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When the pain pierces strong and the eyes swell heavy, there is grace and there is God, and there’s an ordinary, believing woman tapping at a keyboard, exposing the wounds and the Word & it’s in the lonely that Meg has found the Lover. She’s the broken, made whole, writing...

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Did you know the 4th cup at Passover that Jesus used for “communion” is the Cup of Redemption? … Thank you for the beautiful word and may he redeem all our days indeed … Baruch atah, Adonai Eloheinu, Melech haolam (Blessed are You, Adonai our God, Sovereign of all)

    • Holly,

      What glory & grace!
      The fourth cup – Redemption!
      Giving thanks, with you, for a God who does and can and will redeem all things!

  2. In the early dawn I read your words and am touched and encouraged. May His Grace continue to fill us all that we might count it all Joy.
    Blessings dear sister.

  3. In the early morning I read your words and am touched and encouraged. May His grace fill us that we may count it all Joy.
    Blessings dear sister

  4. To give thanks in the midst of deep seeded pain I find it to be… so hard to do yet all the more reason to do it even if my heart is not in it. Thank you for the reminder of Jesus giving thanks for He knew what was before Him. Funny how we don’t always know what lays ahead for us and immediately make the determination not to trust Him fully. Pray that we can always run to Him and trusting Him with our whole heart <3.

    • Ah, He is beautiful.

      Maybe the words pour honest when the wounds run deep because THE WORD saturates all the sunken places & HOW to keep silent then?

      Being reminded all over again…with you, dear friend.

    • The wounds run deep & the sorrow sulks long, but in thankfulness, He restores our souls, redeems all the broken places. And it’s just wild, miraculous, holy grace! Astounds my soul! Thank you, dear one, for stopping by & sharing the grace!

  5. Thank you for this –

    God’s grace is healing me from the wound of the death of my son, 18 months ago. Sometimes I spiral into my own hurt and loss, these words are such a great reminder to regularly fill my cup, and to be thankful for the time I did have.

    In His Grace –

    • Bev,

      Dear sister. Reaching over, holding you soul close & just learning how to breathe with you. Lean in long, let Him love you & believe – He can and does and will redeem all things. Just lean into those everlasting arms. **I’m. right. there. with. you.**

  6. I’m grateful, indeed I am, but have no joy. Joy comes in the morning; my night is not yet over. Your words are beautiful, and I’m grateful I can realize that. My response feels leaden, but not snarky, which seems amazing to me, as it’s the constant companion during depression. My gratitude cup is thimble-sized these dark days, and I’m eager to exchange it for a chalice. Nothing happens… Maybe tomorrow?

    • Maybe. right. now. dear sister? Just…maybe?
      When the pain pierces strong and the dark lingers on, we’re the fallen and the wounded and where is joy then?
      I’ve asked the questions through many sleepless nights & lonely days & this is what my soul knows to be true:
      When I’m in the dark, it’s because He’s got me covered in the cleft of the rock, His Presence never left me. Maybe, dear sister, it’s in the dark where the greatest joy can be produced because vision is clearest & His Presence closest?
      Just praying for startling joy and grace to overtake your dark tonight…
      *Leaning in close, holding you…*

  7. Every beautiful word written described my exact emotions this morning , the poetic capture of feelings is breathtaking. I too gave thanks to God in my moment of despair and was so grateful to be reminded to do so. Your delicate spirit in this moment is being prayed for as well. Stay strong and many blessings to you.

    • Dearest sister.
      Just…thank you.
      Our God of grace…always, infinitely worthy of our thanks.
      *Being reminded all over again, with you, dear one.*

  8. Dear Meg, I was right where you are about 30 years ago! I was following the Lord, but I still felt like my world went spinning out of control. So much I could say, so much story in between, but as you well know, God is so very faithful and so very good, and We can certainly trust Him. I can’t wait to see how He writes the rest of your story. It won’t be without twists, turns, and skinned knees, but it will be glorious! I know…30 yrs. later, my story is wonderful and still being told!!! Thanks for your words! You have a beautiful gift in using them so well. I am so blessed.

    • And. I. am. so. blessed.
      Thank *you* for pressing deep into the scarred side + believing in the midst of a world turned upside down. You inspire me forward in grace.

  9. Dear Meg,

    Such beautiful, heartfelt, soul filled prose! You have a gift. Thank you for your elegant way of describing Grace in the moment. In the hard, messy, tough times of life… which is where I believe we learn the most.

    Praying for you.

    • And it’s just grace that the broken bits of us can form words + isn’t this how to really write? Jesus bent to write in the dust + His words settle eternal there. So I bend + I let the bare parts of me write + it’s just wild, amazing grace that they can touch your heart. *You* bless me sister, your prayers encouraging + humbling me tonight.

  10. Dear Meg,
    Your written words have resonated in my heart since I read them. Touched my soul, my heart aches for you. I suffered a great loss 9 years ago. My childhood sweetheart, one of a kind guy, husband of 26 years, died unexpectantly. Through the pain and loneliness the words of Isaiah (Chapter 61) for ashes, oil of joy for mourning, garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness, carried me and is true. The Lord has been faithful to restore all the years “the locusts have eaten” and blessed me with another husband, a new life, and a deeper walk with Him! His word is True and I know the pain is real. Stand strong, Wait on Him..He is faithful!! (Isaiah 43:18) Blessings to you precious one!

    • Ah, sister.
      I am convinced that you know it soul-well, how He is the God who does + can + will redeem all things. *Wishing I could share a cup of tea with you, see all that believing in your eyes, extend the grace, share in the redemption.* But for now, just giving thanks for your wildly believing heart + your sweet encouragement. He is infinitely faithful + we are always loved. *Blessed by YOU.*

  11. Meg,

    Beautifully written post! I,too, have had times of hardship,loss, feeling unloved. Through it all God was right there bearing the pain with me. He knew well in advance what I could bear and how I would cope!

    Praying for this season of yours!@ May God redeem it with His grace!

    • And it’s just grace, isn’t it sister – how ours is the God who does + can + will redeem ALL things? Just soul-astounded with you!