved.

    • Heavenly Father,

      Please help Reaching Out to find a source of income & a job to do that will bring praise to you w/o her being abused. Show her why you are working things as you are!

      Shower her with grace & mercy!

  121. Heavenly Father, the God who knows us and sees us and so understands us, please give your precious daughter, Gwen comfort, strength and peace. Please give her guidance as she loves and cares for 2 little ones. You are always with her and will never forsake her, let her see You in her every day life.

  122. Please pray for income & something to do that not being abused and some other things not comprehendable yet.

  123. I ask for prayers for help in finding a new place to live. Our city officials have decided to put a road where our house is. We have lived here for 30 years.

    • Kathy, I pray that a new home will be found soon and that in that home you will take the old memories of the past and fill the new home with the peace & love of Christ Jesus.

  124. I am having a total hysterectomy on Friday due to an ovarian mass. Please pray for a diagnosis of no cancer.

    • Dear Heavenly Father,
      Wrap your loving arms around Karen this week. I pray that you will guide her doctors as they operate on her on Friday. I pray for your healing power and that she will feel your love and comfort. And, Lord, I pray that she gets a diagnosis of no cancer and that she heals quickly.

    • Father,

      Wrap you loving arms around Karen. Give her a sense of peace this week. Throw you healing power over her. Shower her with your love, grace and mercy.

      Guide the surgeon’s hand!

  125. I have a daughter who knows the Lord but is discouraged by a lack of friends and goals in life. She has begun to seek out non Christian companionship and I am so afraid for her.

    • Dear Heavenly Father,
      I pray for Tess’s daughter to hear your voice and stay true to who she is in You. I pray that You will place people in her life that will help her stay in faith and follow Your ways. I also ask for strength and perseverance for Tess so that she can gently guide her daughter. Keep them both safe and secure in your love.

  126. I am separated from my husband and we are in counseling. We have begun to attend church together again so God is working on our hearts. Please pray that we continue to listen to God, that our hearts will soften toward one another and that we will allow ourselves to be close. Also pray that I will be able to place my full trust in God to reconcile our marriage.

    • Dear Father God, I pray for Kim right now and ask that you give her an extra measure of peace for your plan and trust in you. What a blessing that she and her husband are going to church again together and taking steps towards restoring their marriage. Please give Kim hope and help her to fall in love with her husband all over again. Let this time be a season they look back on and grew closer to each other and you and maybe they can help others who struggle.

  127. Thank you for this day of prayer requests. Like Kim, my husband and I are in a very challenging time in our marriage and there are days I feel like I am held together with duct tape or a glue stick. My prayer request is that I would be able to stay faithful regardless of my circumstances and not lose hope. I have also been asking God to bring a godly woman into my life who would be willing to mentor me.

  128. Lord, thank you that Kim and her husband are seeking counseling. Bless their efforts to seek Your guidance to rebuild their marriage covenant. Help each in the coming days to remember You are a very present help in trouble and take their fears, hopes, goals, and desires to You. Speak, Lord, in the still, small voice of your Holy Spirit and renew this couple’s love, agape love with Christ as the flame that burns between them. Give Kim the faith to follow Your lead in the days ahead. Lord, we lay this prayer before You as the God who chose to bless a marriage with the first miracle of the Lord’s on earth–the wedding at Cana. May the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified in Kim and her husband’s lives.

  129. Please pray for my friend, Kristin. She is of Jewish faith and has surgery scheduled for 2-18 (Monday) for cancer in her right lung.

  130. I’m just struggling in general. Satan is hitting me with such random and ridiculous thoughts – things I’ve never struggled with in my life, suddenly I’m finding myself terrified. Please pray and lift me up in prayer. I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up.

    • Sending prayers for you Melissa… I have been struggling with anxiety & depression myself, and I’ve been greatly helped by getting medication. I will pray that your fear is relieved and that you find your way through to regain your balance.

  131. I am thankful for my family and for our good health & the fact that we have a home. Both of my grown sons are living at home, trying to get on their feet financially. I am struggling with anxiety & depression from the financial problems our business is experiencing. I would appreciate prayers for my peace of mind and the improved financial state of our business, which we all depend on.

    • Lord, I pray for Dianne,
      You know our anxieties, our weaknesses, our very great need of you. You love us with an unending love, you hold us in the palm of your hand. you take our fears and replace them with your peace whenever we turn to you in prayer.
      I pray that Dianne will remain steadfastly aware of you in the moments when anxieties hit her and steal her peace. that she will come to trust your unfailing love Lord and be able to give you thanks in each and every circumstance of her life and the lives of her family. dianne, take time out of your day to be still before the Lord, there is no need to speak, he already knows your needs, just be still before Him and let Him gently and tenderly .speak to you. ~With Love

  132. Please pray for my marriage.
    Over many years of trying to love this man I have given up and hardened my heart towards him.
    Please pray that the Lord will soften my heart
    thank you

  133. Dear Heavenly Father…please enter powerfully into Val’s marriage…soften her heart and shine your light of love and conviction unto her husband’s heart. Save and restore this marriage, dear Lord.

    Tonight I am thankful for 17 years with a wonderful family pet. I am struggling with the fact that we have to put her to sleep tomorrow morning. Please pray for comfort for me, my husband, our kids (even though they are grown) and bring to remembrance all the fun and joy that this mutt of a dog brought into our lives.

  134. Dear Jesus please comfort Deb and her family as they say goodbye to this loving pet who has brought so much joy to them all. I pray that the good memories would flood their minds and that they would hold those memories close to their hearts.
    Please pray for my son to return to the Lord and surrender to him. Please pray that I would also be able to completely entrust him to God’s care and trust God for the outcomes. Thanks so much

  135. Lord, I bring Debbie before you; she has asked for her son to return to You and wants the strength to trust in You completely for his care. Lord, we ask the strength of Moses’ mother for Debbie–let her know that as she lays her son at your feet, that you take him in Your loving arms and will return him to her.

    I ask Lord that you strengthen me as I continue seeking full-time work. I am blessed to have a job currently but this nonrenewable contract ends June 30; I know that you brought us here for me to work at this place and if it was meant to be a stepping-stone to something greater, I pray that You allow me to see the next thing and not be afraid to step into that new blessing. I also ask Your strength, God, as I continue to fight on my weight loss journey. I ask these prayers and thank You for hearing and answering in Your own good time, in the Name of Your Son, Jesus. Amen.

  136. I am so very grateful for all the amazing blessings the Lord has given my family and I. There are too many to list! I am struggling to keep a good relationship with our 13 year old. Everything I say seems to be the wrong thing. She is our first teenager to raise and I pray God will help my husband and I find the right words to say to her. I pray He will guide her heart toward Him and that he would help us to guide her, too! Thank you for your prayers! May God bless all of you!

  137. Gracious, loving Father of us all, I lift my sister to You tonight asking for Your guidance to the perfect job for her. I ask for a job that will bless her as she blessed those she serves with the gifts You have lavished upon her. Give her courage to face change if that is your will for her, and discernment to see the doors You are opening for her. Strengthen and up hold her Lord, as she journeys toward a new and healthier lifestyle, which will leave her stronger and better able to serve You. Thank you for her great faith in You and guard her in all areas of her life. These things I ask in Jesus’ precious name.

    Please pray for me for boldness and wisdom as I try to help build unity in my church family. I ask for the presence and guidance of the Holy Spirit as we move forward in serving in the name of Jesus. I ask for hurting hearts to mend and grace to flow.

    • Thank you so much, Tracy: coming back today to read your kind words is a blessing to me. I too will pray for you regarding your church family; my husband and I have been in that place and it is a difficult one for sure. Be strong in the Lord!

  138. Praying for more of God in my life. His direction and will specifically in the area of another baby. Had postpartum last time, and it was hard.

  139. Dear Lord: I ask that you provide AR Neal with steady employment, whether it is where she is currently working or somewhere else. I pray that she will remember ALL things are possible through you. I pray that she be a continual light in her current workplace so any non-believers will be drawn to a relationship with you.
    I also pray that she takes one day at a time with her weight loss and that you bind Satan from trying to discourage her and make her feel like she iis not strong enough to conquer the weight loss by relying on your strenght.
    Lastly, I thank you for her life and the special princess she is beccause her Father is a King.

    Dear Lord I also pray for Christina Y. That you give her a supernatural strength to get through the teenage years with her child. That you help her to remember these years will pass and that it is OK to draw on support from her “sisters” to face the many challenges of raising teenagers. I pray that her daughter will realize how deeply her parents love her and that their decisions they make are out of the love they have for her.

    I ask for prayer with my job. It has been so discouraging over the past few years and has escalated to the point of almost being unbearable. I know God is doing something great and this is where he has chosen for me to be at the moment for his purposes. I want to be obedient to his will, however I feel depression is surrounding me and I need help in finding contentment and strength to get through this situation until he releases me from this situation.

  140. I am thankful for good, positive Christian people that have stepped into our path during an extremely difficult time.
    I am really struggling with stress, & anguish. I had cancer last year and know that stress is something to be taken seriously. I am a Christian and I am relying heavily on my faith to get our family through this storm, but I struggle with letting go, and puting all my trust in God. I have such anxiety over this situation and need to believe that God already has this worked out for Alex, even when the report does not look good.
    Please pray that God’s hand would be at work over Alex’s situation, and that he places good, strong Christian people in our path that can truly help us in this great time of need. We need a miracle! Please also pray that God would saturate our hearts and home with His presence while we try to navigate our way through this storm. We cannot see a way through it, but we need prayers that God already has the answers we need!
    Thank you sincerely for your prayers for Alex and my family! God bless you and keep you safe!

  141. I am thankful for good, positive Christian people that have stepped into our path during an extremely difficult time.
    Please pray that God’s hand would be at work over Alex’s situation, and that He places good, Christian people in our path that can truly help us in this great time of need. We need a miracle! Please also pray that God would saturate our hearts and home with His presence while we try to navigate our way through this storm. We cannot see a way through it, but we need prayers that God already has the answers we need!
    Thank you sincerely for your prayers for Alex and my family! God bless you and keep you safe!

  142. Wow Lynn! I am in the same boat with you. My husband just found an amino acid that seems to be helping me. It is called DLPA or DL-Phenalynene. There is a lot of research out there about it. I pray that God will help see you through this, and that you will see it as his opportunity to be your strength in this weakness. That you will learn like he is trying to teach me, to be thankful in all things, and for all things, even the painful stuff that I dont like and do not understand. That even though you are in terrible pain that you can be in love with Him and live in the fullness of his Joy. Thank you Father that you are there, you see Lynn, you love her and you have not abandoned her. May she see you in the midst, and know you more fully as she leans hard into you. In Jesus Name, Amen.

  143. I usually find this early in the morning but am loving reading all of the requests late this evening. My prayers are with you all. I’d like to ask for prayer as our family transitions into new phases of life. I thought I had things under control with a good routine and things were settling down but this weekend has me wondering. I am so thankful for so many blessings one of which is certainly this community! Thank you for praying.

  144. Prayers as I prepare to move in 4 months and start the next phase of my life. Right now I am trying to balance cherishing the time I have left before moving and preparing for the new challenges and opportunities that lie ahead; it’s all so bittersweet.

  145. Details of a Mission trip to Colombia taken care of (passport, kids taken care of in my absence, funds to go, safety, etc)
    Heavenly father, please bless Hope with Your peace. Let her family feel peace and ‘settled’ as they transition. Give them courage to go thru this and all transitions they wiill entail in this lifetime. Strengthen her marriage and let her continue to give u praise and glory thru these days. amen.

  146. My families biggest burden right now is being in debt. It seems that no matter how hard we work to move forward the debt stays the same… and it just seems to be trying to pull us under. Please pray for money wide wisdom to get us out of debt. We don’t like owing money to people. I feel that praying for money is wrong byri don’t see how else we will ever pay off what we owe.

  147. Please God hear our prayers and bless all your children. Help us to trust you through all our trials and keep us looking toward the Light to lead our way through the dark places. In Jesus name, Amen.

  148. Please pray that God will bring the right engineering job to my husband. He has been out of work for 7 months. He delivers pizza at night and has been applying to so many positions. We have three children and Gld has been so good to us. A permanent job position would be amazing. Thank you!!

  149. Father God, I pray for Katie and her family to find a sensible way out of debt. Please open their eyes to any extra things they can do to bring in the money necessary to pay off what they owe . In your name, Amen.

  150. Lord, I pray in agreement with Lynn for healing from the pain, fatigue and brain fog of fybromyalgia and thank You that You are a prayer answering God! May she come back bearing the good news of her healing that will be a testimony to all those in need of assurance and encouragement. In Jesus’ name I pray.

    Please pray with me for guidance and direction from the Lord in my son’s life pertaining to his health, career and life partner. He has been waiting on the Lord and has been pursuing self employment to date. Please pray for God’s blessing and reassurance if this is in accordance to His will, or redirection from the Lord. With a grateful heart for answered prayer.

  151. I’m thankful for a roof over my head right now…and I’m struggling financially. A court settlement should be coming through but no date, please pray God will expedite the process in His will and time. Thanks so much….

  152. Lord, please help CW son to be moving in the right direction. Give her wisdom and insight, and her son to see all facts and pros and cons about his employment. I ask that you keep him healthy to stand and take care of himself, and that a woman who has the teaching of kindness on her tongue would be brought into his life. We thank you you hear us when we cry out to you, and ask that you help us to hear your still small voice.

  153. Dear Heavenly Loving Father we humbly ask u to bless us with a child my trust n hope is within u my Jesus not on Doctors or Medicines show us the correct path n bless my Daughter with sister or Brother which she waits every day to hear the good news from me also i pray for all the married couples who don’t have a child bless them my good god .. thank u for all your blessings n the blessings which are going to come our way lord Amen..

    • Lord I pray for Romi and her family as they seek to grow their family. I pray that You would give them peace and rest in You as they go through this journey. Bless them with precious laughter and joy in the midst of their longing. May they see Your hand working in miraculous ways. And please draw them closer to You, closer together, and closer to contentment in their journey. We thank you for all the blessings that You are already bringing them, so many of which we just can’t even see yet:) Thank you, Lord.

  154. That I will use this temporary extra time I have in life-giving, meaningful ways… not wasting these moments that are a gift.

    • Lord, I bring Romi before you now and ask that you would bless her with a child. Father, hold her and make Your presence known to her in a deep, comforting and real way. Direct her to the right doctor/medications and facility that could help to make this hope a reality. Thank you Father, that you are with her in every moment, offering the gift of your loving grace and mercy.

  155. I would love for you to pray for me to have a complete peace in my heart about getting married. I am to answer my boyfriend by Wednesday about moving into engagement. He is an amazing Christan man, and we’ve been together 3 years, but no matter what I am doing, or what situation I’m in, I have a measure of fear that is lurking in my heart. And it’s not just this man – it’s been here for years. I don’t know when to trust that this is God’s voice, and when to trust that it’s my true heart/intuition. I have lost confidence in my gut reactions, and I don’t know if I should trust what “love” is supposed to look like (infatuation) or if I should go with the committed love (not the head over heals crazy about each other love). I am ready to no longer waver. May God grant me peace and joy to move forward one direction or another, and courage to do it. Thank you for praying with me.

  156. Tired of feeling like I am not getting anywhere..broken heart that won’t stop bleeding. I can never find my way back to check these, so please just pray I would stop feeling so bad. Thanks and God bless.

  157. Father, I pray for my sister Amber. Thank you that you know her innermost being; you know every piece of her heart. Lord, if there is something holding her back, will you show her. Let her hear your voice. Protect her from the enemy and take away any fear or hesitations. Let your perfect love cast out her fear. Give her discernment and wisdom as to whether she should move towards engagement with this man. Here is a quote I found by Ann Voskamp, “The only man you want to give your life to is one who makes you hunger for Christ, believe in Grace, experience the other-world love of God.” No man is perfect, but a relationship grounded in Christ’s love is a wonderful gift.

  158. Father, thank you we can come before you and are waiting to hear us and embrace us. I ask that you would open Cherilyn’s womb. Prepare her body to conceive and grow life. Bless her Father.

  159. God, I pray in agreement with Gerry. She is tired. Father, you welcome the weary and you say that your burden is light. Let Gerry experience that as true. Bring people into her life to help carry her burden- to walk in tandem with her yoke. Thank you Jesus that you offer ABUNDANT life… show her the way and let her experience your springs of living water in a more deep, lasting way.

  160. My son is struggling in his marriage. His real need, however, is the Lord in his life. We adopted him at age 5 and he has many fears and anxieties that I believe are a result of his early childhood. This is his second marriage. He has a six-year old daughter from his first marriage, his current wife has a six-year old daughter as well, and now they are expecting their first child. He has a sweet, loving heart and is a good father to both the girls. However, he has anger management issues and other emotional problems that are putting great stress on his marriage. It breaks my heart to think that he might lose this relationship and damage another child in a broken marriage.

  161. Lord we lift up Susan’s son. Father, bring people into his life who can help bring the transformation he needs… to get to the root of his anger and help him learn to interact in a healthy way with others… his wife and his children. Bring your redemption. Bring your healing. Amen.

  162. Monday is the day I am to return to work after being on stress leave since the day after Christmas. There has been no change in the situation that causes so much stress and i have been seriously considering not returning. However, I just found out that I will be needing surgery in the next 3 weeks and I must return to work in order to keep my health insurance. This is all in addition to the facts that my husband lost his business of 25 yrs and has been unsuccessful in making enough money to pay the fees required to keep our house from being auctioned off, my 19 yr old daughter is with a boy she met in rehab(he is the reason she was arrested last year, though thanks to God she was cleared of all charges), and my family lives 3000 miles from me. I am constantly reminding myself to be grateful for the things that I have been blessed with, but i am becoming overwhelmed

  163. Lord, we lift up all of the prayers of these women.
    I ask for prayers for my daughter, Miranda. Help her to heal physically and emotionally and to refind her faith in God. She is a teenager on the brink of graduating. The past couple of years have been hard, as she feels that good things never happen to her, or if they do, that a bad thing always happens next. She has had some hard experiences that have torn at her heart and her faith. Please pray that she can see the positives and joys, and that her faith can help support her through those trying times. Thanks.

  164. I pray the Holy Spirit will ease Susan’s son and show him that he no longer needs to feel anxious, that he has been blessed with a second chance to create a loving home for his children, and that in doing so he will find that peace he was not allowed as a small child.

  165. My husband & I are full time missionaries in Peru. We have been in the states the past 3 months visiting family & introducing them to our first son who was born in October. We leave for Lima on Wednesday. I love what we do, but this part is always the worst. Leaving will be especially hard this time because I have seen my son with his family & we are all so close. It breaks my heart to be away from home but this is what God has called us to do for this time. Sometimes it’s so hard to be faithful, and it’s an every day sacrifice. I trust God will provide comfort as we leave our families, but I am already feeling a little anxious about the process.

    Please pray for us & especially for traveling mercies. My son was a newborn when we first flew to the states & now he is 4 months & highly active! Hoping he does well during the long travel day!

    Thank you, friends! It’s a blessing to be part of this community!

    • Heavenly Father we ask that through your Holy Spirit you will give peace and comfort to Amanda as she goes through the emotional time of returning to Peru and leaving her close family. I ask that you would bless her and those she leaves with the joy in the knowledge that they are so loved by each other and their Lord. I pray that Amanda and her husband will be comfort for each other and that You will strengthen their faith and determination to serve you. Also that as they journey you will give rest to their baby to ease the travel time. Thank you Lord

    • Heavenly Father we ask that through your Holy Spirit you will give peace and comfort to Amanda as she goes through the emotional time of returning to Peru and leaving her close family. I ask that you would bless her and those she leaves with the joy in the knowledge that they are so loved by each other and their Lord. I pray that Amanda and her husband will be comfort for each other and that You will strengthen their faith and determination to serve you. Also that as they journey you will give rest to their baby to ease the travel time. Thank you Lord

  166. Please pray for my sister’s niece, Jen. She has been battling leukemia for years and is in the hospital with pneumonia and leukemia filled fluid is being drained from her lungs. She has 3 children and a loving husband and large extended family. She’s in Johns hopkins hospital so the care has been excellent. She can barely talk now. Please pray and agree for a healing miracle. Thank you and God Bless all of you.

  167. Please pray for my 19 year old daughter, Tori. She is studying missions in college with a call to Japan. She is in the hospital with mono and a ruptured spleen. When she is released we have a 6 hour ride home and a long recovery ahead. Prayers for healing and safe travels. Praise God for His healing and protection thus far!!

  168. Please pray for my 19 year old daughter, Tori. She is in the hospital with mono and a ruptured spleen. When she is released we have a 6 hour ride home and a long recovery ahead. Prayers for healing and safe travels. Praise God for His healing and protection thus far!!

  169. Ann, I pray in agreement with you for healing for your niece, Jen and also for her husband and 3 children at this hard time. Please place you healing hands upon Jen and draw her close to you. Give her back her voice that she may speak and relase the fluid that is building up in her lungs. I pray also for the medical staff treating her that they will make the right decisions to speed up the healing process.

    Asking for prayer for our finances that we will spend wisely, especially me. I am praying for a miracle that we may be able to clear our debts quicker than we think we can. Please pray that I may be relieved of the illnesses that have been affecting me for some time will leave my body, leaving me free to do what I need to do so we can have have extra money to clear our debts and my husband won’t have to work for much longer. I also would like prayer for the energy and motivation to do things around the house and to get to Church and our small group in order to help me draw closer to my Lord that I may know his will for my life. Thank you fo Christian family across the sea, even though we are not close in distance, or even know each other, you can draw us together to be a prayer support for each other, I’m an Aussie!!!

  170. Dear Lord, I lift up to you my sister, Kaye. Please give her and her husband much wisdom and self-control in spending this year so that they can bring their debt down significantly. Lord, if we place our trust in you and in you alone, great and mighty things will happen. You desire our obedience, and I pray that you would give Kaye and her husband the courage and strength to do those things that are in full obedience to your Word in regards to their finances, Lord. Also, please give Kaye your healing touch as she has been dealing with illness that has prevented her from serving her family well. What a beautiful spirit she has to want to do things well for her family, and in that, bringing honor and glory to you, Father. Please help her to be healed so that she can also spend time with her small group, which as a small group leader myself, know that is so important to attend regularly to grow in our daily spiritual walks. I am so thankful that Kaye chose to come here today to ask for prayers, and pray that you would show yourself mightily to her and her family this week. In Jesus name, Amen.

    Kaye – we listen to Hillsong Kids for our family worship time all the time! So excited to pray for you down under!!

    Please pray that as I head to the doctor’s office today that I will rest in the peace of Jesus, my Savior. I am getting tested to see if I am pregnant or not, and hoping that things are okay/normal if I am. I had some spotting/cramping/pain a week ago, and hoping for the best. Thank you.

  171. Please pray for my husband. He has been struggling for 5 years with some mystery tummy trouble which has kept him from being able to work…which has brought on a depression.

    I know God is more than able to deliver him from this depression that has such a strong hold on him. I know healing his tummy woes is not difficult for God to do.

    Please join me in asking God to bring complete healing to my husband. And, to strengthen me as wife.

    During these difficult 5 years, we have been asking God for a child, too. In His sovereignty, God has not granted us our request. It is my great desire that my husband be well, and that God will bless us with children.

    Psalm 128:3, “Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine by the sides of thine house: thy children like olive plants round about thy table.”

    Praise Him!

  172. Dear Deborah,
    I am pryaing for your husband for healing emotionally and physically. Also for Blessings for children to come into your life. You already show your strength by praying for your husband, but I will pray for your continued strength as a wife.

    Please pray for my daughter who has been suffering from depression. She has had alot of hard knocks since we moved 5 years ago. She could use a loyal christian friend.
    Please pray for me that I have the strength and grace to help her as best as I can.

    Also, my husband has been struggling financially with his business, prayers for just enough to meet our needs would be so appreciated. Please pray that I can have the daily grace that I can continue to be a supporting wife .

    THank you everyone and God Bless all.

    • Kathleen I am praying for your daughter and husband. I too have a daughter who has depression so I know how that is. Goid will supply all your needs. I have been a single mom for lots of years. My son died in 1999 so my daughter is all i have left.
      Dear Lord I lift this family to you and ask that you meet their needs today and each day to come. Also be with this daughter and help her grow in you and come alive in you so that depression no longer haunts her.

      Pray for my daughter. Long story short, she was married to a very mentally abusive man (a cop). She had a emotional breakdown 7 years ago and ended up filing for divorce. Since then the battle has been on in the courts for custody and visitation. He swore she would never see her kids again when he got through with her. She has seen them 9 minutes in the past 2 years. They were ripped out of her arms by their step-mother because she told them she loved them and missed them. I told you that to ask you this. Please pray for her children and her and the court system April the 18th as that is the scheduled court date. She says this is it she is not fighting any more.
      Note she has moved 3000 miles away because it was killing her not seeing the kids when they were 10 minutes away. Everyone deals with life in their own way.

      • Dear Grace,
        Thank you for your prayers for me. Please know from today on and especially April 18th your daughter and grandchildren will be in my prayers. It also has to be heartbreaking to see this happening to your daughter and grandchildren. I am praying for all of you.

  173. Pray for my daughter. Long story short, she was married to a very mentally abusive man (a cop). She had a emotional breakdown 7 years ago and ended up filing for divorce. Since then the battle has been on in the courts for custody and visitation. He swore she would never see her kids again when he got through with her. She has seen them 9 minutes in the past 2 years. They were ripped out of her arms by their step-mother because she told them she loved them and missed them. I told you that to ask you this. Please pray for her children and her and the court system April the 18th as that is the scheduled court date. She says this is it she is not fighting any more.
    Note she has moved 3000 miles away because it was killing her not seeing the kids when they were 10 minutes away. Everyone deals with life in their own way.

  174. Please pray for my marriage to be restored. I know that it is God’s will for us to have a restored marriage. He sent me out on this mission over a year ago, and I have been faithful to this calling. I know that it is all in His perfect timing. Pray for my husband who is lost in sin, that God may give him a pure heart and renew his faith, even stronger than it was before. May God have all the glory in our relationship.

  175. I thank the Lord that He has never left me and for all that He has pulled me through in my 41 years. I pray that He will deliver me from depression and anxiety that affects every aspect of my life. I pray that He will get me back on firm financial footing and that He will strengthen me and give me courage. I pray for stability and protection for my 14 year old daughter. I pray that the Lord will restore all the enemy has taken from us and that our joy will return exponentially.

  176. FATHER, GOD, restore this woman’s children to her. Bring them back together. It is so hard to cope with mental abuse and unimaginable to cope with not being able to be with your own children, especially when it is due only to evil in another’s heart. Only YOU know the heart’s of this father and step-mother, only YOU can change their hearts. I pray that they come to know YOU and realize that what they are doing is damaging to these precious children, realize that children need their own mother – there is no replacement, and I pray that these children have learned to rely on YOU alone through all they have had to cope with. “Cope” is never mentioned in YOUR WORD. We can have victory in YOU, not just “cope.” I pray that YOU heal the wounds this has caused and with YOU, everyone involved can move forward together. And I thank YOU, FATHER, for this incredible group of women and all the prayers here. I know YOU know every heart, know every request, and I know YOU will answer each and every one according to YOUR will. Amen

    I would like to request prayer for encouragement. Thank you!

  177. Father I am missing my fur-Baby Tobey who went to Doggie Heaven on Thursday. I miss him so much he was a huge part of our lives. It was so hard to see him suffer. Please help my broken heart. Thank you Lord for the 11 yrs I had with him. You are my rock and shelter Lord and I Love you with all my heart.

    • God understands and feels your pain, Aimee…Praising God for the memories and for the promise of His peace and comfort through the presence of the Holy Spirit during times like these. Praying for you now, my sister….God bless

  178. I ask prayer for my kidney stones to pass.I have had problems since 2005.I have had multiple surgeries and still have some. Thank you.

    • Monica , I too have had two episodes with Kidney stones and know how VERY painful they can be. I will be praying for Gods peace and presence as you deal with the pain. Prayers too for the Doctors who are attending you. Holy Spirit be Monicas Comfort and Helper. Lord, help us all look to you for help and for healing.
      I will be praying for you each day this week, it is my honor to continue to pray for you.

  179. I will be filing for divorce on Wednesday…..I tried….but it’s something he doesn’t want to work at or fix, will be moving back to Ohio, will so miss Louisiana. But I know God has Great plans for me…and My Journey is about to begin again….I know that if I don’t like it back in Ohio, that his family is still my family and they will recieve me with open arms if I move back here to Louisiana….I ask that besides praying for me, please pray for him, I feel such sadness for him….I hope that he can figure out that what he needs is not other women, but he needs God, and that all he has to do is call his name and ask him for his help….God Bless You All.

  180. I am getting marry next month. this is my second marriage after been married for 15 yrs and 3 years as a single mom (divorced). Please pray for us as we are looking to a new bright future and blessing from God.

    • Vanessa, I am praying for your marriage and family. May GOD blessings cover your marriage. Always keep the lines of connunication open. May HE be the center of your home, always making it a safe haven and a place for love and joy. Congratulations Vanessa!

  181. I am just struggling on this day. I lost my dad going on 4 years and it still feels like yesterday. I am trying to be the best mom that I can to a strong willed child 8 year old and feel as if I am failing. I just feel down and defeated this morning. Thank you for your prayers.

    • Destiny, my heart hurts for you. I can’t even imagine how you are feeling. However, know that the Father of all fathers sees you – His daughter – where you are – right at this moment. I pray that He will speak deeply and clearly to you in the midst of your struggles as you cry out to Him, the One who loves you and cares for you the most. Praying that He will strengthen you and equip you to be the mom he called you to be for your son. #PraiseHimInTheStorm

      • I am in tears this morning… thankful tears! Thank you for your prayers…I am so glad that i started receiving these devotions….you ladies have made me feel so cared for this morning. and so NOT alone. I pray for each of you that replyed to be blessed today. Thank you so much …your words are so kind…and much needed.
        Be Blessed!

    • Lord, I know what it is to miss a father. Please comfort Destiny’s heart daily as it heals from the pain of the loss of her father. Transform over time the tears of missed time into fond memories of the blessings you gave her in her father. Memories that will bring smiles on remembrance. Help her to raise her child to be a wise and well grounded adult in You. Help her to guide her child to use the strong will that is a part of how you made him/her in positive directions.

      • Destiny, I lost my Daddy September 5, 2012 and my husband left our marriage on November 24th. I KNOW that defeated feeling all too well. When you lose your super hero you feel you have nowhere left to turn, but I assure you our Heavenly Father loves, hugs and holds you continually. You are already being the “BEST MOM” you can be just by realizing your weaknesses and giving them over to prayer.

        • Amber~Thank you so much for your prayers. Your words brought me such comfort and I thank you. I pray that God blesses you…for being such a blessing to me!

      • Adriana~ What a blessing your words are to me this morning. I thank you. I feel Hope this morning …I have printed out my replys so that I may always remember the sweet ladies that built me up during this tough time. May God bless you for blessing me! Thank you!

  182. Please pray that our Lord will give me the strength and wisdom to love my husband unconditionally and expect nothing in return, especially when he is unlovable. Please also pray for the restoration of our marriage. Thank you!

  183. Dear God I ask that you give Destiny peace of mind. Wrap your loving arms of protection around her. Let her know that she is strong and is a good mother. Destiny, you are strong, beautiful, courageous and smart. God has you and everything is going to be fine.

    I ask that you pray for my faith. I know what God has promised me and the natural conflicts with that. I need to trust God no matter what it looks like.

    • Lord, I just pray that you would be with Keyana this morning. Fill her with her spirit, and raise her Faith. Give her guidance and strength. Lord help her to not become defeated and weary…but full of Hope and Love. Amen

      Thank you for your prayers for me. Much Much appreciated!

  184. Please pray for my daughter, Kelsi, who will be moving across the country to LA the first week of March to chase her dream of becoming an actress. She and I just visited LA and found a place for her to live. God is already opening doors for her. Please pray that she will continue to walk closely with God, and not be overcome by seeking fame and fortune for herself. Also, we need wisdom on deciding the safest and most economical way to move her and her car from KY to CA. Thanks so much!

    • Dear Heavenly Father, please be with Kelsi, Cheri and their family as she prepares to move across the country to pursue her acting dreams! Please just open up the channels of opportunity that you have for her. Please keep her close to you and seeking your will for her life as she begins this new adventure. Help her to not lose focus on you and to trust in you to provide her with what she needs! Please give Cheri and her family wisdom on how to move Kelsi across country too, help them to find a safe and affordable way to get her to where you want her to be! We thank you for all the exciting things that will be happening for their family! Please give them peace about this move and all that is to come! Thank you Father!

  185. I ask you to pray for me as I have been struggling with anxiety and depression the last few months. I have had some hurts in my marriage and life that are the root cause of this and I am working through. I know God is showing me so much through this time, but I still have days when I really struggle. I would appreciate your prayers!

    • Tara,
      I too am struggling with anxiety over marital problems. We have been married almost 12 years and recently separated….the first week in January. I am lifting you up in prayer! I pray Heavenly Father, in Jesus’ name that Tara feels your presence….that she knows you have her by her right hand and that You are for her!
      His love for you is unending Tara! He is on your side to reconcile the pain and hurt in your marriage. Moment by moment He will show you the way.
      I have been reading Jesus Calling by Sarah Young……a daily devotional. I highly recommend reading it each day before getting out of bed. Let His words guide you.
      Take Care!

  186. Lifting you and your requests up to God!

    Please pray for a friendship that has gone through some hurts, undealt with, and thus has created bitterness. Pray that God opens both of us up to a very honest conversation to finally speak about what has hurt us. And pray that God guides us in a healing of our relationship to mend the hurts and restore love.

  187. Please pray for my friend Doris. She lost her sister back in December and she is having a really hard time. Pray that God pours his love over her and that she will feel the peace that comes only with God.

    • Julie, I am praying for Doris – that God will fill her with peace, comfort and healing as only He can give.

  188. I asked for prayer yesterday; today is a much better day. My prayer is that the Lord will continue to pour his love, peace and blessings out on everyone who asks in Jesus’ Name. May the Lord’s Divine protection and direction be manifisted in my life. May I not be afraid to believe in miracles. Thank you.

  189. Please pray that my husband will find a good job with nice benefits. We are patiently (mostly patiently!) waiting on God and His perfect timing. Pray that we will wait with confidence and peace and that God will choose the job, not us. Thank you and bless you for praying 🙂

    • Courtney, I’m praying that your husband could find a Job. Let’s trust in Him. He is faithful.

  190. Please pray for my daughter’s spiritual life and for her marriage. She wants to get divorce. They have a girl 2 years old. My heart is broken. They married 7 years ago. I pray that they can come close to God and together look for counseling before they could take any further decision.
    Please help me praying for them: Tim and Rebeca

  191. Please pray for our family. We have four sons. Ages 20, 16, 14, and 12. For the past few days our 16 year old is giving us the silent treatment. I feel sometimes feel so lost. Scared of making mistakes as a mom. My husband and I tried talking to him and are now giving him space. Pray for GOD’s peace in our home. Thank you♥

  192. Today my prayer request is for my mother. She has struggled in her life with horrible men and I truly do not believe that she see’s her self worth. She has been involved with so many horrible men that have mistreated her that she believes that is what she deserves and what she is worth. I get so sad when my mom tells me stories about her current relationship. I just want my mom to understand that true love with a man who respects her and treats her as an equal does exist. My mom is sick with diabetes and hep c and this is another reason why she settles for less. It is not fair for my mom and for 29 years I have seen her suffer because of it. This is my prayer request.

  193. Lord, you know the challenges in Angie’s home and you know why she comes to you. Please give her the peace she needs as well as the courage and strength to be a great parent. There are so many bad parents in this word Lord, but you know that Angie and her husband are great parents who have raised four great children. Help her to find the words to speak to her 16 year old and please keep her other children as well as her family safe during this time of need. It is in your word that we pray. Amen.

    Angie, I am a single mom to a 4 year old boy and I do not have nearly the same experience that you. Rest assured I sometimes feel raising my son alone will no doubt bring challenges. You were blessed with four beautiful children and are indeed a good parent. If not why would you pray to the lord for this. It has already been written that you are a good mom. Please keep your faith and stay strong in the word.

  194. I have so much trust in God’s will, but I’m growing more helpless with each day. In the past 6 mo. I have had emotional upheavals and physical problems that have become so overwhelming I feel there is no prayer that makes a difference anymore. I cared for my brother in my home until his recent death, on the day he died, the man I had been dating was in a tragic accident and was killed instantly. In the last month, I was traveling with my best friend when she was made aware of her son’s suicide. The last 2 weeks I have had a kidney infection, emergency oral surgery for an abcess into sinus, and tomorrow emergency eye surgery. I feel spiritually weak and am left wondering what am I being taught by all of this

    • Christie, prayer can and will make a difference. You have gone through so much–no wonder you are feeling overwhelmed. But you must be a very strong person to endure all that you are dealing with. I am lifting you up to the Father in Jesus’ name, that He will put His arms around you and comfort you in the loss of your brother and the man you were dating. I pray that He will heal you emotionally and physically and that He will give you even more strength to cope with all this tragedy. I am also praying for your best friend in the heartbreaking loss of her son. Please remember that you are God’s dear child and He loves you more than you could possibly know. I will continue to lift you up in prayer. I will also pray that God will send someone across your path that you can talk to and that can give you support. Have faith and don’t give up!

    • Christie,
      My heart goes out to you. I am so sorry for your losses. Father, in the matchless name of Jesus, I pray for Christie and her family during this difficult time. Quiet her heart and mind that she may hear from you. Overwhelm her with the calmness and rejuvenation of Your presence. Overtake her with Your peace that passes all understanding. Surround her with Your love and joy. You, O Lord, are a HEALER & COMFORTER. Touch her from the crown of her head to the soles of her feet. Meet her every need Lord. Strengthen her today. Encourage her heart. Love on her in a special way. I anticipate your will for her life being done. Thank you in advance Lord! Amen.

    • I pray for you…My heart aches for you…I pray that God brings you much healing…and much comfort…

  195. My faith was shattered almost 2 years ago when a “tornado” of chaos ravaged my life. I lost my job, car, my daughter (to leukemia) and my home. I am not the same person. God has been good to me. Even in the midst of everything, He has been there. Just as I was coming to grips with my new “normal”, hell seems to be breaking loose again. I want to be able to trust God again. I want to stand on His promises with unwavering faith. My leg is in constant pain and I have been suffering with migraines.

  196. Wow, reading some of the other posts on here make my trials seem trite in comparison but I know that God has us all in the palm of His hand. I’m a single mom and I lost my job last year. In December, I finished therapy for a mental illness I was diagnosed with and shortly after that my cat had a stroke so I spent Christmas Day at the emergency vet and not with my family who lives 4 hours away. I have spent almost $1300 in vet bills trying to make her well to no avail…she had seizures and I had to put her down Feb. 1. My heart still hurts. Added to that, my unemployment ran out in January and I’m so short on funds that I haven’t been able to pay this month’s rent and won’t be able to get my license plate renewal. Thank you in advance for your prayers!

  197. My prayer request seems so insignificant after reading others…I do thank the Lord each day for my life and my blessings…incredible blessings during my 65yrs on earth. My husband left when my son was 12…I was recovering from a long exascerbation of MS. My son is 27, my husband was living with a young woman but has since died, and my health has been stable with MS but other issues. At age 22 my son confessed he was gay…devastating to me and for his life…he has cared for me all of his life and I am so grateful….but I would so love to have a Godly husband for this season of life…but the door has not opened…have tried online dating very briefly…
    Would you please pray for my son’s life and salvation and if in God’s will He desires a partner for me…that this will come to pass. We must pray for our country “without stopping” Thank you for your prayers

    • Oh my goodness, Anne – I was just about to ask for prayers for the same thing. My son has not openly discussed his same sex attraction with us – but I have had a number of signals throughout the years. Like your son, he’s a kind, wonderful man. This I know – our children were not created to live this lifestyle – and God can do anything. Let’s pray for our boys and each other – and never, ever give up. Meanwhile, do everything you can to love him unconditionally and so will do the same. They are on this journey for a reason – let’s pray that their hearts will be open to the Holy Spirit and pray that they may find good, holy friends to lead them on the path back to our Heavenly Father and His most perfect will for them. Pray, pray, pray.

  198. Anonymous,
    The Lord is faithful….but when we are so far in the black hole…sometimes it is hard to see His light. I encourage you to find a church, Christian counselor, or a Christian person….that is an encourager…and seek their company. Surround yourself with believers and people that love you and are positive in spirit. I pray the Lord will bring a circumstance or person into your life to give you a new perspective. I pray for you a new job or source of income. As a mother, I cannot imagine loosing a child…..but God is the only one that can fill that emptiness and I pray that He will constantly fill your heart with His peace.
    When I am in a dark hole…the easiest way for me to crawl out….to see someone that is hurting and in need…and that needs my help….and if I can spend my hours focusing and loving this other person….it eases my pain.

  199. Father, I uplift Anne and her son to you. May you fill me with your grace and mercy.
    May you take care of their needs for healing and restoration.

    For myself, I want to uplift my boyfriend who has been looking for work in his field. I ask for the Lord to shower him with his favor, confidence and grace.
    I have recently moved to another city to start a new job, I am needing strength and courage to adapt myself to my new surroundings.

    I thank the Lord for his grace and love.

  200. Debra,
    Thank you. I am very fortunate to have a loving group of other families with this issue.
    We meet regularly but more importantly pray for all. My son knows with no reservations that I love him unconditionally…..but he also knows where I stand spiritually. I will add you to my prayer list ….your family and especially your son.
    God’s love, blesssings, and peace…..

    • Thank you, Anne – I do not have this support. My son has been living abroad for a while and has not openly acknowledged his struggle. I have spoken to a few counselors who have given me hope that since he has not openly spoken to his family that he is still struggling to reconcile this issue. I appreciate your prayers – I really felt last night that God has joined us in this struggle; please know that you and your son are in my prayers as well. I really appreciate your comments to Anonymous – I know what that black hole feels like – where you have lost hope and feel like this situation is all your fault – looking over every aspect of your parenting where you feel you and your spouse have horribly failed your child. I know this is Satan attacking me and I really need to dig deeper and pray more along with fasting. I know God wants the best for our sons – and that He hears our prayers. Thank you, dear Anne – my sister in Christ. Love and peace to you.

  201. For my new foster daughter who is an amazing challenge. I find it easy to care for her and take care of her needs, however, I am finding it difficult to love her as she has such a combative and argumentative personality. Send us love and patience and understanding.

  202. Kim,
    I pray that the Holy Spirit lifts you up and guides you each day as you love and care for your foster daughter. I also pray in Jesus’ name that your foster daughter feels His presence in her life and seeks His path for her. I pray in Jesus’ name that Kim and her family are lifted up in Your Glory.
    I ask for prayers for my marriage of almost 12 years. My husband recently left myself and our 3 sons. He is struggling with guilt from an affair a year ago. While we are in separate counseling, our sons struggle to understand. They are 7, 4, and 16 months. I am praying for reconciliation, forgiveness, and healing. I miss my husband tremendously and ask for prayers for God to change his heart and lift his eyes up.

  203. Thank you for offering to pray. Please pray that God will open up doors of opportunities for me to work as a Criminal Lawyer.

    I thank God and praise Him for my education, skills and talents. I pray that I may be able to serve Him in advancing His kingdom by seeking justice for the oppressed, defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow and uphold the cause of the needy. I pray that I will be loyal and faithful servant to serve those around me.

    Please pray that with the pending offer and applications, the Lord’s favour will be upon me, so that I am able to serve Him.

    Thank you for your prayers.

    • Shin, I pray that the Lord will open your eyes, ears, and heart to hear where he is leading you and to which job would be the best fit for you. You sound like a wonderful person with the Lord first in your life. He will be gracious and lead you.

      I am asking for prayers to be able to hear the Lord also. My faith is being tested and I am having a rough time hearing the spirit talk to me through all the muck! I know that I am being called to serve and that is what I want to do, I just need some direction.
      Thank you for your prayers and may God bless you with abundance grace and mercy.

  204. I am 6 weeks pregnant and very happy, but also very scared. We lost one baby about a year and a half ago at around 10 weeks. I’m terrified that it will just happen again. Please just pray for a perfectly healthy mother and child and for God to calm my fears and worries.

  205. I am so very thankful to have Jesus Christ in my life!!!
    I would like very much to have a full time job so that i can care for my family better, and have my husband worry less. He has a heart condition that has made me realize that when his time is up I will NOT be able to care for my family. We have had a few scares lately. God is Great and i know this i would just like my family to realize this also. Rejection is very hard for me,
    Thanks for asking,

    • Joey,

      Praying God will will give you a good job to allow you to care for your family! Praying for a miracle for you husband. May the God of all Healing give your husband a new heart! May all problems just vanish into thin air!

      God Bless!

  206. I would like to request prayer for myself. I haven’t been well for awhile and my immune system doesn’t seem to be working very well. My doctor ordered blood tests last week and I was called with the results this morning. I have a low-Hemoglobin count and my doctor has referred me to a Hemoglobinist (blood /cancer specialist.) This could be as minor as anemia, but it also could be cancer. I trust the Lord to heal my body as He is the Great Physcian and He says where two or more are gathered in His name, whatever we desire shall be given, if we believe in our heart. That is why I am asking for prayer.
    Thanking you for your prayers,

  207. Please pray for my life. I`m tired. I`m always tired. I`m tired to fight for my life, to defend it, to defend my mother. We have no protectors. My spirit, my soul, my body is tired. Thank you for prayer. I`m sorry for some wrong things I wrote.

  208. Dear Sharon, the balm in Gilead will surely come to your aid. He is Jehovah Rapha, the Master healer and will surely heal what ever ailment you have. I plead the blood of Jesus on you as God increases your blood counts and heals you of this blood disease. In Jesus Name.

    Dear Tetayna, God hears and He listens, He will surely prefect all that concerns you. Remember that weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. Your morning is almost here, just hang on. He is our strength when we are weak, just hold on to His promises and His word.

  209. I need prayer for myself , mother and my only brother. I am a widow who lost her husband 10years ago. The experience was traumatic but I thank God for keeping me sane. I am in my early 40s with no children and I want to get married this year. I am tired of been alone and of been the Aunty and baby sitter to second cousins. I want my own home , husband and children as God has promised.

    I also request for prayers to spend more time with God and develop a special relationship with Him. I want to be able to hear him clearly and listen for his direction and guidance in all areas of my life. I want to develop a distinct – God space for only Him, no distractions.

    My request for my brother is that he finds a good wife who will support him as he strives to fulfill God’s purpose for his life. He is a good man, a committed Christian but he seems to attract women with low self esteem and psychological issues, which is disturbing. He is ready to settle down but does not want to marry the wrong person.

    My last prayer request is that God keeps my mother to see her only children get married as that is major concern and worry. She is 76yrs and is very anxious and disturbed about our marital status. Also that God should keep in good health and reduce her anxiety and worry over her children.

    Thank you for your prayers.

  210. Thank you for generously offering to pray for me. My son, in Colorado, needs prayers. He is following a sad, dangerous path right now and I continue to pray that he finds God again. My daughter is having friend issues at school and I pray that she is able to make it through the rest of this school year and that college in the fall will be better for her. For myself, I have a job interview on Friday and I pray that if it is a good (better) fit for me (which I think it is), that God will help me word my answers to their questions in such a way that make me stand out in a positive light to move forward in the hiring process. If it’s not a better fit for me, then I pray that God will let me see that. I want it…but only if it’s what is in my path. I also pray for our house. That some day we can afford to fix it before we get past the point of being in code compliance. If you would be willing to help me pray, that would be awesome. Thank you so much.

    • Dear Lauren, I’m praying for you and your family. God is in control of their lives. Let’s trust Him together today. He is faithful!

  211. Please pray for my daughter’s spiritual life and for her marriage. She wants to get divorce. They have a girl 2 years old. My heart is broken. They married 7 years ago. I pray that they can come close to God and together they could look for counseling before they take any further decision.
    Please help me praying for them.

  212. I’ve recently (last summer) become guardian for my 16 year old brother. He’s blossomed beautifully since moving in with me, but being a single sister-mom to a troubled teenage boy is tough by anyone’s definition. That, along with significant stress at work lately. Some days I just feel so tired and so alone. We grew up with an abusive father, so it’s been a hard road. Please pray for healing, and the grace to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

  213. Sisters in Christ,

    First of all let me say that I’m praying for each of you here! Asking God to bring relief in whatever form He deems best! May God bless each and everyone of you!

    Asking for prayers for my attitude. It has been “crappy” lately at work. Trying to be a good Christian, but with shoulder pain & other minor health issues it is hard. I want to show Christ & be a good servant for Him!

    Thanks everyone!

  214. Please pray for my daughter Jayne who has never had a life of her own. She is almost 40, lives with us (her Mum and Dad), doesn’t work, has mild brain damage, has epilepsy, anxiety disorder and now had annorexia again (third time). I am at the end of my rope. There doesn’t ever seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel. She doesn’t even qualify for any help from the Govt here in Aust. Thankyou


  216. I didn`t visit church for two months because of tiredness at the job. I am always surrounded by unbelievers. It`s too difficult. Please pray for me to visit church regularly because such kind of my life lasts about for 5-6 years.

  217. Please pray for my current dating relationship. I need wisdom to see if this is really God’s will. Lately, we’ve been realizing how we both have undealt wounds tht are causing us to argue a lot. I really want to know what to do with it. Should I stick through the fire because he’s showing willingness to do it or just leave because of the red flags.